Vtech Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Vtech below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Vtech so others can benefit from what you learned.

Vtech Return Policy

VTech's return policies vary depending on the channel through which the purchase was originally made.

Retail Stores

Any purchase made at a retail store can be returned to the original place of purchase for an exchange or refund, according to the retailer's policy. As refund/exchange policies vary from one retailer to the next, the customer should check their purchase receipt or contact the retailer's customer service department for further information.

VTech Website, Service Center and VTech Consumer Sales

Items purchased through the VTech Service Center, Consumer Sales or Website may be returned or exchanged 30 days following the date of purchase. The customer will be responsible for return shipping charges on all products, with the exception of defective merchandise. Customers who wish to return an item will need to contact the VTech Consumer Sales and Service Center by phone at (800) 595-9511 to obtain shipping instructions and a return authorization. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization.

Credits and reimbursements will be processed once an item has been received by the VTech Returns Center.

Customers located in Canada will need to contact VTech Canada at 1-800-267-7377 for return instructions and to obtain a return authorization.

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Posted by gcgray

to who it concern
We purchase a CS6771-3 ON 2/21/2017 took it back 2 days pass the 14 days limit.as we live 45 miles from BestBuy .so we wrote you this same letter and no respond. I am sending you another letter I would like to have some kind of respond as to what I can do. We did purchase a senior citizen from vtect.and like it
thank you
Janice & garnett gray

Posted by gcgray

To who it may concern
I purchase a DS6771-3 on 2/21/17 so the reason for a return was the letters was so small I could not read them. As we live 45 miles away from Lexington we didn't get to return until 2 days pass the 14 days limit, so the BestBuy store refuse to issuer a refund. We have purchase a senior citizen easy to read and we like it really well. We would like to return for money back would like to receive a address so we could return it
thank you
Janice & garnett gray

Posted by sara

It took approximately an hour to talk to the representative while waiting on phone. It was regarding the cordless phone set that the display light was so dim that I can't see the numbers I was dialing. I ordered the replacement online. They told me that they will send me a free shipping label within 24 hours . I waited and checked my E mail I did not received yet. I will call again tomorrow. I hope I don't have to wait for 1 hour waiting for the rep. For my pharmacy and home I always ordered from v tech. This time I was disappointed to see the quality of the product. But still I ordered my other set and waiting for the delivery. Please improve your services. This will affect your business.

Posted by BRODU

Please disregard my request for a refund as I was finally able to transfer files after usb port began to recognize device. THank you for your time.

Myra Broussard

Posted by shaundsf

... resolve simple issues like not receiving the entire order. After paying for expedited shipping I only received half of my order. They sent the.... They told me they can't refund because that was UPS's charge. Well they are the ones who took my money and it was through their ineptitude that my order was sent somewhere else. Don't buy from VTech. They simply could care less. They got my money and now I am SOL.

Posted by Anonymous

... status still said " Processing " after spending a day looking for a number to call I got in touch with someone. I asked what was the expected shipping date. She told me it would ship... asked if i could step up my shipping. She told me no . So i... your order and refunded your money,the warehouse is currently out of stock but they ... Well I called them and asked for free 2 day shipping for my troubles and got ... you ?? lol ) Even after I put a SD card in the inno tab they still wont ...ever come across another company that is affiliated with vtech I will band them as well. Customer service ...

Posted by Anonymous

...7th it went on sale for $77.25. I called vtech support and after many tries ...return the merchandise before any refund. Also I would have to pay for the shipping. Since I had ...supervisor, He agreed to send me a label for returning the merchandise, but would not budge on crediting my account. I was very pleased with the merchandise, so I did return the merchandise ... price. I don't know of any other company that requires this within 30 days of purchase...