Xerox Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Xerox below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Xerox so others can benefit from what you learned.

Xerox Return Policy

How does the company handle returns and exchanges?

Xerox accepts product returns and exchanges if a buyer is somewhat dissatisfied. He or she can return or exchange supplies for another before the 60 days cut off period. If Xerox is at fault in sending a consumer defective or damaged products; they’ll accept returns after 60 days from the date of purchase. All returns accepted are subject to a 20% restocking-fee if a customer requests contract cancellation or purchased the wrong product. They’ll issue a refund for the difference of the item price and sales tax after the product (s) is returned.

To exchange or return an order:

Give Xerox a call at 1-888-339-7887 to request a RAN (Return-Authorization-Number).

For assistance in returning or exchanging Phaser supplies:

Call 1-800-835-6100 (United States) and 1-800-939-3769 (Canada).

Does Xerox have product resale policy?

Xerox prohibits resale of their products and services. Their online store promotes a variety of supplies that are intended for U.S. shoppers only.

What should customers do if they’re having trouble processing their order online?

Customers should call 1-800-822-2200 to reach a friendly Xerox representative.

Xerox has put together a diverse customer support team. They’re ambitious, professional and responsive. It’s impossible to transform businesses without a dedicated workforce and efficient products. Thriving businesses put their customers first. That said, it’s imperative to partner with the right supplier to source the best-in-class business technology. With Xerox supplying cutting-edge business solutions and products, brands get an opportunity to evolve.

See what others are saying about Xerox returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by Missy

I purchased 5, Xerox replacement cartridge from in November of 2016. One of the cartridges that I opened is defective. One of the parts sticks out and does not allow the printer chamber to close correctly. And one of the silver rollers is loose, and causes the printer to make a terrible noise. Is it possible to exchange the cartridge?

Posted by Jamie

Bought a xeron workcenter 6027. Didnt even last 1 year and the piece of crap is broke. Apparently the part to repair is worth more than the machine. Will never buy a xerox product your money and buy something else.

Posted by Tinbo

...I called Xerox Direct to try and return the item but was told I would have to pay a 15% restocking fee along with the cost to ship it back. Are you kidding?!?!? I paid $699.99 for this machine and you shipped it to me broken! I should have been able to get a full refund or at least sent a brand new functional printer!! I have called Xerox on 4 seperate occassions and ...

Posted by ianxwin

...a xerox 8570 printer. As part of the deal Xerox offer £200 cash back on return of any printer. We returned the printer and obtained their XTI tracker... Their agent says there is a technical problem transferring the funds from Xerox to their agent, and cannot give a date when... to accept them probably because the printer is set to a different region. Xerox answer is to claim there is no warranty registered and require we authorise...Printerland, the printer supplier would only refer us to Xerox and the ink stick supplier. Never buy Xerox again...

Posted by Dixiedeb

... she would get me a quote together and get back to me. I waited a few days and called her voice mail. She returned the call and I explained I needed the quote right away so we could make a decision....showed up. I have been on the phone for almost an hour trying to speak to someone at Xerox headquarters to make a complaint and I have been sent to numerous extensions/vm's and ...