Toys R Us Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Toys R Us below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Toys R Us so others can benefit from what you learned.

Toys R Us Return Policy

Toys R Us has an easy return policy for customers. If there is something that you do not like or that you do not need, then you can return or exchange it within 90 days of the purchase date. The store does accept returns for purchases made online. The item can be mailed to the store, and a refund will be given in the same way the initial payment was made. Products should remain in the original packaging and with the receipt. If an item is shipped for a return, then fees will be deducted. The store does have the right to refuse refunds on select items.

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Posted by NH

Horrible experience returning item. I had the receipt and was required to present a photo ID. After reading their policy I see that they keep your information on file and share your personal information with their affiliates. This takes away all of your right to privacy just to return an item which was still in its packaging.
I will never go into or order online from this company again

Posted by Suneera

With receipt and tag, not accepting the item in cherry hill store. I used to purchase many items from there and bought many dresses for my new born in that 2 dresses returned because of the size issue but they r not accepting it because tag is not attached . It's weird how people will try for the new born with the tag.

Posted by Medster

Horrific return policy. Refusing returns with receipt. Asking for id with receipt. Giving store credit only person who returned items can use when originally paid with normal gift card.

Posted by Mia

Omg yesturday I decide I would spend my money at toyrus forget it o had a coupon I received from customer service. Tell me why supposedly a supervisor / cashier was giving me a hard time about a 5$ coupon . She had my phone for about 12 min. I had to turn the phone on for her twice . I gave her permission to read the email . It was a awful experience I blew up on that ignorant cashier / supervisor . She would not stop running her mouth . As for the supervisor another ignorant person . I complained about the Situation he had the nerves to ask me if I was done wow as I read these review I remember also tell her what everyone is writing not wonder your going out of business your service sucks. I was shaken up it was my daughter bday. And I was humiliated . Over a 5 dollar coupon that they send me .

Posted by Be respectful

Before everyone jumps on the employees who have to deal with a lot working in a toy store at Christmas. 1)Think about you as the adults who should check return policies prior to purchasing. 2) watch your kids so they're not running around the store breaking items.
3) adults not expecting the hottest selling item to be in stock the day before Xmas. All of this and taking it out on the employees who make minimum wage and their butts off (in most cases)! They Work on Thanksgiving and Christmas eve!

Now switch places and try it! Next year start your shopping earlier and be respectful!
Remember your jobs in college?

Posted by Disgusted

I only shop at Toys R Us during Christmas and Holidays. I returned some of my items prior to Christmas and after Christmas I tried to return a. doll. I paid cash for all these items. I was asked to present my ID and after the transaction I was told the return was denied and to call customer service. Customer service associate was very rude!! I will NOT be shopping here anymore. Walmart and Target and Amazon ONLY!!

Posted by Jonathan Harrington

What a joke. I remember being so excited to go to toys-are-us during the holidays when I was a kid. Now it's filled with ignorant people who don't even know their job title apparently, aren't qualified to call themselves representatives, and leave you on hold for a half hour 45 minutes at a time. I had my wife call the stores customer service department for legit 2 days set up and went into the store i'm in line and there are three people in front of me and for people behind the desk sitting there talking, wife call in and then put her on hold right away for no reason and laugh about it. It took 45 minutes before they hung up on her. I was walking around the store waiting for them to tell me that if I don't have my original receipt after I just spent over $1000 there that I couldn't return one of the already broken items that I returned already and the second item happened to be broken as well. Talk about a piece of garbage store. It's no wonder you guys are going under, you can't keep up with Walmart even with toys these days. Used to be able to rely on your customer service and now it's a bunch of kids sitting behind a desk ringing up broken toys. It's sad it really is no more

Posted by Anonymous

Can I return a toy without the box . J bought it in the store. ?

Posted by Reason

Stores now scan an ID to spot people who return goods often, usually stolen. It's a shame it has come to this.

Posted by Art

Great customer service from "mayra' she is in the Guest Services cashier I couldn't find my receipt for an item I had my little boy crying because he wanted to return it for something else and she was able to look at my receipt she did a awesome job you ever need help refer to her she's in Pinole store

Posted by GregH

Toys R Us do you just not care anymore? I mean read these comments, no wonder you're going out of business (and I don't mean that in a rude way). It's sad because I had no idea until trying to return an online bought item myself. The ID part makes since (except the Military ID comment), but if the item is in working condition and never used then you should except anything and everything back. I garuntee you would sell more than returned. I agree that some if these ppl making comments are idiots ie "expired ID" idiot and the "my son only used the skates a few times," but there are many more valid disputes. You should have an on call immediate answer hotline for ppl to call while in the store to settle disputes on the spot and to hold these employers accountable. I only commented because it's said that you're going out of business and this may be a good reason why. I remember loving tru as a kid and wanted my kids to experience the same thing but if I ever experience a problem like returning something I'd never EVER go there again..

Posted by DontBSME

Purchased a Star Wars set for 79.99 on sale. Went to return it and they wanted to refund 72 dollars with tax. They said "says on the receipt" but couldnt explain WHY . Don't care what the receipt says, not what I paid for the item. Trying to refund less than the cost of the item. They gave a poster with the item, maybe that is the price diff, but told them ill bring it back if that is the issue. Apparently did not matter. This isnt explained before purchasing. Even if it was, doesnt sound legal to me. DOing a simple google showed a lawsuit in California for the same practice. So they try to make money even if they get the merch back. Unethical. I use to like shopping at TRU but guess this is part of the reason they look like they might be around in the next 5 years.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a problem with having to provide my ID when I have a receipt.

Posted by Toys r us scame

Toys r us .... shame on you ... today I went to return my sons car seat without opening it and they asked for my iD... when I provided my ID... she started putting my info in the system... I asked why you putting my information in the system ... she said well we have to do that it's the return policy ... I asked can you show me where does it says that? She had no answer but attitude if you wanna return it or not..
I will never go to toys r us ever again
Toys r us is a fully scame and willin out of business for sure o guarantee 100%
They steal your ID.... and can do anything with it

Posted by Anonymous

I bought $20 worth of goods,paying with my debit card,which was instantly taken from my account. When I returned the item the next day, unopened with receipt,also showing ID upon request I was told it will take 3 to 5 days for the $ to be returned. Total BS in my opinion. Why the ID request and then be told 3 to 5 days? Won't ever buy from them again

Posted by Lou

I just made some returns yesterday. 11 items. 8 if then I had the receipt, which I used a GIFT CARD to make purchase. 3 items I didn't have the receipt. She put it ALL on a merchandise credit. I went to use online today, can't use merchandise credit online. So I was pissed. If anything the 8 items should have went back to my gift card, which I still have because still has money on it. I called, manager told me that it goes back to original method of payment. Ok, then should have went back on my gift card. She said no, that it would go on merchandise, that's the policy. I told her that's ridiculous, where does it say that. She put me on hold, came back and offered me to come in and they would fix it.

If this is really the policy no wonder they are going under. Terrible policy. They should follow Targets policy. Thankfully I will get this fixed. Still and inconvenience, considering I have a 7 week old baby.

Posted by NeverGoingBack

Returned an unopened item which was purchased on my visa debit card. They never asked for my ID when I made the purchase. When I just now went back to return it the person who did the return asked for my ID and I let her know neither the receipt or the website specifically asks for this. She got lippy about it and copped an attitude about this. Well toys r us you're never getting another freaking dime from me cos you stored my info in your system and if you get hacked which you will my info is now up for grabs.

Posted by NotShoppingHereAnymore

I came to this site to check out the published return policy,and found several complaints about the subject about which I was concerned. When I went into a store earlier today to return some stocking stuffers I had changed my mind on using. I presented the unopened items with my receipt and the credit card I used for the purchase I was asked to present my ID. I thought the cashier was asking to match against my credit card, but she began entering my information into her computer without asking. When I asked her to stop she said it was store policy for returns. I said I did not authorize that, and asked her to stop. She then said she would not be able to perform the return. I eventually complained enough to a manager that she waived the entry and approved the return. Unbelieveably, just before my transanction another customer walked up to the counter stating that she had forgotten her receipt when she was in the store the other day. For which the lady behind the counter reached into a drawer and gave her the receipt WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANY IDENTIFICATION OR EVEN WRITING DOWN HER NAME! So, the reason I was given that collecting my information was for loss prevention reasons seems absurd after that.

The Retail Equation seems like a scam to me, and Toys R Us has fallen for it at the risk of alienating once loyal customers. TRE's website says that only about 1% of returns are fraudulent. I hope Toy R Us's investment in TRE and the loss of customer's who prefer to control their personal information is worth that 1%. I have always preferred using a real store to online, but I am starting to rethink that.

Posted by 2sb

I went to Sunnyvale store to buy a birthday gift. I purchased two items and had asked about the price before buying it. They quoted me price x and charged x+20 bucks and on realizing this stuff I went to return the item within 3 hrs of purchase.
On return they asked for my ID and provided them the ID. They started storing my ID no and then I asked why are you storing my ID ? They said it is there return policy. Storing ID is return policy without informing the customer. Shame on you Toyrus. I tried to explain them that being a software engineer it is not a good idea to store identity. One of the store staff responded "I am also software engineer". No more toys from "Toyrus" and would try not to accept toys from toyrus.

Posted by Terriblepoliciesequallostprofits

Shame on you ToysRUs! In today's day and age with fraud and identity theft, if you are going to scan my ID---you should tell me first and get my permission....My license-which i believe is level 2 not something I give up easily to be stored on servers in today's world. In addition, you also have my phone number, address and email address because I am a rewards member. Secondly, I shouldn't have to give you my license for an even exchange of a defective toy that I purchased less than 48 hours ago and had a receipt for, the rewards card and the credit card I purchased it with for $19.99 at the same store. I have spent thousands of dollars at your store and will no longer be treated like a criminal by a store that fails to recognize the value of my dollar or my voice. Amazon and Target recognize that I'm a good customer who rarely returns anything, always has a receipt and spends thousands of dollars annually. You won't see a dime more of my money. you've taken your policies too far and now you're going to lose a good customer....

Posted by Anonymous

Today I came to return some rollerblades that my son got for his birthday he used them once, they didn't fit correctly and they were the kind of rollerblades that are only on the back of your feet I was hoping to get store credit since I didn't have a receipt. She said I can only do an even exchange. Except that does no go because they didn't work well hence the reason for return. So apparently unless you buy the warranty you can't do anything about it. I can almost guarantee you Walmart would have returned them for me. No wonder people shop else where.

Posted by Ang

I bought baby items and asked if they gave full refunds incase I had to return them The cashier asked a manager and she said no only a store credit Yet, this site reads something totally different I'm guessing it was the color of my skin and this was in the Aramingo Ave ToysRus so that figures smh The return policy should be on receipts anyway I'm surprised at this company but not at the associates

Posted by Bp

Horrible. I had made an order and wanted to cancel it 10 minutes later at night. I went to my order status and it appeared that I had no previous orders and as much as I looked and clicked on the link provided to me I couldn't get anywhere. I called and waited 20 minutes and told that I wasnt going to be charged until the item had shipped which wasn't possible since my rder was placed after 9pm. But guess what I was charged

Posted by Anonymous

If you want an ID with a return you should print it on your receipts. I returned 2 items totaling $11. I needed an ID. I don't carry an ID with me and I had been on my feet for 8 hours. The items had not been opened. They were sealed. For them to make a 62 year old women go get an ID for 2 isealed items totaling $11 is stupid. I will be purchasing all my future toys at Walmart or Amazon. Also they had no right to scan my license without my permission.

Posted by Disgusted Loyal Customer

Don't make too many returns or you will be warned and then banned by a third party named The Retail Equation from making returns for one year. Even if you have the original receipt. EVEN IF YOU RECEIVE DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE.

Your only option will be to request your return history via email so you can be given instructions to file a dispute by SENDING THEM A LETTER IN THE MAIL. At that point the third party that banned you in the first place will be the one to represent you in the dispute with Toys R Us.

The system in place to monitor returns does not take into account the amount of items you purchase and keep.

Posted by Anonymous

I got free shipping when I placed my order. However, the wrong color was shipped to me and now it is costing me $7.95 to return the bottles that were sent to me by no fault of mine. Since it was your error, I shouldn't have been charged the return fee. I don't plan to order on line in the future.

Posted by tnm

Very disappointed. I bought a item for 59.99$ and got the insurance on it incase anything happened since it was going to my 8 year old. I ended up needing to use it and I thought good thing I got the insurance. Well come to find out after paying the 35$ for insurance that they do not replace or fix the product that came broken in box instead they offered me my 59.99$ that I paid for it !! I would of never got the insurance if I knew this was the case. Waste of time. I bought this product cause my daughter wanted one and didn't even get to play with it and all I'm getting is my 59.99$ back. I rather the product be fixed then my money back. So in all I paid 95$ for a 60$ toy but guaranteed my 60$ back. Worst insurance.

Posted by Iris

We were checking out and took 2 sweaters for the clerk to see they were discounted, I specifically told her I wanted the small 2T only but instead she charged both, I didn't think to ask until I saw her putting them both in the bag. By then I had already paid with a $50 gift card and $17.03 cash. She then says sorry I can't do anything because I already charged it, customer service can give you a return. After waiting another 30 minutes in customer service, my husband was asked for his ID, he was carrying his expired Driver's license and forgot the new one at home, when the rep saw this she simply stated "since you don't have a valid ID we will only give you store credit" I then stated that the mistake to charge us for the 5T sweater was done by cashier not us and if we paid cash why does it matter if his DL was expired, my husband was not even given an option to present another form of valid ID which he did have, they did nothe help us one bit and just rudely kept repeating, "you gave us an invalid ID at first and now we can only give you store credit,since you paid the mayority in gift card this is what you will receive, do you want it or are you keeping the sweater?" Eventhough they were there while we were checking out and saw the cashier apologize to us multiple times after realizing she was at fault. We didn't even get upset and still waited 30 minutes patiently with a fussy 2 year old at almost 10 pm just to be treated rudely. I was never showed any return policy where it states anything close to what they all said and I clearly saw on their website that you get the refund in the form it was originally paid. In the receipt you clearly see that the larger sweater was the last item charged and that cash was the second form of payment.
Horrible service!

Posted by Mona Lenard

I was billed for the correct items I ordered, but was shipped the wrong product.

Posted by HonestConsumer

I had a transaction purchase that exceeded $600. As the transaction processed, I realized that I had handed the cashier the wrong credit card. I went to the service desk to correct the problem and low and "exchange" transaction was declined! I was told that my returns from last Christmas season (with receipts mind you), had caused a warning and that I could not return ANYTHING for a whole year. Fortunately, the year is almost up for me. And when it is...I will be returning every bit of the $600+ that I spent at Toys R Us this past week. It is all well and good to say "don't shop there if you don't like the return policy" but it is a bit too late after they already have your money. The idea of refusing returns with receipts for products that are unopened, absolutely ridiculous and against the law in this case because our state has a strict requirement for stores to provide a clear and honest representation of their return policy prior to the sale. In Massachusetts, it is actually illegal to refuse a return that meets all of the merchant's posted return requirements and therefore I have filed a complaint with our state's attorney general.

Posted by Grandmotheroffour

Today my husband and I returned an item to our local TRU. The store clerk refused to accept my husbands military ID for identification purposes for the return. We had the receipt and item was in original condition. I do not approve of the store's policy requiring photo ID for returns with receipt to begin with, but I was not at all pleased when the clerk said a valid military ID was not on the list. Really!?! I did some research when I came Home only to discover that military ID's ARE on the list. So, not only was the clerk ill informed on the policy, she was downright rude about it. This family of veterans are not shopping at Toys R Us anymore.

Posted by The online shopper

I ordered Halloween costumes online on Oct 18th for my two kids. I paid 54 total for both of the costumes. Well my kids did not want them. Called toys r us, asked for my order to be cancelled. I was told I could not cancel the order because the items were already shipped. Ok that is fine, I understand why they would not be able to cancel the order if the items were already being shipped out. I would just return the items once they have arrived. Lets fast forward to the day of Halloween, that is when my items arrived. I am a online shopper. I do not do a lot on in store shopping unless I am buying food. I have never had this kind of experience before with products not shipping in a proper time frame. I contacted toys r us by email letting them know and they basically tried to sway the conversation in a different direction. That was the first time I ever ordered online from them, and that will be my last time. There are a lot of other businesses who offer great prices with better customer service, and a lot faster shipping. I also want to add it would not have been such a big deal if these two items were not needed for something at a particular time. Yes I was considering returning them, but if those were the two costumes that they were going to wear that day I would have been very upset.

Posted by Boymommy

I was extremely disappointed with Toys R Us today when I attempted to exchange an item. My son received two of the same superhero toys for his birthday and in the chaos of a 3 year old opening gifts with his 5 year old brother, I couldn't locate a gift receipt to go with either toy. I went to my local TRU to do an even exchange, another toy in the exact same line, just a different character, exact same pricing. Customer service looked up the toy and said it was worthless because it had been part of some BOGO deal within the past 90 days. I left the store with a crying 3 year old because he didn't get the replacement toy I had promised him. I drove him across the street to Target, they agreed to a return without a receipt with no hassle and I let him pick out a new toy. Target will be getting my business this holiday season.

Posted by Disappointed

Today I made a return to Toy R US with receipt in hand and was asked for my Driver license. I was taken aback and thought I heard her wrong. I asked her since when? I've never had to give my license before. She proceeded to tell me it's a new policy. Well I believe you should post it in store for all to read and not be shell shocked as you do your return. I agree with another reviewer, receipted customers are being penalized for a mere 1% who abuse the system. This is not good business!!! You are treating the receipted customer like a criminal. I don't want my info stored somewhere that I know nothing about. How dare you Toys R Us!!!! Another reviewer said, if you don't like it shop somewhere else. You know what, that's exactly what I'm going to do.I don't shop where I'm not treated with respect. I'ts ok for Toys R Us to take your money, but make you jump through hoops to get it back when you have a receipt and want to return it.Oh by the way, my return was a mere $7.00. smh

Posted by Concerned Consumer

BEWARE!!!!! Toys R Us has implemented a third party to monitor all returns. This third party company is demeaning & their personnel are just as rude & uneducated. I fully respect & understand refusing returns without a receipts. BUT when I have my receipt, paid cash for the item, make the return within the allotted time period, give you my ID (unwillingly) & will even gladly accept a store credit, you feel you have the RIGHT to blacklist me for 60 days??? Because I made 2 other previous returns in the last several months?? All I did was buy the wrong gifts for my granddaughters birthday/ Christmas gifts. Guess what!!!, won't ever be a problem again, BECAUSE it is the last time I will ever patronize Tpys R Us again. There is too many other retailers begging for our business!!!! Toys R Us needs to re-think their entire process, unless they are in such good financial standing that they can loose multiple customers for a foolish policy.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a poloroid 7" tablet on the 15th of June and I was suppose to get a refund back I paid cash for it so I should get a refund check back it was for $63

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a Poloroid 7' tablet for a refund I paid cash for it I haven't got my refund you would have to send it with a check I paid cash for it. it wasn't working properly.

Posted by abi

Hi I would like to know I bought a monopoly board game from mall of the South yesterday we opened it but my daughter not happy with this version, will it be possible for me to exchange it for s different monopoly

Posted by LOL

Going through these comments makes me want to laugh. If you buy an item and it's past the return date, why say it doesn't work anymore and expect full money back? If there is something wrong with it, contact the manufacture themselves and have them fix it. And most of these comments are saying they hate the ID policy. Don't like it then don't shop there. It's actually smart idea companies do this. If you ever own a business then you wouldn't understand.

Posted by Abel & Monica

My wife and i returned two Mickey Mouse bean bag chairs to Babies R Us in San Antonio off San Pedro Ave. We had no problems what so ever. The staff was polite and professional. We thought we might encounter some resistance due to the bean bags both having tears in them, However, we were able to get an instore credit without any hassle like I said. Koodos Babies R Us in San Antonio �

Posted by alisha

Absolutely disgusted by toys r us today. I am told they have a bike in stock I was looking to purchase. Drove 40 mins to buy the bike. Get the tag and bring it up to the cashier. She takes 15 mins to ask me if I got the ticket off the bike today. YES OF COURSE I DID. She then tells me they do not have a bike in a box but they'd be happy to sell me the "ride to go bike" so your demo you mean ? No its a ride to go. So the one that is on the rack that all the children ride around the store. Yes she says. I said so there is a discount for buying a demo if you do not have a new one in stock . no she says. I go through her and two managers. The last manager says she is going to ride it and get it dirty and scratched up anyways. I respond by telling him if I wanted a second hand bike I would have went on kijiji. What a JOKE. THEY SELL THE USED BIKES FOR THE EXACT SAME PRICE AND OFFER NO MONEY OFF. I get the bike down and show him scratches on it. He says" what do you want like 5 $ off ?" I respond again by explaining when a new car is used and it's considered a demo then yes they rake a couple thousand off the car am I correct ? He just stares at me. So I walk out a few days before Easter with a used bike 5 dollars off. Never heard of any store selling a used item for the same price as normal even if it's on display !!!
Wow wow

Posted by unhappy customer

This policy is stupid and I will not be shopping at Toys R Us any longer if they seem to want punish their customers due too a few dumb ass people then maybe they need to be going out of business or learn how to catch this loosers and prosecute them instead of the honest consumer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I we should be showing when we purchase,not a return with a receipt.

Posted by Nash

This is not true. I purchased a TaGgies Soft n Snug bouncer from Toys R Us store in Woking for £59.99. I assembled and tried it on my 4 week old baby but it is not suitable for her therefore I went back to return it. The store manager said I could not return because the box was open. I tried to reason with her but she refused to take it back and said that I should have asked for a demo instead of opening the item. I dont think the demo would have allowed me to find out if it did the job on my child.I could have easily bought the same item from another store and would have been able to return it . I wrote to the customer service team and they said that each store policy is different however the website states that I can return an item over £50 with a return authorisation code. So the above claim and statement about Toys R Us is misleading and they are making false claims.

Posted by Anonymous

my daughter got a Zoomer kitty for Christmas we do not have the box the charger does not work can we still bring it in for mail it back?

Posted by Violated

Interesting that so many others are complaining about presenting a drivers license for returns. In this day and age of identity theft, of course we, as consumers, are reluctant to hand over our personal information. I wanted to return an item that I paid for in cash and I had the receipt. There is no reason for your store to take my personal information on a simple return. I will never shop at toys r us again and I will be sure to tell others about your policy to collect our personal information.

Posted by Peggy

I bought an item at Babies r Us with a Visa credit card. When I returned it, I was asked for my driver's license and told no refund was possible without a federal ID call I wanted was to have the amount credited to my credit card. The clerk could not explain why it was necessary or what was done with my information. After calling various phone numbers with phone trees that DI not give you an option to speak to a live person unless you can give information on your credit cards on order numbers, etc, I went in line. What I have read from other peoples complaints about the same issue and then seeing your 'policy' on line. In thoroughly discussed with the whole process and will not shop at either BAbies or Toys R Us again.
I do not appreciate your storing info from my driver's license at some 'secure' third party business. You are doing this because of an issue with 1 % of your customers. So you are putting the other 99% of us at risk. Your response is if you don't like it, keep the purchase you don't want because your rerun policy is so easy. Same on you. Same on you for making human contact so difficult. I understand now why - you don't want to hear the complaints. OK - I just won't patronize your businesses.

Posted by judtputt

Two days ago I bought my granddaughter a snowsuit at Babies R Us, paying cash. Yesterday, receipt in hand, I returned the snowsuit. In order to get my money back, I had to show my driver's license (or passport - - like I carry that with me?), which was scanned and I assume copied, and provide my phone number. I refused to give my email address. For a $34.03 cash transaction! I find this policy discriminatory, extreme, and offensive and I will never shop there again.

Posted by hate Toyrus too

I brought a tablet from Toys r us for my son for Xmas. It malfunctioned a few days later. I tried to return it to the store today after several attempts to fix the it. The clerk said i couldn't return it because of their 14 day return policy. I said I brought it for Xmas, and I am just discovering that it is not working. She said they go by the date of purchased which I obviously purchased before Xmas. I asked how was I going to get my money back then, she said to contact the manufacturer, which didn't make sense to me. I paid Toys R us not the manufacturer. I called them anyway and they said that I have to be refunded by Toys R us-duh. So, I called Toys r Us customer service and turns out the have a holiday return policy which the idiot clerk and her idiot supervisor knew nothing about. So, I will be returning the tablt again tomorrow

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Paw Patrol Microphone for my granddaughter for Xmas and it worked for about 4 hours and then it just quit working? The box was thrown out is there any chance of getting a replacement for this toy?

Posted by your store sucks

Your whole franchise coast to coast SUCKS. Whoever in the hell is the CEO or board of jackwagons of this garbage ass chain, you need to pull your head(s) out of your backside, tell your ghetto ass employees to shut their cockwashers and adhere to the very policy you tout - you friggin ingrates...

If I ever set foot in your store again and experience that crap I did today, I will verbally humiliate and loudly reduce to tears, the first little illiterate hire who doesn't understand what customer services is.

Posted by anonymous

I changed my mind about using the $75 ToysRUs gift card that I purchased at the post office. I do not understand why I cannot get a refund on this purchase. I will never, EVER, shop at ToysRUs again.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I tried to return tights 3.99 had the receipt and lefty license in my car clear across the parking lot and had a 3 yo in tow. I just wanted a size up and didn't even open the other pair. They would not exchange. Bad policy and Jamol was an a hole at the store

Posted by Hatetoysrus

I've had quite some bad experiences at Toys r us, first off, they're expensive, their coupons suck, and hire a bunch of kids that don't care and can't even say hi to you, second, I received formula (which was still sealed), for my registry which I couldn't exchange for the right one because of their 'policies' and had to give it to another mother so that it
Wouldn't go to waste; third and last, I had bought a product and in less than a month, it dropped $30, I called the store about a refund and the idiot I spoke with said that it was a one day special when it was the third day ¿doesn't she figure that I can still go and return it? It's about time to start shopping at Target! ;)

Posted by Anonymous

For my daughters birthday she got 60$ in gift cards and had 50$ cash and bought video games at toysrus well 1 of the games wasn't working so we went to return it to get the cash for the 40$ game and they would not give her the cash they would only issue a gift card and that is wrong win she did spend 50$ cash I could understand if she had all gift cards but she had 50$ cash she just wanted the cash to buy something else and she did but still left 10$ and there is nothing she wants for 10$ that's why we wanted our cash bck she should have 10$ cash and not in a stinking gift card!!! They got cash so should give our cash back not like we didn't have a receipt!!! The lady was also very very rude and I have spent so much at there norfolk va. Location!!

Posted by Upset in LA

I returned a $4.89 pacifier, 1 item on a $56.00 receipt that I presented and the lady required all the information from my ID card, name, address, phone #. When I asked what the information is used for, her answer was simply the computer won't let me do the return without it. I proceeded with the return but was and am very upset about what I consider an invasive policy. Since Toys R Us/ Babys R Us won't change their policy, the only way to express my displeasure with their policy is to discontinue shopping their and express my displeasure with Toys R Us/ Baby's R Us whenever the opportunity presents itself. If this store continues to treat reasonable customers in this way, I'm sure they'll feel the impact soon enough.

Posted by Solutions247

The so called new return policy is anti customer service and is completely discriminatiory. What this retailer fails to understand is that without customers or satisfied customers they will no longer have a business .

Posted by Laura

I hate their new return policy. Not ONLY do they use my ID, but for some reason they deduct points off my rewards cards too. Like what in the hell is that?! And I thought the new rewards system "helps the best customers earn rewards back faster" I've spent thousands in this freaking store. Never again. I'd rather go to buybuy baby or target! Or even Walmart at that! Losing so much loyal customers because of your stupid rewards system that makes no sense. If I'm returning off my registry why in the heck should I lose my hard earned points because my family& friends bought from your stupid store or bought multiples &I get my points deducted because I'm returning off my registry even when they didn't even mention my registry to begin with!! Ugh, rant over. Excuse my language everyone. Sorry.

Posted by RH

After shopping at Toys "R" Us for almost 50 years, I will no longer set foot in their stores or buy anything from them online again over this return policy. If you have a receipt there should be no reason for them to ask you for identification this is not only over the top intrusive of to your privacy but also insulting. I have never returned anything to toys are us up until today with a receipt and today will be my last day until they change this policy

Posted by Kenels2

What's especially shocking is that when you finish serving your "banned for 60 days" period and try to do a return, the system instantly bans you again (after just 1 return)! No problem, I'll shop elsewhere.

Posted by irken

I too had the retail equation issue and i spend way more then i return. I do a lot of impulse shopping and will pick stuff up for my kids, siblings kids and friend's kids if i think it is someting they may like or exprssed interest an i saw in store or online. Someone should start a petition it worked getting certain toys pulled from the shelves. The sad part is no one in their organization can explain how this thing works.

Posted by jams

I went to return a product from toys r us and was.told I couldn't get myone back because there.was a small tear on the box I feel u brought the product like that and was told nothing about not being able to return it in the condition u brought it in now I'm stuck with a product u don't need

Posted by wpb2014

Today while doing a return with a receipt I received a notification that I was blacklisted from doing any returns or exchanges within the next 60 days because I have done three returns since September. What the system failed to acknowledge is that I have probably spent $1000 since then on Christmas and birthday gifts. Of these three returns one was returned because it was poor quality and not as it appeared online. I have a one year old and prior to this bought a ridiculous amount from their store. I have been made to feel like a criminal and not only will be changing my shopping habits but will be sharing with all my friends and family to do the same. I am cancelling little one's online gift registry and will be returning (well, my husband will be returning) whatever I purchased from them that I can buy elsewhere. It's really sad because I am very loyal to brands when they provide good service which TRU clearly no longer does.

Posted by smennetf

This unfortunately is no longer the case. I am an expecting mom who will now be cancelling my whole registry with babies R US. I was treated like a criminal last night when I returned a new unopened stroller I had only purchased hours before with a receipt. Toys R Us and Babies R Us has a new return policy that they do not tell you about when you register with them for your baby. They are now using a 3rd party The Retail Equation, to determine if you are able to continue returning products to them. Over the past 60 - 90 days I have only made 1 return to Toys/Babies R Us with out a receipt. It was a value pack of diapers a friend gave my husband as a gift, it wasn't the brand we decided to use so I exchanged it in store. All of my other returns, there may have been 4, have been with my receipt and all with in the approved time period.

One of the returns I made was not by my choosing. The price the item was marked both on the item itself and on the shelf tag did not come up when I was checking out, instead I was changed $10 more in this same transaction I also purchased a promotional item which also did not ring up for the promotional prince, ain I was changed $10 more, this is a total over charge of $20 plus tax. I checked my receipt before I left and immediately went to customer service. The cashier decided it would be best to return all the items I had purchased in that transaction and re-ring my purchase.

Being over charged for a product must be common practice at Toys/Babies R Us because it happened to me again just a few weeks later. I purchased a stroller and car seat. The stoller was on sale, $40 off the original price. When I received my receipt form the cashier I reviewed it and once again I was overcharged, it rang up for the original price. The only way she could fix it was to return the item and then sell it back to me.

I have received a notice from Toys R Us Babies R Us stating that I am banned from returning any items to them even with a receipt for 60 days. I felt like a common criminal as if they were indirectly accusing my of stealing merchandise, again all except 1 pack of diapers I returned has been new, unopened and had the receipts to match.

They claim a hassle free return policy, even better they claim that if you are part of their baby registry you have 1 year after the "event date", so the date your baby is due to return any items purchased from your registry as long as they are not used or damaged, even with out the receipt.

This is obviously a lie. Buyer be ware!!!!

My intention was to purchase all of my baby items from Babies R Us. But not anymore. I have decided that If when making legitimate returns of new- unopened items with a receipt they would ban me from making returns then they are banning me as a customer.

The store manager was so apologetic to me, he said there was nothing he could do. He also mentioned that he expressed his own concern over this new policy and that it would not be good for their customers but his warnings were ignored.

Toys R Us Babies R Us is hiding behind a 3rd party to indirectly accuse honest customers of illegal or unethical shopping behavior. I was embarrassed.

Their website still promotes hassle free returns but this is not the case.

I want to reiterate: all my returns, there were 5 in the past 90 days, except 1 pack of diapers was returned with a receipt.

Posted by hyokoya

We had a great customer service experience at your Torrance, CA Superstore shopping for our baby. Due to the unavailability of a crib/changing table combo, we opted for the crib only model. The original crib was purchased online with gift cards, and we have since received the replacement crib in good order. Our experience soured during the refund process of the original online purchase. The online purchase was completed and paid in the Torrance store with gift cards. Those gifts cards did not have a remaining balance and were discarded at the cashier stand. Your customer service department has not been able to credit us for this refund as they cannot comprehend the fact the gifts cards used to make the purchase no longer exist. We have called at least seven times with no hope of a solution.

I need to speak someone in the corporate office in the USA to resolve this situation immediately.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 16" Little Mermaid bubble bike for my 4 year old granddaughter, and had it assembled in the store instead of putting it together myself, against my better judgment. She loves the bike but it has several problems, the bearings in the crank are bad making it very difficult to pedal and the bike mechanic didn't have the sense NOT to use a screwdriver or some other sharp tool to put the inner tubes in the tires bending the rims so her tires are constantly flatting.

I will be returning the bike tomorrow outside the original packaging and used but within the 90-day limit and with the receipt. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Posted by Paula

I purchased a Lego City Fire Station on line for my son for Christmas but instead he wanted a Lego City Police Station so I returned the Fire Station to the store with the on line receipt (which was still not good enough) and I was told that I could only get a gift card, and that I could purchase the Police station on line with the gift card only to find out they do not carry that product in the store or on line. So now I am stuck with a gift card that I can't purchase what I really want with it. I called customer service what a joke they are, they will not help me out at all. I asked them if I could purchase the Fire Station back for the price that I original paid for which is the price of the gift card and was told that I would have to pay the difference by a different method of payment.

This is the worst customer service I have ever received. I work in retail and our policy is ti always make the customer happy but I guess that is not the case with Toys R Us. You just lost me as a customer.

Posted by Blkhwn

I bought a Snakebite monster truck from the Store in Greenville Nc. onthe 17th, but they had an online sale on the 19th 30$ cheaper. So I called the store and ask them will thwy honor that price? So she asked was it online only I replied no because I could purchase and pick it up athe store. This was all bogus actions because they have a computer right there at customer service. I asked to speek to manager and she had to so-call find them had me on hold for 20mins, so long that when she (the same customer service rep), answered the phone Hello this is Toys R Us. I was immediately upset and once again to ask her what do I do since I bought the last one one the 17th. Mind you the online site showed none in-stock. So after a whole lot of attitude and sighs she goes and finds her manager and they agree to refund me the difference. So now ten minutes later I am at the store and see they have a computer at Cusotmer Service, a few of them by the way. Once again I am questioned about my refund and they cannot do it because it only pertains to on-line orders. Now I have to see a manager again, they check it in front of me on their computer 5 mins now instead of 20. I finally get my refund for the difference. So now I'm curious the web site says out of stock. I go to the shelf and what do I see. A snake Bite truck. Buy it there you pay 118$ by it on-line and pick it up form the store, 76$. so now tell me is this right. when I asked who answered the phone the reply, "I dont know everyone here kinda does". Talking about the worst customer service and dishonesty. Shame on you Toys R U

Posted by connie

They say we will gladly refund you in 90 days, butto my suprise I returned a product that I bought within 16 days and it was still in its box haven't opened it, they told me they only take refunds within 14 days. Which I find to be a lot of BS I dont think ill be seeing myself at toys r us agin if u see me there sue me. They all talk no action

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my granddaughter an oomi zoomi remote control car for christmas. We opened presents on new years day and she just loved it. It was her favorite. one week later it wouldn't work. So I went to the toys r us store on alpine in Grand Rapids, Mi. thinking I could just exchange it. They said I couldn't exchange it without the packaging. Now remember that trash day was the day before. I had the receipt but they still wouldn't do it. They said I could buy another one and then take it out of the box and put the other one in to exchange it. Is'nt that stupid? To top that off they haven't gotten any more in and now what am I supposed to do? I thought toys r us was a top of the line store. Their customer service sure sucks.

Posted by Megaspore

I tried canceling an order, but it still went through and shipped anyway. Actually I wasn't sure if the cancellation had gone through, because from I read, all I had ...this whole thing was just dumb! Probably never ordering from them again. However, I did get them to send me a return label so I can send it all back. Then it's all in their hands to actually give me my dang money back...yeah we'll see how that goes.

Posted by Maxey one, get one promotion. Both showed in stock. Except when I hit checkout, one apparently wasn't....technical" problems with their website. They offered to refund the shipping on the game but nothing for my wasted ...I see since I ordered it online I can only return it via mail if I want my money back. In store returns of online items apparently only yield store credit. ... another few bucks for shipping it back to them. I am going to dispute this with my payment company. This is absolute fraud that you would order one item at one price and they charge you a different price without any ability...

Posted by Anonymous

... unbelievably terrible customer service and promos. The site allowed me to process and order of $200 which included the Buy 1 Get 1 50% off - then, immediately upon hitting the payment button, I received a Thank You For Your Order confirm but had a note that one of the parts of the promo was refunded as it was unavailable. Then, after trying unsuccessfully to cancel my ... for using myMastercard as now the 2 promo items were not charged to the purchase - so it brought my total to $140 and... with other sites. The CS rep said that I cannot get a refund either - even though I don't want the items as ...

Posted by aldin

... Duty Black Ops 2 at the on-line store. I checked to see when the item would be shipped. The item has been in processing as in stock since I pre ordered it. I spoke to Customer Service and they replied that they will not ...order and I have to wait for them to ship it. I send it back and wait for the charge to be refunded.... I will never shop at Toys r us online ever again. Stay away from online...

Posted by Anonymous

... catalogue we spent about 10 minutes shopping. There was a special offer on a certain make of toy, buy three & get cheapest free. When we got to check ...a similar situation the to get someone to check the items,then to actually give me a refund which was a long drawn out process. This is not the first time this sor of thing has happened but it will be the last as I don't intend shopig there again. This was at the Cardiff Bay store in South Wales.

Posted by upset mum

... price. we gave it to her on her birthday in june and the break leavers snaped off BOTH of them when i tried to return the bike fo a refund i was told no and shouted at by staff i then rang their help line to recive the most upsetting and appling lady shouting ... times to be told that it was my 5yrs fault that these broke. They are refusing to give me a refund eventho the law is no my side i will never shop there again after this. And to top...

Posted by Anonymous

... anyone would do. It was not my liking and I returned it with in 2 days. When I tried to return the item I was told I couldn't because it...more do they want.. Apparently I didn't know the retun policy. You know the one they didn't have on...purchased from them. What kind of company tells you read the policy at the register or onine. Why are they being sneaky? I ... they can almost hide their return policy. They are the only store in my town who do not have it clearly stated on the back of the ... shop their and I will be encouraging others to go elsewhere. They are a crappy company with over priced toys!

Posted by Stepane

...local store (the system said that the local store had this item in stock). I entered all of my information, including my debit card number. ... because it said my item was not in stock at the local store. I tried again for another area store,... Walmart with Site to Store. Ordinarily, everything would have been fine....except the next day I ...a hold for $285.11 on my checking account from Toys R Us. I contacted them, and the first guy... my money. I contacted my bank who asked me to get certain info on the Toys R Us letterhead... and proceeded to do his job. He returned to tell me they would refax. ...

Posted by Anonymous

...used 5 or 6 times. When I tried to exchange it was refused because I was just over the 90 day limit. Spoke ..., told me I would have to ship it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Over the last week ... them the requested scans of the receipt, pictures of the damage, and pics of the model number and still no resolution! Will not buy from Toys R Us again or recommend them to anyone!...

Posted by monkey01

Babies R Us customer service is the WORST! They mislead customers on their website to believe shipping is free on everything for a purchase over $75. I spent $260 and..., shipping is only free up to $20. I didn't realize I was charged $23.17 in shipping until. I got the email confirmation. So I called customer service to see if I could change the order to store pick up and they said they only allow changes ... take customer calls. She then suggested that all I can do is return everything once I get it, but when I asked said I wouldn't be refunded the shipping. What good does that ...