Vistaprint Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Vistaprint below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Vistaprint so others can benefit from what you learned.

Vistaprint Return Policy

Vistaprint is completely committed to ensuring that you are satisfied with your experience with them and offers a satisfaction guarantee on their products. If you are not fully satisfied with a product you've received, you can contact their Customer Support department within 30 days after the delivery date to resolve the issue. Customer Support can be contacted by calling 1-866-614-8002 or by filling out the contact form on their website. If you contact Vistaprint through their site, you will receive a response to your inquiry within 1 business day.

You should inspect all products as soon as you get your order. If any product is defective or appears to have been damaged during shipping, you may contact their Customer Support team for help in resolving the issue. Vistaprint recommends that you preview all design work before you place an order to avoid any problems with the finished product.

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Posted by Anonymous

Still waiting reply regarding refund on my account !

Posted by Jawed

Pen Is Not Present In given Box
Then You Have Talk To me About My order

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I cancelled my order yesterday. In how many days you refund the money

Posted by sdiggs

We ordered wedding programs and were dissatisfied with our fonts and spacing. Customer service was kind and helpful, edited the programs, and shipped us new ones free of charge!

Posted by Anonymous

wrong size notepad

Posted by DJ RN

I ordered wedding invitations but it has a typo. Can I request a refund and reorder a corrected version?

Posted by centro cristiano mujeres poderos

hi i want to now how to return, the sent wrong tshirt
i want to sent back please

Posted by charrus2374@yahoo.con

I ordered wedding invitations and forgot a typo. Where can I return them for a refund? I would love to order more once I get refunded

Posted by Patrick

I ordered One item but I received 3, I need to returned 2 please.

Posted by MMPIERCE

I'm completely disguised with this service. I made a order and used a promo code for new customers, which I was, and they processed my order and then canceled it and said a lame excuse saying it was for a corporate account. But they are picking and choosing the orders to actually fill and send out and which to cancel. Beyond upset with this company!

Posted by Boboing

Absolutely no issues with refund/replacement policy. My cards came in with the text too small, but I also saw a couple other modifications they needed once I had them in hand. I got a full credit to my account to cover the modifications and had a second set sent to me right away.

Posted by GOD YATO

I called them today because I canceled an ordered on April 1st and the quickly picked up and refunded my money back.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered 2 shirts and when I received the package I quickly realized I had ordered the wrong sizes. I called right away to see if I could exchange or get a refund. The rep was polite and understanding. Asked what I sizes I really needed- filled out a replacement order and told me it would be at no cost to me to get the new sizes and it should arrive in 3 days. They are fabulous!!

Posted by Madhav joshi

I cancelled the cards i ordered but the money hasn't been refunded.
Help me asap

Posted by clc

While I was gravely disappointed by the quality of the business cards I ordered, they refunded my order immediately as requested, and I didn't have to go through the hassle of shipping them back first, so I could just recycle them. I'm pleased with the ease at which they handled it!

Posted by Two Oaks Day Nursery

I placed an order for flyers, brochures, banner, tee shirts and Polo shirts on Sunday, what a fantastic company the order was delivered on Tuesday. Unfortunately the polo shirts arrived smaller then the stated size, I contacted Vistaprint they were full of apologies and could not have been more helpful and will send out the larger size and should be with me on Thursday. I will certainly use the company again and will recommend them to friends. Thank you for being SO GOOD.

Posted by Caroline

I would like to return the phone case I ordered as it is the wrong one and

Posted by Anonymous

I am returning my magnets because i found out later after the fact that my truck is made of aluminum and will not stick

Posted by FaithM

I received my order of calendars, but some of the pictures are much darker then they looked in the pictures. Also one of the pictures is cropping off some of the faces.

Posted by vista

I Am Sending Back The Cards That Were Printed. My Email Is Not Spelled Correctly. My Email Is

Posted by Anonymous

.... Not only that she offered me a choice. Do I want the banner re-made and resent at no costs or do I want a full refund. Oh Lord today was my lucky day. I should have my banner in 7 days. I hope. LOL. I have never had a problem with them before. I love there merchandise. It's not crazy priced and gets the word out. ...

Posted by lhdaggett

I ordered "free" business cards (under a promotion) that ended up costing $38. When I received the cards, the ...number but the number is sutomated only. I have sent e-mails with no reply. I want to return this lousy product and get my money back. Does anyone have a phone number for a live person?

Posted by nifer237

I had a credit applied to my account, and the woman said, "When you place the new order, if the discount applied during ... to reach a live person. My emails sent on Monday have yet to be returned. 48 hours my ass. Their customer service sucks.

Posted by JAK

I too have used VistaPrint for years and LOTS of printing and promo items without issue...until NOW! Ordered two items from them that did not show up on... NO clue what my 'issue' was with the stuff not showing up on she cancelled the orders and refunded me! (I really NEEDED the printing) SO, I contacted them by phone...same thing...she didn't 'get it' and offered...for them! I am patient and reasonable, I understand that mistakes are made, but when my company makes mistakes...I make sure that they are fixed! VERY disappointed with VistaPrint!

Posted by Anonymous

... complaints whatsoever. They offer free products and all you pay is shipping. True, the shipping costs are higher than average, but consider that you're getting the product for free and ... I have had some issues where a product arrived defective, but customer service either reordered the product or refunded my shipping cost. Sometimes they ask you to send them the defective product so that they can ... orders get live customer service. This is the only complaint I now have against Vistaprint -- they seem to be discriminating against the customers that they themselves entice ...

Posted by Anonymous

... $100) and never received my check within the 10 business days they indicated. I called their CSR dept and they indicated ... that I would get a check in the mail within 10 business days, so I will provide a followup comment. I can only provide WORST as the ratings for Vistaprint as my first attempt with a CSR at trying to get my ... receiving it at all and B. Employee error at Vistaprint not following through with that refund. If they do better the second phone call and I receive my refund in the 10 business days as I was informed, I will reconsider the ratings.