Victoria's Secret Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Victoria's Secret below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Victoria's Secret so others can benefit from what you learned.

Victoria's Secret Return Policy

Victoria's Secret is glad to issue a refund or exchange within 90 days of purchase. Those who return an item after this time period will receive a gift card for the store. Items shipped from the online store come with a return form that must be sent back with the item for processing. Not only can customers return items by mail, but they can also return them right to the store. It's quite simple. Customers just bring the items to a local store along with an invoice. Once the return is received and processed, the customer receives a credit. For further instructions about returning and exchanging items, customers can call (800) 888-1500. Unfortunately, shipping fees cannot be refunded. It may take up to 30 days to process all returns.

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Posted by E

Went to return a perfume that my grandma got my (heavenly) after the lady that was working the previous time I was there told me I could get store credit or exchange for full price without receipt because that perfume never goes on special. When I went tonight they said they could only give me 13 that right?

Posted by Rachel_x0

I received a gift from pink as well as VS for Christmas. Neither had gift receipts and were both purchased online, I returned my gift to VS, no gift receipt no regular receipt, just an ID. No hassle, no issues. Received store credit. now when I went to return my gift from to pink (was too small) also an online purchase they basically told me I'm stuck with my $40 too small pants. No receipt, no return. Now aren't you the same damn company?! So why the issue, I honestly think that's so stupid. Also online purchases should come with tags, now just in a plastic bag. They wouldn't even let me exchange my pants for something the price that actually fits me. I'm really upset about the situation. As well as the fact that I made an online return on a Sunday & it's now Thursday and I'm still waiting for my refund!!

Posted by Star2017

Just to clarify a couple of other questions and concerns I see in the comments.. If your merchandise is defective in any way in the 90 day time frame, bring it back for an exchange or refund if applicable. VS as well as Pink stands behind their products. As far as the amount you will be offered without your receipt, it will be the lowest in the last 90 days. This may seem low considering what the price tag says, but consider that your item has more than likely gone on sale or been part of a promotion in the last 90 days. Without proof of purchase, there is no way of knowing what you paid for it. I know some people prefer using cash, but using a card will always ensure we can look up your purchase. Also, if you were given a gift, you are free to keep it if you are just exchanging the items. I have seen comments here about the semi annual sale bras and people wanting to exchange for the exact same item, but a different color. Please remember core colors (black, white, nudes) don't ever go on sale during those sales. Except to pay the difference if you are exchanging for one of those colors. That's not to say if you buy a nude body by victoria bra on promotion for 40$ that when you exchange that the promo price won't be honored, it will. When you return, if you use a debit card or cash, you can chose to get your refund back in cash. However, if you use a credit card, the refund must be returned to the same credit card used. I realize people often buy gifts for people at this store. Employees are trained to ask what you are shopping for. Let them know its a gift so we can offer a gift receipt. It often shocks me when people refuse to take a gift receipt. It's very frustrating for both the recipient of the gift and the employee when we have to offer a discounted store credit. Sadly, even if the recipient of the gift wanted to simply get another size, we can't process it as an even exchange. Gift cards are non refundable, I don't know of any retailers who offer refunds on gift cards.

Posted by Star2017

All these crazy comments have me seriously questioning if people understand that stores have policies in place for a reason. If someone gives you a gift and doesn't give you a gift reciept, its probably because they got the item on sale. Christmas time, fragrances frequently go on sale for half their cost or come with lots if free gifts- free lotion, a lip item, and free tote are current promotions. So if someone gives you the fragrance but keeps all the gifts, then VS loses money. Its that simple. And no you can't keep the gifts with purchase if you return your stuff. Again, VS loses money. The return policy is posted in the store and on the back of your receipt, don't shop there if you don't like it. Online returns are totally different btw, you can return online orders back to the store as a courtesy. If you don't bring the invoice, it can be difficult to find your order. Please bring the invoice, bring the credit or debit card used to buy your merchandise and it can be looked up. Please allow me to address you parents getting upset because your child can't make a return without identification. Again, its the return policy. VS and Pink does limit how many returns one can make and its to protect their business interests. I personally think its pretty disgusting when people return their used panties. Can any of you imagine how nasty it would be if someone pulled their used panties out of a bag stating they just don't work, now give me my money back? No business will give you the full retail price back in cash or a gift card without a receipt and I just don't understand why people commenting here feel they are entitled to be the exception. VS runs so many promotions that its doubtful full priced was paid in the first place. The company used to let people keep gifts with purchase but recently, they decided they would no longer allow customers to do so. Now, if you return the merchandise, you will be charged the rsp (retail suggested price) if you chose to keep the gift. Returns are dreaded at VS and Pink for a reason. Segments are run in two hour increments. The company sets a dollar amount that stores must meet in those segments. Example: 10am- noon segment, store must make 2000$. If the sellers make that on the sales floor and a customer returns 200$ worth of merchandise, its deducted from that goal. It doesn't matter if you didn't buy it from that location either. If you buy it while on vacation in another state and return it to your home store, they are penalized for it. Returns can be very harmful. If stores can't make what the company expects them too, hours are cut. Of course this is not the customers problem, but like the return policy, its company policy. Customer's mistreating and making a scene is uncalled for. They don't dictate policies, they simply enforce them or face losing their jobs. On a very positive note, some of you may have noticed that you are no longer required to give ID when returning when you have your receipt. The system has been upgraded to automatically track and credit your card back when you present ID. The exception is when you don't have your receipt, an ID will then be required to proceed. That's because your drivers license number/ identification number must be entered into the system. Returns are still tracked and you can still be denied the return if you have a pattern of returning too much. Again, its in the policy. I am a manager for VS and while I don't always agree with their policies, they pay me to enforce them. When a person under the age of 16 tries to return without required ID, we hate it as much as the parents do denying the return. If we could override this, trust me, we would. VS is good to their customers, sending out multiple money saving coupons, large rewards for card holders, and coupons for free items, often without requiring purchase. They give very nice free gifts with purchase. I have seen people bring back panties that they paid zero dollars for expecting a full credit. People often try to return EVERYTHING they have bought but think they should get to keep the free gifts. This truly drives the costs up for everyone. People are also very greedy. When they have a free gift with purchase, so many people feel like they should get 2 gifts if they spend more than required. Stores are given a limited amount of those totes and other gifts. Its sad when people literally argue with employees because they feel entitled to more. Its intended one per customer so all the customers can get a little something extra for the money they spend. I hate having to tell my customers that we no longer have the free advertised free gift. Often time, they are shopping because of it. So the next time you are shopping, don't be greedy and try to walk out with multiple free gifts. You are taking away from someone else. All this being said, we seriously appreciate our customers, without you, we wouldn't be employed. Its all about mutual respect. When we deny you something, its not personal but instead us following the rules. Instead of yelling at us because we need your ID or because you can't get the free gift, call the corporate number.

Posted by Sophie

I have bought some under wear and realised when i got home that thet were two sizes too big. I havnt even tried them on and only got them yesterday. Although i did take the price label off of them... can i still return them

Posted by Lll

I just be bought a pair of leggings I just wore them for the first time and there's already a rip I didn't do any movement that could possibly had caused this all I did was get up change get to school use the bathroom and it ripped a little bit in the mesh design( very disappointed)

Posted by Mac.baily

I've have my bra for 3 mouths I'm 15 so I don't have huge boobs cause I'm tall but very slim and one day I had just put my bra on and the middle ripped like completely someone told me that you'll give me a new bra because your bras aren't spouse to do that l.

Posted by CadeyG

I have lost weight now my bra doesn't fit I have worn it a couple times as I have three I alternate between besides sport bras it's still in excellent shape very well taken care of and washed properly I do still have the receipt in two days it will have been 90 days.. can I exchange it for a smaller size or not sunxenir has been worn? Thanks!

Posted by tinkabell

bought 7 items from VS on 15.6 i returned 2 of them within 10 min as i was charged full price and today is 24.6 and still didn't get my money back! on my bank statement clearly shows money was taken out on 20.6 full amount. how much longer do i have to wait for my money back?

Posted by Maerina

I'm replying to the comment of returning the free gift. I was in the store today at Eastchase Montgomery Alabama returning some bralettes that were too small. The minute I entered the store with my small return bag the manager stared at the bags and stared at me they obviously don't like returns. After I completed the return the same manager came up to me before I left the store and alerted me that when I return items that the free gift has to be returned that they have had way too many people buying things just to get the free gift and then returning those things. She went on to say they have been having way too many people trying to return things and keep the free gift. If this is the case then they need to post a sign of felt like they singled me out and embarrass me in front of the rest of the customers. I agree that seems only fair that you return the free gift also.

Posted by Joy444

Online returns at the stores have not been a problem. I'm 67 so I have purchased at least a limited number of times from exquisite set I bought partial pieces for and went back several times and never saw offered again...years passed...sets of lined bras I felt like Dolly in and panties with lace bands that didn't stay up...still in the set worn once...of the others, the red worn a few Valentines days.... This spring collection ... I received an ad ... was SO exciting I cashed in a $5,000 401K to keep my credit card down. The colors have names like Cozumel Teal, Lacquer Pink. (Cozumel is in Mexico. The water is that color. The Lacquer Pink reminds me of a dated pink color of 40s, 50s pink plastics etc. The colors themselves are as special as the names given to them.) So I bought a lot. Inexperienced (at Express I take a medium. In the VS laced-up bralette it took an XL to get it over my doesn't lace slip it on) there were returns. There were no problems with online returns instore except for the occasional associate (Nashaminy Mall). When I had my collection just about finished I saw patterns, pieces that didn't work. Yesterday I attempted to return five lace-waist panties (I accidentally bought in my excitement I guess) Bought after March 1...not 90 days... tags still on. Did I know I could make seven returns and no more than $250 total? Well, not when I returned a mini bustier I planned to wear with an extender that showed up online in my size or four returns of $11.66 each. I had tossed my early receipts so I asked they do a lookup using my credit card. I KNOW it was used for every purchase. She found two panties of the fuve on my card. Then she said she'd put the others in as "no receipt." She quoted the prices to be refunded. They were the prices I paid, not lower. After which the system printef two refusals and I was handed back the panties. I spent over $8,000 since March 1...$1,000 or up to $2,000 of that in the store. It helps to be looking at this fabulous collection. Maybe that's why I can see the humor in it. Not be able to return five $11.66 panties? Not really a problem. Buy instore? Not likely.

Posted by Pm

I also have the same issue with all of the underwear!

Posted by Anonymous

After a month of wear the under bone began to poke through, they refused to exchange it, as it had been worn and I did not have the receipt.

Posted by Ebiggs21

I had something I want to return but can't find my receipt....can they look up my account since I have an angel card? Use that as proof of purchase?

Posted by Juno

I work for Victoria's Secret. Regarding our return policy, yes, we do require ID. Even if you have a receipt. The receipt only exists so that you get back the amount you paid with, and so that you don't have to get merchandise credit back.
Our store runs through a system called The Retail Equation. If you have returned an item using your ID before, you can actually go onto their website and look at your returns there.
The machine just validates your identification to protect us from return fraud and return abuse. Anybody can pick up an item in our store and try to return it otherwise: before this system, we were loosing millions of dollars per year due to return fraud and abuse.
No store anticipates you returning an item after buying it. We don't need to ID you when you are making a purchase: business requires profit to function.
I don't think many of you understand that when we have to give you back money, then yes, you do owe us information and reasoning. Not only does it protect us but it also allows us to better ourselves for our consumers.
You usually will not be asked for ID if you originally paid with an Angel/PinkAngel Card or if you are returning an online order, as with either way your information is already in the system and we would not need it.

As for parents getting angry about their 12 year old girl being asked for ID: I don't know a single good parent who allows a young child with no ID go into stores alone. Prodding us with questions like "why didn't you ask for ID when she was making a purchase?" is also absolutely absurd.
Please go onto the Retail Equations website to read their policies.
It's absolutely infuriating when parents can't wrap their heads around why return policies exist.

Posted by Anonymous

Is it possible for an employee to return a gift card if they REALLY wanted to? Would the system allow? Thanks!

Posted by Little old lady

Does anyone else have a problem with.VS underwear coming in hole's

Posted by Lexis

I was sized wrong at Victoria secret. Thinking I wore 34DD, I bought two expensive bras from Victoria secret. I went back months later and asked to be sized again and . Now my size is 34D and told I was sized wrong the first time. I then bought a 34D bra from Victoria secrets. I feel like it's still to big and doesn't give me a push up. I'm so upset about the money I wasted on these three bras, that don't fit like they should. I'm still not sure what my true size is this. It's upsetting.

Posted by readthereturnpolicy

They ask you to provide an id to stop return abuse.

Posted by jot

Heys guys,

Can anyone please help me out for my problem. I ordered some of the stuff online from victoria secret but after some days i got a mail that my order is cancelled and it will be refunded and if i have paid my credit or mastercard it says the card is not charged until the item is not shipped. But when i ordered the stuff online my mastercard was charged at the time. So will i get the money back or whts the issue? Can anyone please explain me the situation because i paid around 300$ and my mom would kill me if i didnot got my refund.

Posted by Anonymous

My only 2 cents is that they have no problem charging you. But the refund process is to long in my opinion.

Posted by Anonymous

This is ridiculous. Instead of getting upset, why don't you check the return policy before trying to return something. Every post here is from someone who is upset. Companies have policies(whether you agree with them or not)that YOU did not check before trying to return something. It is not the sales associates fault when they are trying to follow those policies and you don't agree with them or you did not do your research beforehand and it didn't go the way you think it should have gone. In addition, all of the questions people are asking here are answered on Victoria's Secret website under RETURN POLICY. Instead of posting your question on a random message board and getting an answer from a stranger who may not know, why don't you check directly with the company. That way you wont be inconvenienced because you got the wrong information. Just a thought.

Posted by Anonymous

It may take up to 30 days to process all returns

Posted by Elipera

I have never had an issue returning or exchanging at Victoria's Secret. I live in NYC and the stores are always busy but the sales associates always seem to know what to do. Yes I have to show ID to precede a return, yes they will give you the lower price for items returned without a receipt, yes there is protoc, but can you blame them? They are a business looking to make a profit. If you owned a store your policies wouldn't be a lenient. Don't lose your receipts and as for parents, just go with your daughters when they are returning items. Some of these comments seem so unrealistic in the level unsatisfaction.

Posted by Anonymous

The policy for teens providing ID for a return is ridiculous. My 14-year old bought some shirts at PINK and paid cash. No one asked for an ID for that purchase. Then when she realized she wouldn't have enough money to buy a pair of jeans at another store she went back to PINK to return one of the shirts. She had her receipt (since this was about an hour after her initial purchase). If you're not going to give refunds for customers who clearly aren't old enough to have a driver's license (young teenagers), then don't take their money in the first place. If customers pays CASH and have a receipt for the item, give them their money back without HASSLING them.

Posted by PatKhan

I bought some stuff online and they didn't fit, so I returned them back at the store. This was on 8/6/16. It's 8/10/16 and the credit still hasn't shown up on my credit card. Any idea how long it will take? I called Victoria's Secret and it shows complete on their side, so I called my cc company and they said it depends on when Victoria's Secret submits the return. I don't get that! If VS is showing it complete, doesn't that mean they've already submitted the info? So annoying!

Posted by Barrettgirl1

I purchased some items online and decided I need another size,I took the items to the store with invoice for a return,2 days long will it take for this credit to show on my VS credit card.the sales person in store told me 48 hours.TODAY makes 48 hours and I see NO credit added to my card yet.

Posted by AMH

I completely agree with the person who posted about the absurd policy of needing ID when returning something. My 13 year old purchased a body spray but once she got home, she realized it was the wrong fragrance. As we are raising her to be independent and confident, she returned to our local store with the receipt to exchange her purchase for the correct fragrance. Naturally she could not make her exchange because she didn't have ID. Seriously??? What 13 has ID? As far as needing a number to plug into the computer, give me a break. It's 2016 for heaven's sake! Victoria Secret can't come up with an override for this step in their return/exchange process? And if I return something through the mail that was purchased online, I don't send a copy of my ID with my return so inventory can be tracked as someone who worked for Victoria Secret stated. And yet, the return goddesses seem to be able to process my return. Seems like a bunch of bull to me.

Posted by Jane 13

Hi I recently purchased a bra for my sister who just had her baby. The purchase came with a free tote....I want to return the bra because it doesn't fit and is difficult for her to pull on and off for breast I have to give back the free tote as well?

Posted by Anonymous

Today I attempted to return a few bras I purchased during Semi Annual Sale. I did not have my receipt so, per their policy, I received lowest selling price for my items. I am positive that the lowest price was not what she posted, as she changed the lowest selling price for my items. When I say that I am positive about this, there are reasons behind my guarantee. I am planning on calling corporate tomorrow to discuss because I know for a fact I was treated unfairly and I am not going to stand for this. Has this happened to anyone else?

Posted by Anonymous

If you need to return an item regardless of if u bought it online or in the store, as long as you paid with a credit or debit card they are able to look up the item using the card u paid with. Cash i would expect to get the lowest selling price if you dont have a reciept bc theres obviously no way to track that.
As for all these people getting mad because they ask to see an ID...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
1. Why would u not have ur ID
2. Pretty much any time i do a return at ANY store they ask for an ID.
Dont be so..naieve,to put it nicely.

Posted by byrdd7

I'm curious... I used a card to pay for my Victoria secrets stuff, will they give me cash back or does it have to be returned to my card???

Posted by darlene

I have about four bra's about two 1/2 yes old can I return them b/c the wire is coming out

Posted by Jackie

I just bought a gym pullover and washed it once followed care directions and it's ruined?!!! I'm so upset as I buy plenty from VS. don't know what to do?

Posted by Maddy

I used to work at Victori'e Secret and in response to the comment left below about trying to return something with an expired ID. We have to type your driver license information into a little computer to keep track of all of your returns. Now if your license is expired it won't let us go any further in the computer. Also if you do not have your ID we have nothing to type into the computer to do the return which we are required by our managers to type in the return in the computer everytime for inventory purposes clearly. The reason they require a drivers license is not a identity issue it is an issue of women returning way too many items so this is our way of keeping track of what you return and how often you do so. Next time do not get so mad at your Victoria's Secret sales associate, he or she is only doing her job the right way!!

Posted by SusieQ

My daughter purchased a bra earlier today. When she got home, she realized she wanted another style. THE BRA WAS BRAND NEW WITH TAGS.

We went to Victoria's Secret a few hours later with the receipt. The cashier asked for my ID. I forgot my wallet but remembered I had a 'spare' Driver's License in my glove compartment for emergencies. He said the ID was expired and refused to exchange my daughter's bra.

Clearly, the person in the official California Driver's License was me. The expiration date didn't change who I was.

More importantly, why do we need to show an ID for exchanging an item of the same price?

I HAVE ALWAYS HATED VICTORIA'S SECRET FOR THEIR HYPER-SEXUALIZATION OF WOMEN... but I've still gone because I like their quality and selection. Now, I REFUSE to go there. I will go to Nordstrom's or Neiman Marcus, where the cashiers will be guaranteed to be WOMEN (not men, which seems to be the disturbing trend at Victoria's Secret)... and where I can exchange a new item with a receipt only. There's NO reason to require an ID if a person wants an even exchange and has a valid receipt.

Posted by Yenima

Wiregrass Ranch victory returns Secret ... 2 sport bras $ 49.50 for two and still have not received my money on credit, car gif

Posted by lillybeth

I have a bunch of items I found new with tags in bag and receipt ordered from online. They were over a year ago, anyone know if I can send back for credit? Thanks

Posted by Caitybars

I recently bought a swim suit online, it didn't fit, I sent it back (forgot to put the return form in the package which is a MUST per their return agreement, and STILL got my money credited back to my card, no questions or phone call needed. I'm an Angel VIP card holder and have shopped Victoria's Secret via store and online for about 10 years. Have NEVER had a problem returning anything purchased online in the store or store-to-store returns. Have NEVER had a problem with staff being rude or unhelpful. And have never actually had to deal with customer service BC of the lack of difficulty with shipping/returns.

Maybe it's BC I live in the South, and people are inherently nicer, maybe it's BC I've never tried to return a thong that my 15 year old daughter bought after I found it in the laundry. But I have never experienced any type of issue the majority of these posts have mentioned.

Victoria's Secret is a fantastic company and I will always give them my business.

Posted by Nickie

My 15 year old daughter enjoys shopping at Pink and Victoria Secret. She is thin and petite, and the items she purchases, do not always fit. Although she has the receipt and the tags have not been removed, the policy require an ID card. I have provided my ID on two occasions, but have refused since. This policy is only carried out in this manner at Victoria Secret & Pink. The ID requirement should only be implemented if a return did not accompany a receipt. I will no longer shop here, nor will I allow my daughter to make purchases here either.

Posted by mommy2109

I returned a bra and the woman did not give me the original receipt back and had 2 more of the same bras on it that ended up not working as well so now I get the lowest selling price or keep a bra that doesn't work very unhappy I had assumed that the receipt was in the bag with a new purchase no it wasn't very disappointed

Posted by Marissa

I tried to return something i recently bought and they were only gonna give me half of what i paid because i didnt have a receipt. I understand people steal stuff and whatnot but its really unfair that i would have to lose money. I bought it with a card they should have record of that.

Posted by Kat

To return an item that was purchased by a 14 year old, that 14 year old needs ID??? That's insane! You were more than happy to let her make the purchase on her own and take her money but she can't return it without a parent! I'll be sure not to shop at Pink anymore. Stop blaming the thieves for your lame policy! No other store that I shop at do this.

Posted by Former employee

The return policy is on the back of every receipt. It can take up to 10 days for a refund to go back onto a debit/credit card. Every return AND exchange requires a government issued photo ID. It has been the return policy since November 2014. Victoria's Secret employees cannot see your information later in the system that your ID is scanned through. It is called a TRE system and it tracks returns and exchanges to prevent fraudulent returns. Returns without a receipt get you the lowest selling price for the item, beauty especially is low because it is the most popular thing to be stolen, so when someone who stole it tries to return it without a receipt since they never bought it, they will get a very low price and it can only be given back in store credit. Nobody is stealing your information with your ID, it's simply used to see how many returns/exchanges you have made, and there is a limit, stated on the back of the receipt. Don't get mad at the company, get mad at all the thieves.

Posted by Leslie

I had ordered some stuff but never received it

Posted by LY

The store should stop hiring employee that are not people person or morning person. I wanted to buy a hand lotion that I found in the 75% off bin. Cashier refuse to give me the item with the 75% off, after I explained that there was a lot of them in the bin. I believe that she should have give me the item with the 75% or go and check the bin to make sure that I was not lying. She decided to play it off by calling and speaking to one manager. She rang the lotion and make me belief she was given me the item when she called another manager and took the item away. When I asked her she said that I said that I did not wanted and she couldnt give me the discount....and you would not believe that it was only $5 off. Victoria secret needs to train their employee with better customer service skills

Posted by JENN

I went to your store to return some things that I had got for my child and when I went up to return them they ask me for my reciept and I gave it to them n then the yound lady ask me for my ID.I ask her why do you need my ID when I have my reciept and she said so we can track your returns,this made me feel like I had been looked at like a shop lifter n I spend a lot of money in your stores.This was a very upsetting stop at your store,n if there is no one who gets back to me, there might not be any more money spent in your store. Very upset shopper........

Posted by Anonymous

I went to exchange a perfume I received for Christmas. I did not have a receipt as it was a gift and a gift receipt was not included in the gift either. I waited in a ridiculous line that literally wrapped around the inside of the store and was told I would get a store credit for lowest selling price for the perfume which was $13. It was a 1.7 oz Bombshell Perfume which I saw on their shelf for $52! Why would I return something for a store credit of $13 when it is selling for $52? Can't even buy a half of a thong for that much at this store. What an idiotic "return policy".

Posted by Kari

I entered a VS store to do an exchange of a bra I received as a christmas gift. I wanted the exact same bra, but in a different color.

After waiting in a long return line, I explained that I just needed a different color in the same bra. I was told to go find the bra I needed and get back in line. I was able to locate the bra I needed quickly (by myself) and got back in line. After waiting again, I explained again that I wanted the exact same bra, but in a different color. I handed the bra I didn't need to the employee, and after looking at the tags, was asked if the gifter purchased the bra online. I told her I didn't know, but obviously the bra had different identification numbers on it that told her it was from an online purchase. She then explained that she had to use her computer to "find the exact purchaser of this bra". After about 10 mins, she asked me for the gifter's zipcode, which I didn't know. The employee was frustrated at my answer. She then explained that she needed to return the bra to the online store. The online store would locate the original purchaser and refund that person the cost of the bra. I now had to repurchase the bra I wanted in the different color that day.

In what way is this an exchange? VS has a horrible return policy. Online items should be able to be exchanged in store. This was also an exact item exchange, but different colors. Why is a transaction needed? VS items are expensive, and I expect exceptional customer service for a store of this caliber. I have never received that type of service from VS and will not continue to purchase items from this store.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a pair of pj's for Christmas and I just needed a different size. The tags were still on the item, but I did not have the sales receipt. The sales girl helped me find the item & she was very helpful. I told her I didn't have the receipt, but she didn't tell me they would charge me extra because of it. Apparently they must have gone on sale. I waited in a line that was literally out to the door & when I finally got to the counter, the clerk told me that'll be $20 .. What? I want the SAME ITEM!! Merely a different size!! What is going on here.. Maybe I'm not up with the times, but I NEVER heard of such a thing. I've returned things throughout the years for an even exchange & that has NEVER happened to me.. I'm DISGUSTED!!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a bra at Victoria's Secret and it didn't fit right so I went to go return it the next day to just get a refund. The sales girl was rude and didn't even look at me. She did the return but when it came to the part to slide my card to get my money back, she said not to slide my card.. So I did get a return receit but I have not been refunded in my bank account yet. Very angry. Guess I will have to go back into the store and waste more time. If you buy something from this store just make sure it fits and you like it because you won't get your money back....

Posted by memyself

Bought 2 bra yesterday. Buy 1, get 1/2 off the second. But they didn't fit. Took them back today to exchange for different size. They credited my bank card with the first purchase, then charged it for the re-purchase. Yes, they asked for ID but I did not care about that. The trouble is that today the sale is over, so they billed me at the full buy two bras separately price. I feel cheated that I spent $20 more just to exchange for the correct size. The first set of bras were never worn (only had them overnight).

Posted by bossyjones

I purchased 2 Sports Bras under the impression that you can "try the best sports bra ever and if you don't love it, we'll fix it"....I know that is their motto. Well, I tried them and rarely wore them because they dig in right between my arms and upper chest...lifting weights with that bra chafed. I bought them in June and wore them about 3 times each. Halloween, I pulled one out to wear under a t-shirt to take the kids out trick-or-treating. I washed it and pulled it out to for an air dry and it had completely fallen apart. Like the rubber in the seams was out everywhere. I paid for them on my Angel Platinum Card, $59.50 EACH...My GOD...what was I thinking? I researched everywhere for return policy and found if you don't like something for any reason, take it back. So, I grabbed both bras and went to the store. Rude sales person had no interest in my frustration; told me I could return them right then and it wouldn't be for the current price. Which was still $59.50. She told me I could return them for $14.99 each as a store credit. I told her while I don't have my receipt, I paid for them on my VS card. She said it doesn't is out of their system in 30 days. I don't think I will ever shop at VS again. They can take my $3000 credit limit and stuff it. I even pulled up the sale on my credit card statement and showed it to her. Really bad service. You could tell the bras were practically new aside from the one falling apart. Even Target can find something 3 to 4 months back with ANY credit card.

Posted by Queenb

I bought a push up bra a few months ago and I love it!!! It was pricy just for 1 bra but I thought it's VC it should last me a long time. I recently just washed it and let it tumble dry in the dryer with the cool setting. I pulled it out and it is ripped in half!! I couldn't believe it I've had other bras drying at the same time which I have had for much longer then a year from La Zenza, i don't think I will be purchasing anything from VC again especially a bra for $55.00

Posted by WendySparkle

Victoria Secrets should make it clear they will not refund items purchased at Airports at the local Store even though they are in the same City. Despite using the same bags, signs and shop fittings they are considered a franchise ?? Since when ? This is not advertised when purchasing

Posted by Jt1880

I placed an order for 2 bikinis to be delivered to me in India on 9th June 2015 - Order . I was charged $145 for the same.

It was confirmed that I will receive delivery by 7th July 2015. It is 13th August 2015 and I have not received my order!!! I have written 4 emails to Victoria's Secret past 3 months for a full refund or credit note worth the entire amount, but have recently received a refund on only $33 on 14th July 2015. About the rest of my money ???

Posted by Anonymous

Why does it take so long for a refund but they can take it out in one day for your purchase?

Posted by Judyfruity

I needed new bras, so went to VS in hopes of finding the right bra with the right fit! A sales person approached me as I was getting ready to try on the ones I had in my hand (the size I know I wear) and she told me that by looking at me, she handed me a different size. Even though I felt the size I first picked felt better, she demanded that the size she picked was the one for me as I modeled it for her. She said I was wearing my bras wrong and to buy these. I tried to wear them and took them back and exchanged them. I got the size I need, but now they are creased in the cup and fraying when I haven't even had them for 60 days and I gently hand wash them. Also, I am a stay home mom who doesn't wear them to a demanding physical job, so there is no reason for the quality of the bras to go to crap after paying almost $60.00 for each bra. I am returning them and will not try to purchase anymore bras from VS ever again. This was my third ti,me trying over the past ten years and I give up! Their bra quality is terrible!!!! Just saying!!!!!

Posted by Sandra

Vs treat their Canadian customers as second class customers - a customer is a customer despite which country we r in - we r supporting your company - we don't treat u second class because u r an American firm. Mgr at west Ed mall would not exchange my sport bra from their new line that had a broken zipper at front because I didn't have a bill - well they know where I bought it since the bra is their exclusive line, I don't want a refund so it doesn't matter how much I pd although in Canada we don't get the deals like America stores - paid 64.50 for it - n head office says they can't make the store exchange it a- well then who could - they have the same bra in the store - these bras are mass produced in india for pennies n so the quality is poor n yet they won't exchange because I don't have a bills-'couldn't have gotten the bra from any other store as it is their bra

Posted by Lilly

I don't see why my refund for the return I made should take so long. It is going on 8 weeks now and it's really frustrating. I don't believe I will ever order something from you again on line for fear of this happening again.

Posted by Disappointed

I went ot VS to get an adjustment on perfume I purchased the day before, this should be a SIMPLE PRICE ADJUSTMENT, NOT A RETURN, the sales girl hands me a slip and tells me that i may be denied a return due to to many returns!!! Since when are you told by any store you can't return something when you have a receipt within less than 2 weeks of purchase. Its not right to embarrass a customer like that when in fact VS puts ALL the transaction other than a sale as a return, I placed an order online and they messed it up so they put that order in as a return, which makes it look like I am returning numerous times,. even if I was if I have a receipt they need to honor the policy of NO HASSLE RETURNS!! I was told they use an outside company to track returns! Well they need to communicate with them and explain not everything is black and white, I am actually afraid to make a purchase in case I do not like it I don't want the hassle of returning it. For such a huge company they have the worst system for orders, 1 order can turn into 20 orders with different numbers if backordered! I am starting to regret getting aVS credit card!!!

Posted by Shelly

Their return policy is absurd. To require an ID for a receipted return is ridiculous. And since you don't get a DL until you're 16, I had to use mine for my daughters returns. I will no longer be shopping at VS. The quality has gone done while the prices have gone up. No thanks.

Posted by M

I too was asked for my driver license or passport!!! THere is no need to capture identifying information which then puts the consumer at risk for data breach and identity theft. At the cashier level, the cashier and manger were clueless, at the corporate level management is ignorant about the added risk. If Saks Fifth allows you to return without capturing the driver license why not Victoria Secret? I prefer to loss $40 then to provide my identifying information to a retailer who is at risk for data breach!!! I put the responsibility at the hands of management for being ignorant and too lazy to update their policies. Take a look at the European privacy policy, they prohibit retailers to capture identifying information of consumers!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased an item a few days ago and went into the store to return it. I had a receipt and the cashier asked for my ID. I said "Do you need me to take it out of my wallet?" She said "yes because I need to scan it." I asked her why and she said it was to make sure you haven't made a return or more than four returns in the last 90 days and it helps track fraud or theft. I declined to give her my driver's license because Victoria Secret does not need all my private personal information along with my Social Security # just to make a return. I didn't need to show it to purchase the item so why do they need it for a return? I don't like their return policy and will not be letting them scan my ID.

Posted by brittany33303

My mom spent sixty dollars on a pajama set so I expected them to be cute.they were in a box so you could only see the sweater.they showed the back of the sweater that said pink.when we opened it � the front of the sweater had a dog on it.the sweater was blue and off white with a pair of black tights not only is it ugly and made of poor quality but it didn't even match (for $60).i could of gotten better at I read the return policy before I drove to take it back and it doesn't say a thing about needing an id with your receipt but they asked me for it. The girl was rude like I stole this or something (Pensacola fl Cordova mall) I will not exchange now I will just be getting a refund and going to Frederick of Hollywood where the bras panties and customer service are of good quality

Posted by Big Brown

My 17year old daughter purchased a pair of yoga pants for $42.00.
I took them back the day after she purchased them. I had a receipt. I was asked for my ID, which I thought was no big deal.
Then, the clerk proceeded to run my ID through a machine. When I asked her what she was doing, she said she was checking to see if I had returned any items in the last 90 days, it cuts down on theft. I asked her did she ask my daughter for ID when she made her cash payment? She looked at me like I had 2 heads. Is it me, or does it sound like a double standard when making a transaction and requiring ID for a cash return. For the record, my daughter has purchased the pants 1 day before, 24 hours had not passed!

Posted by cq

I feel like on line products never fit when I purchase in the store I wear a med when I purchase the same size and same product online it's way too big. Not only this, but I have ordered several different items and I'm being sent a different size than what I had ordered, it's so annoying and inconvenient. I am done placing orders on line. It's the worst on line shopping experience of all other places.

Posted by sue

Received an order that consisted of a boxed set of three mist colognes and three lotions. Two of the three mist bottles were not tightly closed and they leaked all over the order. I have to drive over an hour to return to store. Then I find I can't get an automatic refund/exchange. So I have to outright buy the gift again because it was supposed to be a Christmas gift and then wait for a refund that I won't use.

Posted by Blueyedjoy

I have noticed the prices keep going up. The quality of clothing is poor now. It definately not worth it.

Posted by Cook

The quality has gone down and for the price just not worth it any more. They keep changing the styles and cheapen the quality. I won't buy any more from them. I have two bras that have been washed as they instruct. The tops are staring to roll over. Took to VS yesterday and was basically told tough.

Posted by Maggie_44

I bought 2 bras originally from Victoria's secret I went to exchange it cause it was to small and got two bras at the same prices and got a free pantie cause of the type of bra I got and one of them fits perfect but the other one is way to big can I exchange it again or is there a limited amount of times you can exchange something

Posted by mardi

I have placed many orders from victorias secret in the past I am living in spain and never had any problems untill now
Placed an order of 190e plus shipping total of 330 dollers in euros 245e
A week later I revuce an email from online payments telling me my order is ready to be shipped but I have to pay additional costs and more tax of 102e??
So im paying almost double for my order????
If this is so must be a new thing because all of my past orders I have been plus shipping but no aditional payments on top is this a scam?????

Posted by Marina

Can I return a bra i just bought 3 days ago, in order to buy it again with a secret reward coupon?

Posted by OB

I had ordered 2 of the Most-Loved Yoga Leggings. One cost $34.50 but there was a special of 2 for the price of $55 so I would instead be paying $27.50 for each. I thought this was a good deal so my mother and I both ordered one each in April and I used a special offer code which removed $7.28 off each item ordered, charging my credit card with $20.22 for each of the leggings. We expected the delivery in May. My mum's one arrived but 3 months after making the order mine still hadn't. I had no emails or phone calls from the company. I decided to contact them and they replied saying that the item was returned as it could not be delivered. They apologized and asked for me to make another order and they would remove the shipping and handling costs. This was fine, however, they refunded me what was charged to my card which was $20.22 but if I was to make another order I would have to pay $34.50 as I would only be ordering ONE this time, for the same thing I paid $20.22 for with the difference that I would receive it so many months later. Plus I do not have another special offer which means my special offer which removed $7.28 off each item, was wasted on the leggings that I never received.

Posted by karaduffy

I had exchanged an $80.00 sweater that I had ordered online in store about a month ago. I got a confirmation e-mail explaining to$80.00 had been put back onto my account and that I had $160 of available credit left on my card. A couple days later I ...that my purchase was on its way (mind you that I express ordered it for a 3-Day overnight so that I would have it on time for my ...I received my Angles Credit Card statement in the mail showing that my purchase had been charged. Assuming I... was $52.00. I explained to her that I paid more for shipping so that I would get it on time and it has ...

Posted by CdnWinter

... are searching for alternatives because of the significant decline in the quality of the stock available. Victoria's Secret is an institution in our culture and these simple tweaks to the websiet would not only reduece returns and related transportation costs, improve consumer confidence and give ...

Posted by 336699

...I placed a large order with Victoria Secret and paid the additional overnight delivery. When I was online it said it would be delivered today however when I ...cancelled and I was told they couldn't do it since it was "processed". Not only would they not do that they also did not offer extend an offer to refund me the overnight charge, etc... In short I was told it's my problem ... hand, especially since they have an order number. Furthermore to not be offered any kind of refund (i.e. overnight delivery fee) is extremely poor customer service.

Posted by ferretmom

I just got 2 $10 off my purchase cards for my birthday from them! They really know how to take care of...;problems" are actually not the companies fault, but their error in the ordering process (like my pants). Also about the shipping, the woman said you can bring it back to the store if it was ordered online, and the store will ship it back free of charge and exchange it and you can pick it up at the store. Plus with all the sales they have it's so easy to ... (other than the free undie coupons) Like the angels rewards cards can be used on clearance items! I got a makeup brush I ...

Posted by Unhappy

... placed an order for a bikini online. I called the next day first thing in the morning to have the order cancelled... unable to do so because the payment has already been processed. I asked the girl if ... make more sense if they refused to refund my Visa because the order had already been shipped. I was told then that you only get a...had provided this bit of information on the website. Their shipping fee is ridiculous. I will not be buying anything ...

Posted by KLileeva

...-frame I only received two back ordered items. At the beginning of June I contacted Victoria Secret Customer Care Service and I was told that the ... that were initially ordered were out of stock and I would be issued with a replacement package, the rest of the items were supposed to be credited to my account. As I am living in Spain, in order to avoid custom charges I kindly asked for the ...incurred in 100 dollar custom charges, the replacement package included 7 items, two of which were charged twice to my account (although for this one after about 30 e-mail I received a refund) and I have never ...

Posted by wz508

...That's great I didnt know that", when she replied with "Ugh thats what I JUST said" and went off on a tangent. They also charge expensive shipping rates and when we returned three bra's, they subtracted $20 from our credit order for shipping when it was supposed to be free! We called them, rude service again. I hate shopping at victorias secret and everything is so expensive. Their underwear isn't appealing anymore and their bras are all the same. I'd rather buy a nice Calvin Klein ...

Posted by Chrissy

...had always happened when I returned items to Victoria Secret - I would never receive the exchange items ... for delivery! On top of this, this is an exchange and Victoria Secret had charged shipping! Again, and..., what I got from the recent emails is that Victoria Secret was only going to process 4 exchange items! Strangely... returned she explained to me that now she will go ahead and process the exchanges...! I also wonder why Victoria Secret put in an exchange section in the returns form when in reality... credit card (as evident from the status on this order from my online account). If Victoria Secret...

Posted by GeorgetteV

Now I know why Victoria's Secret does not sell their catalog clothes in their stores. The material that they use ... washing and would have fallen apart. They seem to make their money on returns. This was not my first purchase from this company. I have tried a few times before, with only one ...

Posted by laurie

I've purchased quite a few things from Victoria's Secret in the past few years, although I am highly pleased with the bras and panties I...them they were slouchy. I purchased them when they had a $200 off $500 order, and I returned them with a pair of jeans I bought that were too big. The company wouldn't do an exchange or return because of the $200 off. So basically, it's as if I never got the discount which is the partial reason why I made the purchase in the first place. I think this is really poor customer service, and I won't be purchasing clothing from the store in the future.