Target Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Target below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Target so others can benefit from what you learned.

Target Return Policy

Target values what customers say and want from its store. One of the areas that the store tries to make fair for everyone is the return and exchange policy. Each situation is handled with care, and the goal is to accept the return of each item. The receipt is scanned, and if there is no receipt, the purchase can be looked up on the computer if the customer has a valid identification. If an item is purchased and returned within 90 days, then every effort will be made to grant the return or exchange. If there is no receipt, then the return could be limited. Certain products that are opened, such as electronics, are not allowed to be returned. They can be exchanged. Some items have different time frames as to when they can be returned, and this date will be printed on the receipt. All refunds are in the form of the initial payment.

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Posted by Ezgi

I bought frames (worth 65 usd) from Target on Nov. 8, 2017 and returned them the very next day on Nov. 9, 2017. Target never credited my credit card and I went to the store to ask about it (around Nov 20th). The guest relations told me to talk to my bank as Target already returned it and it's between me and my bank. So I called Bank of America to dispute it and they opened a claim. Next thing BoA did was crediting my credit card with the whole purchase amount (78 usd). Anyways I went to Turkey for winter break and on those days while I was outside of the US, BOA sent me a letter asking me to prove my return to Target by sending them a copy of the return receipt. From the date of the letter, they gave me 6 days to provide the proof document. However, sicne I was abroad I saw their letter 3 days after the deadline was over. So they charged my account again with 78 usd! I called BoA right away and their representative told me to still send the documents and they would review them. I did that that day, writing a detailed letter on my excuse ans sent the original and return receipts. Next thing I received from BoA is that they cannot continue reviewing my claim because I missed the deadline! I called them several times today and they say there is nothing to do, I should talk to Target as the amount was sent back to Target! So I called and visited the Target store that I made the purchase from. All they could do is giving me phone number of Target Guest Relations, which directs me to my bank when I call! So at this point, Target has my money but I cannot reach any representative of Target, plus BoA is acting as a robber instead of a bank. I called BoA once again today to open the claim from scratch but they said it's a closed claim case due to missed deadline and they can't reopen the dispute. I am an individual customer of both Target and BOA but only thing they know is stealing my money!!! I am totally frustrated with both companies and cannot believe they can steal people's money this easily! Does being abroad while they sent me a letter give them the right to steal my money? It should not! Does anybody know where I can go to complain about these companies? What is the legal authority to supervise such things? Should I go to court? Thanks for all your help!

Posted by Anonymous

I received an air fryer for Christmas. Hasn't been opened. Don't have a receipt. Don't know what to do about returning it. Can you send me info please

Posted by frustratedwithtarget

My son saved his birthday money to purchase Apple Ear Buds AT TARGET. Paid $165. Took them home and they fall right out of his ears. We took them right back to the store and they would not take them because they were opened. These are defective as they do not physically work on his ears!

Posted by Dizzy

I returned an item without a reciept as it was a gift. I exchanged it for a simular item. They returned me the money on a refund card and did not add the tax,yet charged me tax on the item purchased. When questioned, I was told, without a reciept you do not get the tax returned. I said then do not charge me tax on the exchange. Seems it does not work this way?? It's a black refund card, not a gift card.

Posted by Target is stealing!

I'm on day 19 of Target not crediting my credit card for a $162 return. I received and email stating my credit card would be credited within 7 to 14 DAYS (not business days). I called on the 22nd (day 14) and was told they'd escalate and I'd get an email in 72 hours indicating the date of my credit. Yeah, still waiting. Called target today and the lady had the nerve to say holidays and weekends are not included so I was happy to tell her the email states DAYS not Business days so holidays and weekends are most certainly included. All they keep saying is that "it's being processed". At this point it's stealing!! It's my money so give it back! She then said I should get the credit tomorrow which is Day 20. Nice little thing they have going on sitting on consumers money for extended periods of time. I can only imagine the nice stockpile of interest it's generating for them. Wonder if anyone's ever looked into this?! Thieves!!

Posted by ILoveTarget

All these comments... You guys were destined to be Walmart shoppers. Give in.

Posted by Anonymous

I am so pissed off. I bought a bathtub for my baby and when I went to return it because she keeps sliding off of it plus it's very hard to manipulate the stand, Target denied me a return saying I had exceeded my returns. What? I don't return that much this year it was only a few times and I don't understand why I can't return anymore. They lost a customer for life

Posted by Von

Ordered a PS4 from target for 199.00. After 3 weeks of no ps4,I call well low and behold they are out. Why did you sell it to me if you were out? After several agonizing phone calls the send me a Target E Gift Card for 218.52. There is nothing I want at this store for 200 bucks. I guess I just lost 200.00 will be going to get my cash in about 2 hrs I hope I don't go to jail. Can't believe these people get by with being legal thieves.

Posted by Dan

Funny how word spreads online I just see on my account with target refund has been initiated.

Posted by Dan

I will be getting my lawyer involved if target does not fess up on what happened to the iPhone I returned'

Posted by Dan

I returned an iPhone I purchased on Target. Com now they are claiming they never received it and they trying to stiff me on refunding my money, even though the Ups tracking shows they got it and signed for it.
Could it be possible an employee stole it.

Posted by RG11

Pastor William,
You of all people especially because you are a pastor, per your screen name should be more forgiving of this minor inconvenience, maybe David was having a bad day, we all have them from time to time, you never know what he could've been dealing with prior to your 5 dollar return emergency. I don't know you, but I am sure you wouldn't want David to be fired because of this one incident, which by the way you were able to return 24hrs later. As for bringing God into this you are out if line,I am positive God had forgiven David,oh by the way David was just doing his job as Target does have different return policies regarding electronics. You are giving Christianity a bad name, we need to be a light for the world not a deterrent.

Posted by PastorWilliams

Went to the Target in Rosemead, CA in Southern California to return 2 calculators found on clearance as they didn't meet the needs for my children's math class requirements. A return representative named "George" with glasses and a mustache gave me the biggest attitude like he was just having a seriously bad day. Always using my red card for the 5% back shopping in target and extending return dates 1 month, he denied my return and started spouting some items in electronics don't follow that policy. When asked which ones he said "these calculators" rudely. I left and went back the next day and a different rep had no issues returning them. I nor my family will ever be shopping at this "neighborhood" Target ever again. In a time with so much competition you would think corporate would do something about employees that actively hurt their bottom line. I ended up purchasing the right calculators at the store, as the rest of the employees have always been a joy to visit.

George it's really time to quit. There's no reason to work a customer service job if you can't handle whatever stress you are handling. May God bring peace and forgive you.

Posted by Are you kidding me

Thank you, "David, there is something wrong" for your post... I don't think these people realize the things they are complaining about as if they have a major, life-threatening problem on their hands when unable to return a $5 item.
OF COURSE the store is going to give you the sale price in the last 90 days if you don't have a receipt! If they were giving out full price refunds to everyone without a receipt, can you imagine how much money they would lose?! You could easily buy something that is on sale, by say, a lot... and then turn around and return it without a receipt and get the full price back. If you can't be bothered to save your receipt, why should the store refund you anything but the lowest recent price?!
Also, these days, they can look up your sale using your card if you paid by debit or credit, so unless you paid cash, there's really no excuse not to have the receipt anymore....
You people act like customer service at Target was made to solve all your problems in life. They are minimum-wage workers just repeating what the big guys on top tell them to say. Give them a freaking break.

Posted by Cozzy

Purchased an air mattress at Target and according to the manager 9/14/2017 at 9:30 pm, we can't returned an opens air bed, it can be exange. After going back to the isle to pick a different sized, we noticed it was empty, we requested a store credit. It was also denied according to the shift manager "The state of Florida passed a law that prohibits this store credits" and she advised us to go and visit an other Target store. I ask the law information to what she replied, "I have no idea' we only repeats as we are told". We chose Target over Walmart due to customer service, Target is costly, and we get the same customer service as Walmart. Thank you for the customer experience Target at Pembroke Lakes Mall, Miramar FL.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased two items at my closest target. I actually needed a bigger size. I then drove to the next target, hoping they had had a bigger size. Luckily they did. However the customer rep. At ths return counter told me i couldnt exchange or return any item the same day of purchase. I was astonished of this information. When i asked her if this was a policy, she said " NO, is how the register is set. It doesn't allow us to make this transactions". I told her this was ridiculous. I then had to purchase the bigger size i needed. Due to this reason i am having second thoughts about purchasing anything at your stores. I will all share my story with my co-workers via our weekly newspaper. There is about 1500 employee's.

Posted by Anonymous

Don't shiip at target and think you are going to return items you purchase with your debit card because you won't get your money back in your card until 7 to 10 days that's straight nonsense

Posted by KBFM

I returned items on 23rd August and on 22nd August for $175 each day. The lady at the cash register told me that the money will be credited to my card but it has not been credited. I called up my bank and was told that the bank has not received any transaction refund notice from Target. Can you tell me what is going on?

Posted by IDidn'tMakeTheBedSoYouSleepInIt

This policy is incomplete. The policy states, "All refunds are in the form of the initial payment." I returned a Coleman Air Mattress 4 days after purchase. I attempted to inflate it and there was a ¼ hole on the seam. It was obvious that when the top and bottom portion of the mattress was melted together this small area didn't line up and a hole was left. When I returned the item 4 days later I was told that I could only exchange it or get a gift card. I originally paid cash for the bed. My aunt had one she gave me when I was out of town. I did not want to exchange it and I didn't want a $100 gift card since I shop there about once every two years. Update your policy.

Posted by Teresab925

I had bought sneakers a week ago for my son. I bought the wrong size. I went to return it and I had done a split tender payment. I did $100
Cash and the rest on my debit card. I wasn't happy couldn't get cash back for the return. The reason was because I paid more on my card. The computer system decides on payment option. Cash wasn't part of it. If I was exchanging I would been no problem. They didnt have sneaker my son liked so I would of like the cash to buy it at another store today instead of waiting for the $29.99 on my card to by new sneakers.

Posted by David, there is something wrong

For one "David" who attempted to return MEAT presumably hours after purchasing it(!) -
Please seek professional help. Can you imagine the liability if someone became ill after consuming food that Target allowed you to do... whatever with for several hours?! I have called the FDA and CDC. I don't know what type of investigation will be done if any however those I spoke with said that, if true, Target's actions were illegal!
What has happened to my country?! Who are you subhumans?! Returned coconut oil (clearly we all need vats of THAT around) but, wait, no I didn't, exchanged said coconut oil after I returned it and made a gigantic headache for someone over my idiocy.
Returned a lipstick because I'm a moron and cannot select the proper color. I always purchase three lipsticks of the same color - the poor minimum wage worker at Target should know me and my lipstick preference!
You retroactive abortions-in-queue should be ecstatic that these exploited workers are trying to help you with your obscene demands. How about a little solidarity you prima donnas? You are returning $5 items! Who do you think you are?!

Posted by Never shopping at Target again

Most ridiculous policy that you can't return WITH a receipt to a different store! I can return without a receipt. I can return open items, but items in the original packaging, WITH a receipt to a different target? No can do! Simply ridiculous.

Posted by Kmac

I purchased $290 worth of clothes on my red card. Ended up taking $150 worth back to Target for the refund amount to be put back on my card. That was Monday at 5:15pm. It is Thursday morning and the $150 STILL HAS NOT BEEN ADDED BACK TO MY ACCOUNT! Wouldn't you think that because the Red Card is associated with my checking account it would've been added the refund amount back immediately? Bounced a check because of it and still sitting with a negative balance in my account until the money is refunded. Disappointed and disgusted...also, $35 lighter in my checking account.

Posted by CJWE

My father bought some coconut oil at Target in Lauderhill, FL a week or so ago. He thew away the receipt. The next day, we found an already opened jar of coconut oil tucked away in our cabinet. So, today I took back the coconut oil for store credit because I didn't have receipt. I had no idea how much it cost when purchase, but I was given $5.39 as a store credit. I then went to the oils area to see what other oils they had. The oil that I returned was the only option for me, and it was cheap, so I decided to repurchase it (Silly, I know.). The shelf said the oil was $6.99, but since only $5.39 was returned to me, I assumed it was on sale. I took the oil to the customer service counter (I had another item I was exchanging with a receipt.) and paid for it with the gift card the guy had just given me. He rings it up and tells me I owe him $1.60. I asked why because it was the same item. He says that the computer just sometimes returns a lower amount. WHAT?? To make a REALLY long story as short as I can, the manager told me the same thing. I asked to speak to the manager's manager because I wanted to see the policy where it says the computer can decide how much I should receive on a return without a receipt. She went to get him and soon after calls the gentleman I was working with at customer service, and tells him that the manager's manager approved to have my money refunded. Ok...I didn't ask for my money back, but, thank you. However, I need a copy of that policy. They also explained to the customer service guy why I received less money and he in turn explained it to me:

If you return an item without a receipt, and that item went on sale at any point within the last 90 DAYS, then you will receive that sale price.

WHAT KIND OF BLEEP-ITY BLEEP RETURN POLICY IS THAT?? AND WHY IS IT NOT POSTED?? Ok, so where is the copy I requested? After about 10 more minutes the original manager comes out and tells me that she cannot give me a copy of it because it is on Target copyrighted paper. Wait. So you can have a lengthy list of explanations and exceptions concerning your returns policy, but you can't give me a copy of a particular part of your return policy that is not listed? That sounds screwy. So, needless to say, I will not be shopping there anymore. I am also going to write to corporate because that is not right. At least list the policy so I can have some reference as to why you are screwing me. This policy is why the woman who posted earlier had to pay $5 more to buy the EXACT same article of clothing. This 90 day policy is frustrating to consumers, but it is more frustrating when no one can explain to you why and employees cannot find it is writing. Target should really rethink this part of their policy; at the least, they should post it.

Posted by Carolyn554

I bought a mini fridge at Target at the North May Avenue Target in Oklahoma City, today.I live 30 miles away from this Target, but none of the targets near me had one.I get it to where it is going, unpack it and there is a large dent. I package it back up. I call the target close to me and ask if I can return it back there tonight. They ask if I had the receipt; which of course I had. Then they tell me no because the days receipts and transactions hadn't gone through yet and that I would have to wait until tomorrow, that the only way I could return it tonight was to take it back to the store I bought it at(30 miles) away. So I call that store, they don't have anymore. I ask about a rain check for that store til they got some more. I was told they don't do rain checks any more. So next I look online and another store about 20 miles away says online that they have 4 in the store. When I call, they don't, so not only have I wasted gas, time, wear and tear on my car but can't return the bad one while I had help tonight to lift the fridge.This is extremely poor customer service and the web site listing information that is not correct reflects badly on target.

Posted by Target

On going to the 'customer service' counter I was greeted with a hasty and somewhat unwelcoming hello ... it went pear shaped from there ... I have been waiting sometime for a lipstick cokour to be back in stock as in purchasing 3 of the same colour I mistakingly took one of the wrong shade which was in the same rack. I go to the customer services to do the right thing by telling them I have the lipstick in my bag but no receipt ... this little viper, a young girl called Rachel promply looks at the lipstick which is in it's packaging, undamaged and unused tells me "you could have bought this anywhere" so I ask her "who else stocks Sleek brand?" ... I see her at a computer with another young girl presumingly checking ... Rachel returns saying "Myer, Priceline and Big W stock this "ok I say please write them down ... she hesitating does that ... at Highpoint these stores are all under one roof ... I go to each one asking the person in charge of their Cosmetic section and ALL of them scan the lipstick, check on the computer BUT the answer remains the same ... NOPE DEFINITELY NOT ... oh my word ... the lady at Cosmetics knows me and also knows I purchase the same colour 3 at a time as it is the only colour I wear ... I am totally floored as to why some young kid with no idea on how to treat people works in Customer Service and on top of all that has the damn audacity to lie blatantly to me over a liptick ... powergame which is unwarranted and totally unwelcome .. what a time consuming unpleasant experience on my day off. Perhaps she needs to work in the stockroom where she doesn't deal with people!!!

Posted by Lisa

I purchase an item with my Visa credit card in February. I know longer have that card but have my receipt. I was told my return had to go back on card. If I no longer have that card what will that benefit me? Thought I'd at least recieve a gift card.

Posted by S

Ok my husband bought my daughter a dress and got wrong size, I run back to target same night to do an even exchange . I forget to bring receipt thinking I wouldn't need it anyhow for a simple exchange of the exact same item. So my husband had paid 15.00 for dress that day but since it was previously on sale for ten they tell me I owe 5 dollars to exchange it. But wait this dress original price was 15.00, that's what hubby paid . Now your telling me to get correct size I have to pay 5 dollars more?? So we had to have dress for next day and end up paying 20 dollars for a fifteen dollar dress. Walked out of target feeling totally pissed offf and won't be going back if I can help it!!

Posted by David

After trying to return a meat item with the Target receipt to the store at 1500 E. Briarwood Cir. Aurora, Col. 80016 the person said my receipt would not work with the meat. When asked to see a Manager Zach who was a trainee Mgr. he said he could do nothing for my return because the storm didn't carry it. The woman working there also started to laugh at me for the problem I was having and Zach said there was nothing he could do to return it eventhough I had the Target steak and Target receipt. I was totally disappointed with their attitude with Zach and the customer service laughing attitude of the woman working at the store. Because I had bought the steak in Lone Tree Target I took the steak back there luckily the same evening without any problem at all
When I addressed the problem I had to one of the managers at the Lone Tree store she said she was unaware of any Target store doing this and also one person in customer service said that in Aurora and in the Parker Colorado stores that customers have had many problems with returns to these stores that also have shopped at these Targets in Aurora or Parker Colorado. Zach, apparently does not and really does care to solve problems in order to keep customers coming to Target. Also the older woman that laughed at me in your customer service in Aurora should never be working in your customer service ever. For someone to laugh at you and also Zach, the Mgr. to do nothing at all for a Mgr., Target needs to ask do they want him to do this again and cause more problems?

Posted by Rarararabbits

I ordered two CDs from Target online. They sent me one tracking number, implying they were being sent in the same package. It arrived (sealed), I opened it and one CD was inside (though two CDs were listed on the packing slip). I complained, and they told me the missing CD must have been lost in the mail (er, how? It was supposedly in the same package, which was sealed) and they had none in stock so they couldn't send me a replacement. They sent me an egift card as a refund...but for the wrong cd, the one I actually received. I complained, and said I wanted my actual debit card refunded, not an e gift card. They ignored this and sent me another e gift card, to cover the difference in value between the refund they sent me and the one they actually owe me. Now I have two e gift cards and no desire to use them. Shoddy, shoddy customer service, from failing to pack the item originally to refunding for the wrong item. I won't buy from them online again.

Posted by Unsatisfied customer!!!

Read this, "
Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Target below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Target so others can benefit from what you learned."

It's basically saying " bash on our poor customer service so we can show everybody not to shop here"

Anyways I bought I bought a PlayStation VIrtual Reality headset for my little cousins birthday but his mom already bought him one and I ended up taking it back. About a month and half later I decide to return it because I read the "90 day policy". So my sister drives me and I walk up to return the VR and mind you its brand new and has never been open. The gentlemen takes the box and cuts the tape and starts looking through if anything has been replaced or opened and it was all brand new and as soon as he was going to return the full amount to me I noticed I didn't bring my wallet. So he told me to come back and return it. So next day I bring it and it wasn't the same gentlemen this time. It was an older lady and she does the same routine, looks at my receipt and checks if the VR has been opened and this lady rummaged through the box and was neglecting the components and the box. It turns out that I was supposed to return the VR exacrly 29days after purchase...... 29!!!!!!!!! Not even a month! That's ridiculous! Now the components and the box are all mangled up! Now it's not even in new condition!! What do I do now????

Posted by targetnomore

Target's return policy is the worst. The back of the receipt says "MOST" items will be returned and you can go on their website to check out what can be returned. This does not help a customer during checkout. This also allows each Target store to "decide" what they will accept for returns. I purchased some Halloween costumes AFTER Halloween (last week 11/05) at 70% off to use for dress up with the kids but we did not use them so I attempted to return them today (11/12) and Target WOULD NOT take them back because "we do not accept Halloween costumes after Halloween" and "it's at each store's discretion". Well they sure were okay with SELLING them after Halloween. There were no signs posted in the Halloween costume aisle that indicated the items would not be returned nor did anyone at checkout say "all seasonal sales final". They said "if we did it for you we would have to do it for everyone" and I said "I would hope so!". I will never shop at Target again. Best $40 I ever spent.

Posted by gerry

can underwear be returned??

Posted by Trey

Why are electronic items not allowed to be returned? If it's returned in like new condition with all of the packing materials and receipt it should be returnable. I think this policy exists because most of the electronics are cheap to begin with Target doesn't want them back for that reason. I do agree with the policy on CDs DVDs. Electronic items should be allowed to be returned within 14 days with a valid receipt and all packaging materials in like new condition.

Posted by Adalia Rangel

So listen to this the same thing happened
To me with a gift I received, but didn't have
Receipt. It was a Venice 8 piece comforter set, grey and yellow, all I wanted was to get different size... their excuse was I opened the stupid bag it came in.. really?? they wouldn't for some policy reason. Even spoke to manager... soo pissed off ridiculous!!!
He wouldn't let me do put on gc but not full amnt.. I was so upset I just lft telling them Wut and how I felt!! Also telling them their customer service sucks!! And that's how their goin to lose their customers!!!

Posted by Therese McAlonan

I recently purchased a blowdryer from Novato Target I decided to return it for another one My Receipt was lost they told me they couldn't return it no explanation they said it was store policy again no apology just a tough luck attitude They finnaly return it for a lesser price I feel Target is loosing their Customer Service to the Guest I will Not shop Target again Ill take my business else where!

Posted by imintheloo

I bought a GoPro Hero 4 on August 25, 2016. I opened it and used it once. Around Sept 20 GoPro announced that they are releasing the GoPro Hero 5. I found my receipt at midnight last night (9/24) and it was marked that my last day to return was 9/24! I called Target in South Napa and they said no, there is a policy for a reason. I called Target in Vallejo and they too said no. I called Target in North Napa and the person at Guest Services said, "Bring in your GoPro and receipt and we will see what we can do for you. Sometimes the computers will let us do the return and sometimes it won't." I came in 30 minutes later and did the exchange without any issues.

It seems like some Target associates will do what they can to help and some are by the book. Moral of the story is: Try calling a few different locations as everyone will say something different. There will be at least one who is willing to help.

Thank you to the Guest Services associate at Target in North Napa! I will be a continued shopper at her location.

Posted by lill

Please discuss this one. I shop in a Target the refunds anything from everywhere because I have crooked management that try to make brownie points from the district so their numbers look good on the reports..meanwhile they lose a lot of's the pawn shop of the neighborhood. You can return items from the mall..from Walmart. Anywhere. They don't care. The store is in mesa az at long more and southern..everyone in the hood loves it:)

Posted by ?

My husband bought a CD from Target yesterday, opened it, and learned that a few of the tracks don't work. It turns out every CD this band just put out has this issue. He went to return it today, and they said they can't let you return open CDs. I understand the concern that people could be burning the CDs, and then returning them, if they are opened, but there is proof that this CD doesn't work properly, so there should be no issue returning this. I am so appalled by the way we were treated, and will never be buying anything from the electronics department at Target again. We will stick with Best Buy going forward, where they actually care about the quality of the products they are selling, and will allow returns when there is an issue with the product sold. Very disappointed, Target.

Posted by Return policy not driven by poli

I purchased air pump from target and then I found better deal. So I tried to return at target and they are not accepting return. Their policy states that air beds can not be returned. No where it says on air pump. Also receipt also does not have any print on return restrictions. Still they are very arrogant and do not accept return. I will never visit target due to this issue. Return policy is so good in other stores

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a toy at target an had a receipt a tags were on the toy an was not opened.There policy on toys is the same as Asian stores "you buy it you keep it,No returns no exceptions".I had picked something from sports or toys department to get my money back.This rules are getting to be a pain when it comes to shopping....But is a choice an there is many stores that love to help us.Lest go where we can shop an feel good, not stress out before we buy it.☺

Posted by Another unhappy customer

A friend gave me a pair of shorts for my birthday. They were a little big; so I needed a smaller size. I did not have the receipt and just wanted to exchange the item for the right size. I was told by the Target employee that they do not do even exchanges and they return the item, put the amount on a gift card, and then use the gift card towards the wanted item. By doing this, I had to pay $5+ for the same item in a smaller size. This does not make any sense to me. I will never go back to any Target ever. This is so crooked. Extremely unhappy.

Posted by htc

I will not shop at target no more cause their rules are stupid like if you were to return a DVD that never been opened and you have no receipt showing that it was paid either in cash or check I told them cash they scan the items and said no store credit. Never shop there they are ruled the employees have cocky attitudes.

Posted by Ian

Try to take item back the same day to a different Target and they said it was their policy to not allow same-day returns to a different Target location absolutely unbelievable I had the receipt and my ID and card of purchase and they said they would not allow me to return it they would not be able to give it to me on a gift card nothing and I bought with Target red card I will never shop at Target again

Posted by Josh

I bought my kids underwear and sock. Paid left bag there with my receipt in bag what should I do? I was about 5 days ago.

Posted by Kindlesummer

This "Women" at the target in baldwin park CA, "denied" my return because it had coupons on the receipt. I had my receipt, why can't I return it. It was only a day old. I have never heard of this type of policy. I wouldn't even care if she just gave me my money back and took off the coupon. This is unheard of. I was so pissed.

Posted by Commonsense

I will not shop at Target because of their extreme social position, and specifically their very dangerous restroom policy. I received a target gift card and could not get cash for it. To me honoring my beliefs would be very inclusive and in keeping with Target celebrating diversity. Target is in my opinion on a crusade to change world thought. And as a teacher of 44 yrs. I fear for children and my grand-children. The final insult, 3 of the 4 Target employees I talked to used this identical phrase------"I'm sorry you feel that way". Well I'm not sorry at all!!

Posted by Snookie

I received an item as a gift but it's not quite what I wanted, so I took it back and they kept $5 because I didn't have the receipt. I was really surprised at that, I didn't know they could keep some of the money

Posted by Targetfulton

Sacramento fulton store won't refund anything without original payment card, mine got stolen days after my purchase, asked them if I could show I'D and had both reciept, and products unused (under $20), Rufus ed to return my items dispute my shopping there almost daily, bc I live less than a block away and do not drive.. thanks Matthew v from fulton target for a bad experience that I didn't share about ;)

Posted by margie

The Middletown my store refuses all returns without a receipt. They also refuse to give you a merchandise credit to use to get the proper size or product. Customers should refuse to shop there.

Posted by Yohytarget

I purchased a dress thru seeing that there was basically 1 left at the store I chose to pick it up at. went to pick it up, target was quick to take the money from my card of course. I didn't like the way it looked on me. went to return it of course they had to credit my credit card which is prepaid. Y do they take so long to put ur money back! As quick as they took it from you they should credit u quickly back! them bastards

Posted by Targetsforhipsters

I better be able to het cash for my return rather than having target put it back in my debit. It takes to long for bank to push money in. If target takes my money right away I want it back right away,

Posted by NH

Yesterday I bought 3 pijamas for my kids and casher charged me twice for one item. I saw recipe only today and I don't know what to do?

Posted by TarhetRegistryIsABadIdea

We received a few gifts and a gift card from Target for our baby shower (about $400 worth) Since we do not agree with the values of Target, we called Target customer service and asked if we could return these items for cash so that we can shop elsewhere. We have all receipts and unopened items. Target declined and said it is their policy to reither give us a Target Gift Card or efund only to the card it was purchased on and that the person who bought it would have to come to the store and return it.
Target has no concern of losing the business of the people I'm going to have to give the items back to and explain to them why I can't accept them or why they have to do twice the work just to give me a gift that will not support one of the major downfalls of our country.
So if you are ok with supporting Target and their causes, and you are thinking about using them for your registry for a baby shower or wedding, you may want to consider a few facts first 1) Target is more expensive 2) If gifts are purchased from the registry, and you want to return them, you will receive a Target gift card (so if you find it elsewhere at a significantly lower price or received a duplicate gift or just didn't need it - you will be forced to find something else at Target and most likely wind up paying a lot more and/or buying something you don't even need or holding on to a gift card wondering when it will expire) or you will have to let the person who bought it for you know that you do not want their gift because you don't want to support the cause and they have to return it in order to get a refund just to turn around and give you cash so you can buy it elsewhere. Sounds like a lot of work and unnecessary effort.

Posted by Anonymous

I am pregnant with my first child and was so excited to begin registering . Was this a bad decision. After doing so i requested gift cards for Target stores. I was excited to receive my registry coupon for 15% off. I thought this was perfect to order the stroller and car seat set i needed. I placed the order and the site would not allow me to use the gift cards and coupon. I was furious because that is the reason i registered there. I went in and the manager of the Greece NY store couldn't apply it either. They then gave me a gift-card to cover the the difference. said and then we ordered it FINALLY!!! the delivery date was then delayed 4 times . and now I'm running into my due date. I sat on the phone for a few hours going back and forth telling my story. Nope no one cared all i wanted was a full refund on a visa gift card or cash so i can buy this stroller else where. nobody could help all said no . what a stress !!! and still no stroller what do i do now I'm running our of options

Posted by Upset Customer

I went yesterday to exchange an item for my son yesterday, he was wanting a blue traveling back instead of the yellow cause he figured the yellow wouldn't get way to dirty. Went to the customer service desk and asked if I could exchange an item for a different color, she then asked if I had a receipt told her no and she said okay I will just need your id. Thought okay no big deal went and got the same exact item just in blue and she said I would have to pay the difference since I didn't have a receipt, which does make sense I wasn't asking for money back or to get a different item and she said since it was marked down within the last 90 days she had to go by that price. Needless to say Target lost my business and I did a lot of shopping there. Guess I will have to go back to fighting the crowd at Walmart.

Posted by mysparrowsnest

I bought six greeting cards at Target the other day. The cashier must not have bagged them. They were not in my bags when I unloaded them. I cannot find my receipt. I am so upset that I took the time to pick out very important cards and now I don't have them. What should I do?

Posted by AngryknowledgableTM

People get so uptight about the target return policy for no good reason. If you're giving someone a gift, GET A GIFT RECIEPT. Simple. Yeah, they require an id or a RECIEPT because people come in literally all day with stuff from other stores or stuff that they stole from our store and try to sell it back to us. The bad few spoiled the bunch. Target bends and breaks to every single other guest complaint except its return policy. Go rip us off in one of the hundreds of ways that you do every day. Like arguing about a sale sticker that wasn't actually there to the cashier so you save fifty cents on six bottles of comet cleaner.

Posted by Disallusioned.

Bought an iPod just over a yr ago worth $240, said I could return it if unused. Returned it the other day,store would only give me a exchange voucher worth $200. I wish they had explained things better to me. That's one way to get rich-take other people's $!

Posted by Pissed Off Customer

I bought two wine racks LAST weekend and wanted to return them THIS weekend. I was only refunded a partial payment for the items because I didn't have a receipt. When I showed her that the current price was listed and that I bought them at full price she said "this is what is in the computer, so this is what I have to refund you for." I'm sorry, what? So, I called the customer service number I found online and it was confirmed that because these wine racks were on sale in the last 90 days, Target gets to keep my money that I paid (full price) while only refunding me their "sale price" because I cannot locate the receipt. Let's just say, I'll shop at Walmart full time from now on because at least Walmart refunds the full price, with or without a receipt.

Posted by Anonymous

This morning I was going to return an item to Target and I realized I didn't have a receipt. I looked on what I think was a Target website and was scared to try to return the item. When I went to my local Target and had no problems, it was a good experience and the employee at the guest service was very helpful, I walked away with a good feeling about my Target.

Posted by John Brown

The other day my pants rip at work. So during break time, I went to my near by target to get some new pants. I bought them without trying them on, as I have limited break time. Once I got to work, I noticed they didn't fit the way I wanted them to fit.

On my way home, I decided to stop by the target close to my home to return the pans. Even though I had the receipt they refused to give me back my money. They said that they can not give money back on the same day if it wasn't purchase from tha store. However, when I called customer service to complain, their words sounded like I was stealing. Worst customer service experience I have ever had.

Posted by Embarassed customer no longer

I started a new job where I have to dress business casual. My grandmother went to TARGET of all places and bought me 2 ties. I thought the ties were ugly and something my grandfather would wear but I thanked her and accepted them anyway. The next day I chose to just take them back and maybe get something else when I went up to the return counter the girl at the desk asked if I had my receipt and I said no my grandmother got these for me and she said NO she wasn't accepting any returns/exchanges without a receipt she didn't scan them in being able to see they were clearly purchased the previous day she didn't check my ID to notice I've never made a return at a target store EVER she just said NO she wasn't doing it and she was in charge. Made me feel like a criminal seeing how there were about 5 other people behind me and her lane was the only one open. Either she needs to be fired because that was hands down one of the most embarassing situations I have ever been in in my life and on top of it she was rude . Or TARGET needs to change their stupid ridiculous and absolutely return policy. This all happened on 2/10 at the target on chenal in west little rock

Posted by Debbie

I bought a tablet before xmas never got it or A refund on my card for it can i get the replacement if you cant refund my money

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a $500 tv and it quit working at 11pm on the last day of the 30 day return policy when of course the store was closed! Absolutely refused to exchange or refund the very next day because it was outside of the 30 day return policy. I have been a Target customer for years and am extremely disappointed in the customer service they provide! Tv worked great entire time we had it until that point.

Posted by Timeball

Would not allow us to return a birthday gift for our one year old daughter. We did not have a gift receipt and they said it was a "" only item, so we'd need to get our friend to exchange it for us. Sure, that's normal human behavior.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to exhange two outfits my newborn son received for Christmas both new with tags. I told the lady I wanted to even exchange them for the next size up since they were too small (he's 2 months in 6 month clothing) I wanted the sane design and everything.. She would not let me do that and said I can only return them and then buy them again. So she returned them and I only received about half of what they were worth and she expected me to go buy them at full price. Returned them and left will not buy my kids clothes there anymore. Went to Walmart and bought twice the amount of onesies for less money. Very disappointed at the Valparaiso, Indiana target.

Posted by Hezacita

I received a few doubles of games and toys from the Grandparents for my kids at Christmas. I went into return and I wasn't allowed to return a set of books and a Memory game because I did not have a receipt. I find this COMPLETELY ridiculous since I have a red Card with the store and A+ credit scores on other cards. For the $17-ish return, I would have gladly taken a Target credit and gone to spend it in the store. I will seriously rethink purchasing gifts at Target for others as it is not easy, convenient, and very much a hassle to do a return. This makes me sad because I generally really like Target, but I must say that after Christmas, customers should not be made to feel like thieves if they don't have gift receipts and store credits should be issued in the month of January. I will definitely be telling all my friends about the hassle too.

Posted by Anonymous

i have not recieved e mail about my return of a camera

Posted by Imhappy

I really like merchandise at Target but they have the worst return policy. I rarely shop there because of that reason. When I do shop there, I would purchase items that I know for sure would not fail me and never anything pricey. God knows, if it malfunctions or if I change my mind after purchase then I'm screwed. I hope they change their return policy.

Posted by Hola

Tried to exchange 2 Infinity characters that my son recover for his 8th birthday. Apparently, even though he got duplicates from 2 different people from Target, the gift receipt expired 3 weeks previously--the gift receipt was good for only 30 days-- and my 8 year old is now without 2 of his gifts. Wonderful new policy. And all my Christmas shopping as well as every person I can tell will now be spending their time at other stores this season.

Posted by Honest customer

Had really bad experience with target purchase
My husband bought sunbeam descaler from target as I asked him to get him Brevile but couldn't find..Anyways I missed my receipt somewhere and went to return it to the another closer store but the staff members denied to give me refund / exchange or any credit coupon
As I said to them to check on your computer system as I made the purchase on this day n time but they clearly said noooo..The guy n the lady manager were way to rude.they gave me the excuse that the reason not to give you refund as other places do sell them too.
Which is understandable but if I m giving you the date/ Time then what's the problem.
Customer service is sucks in Australia (excuse my language )

Posted by Darth Vader

To those who packed and mailed the mask. The mask is damaged ! The front right inside of mask SPONGE is missing, damaged
So Please refund the entire purchase price. Thank you so much but for the price I need it to be in one complete piece thank you
Linda Henderson

Posted by Anonymous

received wrong size bed sheets in box, I just want the correct sheets that I ordered. I order queen you sent me full

Posted by jullieh

Just tried to return an item I purchased at another target earlier in the day. I was told it could only be returned the same day if done at original store. I can't find this policy written anywhere. My intent was to exchange but they didn't carry the item.

Posted by Anonymous

Nothing Should Have To Be This Difficult To Return. They Say My Order Number Is Not Correct And I Have Put In In 4 Different Times Following The Steps. My Item Was Damaged And All I Need Is A Return Label.

Posted by Blue Bird

I have gone to target to return something without a receipt and I swear the employees and the Store Manager become very rude and mean (1) because no receipt(2) because I had used a gift card (3) because I want my money back (4) because I want full refund, at that point the Store Manager gets louder so then the rest of the customer's are wondering what's going on since his yelling at you making you feel real bad and embarrassed that everyone is looking at you so then you end up loosing because you end getting back less then what you paid for and worst then ever getting a gift card, after going though all of that what makes you think I want to shop at Target noway,I think anything under $100.00 cash should be return without a receipt and Stop embarrassing customers By Employees and Store Managers .

Posted by aj

Target store policy is if item returned without receipt, you will get the lowest selling price in the past 90 days. The item I returned without receipt did not lower in last 90 days. Still I got lowest price.

I created a facebook group and hope you can join. We may able to make it difference.


Posted by Arthur T. Lewis

I just received a printer which I ordered from target. On the face of the packing slip enclosed is the language, "This item must be returned within 30 days of the ship date".
Surely, that is not what you mean to say.
You mean to say, "If you find it necessary to return this item, you must do so within 30 days of the ship date."
Your language states that IT MUST BE RETURNED. Suggest you amend it.

Posted by Aprilanne

Not only did I received horrible rude service at Target-Little Rock West on Chenal but Target stole $30 and has YET to refund $511.21 due me. On 12-24-2014 at 1:52pm I went to Target to see if they would price match an iPad AIR 2 with for $399. I was told YES. I had to remind the employee TWICE I wanted AIR 2 and NOT the Air. The employee carried iPad to front and checked me out using price match. (Receipt #2-4358-1114-0071-5773-4).

Once in car I realized he had given me the WRONG iPad. I immediately went to Customer service and electronics employee explained that Apple for some reason decided to package iPad Air and Air 2 almost identically so it is very easy to mistake the two. boxes are identical except Air has picture of iPad at an angle so you can see part of the screen and the iPad Air 2 is in total profile and you can not see the screen. It does not say iPad Air 2 ANYWHERE on the box.

Customer service supposedly refunded $511.21 and this is where the trouble started. After checking for 2 days the refund has never appeared back on my credit card so I looked at receipt #2-4353-1114-0071-5794-0. It appears I was only being credited back for $369 instead of $399 I paid. I understand if I had opened it or if I came back days later BUT per time stamps on receipts only 29 minutes passed from original purchase until completed refund AND the target employee gave me something other than what I requested multiple times. I was returning item in exchange for CORRECT iPad so I should warrant FULL credit.

When the rude customer service employee went to ring up the correct iPad Air 2 she refused to honor the price match that I was originally afforded. She said Micro Center was not on the list and she would not honor the price match even though it was honored 29 minutes earlier. she called manager and he asked what the price was. Manager refused to honor price match because he did not like the price. The customer service rep treated me as if I was a thief trying to steal something.

So I left and went to Best Buy that honored the price match without hesitation.

I want the $30 back that Target stole from me when I had to return the iPad due to the ignorance of the Target employee. I also demand to have my $511.21 refunded immediately.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a dress for $57 dollars from target . I went on holidays and apron my return I returned the dress with all tags and receipt ( 30 days after purchase)to stirling gate the young girl scanned the dress and receipt and advised me that the dress is now $7 dollars and advised me that targets policy was to give me the current price regardless what I paid or the receipt showed

Not very happy target, and will be taking this further

Posted by Victim Rip Me Off!
Normally I read these "consumer report" postings online to find out if customers are making up stories and slandering companies just because... I guess until you have been swindled by a multi-million dolar company like "Target", you don't understand the frustration of these hardworking tax-payers like me.
Between Oct 26-27 I ordered a Halloween costume for my son on I called his mom with the news; she suggested that I return it because she had already got him one, with no hesitation I called customer service on the phone and cancel the order and "refund" my money right away. REGARDLESS... Few days later I received an email about a "Shipment" from Target including a Tracking number of an item being shipped via "UPS". I called UPS to cancel the deliver I was told that it was impossible; that I must wait until the item is delivered and not accept it. I agreed, I left instrusctions with front desk where I live to reject any UPS shipment for me from Target. I came home 12AM from work on the day of delivery and received a package. This package somehow was delivered by United State Postal Service(USPS) now instead of "UPS"
I call Target in the morning they apologize and send me a "Return Label" via my email, so I print it and shipped the item back to them via UPS.
On 11/14/15 at 1:15PM I received an email denying my "Refund" the email stated that my item looked worned or used and that I would not be receiving a refund which is totally bogus because "the item was never touched or open"

I called in again; I end up wasting wasted 4/5 hours of my time speaking with 3 different customer service agents and 1 supervisor telling me that they are sorry but their system is not designed to refund me my money back and offering me a $10 Gift Card which is way lesser than the amount that I paid for and that I had no use of the Target giftcard because I got swindled and don't want no future business with the "Target logo/brand" period.
I asked for a "corporate email and phone number" I called in to report and got the same run around, all apology and no actions. I was told I did nothing wrong but according to Target return policy for the item I purchase there were nothing that they could do. My question to them was why didn't nobody inform of me of those "Return Policies" all the days that I called in an waited until I was denied a refund to explain me of an "irrelevant" circumstance and that it was like "beating a dead horse"... totally irrelevant and pointless.
I promise them that the world needs to know about this because this is the first time I have ever been robbed by a major company because I feel as if they put a knife to my neck and took my wallet from me. My time was wasted and money was taken and my intelligence was insulted and I want justice because right now it's beyond all of the above it's the principle. I sit down and wonder about how many people must be going through this and do not have anyone to speak in their favor. If thsi happened to me if is already happening to millions of other consumers.

Posted by baffled

I work for Target and am amazed at how many shop lifters walk into Target and go and steal clothes and other items and go directly to the service desk and return them without a receipt of course and the cashiers have informed them at Guest Services that they went to the back of the store and stolded these items, but their response is that we have no security there yet to check the cameras and they give them a refund on a target gift card.

Posted by Barbara

I returned an item that was sent bt Target twice at a price of over $200. It was mailed dec 17 and still have not received a refund or email notification of receipt. This was targets mistake to begin with!!!!!!

Posted by beverlymclaughlin

I, Return Leggings On 12/11. I, Have Not Receive My Refund Yet. Today Is The 7th Day. I, Still Have't Receive My Refund. My Bank Said They Have't Not Rec; It Allso. Please Refund My Money. Thank You, Ms, Mclaughlin.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to your store a few days ago with my 13 year old daughter and to but the pockimon game for Nintendo. My daughter, before purchasing, ask the young man if he was sure that it would work with her Nintendo and he assured her that it would. We no sooner got to the vehicle and opened it just to clearly see that it couldn't possibly work, just by looking at it. Not having even left the parking lot, we went back in to the store to return the game and was told, well you didn't open it did you ?, of course we did, otherwise we would not have known that it didn't work. Needless to say, they would not allow us to return the game. $40.00 of my thirteen year olds money. I'm not happy about this and I'm asking that I be reimbursed for this purchase. It should be posted, or the clerk should tell anyone buying a game that it can't be returned. Please respond.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a shirt in California which after 1 wash in cold water in the sink and hang to dry shrank and was unwearable. Tried to return in Canada and was told could not. Was bought with credit card.Is this your policy? Thanks, Linda

Posted by Anonymous

...the superviser Donna. Employee # A524740 regarding getting a credit for the difference in price since it was now $40 less ... and they would send me a shipping lable to return it, so I could rebuy it at he lower price and have it shipped back to me for free with charge over $50.. This makes no sense as your costs for shipping it back and forth would be greater than ... satisfied customer who would continue to shop at your stores . Otherwise you will be adding to your customer service... reply and a reconsideration of your policy, with a refund of the difference on my card. Thankyou for your time and...

Posted by NeverShopAtTarget

...over $200 online and didn't have to pay for shipping because of the value of my order....them that I didn't receive the item and asked for them to ship it to me I was told they could ... to someone who could reorder it for me and wave the shipping cost (because I shouldn't have ... online and that he will NOT wave the shipping cost. I said "so, let... mistakenly didn't ship me and you want me to place a second order and pay for freight I shouldn't be charged for that you are unwilling to refund me even... in my life. I will NEVER shop at or in their stores for the rest of my life as a result...

Posted by Anonymous

... my local Target. These have a 2 year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, my purchase was past the 90 policy that Target carriers; however, I was not trying to get my money back. I just wanted them to exchange it for one that works. I have purchased straighteners from Sally Beauty Supply for significantly less that lasted 4+... no way for me to get a new Chi. I have always heard that Target can be a hassle with returns, which is the exact reason I didnt do a bridal registry here.

Posted by Anonymous

...much interested in my concern. So I left the store but immediately returned to the service desk where I explained to ... her I was very very upset and I wanted to return the item and for her to re-ring it so that I could pay the price of $99 because I didn't want them ... am a team member and that products are consistently stocked in the wrong spot but it is not my responsibilty... and was a guest whether I was shopping there or @another store. I am so upset that I will no longer do... price with no problem or humiliation. As far as the items being stocked in the wrong location is due to the flow team and...

Posted by Anonymous

... there orginal packaging and I had the order receipt, etc. After I returned them I noticed I was not reimbursed my shipping. I had to call a 800 number to find out why, which this should have been done by the store employee, because when I called they asked for my store ..., come to find out if you are honest and say the true reason of return, they will not refund you the shipping, example: you have to say ...

Posted by Anonymous

... told that the correct item would be shipped out right away and to just return the towels to the nearest Target...WRONG. I called back ...I talked to had no clue of what he was doing and no clue of the policies and procedures for this type of mistake. The second man, was a bit ... told me that I had to mail back the towels I received and a full refund would be given to me 7-10 days AFTER they received the towels! Then...I ... trip and waste my time and gas to return their mistake and again out to the actual store to purchase what I wanted. They sent me a $5 gift card for my troubles...big whoop. There ...

Posted by Anonymous, and they picked up the two returns the next day. I was never given a tracking number by UPS or Target. Very quickly, on September 19th we received a credit for $157.84 ... just need to wait for it to show up. They were shipped at the same time! It has now been over ...would receive a confirmation email and see the credit within 14 days. It has now been 18 ...will send a confirmation e-mail when the refund is processed. Because your return items are delivered to a return center with ...You should see your credit in about 10 business days after we process it, so please bear with us while we ...

Posted by Tootbig

..., which I do with any site that has it available, but when I tried to return my items, they did not give me a refund, but gave me a gift card for the amount. So, I tried some more purchases, and was not pleased with those. I'm done with Target. No more shopping there online or in the store.

Posted by klgreenway

... mail to my local Target store. The lady who did my return told me that the money would show up on my card immediatly, so I went and made a few purchases at Target... morning I checked my bank account and my account was overdrawn. It seems that the money the lady said would be on my card was not on my card.... said the return went through and it should be on my card... they told me to call my bank suggesting that... recited this rehearsed conversation about how it was going to take up to 30 days for the refund, b/c they have to receive notice from Target for the return and then send that...

Posted by Whydotheylie

...worst customer service I have witnessed in 30 years of having credit cards. After having the card for five years and no problems. Target made a mistake on my account and charged me fees - a supervisor finally retracted the fees. Admitted the mistake and then they have made me pay ever since for five months now. I use my card and pay the bill off before the end of the month. Target does not release the C/C for ...overpaid your bill by $23. I say I paid what you told me to pay. She says that is their policy to hold the account when it is overpaid (that is lie). I tell her she ...