Younkers Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Younkers below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Younkers so others can benefit from what you learned.

Younkers Return Policy

Younkers wants to make sure that each and every shopper has the best experience possible. To ensure this, they even make sure that guests are easily able to return merchandise that isn't what they hoped for, pending a few key criteria.

If a person can verify that the merchandise was purchased from Younkers, then Younkers can do their part to quickly fix the problem. Their policy entails that they will either repair or exchange or return any merchandise as long as it's not ruined, and as long as it has the original package it came with along with the UPC barcode.

Younkers makes it easy. One way is by using a SmartLabel that comes along with the packing slip. If a person does not have one, they can easily obtain one online. All they have to do is attach the label to the package that needs to be returned and mail it in. It is also key to include an original written explanation for why their is a return being made. There is even a tracking page where shoppers can keep tabs on their returns. This further helps to eliminate any problems.

For those who cannot, or don't feel comfortable mailing in products, the stores are able to accept returns. Younkers stores will even return items that were purchased online, except fine jewelry.

Once the returns are processed, the refund is issued based on certain criteria. If an item has a receipt, then the original purchaser will receive the original price via the original method of payment. If it was purchased with a gift receipt, then the recipient will receive a credit. If a person has misplaced or didn't bring their receipt along, then the company will have to go through a database to validate the return. The returned item must also meet the required criteria. People who don't have the receipt will receive credit to their Younkers credit card if they have one, or a credit to purchase other merchandise.

Overall, it's important people keep track of their refunds. A credit will not be replaced if it is somehow stolen or somehow lost.

See what others are saying about Younkers returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by JJ

I received a set of sheets from my sister in the mail, she ordered them online. They were such poor quality and defective because the king sheets were way too big for my bed. I had to pay 9.95 shipping which now I do not get back. When I called Younkers to inquire how I return them the woman on the phone was so rude. I asked about shipping costs and her reply was so curt and abrupt. Seems to me no one cares about customer service any more. I have been a Younkers customer for 30 yrs, in great standing but Younkers doesn't care . Do not buy the living quarters brand of sheets btw, awful quality .

Posted by Dissatisfied and Confused

Had a horrible experience with returns. When returning items at store with original receipt, a notice came from the register that I was forbidden to return any items and if I had questions to call the 800 number for Retail Equation, which I did. Was told that I could not return anything for 180 days yet no one could explain why this was the case when I have been a Younkers charge customer since 1980, my account was in perfect standing, had always had my receipt and tags, and now a couple of weeks before Christmas I was forbidden to return or exchange anything. No reason given, but said that I could appeal in writing, which I did. A couple of weeks later received a letter back stating that was their policy, but no other reasoning. I have called the corporate office as well as asked to speak with supervisors and have sat on hold only to be disconnected. Now I hear the store is closing and I am very upset to think I have been a loyal customer all these years and feel like there is no excuse for what I am going through. I wish there was someone who could give me some direction on this. I feel like I have tried everything.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered two outside decorations on line and had to return both. They shipped something I didn't order (item # was one digit different) and the other item was broken when I opened the packaging. Return instructions say I will be charged postage on each large pkg even though neither problem was my fault. Younkers would not ship the correct items until return processing was complete on their end (possibly a couple of weeks)and my credit card was already charged for both items. No Younkers store in my rural area.

Posted by Anonymous

I had to pay the $8.65 on my return. It said just drop your package in any mail box. I did that next day there was a envelope in my mail box that I owed the $8.65 for package on my return. So am paying the $8.65 on the return. Do I get that back.? THANK YOU. I am returning some shower curtains. order