Walmart Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Walmart below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Walmart so others can benefit from what you learned.

Walmart Return Policy

According to Walmart's return policy, they will exchange, refund or repair your purchased item as long as it meets the following guidelines.

Walmart will accept returns within 90 days after purchase. This applies to all products, with a few exceptions, such as the following:

  • Electronics including but not limited to computers, camcorders, digital music players, and GPS units must be returned within 15 days with receipt
  • Airbeds that are not defective must be returned within 15 days and, if used, will only be exchanged for an airbed of equal or greater value
  • Tools of outside use, such as lawn mowers or power washers, must be returned within 30 days with a receipt
  • CDs, DVDs, and video game cartridges follow the 90-day return policy, but must be either defective or returned unopened for a refund or exchange
  • Perennials, trees, and shrubs may be returned within 1 year of purchase with a receipt

Walmart does not require a receipt to facilitate your returns, except for the exceptions mentioned above. Any items may be exchanged. For purchases under $25, you may choose to receive a cash refund instead. For purchases over $25, you may choose a store shopping card for the amount of the purchase.

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Posted by unhappyw/walmart

The Super Walmart in Collinsville, IL said they have a new policy of only accepting $25.00 worth of returns at a time AND nothing over $25.00 can be returned w/o a receipt - even their Great Value brand.

Posted by tabitha

well becuse walmart sent the wrong tires to local store i lost my job,they did a refund on my card insted of getting the correct tires. they said nothing about five day for my money to get on my accounnt. now i can even buy the tires i need to go back and forth to work and get my car inspected in o four days. how the hell am i going to fed my son and pay my bills is the person who screwed my order up going to drop me off and pick me up from work so i donnt lose my job.i will get on every social media site every blog reveiw evvery thing and blast walmart unless my moneyor my tires show up today.

Posted by penny saver

I was told by workers at the Placerville, California Wal-Mart that they each Wal-Mart sets their own rules on return policies. That is why we the buying public are unhappy ☹️!

Posted by Candy

I just left the walmart in Strongsville ohio tried to return 4 packs of bic 3 razor the flex said we do not return razors without receipts i laughed i returned 2 pack 2 days ago for my husband with nothing said so did this policy just kick in.we have been harassed since we started shopping there what can i do about it? If anything at all.

Posted by Upsetmom

Very frustrating!! We received a dual screen portable DVD player as a Christmas gift with a gift receipt included. Attempted to return it within 30 days of date of purchae, only to learn it had to be returned within 15 days!!!! Why isn't this printed on the receipt or gift receipt. Only certain items fall into this category. How are customers supposed to know which items are included in this?! Will never again buy ANY electronics at Walmart!

Posted by Anonymous

On 12/31 I ordered a walmart loveseat from Sofa Mania costing $379.99. At the time I was not informed that they would not deliver it to the building but the sofa would be placed on the curbside and I would have to find a way to get it to my apartment. I'm a 71 yr old woman and I live alone. So I had to cancel the order and they rerouted it back to their warehouse. But I was told that a 20% restocking fee would be deducted before refunding my money. I read in your return policy that Walmart marketplace sellers may not impose restocking fee if a customer refuses delivery of their order. So why am I being charged? Thank you in advance for your cooperation concerning this matter.

Posted by Dobby

Can someone tell me why when I returned a taxable Item. they gave me the price of the item but not the tax I paid on the item. I see nothing in the policy.

Posted by Not happy

I tried to return a few pairs of Christmas print leggings that were in the original packing with a receipt and a as told they were not taking back anything Christmas anymore. I asked when was the last day to return these items and they said I would not have been able to return them anytime after the holiday. No where does it say this. They said it was up to their store manager. I know where I will no longer shop.

Posted by sadmommy

Buyer beware - DON'T BUY ELECTRONICS AT WALMART. I purchased a Samsung tablet two days before Christmas for my son. Before we gave it to him, we reconsidered our tablet choice and bought an Ipad for him instead. Today I went to return the UNOPENED, never been used, Samsung WITH a receipt and was told I was 3 days too late. When asked how I might know of this crazy 15 day return policy, I was directed to a two page document with fine print that was taped to a counter no where near where I checked out. If Walmart has a 15 day return policy on certain items, they need to make this clear at time of purchase - maybe print it on the receipt at least??? AND is it really hurting Walmart to take back an unopened item that they will likely resell in days? This was my son's big gift that I could barely afford and now I'm out times two!!! I'm sure Walmart needs the money though. This day in age, this is a terrible return policy. Very customer unfriendly. I will never set foot in any Walmart store again.

Posted by Madhatter

Just tried to return some clothing I got for Christmas. As they were gifts I had no receipts. Was told all they would do is exchange them. They don't give out gift cards anymore. Wound up bringing everything home as I didn't have time to spend hours trying to find replacement clothing. Will have to go back when I have time. Was also told you are only allowed to do returns 3 times in a year. What a bunch of bs. Very disappointed in Walmart. I will be doing my shopping elsewhere from now on. I will tell my family and friends to never buy me anything from Walmart. I know one person doesn't make a difference, but thousands would make a difference.

Posted by Joy

So angry,I bought a 55 inch TV from Walmart 3 days ago, it doesn't work. When back with the receipt, they refuse to return it in the box and with receipt. Saying I have to call the manufacture. Now I'm out 500 dollars with no TV, I will never shop there again. They make millions over millions and this is the mess your stuck with...

Posted by ClaireDePlume

Purchased a Chatr Cell Phone on Dec. 30. Not pleased and concerned I will not be able to get a Wheel Trans bus back to return phone. Next time, I will get my Electronics from Kiosk at Shoppers World Brampton(where I ought to heave gone to begin with).

Posted by Shell

Went to local Walmart to return unopened unused Christmas lights. Was told they don't accept any Christmas items returns after Christmas. I have never seen or heard this. I ended up going through 3 different managers challenging them to "show me" this policy because NOTHING was posted anywhere in store or on the receipt. The last manager just gave up at my challenge and let me return, but the fact I wasted 45 minutes to return 3 sets of lights and had to get mad in the process just infuriates me. If this is really a Walmart policy then it needs to be posted somewhere and not just "understood" as they tried to claim.

Posted by Observe

I won a lap top a week ago at my job's raffle. It's a POS that doesn't work well. Tried returning it today and the girl was being very rude when I asked her to go through the return policy because she said lap tops cannot be returned for store credit or exchanged without a receipt. Now I'm stuck with a lap top that doesn't work that well.

Posted by Angry consumer smh

I am super angry not only did I forget a bag of stuff late at night which was not located Walmart sold me a tv and will not take back no receipt 300$ also a tablet very slow when it works. I�m beyond angry I live queens no Walmart here I bought it visit my mom which is not so frequent.

Posted by boop

All I wanted was 2trade shirts for the right size.they were out of one.said refund had to go back on my card.she did that.bought other shirt.told me it would take a day or two.been four.nothing yet.come to find out..the other worker said she could have simply given me a gift card.too late now..she said.ended up spending more for her mistake

Posted by Anonymous

bought a recliner chair online, I have copd, chair leans to far back cant breath well, could someone pick it up, and give store credit, Chicago Il. 6 unused perfect condition,

Posted by babymommas

So what about a baby toy that unknowingly had a rip in it and was gifted to me at a baby shower? The baby hasn't been born yet and it's still in the box, never been opened.

Posted by Rivera

I ordered two beds never came asked for refund but I no longer have the debit card so basically I lost out 194.99 they won't even issue me a gift card

Posted by Denise

15 days for electronics!!! that is just not enough time to be able to return it. Walmart just isn't the place it used to be. We bought a router. This doesn't work any better than the old one. For 85.00 We wanted to return it and go back to the one we bought there 5 years ago. It took longer for the cable company to get to our house. This stinks we're stuck with a router we don't need. Thanks Walmart. I'll be more careful when buying at Walmart with their return policy.

Posted by Katy,Tx

I bought 4 pair of jeans for my son on black Friday. I picked up the wrong size went to exchange for the correct size and was told I have to pay the difference an extra 7.00 per pair. Sounds like BS one of the lazy managers was saying that's how it is. I don't think so had my receipt just needed the right size. I'm not through with this deal I'm going to get the 28.00 back.

Posted by Josh

So I bought a Headset and it was cracked out of the box so we tried glueing it and it didn't work. Is it still returnable?

Posted by Anonymous

First and last time I ever buy anything from Wal-Mart. Sorry, Pioneer Woman. I really like your stuff. I bought your new book, but someone had already bought me one. Have spent far too many hours trying g to return it on line. Not worth my time. Will pass the book along to a friend.
The return site demanded a password, believe I signed in as a quest.
ThAt big of a store should make returns easy and friendly.

Posted by Me

I've dealt with a manager who has no idea what she is taking about so second guess or read the policy you may be right! I knew I was and she said I want I read it to her and I was actually right!

Posted by Anonymous

My husband returned a DVD the next day with a receipt it was open but would not work good and was not able to get his money back we spend a lot of money in Walmart for such as that he was so upset he left the DVD and the receipt now I wounded did the do the right thing now I'm upset with him and walmart

Posted by Certain circumstances

My mother bought a treadmill and gas grill this past summer never opened them still in original packaging because she got diagnosed with cancer. Well the cancer is now terminal and obviously these items are useless to her in her final weeks/months can we return the items for in store credit or anything we can provide receipts

Posted by Anonymous

so if I bought a HP Notebook and I changed my mind about keeping it then I can return it in 15 days or less?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a shaper to wear under my clothes, two of them really, so I could see which one for the best since I was in a hurry. I bought it the Sunday before last and returned one of the Monday. I paid with cash and card, however they would only allow it to be back on my card. They say 3-5 business days. Its been almost two weeks and still have not received refund of $15.30!!

Posted by Anonymous

My granddaughter got an extra coffee pot it is un opened why won't Walmart take it back they told her it was non returable

Posted by Kingscott

I bought rollercoaster tycoon world for PC. The game didn't work when I put it in to play. So I tried it again same thing nothing. So I take it back to Walmart with the receipt. I bought the game 1 hour ago. The lady said it is against the law to return it. Wtf kinda stuff is that???? Walmart rips people off every day for there money. I'll see you in court.4 million . Should have just gave me my 40$ back

Posted by Shannonkn3

My daughter changer her mind on a pair of Capri pants.I had my receipt and it had only been 29 days from the original purchase. They was only $3. They were bought with my credit card. I asked the lady if I could have a gift card and she said that walmart now change the policy you get it refunded the way you pay. What if that was a gift and that wasn't my credit card? Going forward I will only be using cash as I closed that account a month ago and now need to wait on my credit card company to issue me a $3 check! Very inconvenient!

Posted by Wal Mart Guy

I bought a rug Doctor from Walmart in Hewitt, TX. It is defective and I need to return it. I charged it to my Mastercard which is now expired and not active. I have my receipt and policy says it has to go back on that card. How are they going to put it back on a card that no longer exists?

Posted by Cherry

Can I return a sewing machine that I purchased last year I still have the receipt is that possible

Posted by YouRumsfelds

Walmart policy states....
"Walmart does not require a receipt to facilitate your returns, except for the exceptions mentioned above. Any items may be exchanged. For purchases under $25, you may choose to receive a cash refund instead. For purchases over $25, you may choose a store shopping card for the amount of the purchase."

If/when they hassle you for no reciept or claim they can only give gift cards. Yes, some of us ARE actually litterate!

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a mattress because it was the wrong size,never even opened the box yet I am still waiting for my refund.Tried to return 2 airbeds that wouldn't hold air only to be told that after 15 days I couldn't return them. NOTHING BUT A RIPOFF.I will never buy anything from Walmart again


I Got Two Naxa Npb426 Portable Cd Player With Am/pm Radio,cassette An

Posted by

I bought a 40" TV in November 2016 from the website on Black Friday. The TV I bought was a VIZO and it was at a recently good price. I received the TV and I never opened it. I put it away until I was actually ready to use it. We had a TV that was going out but it hadn't gone out at that time, but hey, who could pass up a good deal. I opened up my tv in July of 2017; 8 months after I bought it. The tv was broken. The screen was damaged. I called and informed them. They told me there was nothing they could do about cause I ordered it back in 2016 of November. They told me to call VIZIO; they said they are not responsible; it lays with Walmart. So then I called UPS who delivered it and they told me they only responsible for the first 30 days; after that their not responsible. So my next move is reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General. I don't think it's my fault that they sent me a broken tv in which I paid close to $300 for.

Posted by Mylov

I ordered a simple $10 T-Mobile internet card on my debit card and I had the funds to get it but I ordered it and Walmart canceled it so I ordered it again and checked my bank account and found that Walmart charged me and cannot refund me until after 5 days.


I've been the customer service manager at Walmart for the last 9 years and I am very fair and good at my job. Some of you are being absolutely ridiculous and because of your schemes and lies make it difficult for the honest people.

1 person below says he bought and returned same item 3 times, really, 3 times and you're surprised you have a problem. Why did you keep buying it. And toilsome the store didn't even sell item (the 3rd time) but claim the let you exchange it the 2nd time, uh.....thought they didn't sell it.
Another guy 2 says they offered cash or gift card in one city, he took gift card and then went to another city and asked them to cash out gift card, seriously??? How is the 2nd Walmart suppose to know that there was cash on gift card, NO store will give you actual can't for a gift card, NO store, it's ridiculous to think that they would. Should the Walmart associate who has 100 people asking to cash out a gift card know the 1 person who is being honest and the 99 who are lying.
For the guy with no I. D. Who is stuck with item he bought for wife, why can't she return it? Does she not have an idea either. Walmart has more theft than any other store, you need id so the same person can't return items with no receipt every day. It's because of theft, again should Walmart know to trust you, are you the 1 honest person, personally I think you are lying, who has a family and no I.D. amongst anyone.
I mean read and know the policy people. Walmart has a much easier policy and a fairer policy than most stores. I'm sorry your schemes and lies are difficult to pull off, try to be more creative.
Hell, find a cash receipt on ground, see what items they bought and steal that specific item to return with receipt, stop stealing random stuff.
And honest people just remember, it's not Walmart's fault they have these policies in place, it's your peers who have stolen and lied so much that has caused Walmart to have to act this way.

Posted by YouIdiots

I am in awe at some (most) of these posts.

1) this site is not Walmart. They will not read these posts nor respond.

2) their return policies are clear and differ for different items.

3) if your electronics broke after the 14 day return policy, contact the manufacturer, Walmart didn't make the itrem, it's not that difficult.

4) so many of you are complaining about 3rd party sellers on their website. It clearly states who you are buying from...just like amazon, they allow other sellers to sell items on their site. READ!

Based on the horrible English, poor grammar, ridiculous misspellings on ALL of these posts, it's clear that even if you had Walmart's return policy in your face, you wouldn't be able to read it anyway. Walmart is not responsible for your stupidity. Seriously, every scenario described below could have easily been avoided if you were educated and trident try to blame someone else for your own stupidity.

Posted by Tammy J

Was charged twice for a tube of Benadryl Cream when I was on vacation. When I got home I spent over 20 minutes waiting in line (this has happened before since they work slower than molasses in January)just to find out I have to bring my receipt back to the store that charged me twice. I was furious. All for $3.97. Not a chance that I'm driving 5 hours to return my receipt. My opinion is that I won't shop this trash store unless it's the only store around. I have had nothing but problems with any of my returns including one that I purchased online and had sent to the store for pickup. Totally disgusted! and don't get me started on how long I have to wait in line to check out. 25 registers and only 2-3 staffed!

Posted by Anonymous

WalMart n Amory, MS is the worst. The employees at customer service always have an attitude, they r rude & always give different reasons/policy's. I can't stand them, hardy ever go there any more.

Posted by Walmart sucks

I bought a $900.00 t.v. on clearance for $498.00. Neither one of the Wal-Marts in my area would return in even though i had the receipt cause they said it couldn't be returned after 30 days. I called c.s. and they said it can be returned up to 90 days. Neither walmart would honor this. What a joke.

Posted by Willa Klampe-carrillo

Where is MY money from a online return...$140.00 I might have well burned the money..are the clerk's keeping people's money... I NEED my money... I am on a fixed income Walmart debited my card as soon as I pushed send...Give me my money

Posted by Anonymous

Never received a refund for the movie Fences ordered and pay for several months ago.

Posted by Romey

Walmart manufacturers returns policy stinks.i bought a 300 dollar window ac june 26 2017 and it stop working june 2 2017 they would not exchange it for another one

Posted by Lynn

I was treated like a criminal when I returned an online purchase which I picked up at the store. It was not a third party vendor. I printed the online retun receipt and the packing slip was on the box. I follwed the instructions. The expensive evaporative fan had stopped working after three weeks- defective. I will never buy online from Walmart again. I'll use my Amazon Prime account or Costco. Both have free shipping like Walmart. I liked the idea of store pick up fo safety. I didn't want the item sitting in front of my house while I was at work. Walmart has liost me as a customer.

Posted by Bungelbee1

I Purchased the same Linsys computer router three times from Walmart and none of them worked. The last one I didn't even open. Took it in for a refund and they would not accept it. They say it didn't show in their data base. This router that is a POS is still being sold. At Wal-Mart, "customer service" should be "customer disservice. The crazy thing is I returned the second one w/o a receipt or accessories. They allowed me to swap the router out and it was even sold there. I finally got Lynksys to replace the first one and when that one didn't work, I took it to Wal-Mart for an exchange with no problem. I take an unopened router back and they refused to return my money.

Posted by ex walmart customer

I bought an item and it was sent to the Walmart in Missouri. My son picked up the item and did not use it. I went back to Missouri in Jan and picked him his girl friend and my grand kids up, in the process I took the items back to Walmart and the person there offered me a gift card I said ok even through I could have gotten cash. I live in San marcos ca and tried to cash the card out and a manager there named Jordan told me no because its Walmart policy to keep your money. So my warning to anyone being offered a Walmart gift for a refund do not take it ever because it is walmarts way of forcing you to spend the money at Walmart.

Posted by Bonnie and clyde

I purchased 2 better homes and garden ottomans. I love them but 1 is missing a nail head upholstery tack. Is it possible to get 1 sent to me? I picked them up on 5/25/25017 at Walmart in zip 15010. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

Bought an automatic pool vacuum from walmart.Com and it wouldn't work on my pump.Went to start a return and on the walmart website it stated that the seller has to be notified for instructions on how to return. Well didn't know I had bought this from another store and after2 days emailing back and forth they said they would let me send it back and charge me a restocking fee. This is ridiculous. Bought a different pool vacuum a pool blaster and got it home charged it and the darn thing doesn't even work!!! will not buy from walmart anymore. At least amazon will return items. Very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't have Id and lost receipt and that would not let me return the wrong item my wife bought

Posted by Tdutton

Was told I would receive refund in 5 days didn't receive called the store was told it was 7 days now 8 days later and still haven't saw my return? Pretty aggrevated considering it was 499.99. Guessing I'm not getting help with this either thanks Walmart. for another horrible experience. Account manger I talked to said well idk what to tell you? Nice customer service as well.

Posted by Anonymous

I like this app its very informational an it helps with my questions an i thank walmart for this app

Posted by Disappoint Walmart shopper

I purchased a tea maker from Walmart and I had a receipt for it I asked my sixteen-year-old to take it in and return it with the receipt the lady would not allow my daughter to return it because she was not 18 years old I raise hell if they can go to the line and purchase something and why can't they return it as long as they have a receipt I've been sent my daughter back in to get the tea maker and the receipt and said I would come back later because I was in a hurry and the woman refused to give her the tea maker and the receipt

Posted by Great1

Purchased a laptop with free 2 day shipping. First of all, the item didn't shipped until 2 days later. Even though listed as in stock. Received on Friday returned on Monday. It's been 5 business days and still haven't received credit to credit card. Walmart isn't customer friendly, in regards to larger online orders. I had to verify that I made the purchase to a rude rep. I will take my money elsewhere, hate shopping there.

Posted by Kayla

I buought a purse from walmart and it broke the next day and i dont know if they will take it back

Posted by Anonymous

Walmart electronic return policy is a rip off. Never will shop for anything in store again.

Posted by ti7lan

I was told today at the Jackson MO Walmart that they no longer do gift cards and I had to go out in the store and try and find enough stuff to take care of my return

Posted by Ikaaka

I bought a 16 piece dish set from Walmart. It costed $40 + tax. I paid for it with a Walmart Store Credit Shopping Card I had. I was very careful to keep the receipt incase my wife didn't like it. Well, she didn't. She wanted a different one. So I brought it back to Walmart With my receipt and they said the return was denied. Even though I had the receipt. I then called customer service and they told me that I cannot return it even with a receipt because I bought it with a store credit. Now that is ridiculous. Nowhere in their return policy does it say that you cannot return items purchased with store credit.

Posted by Nope

I bought a pair of afterglow headphones for my ps4 from Wal-Mart in Oxford, Ohio. $89 plus tax $94.74. I rush home and open the box super stoked only to find 2 pieces of cardboard that the headphones should have been between but it was pretty much an empty box! I was extremely furious and went back to return or exchange it and it had only been like 15 or 20 mins after buying it and they refused to do anything. All they said was we will check into it and give you a call. I waited 3 days and hadnt heard anything so I call and spoke with a different manager and she pretty much called me a theft without using the exact word. I will never shop at Wal-Mart ever again after this experience. Lucky for me though I bought them on my debt card and my bank is disputing the charge and refunding my money and charging it to Wal-Mart as a scam. So anytime you buy any electronics from Wal-Mart using extreme caution and have them open the box in front of you.

Posted by Anonymous

i purchase a car battery last march 5 2017, and picked the wrong size,i like to returned it and refund my money on march 9 but the supervisor told me that i can not refund my money but to exchange the, same size and no. and i said,thats why im returning it coz the size is not rigth one and to exchange . wallmart employee supervisor in renton

Posted by rtwigg

I will never again buy electronics at Walmart or Sam's Club. I bought a tablet at Walmart that failed to turn on after I had it for about the after two months. Customer Service told me it must be returned within 15 days of purchase and I must have the receipt. I am now screwed out of $227 plus tax. There is a manufacturer one year warranty. Walmart refused to tell me where they bought it or who the manufacturer is. I was not ever told there was a 15 day return policy. What fails within 15 days? NEVER again at Walmart or Sam's Club. I believe they are dishonest. here I come to expose them .

Posted by Anonymous

So I had bought 2 games from Walmart and when I got home I unrapped it and made sure everything was inside it and then I realized I had bought the games for the wrong console so the next day I went back to the same Walmart to go to customer service and told them my situation but what they said was sorry since you took the wrapping off of it so you can't get you're money back because of copyright laws I was mad but they said I can get the same games on a different console so I went and searched the store for the games on a different console but they weren't there so I Googled if they were on the next gen console but it only said it was last gen so I asked the people If I could combine the two games and get a different game but they said no so Walmart ripped me off I'm not sure if I should sue or call corporate I'm just really pissed

Posted by Sadsimon

Walmart: ypor info requesting comments are fine with reward offer. please print your refund policy as well. This is first time I am returning anythING and I was dismayed to find out about the 00 day limit for my fire alarm which turned out to defective. Shame on selling a defective fire alarm guys! It was not competitively priced either.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to return the laser light that I bought in December to Northland village mall Walmart in Calgary. the lady treated me really bad, she said that I cannot return the product.

Posted by Kent

We do our shopping at local neighborhood store and yesterday I picked up a 12 pack of Heineken Light from display near checkout Tonight I opened one and it was nasty, obviously skunked. I called store and asked to exchange remaining 11 bottles and they askef me if my purchase was within last 24 hours. I told them yes. Then they told me was against the law to return beer. This was a very large display and probably many customers will be disappointed as there will be more bad beer on that display. I know things like this happen but I am not happy with how it was handled and that is why I will go somewhere else in future.

Posted by KAT

Was that a Walmart in Sacramento and I received as a gift a couch slipcover and I try to return it without a receipt and the girl told me that at this particular store they do not accept any item back without a receipt besides that was ridiculous I was just trying to see if anybody knew if that was a standard policy as I'm reading the policy guidelines the girl was mistaken thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a concealer yesterday,and my skin had a stinging sensation not long after trying it out. I don't think it was defective, probably just an ingredient not agreeing with my skin. Would I be allowed to return it with the receipt?

Posted by Daniel Opitz


Okay first of all everyone is lucky as far as you are able to return ANYTHING at all for cash and/or gift card.

Do you think that Wal-Mart benefits from allowing people to return things with/without a receipt? The answer is not really or no. People will still shop at Wal-Mart even if they had a no exchange/no return policy.

Now, because Wal-Mart does except exchanges/returns some of you say that its (1) "bull crap that you have to have the packaging to return the item" or it (2) "bull crap i cant return a PlayStation after i waited 30 days to return when it never worked at all"

Lol, (1) Lady you are inconsistent if you think its bad business to not return an item without any of the packaging. First you said that the packaging got thrown away by your soon to be son in law. Then you said the packaging was destroyed.. It dont matter if you have the receipt lady, how are they supposed to sell the item or send it back to the supplier with out the box it came in?
Lol (2) You are also stupid if you think that it is bad business for Wal-Mart not to return your PlayStation because you claim that it never worked all after buying it.. You also waited and had the patients to wait for 30 days before bringing it back to Wal-Mart to say it never worked and you want to return it.. Well dummy they give you 14 days after buying an electronic to get it homeschool ot up to make sure it works properly or not. So, 14 days is more then enough time to test the product. Also nobody in the right mind or even out of their mind is gonna hook it up, notice it doesn't work "at all" they say "dang im gonna return it someday." NOPE: ANYBODY WOULD SEE IT NOT WORKING AND PACK IT BACK UP AND TAKE IT BACK EITHER THAT DAY, THE NEXT DAY, OR MAYBE A SLIGHT CHANCE OF A WORKING MAN MIGHT WAIT UNTIL THE UPCOMING WEEKEND BUT DEFINITELY NOT 30 DAYS. You played it. Someone knocked it over or dropped it. A child put food in it. "Something happend after playing the perfectly performing PlayStation.




Posted by Anonymous

Disgusting horrible Walmart! My friend who just recently hasda miscarriage and I went into walmart were there 5 minutes and were asked to leave and I asked why they said they don't want homeless pregnant drug addict in they're store referringnto my friend! I then proceeded to punch him in the face and just recently got out of county jail. Horrible horrible Walmart!

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a Beautyrest bassinet for $100.00 for my newborn granddaughter (dec. 2016). My soon to be son in law threw the box away. My daughter does not think the bassinet is very stable and for the money I spent on it I wanted to return. Called my local Walmart and was told I needed the packaging of which I do not have. I even explained to the associate on the phone that I did have the receipt, but this made no difference to them. I always keep my packaging for at least 3 months, but as I said before the packaging was destroyed.. This situation has left a bad taste in my mouth as far as Walmart is concerned. Walmarts Marketplace is even worse, purchased a Moby Wrap for my daughter and it was not what she wanted, paid $45.00 plus s/h on this item. It was a baby shower gift that did not get opened until the end of November. Walmart Marketplaces return policy is 15 days after you receive your item. So I am stuck with this Moby Wrap!!!

Posted by bamamanaintrite

My daughter sent me a roku streaming video processor. Unfortunately I can't get broadband where I live,which I Alabama, she can't find her receipt, WalMart is refusing even an exchange for other items, what gives? Ive seen the exact item in electronics, it cost her %100 plus tax

Posted by calenmiriel1973

I don't understand why some of you are complaining. The customer with the PS4 issue, you are stating that you were aware of the 15 day time frame and that it's been a month and has not worked from the time you got it....why did you wait a month to return something that was supposedly broken from day one. Especially a high price item. You would think you would want that resolved quickly. Therefore, your post leads me to believe it was broken after the 15 days and no you shouldn't be ENTITLED to a refund. They have rules in place for a reason. People need to stop expecting rules and guidelines be broken just because you said so. I watched a lady try to return a video game that was openef without a receipt, the game was not even sold at Walmart and she swore up and down she bought it here. She was full of crap and she knew it. People like her are some of the reasons prices go up. It's called theft or I would even call it theft by deception. When you buy stuff, especially high priced items, check the policy first then keep an envelope in your glove box with all store receipts and you'll be good to go

Posted by snocaps

Walmarts refund policy does stink - the gift card instead of cash if you don't have a receipt however, when purchasing any electronic, the cashier will ask if you want the additional warranty for a minimal $ amount. It's worth it to purchase that so if there is a problem with your item, you can return it for a refund or replacement. I've done this a couple times and it works like a charm. Only had 1 problem which they made good on. I don't like the fact that you can't get cash back for an item that was clearly purchased there.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a ride on Denali for my grandson for Christmas, it wii not hold a charge for more than 5 minutes. Called Walmart spoke to Bianca, she informed me my options were return it and they would replace it, however they were out of stock. She stated they could give us a voucher for a discount to purchase another battery. She then suggested I call back in two days to see if it was in stock.
I called back two days later, spoke to Mario he said they were still out of stock. They could not give me a voucher for a discount on a battery as Bianca stated. He gave me the manufactures # which I have tried 3 different times and # just rings, Hong Kong. This car cost us $350.00 and I expect much better service than this. Terrible customer service in the store and on line. Have purchased several high price items from Walmart and this is the last time. How do they stay in business is beyond me....

Posted by Dissatisfied customer

Walmart is horrible! Don't support them and hope they go out of business.

Went to return my son's bday gift a PS4 slim & they said it's past the 15 days, it's been a month. The system doesn't connect and hasn't since we got it. They should have a better policy in place for the consumers not their own interest.

Posted by i want to send a radio back tha

how to send back to Walmart where do I send goods to

Posted by Anonymous

I'm stuck with a broken 100 dollar camera due to you're ungrateful lame 15 day return policy!!!!!!! Will NEVER go back and sill suggest peep shop elsewhere. #walmartsucks#holidayreturnpllicynada

Posted by Cdp2002

Last week i had bought a air mattress because me and my family were going camping. We were scheduled to go 2 weeks after i bought the air mattress, so it set in my garage unopened until the night before departure. When i opened it to pack it to my suprise there was no air mattress in the box. It was stuffed with miscellaneous products like empty dvd cases, broken computer speakers, small boxes of cigarette butt's, it even was occupied with someones dirty socks plus other objects i dont feel is appropriate to post. Now not only do i have a bunch of useless objects, i olso have emotionally scarred childen due to the inappropriate items they saw in the box. And of coarse no air mattress. I went ahead with the trip with no air mattress but when i returned i proceeded to return these obscene items that were unfortunately in my possession now. When i finally got to the counter after standing in an unusually long line because there was only 1 employee working at that time she thoufht i was absolutely insane trying to return a box full of these cruel items. Before i knew it there were at least 10 walmart employees standing in front of me threating to call police on me because the same thing had happened that at happened when i opened the box, everyone within a 10 foot radius couldnt believe their eyes at what was in the box. I gave up at that time and proceeded to very quickly exit the walmart at a prohibited speed and vouched to tell myself i would never step foot in walmart again. Walmart got my money, many people were emotionally scarred for life, and i lost a part of me that i will never be able to get back. And walmart lost a wealthy lifetime customer. Thanks walmart for ruining my life. Thanks and hope this vicious experience penetrated deep into your thoughts and improved decision making skills so yoy wont have to go through a negative life changing experience.

Posted by Anonymous

This has put a sour note about some walmarts, yesterday Jan.14, I went into walmart to buy my grandson 2 pairs of pants for school. I brought them home, didnot fit, went back to walmart, didnot have size, so wanted a refund, because iwrote a check, theysaid icould not get one for 7 days.Thats crap, I then took my pants an went to another walmart, they pleasantly gave me my refund. My question is, is walmart policies different in difverent stores. The Walmart store that was rude an unpleasant was walmart on hwy 28 west, alexandria, la. An I might add nasty. The clean walmart an kind to customers is walmart on monroe hwy., in pineville, la.

Posted by Tercat916

New years eve 12/31/16 I went to the Walmart in Sacramento Ca on El Camino ave to finish my grocery shopping for New Years Day festivities and also had to return 4 Xmas presents.. Well needless to say I was denied a refund due to no reciet.. I always save my reciets!!!! I couldn't this time because 2 days before Christmas I was car jacked at gun point and I had my purse.. All my money and some of my gifts that i had bought that day in the car.. And my phone all stolen!!!!! I explained to the cashier i have a police report and this is whats happened to me the reciets where in my purse..I feel like im a victim over and over again.. Also it was items not listed in the no return policy.. I spend way to much money on a monthly basis to be treated like this.. I will not PATRONIZE A STORE THAT TREATS THERE CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS..!!

Posted by Dissatisfied customer

I purchased a PS4 for my son for Christmas. It didn't work so I took it back to Walmart, along with my receipt, to exchange it for the very same console. They would not do it!! "Too bad, 15 days are up". Are you kidding me?? It was a gift, I purchased on December 10th,...15 days, really?? It doesn't work!!! I'm heartbroken!! She was REALLY rude about it too. " Even if I wanted to do it, our system simply wouldn't allow it."

Posted by Roebuck

The two Walmart close to me (South Jordan UT and West Jordan UT) do NOT follow corporate return policy and each store told me their managers can make up their own policy and have the right to do so. I had to do a return of a few items, some with receipt and a few without a receipt. I was fine with store credit. They told me that because the no receipt items were over $50 value they couldn't do the return. So if you were to buy a $55 item and lose the receipt, you're screwed. I think every store should have the same return policy as stated on the company's website. Instead you've got a bunch of stores/managers going rogue and making up new policy and changing it how they see fit. All without posting "their" store's differing policy which should be posted at the cash register at the very least. The corporate policy is fair and why I shop there but now without never knowing what return policy they have this week, I'm going elsewhere. They have the worst attitude as if you don't have a receipt you are the lowest form of customer...they are rude, miserable and treat everyone like a criminal.

Posted by Smarttab

I to on a fixed income,and bought a tablet, over a $100.00 all I want is it too be replaced. Had it for 2weeks.

Posted by AmazonPrimeSlaysWalmart

I too, as one other poster am on a fixed income due to disability. I'm sickened that they expect their money right away, but when they screw up??? You're told you won't get a refund up to TWO BILLING CYCLES?!!!! THAT IS TWO MONTHS!!! They already SHXT all over my children's Christmas by screwing up an order, and then keeping the money for up to TWO MONTHS!!! I'm so disgusted! I'll stick with Amazon Prime, and I suggest if you want reliable, trustworthy customer service you all do so as well. Most of the time Amazon has better prices, same day, sometime even two hour delivery. When my daughters birthday gift didn't arrive in time, not only did they allow me to keep the merchandise, they refunded me within less than an hour from the time of my complaint AND a twenty dollar gift card! Walmart you've become distorted and greedy!!!

Posted by Rena

My husband purchased a Remington electric razor and then decided he didn't want it. It had never been opened. I tried to return it to Walmart this morning and when she scanned the bar code, she said "it didn't come from here!" I didn't have the receipt but it DID come from Walmart. So, I'm out of luck!

Posted by Lazytime

I purchased a Danby freezer and it was damaged during shipping I request that that the freezer be returned and the shipper picked it up on December 8 and returned to Walmart the product . As of this date I have not been reimbursed for the freezer. I would like someone reimburse my account.

Thank you

Richard Homer

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Walmart:

Hello. We just purchased a distiller from we thought Walmart but was told it was through Banyan Inc, and it has a damaged part so we initiated contact to return the product. Banyan doesn't seem to have a return policy but offered us $20 to keep the distiller and get it repair which we do not know how to do? We asked again for the return policy, and then they offered us $40? What kind of company is Walmart doing business with? Had we known it was not Walmart we were purchasing the distiller from we would not have purchased it. Can you assist us in returning this product? please advise. Thanks.

Posted by jess123

Well for those who say for people to be real... Well this is being real, these are real situations that we all experience. Yes I do agree Walmart has great prices and almost everything we need. With that being said as a former employee, customer service was a must and they would tell us to make sure that the customer is always happy.. the customer comes first, well unfortunately when it comes to honest, real mistakes, Walmart is horrible at customer service. I am very happy with the way some of the employees treat us the customers, but They treat some as if they are trying to get over on them, and really yes there is a lot of stupid people out there that do stupid things, but not every one should be treated that way. I just purchased some Christmas lights all white, wife said she didn't want the all white ones so the next day I left to work, she went and bought the ones she wanted, mind you we didn't even open the white ones, but as most good organized husbands do, I lost the receipt. lol. so I called Walmart to see if I can return the lights with out a receipt, they put me on hold for what seemed like eternity, finally the lady came back on and told me thayt they can not take them back with out a receipt, that I can exchange them for different ones, I ask her I already purchased different ones, and they are on my house already. I asked if I can get a store credit, she said no. Really?? So I looked up the non receipt return policy and it clearly states that if the verification process accepts it and I have a valid photo id then I can return it. also gives four different options that are available to me as the customer. So I am a little confused, am I correct to assume that the policy is as its stated? I am going to just go in there with a print out of the policy and the items and see if they will take it back.. any info on the policy if its correct or updated ??

Posted by fuki

My husband purchased an ink cartridge from Walmart one night. He opened it and placed into the printer and it didnt work. I made the second trip to walmart that same night hoping to exchange the defective ink cartridge for a working one. I entered the store and spoke to the lady at the refund counter. This employee stated that a refund or exchange is denied because I opened the ink cartridge. It was 1030pm and I bought another ink and took it home,tried it on the printer and this second ink worked. I went back tonight and spoke with the waart employee about my situation and she still denied my refund. I just read the polocy on this page that stated a customer is entitled to a refund for defective ink that is unopened. How is the going to know its defective unless the ink is placed imto the printer. I would like my money back thank you.

Posted by disappointed

i returned an item purchased online black friday..they took my money from my card right away..and now the item was returned to their warehouse they sent me email to wait 2 billing cycles?

why would it take so long to return my money back? i purchase from other websites too but the refund is quick from the moment they were notified and item was returned.

Posted by BBR

Most of the times when I have needed to return an item to Walmart, whether I have the receipt or not, their customer service staff acts like I am bothering them or trying to get something for nothing or that I am not entitled to. It's like pulling teeth and I don't understand why they have such bad attitudes when I comes to backing up their products or honoring their own policies.

Posted by Anonymous

I have 90 days to return things I bought for Christmas that's great .Because I might have bought the wrong size of paints for my husband .Some might be to short that's why I might have to return some .

Posted by Mph

How about a Walmart return after 11 months WITH a receipt on an item that cones with a 2 yr warranty? Will Walmart exchange this item? I'm taking about my vacuum cleaner that broke after 10 months

Posted by Regina Washington

I order a boot off of your Website, but it came from the Shoe Metro Family, I received the order 11/13/16, i returned one of the boot on 11/28/2016 as of this day I haven't received my refund in the amount of $34.98,from this day forward if the Item doesn't come from Walmart I wont be ordering, I am on a fixed income and I need my money.

Posted by Maddox

Just received the T4 robot kit and it small not wanting this, thoughts it was bigger not what it look like on line too many small pieces, can I go to thee store to exchanged this for something larget

Posted by upset

Got a USB from Wal-Mart it said works on i phone 5 didnt work and i couldnt return because of their no return policy
Not Fair it Wasn't a cheap device no sign post by the mechandise should let know before we spend

Posted by Trupetteers is a rip off. Work with unrelyable 3 parties. Keep return money three months. Can not return to any brick and morter store. If the item is wrong and large best to donate it to good will. is worst online shopping experience on the net.

Posted by Pissed at Walmart

Ordered a beanbag on walmart. Com. Sent wrong color and called cust. Service. No one could help. Went to store and they had no clue what to do.

Posted by Xstitch

Returned an item, received a refund. Three months later they re charged my account saying they didn't receive the item back. Did some digging and they discovered they had received it. Now I can't get a refund to save my life. Calling all the time and the refund never comes.

Posted by djack611

Bought a Straight talk mobile device and $25 2gb service card. Activated device, worked well for awhile. Watched a movie on Netflix half way through stopped. Call customer service and was told I used up my 2gb, in less than a day. I will be returning the device.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought an rca tablets for my daughter weeks ago,we opened it days ago and the screen is cracked.. What am I to do??

Posted by Helynda1

I bought a 55' tv left it at home went to work, got off and when i set it up and turned the tv on. I seen that my tv screen was cracked. Im beyond mad.. That it hasnt been 12 hours and the tv has been damaged.

Posted by RCA TABLET

Hi I Purchase And Rca Tablet For My Daughter I Trow Away Receive Thinking The Tablet Was Going To Be Good Conditions When I Toke Home The Tablet But It Was Broken From The Screen What Can I Do Without Receive

Posted by Jmaan

It seems non productive if only unhappy shoppers post here so here i am, the one person that will be honest and say that i am very happy with my walmart, they do absolutely everything to make my shopping AND returning experience as pleasant as possible. I would bet a months pay that 90% of the people complaining on here have been back shopping at the very same wal mart that they complained about, rather than spend twice the money somewhere else! Let's be real people, you can't find a better store that carries everything you need at such a great price. I don't think this forum was created for only complaints and I'm sorry that i joined in the complaining because that wasn't my intention. It would just be nice to see some honesty once in while.

Posted by Kristin

When u purchase these items you need to be notified if the 15 day return policy not after the fact. Purchased router/modem that I found out I didn't need as I recently changed ISP. Paid over $100 for it too. When I tried to return they said sorry 15 day return policy ( it was day 20 that I tried to return it). I asked when and where was I notified. They said they have signs hanging overhead in the store of the policy.

Posted by happy

Wal-Mart Cin.Ohio, on Ferguson is always happy, courteous, and friendly to customers. I've never had any problems returning anything.

Posted by Jam

I was unable to get a $4.48 refund. I had no
receipt but was happy to get s gift card since I planned to shop.
I will never shop at Walmart again!

Posted by Anonymous

closing doors due to none action in ssi case

Posted by Jrt

15 days for electronic are u kidding me!

Posted by Anonymous

Electronic returns within 15 days is ridiculous. My friend spent a lot of money on an xbox and it quite working within 26 days. No way are we giving Wal-Mart business again.

Posted by Very unimpressed customer

Fulton mo Walmart is a f*ng joke. I tried to return my seat covers that I purchased and did not fit my car and had my receipt as proof I purchased them there. I also stated I was planning on purchasing different items. After waiting for almost 30 mins for the manager to come to the front he stated that he didn't care I purchased the seat covers and he didn't have to accept my return if he didn't want to and if I wanted to return my items go to another store.

Posted by shh

Most wal-mart check to see if its in our system if not than we cannot accpet if you have no reipect than you get a gift card there is no if ands or butt if its over a certain amount a csm has to approve or decline it

Posted by Anna Garcia

The Wal-Mart return policy for non recipe is false and inaccurate. I tried to return a item that was only $5.97 under $25 and was declined cash back for the perches. I asked for the supervise DD to honor it and she refused to help me saying the policy has change I called the 1-800 Wal-Mart help line hotline to discus the mater and was also declined .I have been researching when this new policy took effect and I cant find the new change any where ..I don't understand why this multibillion dollar company cant afford to make their customer happy and give the $5.97 back . Their slogan "Customer Satisfaction" I believe is also false!

Posted by Frustrated in Mesa, Az

I purchased 2 personal watermelons at the Mesa, Az store 3 days ago & when I cut into them- they were mush. The cost was under $5 so I was going to let it go. On my next shopping trip there I purchased several (7) packages of discounted meat that smelled rancid the very next day. I had already thrown the watermelon mush away but I bagged up the horrible smelling meat & brought it back to Walmart with the original receipts, $ pictures of the watermelon mush. After a 25 minute wait in line, with only 1 person working the desk- The "customer service" idiot wanted me to personally take out each package of meat so he could put a return sticker on each one. I refused due to the smell, the unsanitary action of putting bloodied raw meat packages on the counter, & because what he claimed was "store policy" was rediculous!!! I kept my cool but inside I was raging! There were at least 20 people behind me but I had receipts, I had pictures. What more do they want? And of course, no managers available to help! The experience got even more crazy as people were now mad at ME for taking so long!!! I would LOVE to have someone, anyone from Walmart who cares at all to contact me.

Posted by Anonymous

Walmart of Florin Road's return department in Sacramento, CA is full of liars. You tried to call security on me for trying to return an item. Even though I pointed out the policy hanging on a poster, you said that wasn't the policy. You tried to tell me you couldn't accept my item without a receipt, *even though I had followed your WRITTEN policy of it being returned within the first 30 days for it to be valid without receipt*.

I suggest nobody go to this store expecting to have a competent return.

Posted by ticked off

I Went Online And Thought I Was Purchasing An Item Thru Good Old Walmart, I Am 80 Yrs Old And On A Fixed Income.
When I Went To Return The Item Which Cost $185.63 From " My Goods" Represented And Affiliated With Walmart, I Was Told That There Is A 20% Restocking Fee And I Had To Pay For The Return. That Is $50 I Lose Because Of The Policy Of This Seller For Walmart.
Please Do Not Purchase From My Goods- There Re So Many Other Companies Such As Amazon, Etc, That Treats Us With Respect And Does Not Try To Rip Off The Customer.

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased a Pioneer DEH 150MP CD RDS RECIEVER Sunday Sept.25, 2016. Today we were faced with a hugh bill and needed the money spent on the reciever to pay toward that bill. We took the reciever back to the Sparta Walmart this evening for a refund. The refund was denied they said the numbers on the reciept versers those on the cartoon was 1 (one) number different. This is false becuae the cartoon was scanned by th clerk before we left the store. There is NO WAY THERE IS ANY DIFFERENCE IN THE NUMBERS. We came home and studied the numbes and they all matched up. WE demand a refund of $62.95 back ASAP.

Posted by Davidjp

I purchased something with my debit card. I returned it. It was less than $20. They did the return without word then told me they didn't need the card I used but it was going straight to my card. This contradicts what I am reading about returns. I had my original card, military ID and all. I don't understand. Are they just being rude to me?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought at Walmart Birds of prey dvd open it & it was scratched so i went & did an even exchanged. But now i have decided that i don't want no more it is still in its package. I got the receipt that shows i return it & did a even exchange. Could i take it back & get my money back on it even if the receipt shows i return one got another one but didn't open it?

Thank you :)

Posted by Thatblkguy816

Walmart n liberty, Mo is rude and bit friendly. Mangment sucks and are rude. I really hat walmart I rather go to price chopper

Posted by Anonymous

A tablet should last longer than 3 weeks,butthey won't let me return it.It hasn't worked right since I bought it.The one I had before lasted 3 years.I believe I deserve a new one

Posted by Anonymous

I need to return a Stone Cottage Trellis Daybed Set and Blazing Needles Microsuede Full Slip Cover for a Futon. The total cost is $162.44. I thought that I was ordering a daybed and
futon. I have no use for these. Pleae advise me as to what to do.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered one three seated swing the last of May sent to 3000 Mt. Hope Rd. Lot 5 in Grass Lake, Mi. You sent 2 swings. I offered to keep both of them if you gave me a discount of $50.oo. You agreed & said we would be hearing from you in a few days. Its not the last of Aug. & I have not received a letter from you yet.

Posted by cece

I am a customer and went to exchange an air mattress and the customer service attendance, Song is her name was so unprofessional.
She opened the new box to make sure I don't have anything else in there, her own words. Just because I am Hispanic? Who knows,
It's the Walmart Midway in St Paul, MN.

Posted by Anonymous

I was very disappointed with Walmart at Potomac Mills Mall area atILMX Woodbridge, VA. I purchased a Brother Sewing Machine for $89.00 and planned to return it for a more expensive model with more features. When I purchased the Sewing Machine I didn't think I would change my mind and lost the receipt within 2 weeks of purchase. I went to Walmart and they said they couldn't let me return it because of their policy that was not on the board instructions but in a more specific policy on their work area. I was so disappointed because I purchase almost everything from Walmart for all my needs. Though I am on a type budget I love Walmart they always have everything I need at a great price, from computers, printers, high value items, clothing, household items, food etc. I told the cashier at customer service that I would gladly take a gift card for the refund since I do most of my shopping at Walmart. But the cashier said no. I wish you could clarify this policy for us on the large policy board. Since I couldn't return the unopened sewing machine back to Walmart, I just gave it to Goodwill. I do not plan to buy any item over $50,00 at Walmart now on, because I don't want to loose my money if I cant return it. Can you please help us little people out, who live paycheck to paycheck, spending so much money every month at Walmart.

If only I could have received a gift card for the sewing machine, but the cashier said no.

Not a happy camper from one of your loyal customer.
Marta Nudd

Posted by Unique1

Extremely upset that my tablet is 22 days old and now wont turn on. Walmarts 15 day return policy on electronics is ridiculous. So, a word of advice to everyone who just wants a new an exact new one, then next day return broken one with new box and receipt. There you go, no manufacturers and no refurbished item. Hope this helps...

Posted by sammytoad

Oh let me tell go to the vision center and if you are on medicare they will tell you that you are not approved. You pay them for the glasses and then you get a statement from medicare that they paid for a portion if you have had cataract surgery.. So they double dip. No refund from Walmart!

Posted by Old Lady Di

Followed return instructions -- printed list of items, enclosed list and item as in Walmart delivery envelope, placed return mailing label on envelope, and USPS picked up my 2 separate packages on July 5, 2016. Refund for items in one package was posted to my account; but, it was "short." As of August 7, 2016, NO REFUND FOR ITEMS IN SECOND PACKAGE!!!!! Have been trying to figure out where to follow-up on this second package but still haven't found a website address!!!! I'm very angry!!!

Posted by Me

Think it's crap bought from there 90day is a load of if I don't want it shouldn't be stuck with it losing lots of customers

Posted by Lil girl

Can u return fish tanks bought a fish and it died the next day spent 17dollars on it and I dont ever wanna see this tank again

Posted by Lohoro

Was not given refund because purchase was not on system after three days.

Posted by sheila langholtz

want to return because items did not fit

Posted by sheila langholtz

wrong sizes

Posted by Jeff campbell

Been waiting for five days have called twice trying to get them to send a return shipping lane via email to me for a product I bought with the a service plan. They suck

Posted by Firstofthekind

I just returned $270.00 worth of merchandise without a problem and the young woman was not only courteous, she was very efficient. The whole process took less than 5 minutes and when one item scanned non-returnable she was patient in explaining the possibility why. This store is in Olive branch, ms. This was 9 o'clock also. I believe most complaints are evidently the buyer themselves as evidenced by the borderline illiterate complaints. Maybe if they spent more time reading return policy and less time breaking stuff and writing complaints. Also the whole price reduction issue is silly, people always pay a premium to be the first to own. Get real, get a life, or get left behind. Still trying to figure out who was returning the kool aid and ice cream, was it a polecat,polack, or a police.

Posted by Anonymous

My girlfriend purchased an air mattress from.Walmart in City of Industry Ca.
About 3weeks ago air mattress blew a hole. So mattress was no longer any good. Lasted only 1 week after purchase. We couldnt find reciept until today so we were planning to return bed for an exchange but my girlfriend was told not returnable per manager what kinda racket is this. Walmart a huge company not stand behind what they sell. Thats buisness practice. Dont buy airbeds from Walmart.

Posted by Tee

Bought a $25 DVD player from the lake manawa location in council bluffs Iowa last week,the box and receipt got thrown away and the DVD player would skip thru every DVD so I went and got a different one that works perfectly,I took it back and they were all rude as usual,they said they will refund it with no box and no receipt but I have to have the booklets that came with it,how stupid is that?no box no receipt they'll refund my money but without the booklets,no way...I hate hate hate walmart!!They're all rude morons!!!

Posted by Anonymous

You people are ridiculous who would expect Walmart to rake back an item that you broke or is defective after their return policy expires. If your PC is broke after 9 months call the manufacturer, Walmart didn't make the damn computer

Posted by ridgerunner

In Nov. 2015 I purchased a Chi hair straightener for my daughter as a Christmas present. A week later it was Black Friday. I found another Chi hair straightener for half the price. I lost the receipt so I had returned things before and knew I would have to take store credit. I was fine with this. Went to Walmart in West Union Oh and was told by the clerk they couldn't take it back because I didn't have the receipt. I informed them that I was aware of the retain policy and should receive my money on a gift card. The clerk called for a lead. Mean while the clerk opened the box the straightener was in. I asks her what was she doing? She said making sure everything was still in the box. I said it had the factory seal on it until she opened it. The lead showed up and she looked at the box and said they couldn't take it back because it was opened. I said loudly your clerk just opened the box. The clerk just looked at me with a shocked look on her face. The lead asked why didn't I want it. I told her I found it cheaper somewhere else. The lead pushed the opened box with the straightener back to me and said because it is so expensive and I didn't have the receipt then they didn't have to take it back. I said I charged it on my credit card and I will call them to see if they can help me. The representative at my credit card company told me to file a dispute of the purchase and Walmart will have to produce the itemized receipt and then they will have to take it back. At this point the manager had came up to the service desk. I told her what the credit card company told me to do and she walked over to a computer and amazingly found a copy of my receipt. Got my refund. I now use the Walmart app to scan my receipts in so if I lose the paper receipt then I can pull up the app and they have all the info they need.

Posted by fremont store

i wont advise buying any stuff over $25, i lost a receipt, and the customer service team is very rude at osgood rd, fremont store. they said its the responsibility of customer to keep receipts, requested to check credit card log, they said they stopped doing it.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in store 4298 and the people at that store is very RUDE. I had a really bad experience and I will never be returning to that store again. The customer service negative 0 and the c.s.m.(MARIE) act like they do not want to be there. I ask for a manager the manager (MONQUIE) states she was to busy to come see what I wanted. I stay right behind this Walmart and it was very convient to me but I reduse to spend my money in a store where I have to be "DISRESPECTED"......... Please look into this store I am very upset about thisissue..

Posted by Sassylady2001

I cannot believe the stupid posts and people complaining here. I have never had a problem returning a product to Walmart - read their policies and abide by them. Return policies differ on different types of merchandise - if you disagree, don't buy the product. Walmart is very generous in their return policies and people are still complaining - issues caused 95% of the time by their own actions or stupidity. There are other stores, try to pull this crap that I read here at those stores and see how far it gets you.

Posted by Kelly

Why cant i return my item when the cashier i went to didnt give me a recipt in the forst place... I just want my cash back not a gift card....its not my fault tge lady didnt give me the recipt...

Posted by Cindysee22

I don't understand you take back perennials, within a year. But I have an HP with all the wrappings and the box that stopped working after 9 months. Really Really ?? Not happy Walmart is off its game these days. I'm so sorry I feel this way.

Posted by Notso satisfiedcustomer

I think walmarts in macon ga are falling off, customer service is lazy they close the money centers early and i went to walmart on presidential with a receipt for a work vest though its been over 90 days nothing on my receipt says that and im very dissappointed with the way they acted after i talk to the manager she didnt even look over my receipt she just told me it was nothing she could do. Maybe if i would have came in with no receipt i would have got my money back...its too early for this!!!!!

Posted by Lelia

I purchased several items online. I tried to return them to my local Walmart store and was told it wasn't in the system and I was to contact I've never had to go through this before!!!!!

Posted by wow!

My WalMart store in Durant okla. We bot a bicycle from WalMart three wks ago. It will not hold air we lost reciept and with outreciept wm said we couldnot return. We even. Purchased product plan. The asst mngr at time was rude and let pole return stolen items like koolaid ice cream etc...

Posted by grayworld

I bought a 43 inch TV from Walmart. The TV never sat secure on the base,well it fell over damaged the screen. Walmart said once it left the store there was nothing they could do.and I only had it for 3 days,it was my birthday gift to myself. Who has that kind of money to throw away

Posted by Ms316

I had purchased monistat from Walmart I opened the box and there were items missing! I called the store and told them I needed to exchange it for another one and the manager said no because it was opened I explained to him I had to open if I were going to use it long story short finally got my product but I plan on calling Corperate in the morning since now the manager stated its a controlled substance lmao

Posted by Haydenski

I just made a return Friday and the money literally went right into my account after I swiped my debit card.

I was actually surprised and thrilled at the same time. Like you or probably most people, I am tight on money so it really helped out. Maybe it depends on your bank? Or maybe this is a new thing.

Anyway just wanted to add my two cents.

Posted by justwantmymoney

My only complaint is when they issue a refund to your credit card it takes them 5-7 days to process the refund. The only reason for this is so Walmart can keep the money in their account for as long as possible. No my little $40 refund amount has no affect by it's self but add up the 100's of thousands of refunds Walmart does and you are talking major money. It's the same transaction to your merchant account for a charge versus a refund, it's simply a different code being sent. And is actually easier since there is no pre-auth check that must be processed. You have no problems processing all charges real time, refunds should be handled the same way. I find it to be a cheap and lowdown way to treat customers who $40 might make a big difference to them. I am disabled and living on a fixed income so I am very much one of those customers that $40 makes a big difference. Please stop holding my money that you owe me.

Posted by Really?

Some comments here are just plain stupid. One from JP : His son dropped a tablet returned it then expect Walmart to take it back??? Even a 1 yr warranty wouldn't fix that for free unless you have an Accident insurance.. How can you talk about Customer Service. If you have a store and someone broke something and they try to return it would you accept it back??

Posted by huckfemme

I just tried to return a book that I received as a gift. I already had this book, and didn't need two copies. I was told books were not returnable. The book is still on the shelf in the book dept. It is a stupid rule as to not allow book returns on a book that is still in stock.

Posted by Lisa

I just took my reciept with about $20.50 worth of mistakes on it. Not only did I have to argue with them about it, you would have thought the money was coming out of thier own pocket. There was an entire case of some bug spray marked $1.94. They rang up $3.48 a can. I double checked the price before I went to customer service. They did the same and brought me what the tag was supposed to be. I was like...I'm not a detective...what if I couldn't read the lable...the price says $1.94. So many mistakes, so few apologies.

Posted by Jcan1701

I tried to return a defective Blu-ray copy of Star Wars. They refused to give me a refund. I really needed my money back. I have never been denied a refund from Walmart for any product until now. I took the exchange, but I really needed my money back. Now I am extremely disappointed.

Posted by ReturnFeedback

Fyi I was never able to get refund without a receipt, even when I had the same card I paid with. One time, the sales associate at the service register did not even issue me a store credit for my return but made me do am exchange I didn't really want to do. So I just don't think the information on this page is true; this, or the employee service has a lot of gaps and flaws.

Posted by Kim123b5@

I bought a samsung tablet 3\29 and paid 129.00. I was in walmart today and saw it was on sale for 80.00 that is $49.00 differance when i bought tablet i was also told by employee if. goes on sale within 90 days and get price difference. I was told today can not not return or get price refund I will not shop at walmart again. Best place to shop is qvc...they will adjust price if goes on sale. Another un happy x walmart

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a TV 14 days from 4-24-16. Walmart changed their return policy effective 4-4-2016 I bought the TV April 10, 2016 I paid $698.00 it now on clearance for $523.00. I asked the manager at the Walmart in Claremore ok if we could just use my receipt and return the tv I turn around and buy it back and get my difference. He said i would have to bring the TV back then buy the clearance price I already the TV hooked up at home that is kind of crazy. I asked the employee when I bought the TV if we had any problems could I return it . He said no problem . I also asked him if there is a price difference if I could get the difference he said as long as it is with in the 90 days as long as I have the receipt. I take my receipt and ask to get the price difference and they would not honor it. This is why I have totally stop shopping st Walmart. I am one unhappy customer I just lost $190.00. The TV cost me $698.00. it was marked down to $523.00 after tax if I had been refunded I would have gotten back about $190.00 dollars. I usually spend $500.00 a month in groceries at Walmart multiply that times 12 equals $6,000.00 a year. I am now taking my business elsewhere. I have shopped at Walmart since I was 16 I am now 53 that is 37 years of shopping st Walmart. If a customer has a receipt and is within the timeline and was told no problems when they bought the TV then the customer should be refunded. I bet Sam Walton is rolling In his grave right now on how his customers are being treated. You have lost my business.

Posted by Blanca

I made an order to Walmart on line order . My purchase was for the about of $71.95 about there was an item you didn't have so the about for $11.88 deference they sent me return code never recovered refund to my account I'm in the hospital and I'm unable to the store for and you but in my account please respond to my request thank

Posted by Misquah

I purchased a HP Natural Silver 223110 AllinOne Desktop PC on 3/2/2016. It is now 4/22 and this computer is NOT working. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I'm totally upset about this. Now reading your return policy is even more upsetting. The computer is now useless and I paid $379.99+ tax (403.74). What options do I now have?

Posted by Leslie

I just entered Donaldsonville la. Walmart on 18, April 2016 to return some non-electronic items, to be told it was too late, there is a new 15 day return policy. Can you verify this for me please? I was also told, " all walmarts are different, and maybe I could try another store, maybe a supercenter -we are NOT a supercenter Walmart". This is funny because if you type the city and state in for Walmart you get Donaldsonville Walmart supercenter!!!!

Posted by Noone

I have a problem when I return something and they require me to have my debit card to make the return and if I don't have it I HAVE to get store credit no that's a load of bs,I should not have to be made to get a giftcard just to turnaround and fund them.Debit is like cash from my wallet.And Walmart may not need my business but At least I know for myself that I will NOT pay their associates to treat me like dirt nope not going to happen. Every associate trys to police your wallet like they've put money in it.A big

Posted by Emily

I will take things back occasionally. It's usually a $5 item or less. There's never been anything more than around $20. They refused to give me cash back as it states in the refund policy. I understand anything over $25 and they need to give back a store credit but they always give back store credit even with the $5 refund and think that I'm trying to hassle them when I ask them for a cash refund.

Posted by Walmart Fan

I totally agree with Carter (see post below). I never had any problems returning anything at Walmart as long as I abide by the store policy. I return items in their original packaging, and/or with tags, within the date stated in their policy and accompanying receipt. Quit all your bellyaching and please don't abuse their return policy. I love Walmart for offering a variety of merchandise at lower prices compared to other retail stores. These people are threatening not to shop at Walmart anymore if they don't get their way. Right!!!

Posted by Carter

on 12/11/15 at 9:25PM

This is the most ridiculous post I have ever seen. I was searching for a time frame to expect my credit refund for an item I had NO PROBLEM RETURNING. Everything I see here is insane. People with no receipts, opened merchandise, CAT FOOD and a man thinking he has a law suit for a video game he couldn't return...and you are complaining about the refund policy when it is your own fault for not keeping track of your receipts, collecting all your bags and etc. This is the biggest corporation on the planet do you think they invest high dollar to keep "customers " who are as stupid as you all are? Good for the women who won't be back after she couldn't return her shoes. THEY don't need your business. This is not a tiny mom and pop shop this is the strongest retailer around and all of your petty problems are lost pocket change. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS EVERYONE!! HAVE A GREAT DAY

Posted by Brittanyreynolds91

I bought $5.00 worth of chapstick from a walmart out of town from where I live while on vacation. I didn't open any of my bags the whole trip there and tied them while I was getting them off the bag line. When I got home I realized that I had everything but my chapstick. the Walmart in which I bought the items from is 3 hours from where I live, Can I take my receipt to any walmart in my area and either get a refund or just retrieve my missing products?

Posted by map33387

my brother was helping me as I am disabled. He went to the return desk at one of our local walmart to return a car seat cover that wouldn't fit and a pair of wireless headphones that would not work with my TV. I hadnt dug out the receipts as I was buying other things and a card would have been fine. The manager on duty told him that walmart no longer did no receipt returns. I dug the receipt out for the car seat cover and returned it. I took the head phones back to another walmart with no problems as I couldn't find the receipt on them. I looked on here and see that there was no policy change as told and do not appreciate being lied to. By the way my brother has tats and wasnt the cleanest that day as he had been working. I feel that he was judged by the manager and treated un fairly.

Posted by C5horses

I bought a brand new DVD from Walmart the package didn't look like anything was wrong. When I opened it there was nothing in it.. no papers and most importantly no DVD

Posted by Not a thief

I buy a headset, only one of its kind in the store for pc. i get home at 1230 am fresh from work excited to catch up with friends only the box is not sealed with tape anymore. I open the box and the headset is mangled cord is cut and the USB adapter is missing. Make another trip now to the store the next day with a receipt in hand. I just want to exchange this this is broken and does not work. OK go get one. come back no we cannot return this, the serial numbers do not match up.

Official statement from Logitech
The serial number on the box is for the packaging while the serial number on your headset is the one that we use for registering your device or for warranty claims. I suggest that you contact our Telephone Support team to help you register your device under your account.

I am then treated like a crook. Wont take it back doesn't match up. OK this is garbage. I did not drop 80 bucks for trash. Manager call, 20 minutes to respond. Guy is nice takes care of the issue. I was pretty upset, but i never swore and i never yelled. We all work hard for our money, and i was just looking to be made whole. So the real issue is, when is it ever OK for anyone to treat people in such a way? Again noting back to the fact that the employees were not educated on the matter and taking shots in the dark. I opened the exchange in the store right in front of them to make sure everything was fine in the box. I will never go back. And i seriously urge you people to do the same, if we continue to grow a company that treats people in such a fashion they will never learn and things will only get worse.

Posted by htn

Wal-Mart post price on item price and send invoice with different price. Order number#3501673226360. Order online item number 0-18812-00001-9 with price $6.74, now with invoice 10.99. What is going??

Posted by Rensselaer

I bought a carpet cleaner from site to store. I never picked up the item. The store won't give me my money back and neither will They kept all of my money which was $95.23.I am through with Walmart!!!!

Posted by Shooting star

I bought a phone from Wal-Mart and the sd card slot broke so I returned it now the new one I got from the return did the same thing. I heard you can send in your phone after its been so long and they'll send you a new one..? How do I get a replacement?

Posted by Panda101

Hi everyone my name is Amanda I brought a TV from Walmart and I went home tryed to put it up .. The TV was way the heavy for my wall had to get the stand hooked up ... Looking around I don't have the universal scerw so I gave them a call and i promise you I talk to 4 people about the same thing so they told me to come back and get them u get there no body has a clue what's going on like I didn't just buy a TV so I had to find the manager on the floor comes over and has a sale associate getting them for me his name was Chris so I get home put everything together and I turned on my TV with my son bout to watch a movie and the damn thing is the hell broke ...... OMG I can't do it like have had it with Walmart word and then I gave them a call its 10:5o I have it in my phone and its ringing and I look at the time said they not going to puck up .I was at Walmart twice and I've been on the phone with them so long story short they never picked up so I'm just soooooo mad so anyway I said to my self I'm bout to get everything together so I can take it back and I get home and then I had family issues so I left that night but I didn't call the next day because Im dealing with a lot so I think I called on the next day on the 13 of march and they told me they can't take it back because I got it on sale now I never heard that because the sale associate ask if I wanted the box in case I need to bring it back but I said that won't be nessary bring it back ... well if this making me mad so I went to corporate so hope something gives I'm just so mad like I just don't understand

Posted by runningwolf

I have a 70.00 new unopen modem and bought it thinking it was the one I needed. lost the receipt to it been past 15 days and even though its not open they wont exchange it or give me in store credit. so I wasted and lost 70.00. I think if it is un open they should have been able to exchange or something.

Posted by Wilemut

Live and learn: I purchased 3 pairs of women's White Stag pants online in February from I read all the comments but after they arrived, they were way too large. I returned the pants since WalMart online will not do exchanges. I have a customer order No. and a FedEx tracking No. I connected with a rep via email & gave them all the necessary info. They assured me they would take care of it. Nothing happened and there was no response despite my sending multiple emails. Then I reconnected with a second rep. Same thing. One response then nothing. In the meantime, I saw on my Visa credit card that one pair had been credited back to my account. What? Can't they count? Now I am in the middle of actual phone calls and on my second rep who assured me that they would "escalate" my request. The first one said 5-7 business days, which have long since passed and still no refund. The one today said the same thing, so now I have to wait 5-7 more days! I asked for the number to their corporate office. Apparently there isn't one.

Posted by jjjfindle

Our local walmarts have decided unless you have a receipt you can only exchange for same item only no refund at all without a receipt they are quickly loosing my business

Posted by Anonymous

Carlisle, Pa Store - Returned item on 2/24/16 and the refund still has not posted to my bank account. Went in to speak to the Manager today and was made to feel like I was trying to cheat them. They claim that everything went thru on their end and that it's my banks fault and I was given a number to call in the morning. To top it all off they want me to provide a copy of my bank statement to prove that I wasn't refunded the money. They are out of their minds if they think I am letting them comb thru my bank statements.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to take airbed back n had reciept n the airbed was defective as so was the one I purchase prior to this one and I asked them what happens if this one does same thing and she told me this would be my last one so does that mean I lose my $37.83 that I paid ????

Posted by Anonamous

I bought a ps4 controller at GameStop and returned it to Walmart. When I was returning my controller I asked if I could return it if I got it at GameStop. They said it doesn't matter where you got it at, no matter where you get it it gets shipped back to the same place when it has problems. Ya now I know where to go when my things break.

Posted by Needmymoneyback

i purchased two printer inks and i lost my receipt and i dont need it anymore because i sold my printer and now the store telling me i can get store credit ? why not not loosing my money ! i payed over 50 for it i deserve my money at least credit to the store ! help

Posted by Anonymous

I called Walmart and asked them if o could return a ps4 without a receipt and they told me yes all they needed to do was scan the serial number. When I arrived they told me that they couldn't do that even though I asked then this morning.

Posted by Shashag2001

Tried to return a watch today that I received as a Christmas gift with original receipt. They said it was a 30 day return policy for the watch. No where does it state this. Won't be shopping there next Christmas. How can they get away with this. I wanted a store credit. Outrageous!!

Posted by StPetersburg

On walmarts site it says 90 days for televisions, I tried to return my 55" lg to buy a bigger one less than 60 days from purchase and they refused to accept it even when I informed them they didn't need to do a return, just an exchange and I would pay the difference. Management has been very rude to me, not allowing me to speak when I ask what the reason is they refused to take it and I even have the receipt and card I purchased it on. They said come back when the store manager is here and when I asked when he would be present they said they don't know his schedule. How am I supposed to escalate this issue when I can't speak to a proper manager?? I work over 40 hrs a week I don't have every day off to drive to Walmart to hunt down a manager who may not even show up

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a $10 shirt and wouldn't give cash back there return policy is anything under 25 you can get cash back she put it on my prepaid MasterCard and it's been 7 days and its not on there yet they don't stick to their policy

Posted by Anonymous

Bought food items (produce, cereal, snack bars, etc...) at the Wrightsboro Road location in Augusta, GA. The produce went bad after a couple days, cereal had bugs in it, and snack bars crumbled into pieces when you unwrapped them. Took all of these items back to the store today and Store Manager would not give a refund. Clearly, she knew that there was a problem with the food they are selling to customers because she admitted that several other customers had been in the store previously with the same issue and the food is coming from one of their warehouses that has a problem. So, I was not the only customer trying to get a refund for bad food earlier today. At the time, there were several other customers in line with the same issue and no one was give a refund. Someone needs to look into this Manager and the store.

Posted by Dejamich

I bought a WII U game and thought it was a regular WII game. Brought it back to the store it was opened did not want a refund but wanted another game to replace it one that would work on my WII as it was for the grandsons.They said no it had to be the exact same game if this one was defective. Well i could not do that as it was not defective. I was then ready to leave and she was going to keep the game. What the heck your not getting the game back. If i can't a new game then you are not getting the game i cannot use.

Posted by 3csmom

Bought a baby sling bath. Used it once but hated it. Tried to return with original receipt and box. Was told no since it was used. Isn't that the point of buying an item? How would I know if I liked it had I not used it? This lady was so rude. My husband tried to return next day and she started bad mouthing how a customer had tried to return a very used one with burn holes and stuff. She refused to take it again. Remember item was used once. Later we returned item at different walmart with absolutely no issues. The first lady was just being rude and thought she controlled everything. Took her job way too seriously.

Posted by Anonymous

Literally almost every single one of you are complaining about walmart and their policies. Not having the boxes for items, opening DVDs or video games, and so on. There are policies implented in place for a reason. Where do you think the piece of junk you are returning goes? Do you think they throw it in the trash? No they send it back to the company. That is why they need the box. Also, if you open a DVD or video game it is not a policy that it cannot be returned, it's a federal law. Don't like a federal law please talk to the government. Also, there are hours for the store to have customer service open, if you cannot read those hours posted on the door or call ahead to see if customer service is open, that is not walmarts fault that is yours. Do you go to the bank when it's not open and get pissed? No you do not. Walmart does not have to return your stuff with or without a receipt, states that in their policy. It's your responsibility to keep up with your receipts not walmarts. They even have an app where you can immediately scan your receipts in and it keeps your receipts forever. Most ridiculous bunch of complaints I have ever heard. Just because someone tells you no doesn't mean they are being rude. It means they can't do anything, and you're mad because they have policies to abide by.

Posted by Anonymous

I', sorry I received a tv as a Christmas present, so could not return within 15 days, it has a black line on tv, what am I supposed to do, cost to much to sent to manufacturer, this is one reason why I hate to shop at walmart!!

Posted by Highly Upset Mother

I bought a high chair for my son because he's learning how to eat food, he was born with a failure to thrive and has been on a feeding tube for his whole life. I bought this harmony pedestal high chair on sale and my local Walmart and a month later it stops going up and down. I had already threw away my box and couldn't find my receipt, but it hadn't been ninety days yet. Went in the cashier at customer service was beyond disrespectful telling me that they don't return anything without a box. I had went to return it at another Walmart and they said as long as I returned it to the Walmart I bought it from they could look it up and return it. Ask to speak to a manager she said go look if she they had another but if not she would
give me a stir credit. Thu didn't have anymore so went back to custome service and different manager comes u questioning me, then she leaves and another comes up to me with an attitude saying the other Walmart lied and I couldn't have bought it from here and that where returning it. I felt so disrespected no one should ever be talked down upon like they did to me. You go somewhere and yo spend your money with a place continuously and then they treat like scum on their shoes. They've lost a customer for life, I'd rather go to target or mejeirs and pay the extra money, and can have better customer service skills

Posted by anonymous

i just attempted to return 2 pairs of small(4-6) jogging pants. When i told the 2nd shift manager, who i believed was a cashier, how my husband purchased them for me 2 weeks ago & when i saw them i just riped tags off & threw away since any pants size 4-6 from walmart have always fit but these were too big she looked at me like i was a liar, told me she was too busy & i would have to come back in morning, although she was standing at the self pay registers not doing anything and there was only 1 person checking out & was not having any trouble. I tied up my bag & went to get what else i needed for home & found 2 pairs of the exact same kind that i have worn for the last few years & took them with me with the cat food & epsom salt i needed & asked the cashier in isle i checked out in if i could exchange & she got really hateful telling me i would have to bring them back in morning like the manager told me. Thats when i learned that the first woman i spoke with was the manager. I understand that older woman had to be tired because her shift was about finished, but i do Not return things to walmart without a really big reason (and almost always a reciept) & to have that much of a hassel really ticked me off. I mean i live about 5 minutes from walmart & the rest of the stores in our town are far enough away that walmart is where i go for a lot of what we purchase & all those employees see me in there almost daily. I try to bring things back during the day with reciept, but even if i do not have reciept, the women there in day time are always great & do not make me feellike i am a liar, good grief she could have at least scanned my liscense & pulled up my very minimal return history.

Posted by JeremiahD

I ordered 50 dollars worth of stuff and it was supposed to come before christmas now its valentines day

Posted by Graham Customer

We purchased a Christmas gift our grand daughter. It was a Leap Frog LP2Tabley for $99.00 with $9.00 extended warranty. When we returned it the unopened package, they would not refund our $9.00 for the extended care protection because it was over 30 days. Walmart is making a killing off the 2 yr replacement plan. Very dissatisfied with there return policy.

Posted by Anonymous

I've never returned anything to Walmart before but when I tried to return an 18.00 wallet and a box of flea medication I was denied a refund and could not exchange for other items

Posted by Hope

I purchased a microwave,took it out of box plugged it in,lights came on bath t would not turn on,called customer/tech support,they said it wasa defective unit,take it back to Walmart.same day with all packaging,Walmart refused to exchange,saying they needed order number,which I provided,all the numbers,shipment,order,and return codes,Walmart would not except any...very disappointed..

Posted by poou

I bought 20 Kleenex (set of 3) not knowing that my school outreach event for cancelled, but all Kleenex are out from the wrap. Can I return those individual travel size Kleenex? I saved the bar code from the package and there are another bar code for each individual ones. Please help

Posted by syats27

Hi, I bought a Belkin Wirless Router from walmart on christmas eve. What is the return policy for said item? Does it fall under the 90 policy?

Posted by Tha1trudiamond

Recently bought an HDTV antenna. The box looked sketchy and the employee in electronics told me this item was not refundable. But it was brand new. He claimed that particular product does not allow returns. It's within 15 days and it is not working. Is this a crock or can I return it with receipt?

Posted by Marissa mccoy

I bought an air mattress from Walmart in Irving off 183 & esters and when I got it and I took it out of box.. it was not the mattress on box.. it was dirty and used with taped up holes.. I immediately went back for an exchange or refund. They denied me a refund or an exchange because they claimed that the mattress the they sold me was not the one in box I brought back.. now I'm down $62.00 and nowhere to sleep.. not only that Katherine the manager treated me like dog sh*t. Walmart robbed me of my hard earned money.. I spent $200 the same time I bought mattress.. I feel like this is poor service and Katherine needs to be fired.

Posted by Bree

Have any of you heard of the new policy where your allowed to return or exchange up to 6 titems per 6 months only, so let's say you have someone in your life that you purchases something for, shirt pans or other item or have deffective product and it needs to be exchanged per Walmart new policy if you exceed 6 items even if you have receipt you can't return this item Or exchange it.. This new policy at least for me, will make me think twice before I go to Walmart to purchase anything . And will spend my hard earned money that I used to spend at Walmart eqaling close to 1000 a month give or take. I will be shopping at target or other stores in my area.

Posted by Will

Walmart suck so bad bought something with a credit card took it got a refund put back on my card but I've got to wait 7 to 14 days in Spokane wa shadle area

Posted by Bw2015

Will Walmart let me exchange a gift I received without the tag or receipt? It's a jacket that's never been wore or washed and doesn't fit.

Posted by disgusted

My son bought online a trio stealth tablet for me for Christmas present at 11/29/15-I wanted to return item, went to Wal-Mart store with packing slip, they said I had to contact, called customer service was told Wal-Mart does not refund products that come from one of their "Marketplace partners" and can't be returned to or a Wal-Mart store. Isn't Wal-Mart guarantee, 100% satisfaction or your money back??? What do you say management??? Here are the email response from customer service--


I certainly apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue ---- and I can completely understand. If that would happen to me, I'd be really upset too. I can imagine how frustrating that must be. We don't like to see our customers upset and inconvenienced. We always strive to create a positive customer experience and I'll do my best to do this. In this case, since I really understand that you purchased this tablet with us and you are requesting a refund for it, I have escalated this matter to a higher team so they can take care of this and provide you the best resolution possible. Please allow 7 days to receive a response with a resolution.

Have a great day and please let me apologize again for this inconvenience

Sincerely,Damy Customer Care

no response in 7 days so I sent this

it has now been 8 days since your email requesting I give you 7 days to response to my request for a full refund for tablet that was purchased from I've had no response, so please resolve with refund I requested.

their response


Thank you for contacting Wal-Mart Customer Care. I deeply apologize for any and all inconveniences you may have encountered with this order. However, because this item was fulfilled by our Marketplace vendor, Altatac, any refund, replacements, or cancellations must be processed by them. Our records indicate that this order was delivered------- not picked up at your son's local Wal-Mart. You are more than welcome to reach our Marketplace vendor at (323) 402-6554 or email them directly at

Please feel free to review our online Marketplace vendor policy by clicking on the link below.

About Wal-Mart Marketplace

Again, I apologize for the troubles this issue has caused. If you have additional questions, please reply to this email and we'll be happy to assist

Sincerely,Rosa G. Customer Care

my response NO THIS IS NOT OK ROSA- -that you deeply apologize for any and all inconveniences you may have encountered with this order. SO WHAT if it was sent by a " Marketplace vendor, Altatac" it's on your site By the way your company altace does not return calls or response to mails so you telling me to contact them isn't appropriate, what their return policy says is I have to pay shipping to return, and a restocking fee of 10%--IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT CUSTOMERS why don't you calling them and see if you get through, you are more than welcome to YOUR Marketplace vendor at (323) 402-6554 or email them directly at see what response you get. I would like a full name and address of the person - the MANAGER FOR THE DIVISION who handled my escalated inquiry, I like to know who is responsible for these decision just not a first name. I'm tired of the emails, OBVIOUSLY WALMART MANAGEMENT DOES NOT HONOR THE COMPANY STATEMENT-100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK--- so my solution is I will daily send to all media outlets I can find this message and place BUYER BEWARE on everyone of your product reviews how you mishandle and mistreat customer who assume you are guaranteeing products that comes from a third party and how WALMART MANAGEMENT DOES NOT HONOR THE COMPANY STATEMENT-100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK---

Posted by Hellogoodby

Walmart store #3087 located in Oxnard,California does not honor Wal-Mart Corporate return policy. Even though you have a receipt, the merchandise in the same state of package, the way they sold it to me. Returned it the very next day will insult you, store management has very poor training for customers service manager that should be fired. Tell me, where are your written return policy for returning an item that defective back to the Wal-Mart store that sold it to you, with the receipt and 1 day after the point.of sale. Please show me where on the receipt it states otherwise. Please contact me back.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to make a return last night without receipt. Was told they'd only let me exchange for items in the same department (which I didn't want anything there) or could give me up to $25 on a gift card. (And then I would have lost more than $50.) Manager tried to look up my receipt, but needed to know exact register I was on. I had to leave the store with the items I wanted to return. I won't be shopping Walmart again.

Posted by Love74

When returning I have been told walmart can not return anything over $25 dollars. And then told if items were sold within the last 90 days they would return and put it on a gift card., then at last min they said sorry we can't return it after they scanned my ID. I had no returns on my ID.

Posted by Shaylin412

Stores in Las Vegas stores are claiming, "due to Walmart policy that's been in placed for years electronics can not be return without receipts no store credits nothing" is this true Walmart??

Posted by Anonymous

Walmart I want my money from an exchange I did 1/3/2016. It is now 1/13/2016 and the money is still not in my account. The $106 may not mean a lot to you, but it is my money.

Posted by Dadi

I purchased an electronic device from Walmart in Nov. 2015 and returned it about a week later. Although I was still within the 15 days of return policy I mistaking ly handed the customer service rep the wrong receipt. I told her that if this was the wrong one then I could go out to my car and get the correct one. She took a glance in both directions toward her coworkers and said to me. Don't don't need to go back to the car. I can finalize the transaction without it right here. I was shocked with disbelief. Never knew they could do that.

Posted by Walmart goesbankrupt

I got that PS4 star wars bundle and have not got to play it for the lack of internet and I work all the time so I barely have time to go to the store so I can't take it back and get my money back because I have waited the 15 days in the the warranty it is literally brand new and only has been on once for only three minutes. I would like to get my $330 back but I guess not. Walmart just sucks sale you something you can't use I just want my money back!

Posted by Anonymous

My son just went to return his tablet he bought it 16 days ago from today they said he needs to call the company that made the tablet why if it was 14 or 15 day you would have given he's money back or exchanged it will never step foot in your stores again what a waste that was all my kids Christmas money he is so heart broken now

Posted by Kiss

Purchased a Christmas tree didn't have a chance to open nor use. Went to return it and was told that it couldn't be returned. Now reading the website it doesn't state that it can't be returned, so who do I turn to? Why are the associates not on one page with? facts.

Posted by Upset mom

Bought my 7 yr old a tablet/ laptop for her birthday in november. Now it is January and it quit charging. Next book 11 inch screen. Now how to explain to her they won't take it back or replace it.

Posted by Anonymous

So...I took 30 cans of catfood (pate style) to EXCHANGE for the same catfood (bits style). The first rep told me go get the catfood I wanted, so I gathered up what they had in stock which was 16 cans and went back to the returns counter. The rep now asked her supervisor what to do about the other 14 cans since I did not have my receipt.NOW...the SUPERVISOR says, no receipt,,then NO EXCHANGE AT ALL. I asked to see a MANAGER as I felt this was unjust, this is catfood not an electronic or DVD etc.....The MANAGER told cashier to EXCHANGE the 16 available cans and issue a card for the other 14 cans. WHY WAS I REFUSED THIS TO BEGIN WITH? Why did I have to ask to speak with a MANAGER? Are the department supervisors that untrained to not know WAL-MART RETURNPOLICY. I felt truly insulted. I have a TARGET credit card now and I will take MY business to TARGET from this day on. Shame on AMERICAS LARGEST RETAILER to allow a customer to be made to feel insulted.

Posted by Austin

I bought Star Wars Battlefront and opened it before I thought I wanted a different game, can I still return it?

Posted by Rita Hellum

I have 2 hearing that i order on line that I need to return,due I have to get a return label from Walmart or can I make my own label?

Posted by Jim

Bought my son a Nextbook Ares 11 for Christmas, but we bought it early to make sure we could get one( actual purchase date 9/25/15). We put it away until Christmas and now that he has it, it has an issue and Walmart won't exchange it because its 15 days passed the date of purchase. So frustrating, been sitting in the box and not used and now that its finally been opened the warranty is void.

Posted by JH24/7

Based on my personal experiences with Walmart...I've never had a problem with returns .

Posted by gregbstone

My wife bought a WII U for my son's Christmas present. We set it up on the holiday morning and it did not work. We called tech support and after trouble shooting the tech had me read him the serial number. He told me the warranty had not been activated when it was purchased and that according to his records the unit actually belonged to Best Buy. When she went to return it Walmart would not exchange it because the unit number didn't match the box. This is unacceptable.

Posted by upsetwwally

Why can't I have return money placed on bank card?? Much more conveinient than dealing with gift cards, or cash, which I don't carry alot of.

Posted by john

I have a question my wife bought me a pair of work boots and it's just a size too small and we don't have the box or tags or receipt will I be able to exchange them for a bigger size boot thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a TV and the refund was put back on my card. it's been 3 days and the money still not in my bank. I was told it takes 3 business days to show in the bank. is this true?....I thought EFT was like instant

Posted by Carlos

I have a concern i know that on the guidlines it says that a cd or game can be returned without open packaging but if i opened it and have not used the disc can i return it with the reciept i bought it just yesterday. I really need an answer. Thank you.

Posted by TabSoda

I bought a DVD player and when I got home my husband went to set it up. Upon opening the package he noticed that the box had already been opens and resealed. When he took out the DVD player he found a bug in one of the hook UPS and saw scuff marks on the top if the player. After plugging it in it made a loud terrible noise. We repackaged the DVD player and the next day (not even a full 24 hours)went to return it.
WalMart acted like we were trying to screw them over because apparently the barcode on the package didn't match that on the receipt. My husband had to fight with them to get them to lists after that they called someone from electronics and he cleared the purchase. What I dint understand is 1. Why wouldn't they just give us a store credit and 2. Why would they put a returned defective item back on the shelf for resale. Don't they check these items upon return? I know that they package had to of been at least opened when returned. I will never ever shop at WalMart for these type of items. I will pay the extra at Target, they never question my purchases and give me store credit no matter what!

Posted by Dontae

i bought a walmart gift card and put 15$ on it but then someone used it and bought something called imvu credits i want a refund and i want my moneyback i dont have the recept

Posted by Georgesville rd

How can I not get a refund on a open DVD that I purcased then after few minutes into the movies it froze up wouldn't play i should be able to have my money back in full when you sold me a DVD that didnt even play

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a tablet/computer and it was under the tree for 14 days when my daughter opened it it was soooo slow and the sencer for the touchscreen was way off and it couldn't be fixed so I went to Walmart and sence it had been bought over 15 days ago they would not take it back so now I'm stuck with it

Posted by Ray

its bad that I used to shop every week for the past 10 years and I never had a return any product before until now . I have bought something for my camper and even asked the guy if I could bring it back if it did not fit and he said yes . I had to bring it back because it did not fit in the spot where the other one one was because you could see it was the wrong one and. I did not open it because I want to get the same on as before so I tried return it but lost my sales slip but paid with my cc . They did not even try to look it up and said no slip no return . Went to a Walmart in a town over and was shopping and asked a manager what happen and he said they should look it up by my cc so I go back to the store and tell them what this manager said and they said. He was wrong and I have had it with Walmart. I paid around 100 dollars for something I will never use and sense they did not return something I bought and treated me like I was nothing and I never returned not one thing so I quit shopping at Walmart

Posted by Tam

You need to have the receipt otherwise you'll just get a gift card. If you do have the receipt, make sure you get your refund in cash! Walmart will give it to you right then instead of having to wait over a week for it to be deposited into your account.

Ps. I purchased an item online with free in store pickup, and just now (the day of the pickup) I realized I purchased the wrong item. I should he able to return it the same day right?

Posted by Green eyes

Just seems to take forever for walmart to give your refund back. I returned a security camera set back 2 days later due to a horrible and poor quality. I was told the credit would be back in my bank account within 3-5 business days. Mind you, this was on a Tuesday last week. It is Friday now, and taking the weekend into consideration on top of it. Just seems redicilous. I usually never have problem with them. I hope o get it before xmas.

Posted by James

Daughter purchased tires with debit card. Tires were ordered through store but tires never did arrive. Sale was canceled but Walmart never credited my daughters checking account. It has

Posted by Carter

This is the most ridiculous post I have ever seen. I was searching for a time frame to expect my credit refund for an item I had NO PROBLEM RETURNING. Everything I see here is insane. People with no receipts, opened merchandise, CAT FOOD and a man thinking he has a law suit for a video game he couldn't return...and you are complaining about the refund policy when it is your own fault for not keeping track of your receipts, collecting all your bags and etc. This is the biggest corporation on the planet do you think they invest high dollar to keep "customers " who are as stupid as you all are? Good for the women who won't be back after she couldn't return her shoes. THEY don't need your business. This is not a tiny mom and pop shop this is the strongest retailer around and all of your petty problems are lost pocket change. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS EVERYONE!! HAVE A GREAT DAY

Posted by blackqueen

i purchased a 12 pack of coke at stater bros. can exchange it at walmart

Posted by Unhappy in Louisiana

I purchased a 43" t.v. on After setting it up I was not at all happy with the poor quality picture, I put it in the box brought it to the local walmart for a return. At the store I was told that I could not have it credited back to my walmart credit card and that it would be given back to me in the form of a walmart gift card! Great, now I have a $400.00 Gift card, so I am forced to by another t.v. from Walmart! I'm very upset and my Walmart days are limited. Very poor Customer service!

Posted by CookieDL

My brother's wife passed away right after purchasing a sewing machine from Walmart . When he tried to return this UNOPENED item, they refused. This item could be put right back on the shelf and with everything else my brother is dealing with, I was outraged. What happened to TRUE customer service??

Posted by MeriV

I'm wondering if a TV can be exchanged at Walmart for store credit that was bought last year at Christmastime without a receipt but a store credit card. The TV just went to a black screen and my husband looked online and there are people having the same problem with the same TV who have said the repairs would be more than the cost of the TV. Would love to know if we can at least take it back for store credit.

Posted by Xx.S.MALAz09

I just bought this T.V through, an online purchase for cyber Monday.. I went to pick it up about 2 hours ago, set it up and the screen keeps flickering. I just want to confirm if I'm able to exchange this TV of equal value, without having to pay extra

Posted by Anonymous

I had bought some diapers for 37.97 earlier today and my son lost the receipt as we were walking out. I went home and come to find out I bought the same size diapers for my son that he had before and he needed a size bigger. Well I took the diapers back to walmart and asked the employee if they can look up my reciept because i had just purchased them earlier and the associate tells me "oh walmart has stopped looking up receipts"!!!!!! Really.. When did this happen? Or is it just one store making up policies? Anybody heard of this? If yes, kudos to walmart for disappointing their billions of customers they get everyday. Disappointing customers who ACTUALLY SPEND THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY THERE. Kudos. Target just gained a customer.

Posted by JAS87

Well i've returned several items without a receipt, they just give a gift card for the return.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a jbl flip 2 a couple days ago but threw away the recipt when i walked out, can I return it without the receipt or am I gonna have to keep it

Posted by Anonymous

I brought a flatscreen TV from Walmart of last month I want to return it, and get my refund back can I do that or just forget about it??

Posted by dum&dummer

Been reading a lot of the comments & most are just stupid! You cannot expect to return something, WITHOUT A RECEIPT! They don't know what store you brought it from or perhaps you just had something lying around the house & needed some money.

Posted by Anonymous

I had issues with returns..I have gone to several walmarts and always denied store credit especially since I do not have receipt

Posted by AB

I tried to return a piece of cookware that I recieved as a gift from a family member across the country. On the packing slip it stated that I could return it for a refund but when I took it to the store, they told me I could only receive a store credit because I did not have the credit card that was used for the purchase. Of course I do not have the credit card as this was a gift and in any case, this would not apply if the purchase was made with cash. I do not want to tell the person that I am returning the gift and do not need to purchase anything at the moment. I have checked the above refund policy and it clearly states a refund is guaranteed, not a store credit-- although I can opt for a credit at my discretion.
Please confirm that this is your policy so that I can take it to the store manager for my refund.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought the new Call of Duty Black Op's III and just found out ti does not work. I cannot even get it to start a gmae! I bought it at a walmart store and want to return it. Can i do that?

Posted by Debs

Note you can exchange items from other stores long as it's in that store you are trying to return the item.
Not all items are carried in all of the walmarts.
Keep your receipts and packaging of items for 90 days except for certain items it's 15 days.

Posted by Debs

The policy on returning holiday items is
Can return with or without a receipt up to 7 days after the holiday
Note if you don't have a receipt you will get the after holiday sales price. Without a receipt you have to have a valid If

Posted by Anonymous

Walmart needs to update their return policies. The majority of stores will give you store credit with the receipt. I have heard a lot of customers express their unhappiness with these policies. Unfortunately, these customers said they will not return. I had a very nice young lady help me. She was polite and very helpful. But I have witnessed the frustration while standing in line watching these other customers. I know a lot of stores have these policies. But unfortunate!

Posted by Adelgado

11/11/15 I went to exchange a pair of infant shoes without my receipt. I was turned away stating that the new store policy was no exchanges or refunds without a receipt. Now I am stuck with merchandise that I don't need. If this is a new policy and Walmart really cared about its loyal customers, they would have implemented another option for providing receipts like many California stores do by ffering an emailed version of your receipt along with a hard copy. I'm going to complain to everyone I know and any venue that will allow my complaint. We have the technology... Walmart should be servicing its customers with respect. Sadly I will no long be a Walmart customer and will notify everyone I know or can reach not to shop there. This specific location is in Antelope, California.

Posted by Pissed Off Veteran

So. Today in Andalusia, Alabama. I watched an employee break Federal Regulation and swap a game that someone "did not want". I attempted to do the exact same thing, I had bought HALO 5 and was extremely disappointed. Didn't want to swap it, didn't want anything but a refund. Told them that I had bought it for my son for his birthday and we took it out of the package and played it literally 2 days ago, and he ended up getting the exact same game in the mail from his grandmother. I didn't mind taking my copy back because well, his grandmother didn't send the receipt or live in this state. I explained it to them, after watching them do it for someone else, they denied it. I was in Wounded Warrior Gear, Would I technically have a lawsuit? I understand the situation, but I literally WATCHED them swap one kids Black Ops3 OPENED for a Fallout 4.

Posted by Mike Roberts

I bought a 32 in smart Vizio at walmart. 4 Mos ago. The screen went red. Took back to Walmart. No help from
Walmart or Vizio. 260.00 for 4 mos. Of life. No more electronic purchases from. Me the old Walmart is dead. R.i.p.

Posted by jimpeel

The policies on DVDs and games are driven by federal anti-piracy laws. That is why you have to exchange it for the exact same title.

Posted by Tony

I went to return defective DVD to one store in colton. Since they saw it opened they said to find another exact DVD to exchange as per policy with receipt. I did not find it so I returned to customer service. Now she says why don't you try another store after I spent time combing that whole store for that exact DVD. Is that another store policy to have me run around like that. Isn't that her job? Just wondering. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I was told I could return a pack of batteries and 2 facial creams w/o my receipt by the cs rep and I told her that's not what the return policy states, she's like you can speak with a manager. The manager comes over and says I can return just the batteries not the cosmetic. I let her know that is not what your policy states,I then show her the policy on my phone she then tells the rep go ahead and do the return WTF

Posted by wonderwmn

I bought a Halloween item 2 weeks ago and I went to return it today with a receipt and they said I couldn't return it because Halloween is over. They said it is their policy but no where does it say you can't return holiday items WITH a receipt after the holiday.

Posted by Sharon L. Guidi

ive been waiting for 5 days over the scheduled delivery date. FedEx has continued to tell lies regarding this delivery. I have 2 delivery adreses and phone numbers and why did I get the laptop from the order (w/out sign.)on the day they both were suppose to arrive. no missed you tag, no messages on either home or cell's numbers.

Your order number. Please I don't want the TV now. After whatever traveling it's been through. Last I checked it was going to Arizona. WHY?? Please inform me if we get a credit against my Walmart Card.Thank you Sharon L. Guidi work number 1-I answer the phone, please inform me of the situation. Thank you

Posted by upset35

I bought 2 wd 1 tb external hard drives at Muncie,IN. My local Walmart in town of New Castle,IN didn't carry it thus buying in Muncie,IN. One for my parents and one for me. I went to return them in New Castle, the CSM Manager told the lady trying to do the return, she needs to go back to Muncie because we LOSE money and we can NOT do your return, go to the place of purchase, which is Muncie. (no joke..needless to say I'm definitely upset but yes I remained calm and took their crap. On top of that the lady in New Castle, marked out the items as if I had returned them which they wouldn't let me(as said for reasons above).So, now I drove out of town, dealing with more ATTITUDE and problems because it looks like the 2 drives were "returned" when they weren't. I think it's bullcrap that your local,in town Walmart of New Castle, IN can REFUSE to RETURN items that were bought only 1 day ago WITH A RECEIPT, nothing wrong with the hard drives(only 1 box opened & neatly put back, the other box unopened and still in it's wrapping) and tell you "go back to where you bought it because we'd LOSE money because of you(meaning me)".It's pretty bad when MANAGERS can treat a good customer so disrespectful and rudely in New Castle,IN!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Walmart's in-store policy now states that they can limit or refuse any returns even with a receipt...saw it today posted behind the returns desk.

Posted by Robbedby wallymart

I recently purchased 8 cans of cat food along with several other items totalling about $49.00. The next day when I went to feed the cats I couldn't find the cans I phoned Walmart and was told they were restocked and if I could bring the bill I could select them again. I could not find the bill but could have described my purchase and now wonder what else might have been in that bag. I called head office and have not heard back, their bottom line must in trouble to resort to theft, I know the Canadian dollar is low but is this how they recoop their losses?

Posted by sickofwalmart

Since when did Walmart start denying no receipt refunds for anything over $40? This is ridiculous! What can you buy at Walmart for less than $40 I spend at least $75 to $250 every time I go- around Christmas anywhere from $250 to $1,000. I might add I am very good at keeping receipts but this one particular time I could not find the receipt. I was told they could not look it up on my Sams credit card. Toysrus, Target, Penny's, Kohl's can track purchases that way and just debit the card! I asked for a manager and finally they gave me a store credit which was fine but I was "warned" I could not return anything for 60 days! You would think they would want to keep me as a customer since I spend a fortune there. I swore off wal-mart a few years ago but then started back. Mistake! TERRIBLE customer service! Buyer beware!

Posted by rachiti

Keep your receipts and read the information that comes with your product people! I see multiple complaints where the only issue is the customer didn't do what was THEIR responsibility as a consumer. So many people are dishonest and abuse the's no wonder stores like Wal-Mart expect you to have the receipt in order to make a return. They even have an app that lets you store your receipt data so you don't have to keep the paper slips. Also, if you buy a product and get the extended warranty - there's an app for that too. You put the details in and voila, you don't have to keep the receipt and you still have proof of purchase. If you buy a phone card - it says right on the phone card that it will only be loadable for 30 days...just read the darn packaging. If someone electrocutes themselves by using a hairdryer while showering society would say it's that individual's fault for not using common sense. Same applies here. Use common sense - keep your receipts, and read the information that comes with your product.

Posted by rachiti

Frustrated Dad - As long as you have the receipt, it doesn't matter whether or not that specific store carries the item, they are to accept the return as long as it is within it's return time frame. The only other restrictions would be on items like alcohol which, in some states, cannot be returned etc. I would recommend going to and reading their returns policy as it is listed in there. Call if necessary. The service desk associate was wrong to deny the return just because their store didn't carry it.

Posted by Frustrated Dad

Picked up 4 smoke detectors to get a potential home sale up to code. Turned out that the home already had the smoke detectors in place and went straight back to return them. I was told that it was corporate policy to deny returns from 10pm-7am. My flight left at 530am from CA the next morning to my home in NC. I brought them with me thinking I could return them to the store in NC and was told that they would not accept the returns because the items were not in their computer. So now, thanks to corporate policy I have 4 brand new, unused, smoke detectors that I can do nothing with.

Posted by Honest Mom

Reply to anonymous who posted on Sept 11th. Obviously you areally a Walmart employee. If not you have way too much time on your hands. These people pay their hard earned money for a product and they choose Walmart to do it at. Therefore Walmart should reward them with good customer service. There is an exception to every rule. Yes you have your scammers and all that out there. But they are not hard to spot. The person with the laptop obviously is NOT A scammer and received faulty merchandise. How can you accuse them of breaking the laptop? Did you not read what they wrote? And the fruit. You can't prove it either way but you know what? If someone takes the time to return a piece of fruit they must be broke and hungry. Receipt or no receipt is Walmart gonna go out of bussiness over a coconut? No. Give the man/woman a new cocunut. This is why Publix is number 1 in the nation cuz they treat their customers like worthy people and serve them. Walmart treats some customers like criminals.

Posted by Lucky

I bought a coconut at Walmart. It was black with mold and wasn't expired. It only cost $1.98. I took it back to customer service. They wouldn't give me a refund because I didn't have the ticket. Could have gotten sick from it.

Posted by Shenandoah

If you opt for an exchange rather than a refund, you will not be refunded the taxes you paid on the original purchase. But if you take the refund instead (then turn around and buy the replacement item afterwards) -- you get your entire total purchase refunded. So I got taken for $1.80 on a thirty dollar purchase. Keep that in mind next time customer service offers you the option to exchange for merchandise or take the refund up front.

Posted by madinbaroda

Don't buy the extended warranty because the manufacturer nor walmart will help with a return. My 15 year old bought a car radio that worked for 3 months and speed working. I can't find the receipt so they won't help me. He just wants it replaced, nothing more.

Posted by RebWeb64

So, on 8/27 I ordered a laptop online for in store pick up. The ad showed "Not in stock" so was happy when I got an email the next day 8/28 saying it was ready and I had until 9/2 to pick it up. Perfect. Next day, went in picked it up, no problem. Got home figured I'd set it up tomorrow. I woke up on 9/3 with a migrain. In bed, in the quiet dark for 3 days. Day 4 got up, plugged it in and let it charge. Later, I tried to use it. Had to take off all the original packaging, plastic cover, little screen and hinge covers all like you would expect from a BRAND NEW computer. It was so SLOW...I can't find important icons aka "charms"...looked everywhere. Tried to open Windows 8.1 via the "charm"...#1-would you like a 30 day trial, #2-would you like a 365 day something or other, or #3 would you like to buy Windows 8.1? WHAT? Online it says it came loaded with Win 8.1 and I could upgrade for a fee to 10. No, would just like the 8.1 it came with. I tried and tried. Then I called HP customer service. Nice guy Hector, tried to tap into my laptop and did a bunch of things, ending with setting it all back to factory settings. He said "It runs very slow and I can't tell why. It is missing vital icons and no 8.1 isn't downloaded. You need to return it to the store where you purchased it." Went to WALMART 9/11 to EXCHANGE it. Oh I'm sorry with electronics you have only 14 days to return. 8/28-9/11=15 days. I said,I didn't even touch this until maybe 5 days after I got it (remember migraine). Yeah, sorry nothing we can do. I need a supervisor, yeah it's the 15th day sorry. Take up the issue with HP they're really good with this. I said oh, good at being reasonable and extending real customer service? Called HP, yeah well our "company policy" says we get 3 attempts to fix the problem, if they don't resolve them then we will replace. I said NO WAY, I bought a New HP laptop, still in the factory wrapping, tape, inside box for power cord taped shut and in a baggie taped shut. I bought and received a new HP that was manufactured incorrectly. If I give it to you to "fix" then in reality I'm getting a refurbished one, which is no what I bought. Well, our "company policy" says..I said STOP policies are guidelines however, this guideline doesn't bode well with the situation. You guys can #1-Call Walmart and take them to take it back on your behalf. #2-Tell me where to send this and when I'll be receiving my new computer. No, can't do that. I want your supervisor, well that's the Customer Loyalty Supervisor, I said fine, name and number. Oh they "don't have a direct line" Please give me your information so they can call you back within 4 hours. That was 9/15
1:15 p.m. PST. It is now 9/15 10:15 p.m. some 9 hours later...still waiting. WHAT DO I DO...BETTER BIZ BUREAU~CONSUMER RELATIONS AND MEDIA...I don't know but I will be doing something. Know that!

Posted by Anonymous

SOME OF YOU ARE RIDICULOUS! Return food?? Expect to break an electronic item and think you're getting a new one for free within any amount of days? The very first comment I cant even read because it's so illiterate?? I need advice, not the dummies speaking from first grade. Geez, go ahead and do yourself a favor before you read and go to a different site, these people are a joke. Now I KNOW why they are tight on return policies, you have costed us money for not having a receipt or getting cash back for a legitimate reason. Gos enlightened me and I'm not religious.

Posted by wallmarthater

Get all wallmart closed shop local just cause they have everything in one spot makes the gods I have had nothing but trouble with wallmart they follow my wife and I around and a girl who works there as a customer service manager knows my wife and I harasses us every time her name is amber and works at potsdam ny wallmart she doesn't know the first thing about customer service and for them to follow us around is wrong I make more money in a week than she does in a month I have had my last trip to wallmart and encourage people to do the same cause unlike the workers there I'm not an overweight lazy slob who has the right to boss people around and harass them when they have a one year old daughter worst place in the world and to anyone who thinks I'm an illiterate person is wrong I'm writing out of horrible customer service to wallmart so you get horrible writing and I have been in customer service know for 18 years and it has to do with helping the people not sticking it to them when your needed most close wallmart your not needed I will shop local from now on even if that means a little more traveling thanks for listening

Posted by Katrina

I purchased an air filter/purifier on 8/10/15 for about $161. I contacted the 800Walmart to see if the store would be able to look it up through the computer without the receipt through the credit card that I used to purchase it. I was told that they would be able to do that. (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond are able to do it) I drove to the store that I had purchased it from and was told that they have a "new policy" that they would no longer be able to search it through the credit card. They would only be able to give me a store credit. I told them that I would return home to look for the receipt since I don't want store credit but a refund to my credit card. I then proceeded to call the 800 number again and they said they would try to contact the manager at the store (Crenshaw in Los Angeles) to see if they would be able to help me with the return of the item. She said she called the store 2x and no one at the Crenshaw store answered the phone. I would have to try contacting them myself to reach the manager or go physically to the store to speak to the manager. I wish I knew this beforehand. I will no longer purchase anything from Walmart and just buy things from Target instead which is much closer to where I live than the Walmart on Crensaw. Terrible customer service and resolution.

Posted by psv

I bought this card to refill my prepaid phone, what I didn't know was that after 30 days of not refilling, you cant refill your phone anymore. Unlike straight talk, at&t shuts the sim off and you will have to buy a new at&t sim, try to return it to Walmart but they're claiming that they cant give me a refund. Now they are pointing fingers at at&t. Why the hell would they sell me a card that I can't use and not give me my refund? Word of advice only buy this item if you sure that its going to work for your phone, as for Walmart, I'm not going to shop there again. I tried to post this on Walmart's webpage under reviews of the $45 at&t refill card and Walmart won't let me post it.

Posted by no more walmart

I bought a DVD that was different than what it said the movie was. My guess is that the company who loaded the DVD loaded the wrong one or package it wrong. Walmart would not accept a refund only exchanged for same item. I explained to them that the other DVD were probably the same and did not want to drive 13 miles back to just have to explain the same thing again. After a few exchanged word and Walmart stating that due to copy right laws they cannot accept it. So I exchanged it for the same DVD. Took it home and put it in my DVD player. It was the same situation as the first one. Went back and talked to a manager. He did not want to return it but I insisted on the refund. As I have already tried to exchanged it just for another faulty DVD. Finally he agree and I was able to get a refund. I will not be buying any movies, games, or electronic due to "copy right" that prohibits them from refunding such items.

Posted by terysmit

Well today I was schooled on walmart return policy. Had two xbox games my son has been bugging my to fix or do what we parents do to make the games work again. ya know take them back to the store haha. Well he got them both for xmas yeah yeah I know 8 months ago but me as im am lazy on the weekends got tired of him so we packed up and went to walmart tonight. Heres the thing had a receipt for one I bought and the other one no receipt. Goto the first walmart and tell them they broke month after xmas or whenever I figured I could get a even exchange on the one w/o receipt and just exchange or get something else or cash back with receipt. this is what happened they told me even with a receipt I could only exchange the games for the exact same game something about manufactures rules. Only if it was unopened I could get a different item. ok so I went to exchange them only had one game gofigure but the walmart on the next corner had the other game so we went there the cs person was a total b even before I started talking I proceded to tell her was at other walmart ther were out so I just need to exchange game well we don't do that here wo a receipt. Im the other store did well our store managers rules is no exchange on games wo receipt so Im ha I have a receipt forgot (haha) Then she gets mord pissed well its over 90 days now so they wouldn't do it. I left and called the store and talked to a meanager he explained its up to each store manager to set policys on returns but he would do this for me. going back tomorrow to exchange. Ps the reason I didn't want to mention the receipt was cause the other store would let me exchange the game for a different one if it was unopened and with a receipt. Which is what I wanted didn't want the cash not my fault the games break were always having problems with them. Sorry so long. Lesson is have them call the manager its a store rule that they will override. Walmart is like every other business "see what will stick to the wall. 90 percent does." Eventhough its a store rule its not corporate rule complain about it to a manager they will fix it because 90 percent don't complain

Posted by Walmart sucks

I bought a manufactured defective RCA Pro 10 Tablet with a warranty for my daughters birthday. It worked for 2 days until the screen broke because it was glued on wrong when they made it. I misplaced my receipt so I went back to Walmart to exchange it for one that worked or to get another copy of my receipt which they can scan the original item to see when it was purchased so I could send it in with the warranty to get it fixed. Obviously they screwed up when I bought it because they couldn't give me a copy of my receipt so I left. I took the tablet to a repair shop and they wrote a letter saying it was defective and couldn't be fixed so I took that letter back to Walmart and they still refused to help me. They told me to contact RCA and said that they would be able to help me because I have the serial number. Well RCA said they can't look it up with my serial number and there is nothing they can do. I'm so upset and I let my little girl down because I couldn't afford a new one. Also I tried to return 2 sweaters that were bought on clearance from another Walmart store and refused to even let me exchange them for something else. I've had numerous problems with "only" the Walmart in Newport, OR. They suck and have very poor customer service. They were rude and won't even attempt to help me. They made me feel like I was a liar or thief. I wouldn't suggest shopping for any electronics there

Posted by fedup

I bought two pairs of shorts same except for sizes on July 18, 2015. I went to return the size I did not need on August 6, 2015. I had the receipt, all tags were on, and only tried on once. They told me the return was denied because all sales are now final on clearance and they will not return items from other Walmart. Not very smart business when you give a customer a hard time for returning a $7.00 item and making a $100.00 purchase. That is why Walmart has such a bad image. Poor customer service! The policy is always changing and corporate does not stick to one policy. They let their store managers make up their own rules.

Posted by Nunyabizness

Can many of you please PLEASE proofread your comments before pressing "submit"??? Some of your comments are so jumbled, disjointed and illiterate that it would take a CIA cryptographer a month to figure them out. Geez, people! Didn't those of you writing these illegible comments ever step foot in a school??? Grammar, spelling, sentence mechanics and construction, and punctuation DO MATTER!!!

Posted by Don't buy Videos

Don't buy any movie DVD multiple packs!!! They have skips in audio and video. When you try to return, your only option is to get another copy which will not work! Only option is JUST NOT TO BUY! Total rip off and will ruin you movie Night!!!

Posted by sweeturshala

Please don't ever go to walmart to return a defective item. They have NO care or concern about the product they sale in the store. Only when a law suit is persented is when the company is concerned. That isn't the way anybody should conduct a proper business. So bad what this world has come to. Big businesses only caring about profit. Unbelievable!!!!!

Posted by sweeturshala

07-30-15 trying to return defective air mattresses three count them 123 and the store REFUSES to give me a store credit to buy another one from different brand... Don't GO TO WALMART to return ANYTHING!!!!! The worse company to buy & return WHEN YOU REALLY NEED TO....I HATE WALMART!!!!!!

Posted by Jess R.

i purchased an item for $54 a few weeks back but lost the reciept and they wouldnt give me any a gift card or nothing. i need to talk to the corprate office about this.

Posted by Bradley

I have to say one thing we all cant do anything about walmart be or going by police for there returns if we all dont do something about it no where in the policy does it state anything Bout manager descretion being in policy so there siad that is faws statement for walmart all to gether. Corpate is lie just like manGers are they all I. It togther and broking the law by making a policy they dont. Not go by. Corpate told me they cnt make a wallmart store do a return even if u meet all rules or antone higher up. So a manager owns walmart then ? No and rules made by corpate they can make walmart srore go by them in they want I was with told by corpate thaT if a manager wants to refuse a return for any reason they can . And that is a lie also . I say we all as custerms take walmart to court and make a lawsuite for lieing to us

Posted by shea shea

Just got a phone for my bday and when I opened it there was nothing in it but paper will they give me a new one its the phone I wanted and my mom threw away the receipt by mistake three days ago im so hurt and upset someone must have stole it out the package is that poss and will they help me

Posted by sec

i bought an iphone need to return it, will i get my money back?

Posted by Aswood

I bought a phone for my husband for his birthday but he wanted a more update one. So, he decided to exchange the phone that I bought for him, and pay the difference for the other phone. When he went to walmart he was told that seventeen days had passed since his phone was purchased and walmart's policy is 15 days to exchange or return phones. I understand that every company has policies but what I don't understand is why the associate didn't mention this 15-day policy to me. If my husband and I had known about this policy, we would have taken our unopened item back sooner to exchange it, but we both work constantly (and were unaware of this absurd policy). I was also told by an associate that the reason for this policy is do that walmart can money back for defective items. This totally confused me because my husband's phone was UNOPENED. ..Totally Unacceptable!

Posted by Anonymous

Can I return my phone card. My sister picked up a 45 Verizon card instead of straight talk. I still have the receipt and never scratch the back of it off so can I take it back

Posted by return master

after reading some of the comments (lots and lots of them) I'm quite surprised.
I never had a problem returning anything at walmart. From TVs, laptops, or even towels. whenever I didn't have a recipt I have gotten store credit.
Never needed bs reasons or anything like that. just say that you don't like it or have no need for it.
Only yesterday I returned a TV and ps4, the process took 10min (they had to get someone from the electronics department to check the items).

Posted by kassi

I work at the customer service desk and after reading some of the comments I have to say something . Walmart is the Only place I know Ever willing to return your money without a receipt . I'm not sure how many people realize or care but when you return food once it has left the store by law it must be claimed (wasted in other words ) I don't like it but I don't argue about it either . I have learned since I've been working here that if you have your receipt you shouldn't have a problem . but if you do or you are past your allotted time to return your item don't get mad at the desk associate for following procedures -we don't have authority to change rules -just stay calm and ask to speak to a manager . They do have that authority on most things. The reason there is such a shot time allotted on electronics is because the companies will not reimburse Walmart after that time period, The company is strict on that and I don't blame them . it's a lot of money to eat which is why they tell shoppers the time frame they have when they make the purchase

Posted by gilaloe0612

my husband and I bought a pool pump that was of very poor quality so we took it back less than 1 week after buying it and they refunded the money back to our credit card. The customer service rep said it would take 2-3 day before we see the money returned. Ok we are now on our 10th business day with no money returned to our account yet. We went back to ask why and they changed there words and said it could take up to 13 days before we see a return. Walmart trains there poor workers who are desperate for jobs to be dishonest and up hold there store polices while completely disregarding the whole idea of what good customer service really is.

Posted by JP

everyone I know always complains about poor customer service at Walmart, and I never knew what they were talking about till today. I had bought a tablet and a 2 year replacement plan. I was told by the cashier in electronics I had 15 days to return it for ANY reason. my son dropped it, had a small crack in corner, took it back but was told they would not replace it because I had "abused" it. This is where the poor customer service comes in...after talking to the zone manager Justin, I wanted to speak to the Store manager, got an assistant manager, then finally this guy shows up with his name tag turned around. I asked if I could see it to make sure he was the manager. His response was to point to the wall and say its right there, where his picture and name were. After telling him all the above he says he return it because I "abused" the tablet. I then asked what his last name was, his response was "it's on the receipt." "I don't give my last name out" . not exchanging the tablet, fine....poor customer service and sarcastic remarks from store manager Jim McKnight, unaaceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought food items that we planned on using for the upcoming holiday. Having invited more peope, we decided to go to a buffet instead. The items i bought on Thursday, and due to.change in plans, i decided to return items. 1 large can baked beans, and two bottles of bbq sauce. Once at Wal-Mart, i realized i accidentally threw away reciept the day i got the items. Having reached the returns counter walmart on Nellis and Craig Rd at 7:30pm, i was told no reciept no refund, and because it was bought more than 24 hours ago, it can't be returned period. Walmart employees have gotten so rude throughout the years, its a wonder customers still return. I got home and looked up Walmart return policies and doesn't mention food returns period. The items i didn't need were unopened, not damaged. I won't return to walmart again, regardless how convenient it may be.

Posted by aj63334

My mother n law bought me a 10 in RCA tablet for Christmas with the warrantee and the screen is cracked now. She has already lost the receipt and warranty so how do I go about getting it fixed?

Posted by penny@knight

My mother who is 75 years old and on social security and is disabled bought a Samsung tablet from Walmart a few months ago. A couple of days after she purchased the almost $600 tablet she had been saving for months to buy, she became ill and was hospitalized with e-coli bacteria for 10 days. when she returned home it donned on her she never got to even open her tablet yet as she was waiting for internet to be hooked up in the days before falling ill. it took her a couple of days to get some one to hook up her router and so about three weeks after her purchase she finally gets to watch the untelevised religious programs that her church streams. Except the tablet writing is to small for her to set it up and she has severe rheumatoid arthritis and the tablet is impossible for her to use. She has never owned a computer and took the teenage pimple faced walmart salesman at his word that this would be the absolutely perfect thing for her. And of course its been out of the box for a whole hour and Walmart refused to return or exchange the tablet because of their ridiculous 15 day return policy. If you are selling quality products and stand behind them why do you only give your customers 15 days to assure that they are appropriate and functional? Walmart sucks! NEVER AGAIN!

Posted by BurgGirl620

I purchased a set of pots for my daughter on my credit card as a birthday gift. She lives out of town. When I gave the set to her, I also gave her the receipt so she could exchange or get in store credit if she wanted something else. She took the receipt and the pots (unopened) to Walmart and they will not give her in store credit; only offered to return the item and refund my card. Why can she not get an in store credit with the receipt? It looks as though your online written policy says she can, but she's having trouble. What can be done about this?

Posted by dazeuh

I bought a roku 1 with a 2 year plan warranty and a universal remote for a tv and i returned it and they gave me the money on a gift card cause i didnt have reciept i lost my card later that day and called walmart to see if they could close the card i had the account number to give them cause i had reciept for that card cause i didnt want no one to use the money on the card they told me i had to come in they couldnt do it over the phone i dont have a car to go out of town i just go every once a month and then finally iwent a week later and ran up the reciept and the card was used and theres i could do about it they said but they told me the dates that it was used and it was 2 days later they used it and i called the same day when i lost it to tell them to close that card i had account number on reciept cause i didnt want no one to use it and what happends they used it if they would of closed it i would of had my money still so i return my roku i bought and remote for nothing because they should of closed it so i waisted money at walmart and got messes over someone used my card and everything they could of prevented it from happening when i called to let them know and two days later it was used so u know i aint lying cause i told them to close it and two days later it was used thats wrong of walmart i am going to file a law suit cause they could see on camera who used it and evrything do an investigation it dont matter cause i got messed over big time wal mart could of prevented but they didnt over the phone wal mart is 30 min away from where i live i dont have a car so about time i went it was used

Posted by BobbyB

Returns without a receipt, the walmart policy is under $25 you get cash over $25 store credit. There is no mention of a limit and I have been told every thing from $25 to $100, but I've talked to corporate and the only limitations are the listed items that they specifically mention on the board behind customer service. If you are told they will not take your $200 item 1st ask for the store manager (I was told by corporate that the customer service manager cannot help and only the store manager has the authority)
If he won't help call corporate customer service and explain the situation to them. They will not tell them what to do but if your persistent and nice they will have their manager call the store manager and strongly suggest they abide by the return policy they are lying about in order to deny your return. Most of the time if you stick it out long enough they will do it to get you out of the store. Even though they know they are full of it by denying your return.

Posted by Lacy

Purchased my grandson an Ipod touch 16gb on 2/25/15 for his 13th birthday. It won't charge. I have not been able to exchange it nor get a gift card, and I have the original package and receipt. IT NEVER WORKED!!!! Really......get serious. We are the customers, and don't have to shop there. $214.00 is NOT a donation for you to use as you like. You have something, but I don't. I have never had any problems with this store, but it seems unfair to me to work for MY money, to have you take it. Your items are defective, not my money or mind. Without your business supporting your customers....I done shopping there.

Posted by michelle

How come they are not returning a sales tax when you don't have a receipt?

Posted by RSR

Went to return a Netgear wi-fi router 6 days after purchase to my local Kingman, AZ store. I inadvertently threw out the receipt with my grocery bags. No problem, right? WRONG! I no sooner had it out of the bag when the troll working Customer Service claimed "no returns on items over $50" WHAAAAT???? The manager at this store is a notorious b****, and most times the shelves are bare of basic necessities. Anyway, once I returned home I checked the Walmart return policy online, and guess what? There is no such "$50" limit. Two days later, had to head down to nearby Havasu, so I brought it with me to try and return there. No problem whatsoever, and was handed an $86 gift card. I mentioned the issue I had in Kingman, and was told some managers instruct their workers to refuse certain returns, even if it`s against company policy. Looks like I`ll be reporting the Kingman manager to Walamrt corporate offices. It will be my pleasure, hope they demote her to bagger!

Posted by rrmj1974

Listen all you irritated customers! Be familiar with Walmart's policies before you shop. If you don't like or agree with the policy don't shop there but don't get upset because they won't change policy to accommodate you. Above all, please don't get mad at the employees. They are bound by those policies and have NO DISCRETION. They aren't trying to be jerks, they are just doing their job. If you feel you might have an issue, call corporate first and be armed with facts to back up your case. The store cannot argue with company policy. Just saying....

Posted by Hayesrn23

... Wal Mart Customer Service. I've had to use it twice in one week, but both times got results. Corporate policy says, no receipt and value is under 25$ You have option of cash or gift card. If item is over 25$ You get a gift card. I returned unopened foundation for 14$ and first i was told we don't do returns without a receipt? Then i requested a manager. Manager said we don't take back "pharmacy items" i said, it is not pharmacy, it is a health and beauty aid and policy says i cant return medicine. Then i began to call customer service, I KID YOU NOT, she returned it. No call made. HOWEVER; i asked for the cash back as the policy says under 25$ you can get cash without a receipt.... Nope... She wasn't having that. Anyways i took the gift card but it truly is frustrating if a large company as wal mart takes the time to post their refund policy clearly online but depending who is working that day will decide if they choose to follow the policy? Oh and the Same store i tried to return an unopened ink for 50$ without a receipt and was told "no" went out of store called customer service, and I was correct. Unopened ink can be returned without a receipt. Customer sevice spoke to the manager on my phone (lol) so yes i received a refund but, the way, she reminded me that i had two refunds without a receipt and i only had one more time i could do it. Well, once again, i had to school this manager and according to policy that would be 3 refunds in a 45 day period! Not for the rest of my life! What an idiot!!! KNOW THIS NUMBER, learn it, save it and please USE IT when the manager isn't following policy! ( oh yeah but make sure you actually go to wal mart corporate site and read and understand the policy first. It is easy to speak to someone. .. It's GREAT!!!

Posted by Keisha L

Personally I just feel as if electronics need at least a 20 day policy because sometime two weeks is not enough to understand that there may be a problem. This is not an excuse for customers to be rude, it just means that the policy is sort of unfair to non technical people who can't clearly see a problem within 15 days..

Posted by john t nelson

My name is john t nelson, i work for as a night tech. I bought a phone there to carry with me, i noticed after 30 days it was dropping all calls. The phone company said it wasnt them but WALMART and there Russian ways, the russians are now taking over the phone systems./

Posted by HonestyBestPolicy

HONESTLY, people are so rude and need to understand NO means NO, as a customer, if I'm going to buy something expensive I always get informed about the product and the store's policies before buying it. Not having knowledge about something isn't an excuse to get things your way. Putting myself in employee's shoes I feel bad for the a**hole customers they get. Sorry, but not sorry some individuals need to get educated and learn some manners. Learn to treat others how you'd like to be treated and don't treat others less just because they're employes.

Posted by frustrated consumer

I received a tablet for Christmas and within 30 days it was defective.... I called Wal-mart to see about an exchange... was told more than 15 days had passed so I have to contact manufacturer. what a joke!!! they still have not helped me with this situation, all I get is that I have to pay to send it to them so that in a month they can send me a replacement. No matter how upset the consumer is neither Wal-mart or RCA cares as they have your money and don't care if the product works! DO NOT BUY RCA products or shop at Wal-mart for your electronics as you will be greatly disappointed.

Posted by mr-wabbit-78

if ppl had their receipt then they would not have any or much of a problem returning. also ppl are forgetting there is only 15 days to return some items including phones etc.

Posted by Frustrated mother

Walmart is becoming the place not to shop. I bought a tv two years ago and purchased the the extended warranty. When the tv quite working the warranty sent someone to our house. That person did not fix the tv, said he needed a part to come back out but then closed the work order. After 5 phone more phone called they finally just sent us a new tv. However that tv was a different model. Fine but when I got to us the tv only shoes the colors green and black. We called again. Now we have to go through manufacture warranty even though we have ou had the tv for 2 days. Fine called the manufacture, surprise we need a receipt. Of corse we don't have one for that tv!! Called warranty place again. They cannot get us a receipt. Here we r two years later still with a broken tv that we paid for the extended warranty on from walmart. Now to add to it I bought 2 rv tablets for Christmas this year. Did not buy the extended warranty because it doesn't seem to work. Now today one of my tablets won't turn on. To no surprise walmart will not exchange it because it has been 25 days not 15. The crap is I don't want a refund I just want to exchange for one that works. I have the receipt and original box and all, but again walmart is no help at all. Lesson if you buy an item worth more than 20 dollars you should shop somewhere else!!!!!

Posted by Daphramper

I bought a media player that plugs into my tv's hdmi port to have android system on my tv. Well it stopped working after like 2 months. I had protection on it and everything but couldn't actually get into my profile for the protection site for some reason. I didn't take it back for a few months but I spoke to one of the workers in electronics and he told me that it steal shouldn't be an issue with or without the receipt or proof of protection plan. Well it was. I brought it back and they scanned it with a handheld scanner thing and said that it didn't come up at all. Told me that it wasn't in their system. I spoke to the manager on duty and they said with it saying it's not in the computer and me not having my receipt then there wasn't much to be done for my problem and I had to either produce proof or purchase or keep it. I was pissed and outraged. I asked the customer service girl what would make it not show up? She told me that they most likely has been discontinued from there. Such bs

Posted by Bluoctober99

I purchased freaking motor oil and discovered that there was no seal on it and what was in the bottle was ALREADY USED..... talk about unhappy. Took it to the store but if you have no receipt they do not care.

Posted by Christina

I went to return a sweater and John deer toy within 30 days and when rung up the item states not returnable, both of them. I even had receipt. Employee seems confused and does not have explanation. I ask to speak to manager and girl standing next to hey on phone says she is manager and that they are probably phasing out of those items. I told her the toy wasnt even on sale. They did not offer me anything else so i was forced to keep these items. Amount would have been less then $25 total so not sure why they didn't check further into this instead of blowing me off.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a very dissatisfied Walmart customer. I purchased 4-HKC 8" android tablets for our grandkids, pre-black Friday deal. They were excited to open on Christmas. Three worked, one did not. Since Fri. after Christmas I have been on a mission to replace/return this defective tablet. Walmart, though they took my money with no qualms, said it can no longer be returned even though it never worked! I was given three different phone numbers to contact the manufacturer myself. One answered promising a return call. 7 days later, no call. I called Walmart again, receiving a third number. I called spoke with Natalie. She said they would send an email explaining where to return the unit. I am still waiting. It is Friday, the 9th of January. I will spread the news about this experience and hope that no one else is treated this way. Walmart is responsible in my book. Walmart took the money. Walmart has chosen a very questionable business practice.
Carol Norman

Posted by toy

I bought 3 Rca tablets 2 stop working within hours apart can I take them back even if I can't find the receipt it hasn't been pass the deadline yet will they take my tablets back

Posted by sue

Purchased a next book tablet at WalMart first one kept shutting off even when charged got exchanged same problem again what can I do?

Posted by dynasty

I bought a PlayStation 4 from Walmart that had weighs in it. When I went back to Walmart to find out how to get the item or money back I gets cuss out and a greeting telling me, f the money u spend for the PlayStation 4 and ur child's feelings. This is what Walmart has come to. Robbing people out there money and saying f u in the end. One store off my list.

Posted by Anonymous

I completly agree they are not legit at all i couldnt return somethin from another walmart in the sealed package not a week old never shoping there again

Posted by cherie

Bought a video game a wk ago. Opened it the disk is warped. Tried to return it but they said they can't because of copyright laws. They no longer carry the game so now i am out of money and Game. Im ready to su them. Who is with me. This is how they make their money by scamming people. What crooks

Posted by please contact me

My name is sherry I purchased a tablet at bardstown my and had to exchange had problems with it and had to send it back for another one and had to go online and order a next book 8 and got a 2 year warranty on this one and I don't have transportation and I'm disabled so I'm sitting here with two tablets that I've spent 300 on and can't do nothing with them really upset

Posted by Anonymous

Just purchased a portable DVD player at Walmart, after paying realized it was $30 more than the price on the shelf. Went back to double check shelf and did not find the price charged at all. Decided to return the item and they refused to do the refund in cash, which is the way we paid for it!! Do ultimately they have my $114 because now I'm FORCED to spend it there!! Think I'll rethink shopping there anymore!!

Posted by Laney Brooklyn

I just ordered something online, but I changed my mind I don't want it anymore. How can I get a refund and not have it shipped to my house?

Posted by Jess

I returned a phone to Walmart, without a receipt and was told that I couldn't get it back on a gift card I had to "exchange" it for something/somethings in the electronic dept equalling that price. I just wanted to know is this standard? I've never heard of that.. like why would it have to be from that exact dept? And why couldn't they put it on a Walmart card?.. just wondering?? Btw I love Walmart!! And have never had a bad experience. Even now I have no complaints. I was just wondering if it's standard policy b/c I've never had to exchange anything in electronics so I've never had to go thru this.

Posted by Teri

I purchased a Vizio smart tv in September and was having problems with it shutting off several times a day and after doing some online research on this tv, I found out it will only get worse. So 6 weeks later I returned it to Walmart after first calling and explaining the problem. I had no box or packing with but my return went fairly smoothly. I returned it and purchased a different brand and am very happy with the new tv.

Posted by mad grandma

bought a defective cd from Walmart after the cashier told me could only exchange it for the same which they did not have was told to bad no money back called corporate and am not only getting my money from the regional manager the cashier is being reprimanded for her crude manner which she treated me I also informed them that sometime ago she did the same thing to my learning disabled grandson matter taken care once again it helps to call and complain not only do you fell better sometimes corporate America cares

Posted by czymay

bought a cd at Walmart in tn it was defective went to exchange it told I could not because of copyright law ask for money back nope cant get that either so is this how the billionaires at Walmart made their money cheating honest people Sam would turn in his grave if he knew this was happening

Posted by Wally

Word to the wise. If you buy online from, don't expect them to honor their 90 day return policy. You see, the only way to return an online purchase is to click the return option for that order in your order history. But here's the catch... They'll expire the return eligibility well before 90 days. I bought a 16" fan and yes it was still returnable up to about 80 days only. You know what they said when i asked about it? Air conditioners have a 30 day return policy. LOL. Did you know a fan is an air conditioner? Apparently, they're the same thing. I guess my fan was so special, it got the special 80 day policy which doesn't even exist. If you by in store, all you need is a receipt (no need to confirm it online). But if you buy online, they'll remove the return option well before 90 days is reached. And there's nothing you can do about it but take up the keister like a man.

Posted by Teresa

According to my local Wal-Mart: If you buy food at Wal-Mart, do not expect to return it for any reason. If you do, then you must spend that amount of money on more food. Apparently as of 10/6/2014, they have a new corporate return policy - which is not posted by the way - that if you purchase food, diapers, formula or baby food then you will be going home with an exchange of food, diapers, formula or baby food. I don't usually return food for many reasons, but I thought I had a K-Cup coffee machine and bought K-cups. Found out I have an old Gevallia machine that does pods (which apparently they don't sell anywhere anymore). So, I went to return the K-Cups. The box was $10.98. I only needed flour. They will not even give you store credit. You must use the money to buy other food. Now, I could understand if I used food stamps to purchase these K-Cups or did not have my receipt, but I HAD my receipt showing my purchase of a few days ago paid with debit card. So, please explain to me why I could not get MY MONEY BACK? I looked online at their corporate policy and none of this was in their published online policy for their stores. I am not a very happy Wal-Mart customer.

Posted by RobFrBerln

I purchased a Galaxy ACE on the straight talk network for my son. One week later I found a better deal and purchased another phone fro the same network. The original phone is still in its package and unopened. Walmart refuses to refund or exchange the phone for credit, again UNOPENED. I just returned all of the Christmas gifts that I bought from their shi**y establishment and they can go f*** themselves. Good day sir.

Posted by badbusiness

Walmart customer service reps and managers are confused. I tried to return a 5 tier storage shelf system and had the wrong receipt. I explained that I purchased a second shelf system a week later but I purchased the all 'metal' one instead. Both shelf systems are the same price of $59.88. However, I did not do the even swap because the first shelf system had five particle board panels. This made the box very heavy at 56 pounds. I could not find my original receipt for this shelf, the product was in the original box. I requested a Walmart gift card but the csr advised the return policy 'just changed today' that if the item is over $50 dollars then no refund period. I explained that I never used the product and just opened the box and just resealed. The duty manager finally gave me a gift card once I advised her I will contact the corporate headquarters. This is not right to go through all this trouble. The customer before me returned two large outdoor tents and a red ice chest. The csr inquired why he was returning because the ice chest had a strong onion odor. He used the returned items and stated that one of the tents was missing a screw. The csr returned all of the used items because he had a receipt. This is a sanitary issue....Yuck!!!!

Posted by Unhappy and hungry customer in F

I returned two items WITH a RECEIPT and wanted a gift card, rather than having the refund credited to my bank card (so I could buy some groceries immediately). I had a gift card in my purse that had a small balance and told the cashier that I was looking for my card, so the return could be put on my existing gift card. While I was looking for it, she completed the transaction, and credited my return refund to my bank account. I wasn't able to get the groceries I needed, and now will have to wait 2-3 days for the refund to be available in my bank. I asked for the manager and she told me that the policy was to issue the refund by the original method of purchase on the receipt only (no other options).
Your return policy if you DO NOT have a receipt is clear ..."Walmart does not require a receipt to facilitate your returns, except for the exceptions mentioned above. Any items may be exchanged. For purchases under $25, you may choose to receive a cash refund instead. For purchases over $25, you may choose a store shopping card for the amount of the purchase."
Also, your policy is NOT clear about HOW the refund is supposed to be returned if you DO have a receipt. I guess next time; I will NOT bring the receipt, so I will be granted those same benefits.

Posted by Mindy

Does anyone at Walmart read these reviews???!!!!!!! Was not told off the 15 day return on electronics either nor printed on receipt, always under the impression you had a 30 day return policy! ! Sure glad I called!!! Still have time and a receipt!

Posted by Frustrated Buyer

Tried to exchange a defective NutriBullet that had been gifted for identical item. Took it to the same store where it was purchased without receipt (because it was gifted) and was told it couldn't be done. We had to contact the party that gifted it to us and ask them to produce a receipt. They had to petition the store to look it up in their system. It has been 2 weeks now and Walmart still hasn't produced the record of the purchase as necessary. I will not shop at a store that has such an inept return policy. A defective item should be able to be exchanged quickly and efficiently without having to jump through so many hoops. The mistake is shopping at Walmart.

Posted by AmyS.

I recently moved 9/13/14 and purchased a bed online from Site to Store on I was told the bed would be available for pick up at the Pelham Rd Walmart in Greenville, SC... on 9/19/14 Eventhough that was a couple days with my bed being on the floor I waited. On 9/19/14 went to pick up told not there and it wouldn't be until 9/30/14 . Went online to get refund and was told couldn't because it had already shipped. I went Saturday 9/20/14 asked for a Manager which was a JERK!!! He told me he wouldn't refund my money because it would look like his store was at fault and to quote him "I'm not going to take that hit!" I said, seriously I want my money because I need to buy a bed. Long story short he refunded my money or so I thought. It was processed and I have to wait up to two weeks for my bank to be credited the monies that had already gone through my account. I am very upset as I broke from the move and was going to take the money and go buy my bed and now My bed is STILL ON THE FLOOR!!!!!..... Thanks for nothing WALMART!

Posted by dissatisfied customer

Bought speakers the sound wasnt that good when we paid for it at the eletronics deptpartment they person that helped us didnt mention anything about the 15 day return and the receipt doesnt say anything took it bach to try to return it the lafy said15 days passed it was 1day after the 15 and she didnt honor it will never buy anything from walmart dissatisfied customer

Posted by newtargetshopper

I just left Walmart in Gloversville NY. We recently had twins and buying formula is a huge expense. The formula that my son is on is $50.00 a can and the Dr. Changed his formula, so of course we rushed out and bought the new formula and when I tried to get a refund or gift card for returning the old formula we were told not without a receipt. Seriously?? I guess its gonna bankrupt Walmart to give us a refund! I would have spent the refund there anyway!! Well screw Walmart! Now. I'll shop at Target!

Posted by Zeke

Got a HP laptop for $199.00 that was complete junk as can be expected. Took it back and got a Acer Aspire V5 before reading reviews on the things. They're known to be slow but mine has other problems. Been buying computers there for over 15 years and that's the first time I've ever gotten 2 bad ones in a row.

Anyway, they have a 15 day return, BUT, they're doing it off the first defective computer, not the second. Moral of this story: when buying electronics there, DON'T exchange or trade up, just get your money back and do another purchase. I noticed the computer I got for $298.00 a week ago is now $218.00 on closeout, but I don't care about that. I'm fine with the $298.00 if it worked halfway decent.

I did cancel my online order for the ship to store for the replacement I should have gotten 2 computers ago. Live and learn.

Trying to see if I can get somebody to fix this thing to make it useable but Acer does have a one year warrantee so I'm trying to send it back to them. Just not happy having to send a computer in Ive had less then a week. I've had a few bad HPs (and one awesome one that took tons of abuse and STILL works) but this is my first bad Acer since my first one in 1997. The replacement was going to be a higher end Acer as well.

Posted by anonymous

Ordered something online, when it arrived it was the wrong size. When I returned it to the store they refused to refund the sales tax. I DID get the sales tax refunded by Walmart when I went online and made a fuss about it. It is possible that if I had printed out an "easy return receipt" they might have refunded the sales tax, but still waiting for an answer on that. If not,
Class action lawsuit, anyone? I'm pretty sure that systematically defrauding customers of their sales tax is illegal - equally sure that is not PAYING the sales tax to the "kept" sales tax to the State of California!

Posted by over & out!

CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MANAGERS at walmart are the very worst!!! We all need to make an effort to spend our money
with people who at least put in an effort. Perhaps it is only bad in Orlando.....they will finally get a clue when their profits continue in the direction they are going! I feel sorry for people who work there because you can tell they all (especially the managers) are miserable and that is because they hear complaints that they cannot do anything about.....due to walmart policy.

Posted by mad customer

Bought a air bed it was defective wouldnt hold air couldnt find receipt well went to exchange it at marion va walmart where it was bought was told by the very rude cashier girl with mulicolored hair that airbeds couldnt be returned when I asked why she said it wasnt nothing to do with walmart it was a higher source than walmart that didnt allow them to take back defective airbeds. This was no cheap bed nearly a $100. I think corporate needs to advise there stores that they have to take back defective products especially when its not been but a few days since purchased. Not only that but walmart employees bad attitudes are getting completely out of hand!

Posted by askme

Of people all returns needs a sticker from the door greeters at all times now

Posted by lakegal27

I made a return online today at the store in Gainesville, GA that I bought online. Just read another post that they didn't refund tax back to them. That seems a little like fraud? Seriously? We paid tax when we bought the item, so what's the deal?
I didn't realize this until after I left. Now I read online this is standard. Wow!
Then to make matters worse the guy working returns was a total smartass. I said ok, like 2-3 times, then he said I didn't have to say ok, and now I had him saying it. Oh, and the amount refunded was $19.98, read online that under $25 and they can give you cash back. I paid originally with a gift card, he said I couldn't get cash that I had to have the $19.98 put on a giftcard. Then when I was leaving I said thank you...being polite then he had to be rude and said OK. I wished I would have said thank you...then smartass under my breath. How rude...unbelieveable and to make matters worse Walmart's policy sucks about not returning the tax to boot!
Now I know why I am loyal to Target 9 times out of 10 and pick them over Walmart. I have never been treated RUDE by any Target workers.

Posted by geofffff

Just bought a phone that is defective. You cannon hear the person you are talking to nor recieve text messages at all. Phone randomly turns off. I have recipt box andall accessories and am within return policy with no scratches or damage and they refuse to exchange for one that works or repair it. The manager told me to come back twice and didnt want to talk to me they told me to wait for the phone person but i dont need a hardware swap i have my account pin and i know how to do that they just dont want to deal with it because they already have my money. Bestbuy would exchange this in a heartbeat should have gone there.

Posted by seniorgirl

SENIORS beware!!!! If you do not have cash to throw away do not buy a phone or any electronic from Walmart....go to a reputable store and pay more and in the long run you will save money. Spending money and it is only good for 15 days is absurd. Also they should be required to verbally make you aware of their policy before you buy. I just threw out the window $100. for phone and they would not take it back or repair it. Where is AARP protecting seniors against this type of rip offs?

Posted by Mad customer

Walmart management changes the return policy according to theanagwment of that day. Now they say no receipt no return. Before it was 3 no receipt returns in a year. But you go to another location and they give you no problem. What's up with this crap. I've been a loyal Walmart customer for many years and this is the way they thank us . I might just switch to target they a a little higher in price but they are consistent and they don't have 30 registers and two are only open.

Posted by Anonymous

I've never had a return problem with Walmart until I returned a item I bought on line. They won't give me the sales tax backd I have the online receipt that shows I paid sales tax. The woman at customer service said they no longer give sale tax back on online returns. This happened at Walmart in Gulf Breeze Florida today and someone had the problem last week too. Waiting to see how they handle the problem after I called and complained.

Posted by Sharkgurl

I've shopped Walmart for years and have never had a problem returning merchandise. Ever. I've encountered rude and incompetent sales associates and managers but if you ask for the store manager, usually he'll take care of things. Remember to call Corporate office not customer service to get things handled! They'll take action against the store who will follow through and ya may even get a little more than ya thought for your troubles! Happy Returning!

Posted by checkedout

Walmart cannot afford to hire managers.....I know this because I have benn back consistantly for 2 weeks trying to return a phone.....and the only person available is a person that pretends to page a manager to no avail. When I ask they say he just left, doesn't matter the time of day!
The consumerist will work on it. I hope others learn not to buy electronics there!

Posted by Anonymous

As a person on limited income I will no longer shop at walmart because they will go to all limits to refuse to honor their products. A phone that only works for 3 weeks is just toooo bad because you only have 15 days to return it. I feel they should inform each person of this policy when they purchase it not pointing to the policy at the service desk when you try to return it. NO WONDER their profits go down every year! I will pay a little more for service elsewhere from now on.

Posted by Anonymous

ordered phone online did not work well took back to store gave money back minus tax why?

Posted by lessonlearned

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!If you plan on spending more than 10.00 on anything.....stay away from is all junk! Bought a T-mobile phone that worked for 3 weeks tried to return it after 20 days to no avail. Do not buy electronics or ect. at walmart unless you have money to throw away. There is never a manager around and I fully understand why they hide....because their company will not stand behind their products.

Posted by Stuck in Ga

Tried to return 2 items without receipt. Both items are clothing and "Faded Glory" tags and stickers are attached. Clothes were never worn. Store refused to take them back saying the register said "item not found". Tags have purchase price on them. The customer service people were belligerent and aggressive about their "no return" policy. Lack of training resulted poorly handled situation on Walmart's end. This is a case of discrimination anyway. I'm white and the store I tried to return the items to is 99% black. Both employees and customers. Never should have walked in the store.

Posted by Anurag

This is regarding the Order If you look into the item description it says ACCU-CHEK Compact Blood Glucose Test Strips, 51ct. When I went for store pick up, I found that item is not the same as item ordered. I mentioned the same to associate and he told me that he can't refund at the store pick-up and have to go to return counter to return the item. I immediately went to return customer care. Customer care told me that this item can not be refund as it is one of non-refundable items. I have been told to call customer support. I called them and I have been told this should refund at the store itself as this was picked from the store. During this whole issues, I was just going from one counter to another counter within Walmart.

Store manager told me that he can't help me. He told me that I should refused to accept that the pick-up. Initially person at pick-up refused to return and asked me to go to return counter. I am feeling cheated big time in Walmart. It is a mistake within Walmart associates and I'm suffering. I am with the item, I did not even order. Frustrated. I simply followed the instruction given by Walmart customer representative.

Feeling cheating and just cant do against such a gaint organization

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered an iPod online from received the box, the ipod wasn't in the box.

After countless hours or paperwork, faxing, sending, requiring me to file
a police report even though there was NO sign of theft and other documentation and 2 months later.... walmart ended up implying that I was lying and would not refund my $142.00. They CLAIM in the paperwork I received from them that the delivery weight was more than the shipping weight... validating to them the completed delivery of the iPod.

What??? ....So, I wasn't entitled to a refund on something I NEVER received.

Unbelievable. truly unbelievable. DO NOT BUY WALMART.


This is something you would expect from some slimy, flight by night thieves... not a large company like walmart....

Wait... On second thought... walmart is a slimy, flight-by-night thieving company.

Ron Rougeaux

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return an item to the walmart store that I received from walmart through Pay Pal Bill me later, I was told that they couln not accept item because I didnot have a credit card from pay pal. I have never received a card from they. After I got home I was reading again the return paper from walmart and it said the associate was to scan the bar code to begin the return, they did not even read this. If I take it back again will it be accepted if they scan item. No money is involved just a cancellation of purchase from my Bill me later account

Posted by Amanda

No where on the policy does it state that you can return anything without a receipt.
If there is no receipt, it can be put on a gift card IF that store has sold that item(which can be checked in the computer). Which is very nice considering most places require a receipt.

As for the dvds and games, if its opened you can exchange it for the same thing and that one has to be opened before leaving the store. That isn't policy that is Federal Copyright Law.

The 15 day return policy on electronics is put in place because that's all the manufacturers will allow to get full credit back for the item.

Posted by Cassie

Really humiliated by Walmart in pass christian ms! The policy states that a customer may return without a receipt . I was adviced by a employee in that store what was the best internet cable device to get and which one would work with my tv. I was sold two of the wrong ones ok no biggie! Tried to return understood I didn't have a receipt didn't expect to basically be accused of stealing,humiliated in front of other customer, followed by loss prevention and refused to be given a return receipt just stating how much was on my gift card !!! Told a higher manager and he didn't even apologize!!!! And the poor cashier got in trouble For calling him by the older lady's at customer service.Wow I'm a single mother with my 7 year old son whose developmentally delayed and my two year old !!!!by all means I have thirty minutes to stand there bc customer service lady's like to embarrass hardworking customers. Walmart is one of the only stores I guess supply and demand huh? I'll drive the extra couple miles to rouses. I don't need to spend my hard earned money at that store in pass christian ms

Posted by MadMomma

We have the same problem with our sons tablet. Worked for 2 months.Purchased from with 2 year replacement plan. We took it back to Walmark and were told about 15 day rule. If purchased Dec 1 and Christmas isnt until 25. My 15 days was over before gift was opened?? We were told we need to contact manufacture. But system says I can get a refund at store. Which didnt happen. We had all the paper work.Walmart days are over.We work to hard for our money to continue to buy junk they dont stand behind.

Posted by Upset MOM

I totally agree with GRANDMA. I recently found myself in the same situation. I purchased the tablet for my daughter as her main Christmas present, tried to return it to exchange it for one that actually worked. That's when I was as informed of their 15 day return policy on electronics, specifically the tablets. If I had known of the policy before I purchased it, I would have NEVER have made the purchase at that store to start with. Although I am sure thats why I was never informed of it. I have always understood their policy to be 30 days on electronics and 90 days on all other items. Of course, the tablet worked fine for the first two weeks--it was all downhill after the 14 day mark. Now, here my daughter sets without her Christmas present. That was what we considered in our household as her "big" present present too. Now she has to set and watch her siblings continue to enjoy their presents--while she has nothing. I feel so bad for her. She is heart broken. I have been a faithful customer at Wal-mart for as long as I can remember. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN. NEVER!! They ruined my daughter's Christmas this year--which means they ruined my Christmas as well.

Posted by GRANDMA

i purchased all my christmas gifts and all my electronics and all my needs at walmart, i purchse on line tablets and a ds for my grandson, 1 tablet is not charging,went to walmart to return or exchange, was told of a ridiculous 15day return policy, which on line there is not a place visible that you can see that otherwise i would never decide to purchase the tablets at walmart, i being a customer for years, i trusted walmart to refund or exchage the tablet, i will appreciate if you show your advertised customer appreciation and refund the cost of the tablet, now my poor 8yr old grandson is without his only christmas gift, since his mother is not working and i his grandma was the only one able to get him what he wanted.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a vacumn cleaner at Walmart sunday ( 1\12\14). I opened the box at home & discovered it was returned. The parts were thrown in and worse of all a Walmart bag (at the bottom) full apparently no one checks returns.WOW. Now I have haul it back.Tried to call & speak to a manager but no one picks up.

Posted by kalyn

I had bought 2 cannon combo packs and never opened them..when I checked my printer for the size they were not the right ones. I went into Walmart and told me that since I didn't have a receipt that they could not return them. Well I walked in -14 degrees outside 4miles to get to walmart to return them. I didn't enjoy the walk back. I went there for nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

I have some things to return for order number Please send what I need to return to I do not have a printer at home and need to print it at work. thanks

Posted by Carlton Refund Problem

I purchased a 40" Samsung TV online on the Black Friday sale. The total purchase was $444.11 including the insurance for 3 years. I returned the TV the same day I picked it up to the Ocoee, Fl store. the reason for returning same was the TV was too small for the space it was intended for. my credit card at Chase was credited for $402 including Tax for $24.57. there is a balance of $41.54 owing to me by Walmart. I would like you to refund this balance to me as soon as possible. I 've been to the Ocoee store,

Posted by Fed up

Walmart in bowie,MD.20716
Has the worst customer service, they all look like they hate their jobs, not friendly at all..Their customer sevice desks needs a makeover on their attitudes ..
Why are we still giving Walmart our business..They have this take it or leave it attitude towards customers..The cashiers are even worse,one of the most rude,never stocked,long lines cuz out of 20 stations they only have 3 open wal arts I know..I'd rather go too glen burnie, than 2 min too this One..

Posted by upset

I called customer service at walmart in northwest hwy and web chappel to ask a question about an exchange i had make. And the person who who i spoke with didnt answer my question at all and was being very rude...i was already upset and to have her hang up on me made me even more upset i called back to speak to a manager several time but no answer....she had no kind if customer service quality and my problem is still not solved :(:(

Posted by Anonymous

... line Monday. Got 2 bikes and a vacuum cleaner delivered today. Via Fed-Ex contractor who ... our vacuum back and we are not gouing to refund the cost of the bike until we get it back...NICE...GREAT SERVICE...TOTAL FAIL WALMART...Called the store in a town 18 miles away...they have the Bike...for more money...but they can't hold one for me...

Posted by Anonymous

... paper and an invoice... When I called to find out what was going on,Iwas told it was out of stock and wasn't available in any nearby stores either !!! But they were happy to give me a refund !!!! I didn't need a refund, I needed the sewing ...

Posted by StarryEyes

I purchased a bike and had it shipped site to store. I received a text message indicating that it was ready for pick up on 11/21. I went to the store and they said that the bike was there but, they couldn't find ... said they would contact me as soon as they found it. I waited a couple of days knowing that they would be busy for Black Friday. I contacted them on... and that something must have happened to it between being unloaded and entering the store. My guess is that it was stolen by an employee. He had to give me a refund and now I have to make the purchase all over again. I ...

Posted by OliviaPavy

... in along with my receipt when I returned for the holidays. I also emailed Walmart Money Card and tried to contact... card number and see what she could do. They told her to give me the refund in store, even though the receipt says you cannot. They gave her a reference/claim number... the sales associate, Ternerica, needed help on how to proceed with the refund since it was not allowed. A department manager, Sandra,... help and she just said we cannot refund for those and kept doing what she was previously... is not currently working. Remind you I went to the store on Friday November 23rd, So not only are...

Posted by Anonymous

... got TVs crom walmart. He was refunded the difference on TVs today but went I went to store Max said they were not giving anymore refunds for that 32 inch tv. If others including treated equally. I would like someone withauthorization refund me the difference as well. Sears on tv commercial 32 inch for $99 and I paid $148.00 at Walmart. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by bll

I bought a Kodak printer at Walmart on Corridor G. in South Charleston, WV, 11-05-12. Could and then an error message came up, all day I tried to get printer to work, it never worked. Went back to store, Saturday 11-17-12, went to customer ...I misplaced my receipt, but I had my statement from my debit card, which showed the transaction. They also...they would not refund my money, they would only exchange, or give me a gift card. I ... Walmart and will never shop there again, and I am terminating my Sam's Account as well.

Posted by Anonymous

... 3G or 4G. He gave me the receipt & I went to exchange it for another. When I got to Wal-Mart I was informed that I could only exchange it for 15 days after the purchase. When my husband checked out, no one mentioned the return policy. There is nothing on our receipt about their return policy....service desk. In bold big letters it states 90 day return policy. Mid way down the page and in small print is the electronic return policy. I am very upset. While I was at the..., two different times people came up to the desk for a cash refund & no receipt. How do they know they didn't ...

Posted by Nrsdbi

My daughter and 7 year old grand daughter went tho the Walmart on highland ave in San Bernardino, California at 6:30 pm. When the two returned to their car my daughter couldn't start her car. She ... off, leaving her and my grand daughter there alone!!! I called the Walmart store (because we live about a hour hour away in the mountains) and spoke to a store manager named Yvonne who was also rude to me and stated that anything about helping my daughter and grand daughter. I am HORRIFIED that Walmart or their employees would treat ANYONE like that!!! What if my...

Posted by Mary

...Walmart doesn't care about it's customers. I was in a Walmart in Washington State about a year ago and slipped on something ... the injuries. An accident report was filled out at the store. It went to a case manager who spoke to me ... to find out where it was at (without anyone ever returning my calls) I got a short note... to find out the date, time and store so they could "review... and with good intentions shop in their store, get injured through no fault... in my house, never mind a big store who invites customers to come into their store because they're such a great company. I've learned my lesson...

Posted by Anonymous

...packs Tylenol 24. Therefore only received 48 out of the 200 ordered. Walmart does NOT provide a phone number for the online orders. ... homebound. The email they sent was a generic email stating that I had to go to the store in person or mail the product back (Walmart requires that you mail it back at your own expense plus add insurance ... they might not 'receive' it - meaning they will not give a refund). My credit card company provided their 800 number and I ...and hard to even hear. They would not discuss either refunding the difference nor sending the rest of the order (I was even willing ...