Ticketmaster Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Ticketmaster below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Ticketmaster so others can benefit from what you learned.

Ticketmaster Return Policy

Consumers who buy tickets from Ticketmaster for events that are later cancelled are usually issued an automatic refund, requiring no effort on their part. Those who bought their tickets at a retail outlet can take the tickets back to the same place to receive their refund. Events that are rescheduled may also be eligible for a full refund, but these decisions are frequently the domain of the individual performers or teams. Affected consumers are urged to contact Ticketmaster for assistance if their event has been postponed. Ticketmaster may even be able to help if tickets are lost or stolen.

People who use the option to print out their own tickets at home after buying them from Ticketmaster can reprint the tickets if they have become damaged, lost or destroyed. This feature can be accessed through a link provided in the confirmation email.

Many participating venues offer consumers refunds or exchanges up to 72 hours after purchase.

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Posted by Anonymous

I purchased tickets to the 90s funkfest in Bonner Springs, Kansas.They made everone leave because it started raining & told us to go to our cars, but its not cancelled, then later told everone it was cancelled. I called to ask for my money back after we purchased 12 tickets to see them perform & now their telling us that they won't refund our money!

Posted by Disappointed

I purchased tickets for the Migos and Future concert and Migos did not perform. There was no mention beforehand of Migos not performing. I paid over $100 for a ticket to see Migos perform, I could care less about Future. I would never have paid a fraction of what I paid if I had known Migos would not be there. There wasn't even any notice for me to sell my ticket before the concert either. Beyond disappointed. This is just blatant fake advertising and there wasn't even a substitute performer for Migos.

Posted by Angry customer

We purchased a ticket for my daughter to go to the circus,and she wasn't able to make the event. We then asked for refund and they told us 5 to 7 business days for our refund. When my fiance called them about their refund the lady told her that there was nothing they could do. LOOK WE JUST WANT OUR MONEY BACK AND YOU WILL NO LONGER SEE A ANOTHER DOLLAR FROM US...

Posted by wsm20498

I bought tickets to see FFDP with Ivan Moody. Not someone else in his place. Ivan is the front man for FFDP and it will not be the same with out him. I want a refund!

Posted by Mustang 2016

I just found out the day before the FFDP Shinedown concert that Ivan Moody the frontman for FFDP will not be performing that he's being replaced! He's the reason I and my gf bought the tickets to watch him perform. We want a refund due to this!

Posted by former_ye_fan

Kanye abruptly ended his show in Sacramento at the Golden One Center. I want a refund.

Posted by LQ

Kanye West ended his concert after a fifteen minutes rant and one song performance. How may I obtain a refund for my tickets?

Posted by Liz

How do I get a refund on garth brooks concert on 7\9 the concert was postponed due to rain. We had to leave as the last train back to NJ was at 1:22 am I believe he did not perform until after midnight. Horrible what he did to his fans after waiting 19 years

Posted by POedcustomer!

When and how do I get my money back for the Janet Jackson concert rescheduled for Washinton, DC? This is a damn shame!

Posted by Anonymous

How do I get a refund on my Janet Jackson concert tickets. For the Albuquerque tour date

Posted by itsmeYo411

I have been calling their 800 number to get a refund for the Janet Jackson concert which has been canceled for awhile now. The concert was scheduled for TONIGHT!!!! On Ticketmaster's website it says they will CONTACT YOU to give a refund for canceled concerts. It has NOT happened yet. Hello

Posted by Pissed off customer

I'm unable to get through to get a refund for the Janet Jackson concert.

Posted by It's my money and I want it now!

I am still waiting on a refund this Janet Jackson concert it has been more than 3-5 business days. I just want my damn money back!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Ticket master sucks!!! Can't EVER get through to their line. I want my money back from my JANET Jackson tickets. IMPOSSIBLE!!! The line is busy 24/7. That's messed d up

Posted by AnnK

I paid £258.00 (including p&p,insurance and delivery charges) for my ticket for the Bette Midler concert in Glasgow. I received a ticket which had a different person's name on it and priced £100.00 After several e-mails Ticketmaster assure me this is my ticket, the person whose name is on it has now sold it. Ticketmaster are refusing to refund me the difference. Absolutely disgraceful way to treat their customers !!!

Posted by Anonymous

... they issued me a refund, maybe because it was the same day I purchased them... but the venue typically doesn't allow them to give refunds. ... to a different concert using their Android app and when it was charging my card, it said "sorry, please try again" and... a single ticket, and purchased it. After, I realized that I HAD been charged for the two original tickets and called them to ask for another refund for the single ticket I bought... and they issued me a refund....

Posted by justanotherTMemployee

... with venue staff. Ticketmaster is not on site. Our policy is no refunds no exchanges but we ... they same way you are? By phone, by internet, by venue, by store, and by automated phone system? There are ... as you. The customer has to stop them by NOT BUYING them! They carry all the credit cards, They do their homework, They join fan clubs, radio station web .... If you don't like our fees and charges (which is what we make to operate) then...It out of state? Well isn't Ticketmaster convenient to have. We always guarantee your seats. Do you honestly think we can guarantee US mail delivery? We can ALWAYS ...

Posted by Paullygal2

... tell me the tickets would be available in 24-72 hours. Each day I tried to download the tickets unsuccessfully. Finally, when 72 hours had ... ONLY paperless tickets could be used; (2) I was not eligible to receive a full refund because it had been MORE than 72 hours. They offered me $69.00 and said I'd get the credit in 3 - 5 days (however, my credit card was charged the same day and the funds distributed the next). The "paperless" ticket meant I would have to send my credit card to my grandson and pray that it wouldn't get lost in the excitement of the event. Otherwise, he could not ...