Xbox Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Xbox below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Xbox so others can benefit from what you learned.

Xbox Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus at Xbox. It's important for you to be happy with your purchase, but if for any reason you need an exchange or return, Xbox strives to make the process simple. Here's what you need to know.

Troubleshoot first

In case of a technical problem with a product or service customer service is available to help. Before going through the return process, see if there are other ways to help fix the problem. Contact Xbox online or at 1-800-MICROSOFT for assistance.

Return policies

Returns for most items will be honored within 30 days of purchase. Some items such as Xbox 360 games are not eligible for full refund, however in case of manufacturer defects or shipping errors, product will be exchanged for the same item or the corrected item. Downloadable items are eligible for the same 30-day return policy.

How to complete a return/exchange

Preorders can be cancelled at any time prior to the release of the product by calling 1-877-MY-MSSTORE. Subscription services can be cancelled the same way. For all other returns call the above number to request return shipping labels and initiate the process. After completing a return you can check the status by calling 1-877-MY-MS-STORE.

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Posted by iEnergizedL

I went into my checking account to see 50 dollars missing! I called and apparently it was for rainbow six siege. I don't even own that game. Could I please get some help?

Posted by ace

bought a xbox nov 1 2017 last xbox i had was a 360 back in 2013 my account was hacked sometime between there and i didnt know this after i put 100 on my new Xbox 1 only to use 20 of it before it was all spent after a 1hour of waiting Xbox nonsupport tells me well because the money used was from your Microsoft account instead of your credit card we cant help you so i bought a PlayStation and burn my Xbox

Posted by Semin0les6

Got charged for a Xbox Renewal I didn�t want to renew

Posted by Semin0les6

Got charged for a Xbox Renewal I didn't want to renew

Posted by puzzeling bloom

I was charged 2x for madden football download. Also my 5 year old kid was playing minecraft and somehow was allowed to rack up multiple charges of around $200. I tried to fix issue online, there was no way to get a refund, so I called, sat on hold for 45 min, finally spoke to someone in bangalore, once I told him the charges were made by a child who was not old enough to consent he asked me to stay on hold. About 1/2 hour later he hung up on me. I now am forced to cancel my credit card and report it as unauthorized charges.

Posted by Nukacola907

I got charged from auto renewal from xbox game pass. I did not want to renew it.

Posted by toooldtoold1984

i bought mortal kombat x and im unhappy with the tower and story mode i was wanting my money refunded.i have high hopes of useing the refund to buy friday the 13th

Posted by Squishy62588

I see that another person posted the same issue a couple of months ago. I received and e-mail stating that my purchase of GTA 5 had gone through...EXCEPT I NEVER PURCHASED THE GAME. I wasn't even home or on my system the time the purchase took place.

Posted by Tru Kdx

I want a damn refund on my gamer tag change some one changed it with out my concent

Posted by Anonymous

Son made 70 dollar purchase 4 times in a row without my consent for coins for a game he has on the Xbox. The credit card was removed previously to avoid this from happening but did not know that when you log in from a different device to purchase something from the Xbox store the system automatically pulls your credit card info and stores it to the device. Called the help desk and they basically said "no" the policy is they only give one refund a year. So now my family is out over 200 dollars for some coins on a video game.

Posted by Daniel Cazares

My nephew bought this game as dlc with my debit card without my consent and I would like a refund, I need that money for my education.

Posted by Pissed off mom

My son made purchases using my debit card would like my money back I work to Damm hard for that money . I have seen a lot of parents on here with the same problem now I have to cancel my checking account and open a new one .. Think we need to contact a lawyer ..

Posted by Don't have one

I am 45 yrs old I do not have kids..for the past 6 months I am being charged a fee of 9.99 EVERY month from your company.. I never look at my bank statement because I keep track of what I spend...well at least I thought I did, I went to the bank and asked for a six month statement because I'm buying a new car...and what do know there it was 9.99 taken out of my account EVERY month..please I need this fix ASAP THANK YOU

Posted by Sammy28

Need help . Money taken for a gfa 5 game I never bought through xbox account . Money taken yesterday and I don't know how to get a refund for a game I never bought

Posted by Jacqui

My son took my debit card without my consent and has spent £2100, I would like a refund, you did not check that there was unusual activity and purchases happening (up to £600 in £100 transactions in one day)

Posted by Chokolate monroe

Hello my son had recently purchased games using my credit card to my Xbox 360 without my consent, I would like a refund

Posted by tehsplinn

Yes my little brother bought the game Plant vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 for around 40 dollars. This really annoyed my parents and wasted their money which isn't cool. If it is possible can I or one of you guys be able to refund this. Thank you!

Posted by Pon 3

I want a refund on fallout 4 i didn't mean to buy it

Posted by lukebraddez165

Help Me I Wasted £134 On Gta V Dollars And I Need Reinursing Because My Parents Are Not Happy And I Need The Payment Fast And I Cant Get Them The Money Back So If You Dont Give The Money Back You Will Not Be Reccomended And I Will Not Want To Tell My Friends And Other People How Great Xbox Is And I Want To Tell People That U R A Good Companyl

Posted by Misleading purchase

I had just purchased my first Xbox. I had never had a game console before, so I asked the employees, to confirm that my Xbox, which was labeled it could run 360 games, if it could for sure. They all said yes, so I bought the modern-warfare trilogy, and the black ops set. When I arrived homw, I tested them, and only black ops worked. I went back to the store(Walmart) and asked if I could return them. I was told I could not, and when I asked for an exchange, I was denied. I am very disappointed in my purchase, and would like to trade all my purchased games in for Xbox one games, but I was told I could not, after I had opened the games and broken the seal, I had violated the packaging laws. I hope that I can do something about this.

Posted by Jessica

My little brother wasted 2,600 dollars on a game on Xbox without my parents knowing since July . And they barely checked there banking account today and we're trying too see if we could get some of the money back & we don't know what too do . Please help .

Posted by Anthony

I recently bought an indie game to test out the gameplay and I was unsatisfied.

Posted by Martian117bby

I would like to refund my game call of duty WaW i accidentally bought it i was wasnt paying attention

Posted by jmbvolcome244

bought bfeild 4 recont kit booster and it never worked so customer service refunded me

Posted by Ciroking

My 11 month old baby bought Xbox live by accident .he was playing with the controller and press a when I wasn't watching him. How do I get my mo ey back?


how do u return stuff for a refund because i bought a microsoft point card for the xbox 1 in greenbay then when i got home i entered it then i bought watchdogs season pass but i thought if you get the season pass it would also download the actual game therefor it did not download and i spent 20 bucks on it but i still have 9 bucks on my account but the game i wanted was 20 which was the watchdogs season pass but didnt work so i want to know how to get a refund

Posted by Anonymous

my 7 year old asked for 1 month subscription for x box live for that he needed my bank details i did not realise (neither did he) that he then needed nothing further thereafter to buy games online running up £145 debt with nothing to show for it bar an angry parent !
i assumed he would always need my permission and bank details not so

Posted by Anonymous

How do return the downloaded games then?

Posted by ctrld khaos

i was going to purchase a game and when i canceled the transaction because i didnt want the game it still charged me for the game even though i didnt get it now i have no money on my account and i didnt buy anything

Posted by Cameron

so i have 20 dollars bought a game for 10 took all my money and says i dont have the game

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my son gold well its so hard to get the auto renewal off and i tried and tried and tried to get it off... was making me mad... well couple of days saw my bank account $85 gone. this is oct. 18 So I chatted with a guy and said i will get a refund back 24-72 hrs. Well i havent received anything in my bank. So I chatted with a girl she said it got refunded. i said not into my bank. She said on your microsoft account it says refunded. It does say that. She said sorry the guy didnt provide you with the right information. On the microsoft account is 24-72 hours but the bank is going take 1 or 2 billing cycles. So im guessing 1 or 2 months.. They can take the money faster than u can blink but cant refund it as quick. Im still waiting to get it back. I know its my fault but make it easier to get your card off from auto renewal and the guy told me i can setup the xbox so kids cant buy anything. i didnt know that at the time.

Posted by Robbed

I have experienced a very poor service as well. I recently discovered that again, for the third time, that I was being charged 9.99 a month for the xbox music pass. I called again and was told the same exact thing as everybody else here. They do not give refunds past 30 days. The guy was tolerable at least. I tried to explain that every year I have to deal with randomly being signed up for the damn music pass. Its such an obscure amount of money that it usually goes unnoticed for a cpl months at least. Its basically like Microsoft comes in and steals the money from your account without telling you and then refuses to reimburse you. Im going to cancel immediately and move to playstation. This is ridiculous.

Posted by Anonymous

I've just found out I've been paying for Xbox live for three years. I don't have paper banking and because it was such a small amount of £6.99 PM I honestly didn't notice. The only reason I raised the query with my bank was because I was recieving emails from Microsoft saying they'd billed my account, I never had a Microsoft account so I believed it was just scammer emails.
Once I found a number to get through to Xbox I told them my case and they were completely unsympathetic. I've been paying for a service I never use, there must be some way that Xbox can see if an account is active, if we turn on our Xbox there is a pop up that says you are not signed in to Xbox live.. We didn't know we had it! We use our Xbox as a DVD player we didn't even know the gamer tag! Xbox said they would refund me three months of payments, three months! Out of three years!
I want to take this further but don't know who to go to about it, I'm disgusted with this company.

Posted by housing siren 902

I Just found out Xbox has been debiting my account $9.99 Plus tax for the past 19 months. For some sort of music subscription that I did not sign up for. I understand it is ones responsibility to check their bank statements for any fraudulent charges but didn't really notice because such a small amount was taken out And flew under my radar. so I called xbox / Microsoft various numbers spoke to various supervisors who were policy rude an uncooperative to empathize with my situation. They even went back to see if I was telling a story and using this account but went back and saw it has never been used at all so when I ask them for some sort of refund even a portion understanding that I am a little responsible to check my statements because one should be aware. Unfortunately they gave me the runaround and was no help tO ME.
taxation without representation what A Miss Representation of a true multi-million dollar company who prey on families with children or even ones unaware with the capability of their Xbox systems, acting as their very own internal debiting cash box system.

Posted by Vboss78

I cancelled the auto pay on my xbox live subscription and fir the past two months Microsoft has been taking money from my bank account,I just noticed because my bank account is now negative, I called then thinking I'd get a refund and the customer service agent said that because of thier policy they are not allowed to do so,So thier policy is to go into someone's bank account and take thier money with no permission to do so and not refund them,Sounds to me like they are in the buisness of stealing from people,NOT GOOD,I will pursue this further,I've been robbed by Microsoft WOW!

Posted by osmar

I just want them to get my money back I call them every day but I don't get an answer on how to have my money back they charge like 30 dollars every day from 2 of my credit cards I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sea333

We have been battling this company for weeks now trying to get our money back from two (identical) charges for a game that we never ordered or want. My teenager did not buy this LEGO game - he is way too old for it! X-box customer service says they believe us, and we have changed our passwords, etc in case it is a security breach, however, we still have not seen the over $80 back in our account, and the 3rd customer service agent (that we finally got on the phone - getting ahold of someone at that company is an even bigger joke than mysterious charges on our account!) said that it can take up to 2 weeks for the refund to be processed. They are MICROSOFT, for goodness sake!! I could have gotten my money back faster from Joe's mom-and-pop-shop down the street. We are still waiting....13 days later.

Posted by Diapointed

...; he refused to give his last name. We cancelled subscription in June of this year and kept charging our account. He said there is no record of our call. Sometimes you guys do make mistakes. According to "Tim" they do not refund past a month. I aksed "Tim", doesn't your company ...

Posted by Mr. Unsmiley

A freaking joke. Not only did my card get charged for $20 when I haven't even been on Xbox in two months, but because of their stupid rules, I can't get refunded at all. The only reason I had to remove my card (and end up getting my account suspended) was because they make it so f*cking difficult to fix auto-renewal in the first place, which they don't even tell you about. At first, it ...

Posted by Happy Customer

... majority of the complaints on this site. I can honestly say that Xbox Customer support goes out of their ...and/or the email doesn't exist anymore. This is not Xbox's fault. This is YOUR fault. Not enough information to prove its your account? How is that the fault of Xbox? Its not. 2)Your ...kid made charges, you want a refund. Don't give a kid a credit card. There ...reason you can't get your own credit card until you are 18 years ...'t walk away? I have always found Xbox customer support to be 100% helpful each ... were polite and helpful. I understand when they can't do something if its in the policy....

Posted by sniperkiller903

I used my real credit card info to purchase (1) game for my son and then within a few days I saw a purchase for 2 movies and 6000 points charged to ... card ($81.18) I had to go online to dispute these charges and the support person we talked two (several different people over the course of a few days) could not find the purchases on our system but refused to refund the money saying our IP ...

Posted by sigbro538

... not turned off. The way they got the payment account reactivated was by flashing a message to my son once the xbox was turned on that stated in order to ...he clicked OK so he could play the game. Online help would not refund money. I even went to a supervisor who was kind of rude. He stated quotes from their policies then said I need to watch son closer and abruptly closed the chat ...I encourage others to file a complaint too with the BBB. Maybe it will encourage xbox to change their policy to not display a message that states in order to continue must update account information. Once he clicked ...

Posted by Sherripf

... the transaction on my online banking account and and they refuse to refund my money. The person on the other end of... to give me any information on where the company is even located. Microsoft Xbox live committed a robbery as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by Cacowboy4u

The worst warranty service I have ever had to deal with. First they won't send out a replacement unit without returning... give a credit card in case I failed to send the unit in. Customers have to pay for the shipping of the returned item...6/21/12 that that it is being sent and will take 7 to 10 days. As big as that company is it should have the very best... returned within 10 days. 2- once the claim is filed have the replacement ready to go once ...

Posted by Moye

I sent back my nephew XBOX because the console wasnt working. Your representative attempted to trouble .... She stated the console and the power source cord needed to be returned to the company. On 6/12/12 I receieved an email stating the equipment ... console we can expect the power source cord 7 to 10 business days afterward. Why? If the power source cord isnt needed ... is the console without the power cord? If this is your policy it doesnt make any sense. Its down right idiotic!


... xbox live needs to be sued. my wife pays for my monthly renewal of $10 a month. ... totaling over $160 i call xbox live and to inquire about these charges i was told ( we ... take place i said yes. well it will take 3-5 days to complete the investigation and you will recieve an email after it is finished with our findings) a 8 days go buy and i notice i didn't ...said can you please start an investigation . 3 days later i get and email sayingwe found no fraud on your account and the funds would not be refunded. how can you ...terrible service take people money wrongfully and wont return it well got news ...

Posted by Anonymous purchased $19.99 worth of Microsoft points at the site. After I bought it the page landed me ...tough luck. Once a customer buys a product the shopping card must get empty. Customer needs to explicitly add the product again and buy it. The has unethical and deceptive practice. tricking people into getting multiple charges and no option to cancel or refund of the money.