Virgin Mobile Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Virgin Mobile below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Virgin Mobile so others can benefit from what you learned.

Virgin Mobile Return Policy

Virgin Mobile offers a full refund for devices that are returned within 30 days of purchase. To return a device, customers must have an original receipt. Also, a device must contain all of its components and its original packaging. Customers can receive additional information on returning devices by calling 1-888-322-1122.

If a customer wishes to return a phone at a Virgin Mobile store, then it must be returned in accordance with that store's policies. A customer can contact a store location to find out more about the store's policies.

All phones and products that are purchased through Virgin Mobile have a one-year warranty. If a customer believes that a product has a malfunction or a defect, then he or she should contact the Virgin Mobile At Your Service phone line at 1-888-322-1122. By contacting this number, Virgin Mobile will then arrange for a troubleshoot session or may decide to replace your device with a new one.

For those who lose or break a phone, Virgin Mobile also has policies to protect consumers. Virgin Mobile will offer a replacement phone for customers at a very low price and will then ship it to individuals. Any remaining balance that is on the account will then be transferred to the replacement phone.

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Posted by Frankie

Iam having alot of trouble finding a way to get a refund on a virgin mobile top up card. I tried to refund it at the 711 I bought it from but they refused. I've tried countless times to look at virgin sites on the internet but they have everything else but the answer to my problem... Someone please help me out. Thank you

Posted by grammyjanice2000

I telephoned VM to inform them I was returning the phone I just purchased on 10/26. The phone was received on 11/1 and I telephoned on 11/2. I was told I'd receive a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours....of course no email. I emailed requesting a return label as I was told one would be mailed to me and then told no label would be returned and the return cost is mine. A bit miffed as the last email said: As I said....blah blah blah and did not include the return address so here I am looking it up. Seems customer service, that used to be excellent, has gone the way of so many companies. I wanted VM to provide the return address so I don't get the sent it to the wrong address.

Posted by Mad as Hell

I'm trying to find out how to return my iPhone. I bought this phone from you over the internet a few days ago. It came badly boxed with no receipt, nothing, no basic instructions. I managed to activate it, but the phone continues to say "no service." I sent an email about this and the person emailed back with instructions I can't follow. Meanwhile, you disconnected my old Virgin Mobile phone so now I have no cell service. And on top of it, I have tried twice to sign up for insurance on this iPhone, yet the website continues to say I have no insurance. So I'm fed up. I want out. But now I am having a horrible time trying to find information or instructions on how to send back this phone and get a refund. Why are you making this so difficult?

Posted by Honeyboo74

I returned an iPhone 7 back to virgin mobile about 2 weeks and now they claim that they can't find the phone in the warehouse. I think they are lieing and that iPhone is right there in the warehouse and not trying to get it. Will someone please help me with this situation. I want my money back for that iPhone that I have purchased from them, they told me it would be 7to10 business days and the 10th day was yesterday. I need help with this.

Posted by Zachery

I had two phones both broke easy and i need a refund on my 35 dollar card bevauae i cant even use my phone. Im possed off so someone needs to fix this fast

Posted by Leelee

Virgin mobile customer service is the worst!!! 2 weeks back and forth with them.My phone caught fire!! They showed no remorse,the warranty dept.(Richard Lee) said he would send out a new phone A.S.A.P,it has been 2 weeks an still waiting! I have called and left messages,but no return calls or phone.I would not recommend Virgin mobile to anyone .Buyer be aware.

Posted by Fizzin

I returned a mobile phone to them in March 2012 recorded delivery. They claimed not to have received it so I emailed and phoned with Royal Mail details. In October 2012, after setting a debt agency on to me, I sent a letter with all the details and assumed that was that. However 4 1/2 years on they have started again with the same pattern. Another period of harassment over a phone I have never used and returned long ago. I believe they are chancers who hoped I would no longer have the evidence but fortunately I had photocopied it and will be sending it on. Don't trust them

Posted by Daughter of a Frustrated Custome

They make it impossible to cancel your account. You can call customer service and work through the phone prompts but NEVER will you find an option to cancel and NEVER are YOU going to be given THE OPTION TO SPEAK TO A HUMAN. My 85 year old mother had a credit card connected to her account, she stopped using this phone over 6 months ago but could not get Virgin Mobile to stop deducting money from her credit card. A class action suit should be filed against Virgin Mobile. They prey on people who are poor, old, technologically unknowing or trusting.

Posted by Anonymous

They will keep your money--
I contacted virgin mobile regarding my brothers account since he passed away.
he had $ 278 on his account - I will try to make this brief-
after trying to discuss with 1 customer rep who did not understand what passed away or deceased meant I asked for supervisor - the supervisor informed me the account would be refunded-gave me a confirmation number and that it would take 3-5 business days to process refund ..a couple weeks passed...I called again- asked to speak with a supervisor -- was informed refund denied- see rules and policies- which I have yet to find--- and the kicker- I could upgrade to a different phone if I paid $ 20.00... 3 things for certain- death - taxes - and virgin mobile keeping your money
very poor customer service

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a $60.00 top up card that I don't need and I was wpndering how can I get a refund and I do have a receipt?

Posted by Larry N

I completely agree with the comment copied from 6/6/16, see below. personal experience with this issue has been very frustrating, the Virgin Mobile top up "requirement" is holding me hostage.I have a balance in the account that if I choose to not top up Virgin Mobile shuts/top up off my phone, closes my account and my remaining balance vanishes into thin air. I do not use this simple pay lo phone enough to use up the balance so Virgin Mobile demands that I add more money or loose my phone service and the remaining balance, what the??

Posted by Weldman
on 6/6/16 at 6:11PM
IS there any way we can do a Civil Law suit or Action thru the FCC here in the USA against them for unfair practices. I think the FCC should look into this as its called "Insufficient Services" in a Small Claims court. When they take our money its a "Contract" for that month of phone service! there should be a way of dealing with this issue.. I wonder if we can go after Sprint since they are the Provider and its well know!

Posted by Bob

Virgin mobile tech service one speaks good English, they put you on hold for 20 minutes a wack times three.....nothing resolved and you walk away pissed..and when you cool off and try the next day.....same sucky inept service....they make it impossible to return a shipped phone that was junk

Posted by I dont have one

Re: Hardware

Your WAYBILL info says that I must UNLOCK the Samsung Mobile phone before I package & send it.

How am I supposed to do that? I am a senior 80 yrs old & I cant even operate this device let alone unlock it. This is so out of hand. I wish I had never heard of Samsung, Virgin Mobile or of the Source store in Midland where I obtained the lousy thing. What if I send it back locked???

Posted by I'd

Junk phone died less than 2 months old, perfect except the screen quit. The operator gave me the manufacturers 1800 that didn't open till Monday, virgin phones have no manufacturer warranty, blew me off. Called back only to get more run around, probably spent at least 2 hours on hold. Switched my service to ting and will be getting a non sprint device next time I upgrade my phone.

Posted by Disappointed with iphone 5s

I am returning 2 iPhones 5s. They are too small for me to use. I need an address where to send them

Posted by Weldman

IS there any way we can do a Civil Law suit or Action thru the FCC here in the USA against them for unfair practices. I think the FCC should look into this as its called "Insufficient Services" in a Small Claims court. When they take our money its a "Contract" for that month of phone service! there should be a way of dealing with this issue.. I wonder if we can go after Sprint since they are the Provider and its well know!

Posted by Weldman

Does anyone know the Address or a actual Phone number to call for a real person who speaks English & is in the US with this company. All I get is the runaround for a refund since I paid ahead of time and was told to go back to the place I Top-Up at but its been more than 30days so Virgin Mobile would have the money in their Account already.

Seems ever since Branson sold it off, it has been going downhill ever since... you would think they would want to keep customers.... Well as of Writing this I have plans to switch with Unlocked Phone to a real Service provider than Virgin Mobile and not a Sprint Network ..
Now talk about misrepresentation of well know Cellphone Carrier!!! Branson should have removed his name on this Company as its reflects on him as a Business person.

Posted by RT

We had issues with our mobile phone with Virgin, sent it away to be fixed under warranty. Then informed we would have to pay for the repair £76. We paid this by debit card and within five minutes was told they will not fix the phone, after they took the money.
I'm fighting to get my money back, I'm being informed it could take up to ten days via bank transfer. I also have no phone back yet. My advice stay clear of Virgin mobile not worth the hassle go elsewhere. Customer service has been poor too. One call I was kept on hold for approx half an hour.

Posted by mzjonz

iam stuck with a top u[ card that i cant use was brought by mistake,,, can i get my money back

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot believe how deceitful their policies are they want you to stay with the company but give you a hassle if you are not satisfied with their product

Posted by

Unfortunately I have tried myfriends SME phone and found it very difficult to use because of my arthritis and am therefore having to return it

Posted by Terry Malloy

Shocked at these stories. I have used them only and never have had a problem at 50$ a month unlimited everything and insurance. They respond each and every time to my needs. I will never go elsewhere.

Posted by A very disappointed loyal custom

We bought two new phones from Virgin Mobile who we've been with since March of 2007. Unfortunately neither phone could get even one bar, so they were useless where we live. We returned the phones and received a refund not including shipping. The rub is we were charged $45/mo. for the new phone plans and they will not refund that money to us. I wish Richard Branson knew how his company is being run.

Very disappointed loyal customer.

Posted by Maria

Since June 2015 virgin has sent a refund 4 times by cheque which I never received. They closed my account and made it zero but still owe me over $180 and keep saying a cheque has been sent but over 4 months no cheque was received.

Posted by anonymous

I been with virgin mobile 4 years i never had any problems when i purchased phones i went online and got the tracking number. Its important To get the tracking number and track it step by step request email updates thought. I would address this comment to everyone......

Posted by lapolabear

Customer service? Please! Was upgrading phone and went with phoaitede rep recommended. Turned out to be a nicer looking version of phone I already had for $55. Called to return, was told rep would send sticker, prepaid for return,waited never received it. Called and was told they decided not to send one. In a nursing home and don't have access to a post office so now what?

Posted by chriscross13

On the Virgin Mobile/Returns page, the 2nd sentence has a spelling error. Instead of "We encourge you" it should be "We encourage you".

Posted by jf

they suck the serviceis crap. always drop calls internet is always slow youpay$55 dollars a month and you get to use your phone less than half a month .

Posted by Lollipop

They charged my brother twice for one phone they were suppose to send it through FedEx I never even received the phone so can they give us a full refund since we never received the phone

Posted by ZAY08

i bought a top up card from meijer with $55 on it but before i got to use it i switched to a different phone company, is there any way i can get a refund or should i just sell it

Posted by Birdy

Whatever, you do do not return the phone- they will say they didn't receive it and you will never get a refund. A professional company would record that you sent them the phone- they do not! instead if you want a refund they demand that you give them a number- if you no longer have that number they keep the phone and your money. Horrible way to make a profit stealing from customers. All returns should be recorded by last name and trackable by last name and address- not an obscure silly number. Deeply saddened by the conduct of this company will never ever buy from them again.

Posted by Agnes

Marwood, thanks for your very helpful information which answered both of my questions. The physical address you provided is also the same for people from the west coast. Thanks!

Posted by worried Samsung Slll mini purcha

I have just bought a Samsung Slll mini this Monday and have just realised (Thur) that I was not given a receipt! I thought it was in the Virgin carrier bag they put the boxed mobile in. I still have the carrier bag, box and phone attachments as well as having paid by debit card. Does this mean I cannot change it if it does not work?

It seems to need recharging every 24 hours.

The Assistants in the Virgin Media shop transferred a 64GB memory card from my old phone to the Samsung Slll mini. Later checking the Slll mini Manual on the internet I discovered that the Samsung Slll mini takes a max 32GB memory card!

I was not told in the shop when I bought the new phone that I would have to buy a separate memory card for the new phone as it was not included in the price (£99.99). When I phoned to ask where it was i was told that it was my fault if I hadn't been told there wasn't one as I hadn't asked!

Bit worried as it's quite an outlay of money for me.

Posted by Shadowed3

Would they charge you if you didn't return your battery? I received a replacement phone because my previous one of the same model broke..And I lost the battery..Would they expect that to be there and would they charge me for it if it wasn't? I even heard people tell me to send the charger back with it..Mine

Posted by marwood

No one here before me has posted a physical address. I hope this helps people in the East Coast, where I am from. Here is the Physical return address for Virgin Mobile Returns: INGRAM, 2675 REEVES RD., SUITE 190, PLAINFIELD, IN 46168

I have no idea if return addresses vary but at least you have this address in case of desperate measures. Since there was no return label, I asked if I could get a refund but the helpful operator (she was very good) told me it specifies in the agreement that we the buyers are responsible for the return label. This is why I love Amazon and Walmart. Their return policies are excellent! Virgin Mobile, please take note!

Posted by Anonymous

have been trying to return a phone since November and customer service is horrible. Am returning anyway and seeking credit on credit card. Will be changing cell phone carrier very soon. Worst Customer Service EVER

Posted by ana

I am very disappointed with virgin mobile, it has been more than a month I returned my phone and haven't got my refund. I keep contacting them through emails, but nothing, they ignore it I guess. Don't buy a phone from virgin mobile.

Posted by AngryMargie

I was canceling my account. And had spent time on my Virgin Mobile act trying to contact them. Surprise surprise that I couldn't get a connection as always. They auto topped up my acct. and now after a month of being told I was getting a refund, I was told that it had been denied. All the notes the we're reffering to me during the conversation were false and now I am going to have to go to war about it. Plus the "manager" I spoke with was even less helpful thend the employees I spoke with.

Posted by cilla marie

ive been a customer with virgin mobile for 1 1/2 years and they froze my account due to a phone they have not yet recieve from 1 year ago they have told me already 7 days in a row they they would uplifed the suspention and my phone would be turned back on they have told me this already 5 day in a row now they keep changing up there story and saying they are going to make an escalation for it to a higher person and still they keep saying different storys they are bad for their customer service its really dissapionting im pissed !!!!!! i have numerous of recording where different representatives have stated they would turn it on over and over agin so im sending it to corprate and better business buiro ASAP

Posted by rob

I purchased a new phone from Virgin Mobile Online and it failed to activate. Virgin Mobile lists the phone S/N as lost or stolen and continualy gives the excuse of "escalating to a higher department" without any action to unlock the phone. Apparently, my $84 purchase has been nullified by Virgin Mobile's apathy.

Posted by Anonymous

I had virgin mobile for about 2 months. Service was fine. Till they updated the towers in my area. Quit having service. Before that I payed for my month. Could only use my phone 2 days. Virgin mobile will not give me a refund for the $48 I payed for the month. They told me first time I would get a refund 7 till 10 days, They said since I used 50 mins for the month they will not refund me. Its their policy if u use more tham 25 mins no refund that's crazy. And is crazy I payed $48 for 50 some mins?? This cell phone provider is a rip off. The service sucks. The customer services takes for ever to talk to someone and half the time u cant understand them.

Posted by K2hotaling

I bought an iPhone fory daughter for Christmas. I activated it on 12/3 and went to wrap it 12/23 when I figured I should call it. We'll it seems I don't get service is my location at all! Even though online before I bought it I checked for service and it said "Good news! There's service in your area!" When I called to speak with a rep. They were very rude from what I could understand and not helpful at all. Finally I spoke to someone who gave me the address for returns and I mailed the phone out. They received it but I never called to ask about where my $200.000. I read all the reviews here and I figure it's worth the money not to ever have to speak to them again. So anyone who is doing a civil action, I am on board.

Posted by vlhsecret

i bought two lg3virgin mobil I gave to my boyfriend and he lost it.V.G.M NEVER sent him his replacement phone at all,when he called about it they had issued it to a different person and told him they have no record of it AT ALL.THEY REISSUED IT BECAUSE HE GAVE THEM ALOT OF CRAP.HE wanted it upgraded and really let them have it.SO they made it go away all his info and allthey said they had no record of him having a phone with him at all.they never heard of him or had any record.Ijust talked to them and they asked me what name was on the 2nd phone I bought.what the pin was and what was his favorite pets name was.which I answered them all he admitted they have a record of his phone and the call was recorded,today.They r giving me a hoopla about replaceing my phone now.They want me to pay a low price for it,to replace it.If it is a reasonable amount, I will pay for it.They hung up with the excuse they have a slow computer.I will call back now to see if computers r slow or down.they couldn't give me a price until they call me back.But since they never sent a replacement for my other phone I should get one replaced for free,if I do or not I will finish this entery

Posted by mac

i pay w my amex card and if there is any, mean any issue the money will be refunded usually w/i 3 days !!!!

Posted by carlotta61

I am looking for all interested parties who will join me in a class action law suit against this company, they repeatedly give their customers a run around about refunds, On september 12, 2013 I called to order a phone, the associate I spoke to offered me several options, finally the phone I was sent was not compatible with the plan I had, so I had to return it, It was signed for by Janice Pool on 9/30/13 I waited for 2 weeks before I called about my refund,when I did, I ws told by Javier that it would be taken cared of within 48 hrs, I have made several calls since then and I have not received my reund, I am currently speaking to Jacque about this problem and againg I am given the same b---t excuses about my money, I am getting a lawyer so if you are interested in joining me contact me

Posted by neetneet

This is for anyone even thinking about Virgin Mobile. I called in ordered a phone on 6/21/13, phone came on 6/24/13, I called to activate it, check this out the serial # was already in use, mind you the phone was brand new came in a closed packaged box from their own warehouse. For one week they tried to figure this out, next I sent the phone back on 7/2, they received it on 7/5, and today is 7/23 and Iam still trying to get my refund, 8 Case#s have been made, each rep tells me its going to take 72 hours for my refund, everytime they tell the previous rep forgot something. This is the worst cell phone experience I have ever had. $434.41 worth of misery, no phone and no money. This should be illegal. Take heed who ever is thinking about this company.

Posted by Disatisfid virgin customer

Ive bin a good customer of virgin mobile for over two years I recently purchased the lg optomus elite calls sound robot lick win linked google account to thy phone whin select google play and thin my apps list of previous download games and apps go.s to white page with two tabs one for games one for apps whin toch one just wint to google play instead of my apps list as if I never download eney apps and if buy same phone lg optomus elite from walmart you can't activate on vm account walmart locked it to phone cards purchased from thim only as far as refund from virgin mobile I purchased the phone 3.1.13 sent back 3.27.13 thy virgin got 3.29.13 its now 4.16.13 no refund yet pray ill git soon thy sead it would only be 7_8 days but I think thy ment 7_8 weeks wich is customer abuse and scam up till now virgin customer service bin grate top noch may leve um for walmart family mobile or t mobile or stright talk virgin and boostmobile maybe thefts

Posted by WizardofParagon

The term "Customer Service" should not be used in the same sentence with Virgin Mobile, it is non existant. I bought two phones, activated one, my wife ... when they were received. However, their rep promised me a full refund on the $50 prepaid because I was unable to use it at all and for all the hassles and frustrations involved. After 10 days and no refund appearing, I called again. This time I was told that the erp had not processed the refund as promised, and now that the account was cancelled they could not process the refund. Basically he said tough! I am not dropping this, if I ...

Posted by Scribbler 66

... talking to an Indian call centre,, couldn't understand a word, terrible connection, and once they'd got my credit card details, hung on me. Not kidding, just cut me off. I refused to sign for the phone and am waiting for refund. Worst customer service I have ever had. And I remember ... when you try to get through only makes it worse. Note to Virgin. I am not your friend. I don't want to be your ...

Posted by Anonymous

...! They know how to rip people off for sure. Take your money but give you the run around when its time to refund your money. It has been over three months and all we get is bunch of lies about when the refund will be credited to our account. I an going to let everyone I know and don't know to never do business with Vigin Mobile ever!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

... we send new phone. Well new phone sent activated and doesnt work. The refund I was promised if phone didnt work now I am told I wont get the refund. I was flat out lied to. I now have to pay for an entire month which I am not going to use since I had to get a new phone service because Virgin Mobile did not work. I actually prevented one person so far that I ... If you see this please listen to me and not get this phone company. Pay the extra 15 a month and get AT&T on the go. I plan on fighting VG for my refund.

Posted by blessed2do in Fl 32065. Everytime I try to tell her what is happening on my account she doesn't say anything just puts me back on hold...8602. All three are off now because you all are taking the payments out but you all say that someone there is not putting it on the card. I also never received the refund you all said that you were going ...turn on the phones you all according to my bank received payment on today for all three phones. I also need you all to refund the amount you overcharged ... would. My bank says there was never any monies credited from Virgin Mobile only monies taken out. Please do all of...

Posted by SpicyG

... told me the charges didn't go through and I needed to pay with my Debit card..then...promised the phoen would be overnighted and I would have it the next day (it was a gift) The phone came ...Target instead and so I returned it and now they won't refund the Sales Tax!!!...

Posted by bethsatrip July, purchasing an iphone 4s outright at the time, I returned the phone and cancelled the contract within 3 days (well within the 14 day cancellation policy) because Telus offered me a better collections if I don't pay. I called again, to be informed that I need to go the store and have them ...the problem - what a STUPID process. Why can't the Virgin customer service rep cancel the charges? Has anyone ...

Posted by billhuds

... $14.00 plus got refunded for the stolen cell phone that I got from Ebay. About 4 weeks later the same thing happened only this time the Virgin Mobile Security Dept. said that they showed a $190.00 "charge back" on my account. After about four days of telling them that I didn't even own a credit card and that the debit that I use "works or doesn't work" "it is impossible to get a "charge back" on a debit card. They finally ...

Posted by Anonymous

... is not bad for the price you pay. If you don't have money to get engaged in a ..., will tell you that they can not refund you the money, not matter how many time you call ... with these schemes, but the worse one is that I set my plan on auto payment with my credit card and forgot about it. They changed the... and email battle with the. After exchanging 10 emails, somebody offered me a credit for $30. I refused to it. After more attempts, I got a physical address for Virgin Mobile in the... also badly complained about my problem in the Facebook Account "Virgin Mobile USA" where somebody nicely ...

Posted by Debdee

... the PIN was under it. Apparently, the PIN numbers were on the receipt, rendering the top-up card basically useless. Diosinni O. from Virgin Mobile writes, "Thanks for contacting Virgin Mobile Customer Care. Regarding your concern about the top-up... able to track the top-up PIN. As stated in our terms of service "We are not responsible for, nor do we refund, lost, stolen, misused, or damaged top-up cards." Please ask your retailer any questions regarding their policy." Buyer beware, a VM top-up card without a separate register receipt is not redeemable. I just lost $20. It's ...