Walgreens Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Walgreens below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Walgreens so others can benefit from what you learned.

Walgreens Return Policy

Items purchased at Walgreen's may be returned for a refund or exchange within 30 days after they are purchased. Refunds equaling the full purchase price of the items will be issued to customers who possess original receipts. Without receipts, customers will be given refund or exchanges in the amounts of the lowest price advertised. Refunds issued without receipts are only given as store credit and are refunded onto the customer's W card. Valid photo identification is necessary to receive a refund or to exchange merchandise. Phone cards, pre-paid card and gift cards are not eligible for refunds or exchanges unless state law specifies otherwise.

Consumers who want to return items purchased from Walgreens.com have the option of returning them via United Parcel Service or taking them to a nearby Walgreens store.

Returns and exchanges for specific items, particularly cosmetics and electronics, are handled on an individual basis by individual store managers. Refunds for these items are usually given in the form of a Walgreens gift card.

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Posted by Jo

Just tried to return item to Walgreens
Purchased 12-23-17
Made sure I got it back tonight before they closed
Manager came running towards d the door, " were closing!" I saw d good I just need a o return one item
So the girl behind counter says " nope! I'm s been 31 days" and proceeds to turn around nd and read a return store please look cute off the wall"
Wouldn't you think these two very young ladies would of appreciate their local customer and their jobs?
Next time I will just buy it for of amazon prime. I'm tired of looking stoning to the news say internet is taking out store fronts
There's a reason and this is one of them. There isn't any chance stoker service at Walgreens

Posted by jbow6652

Had a faulty men's groomer/trimmer product. Returned it to the store with the receipt but because I was two days past their 30 day return policy (due to me having the flu) they did not refund the cost ($43) to my debit card but put it on a Walgreens 'credit' card, kind of like a gift card. Should the Walgreen's staff have returned the cost to my debit card because the product was faulty? I'm not sure of my consumer rights here. So, anyway, I went online to check out other groomer/trimmers but the choice was more limited than in the store, so I found other products that I could purchase online because they weren't available in any store within a 25 mile radius of my home. Now, here's the thing I think people need to be aware of. The Walgreens 'credit' card they gave me, cannot be used for online purchases!!!! So, I called the helpline and they told me I could take a note of my product choices and get the staff in the store to put the online order through and I could pay with this card at the register. Great! I thought. It was not so great when I ended up spending an hour with them, trying to get it to work on the system. In the end, they gave up and told me to come back another time. So, I called the helpline again but was cut-off. Then I tried the online chat. Did not respond to me the first time, with me, typing "hello" several times, hoping for a response. Second attempt at online chat, I got a response. The Walgreens' employee told me the online ordering system for stores was down and wouldn't be available for 3-4 days. I should try then. Ridiculous for a big company like this to operate this way. I don't hold out much hope that their policies will change to assist consumers in the future despite giving them feedback asked for on a survey. I would highly recommend staying away from Walgreens stores and Walgreens.com to save yourselves future hassles such as this.

Posted by Just returning

I went to return an item at the Walgreens off Wilshire/Western station and I didn't have the receipt and I was told I couldn't return it without the receipt nor could I get store for lesser value sounds like the manager was making his own rules

Posted by Lisa K

I tried to return an item today, in the box, not opened with receipt. The receipt was dated 12/2/17 and today is 1/5/18. I could not get to Walgreens because there was a blizzard and the store was closed for days, the Manager told me that I could not return or exchange for store credit. The item is $10 and is still selling in the store as of today. I use Walgreens for all my family's prescriptions and as my go-to place to shop for cosmetics, etc. I will not be using them anymore.

Posted by Marie

Del City, OK Walgreens....Purchased a $50 Taco Bell gift card for my son-in-law's birthday 12-15. He tried to use it a few days later and it was declined, they told him it was never activated. I took it back and asked if they could activate it, and they would not do anything.I called Taco Bell, they said it never had money put on it. I called Walgreens, they told me to get the electronic journal and send that. It is now 3 weeks, and they are "investigating" it, and I am out $50! This is a bunch of BS!! They have all the information, they could at least give me an activated card while they work out their problems!! I will never buy gift cards at Walgreens again!!

Posted by Hockey 22

Went to Marshfield Ma Walgreens to return some Milax i had bought. It did not work at all for my daughter. I had the product and the receipt. There was some problem with the scanner it would not let them scan the receipt. The boy Ryan was his name was awesome he said it dosen't seem to be working i will get my assistant manager. She came up and said its not working so you are just going to have to keep the product, I said I have the slip its been less than 30 days I want my money back. She said there is nothing I can do. I said that makes no sense at all I have every thing. She said you can come in and talk to Manager tomorrow . I said I have been here for 15 minutes your in the wrong. I just want my money back. She said I can not give to you. I said I work at a supermarket and when a customer comes in with a receipt and the product we give them there money back. I dont think I will ever shop in your store again/ It was embarrassing standing there and she kept on saying I don't know what you want me to do. I want something done about this. I am so disappointed with your company. You don't make people who shop in your store feel like this. I did nothing wrong your assistant Manager did.

Posted by Bbw

"I dont need it" I bought the wrong color, I lost my receipt....this is a customer problem not walgreens responsibility. If u have proof of purchase and return according to policy theres no problem. Other retailers are very picky about returns and good luck returning items any other place without a receipt. Walgreens offers a gift card for returns without receipts, try that at walmart or cvs!! Take some responsibility as customers and get ur acts together jeez. Theft and dishonesty is rampant and unfortunately this affects retail prices and return policies for all retailers.

Posted by Employee

For those confused about points and store credit, if you dont have a receipt and did not use your walgreens card or if it was purchased over 30days ago then you get store credit. Also if they said they checked their system it only shows for their particular store so if you bought it at another store then it wont show up and they really are not supposed to take it because of the high rate of scams going around. Points are tricky though in that if it were a $20 item and you used $5 worth of points then you get $5 on a store credit and $15 of your actual money back. But if you bought a $5 item and used $20 in points on your original transaction then you get a $5 store credit. Points are essentially free store credit that walgreens gave you to spend back in the stores so its not all of your actual money being spent. So if you use that store credit and make a return youre only going to get store credit back.

Posted by Kharrison

I was the victim of an internet scam involving gift cards from iTunes. I was given a list of things and documents to submit to get a refund. I have been chasing down Walgreens daily. The consumer relations departments have no idea what's going on nor will they refer you to the next chain of command. Chiquita is condescending and rude and the others that I've dealt with just sound bored with your dilemma. I am out $500 that was supposed to go towards rent for a supposed partnership with AirBnB. Walgreens is quick to take your money but slow to return it or even give you a ballpark timeframe as to when you can expect resolution.

Posted by Fisrant

I returned an item to the Monroe,la store with the original receipt and was told I'm not going to keep giving y'all cash when you return stuff. Cash was he got of payment that was tendered at the time of sale 600s worth of merchandise bought b my mother who suffers from depensia alzehimers . I had already told this rude manager that I had a couple more things to bring back and the reason. I haven't been in that particular store in quite some time because if the rude and aggressive Manor in which she treats the customers

Posted by Erin

I went to return some merchandise today that was over 30 days. The manager said it was about $80 worth of product but there was nothing she could do for me. What? I don't understand why they couldn't give sale price like other stores do. Just another reason I no longer shop there.

Posted by Mark

They have to be the only store that won't take something back after 30 days. Ridiculous! I will go out of my way to NOT SHOP HERE anymore

Posted by Anonymous

I went to return 2 items without a receipt. A guy came took the 2 items. And went to check his system. He didn't ask for anything but that he had to check his inventory. I went to the back room and came back with an inventory list stating his store or the whole district has not sold them items in the last day or months.i asked if wanted to take my ID or know the price I purchased it for. He stated he was not able to take the items back or give me and credit or exchanges. He basically accused me of trying to steal a couple dollars of merchandise so I can be humilated for stealing?!!!! I was so embarassed. I donated stuff bought from Walgreens all the time. Never will I ever have someone look at me and my race (Asian) and assume I stole something. My 2nd time there and I will never shop there agaun! Location: East Wash Ave. Walgreens in Madison, WI Associate: Jacob

Posted by Anonymous

Can a liquor item be returned to Walgreens? I have the receipt and it was brought 3days back.

Posted by countesspowers12

Well, I had to return 2 adhesive bandages that my mother did not need. She didn't have the original receipt (she threw it away). She asked if I would return them for her, telling Mr a store credit would be fine. So I went in to my local Walgreen's and the cashier had to contact the manager on duty because I did not have the receipt. He came up, I explained my situation, and without a word spoken to me, he grabbed both bandages (still I'm original packaging) and went to the back office. I asked Tue cashier what was up, and she said that they have to check their system to make sure these items were sold in that particular store. They've had to update their policy due to people scamming them, stealing produce to receive giftcards, etc... I truly felt like they were targeting me as a scammer and because the manager didn't explain what he was doing, and what the cashier told me, I became uncomfortable. After 5 minutes or so, the manager came back to the register with a printed report, and he then told me that he had to check the price the bandages. So in the end, I received a shopping $10 on a gift card, but was made to feel uncomfortable and like I was being targeted as a their! Moral of the story, kids: KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!!!!!

Posted by Concern Constumer

I brought a greensdot (moneypak) from Walgreens on Thursday of last week to pay a bill through PayPal. When I went to register my card it said on the website that it doesn't do PayPal anymore. I'm like what in the world and I have a bill do. So, I went back to Walgreens to get my money back and the sales persona said I had to call the number that's on the card mind you I looked at the card for a number and didn't see one to call. I asked could I get my money back he said the same thing instead of getting a manger for me. I need my money back so I can pay my bills I work to hard for my money. I need answe ASAP

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible service at the Walgreens in Inglewood. It's ridiculous the policies change per city you visit. Will Tomas needs better training and I expect better from a manager. Ridiculous

Posted by Smart Girl not a dummy like SMDH

In response to the ignorant person using smdh as their user ID...FYI.....there are those of us who do not posses a rewards card for Walgreens and pay with cash. Ever think of that idiot. We are all Shaking OUR Damn Heads at you fool.

Posted by Olly79

How does it work when you return something you got points for, but already spent the points? Do they just out me in the negative or do they deduct it from my refund?

Posted by Miss fox

Tried to return foundation and powder that was all wrong for me color wise. Purchased it 3 days prior and had receipt. They said store policy changed and makeoup can no longer be open to exchange or return. Disappointed. If you had this policy for so long that you could you might want to make it policy to say that if the purchaser opens it that they wil not be able to return it. Thank you.

Posted by Chuck

On a Saturday, my mother purchased a carton of cigarettes. Because she is somewhat blind, she failed to notice that the clerk gave her regular cigarettes and not the 100s she asked for. The next day, I went to exchange them and was told by the manager that is against the law, even if an employee made the error. Could you please cite this law in Florida that states that is so. I've lived here 39 years and have never heard of it.

Posted by Preschool Teacher

I am a preschool teacher. One of my parents bought 4 packages of twizzlers for our St Patrick's day party. They did not get the rainbow kind like we needed. They left the receipt in the bag so i went to Walgreens to exchange them but they didn't have what we needed. So I asked for a refund. The sale lady refund them for me but did not bother to tell me that the money would go back on the account it was paid for. So now i cant take the money and go buy the kind we needed. So I let my parents know so they could make sure the money was back in their account and I spent my own money to buy what we needed. If she would have told me what she was doing before she did it I could at least swap it for something else for our party so that our parents didn't have to go back to the store again. She was the only one up front working and 4 people were in line and 2 people were needing help at the photo counter.

Posted by Dania

Hi, today I wheat to my local walgreen to buy some Duo eyelash glue when I got home and opened the package it was empty

Posted by Susan

Question - If I made a purchase at one Walgreen's am I able to return it at another location?

Posted by L.Q.

Great!, bought some things and after running a few more errands I finally get home. When I unpack the things I bought at Walgreens I notice I'm missing an item. Checked my receipt and I paid for it. Called the store and after leaving me on hold for a while, they told me there was nothing there and that if I decided to claim it, I needed to bring my receipt and talk to a manager. The item cost less than $4 and errors can happen, but this stinks! I mean, it may have cost $1, but it's still money I spent. Is it wrong to think that I shouldn't claim this because it has no greater value??

Posted by Komal singh

As an ex employee of the company it's embarrassing when other managers try to lie about the policy as I stood in line to make a purchase at 42&7 I overheard a customer trying to make a return without the receipt the manager told the customer he cannot return the product because he felt the rite to not do the return the customer showed him the return policy and he told the customer that's the policy for when you have a receipt not when you steal it I so which that customer had recorded him because Walgreens would have been paying a heavy fine for accusing customers..

Posted by Rosold

Apparently now they're 30 day return policy also is time of day sensitive as well. SO- if you purchase an item at noon, then try to return at 1pm on the 30th day, you will be offered store credit only. SHOW ME THAT POLICY IN WRITING WALGREENS!!! AND A MANAGER THAT SAID SHE HAD NO ABILITY TO OVERRIDE THE SYSTEM. YEP, NOT A SINGLE PERSON BELIEVES YOU! Not that time of purchase should even be included in refund eligibility - but I was within the same hour of the original purchase!! Another lost customer.

Posted by BigAl33

I purchased a itunes gift card today I lost it but still retain the receipt. I called apple they told me that I cannot receive credit for the card because I bought it from Walgreens and under their terms. I've have not used it because I lost it. telling the truth can Walgreens help me? I have the receipt can I receive refund it was a 25 dollar gift card or is that not refundable like Apple support told me?

Posted by Why Today1

Will Walgreens take back sd cards? I purchased the wrong size.

Posted by Antique

West Monroe, Louisiana
Yes, Walgreens return policy is very negitive. I purchased an item for $18.86. The refund value is $16.99. Go figure that one out. I will not go back to Walgreens. I learned my lesson.

Posted by Rhiannon Jaramillo

Ok so I need to return an item I bought about 10 days ago because I really need the money for more important things. I did not think I would be returning this item though so I ripped up the receipt and tossed it. Surprisingly enough I found every last peice of it and taped this receipt back together perfectly. Will they accept my taped up receipt and do the return?

Posted by NG

Bought a sitz bath from Walgreens never got to use it that same day because the water bag leaked. Took it back to the store the next day with my original receipt for a refund but was told I can only get store credit because I used my rewards card during the purchase. I told the young lady I dont want store credit I want my money back. She called the manager on the phone and the manager told her to say my only option was store credit. I asked to see the manager and I was told she can see me in 20 minutes. I immediately retrieved my receipt back from the clerk and left the store to call the corporate office. They acknowledged that I should have received a refund with my Original receipt the next day and they will contact the store to make sure I do get it. The policy is on the back of all the receipts. No where does it say if you use a rewards credit you can only return an item and get store credit. So disappointed!

Posted by Larry Parker

Worst Store, Employees and Corporate Office... I'll never spend another dime at any of their locations

Posted by Anonymous

This is by far the worst company to deal with, i went to and purchased a gift card, service was horrible and employees were not knowledgeable about products. So got home and had the cards a few days and i tried to return them for a return and the manager was very unprofessional and didnt help with the matter. So Ive been calling corporate and their just as incompetent as their stores...my money hasnt been refunded yet and its three months so far.After that, i will shop at any Walgreens

Posted by DAIL

My favorite Walgreens would not let me get a refund or exchange product. Yes i misplaced my receipt but i used my debit card and rewards card with it. It is a blood pressure monitor. Just disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

Why did the cashier refuse to let me exchange a 12 pack of beer? I bought the wrong kind and returned to the store within 30 seconds.

Posted by Smdh

Do you people really think managers "pretend" to look up sales from the rewards phone number? You have got to be kidding me. Ok, first you come in with something that could have been bought ANYWHERE and you have no receipt then you are asked did you buy it at this location within the last 30 days? The answer is yes or that your moms, uncles,dad bought it here.... ok... Go ahead and put in your rewards number for a sale look up. NO TRANSACTION FOUND AT THIS LOCATION IN THE LAST 30 DAYS. It means that you did NOT buy that item here in the last 30 days using that rewards number! That is no ones fault but your own. So take it back to the walmart or wherever you originally bought it from and forgot about that part and stop crying on here acting like managers are "pretending" to look sales up. Obviously, if you can produce a rewards number that has that sale on it there is NO REASON TO THINK YOU STOLE IT! Good grief! It's just a huge conspiracy right? I guarantee if you test it out and you go into a Walgreens and you buy something using your rewards card, go back in 2,5,8,12 or 29 days later without the receipt, they will find your transaction using that same rewards card number that you used to buy it and they will give you your return. it's not walgreens, it's the dumb people that think they can just return anything anywhere no matter where or when they bought it or stole it. Get it together peoplr.

Posted by SuthernBelle

As a Walgreens employee, I can tell you with 100% certainty that the return/exchange issues you're having are due to lack of training. Clerks not only have the ability to correct the purchase item price to match the return item, but are OBLIGATED to do so! Also, if a BOGO item has only one remaining, the clerk MUST correct the single item to match the value of the sale.
The next time you have a return, ask for the manager on duty.
I'm sorry you've had so much trouble, but I hope this helps in the future!

Posted by bonniebes

Walgreens--or at least my local one--does not understand the concept of an "even exchange." I wanted to exchange an item for the identical item in a different shade. I had bought the item on sale. They wanted to charge me the difference in price because it was no longer on sale. ??? Also, on BOGO 1/2 off, if you need to exchange one, you'll need to take back both items, only to buy one of them right back because of the "return value" printed on the receipt. Otherwise you will lose money in the exchange.

This is very unfortunate because I much prefer my local Walgreens to my local CVS, but their inability to deal with exchanges in a common sense way is making me rethink the issue.

Posted by Anonymous

I hate this place. Thought it was ok at first until i had to return something i didnt emd up needing and i didnt have a receipt. Came in and the chick at the register tried looking it it up with my phone number and said nothing was bought within thirty days, thats crap because i bought it about 3 weeks ago. I know their tricks, i worked at a drugstore before and she probably played it off cuz she probably thought i stole it for some reason . So then i asked for a manager. And the guy that came up was very unproffesional. His pants were below his ass and his shirt rode up his back. He did not help me at all, he kind of just stood there and mumbled about the policy. Then he went back for a few minutes and came back saying that he checked their stock inventory and that it said the product had not been bought for 3 months. Thats crap. You guys obviously cant track any of your products and dont know how to do your job. Just this specific manager. And there customer service is horrible. He then mentioned loss prevention as if hinting i took the dam product. Dont tell me about loss prevention! I worked that! I know how it works. Oh and this is the store on military in federal way.

Posted by Anonymous

I attempted to return the Osteo bi-flex to Walgreens on Eubank and Central and was advised by person in the Pharmacy department that they did not take mail orders. This is very disappointing that they could not add it to their inventory and give me the refund.

Posted by Muswick

I will NEVER shop at a Walgreens again! Their customer service is abominable! When trying to exchange a buy-one-get-one-free, the MANAGER first told me I had to go home and the other vitamin bottle I bought. What?!?! There is the same bottle on the shelf - go back and get it to scan it! (what an imbecile) Then they told me I couldn't exchange the "free" one because sale was over! WHAT?!?!?! I told them that didn't make sense, and the MANAGER copped an attitude, got in my face, and said, "Why doesn't that make sense?" Because I have a receipt from a transaction from when the item was purchased, idiot. The clerk just looked at me saying nothing... Now, looking at their Return Policy, they cover their butts by saying at the very end of the policy "We reserve the right to refuse a return." Bull. NEVER.GOING.BACK! Now that I think about, I may try to return the vitamins without a receipt and see what happens. Beware!!!

Posted by Ilovetolive

Walgreens in Patterson Ca most employees working at this location need a class on their own companies return policy along with COUPON POLICY. These people rally together to tell you cannot use walgreens coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Walgreens coupon policy is You can combine the two coupons. They want to make you feel ignorant for this reason Im going to do them a favor and give them a copy of Their place of employments Coupon and Return policy,. Lets see how they like it.

Posted by Anonymous

If Someone Received A Gift Or Holiday Item And Needed To Return It Could The Refund 30-day Rule Be Extended To Include More Time? Under Any Circumstances?

Posted by pinkymd

I called & spoke to a person on the phone. She gave Me walgreens.com/returnlabel......go to order deatails.....order #....zip code.....
Where the heck is that website?
Nothing directs Me to order details, etc.

Posted by dforgan

I picked up a prescription from Walgreens on a Wednesday that my doctor has sent in on Tuesday. I picked the medicine up and when I got home I discovered they gave 2 prescriptions that I no longer take. I removed them from the auto refillmonths ago. I went back on Thursday to return the medicine and they said they could not take the medicine back since it left the store. They told me that the doctor was sent a form to get the ok to refill these two medicines. They gave me a copy of the forms. Did not look at them until I got home and they said that they are voided all over the forms. They kept telling me the doctor had them refilled. They can not even read the forms thy get. That is scary. I have to see the store manager and see if he will take them back on Tuesday. No one could do it for me and now I have to go back again on Tues. This is at Elmwood and S. Clinton st, Rochester, NY

Posted by Anonymous

I returned an item without a receipt so I was given a store credit. At first I war pleased until I found out at the register that I couldn't purchase most of my items with that card! I do not blame management nor the employees, it's not their fault & they were very sympathetic...they felt bad that a single mom with no other way to pay, couldn't even buy a few gallons of milk for my baby because of their stupid policies! Restrictions on buying milk with a store credit!!! Come on...absolutely ridiculous!

Posted by Anonymous

Haven't read anything good here and I'm glad I checked this out. Thanks to everyone for alerting me to avoid any purchases at Walgreens !!!

Posted by Grandma

Bought a Christmas gift for my grandson and it was broken,took it back to store for refund and it was over the 30 day

Policy so they would only give me store credit which did me no good, since I wanted to buy another gift for him and that gift was no longer avalible,so grandma gets store credit and grandson is out of a gift.Really some people do buy early for Christmas! And I was 30 days to early for my refund. And have a Merry Christmas to you Walgreens!! And I did have my receipt. State rd. 54

In Land o lakes fl.

Posted by Anonymous

Returning to Walgreens is horrible! Never buy anything online it is a wild goose chase to get an address to send it back!
Especially when they put the wrong packing slip in the box!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

4:41 pm today bought three pair of readers at Walgreens. I came home removed the tags. Noticed one pair the stem was lose. I did not try two pair on because they all were the same strength. I threw two of the tags away. Kept the one to return. Got back in my car went back to Walgreens. The girl said I had to bring all three pair in for them to ring them up correctly. I said I do not have the tags. She said they would take them back if they could match up with the other glasses on display. I said here is the receipt. All I want to do is replace this pair.Seems strange they want me to return all three pair so the can not mess their system up? Crazy. I would love to know the policy with a receipt do you have to have the item that you are not returning? Walgreens is not close to where I live so now a third trip back to Walgreens.

Posted by will

What if don't have your receipt but just want to exchange for any one?

Posted by Anonymous

Paid by check two weeks ago. Returned merchandise with receipt today. They refused to give me my money back citing the "drawer did not open" when they typed in my receipt information. They insisted giving me a credit to my checking account. I asked them not to touch my account; their access was to withdraw only not to issue credits. Three angry clerks trying to explain "the system" had changed and would not give me cash back. Eight hours later I have a "credit" that is not showing up in my account and Walgreens has the merchandise. I am out both.

Posted by xxx

I am a tourist from Taiwan. This August 23,I returned MOVE FREE, but you haven't returned the money to me yet. I have contacted your employee, Nick, of customer relations, but he seems to reject to further reply me even he still does not understand your mistake.
You have to pay attention that the money you refund to my credit card is the money of Osteo Biflex that was charged by your employee's mistake. The Item I returned was MOVE FREE not OSTEO BI-BLEX HRBL FORM/TURMRC80s . (SEE YOUR RECEIPT)
I have been waiting for your further and satisfactory reply over and over. PLESE REPLY ASAP.

An angry and disappointed customer
Chiung Hua Huang

Posted by sandy

I think that putting restrictions on what can be bought with a return gift card is terrible....it is my money I should be able to spend it on what I want not what you want me to.

Posted by Desilarki

Firstly, to all the people that are complaining here, how many times have you guys complained when you guys went to other retailers and they refused your return because they didn't carry the item, you didn't have the receipt, you opened the product, etc etc. I have Been to target for refund recently, I didn't have the receipt, but i had to open the product to see if it works, I was refused the return, I spoke to the store manager and District manager, and they said they can't take the return because it was open and i didn't have the receipt. Another time I had went to Best Buy and I wanted to refund a DVD that I had Bought which i went back to refund because it had scratches and my dvd player didn't play it, Went back after 20 minutes of purchase, I was told nope, no return first, then after series of arguments i was given ONLY half of my money back because i opened it. See I had complained about both the stores, nothing happened. Coming to Walgreens, I had done refund before, where i had lost my receipt, and Manager looked it up to see if the item was on sale, and told me, hey the item was on sale and i could give you back on sale price, heck I agreed and took that, it's better then getting nothing or throwing it away. BUT Right behind me there was a guy who took the Bottles of Prevagen the vitamins, straight from the shelves and came to return it, no receipt, I had seen him taking them from shelf, so I told the manager hey don't do the refund, he took it from shelf. The guy ran out of the store with one bottle of pervagen, So it's the guys like that because of who we get to go through hassle and grumps and grinds. I Felt like fighting the guy because it was not fair on Business but also not fair on Consumers like many of you here that are honest and want to return their products without any hassle.

Posted by J

i returned an item and received a card for store credit. When I went back to use it, they would not accept it on part of my purchase, They ended up voiding the purchase. i don't plan to go back. Bad way to do business. Now I'm stuck with $22.45 store credit that I will not use.

Posted by Jessica

I'm wondering if the store will refund me for a prescription that I didn't realize was unnecessary until after I received word from the doctor's office but had already paid $150.00 for it. I have not even opened the little paper bag it's in or touched it at all. It was just picked up a couple hours ago.

Posted by Bek.M.Illa

I'm reading all these comments and it sounds like, unfortunately, it is the employees at the actual stores making the returns so hard on everyone. I live across from Walgreen in Hermitage TN. The Walgreen is 4001 central pike hermitage. I spend Alot of money at that store. I buy everything there. When something is not what I expect it to be, I take it back. (With my original receipt of course) I have never ever had a problem at this store. I have opened makeup to find the wrong shade and returned for all My cash back. Have bought toys that didn't work, or that my daughter hated, and have received all my money back. Its unfortunate that these stores are giving people such a hard time. But I want to say that it's not Walgreens that is the problem. It's the individual employees. And I save all my receipts always. So usually never have a problem anywhere. When you can prove you bought an item w cash, there isn't really much else to do besides give you a refund. Thank you to MY WALGREENS for being great to your customers.

Posted by disappointed

I went into the walgreens in avalon park fl.my mother bought the wrong sunscreen and the product was unopened and i was trying to return the sunscreen for a refund.i had the original receipt that the product was bought with(cash purchase)they refused to refund the money because i did not know the phone number or have the walgreens reward card that corresponded with the transaction.after leaving the store i.called my mother and she informed me that she uses her friends phone number when making purchasss to receive the walgreens rewards.i.have reviewed the walgreens return.policy regarding cash purchases and returns made with an original receipt.no where does it say that you have to provide your walgreens reward information when making a return.the shift lead.crew members name.was brandon fey.he was rude and did not know his stores policy and refused to abide by his employers policy regarding returns.this employee is making his own rules up.and is not following walgreens.corporate procedures.he was discriminative.walgreens needs to.do.something to hold there employees accountable.this is crazy

Posted by An

I need help, did anybody know if i purchase item and pay with coupon and points and i want returning the item i bought they will accept that? how it work? i mean they will return full amount or they just returning my total and take it out amount of the coupon? please help..

Posted by Eg

Will never shop there again asm called me a thief cause I didn't had my receipt, and straight out denied my return and I was going to exchange my item for something more expensive

Posted by Anonymous

I have worked at Walgreens for about 6-7 months now. The fine print on your receipt, the policy, and management all play a role on how your experience will go.

I've been to Walgreens where they do as much possible to benefit the store, not the customers. I noticed these experience take place in cities that are developing (high crime rates), so it's like they are expecting shady people to come into their store to do no good.

I work in a city that is more...developed... and my managers have always stressed the importance of customer service. We have been opened about 5 years and are making a huge impression getting noticed with good service.

From what I've observed at my Walgreens:

1. We accept returns on just about everything; new, used, old, nearly empty (we limit on near-empty products).
2. If it's used, we simply send it to the manufacturer for a replacement.
3. If it's a seasonal item, we will accept it.
4. If it's an item we don't carry, we will accept it, and management will make an effort to make room to make a new spot for it.
5. No receipt? We will look up your transaction with your balance rewards card or credit card. Last resort, we call our manager to do the return.
6. Purchased an item that was on clearance? We will accept it.

I've never seen any of my shift leaders refuse a return, regardless that it was some broken electronic piece costing up to $70.

If the return amount hits $10, we need your first and last name as basic info. If the amount hits (I believe) $30, we need manager approval to do the return. This requires more information, such as your name, address, zip and phone number.
Sometimes the cashier will simply ask for the info, sometimes we ask for ID because we don't want other people to hear your personal information.

Anyway, who ever is manager/shiftleading at the time also has a lot to do on how your experience will turn out. I've been denied a return before because the product I've used was 'opened', or because the store doesn't carry the item, therefore they will have no place to put it. Those stores don't want to deal with extra work, having to do stuff like send used/damaged items to the manufacturer and what not. If really lazy, they accept the return and put it back on the shelf without inspecting it.

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Returned a $46 item with receipt within 5 days of purchase. Was given only an in-store credit rather than a refund. Will shop at Walmart next time. They have a real return policy

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What it boils down to is that Walgreens lie About the reason they cannot give refund or store credit with out a receipt My experience Was that I bought one of those as seen on tv items that was totally a gimmick and did not do anything it claimed besides that I lost my receipt it happens I live directly across the street from Walgreens I spend a lot of money there I'm there every other day and as soon as the cashier sent me to the manager regarding my return I knew I was going to have trouble my item was opened but I put back as it was in the box exactly when I purchased it. and the manager pretended to look up my recent transactions from my rewards card phone number and told me I had not purchase that item. When I know I didn't he pretty much call me a liar and a thief from what I'm starting to understand and they turn away anybody without a receipt I probably lose good customers like myself all the time. Plus they still sell cigarettes Walgreens is the worst pharmacy out of them all worst horrible I only shop there for convenience but No more.

Posted by Sue in Southbury

First of all I really want to comment about the person/pig that said F walgreens along with Lick m. b... Grow up, people may think these things and want to say these things but to post them on a public page, just shows how well educated you are and probably live on the other side of the tracks.

I returned a lip liner because of color and did not have a receipt, I exchanged it for the color I needed. Before I could do an even exchange, I needed to give the cashier the CT state sales tax for the item that I was returning. It was only .0625 on a dollar but it wasn't the amount, it was the idea. I never ever heard of such a thing. I recently asked Walgreens about this policy and I was told that it is a Walgreens policy not a state policy. So now I am on the internet trying to locate it in writing, again it is the principle of this issue.

Posted by Jalvez

I had bought a cast cover for my grand son in July 2015. The pa large has never been opened and I still have the receipt. Would I still be able to return it if nothing more then store credit. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I had recently bought the walgreens brand pull ups for my son. The product is terrible. They are paper thin amd rip every time you pull them up. I had bought two packages of them. I went to my local walgreens to exchange the second unused package without a receipt and they refused me. Said that I have to exchange them and the location that I had purchased them at. I have worked retail my entire life and i believe the store should exchange the product if the customer isnt satisfied. Especially if its their name brand product! I will not be wasting anymore of my hard earned money at walgreens.

Posted by toy

Black customers get hit hard if they even walk in the store stop stero typing plz

Posted by Mili

Just bad, bad. Bought something and came back like 5 ten min. Later because my husband had bought the same product at a cheaper price. I had the recip and the product was not open.. clerk ask for my id and tried to scanet with the merchandise scanet a few times.. I felt like she look at me li le a criminal.. I ask her why do you need my id? She said the company. is asking for it .. So I told her here I have nothing to hide so I gave it yo her and she keep trying to scan it...omg and she keep trying so i asker why so she did not answers me ., finally starded typing my information. And she said for every return ven if you have your receipt you need your id.. Oooo!! Is that stated in the return policy????? Horrible she walks behind customers al around the store!!

Posted by Anaheim Shopper

Tried to return a brand new unused item without a receipt today due to being a gift. Manager at my local Walgreens refused to return for store credit stating due to no movement of this item in there direct store and they dont carry that item. Said she can't return or mess up there system count. Went to isle where they carry that item and they did have the same exact item in her store. I think the Walgreens should put on there receipts and stores. NO RETURNS IF NO RECEIPT. First time trying to return anything at walgreens and wont shop here again. Also manager told me to go try to return at other Walgreens stores and if they have movement/sales on the same exact item they MIGHT return. Im not going to waste gas driving store to store for a $10 item.

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I need to return a medical history bracelet blue x-small price $19.99 I need a med size and I would rather have a red one

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I have NEVER been turned away from returning an on-line article. I've looked thru all of Walgreens returning an item and I cannot get an authorization to do so. I have to call a shipping company to arrange for that. I have no authorization tag so I cannot return the items. I am a care giver for my husband and, I too am disabled. That is the only reason I order on-line because of its assability. However, I will never order from Walgreens again. I need service and they don't provide that. Donna Wiebe, Oregon

Posted by nancyomystic

...was nasty, rude and left me feeling like a common criminal. We have the same medication filled at the Walgreens at US 1 and Prima Vista in Port St. Lucie Flordia. While I realize and totally understand ... not been asked for the reason my husband takes the medication. I did not receive an answer. She returned the prescription and she walked away from the drive in window, not even giving me a...are very careful and have the medication filled at the exact time a new prescription would be available for processing by our insurance. I am still speachless at her behavior and attitude. What a shame that ...

Posted by Lolly

I just returned from the drive-up window at the Walgreens n Peru, Illinois. I was the third car in line. After a long wait, the car in front of me backed up and left.... not completed until 2:58! This is not the only time that transactions have taken this long. Either Walgreens needs to increase staff, or give them training on how to appropriately use the drive-up facility. ...

Posted by poohbear

Your Sunday ad, 4-8-12 said prints 10 cents each. Went today to order some prints, from memory card and disk. Had great help from the cashier with my questions, and when I entered my coupon number for the prints I ordered it would not accept it. Asked cashier and he said he would take care of it when I came back to pick-up my order ( 1 hour) returned and the order came up wrong the cashier tried entering the code number again and it didn't work. He did a few other things and those did not work, so he looked at the ad again and in...

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... the second time Walgreens has refused to fill a valid prescription that I have presented to the store. My father is seventy years old and very ... not fill due to running out of the medication and I returned on this Tuesday as told and the script had not been... a pain medication that is so common and Walgreens should have in stock at all times. I had a brother... no problem selling to us and taking our money. Are we lying as customers about those too? He ... medications regularly would be treated this badly by your pharmacy store!!! Ridiculous!!! And, I guess people with cancer are treated...

Posted by kmel

...items (the same price) refunded back to my credit card so I thought. When I checked my bank statement only one item was refunded. May bank said it had to be tracked down by Walgreen's (like the RFN #'s) When I went back to the store to tell them, they treated me ...never called me back. My husband later went to another Walgreen's to get an ink refill. I went back a second time ... passed. I tried it again and got the same error. Walgreens has really really bad customer service.

Posted by anonymous

... a prescription for a narcotic come up missing at the local Walgreen's. I have contacted Corporate twice now regarding the..., and have gotten no where, and no returned calls. I want someone to view the tape of ... after I dropped off the paper script. Why is Walgreen's not taken this matter more seriously? Any...