Verizon Wireless Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Verizon Wireless below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Verizon Wireless so others can benefit from what you learned.

Verizon Wireless Return Policy

If you've purchased an item from Verizon Wireless and wish to discontinue the service, you will need to do more than simply send the item back to the company. In order for your service to be canceled, it is essential that you contact the customer service telephone number listed on your receipt and speak with a representative. All wireless device returns and exchanges are subject to restocking fees with amounts depending on the specific device.

Merchandise that is returned to Verizon must be in undamaged condition and be accompanied by the original receipt. It is also important that you pack the merchandise in its original shipping container. refunds will only be given to those whose names appear on the original receipt. Merchandise that you have purchased from specific Verizon stores can only be returned to that store only.

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Posted by Cheated in Roanoke, Virginia

I put money ($105.00) on my prepaid account and didn't use it for a year. They told me my money had "expired".

Posted by Anonymous

I upgraded my phone and per contract the buy-out was $336 which they promptly took out of my account....that was on May 19th. I was told to return my old phone and they would promptly refund me. It is now June 20th and no money. I called 4 times and still no refund. Wow really bad service. No one seems to know how to get me my money?????

Posted by b

I would like it if you could talk to a human being,this is ridiculous,your service is awful

Posted by Anonymous

When I wanted a refund within 4 days, they said they couldn't refund the sales tax. If I return anything anywhere else, sales tax is always refunded. How can they keep something that is not theirs in the first place?

Posted by Virginia

I have a question.about My prepaid Verizon phone from Walmart. I had it for three years. An always pay through my bank card on phone I had just put $50.80 on it an put data for 25.00 on it to. An an a few days later my phone went out on me. Can I get the money back that just was paid? If so how do I get it back? I had all info in that phone. Now I have to re start over with another prepaid Verizon. cause I don't have any E-mail passwords. I draw low income an had to not pay on a bill to go get this new phone.cause I live far from town. If you could please let me know how to get my money back in my account that would be nice thank you miss wright.

Posted by Crystal

Verizon is NOT a customer friendly provider. My son bought a new Edge phone. The family has Verizon for many years and for one day they would not let him return a phone cover he never used. In PA 30 days is standard. I call this a SNEAKY way to cheat consumers. I would advise anyone this is not a place to buy accessories. The price is too high for the quality and they definitely do ot stand behind their products. Phone service is fine but so are the competitors now and much cheaper.

Posted by LISA

I Did Not Get A Return Label With My Device,i Have Been Through Enough With This Phone I Just Want My Money Back Brand New Phone And Card Never Been Used Cant Use It In My Area Done Have Called You And Cancelled Everything So I Need A Label.please,wow..... Just Got It 3 Days Service Nowere.thank You

Posted by DBW

Called 4 times for them to sent me shipping boxes to send my trade in phones back,,,4 times boxes never showed up!!
so i asked what am i supposed to do? they said you can return them to a verizon store! I said why didn't the first guy tell me that????
really bad customer service!!!

Posted by Josh

I was charged 30 $ for a prepaid plan .. During the transaction it kept saying card declined.. Then i go. Check my account balance next day and it shows it went through. .so i called they agreed to refund me my money that it will take 2-3 business days.. It has been a week and still nothing.. Verizon is horrible with refunds..

Posted by Eric

Was told I could pay $27 to pay off my old phone and upgrade to a new one. I specifically asked when my card was being ran that it was only for $27 and assured it was. Got home and realized they actually charged my card $189 and blamed it on a "computer glitch". After HOURS on the phone they finally agreed to issue a refund but told me it could take up to a month to get my money back. BS! You are not going to steal my money and keep it for a month. I called my bank to have the charge disputed as a fraud/theft and have filed a report with the FTC and will be going to the Verizon Store tomorrow to have the police come file a theft charge. Straight up crooks.

Posted by zg786

Verizon's Worry-Free Guarantee is dishonest. I returned my JetPack within the 3 day trial period and got slapped with over $240 in usage charges! There is nothing worry-free about the trial!

Posted by al

Verizon is horrible about refunds, they charged me on 9/2/16 and still have not refunded my money and they are the ones that canceled my order. When I call i get sent to tele sales and customer service I was on hold for three hours and twelve minutes on Friday been on hold now for 24 minutes today

Posted by Aly

I activated Verizon service today. It took a little over an hour at the store. I drove straight home and learned that it doesn't work at my house. I drove back to the store less than 1 hour later to return the two phones. They ended up charging me a $70 restocking fee.

Why should I have to pay $70? I wanted to use their service. It shouldn't be my fault that they don't have a good network.

Posted by Anonymous

Spoke to verizon and they told ne that they were not goi g to refund my money for a phone that has manufacturer recall. They referred me back to the manufacturer and im within their so called 14 day worry free guarantee time frame.

Posted by johnbp123

I've had service with them for a long time. Upgrading, changing plans, adding or sending back devices has always led to a few phone calls to straighten it all out. Exasperating at times but it does work out. Recently bought an iPad Pro which I didn't like and returned. The rep I spoke with was great! He made calls to the local stores since it was the last day to return it. Local store said it was past last day. He was persistent and I was able to pay a restocking fee and return the Pro. Recently switched to Cleartalk using an old iPhone 4 since it was half the price.

Posted by Anonymous

How do I return a phone when another company has bought out my contract?????

Posted by Desperately begging

On 4/6/2016 I called Verizon to simply place an order for a new phone on a payment plan. And error occurred with order # 1 of 3. Order # 1 was cancelled due to an error issue on Verizon's part, that money was refunded to the debit card. Another error with order # 2 occurred even though the order was cancelled Verizon debited the account for $1,042.72, which was never authorization since I only authorization $90.72 which was suppose to have been for taxes plus shipping plus activation fee. Since I was told of the second error a 3rd order was placed and yay no errors and the charge was also debited. Well, to make a long story short...I have spent over 14 hours on the phone begging and pleading with Verizon to reverse the charges back into the checking account over the past week since this fraud/theft has left a family with no way to pay bills, buy food, buy diapers and now about to be with electricity. I have traveled every avenue possible to get this $1,042.72 refunded back into the checking account from 14+ hours of phone calls. 2 emails to two different VPs, begging, pleading, crying, requesting an investigation, filing complaints and getting no where. Again, please return the money so a family doesn't end up hungry and homeless.

Posted by KC Cowgirl

Verizon is horrible at their IPhone return system. I've called twice and each time been told a package and invoice has been sent. I'm still waiting. I never received either. Hell, if I had a label I'd pay for shipping myself but you can't print your own labels.

I have an IPhone 5S sitting on my desk as a paperweight at the moment awaiting the PROMISED package for a credit.

Verizon Sucks@

Posted by Jasond 138

Prepaid for 2 s7 over the phone and was was promised that the activation would be waived, 100 bill credit for new service, 20 off the 2 cases and screen protectors I ordered. I called to switch to the edge 3 hours after I ordered 2 weeks in advance. Guy told me to wait till it was delivered to change my order and do it at the store because it would be easier. Guess what, THEY'RE OUT OF THE EDGES and that 14 day worry free doesn't apply on phones that aren't in stock. Now I gotta pay to have a box shipped, pay new sales tax, hookup my old phone, wait however long it takes for the edges to come in, and they won't honor all those "discounts". Now, I'm headed back to where I should stayed.. Tmobile and UNLIMITED DATA

Posted by lmw7106

Can't get in touch with anyone about my Verizon covered return galaxy S5 I inadvertently put my iPhone 5s n the return mail envelope with I do believe. Yes I am crazy it was damaged also from a different company I bought to hook up on Verizon well it will not read Sim cards so it was suppose too be returned too gazelle for replacement I find it hard to believe no one noticed two phones for one return! Galaxy S5 This return was on a jon Lingerfelt acount my nashville tn just been through chemo and all that goes with so I guess crazy costs!! Really wish those people in Texas would have noticed oh well ugh tks very distraught my b friend tried too help me and I screwed me to the tune of several hundred dollars! Please contact me if anyone happens too come across a miracle and can figure out where they send phones

Posted by Anonymous

Were is my refund

Posted by Anonymous

I got a new phone iPhone 6 last week I'm 80 years old and it is to big for me to carry I would like to trade it forro .your small flipper p hone it is to big to carry w

Posted by Karla

The last month that I paid for service my account was up to date. I switched carriers a few days later and they refuse to refund the month that was paid in advance. In addition I keep getting harassing phone calls 3 times a week saying that I owe the amount I had already paid. Customer service said my service was not shut off until the following month even though my phone had no service. They said it went over the next billing cycle by a day and want me to pay that bill. I resolved this problem 3 times only to still be getting calls that I owe. That last call was relendless and so was I. I am owed a refund by 3 reps and the last one says I still have a bill now 60 days past due. I will never recommend Verizon and if you are in good luck getting out. They are the cell service nazis!

Posted by Anonymous

Well my apartment was broken into an they stolen my tablet an a htc phone including my wallet with all my credit cards Texas ID with other important documents an I have called Verizon customer service serviorl times including going into the Verizon store an nothing was resolved so as for some purchased devices useing my credit card so there for I more likely paid for them which I don't have in my possion but I'm still have to pay for what I don't have all I want is for this issue to get resolved an I get my money back I don't want it credit to my account just needing my money back is all I'm asking I don't want to choose an other service with any other phone companies I'm really like being part of Verizon an I don't want to get my lawyer involved y'all are very good on resolving any problems all I'm asking is my money refunded back into my credit card is it!Thank yall

Posted by Anonymous

A month ago I purchased a new tablet and was charged twice for it. I've gotten nothing but a run around from them for the past month while they do absolutely nothing to take care of the extra charge. It's completely on them and at this point they just outright stole $250 from me. I've brought in bank statements, receipts, people in the store know what happened, but still nothing...

Posted by Seaweed

I think Verizon is the biggest rip off f any cell carrier. Today was my last day to return this device. I missed it by a couple hours and now stuck with it. My daughter has straight talk which is a much cheaper and a whole less confusing then dealing with some of the verizon pushy sales people.

Posted by Curt

I am wanting to return my device and nobody is available in customer service today is 8/18/2015 and today was last day. I was told in store I had 30 days and just seen on my receipt that today is last day!!

Posted by GJO

I am ver upset that that Verizon would not refund/credit my account for a Verizon Phone Charger that I paid 30 dollars. I purchased on the way out of town not knowing if my old one was broken of just a fuse needed to be replaced. Told the clerk once I checked this out and it was the fuse could I return it. He told me certainly. He did not tell me it had to be within 14 days. Since I don't know of any company that don't give at least 30 days to return, I purchased it. I checked my fuse and thrilled it was going to only cost a few bucks to replace that. I got back in town a week later but could not find my receipt. Since I had them just charge my account I thought I would just wait till that came in and use it. When I went in to return it, it was just a few days over fourteen days. The clerk told me he could not refund even though it had not even been opened. I was not very happy with the store. I was for sure that since I have been a long loyal customer that I would be able to contact someone in customer service that would help me out. The first time I called I was told that a supervisor would call me back but to just deduct the amount of the charger from balance owed in the mean time. I did that but never received a call back. I call again and this time was told in no way could I return this for a refund. I am furious and do not understand why I cannot get a refund on phone charger that has never been opened. There is not even any working parts that could have been damaged. You would have no problem putting it back on the shelf for someone else to buy. Best Buy is right across the street and I could have to my business to them or nearby Walmart, Target, many stores in the area that will give at least a 30day refund and a lot of cases more and or store credit. That is all I am asking for. The lady I talked to suggested that I sell it on the internet. Really?? There are so many on the internet so the most you can get is maybe 10 bucks. What would make me or anyone want to purchase accessories from Verizon Store with only a 14 day policy return. Wow I was able to return a 25 thousand truck after 3 weeks of driving. I would think if Verizon don't want to be be as fair as their competitors then they should not be selling any accessories in the stores. I am very mad. I am retired and live on a tight budget. Now I have this 30.00 dollars charger that I dont need. I would like to think somehow Verizon will come up with a solution that would be fair. Also there needs to be visable signs right at the register like most stores showing return policies. Is Verzion really ok with this. How could you lose any money. You are such a big company, I can't imagine how this would cause you any loss to refund my money. You will have a much bigger loss losing long time loyal customer. Guess you can afford that.

Posted by Mary Lou

I was supposed to receive a prepaid return label with my cell phone order. There was no label in my order and I tried to print one on line and it wouldn't!! I was told that I have 14 days to return it and it was shipped on February 24 2015. Today's date is March 4, 2015. I want to return it so please get me the return label!!!! Mary Lou Smith order# 000034705001. My email address is Please email me the prepaid return label ASAP!!!!! I am returning the phone because it was not what the salesman told me it was!!!!!!

Posted by bluegs

On Verizon's recommendation, I ordered a MiFi device for my home Internet connection (no cable or DSL available). I requested a device that would work unattended, but after several failures when it needed to be reset, I called and switched to a voice/data router 10 days later, which works well. I was told I had 14 days to change my mind, and that there was time to ship the device back for credit.
However, I was unable to print a return label. The URL provided by Verizon for printing the return label had no such capability, and when I tried to create a MyVerizon account, I could not get the password because text is not used in the router. I received the password in a letter instead a week later and it didn't work. The second time I typed it very carefully, and the account locked up.
Customer service was unable to do anything, in spite of repeated calls during the next month. One person tried to send me a label, but I never received it. Finally, a creative individual got my account to work in a roundabout way and also sent me a label.
I returned the MiFi expecting a credit of $115, but the credit was $0.
No one has been able to fix this, and there has been no reason given. I don't know how this will end, I'm not paying for a device that I returned and Verizon verified they have.
Verizon has nice customer service people but they can't fix issues like this. I'm fed up.

Posted by annoymous

Been paying phone bill for my son . we would go into verizon store to pay his bill in person ten minutes later he would get a text message stating that he had a balance due for like a hundred and something before they would turn it on! How is that possible?

Posted by susan p.

Verizon charged my account twice now refuses to refund it back....ive jumped through all there hoops and still have no refund, i dont make alot of money, bit I work pay my bills on times like i was doing with my phone payment,then they took it out once again, still not resolved. they refuse to tell me the steps i need to take to get my money back,they left my account with only 100 dollars in it and i just got paid, now my grandbaby doesnt get the presents she was getting and verizon could give a darn that i just well they just broke her little heart.

Posted by btcraig

... Called Motorola, they offered (without trouble) to warranty for free but with wait. (obviously not mentioning... Not wanting to wait I headed over to the local Verizon corporate location, tech in the location tries to... know that I was in the 14 day grace period for a new device if I go back to the store today. ... me, he tries to look up the info in the account and apparently has the same problem ... located information on my order to even begin to process the exchange and I get thrown back ...up and everything was taken care of. (Prepaid shipping label, etc). Aside from the blunderings of the tech ...

Posted by wernette

... Verizon Store and with your billing department. Here are the details. We hosted a foreign exchange from August 2010 to May 2011. She needed... there were 9 months (7/2011 to 3/2012) of unnecessary charges for number . If you notice looking at... cell phones. So, in protest we are going to pay the $125.82. HOWEVER, we hope that Verizon will take appropriate action and credit our account that same amount... Also, please inform your training staff for store employees that there is a problem of making deals ... Please respond back to us within 30 days. Thank you. Alan and Julie ...

Posted by VABeachGuy

... it off, they had the nerves to say that it was my fault the bill got charged double and they could not get me my refund without a letter from my bank.... of their customers, PERIOD. Most services would help you out with payments and they to make a settlement with them but not Verizon. I really enjoyed Fios for the last three years and I wanted to stay, but I am not going to pay for something that I did not do. I am going back to Cox cable. ... a tad more expensive but they are reliable. If you want to deal with Verizon idiot customer service then go on ahead. I am done ...

Posted by JM

... on a port that is working and want to charge me $299. They will not return my old phone and I can return the refurbished phone phone if I don't want to incur the $299. Motorola will repait it under warranty. What is Verizon Wireless doing except killing their own customers? To...

Posted by Anonymous

1). We had a business account with Verizon. Somehow, packages and charges were added out... had to keep someone from the package or I would have to pay something ridiculous like $200.00 ... keep internet in order to keep from paying the fees. Since then, Verizon has overcharged me every month. They even charged me TWICE in one month, and ... supposed to be for the following month. I double checked my account...every month has been paid, there are 2 charges for the overpaid month, and then the following ...went back to regular payments. I have tried countlessly to get the charge refunded, but the customer ...

Posted by JBKS

...6 people, 2 of whom work side by side in the same store, and not one had the same answer ...always been nice. Just not helpful. 6 people in 2 days with diffn answers is the most minor of issues! ... huge bill on time monthly.....back to Alltel days.....and this? If ANYONE knows of somewhere I am not aware of within Verizon please... know and my letters go unanswered, returned, etc. Is a lawyer the route? It is not one issue... unhelpful!! SOMEONE has to be in charge..someone hires, fires, is CEO, earns a high pay check, ... share. Have met two people through the process who DID know the product, etc, but don...

Posted by tyler2345

I started as a Verizon Wireless customer in April 2011. Since then I have had 11 devices. No I am not ...agreed after many complaints, a mere sales rep in a corporate store got me a 3G replacement. I was unable to accomplish this myself because customer service and tech ...ahead and cancel the line. they are not crediting my act fee. That's ok. I'm calling their bluff and I WILL return the device on the 14th day and cancel the line. They would rather charge me $35 and have me ...years and have my loyaly than waive that fee. The rep said they will go out of business if they credit me. Are you kidding me...

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a verizon wireless phone and have had nothing but trouble. To try and correct no minutes on a .... What @@@@ 2) repeated problem and when supervisor called back and refused to refund phone purchase. 3) I wouldn't buy another verizon phone for . 4) Upset don't worry the operator will give ...

Posted by Anonymous

Alert: Verizon Wireless. I've been a customer for a very long time, that being said yesterday 2/21/2011 I went to the Verizon Store in Butler, NJ to purchase a phone for my son (first phone). I went knowing that I wanted a phone that offered Family Locator,... doesn't support Family Locator. Filed a compliant against the sales rep with corp, this is the best part to exchange the phone they wanted $80.00 more and $35.00 restocking fee....well you should have heard that conversation. After yelling, screaming, kicking got the $35.00 waived, but they wouldn't...

Posted by Kim Sprague

.... Although we played phone tag the rest of the day, I finally got ahold of Hector Mendoza the following day. Initially he listened to my complaint but when we could not work approval, he became rude. His solution was that Verizon would offer me a 35% deduction from talk to someone else that could authorize a full refund. He said I could but his "... have to start over again after dealing with this for 2 days. By this time, I was really frustrated! I spoke to a woman named ...and helpfulness, I have a sour feeling about my experience with Verizon to work out my issue. My cell ...