Ulta Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Ulta below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Ulta so others can benefit from what you learned.

Online Purchases

ULTA allows returns for customers that aren't satisfied with a product. Returns can be done by sending back the product to the Ulta.com Returns Center, or a local ULTA store.

Customers who wish to return a product to ULTA for a full refund must do so within 60 days of the order being processed. Products returned after 60 days will be refunded as an eGift Card or ULTA Gift Card. Any free product or gift received with the main order must also be returned to receive a full refund within 60 days. Otherwise, an eGift Card or ULTA Gift Card will be issued instead.

Original shipping charges will not be refunded, except in case of an error by ULTA or a defective product. The order's email confirmation, all original packaging materials and packing slip must be shipped back with the item being returned.

A return label is included with every ULTA order, which must be applied to the outside of the shipping box. Some items, which are considered Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT), such as hairspray or nail polish that contains flammable materials must be returned through ground shipping only.

Refunds will be issued within 30 days of your item being processed and received by ULTA.

In-Store Purchases

If you are not fully satisfied with a purchase that you've made at an ULTA store, the product may be returned for a refund or store credit. Any item returned must have all original components and the sale receipt.

Returns for Refund

A full refund is issued if the return is done less than 60 days after the product was purchased. Products that had a free gift or bonus product included with them can be returned for a full refund within 60 days, if the free product is also returned along with the purchase.

Returns for Store Credit

In some cases, a store credit will be given instead of a full refund. This applies to items that were returned after 60 days from purchase, returns of Club at ULTA Reward items, items that are returned without the accompanying free product or gift, as well as gift items if they are returned together with the Gift Receipt.

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Posted by Brenda

I was alerted by my banks fraud unit of the initial purchase. I told my bank the purchase was authorized. However, they also told me that this product would charge me a fee and automatically ship additional products to me generally after a 14 day period. That information was not clear in my initial purchase. However, when the product arrived at my home on 2/16/18, I contacted their office by telephone on 2/17/18 and requested that no additional products be sent to me. They told me that I would have to pay for the return of the unused portions and an additional $12 inspection fee since this was a consumable product. I advised I had not yet opened the product and decided not to take it as a result of learning that it was contraindicated for my heart condition. I was placed on hold while she spoke to her supervisor and returned stating they would give me a one time "gift" and would confirm same by e-mail. Be careful and ask questions is my recommendations. Also, do your research before you open the bottle. I've had a heart attack and forskolin is not recommended for people with heart disease.

Posted by Regan80

Bought a philosophy gift set in beginning of january. There were 3 products in the set- purity cleanser, miracle worker and eye serum. After using the products for about a week, i started breaking out with pimples so i stopped using the products. I tried to exchange the gift set last week but i was told by the cashier that i used too much of the product to return it. She specifically "shook" the eye serum container and said "this is nearly empty"... it was part of a gift set and was only .75 oz to begin with plus it is a thick serum that cant be heard or felt when shook in its tiny white container. She was very rude and condescending. So basically i spent $40 on a gift set that just gave me zits and i cant even get an exchange!

Posted by Glamgirl

Shop at Ulta all the time. I've returned used items and NEVER had a problem with returning anything. It also says above that you have to give free gift back, that is not true they have never asked for it back and it say in return policy to keep the free gift.
Benton Harbor,MI sales girls are great!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought some items at Ulta for my daughter and myself with my debit card. My daughter wanted to return one of her items which was fine but they allowed her to use her own debit card to put the credit back onto. Ulta doesn't have a policy of verifying who is returning at item and receiving credit? It should have gone back to my debit card which is the card used for the original purchase.

Posted by Lean82

I went to my ulta and had no problem with returning an item that did not work out for me.After it being used and less than 60 days. No one gave me any problems. They just let me return it and gave me back a full refund. However I brought items back in original packaging with a receipt and bought with my rewards card. I don't know what's going on at other stores. But my store in indiana is great! #veryloyalcustomer #ultaswhereitsat

Posted by strikethecanvas

Ulta would not return a solid Bare Essentials foundation compact in less than 30 days with a receipt that literally fell apart in my purse due to 75% of the compact makeup not being in the compact anymore. I was trying to use it as an exchange for Smashbox which I had done my research on so that I wouldn't have that same problem ever again. The Bare Essentials not only broke in pieces all in the bottom of my purse, it also would fall off of my brush onto my chest while trying to apply it. Ulta is not responsible to its customers for faulty makeup and should update its exchange policy. Also the new Bare Essentials solid compact works good though requires many touch ups and breaks into pieces. Altogether not my idea of good customer service.

Posted by Happy Shopper

I just returned an eyeshadow brush I had bought the day before, to a different ULTA store than I purchased the product at. I went in with the unopened product along with my receipt and stated that I realized I did not need it. The cashier was very helpful and gave me a full refund back to my card. It was no hassle, no problem. I will continue to shop at ULTA and am thankful that I did not have some of the problems other people were having.

Posted by Byte me

I just returned an item and expected store credit, got it on my card that I used to post no questions. It also starred in their refund policy that if you use your ulta rewards number you don't need a receipt because the sale is already tied to your account. It's how they know how much spend.

It seems to me that a lot of the complaints are central and east coast.

I recommend tweeting them and calling Corp. I use e-mail as a last resort because they take forever. When you tweet them remember to # because it always gets their marketing and social dept attention.

Posted by Smb

My grandmother received a gift for Christmas from Ult. She took it back bc she didn't like it. They told her they would not exchange it. That's all she wanted to do! I said that's bs when she told me about it. So I called and spoke w the manager and explained what had taken place. She told me to come down there and they would be happy to exchange it no receipt needed. Goes to show what they will do if they THINK they can get over on an older person. Made me so mad!

Posted by Amy

I went to my local store today to return 3 items, 2 of which were used ONE time. I only got half of what I had originally paid! � I didn't realize this until I looked at the receipt later as I had bought more items totaling $65. I have emailed Ulta online and am waiting for their response.

Posted by Marissa

If something does not work out for you. You are entitled to return it. All the comments i am reading about the ulta employees is disgusting behavior. If you want to return something you demand a return, do not let their nasty attitudes bring you down.

Posted by Anonymous

my free eye liner was NOT included in my order, and the ONLY way I can get the free eye liner with my $26 purchase on some illuminator is to either 1.. return it, and I pay the shipping, or 2, I can drive 45 min to the nearest store, to make a return. Ulta will not send the eyeliner they are offering as a free gift for this purchase, I called Customer Service, and they can not do anything, the free eye liner IS the reason I paid $26 for this product, Very disappointed customer, I would suggest calling C/S before the order is placed.

Posted by Noliemom

I just returned 2 items to the Saginaw, MI store and was very happy with the service. Both of the items had been used (for just a few days.) I had the original packaging and my original receipt, but I was still expecting a hassle. I went in ready to do battle, but the associate was happy to do the return. She even apologized to me because the makeup didn't work for me! I'll be happy to shop at Ulta again.

Posted by KellyK

Ulta is way too lenient with what they allow customers to return. Every item that is used goes straight to the garbage and into a landfill. It states that all items returned have to have all original components WHICH MEANS THE PACKAGING OR BOX for those commenting that have little to no reading comprehension.

Posted by Amartin

I bought a Naked Palate, which when I opened it was completely shattered. After spending $50 on a product, you would hope a company would value customers enough to rectify the situation, but all I was told by an associate is "we won't return it because you probably broke it" and "well just mix it with alcohol and it will solidify again" which is an absolutely absurd thing to tell a customer. I emailed their corporate offices after both locations in my city were extremely unhelpful and very rude and I have yet to hear back. Definitely shopping elsewhere, and hopefully the company will do the right thing and return the damaged product!

Posted by Jennifer Holloway

Frustrating that I can't make an exchange without a gift receipt or original receipt. I had received a lip gloss, which remains in original packaging, and the personality-less customer service associate refused to allow for an even exchange. It's bad customer service

Posted by Anonymous

Not seeing a thing about returning with the box...what the hell? Bad market we're living in - guess you are not into client retention. I will shop elsewhere in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

Where does it say in the ulta return policy you need original packaging even with a reciept for a refund...No where very dissapointed I am and have been a Paltinum member for a very long time. The employees at Ulta said it says on the policy online and changed 6 month's ago. And yet when I returned a item a couple weeks ago with out packaging. Do not like being lied to and will go else where from now on. THANK YOU

Posted by Sarah

I tried to return something after i had a bad breakout but i lost my reciept and didn't have the packaging i went all the way to ulta but they refused to even exchange it for another item because i didn't have the box, I explained that i was planning to keep the item but unfortunately my skin didn't like it therefore I cannot use it but she was very rude. Today was my last day visiting any ulta store again ever. I rather go to sephora where they understand that if a skin care item doesn't work they'll at least exchange it or give you store credit. If you guys keep this stupid policy you're going to lose a lot of customers like me.

Posted by Jess

I've returned things at ulta used not used with reciept no reciept with no problem the girls are always super nice and super helpful.

Posted by melaniert

I was buying a light up mirror in the clearance section that did not have a sticker. Jill the store manager checking me out commented that she liked the mirror and wished she had bought one when on sale. The mirror rang up for 2 cents. Manager jill refused to sell to stating that the mirror is accidently shelved and not meant for sale. I argued to sell it to me priced as one on the shelf and she chomped her gum and shook her head no. She then put the mirror beneath the cash register. I feel as though she kept the mirror for herself as resoning not to sell it to me. I shop ulta for myself, my husband and three daughters, but since this incident I avoid ulta like the plague. Disappointed in their management. Loss on both ends.

Posted by Joan

I purchased a Revlon curling iron on 5/5/16. Never used. I returned it today 8/27/16. Store 414. Trans 6672. Time 2:42. Cashier Felicia was understanding that I wanted a store credit because I have the receipt & clearly states after 60 days you receive a store credit. Store manager Marisa who was chomping gum said it was her discretion to refund with store credit. I did get a store credit but this store is not following ULTA refund policy.

Posted by Gretchen

The store is really nice & very competitive with Sephora as far as the product lines Ulta carries. However, the employees in the Fishers Indiana store also have an attitude about returns especially. I just read the return policy & was surprised to see that it's not required for the purchaser to give their phone number at time of purchase or be part of the rewards program in order for a return to be allowed. 60 day or 90 days doesn't matter here. They simply say no & they will have people calling corporate standing in the store. It's ridiculous. They don't do samples on much as well at Ulta. Sephora does. Nordstrom does. I love Ulta's own make up line & the pallettes around the holidays are fantastic! Its too bad that I have to be so apprehensive whenever I consider buying from Ulta because of the "from the cuff" return policy.

Posted by Angell

I always bought BM well rested at Ulta. I then had a baby and it no longer worked for my skin so it has been sitting in my makeup box for months. I did not have a receipt and it was purchased over the 60 day period and I did us my Ulta rewards card. their returns policy claims that will result in a store credit. I don't get into that store often because I always have my child with me. I took it back to the Ulta in Reading today and the girl would only give me $5.25 for a product that NEVER goes on sale. And I wanted to purchase over $50 in product today. I don't feel this is acceptable. Their policy does not mention the refund would only be for the lowest sale price and prestige brand never go on sale so how do they get the lowest selling price? I doubt I will shop there much anymore. The associates have an attitude.

Posted by Luna Sea

I return things to ulta all the time, have never had a problem, even without receipts. They are always nice and helpful.

Posted by Lucy

Absolutely awful store if you need to return a product. Even purchased within the same week they'll give you the worst attitude about it, refuse to take it back, and make you uncomfortable. I will never shop at Ulta again. Sephora and Nordstrom are much more professional.

Posted by Anonymous

At Ulta they only accept returns after 60 days but only refund you for store credit because it is after the 60 day period, you cannot return a product that has less than 75% of it. If you do not have the receipt and it's after the 60 day period, there's no way for the employee to look up the purchase since with the ULTAmate rewards, it only pulls up transactions from the last 60 days. I know that if you call customer service you should be able to get the receipt sent if it's within 5 months I believe. But if there's no proof of purchase you can't get a refund, and every store refunds at the lowest selling price of the product. Also if you do not have an ULTAmate rewards account and are trying to make a return you can't return it at all because it won't let you get past the phone number part, and unless you sign up there, again, is nothing they can do.

Posted by Jas

I love Ulta but, I went in with a friend today and spent almost 500 dollars! We were treated very poorly.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a gift set of Angel perfume for my daughter for Christmas. She recently told me she did not have the star bottle that it came with We believe that it might have been thrown out by mistake with wrapping. She has the perfume and the funnel but nothing to putitin. I returned to the store in Old Bridge, New Jersey only to find them. Gone! Perhaps. you can help us.

Posted by Anonymous

I went into the Manteca store tonight to do a return with receipt just over 30 days and was told I could only get store credit. When I pointed out the back of the receipt which states 60 days I was told the system would not take it. When she went to return it stated to go back onto my Visa and the girl stopped it to change to a gift card. i was very disappointed and felt like I was lied to. Would not recommend shopping at this store.

Posted by Anonymous

I am 15 and I have very sensitive skin, and wanted new makeup. So Sunday I took a trip to ulta and bought Smashbox 25 HR, and my face was just starting to clear up. Now it's starting to break out again. but I hate to just buy this and not get an exchange or a refund for it.

Posted by joice

My husband bought me a straightener for a holiday gift. I was told if I wasn't happy with it for any reason, it could be returned.(even if it was used) Unfortunately, it didn't work well for my type of hair. My husband misplaced the receipt. We obtained the receipt of purchase through his American Express. When I went to the store,the salesperson was young, professional and courteous. The manager came over and told I had to come back with his card. In addition, I had two other items of makeup that I simply requested an exchange. The manager kept telling me that I would get the lowest selling price. I told her I didn't want money back, just an exchange. She just kept on repeating herself. They didn't have the color I needed. I asked if they would get it in soon. She said: "After all, you could have purchased the items at Sephora and try and return them to Ulta". Wow! What a way to treat a customer! The manager had a bad attitude and acted as if I was trying to pull something over on them. Yes, I understand that can happen. I didn't want money, I wanted an exchange. As far as the straightener goes, a credit would have been perfectly fine. It makes me never want to step foot in Ulta again. No wonder online sales are increasing. You don't have to deal with bad attitudes.

Posted by Jamielake707

Went to exchange a curling iron I received as a gift from my grandma and it was the large barrel one wanted to exchange for smaller one and the refused to do it, they were rude and nasty called corporate and they were just as rude only giving first name. And still refused to exchange it because at one point item was given as a gift. But they are for sale now! All I wanted was exchange my hair is short and cannot use it. I have been a customer of ultra for a long time and have never been treated so rudely my grandmother says they are crooks and couldn't believe the horrible treatment.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to return a few gifts I had rec'd for Christmas, don't have a receipt (they were a gift from another state). Although they were all packaged and in the original UNOPENED container, they would NOT even give me a gift card for the returns. They were all philosophy (I just wanted a different scent) and they wouldn't even listen to me. They certainly lost my business!

Posted by Tracie

Went into the Puyallup WA store today Dec 13, 2015, to EXCHANGE a product that was defective.
( Brown eyeliner pencil that the screw part was defective and not pushing out the eyeliner ) I didn't have the receipt nor am I a rewards member so the associate stated that she couldn't do anything!
What a crock Ulta!
Why not stand behind your products and those you sell instead of no receipt/ no exchange policy? It wasn't like I was asking for my money back!
I suppose greed wins again.
I will never shop in your store again nor will I allow my girls and anyone I talk to in person and over social media, will also know what kind of company Ulta is... a greedy one that cares nothing about their customers.

Posted by Abcdef

If you don't have a receipt all companies will give you the lowest selling price. The company gives discounts with reward points. This is probably why items are majorly discounted. Best advice keep the receipt without no proof of payment also unfortunately people steal and make returns.

Posted by Chrisoola

I returned an item today which was given to me as a gift. I had a gift receipt. I was told I would get my refund in the form of a store credit. What is the point in getting a gift receipt if you are going to get a store credit anyway?!?! After reading other people's comments I guess I am lucky to have had a gift receipt otherwise I could have been subjected to the lowest price rule even though my item was $54.00. Good luck ULTA, cause I'll be doing my shopping elsewhere, so many other stores, so little time... LOL

Posted by Anonymous

The pay back the lowest price is often the policy of retailers if you don't have the reciept!

Posted by Asdfghj

Yeah. I had the same thing - I went to Ulta to return something with receipts, but after 60 days. I was told that only store credits will be issued, which is fine since I shop there often. But when the slip was printed out, the refund for a 1oz Smashbox primer was $0.99!!!! They said that was the 'lowest selling price', and I can only get that much back instead of the price I paid which was $36. Wow!!! I was completely shocked - A) which reputable store give back deeply discounted credit instead of full credit?? You either give refund or you don't right??? I never thought that possibility even exists!! B) when did a full size Smashbox primer ever go for 99 cents??? How did they even came up with these 'lowst selling prices'?? I'd like to get a few to give away as gifts then!....anyways, if not for anything else but this policy alone.....let's go with Sephora instead!

Posted by BrwnIZ424

I received a gift from a family friend. Unfortunately, it wasn't right for me. I had lost the receipt that came with the items and when I went into Ulta in San Diego to exchange/ return the items. As the cashier rang each item up they were marked down by 82%. I was annoyed, i began asking the cashier why so low. She replied its the lowest selling price for each item. So i asked her when did they have a sale on Smashbox face makeup where it could be purchased for $9.20 because I want to make sure I mark that day on my Calendar. She said she didn't know but that if it or another shade in the same line had gone on clearance that price woUlf be applied to my product. That is absolute bologna. I couldn't believe how terrible there return policy is even when store credit is given don't shop Ulta... go to sephora

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter made a purchase for my birthday on Dec 1st using her debit card at store #219 in Fayetteville NC. I tried to return the purchase with the receipt on Dec. 2nd and was told it was the company policy that I could not receive cash for the refund. The very unkempt General Manager would not give me a cash refund even after I showed her that it stated on line that I could receive a cash refund. The bottom line is that I will never shop there again and by word of mouth I will tell everyone that I encounter to never shop there again.

Posted by Sherry

I recently returned two items to my local store within two weeks of purchase with receipt and original packaging. Was told that since I did not know the return policy I would get a full refund. However, from here on, please use a sample product before purchase. It was said in a very condescending tone. I knew that this had not been the case in the past, so I checked online and I was right...I was entitled to a refund.