TJ Maxx Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for TJ Maxx below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from TJ Maxx so others can benefit from what you learned.

TJ Maxx Return Policy

TJ Maxx customers can return or exchange merchandise within 30 days of purchase with a receipt. If a check was used to pay for the item, a 10 day waiting period is required for a cash refund. Returns without a receipt or if it's outside the 30 day window, a store credit will be issued. Items returned with a gift receipt will also be issued store credit or the item may be exchanged.

TJ Maxx won't accept merchandise that appears used and products such as swimwear and intimate apparel must still have their price tags secured on.

Returning jewelry items must be done at the jewelry counter of TJ Maxx stores that carry said item. Other restrictions may apply.

Due to fraudulent activity throughout retail stores, TJ Maxx holds the right to limit or decline returns based on their refund verification system. Contact information as well as a photo ID and your signature are required for all returns that don’t include a receipt (or gift receipt). They may also require customer signature for returns that do have a receipt. Always keep your receipt to make the return process easier and faster.

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Posted by Mexaking17

My payment due date was 2/9/2018 for $150 dollars, so on 2/5/2018 I went ahead and paid ahead of time, 2/8/2018 I return some things I bought worth 50 dollars and went ahead and spent 50 dollars again on my credit card .. Didn't get a tj max merchandise card . The cashier said it would be refunded back to my acount . I thought since I returned 50 dollars and supposedly was spending in my refund . I 2/14/2018 got charged fifty dollars and still no refund!

Posted by neveragain

I made serveral on-line purchases on Dec 11, 2017, gifts to friends and relatives. I tracked the shipments. When one trackment said it was delivered to my sister and she did not call me to acknowledge she got it, I called her. She stated she did not recieve it. On Monday Dec. 18th I call customer service to start a claim and also order the same item again so she would get it by Christmas and paid for it a second time. Michelle in customer service said to expect my refund back into my Paypal account in 7-9 days. I waited two weeks and did not recieve a refund. I called again and again got Michelle in customer service who with all the holidays it was just 8 business days but would expedite the refund to my Paypal account. Again I waited a week and "no refund". I called today Jan 8th and was told I would not be getting a refund because they sent a gift card to my sister, who the gift was for. This is insane, I ordered and paid for the gift that got lost and I will not be getting a refund? They claim that is their policy.

Posted by TJMAXX Clairemont

You get what you pay for. Often times irreversibly I'm discovering. At the Clairemont location in California, I was denied the ability to return two items, with a receipt. A button-up shirt and jacket are not required to have tags attached based on their return policy. I even had the tags still, they just weren't attached.

The manager was rude as hell. He said the shirt had been worn (yes, I wore it for a half day, decided I hated it and wanted to bring it back,) and that the jacket was dirty. I told him about the shirt and that the jacket being dirty was the reason for its return. It picked up everything it brushed against- no matter how softly or briefly. Inside of 30 days, with a receipt, I was not only denied the return of items but also spoken to rudely at a volume audible to other customers by a tragic ice queen of a store manager excising his only shred of power after having but recently tasted it now in his final years.

Posted by Janellen

I was at my local TJMaxx store in Port Jefferson Station and I wanted to return 2 items I purchased on another store. The cashier told me I needed to go to a HomeGoods store that she would not take it back.

Posted by Lisa

I purchased a pair of new, unworn shoes from an estate sale. They have TJMaxx tags attached. Obviously I don't have the store receipt, and I have no idea how long ago they were purchased. It's fair to assume it was long past the 30 day return window. Do you think I'll still be able to return them for store credit?

Posted by MELMAY

Ok so my Grandfather paid cash, and has the amount wrote down. Is that all I need to get the store credit, its confusing to me because I do not have a receipt,.

Posted by NDlocks

I just tried to return a pair of shoes that were worn once. I bought them 3 days ago & had the receipt. I was returning them because the material was defective & there is no way I could have known that without wearing them. The manager was firm in refusing to give me a refund or store credit because they were worn. But sometimes you have to use an item before you realize it is defective. I was an excellent TJ Maxx customer who rarely returned anything. I won't ever shop there again. I'll go to Target or Amazon. Retailers around the country are closing & TJ Maxx is not immune to this trend. Returns, etc should be handled on an individual basis & the manager should use their own discretion. But again, I'll never shop there again.

Posted by

I purchased a Flamingo Beach chair at the Loganville Store right after July 4th. We left for Bonita Springs Fl. On July 15th.
I used the chair 1 time at the beach and the threads came in-stitched on one side.
We came home Aug. 20th and I tried to return it at the same store where I purchased it on Aug. 21st. Of course I do t have the receipt but I spent over $100.00 on that visit and didn't have any reason to think I would be doing a return. The chair was $24.99, they were not nice when I explained I was out of town for over 5 weeks. I only sat in it 1 day.
I'm not going to be quick shopping there again. Too many other store I can go to. Previously they just look up #'s for items, so I'm very disappointed in their customer service and quality of merchandise.
I've been a customer for over 20 yrs. and am 69 yrs. old and not over weight as to have caused this unstitching on the chair.

Posted by Anonymous

Can i return marshall clothes to tj maxx with receipt?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought bathroom rugs (4 Of them) not 3 weeks ago and i washed one of them yesterday and the threads came apart on the rug. I gathered up all 4 rugs and went back to Marshalls Home Goods to get a refund or exchange them, they were charged on my Store credit card from there, but i did not have my receipt and they would not even take my store credit card and try to find the charge so i could either exchange or get a refund. The same rugs were still on the shelves that they could have gotten the number off of.
How can a store not be more considerate of their customers and at least pull up my card and see what they needed! I did not expect the rugs to come apart in that length of time and i could not find my receipt. A really bad way to treat customers who work hard for their money!!!

Posted by Jlg102883

From a perspective of a woman with many years of business marketing,, sales, customer relations and a heavy addiction to deal shopping... I can understand the logic for enforcing such stringent policies.

Ok, stuck with me I promise my point will be eye opening. can I break it down? People return less valuable items not sold there, but because they switch tags, it used to be tough to say whether or not the item is the one on the recerpt until they started go get connected to inventory identification on all items with more specifications to decide on rejecting a return. I have read multiple articles about people buying their Own clothing tag gun and just swapping the tag to from a cheaper pair or a pair that cost nothing it was just a shirt for example thAt could pass the visual test in the past way of returning items. Like I said, tags and stickers from expensive items will be reattached ro the cheap like new item and that's all. Those who probably switched tags barely profit, but it's free money and costly to the business. are now profiting and The stores overlook items or staff is not trained well or a manager is lazy or computer systems aren't up to date to keep track of every item and inventory that these types of resale stores carry.

I have Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) I had to chime in and just say I've had issues returning items to both stores for different reasons whether it be no receipt 30 days late gift receipt type of items. I have even had a manager insult me for wearing a NY Giants tee in Boston store! Then decided to go as far as saying that they didn't sell that item in their stores and to get lost basically.. in other words he accused me of trying to return shoes that they don't carry and to me i was beside myself, I gave the receipt and the shoes were untouched!

I reached out to corporate and they were no help.

Posted by Be a Army Wife

I just called My local Marshalls in Evans Ga. They were very polite and explained that the systems from the two stores don't communicate and that any returns would have to go back to the store branc they were purchased from. For example if an item was purchased at Marshalls it would need to be returned to a Marshalls. The same goes for items purchased from TJ Max - they would need to be returned there. I hope that helps someone.

Posted by Jojo

Can you return Marshall's merchandise purchased with TJMaxx credit card to a TJMaxx ? I only have a TJMaxx near me.

Posted by Smartgal

Why is it so hard for people to save receipts? I save them for a whole year for my taxes. Don't you understand this is theft prevention for the store. Be responsible for yourself and save your receipts. It's not that hard!

Posted by amberk127

I bought a Fossil watch less than 2 wks ago (not an expensive one at that!) - then ended up getting an Apple watch so I wanted to return it. I did not have the receipt as it was a split payment with someone else in a different state. I went into the store in my town and was advised they would not accept the return without a receipt. The TJMaxx tag is on the watch along with the sticker (with barcode) on the box. The "person in charge" just flat out said no - no return without a receipt. I looked on the website under return policy but did not see anything stating they would not take watches back. Oh well, I think I will take my business elsewhere. Considering the size of HomeGoods and TJMaxx - you would think they could be up to date on their systems so all you had to do would be scan the credit card to show the purchase.

Posted by really though

Hey to posted by thats the truth person . Get high your high horse you snob. I noticed your comment of "save your reciepts" didnt acknowledge the fact people RECIEVE GIFTS FROM OTHERS THAT DONT SAVE THEM!not only that but as a struggleing single parent i cant afford to buy my son jeans that the zipper dosnt work on the moment he puts them on but cannot return the defective product . .THEY WERENT WORN THEN WERE THEY!you must be a spoiled stay at home wife by the way you speak.and do not value the work of earning a shouldnt speak at all

Posted by Ochard

I just recently bought two bath rugs from T.J.Maxx and they're not even a two weeks old yet and when I washed them for the first time they came apart and because I could not find my receipt she refused to return or exchange them even though they had the exact ones on the shelf she said that she could not return them without the tag or the receipt which was ridiculous because I shop in there all the time but I'm about ready to stop I just bought two new bar stools 2 days ago and I gave $100.00 each for then because they are the ones that pump up and release and I am so afraid that my $200.00 is going to go down the drain if they quit working and I'm very leery about keeping them my gut feeling tells me to return them now and just get my money back while I have my receipt in hand and go buy some at a more reliable store where I'm sure they won't fall apart because there's been so many things that I bought HomeGoods and TJ Maxx just falls apart after a short Time.
They used to be really good about exchanging items out but to pay that much money for something and then have it fall apart before it's even three or four months old is ridiculous and when I asked the girl in there what their refund policy was she said if you had it over 30 days they didn't refund the full amount and I would only get half even with the receipt which I have so it really scares me to think about keeping them even though I like them very much.

Posted by Esther

I was just in Marshalls today, Marshalls-Mira Mesa San Diego. I got 4 items, all toys, inside the box never been open nor ripped. I told the cashier her name is Belinda, if I can return them. Her response in a rude way, "I have to call someone from the toys department so we can look and see if we have the same exact item on the floor if not we will not accept it. I was like what??? on my head, I was just gone for 4 years since i got stationed out of state and overseas. Is this the new store policies now here in California???So this person from the toys department came back and said they dont have the same items and that they will not accept my returns. So I repeated wht she said saying "so you're telling me you wont even try to scan it and see if Its in your system because you did not see the same exact item in this store? She said Yes. I asked again, is this your store policy? I never heard this before and she said "Yes, this is our store policy." I asked her again, "so youre telling me if i go to a different store and found this items on the slhelves and thats the only way i can return them, she said Yes again. This is ridiculous, I understand a lot of people are trying to get advantage of the system but this cashier was rude, did not show me the store policy on fine print or any sort. I would rather make my feedback right there and then but when i asked if they have a store satisfaction or feedback box they said they dont have it. By the way all the toys Im trying to return was a present to my son last Christmas.

Posted by Anonymous

My experience
WithTjmax wasn't a pleasant one,I was accused of returning a 2pairs of pants that wasn't tjmaxx brand by the Manager I did not have a receipt I was not looking for money but for a credit of a total of $16 manager name was Herman Lumpkin at Boston's Back Bay Center he was rude and did not try to make things right so I ask for his name and let him know I will be contacting the corporate office he proceeded to say to me OK
tough guy date of incident was 1/9/17 at around 5:30 6 o'clock pm he then proceeded to follow me out the store Wich made nervous it was a Christmas return I found the reciet since then and I had spent a total of $131 I don't think that my dollars at that time was respected as customer of Tjmaxx Marshalls and HomeGoods which I have also make purchases from I would like to have a talk with someone regarding the incident. I do have the receipt that was made on 12/24/16

Posted by It's the truth

Wow. Some of these posts sound like people trying to take advantage of the system. I have never tried to return something that broke or ripped after I used it. Especially if it has signs of wear. So the store should take ANYTHING back just because you have been a "loyal" customer? If you use something and it doesn't work then too bad. You used it! Why should they lose money? You think you get to use/wear/wash/break/damage and then return so you got to use it for free?
And the person who tries to return items without receipt to the point of them banning you?!?! What you are doing is wrong. First off, KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!! Why is that so hard? And you return that many things? Try stuff on, check zippers make sure it fits before you buy it. Keep in mind by the time something gets to tj max or marahalls, it's probably been in other places/retail stores for months with other people trying them on or touching and handling an item. That's why it's so cheap here.
You are screwing the rest of us if they decide to increase prices because of loses they have to take because of people like you. It's shameful and wrong. So stop shopping there if most of the stuff you buy you return anyway. Go to a thrift shop since you are a cheapskate anyway.

Posted by Fed Up

I don't think you all understand how the TJX companiy works. Policy is policy. You don't fight it. When you want to return something, it either has to have the tags attached with a receipt or with just the tags attached. The company doesn't have the option to look up cards to find purchases. The security system for banking through the stores is very high, so none of that information is kept in the stores for YOUR SECURITY. Just because all of you don't get your own way when you want to return something, you have to realize that that's just the way it is. Anything used, worn, or washed has to be marked out because it can't be put on the shelves again. The company takes a direct hit when they have to mark those things out. Put it into perspective, if one person returns something even for just $9.99, if everyone got their way and was refunded that amohnt and the store had to mark it out, think of how much that store would lose if there were 100 people returning that many things. And that's for something cheap. What about all you people who want to return luggage? It's expensive, I understand, but it's not the store's fault. Go to the manufacturer. UNDERSTAND THE RETURN POLICY BEFORE YOU TRY TO RETURN SOMETHING. And if the answer is no, GET OVER IT.

Posted by sheree

im at a marshals now and they refused to give my refund back on my debit card and gave me the cash. i think i have the right to have my refund they i purchased. wtf winter garden, fl marshals!?

Posted by SleeplessinChicago

I have been shopping at TJMaxx for several decades and have had no complaints about my in-store experience. Recently, I have placed a TJMaxx online order for the first time. The items did not fit. I went to my local TJMaxx to return the items. I was shocked at what happened. The sales person and the manager told me that the items could not be returned at the store because I did not bring the plastic bags in which the items were wrapped. I did bring the receipt with me. All the tags were on the items intact. Apparently, they could not identify the items based on the tags and needed the plastic bags(?!!!). However ridiculous that is, I would gladly play by the rules if they were explained on the website. On the contrary, no such information was provided either at the time of placing the order or when I was reading the return policy. When I mentioned this to the store manager, she snapped at me and said that this information was on the web site. I was not able to find this information online when I came home. In addition, TJMaxx online customer service works only Mondays through Fridays. Not only have I wasted my time, I am also now faced with paying $10.00 in return shipping fees. I have sent the customer service an inquiry and a request to waiver the shipping costs. I have not received an answer yet. BOTTOM LINE: TJMaxx practices a shameful, unfriendly, and deceitful customer service! I doubt I will ever shop there online.

Posted by Eblang

Absolute baloney not to accept Marshall's returns from the store 3 miles away. I would've spent some money after the return.

Posted by Anonymous

I just recently bought a Kenneth Cole Reaction tote from TJMAXX and not even a month aftr I'd had the bag, the straps began to tear up. I go into my local TJMAXX without a receipt to return it because I paid for it with card, thinking they could look up the purchase from that. I was told there was nothing they could do without a receipt. I think that is very stupid, considering I work in a retail store myself where returns are made without receipt multiple times a day, just by having the purchase looked up.

Posted by Mary

If you shop the Runway dept at TJMaxx, be sure that the Red tag is attached before you leave the store. The Cashier doesn't always notice. When I tried to return some pants with receipt a few days later, I was told that I couldn't because the Red sensor had been removed. Well it was never there....but NO, thats the policy! Very lucky for me, I left the cashier and ran over to the Runway dept and found there were still more of the pants and they didn't have the Red tags either. "OH OKAY THEN....." I was given a refund, and the Manager urged me to MAKE SURE THE RED TAG IS ATTACHED BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE!
So now its my job to make sure they have attached it? Okay.
I'm just saying.....if the other pants like mine which were $79.99, were not there and didn't have the attached tag, I had no proof except for my receipt. TJMaxx.....please be reasonable. The item was clean and neat and I had my receipt. You must know, that the store makes an occasional mistake!
Are you reading these posts and making changes? I hope so.

Posted by Jbpaulsen

I want to add my displeasure with TJ Maxx unreasonable rerun policy. Why they can't get up with the times and look up your purchase, I ha e no idea. And, some items of defective or broken aren't discovered until they are used - I purchased a piece of crap luggage that broke on the way to the airport (broken wheel). Apparently because I took it on the plane that day it is considered used. What options do you have with luggage? I'll give pause before shopping their again.

Posted by Anonymous

Just a heads-up for online buyers. TJMaxx may offer FREE SHIPPING but that's bogus since they charge you a RESTOCKING FEE OF $9.99. What a rip-off not to mention FALSE ADVERTISING. Going to post this on other informative sites.

Posted by JessicaV

A lot of the issues in here are common sense. Why not just keep your receipts? And if a store has policies in place such as needing a valid government issued ID why get upset with the cashier that's just doing their job? I went today to return a couple items (I'm in San Diego CA) and even though I called last night asking if I would get cash back even though I paid with debit (which they said yes) they said it had to go back on my card. I know the cashier can only do so much so I figure I'll just start paying cash when I go. Problem solved. You don't have to belittle the employees for something they have no control over.

Posted by Receiptless in Seatlle

As a loyal T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, and HomeGoods customer, I miss the days when if you lost, misplaced, or threw out your receipt, you could get a credit from the store so you could purchase something else. Anything I returned was in brand new condition with all tags attached. There never was a problem and that was a bonus to shopping there (no hassle returns). Then one day a small receipt spit out of the cash register and the salesperson didn't know what it was. Then another salesperson asked me if I make a lot of returns without a receipt. I said at times no and other times yes. I was told they could no longer take returns without a receipt from me. Having lost or tossed my receipt I asked how I could return the item since it didn't fit or whatever the reason was. I was told there was nothing they could do. Eventually I tried the return again and was able to get a gift card. Then within the last year or so they have declining any returns from me without a receipt again. So I then asked my husband to help by returning a few items without a receipt. That worked for a little while until they suddenly declined him. So then my teenage daughter helped to return a few things and she also was declined from returning without a receipt. I called the Customer Service number and spoke to a young man and asked how long the ban would be and he said forever. I asked why this was a problem if the item is brand new, current in the system, but the customer wanted to return it. I also asked him how the 'decision' is made? Is it the number of times you return without a receipt, is it the number of items you return without a receipt? He said he actually had no idea. So I asked him how I could return something if I lost the receipt and he said bring a friend and have them do it. Really?!!! So just pull people off the street and ask them to show their license to return stuff without a receipt and have it count against them. I don't think so..... so, I now go to Kohl's and/or Target to shop and there's usually no problem with returning an item without a receipt.....just hand them the card you used and done! I did ask a couple of salespeople at one TJ Maxx store why they now do this and they said it's because of all the theft that has been going on. So at another TJ Maxx store one evening during the week it was getting late and there were only a few people in the store. I was getting rung out and all the ladies there were talking about someone who had just left the store. I asked what the issue was and the woman helping me said the man that just left had stolen a number of items. I asked why no one spoke to him before he left the store or stopped him and I was told if there is no security on duty they are not allowed to stop the person. WHAT?!!! Are you kidding me? If I had paid more attention to who he was I would have gone after him and called the cops! Is this why the rest of us have to get stuck not being able to return items without a receipt after some undesignated number of times? Go after the shoplifters and loosen up the tight policy on the rest of us who have busy lives and can't always keep those little pieces of paper together. For now, guess I have to find others who are willing to help me return some things.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the TJ Maxx in Lyndhurst New Jersey to return A necklace I wore one time because it started to turn black. When I purchased it the box clearly said sterling silver on it. There were other same items still in the store. I had my receipt and it was less than two weeks. The store manager said she could not take it back because it was scratched. I am a cardholder for many years spend thousands of dollars each year. That was just ridiculous for a $25 necklace I now cannot wear.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a few items the other day that I had purchased with my debit card. I gave my receipt, they asked me to swipe my card, and I have yet to see the money back on my card. I'm not sure if the return was done incorrectly or if there is a processing time to get my money back but it is concerning that the amount hasn't returned to my debit card.

Posted by Boo

Tj Maxx and Target are becoming so unreasonable that as a family and a few friends we've decided to only shop online. The return policies of these stores are like dealing with a Nazi regime.

Posted by Furious

I am so disappointed with my experience in Riverhead, NY store. The manager was present as I was trying to return my small T-shirt with a tag still attached to it but no receipt. They required a US ID. I explained that I am not a US citizen and offered them an ID card from my country. They refused it saying they needed a passport. (A passport to return a 16.99 item? Give me a break!) I said I had returned items previously without receipt and always was given a store credit and they refused. I was so mad I left that darn Tshirt on the counter and told them to keep it! This is NOT how you treat your customers, how do you expect them to return? I certainly won't and I have been a loyal customer there for years. Shame on you, Riverhead staff, you were so rude and unfriendly too! You easily could have issued me a credit which I would have used the same day!

Posted by MadMaxxinista

I'm very disappointed! Since I am such a loyal TJMaxx credit card holder and user I recieved a sticker from y'all extending my returns to 60 days instead of 30. However I finally went over 30 days and the store won't accept my return.

Why try and make me feel special for being loyal when the sticker is invalid!!

Posted by Anonymous

I went to a T.J. Maxx in Texas today. I had a receipt and the blouse was too big. I was told that since I washed the item it was not returnable. I told the nice young lady that I didn't see where that was stated and that I recently started shopping at T.J. Maxx. The young lady asked me if I wanted to speak with a manager and I declined. I've looked over your return policies and for the life of me do not see this stated in the policies. Please confirm if this is correct. Also, I have returned several blouses that have been washed including the one I went to today.

Posted by Fair Oaks shopper

Two lessons I have learned about TJMAXX store credit cards aka gift cards:

1) if you are paying with more than one store credit cards and are told " it has $0 balance" and you know it's not so, make them slide all of their used up gift cards until they find yours.

2) they don't destroy gift cards. They reuse them. If they loose your card in a pile, no one will replace the loss.

Here is my story:
When I went to make a purchase I had two store credit cards. Cashier told me that one of them had $0 balance. I knew it had money on it for sure. I asked them to slide it again. Zero balance again. Days later I found my prove. Went back to the store, told them my story, felt that they look at me as if I'm making the story up. Finally when I told them that there are $24.84 of unclaimed money, cashier called the manager. Manager listened, then asked if I called the store right away. I told her I didn't. She said that they "destroy" gift cards with $0 balance. However it's NOT TRUE, for if they did, I'd had a chance to get my $ back. But my card was used again for a returned of $3 and couple of weeks later a happy Custer found that there's $27 instead of $3.
Now all they can tell me is " sorry, there is nothing we can do"

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a mirror at TJ Maxx Brentwood Ca for my sons newly purchased home. The mirror could not be hung because the hanging hardware would not support the weight of the mirror which was priced at $150.00! The manager would not issue a store credit based on out of season status ? Even though the mirror is faulty? Now the closing manager has to confer with the store manager on Monday . Your return policy states returns after 30 days and no receipt you'll be issued a store credit which was requested in the first place. Let's have some justice here since the mirror could never be hung any where including the walls of your store.

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in TJ max in Broomall Pa
They are selling merchandise hey has been worn
A dress which I was going to buy I notice it had decorate marks On the dress
spots and pull marks, I brought it to the attention of the store manager
Her respond was " that is why we reduced it" I didn't know TJ Max was a thrift shop

Posted by renee in greenfield, wisconsin

Went to TJ to even exchange a pair of slippers. Wanted different color. Lost receipt. Product still on shelves, purchased 3 weeks ago. Never worn, never removed from cardboard. I was asked for Drivers License. Due to ID fraud, lack of cyber security, I said "No, not comfortable with that. My info has been breached before..." TJ said "Well, then you need exact item (same code number) for no ID requirement." Store did not have different color in that same style, only same color. Found same price item but different brand. But NOT good enough for even exchange without receipt. Talked to manager, they said "No return without receipt unless Drivers license keyed into system." I said "No thanks! My identity and personal info is worth more than $7.99." Took my $7.99 slippers and went home vowing to NEVER shop TJ again. Regarding customer service, Manager was professional but staff was rude and laughed as I left the store. VERY BAD experience. NEVER SHOPPING TJ AGAIN. Too many problems for minimum item return.

Posted by daniel

I returned some merchandise in May of 2015 and I was expecting my money back. It's been more than 10 months and I still have not received my refund check. I called several times and talk to your customer manager and they told me I will get my refund check within 15 days, but there was nothing in the mail. I would appreciate if you give me my money back as soon as possible or I will take a legal action against your company.

Posted by Dallas16

TJ Maxx sells food items. I bought several there and a jar of honey that cost $8.99 taste so bad it was not editable. According to their website I will not be able to return it even for a store credit. Lesson - do not buy any food at Maxx. The same for make-up. Once you try it, you cannot return it. They need to change that policy.

Posted by K

I've never had a worse experience trying to return $40 worth of merchandise as I did with Karen at the Best of West shopping center store in Las Vegas. Telling me I need a government issued ID and that my photo county teacher ID card plus a wallet full of other matching items was not good enough for a return. Made me feel like a criminal in front of a line full of people. Amazing how one poorly choosen employee can change my perception of an entire company. Never again.

Posted by Jonathan

I bough ten polo shirts, two of them are size M M which is equal with size large, i bring them to the store and exchange for size M, the cashier tell me the balance is zero. The Manager come over said I have to return the 2 Polo Shirts size M M, and buy to Polo shirts size M then I have to pay for ten percents more because last time I bought and apply for TJ X card and received 10 percents off for first time purchase. This time i do not have ten percents off so I got to pay more for the exchange, this is mismanagement or bad return and exchange policies of Marshall at Village Oaks Cottle Rd

Posted by Kish94

I will never buy anything in this store again, and yes I WAS a loyal TJ maxx customer. I went into the Fairview Heights, Illinois location and saw a barstool marked with a red sticker that said "$0.00." I dragged it up to the counter and asked the representative how much it was. He looked at me very accusingly and said "Well it's not for sale. It wasn't supposed to be on the floor. Where did you get it?" implying that I had done something wrong. I didn't think it was going to be $0.00 obviously, but I was met with complete rudeness and hostility. If something is on the sales floor, I think it is for sale, so to receive that kind of response for a simple question is absolutely ridiculous.

Posted by mbl

I had a terrible experience at the Ward location on Oahu. I bus and live on the other side which is an hour ride or more. I called before asking if they had the 2 colognes. A lady in the cologne department said yes. I wanted to return the 2 cologne gift sets I got from Christmas. I did not have a receipt. The lady told me I could come down and get store credit. I was at the store, went to the check out and was told they did not have the 2 cologne sets. I was told yes before I came. They didn't even look. Couldn't they scan in the sets? I called another location and was told they had it. But that location isn't nearby. I was already fed up and left. I wasted my time.

Posted by Kelli

I was given a Tj Maxx gift card. I purchased a household item. It doesn't match my other items at home. When I return it, will I be given another gift card or cash. It's only been a few days and tags are still on it. I would like cash because I need to find the item at another store.

Posted by Jules

To Sarah with the broken luggage. I suggest to take your complaint to another store or another manager. I had the exact same thing happen ~ I purchased a suitcase and the zipper broke first time out, only the trip was overseas and my son did not return for 6 weeks. (He duct taped it and traveled around Europe that way.) Anyway, I thought it would be a problem since so much time had passed since purchase, but the Brentwood TN manager was completely helpful and credited my account with no problem, apologizing for any inconvenience, even though the suitcase looked like it had been through a war by the time I brought it back in.

Posted by Macy1234

Bought 3 Elizabeth Arden make- up travel compacs.One was different and packaged well with padding around the compac. It was perfect. The other two were smaller and one had slight damage on one blush, the other one which I gave as a gift was totally broken inside with all the eyeshadows and blush Brocken up! I was so embarrassed . Can I return them ? I don't have receipt but part of the tag on one?

Posted by Sara2015

I just had the worse experience in TJ maxx of Jacksonville,Florida(Atlantic blvd) I went over to exchange or the luggaged i had bought for a trip. After using once the zipper broke and i had to safety pin it to travel back home!!! That on it self was embarrassing! I had previously called to explain the situation and they said no problem we will return the used luggage. Once i got there the manager REFUSED to return the luggage because it was damaged. Duh thats why im returning it. I showed her the receipt exacly 8 days after purchasing! She explain that there no exchanges or returns on damaged items!!!! I paid $69 for an already damaged item!!!! The zipper broke on its own! Never shopping at TJ Maxx again!!!! Idk how they train them, but their customer service is the worse ive seen so far. Specially with Managers!

Posted by Debby burgess

The manger Kelly at the Chino Hills Tj Max store was very arrogant and rude, I was returning a piece of artwork with all tags still on and with receipt but was past 30 days, she refused to issue a store credit, I have had nothing but problems every time I visit this store, I than showed her The TJ Max return policy on line which said they give store credit if you have the receipt, she said it was up to her discretion and she wasn't going to give credit back, then said "Merry Christmas " very sarcasticly I think she didn't like thatI stood up to her and questioned her and showed her the web site.

Posted by classic22

Can you return items to TJ Maxx that were purchased at Marshall's?

Posted by Kim

I tried to exchange a pair of pants that had the tags but no receipt. The pants were a gift. I was told the UPC was not in their system so I couldn't exchange them. My mother bought the pants in the spring/ summer for my husband. The pants were not on clearance at the time of purchase. I would understand that I would have to take the markdown price because I didn't have a receipt. The manager needs better communication skills. Sad to loose a customer over a pair of pants. I have told everyone I know about this experience. I worked in retail as a manager for 15 years and I know I would have taken better care of my customer instead of saying there was nothing she could do.

Posted by Anonymous

I was also double charged on my credit card. Luckily I checked my receipt right there and then. The salesperson was overly chatty. This has happened to me before. It almost seems as if they are instructed to do that.

Posted by Anonymous

I was also double charged on my credit card. The sales person was very very chatty. Luckily I checked my receipt right there and then because it's happened to me before. It almost seems like the sales people are told to do that.

Posted by Lucille

I was double charged on an item, went back in immediately to let them know, and they said it would be refunded to my card. Immediately.... still isnt. Of course it's only been 3 days. I'll give them a few more dats,than I'll take further action.

Posted by 13thLetter

It's definitely a training issue. I attempted to return a brand new, never worn item, with the receipt and was told I couldn't return it because I took the tags off?? The sweater has size tags along the side and not the back, I didn't know that because I never wore the sweater. The manager, who I've known for some time, made it seem like I ripped the tag off purposely, when in fact, she didn't know where to look for the label. Long story short, they told me I had to bring the price tag with the receipt, despite the fact that their policy states I was well within their return polity. The last two digits of the sku were CLEARLY on the receipt, Lost a loyal customer, in avery small town where every employed persons business counts.

Posted by Not Impressed

I was extremely disappointed with the experience I had today trying to return a bag that had a damaged zipper. While I was on vacation, the second time I went to unzip the bag, the zipper split; frustrating traveling with a bag that doesn't work. I had my receipt however the tags were off because I USED the bag. (purchased just over a week ago). Not only was the manager not helpful, but also she was augmentative telling me the receipt was for an animal print. I explained THREE times that the animal print was the bathrobe that I purchased the same day, there are two items on the receipt. So much for a 30 day return policy with your receipt. When I went to find the bag in the store to show the SKU she followed me and said I can't return it, it doesn't match the receipt. I ended up taking the # for Corporate and will follow up on Monday and can take a picture of the bag AND the bathrobe if they need to see both. Super frustrating. You think they would have been apologetic for selling me something defect(have you ever traveled with a broken zipper, not easy). Not impressed with the product, the customer service, or the manager's approach to the situation.

Posted by Lucia

Can I return a product that I bought online on Clearence? Or the fact that it was a "clearence product" will apply as a restriction to not get refund?

I am about to buy a pair of boots, but I am afraid that the size would be wrong and then not be able to rerun them.

Thanks a lot!


Posted by Long term customer

I have been a card member at TJMAXX for years now. There have been a couple of times I have been into the store twice already this month to return a couple of items without receipt without any problem (both gifts). There has also been a time that I made a return after a couple of months and I didn't have a problem doing so. I just wonder how many times can someone make a return without a receipt?

Posted by Ann

TJ Maxx store wouldn't take my jewelry return because the "tag" wasn't attached, even though I could easily have attached it since it just slipped on and off, not a big deal. Really cute bracelet, but unfortunately a stone fell out. Store said no return since the tag were not attached, but was just lying there in the box.... Hmmm...met all the refund policy requirements, had receipt, had box, within 30 days...hmmm...LET'S CALL TJ MAXX on the phone, I thought.....WELL GUESS WHAT??TJMAXX, you just accepted my return, (I met all the requirements, which was tags intact, receipt, within 30 days), and you made it EASY!!!! Wow. Joanne was the CSR and she was like, really really WONDERFUL. Thanks Joanne!

Posted by Max for the maximum

God some of these complaints are idiotic, 90 day returns? Their return policy is more than fare, a lot can happen to an item in 90 days, even just sitting in your closet, it also shouldn't take you three more nth to decide if you want to keep an item. Most of these complaints are just your own self inflicted problems that you want to throw blame at others. Grow up.

Posted by Gg

TJ MaXX in Aliso Viejo do not accept credit store!!!!
It is absurd !!!! I have 2 curtains that never being open still intact in the package!! Prices on it.
Because it has been 6 months it is not on the system. However, the store still have on stock and sells the same one ..
They ( assitant manager, because I was told manager Philip wasn't there) denied my store credit!!
What is the policy for it?

Posted by Monica OKeefe

I returned an item with receipt, still in the package, just two days after I bought it. I used a debit card. They gave it back to me as a credit with signature verses debit with pin. It has been 7 days and the money is still not in my account. This happened to me about four years ago as well. i don't remember the length of time. It makes no sense, no other retailer has this problem. TJ Maxx will be last on my list when looking for an item from now on.

Posted by All creatures

The local T.J.Maxx store seems to make its own rules regarding returns. It clearly says in the official policy that check refunds need a 10 day waiting period. The local store insists that the 10 days are 10 business days! The 30 day refundlimit will be up if I don't watch the dates carefully. What is nuts is, I am a regular local shopper.

Posted by Gloyalty

I returned my stuff successfully without a receipt thanks tj maxx

Posted by Anonymous

I think its a shame that you can't return things within 90 days with a receipt. I brought two dresses from them then my husband got sick and passed away. My dresses do not fit so I wanted to return them and I could only get a store credit which I didn't want. I just wanted a refund on my credit card. I had no problems with a couple of other stores. I will never shop at TJ Maxx again and I will alert all my friends.

Posted by Jdrake

I bought a pair of Sandler 2 days ago. I wore them once and just noticed a piece of the hardware on them is missing. Can I return them? I have the receipt. Or exchange them for another pair?

Posted by Mnm

I recieved a Michael Kors bag from TJ as a gift. I do not have tags or receipt. Will I be able to receive store credit to pick something else out? Not a fan of the bag.

Posted by Junieb

I was given a bag by a client of mine (totally not my taste) however she was very sweet so I couldn't say no. However, she left the receipt in the bag (I'm sure not knowing) can I return it and get something that I want? The bag was purchased a few months ago?

Posted by anna

Let me give you answers as to how returns are handled, at least at my store. The policy is 30 days with tags and receipt, with clothes/shoes/accessories unwashed, and unworn. We are not a used clothing store. So if an item you're trying to return is not in sellable condition, we will not return it, unless its a rare exception for certain circumstances. This means that if you buy shoes, and wear them out for a night and then try to return them all scuffed with dirt on them, we will decline it. Also, dont buy nice clothing, wear it out, then return it with stains. We know you didnt buy it like that. And everyone at the party probably saw your tag hanging out of your dress. If you have a receipt but no tags, you should be able to return the item. If you have the tags, but no receipt, it might be able to be returned for store credit as long as the inventory list says that it is a recent item. And remember, the inventory list tells us when we got the item in the store, not when you purchased it. So if you bought an item that's been in the store for a while, and you have no receipt, you won't be able to return it. Also we don't return underwear with no tags attached. Its foul to even allow to return them at all, in my opinion. Nobody wants to touch where your crotch has been. If you bought an item within 30 days that is poor quality or has broken, we might be able to return it. However if its been months, you will have to contact the manufacturer because it won't be able to be returned.

The thoughts and opinions above are solely my own, and do not reflect the desires and opinions of the tjx company.

Posted by favrino

Does anyone else have a problem with this? --- I purchase an item using my debit card (pin). The money is immediately withdrawn from my account. I return it 3 days later with receipt.Jhey will not allow me to put it back on my debit card (pin) but will only complete it as a VISA transaction. So the funds don't show for 4 days. TJ says it's the Bank, Sure VISA takes that long but I purchased it with my debit card and pin. Everywhere else I go returns are processedimmediately . Why do they keep the merchandize and my money both!

Posted by Pete

"TK Maxx customers can return or exchange merchandise within 30 days of purchase with a receipt.", claims the website.
On 1/1/15, somebody close to me returned a jacket to the store in Bristol. She was promptly taken into the manager's office and then arrested for fraud.
It transpires that this person was under suspicion, simply because she had returned another item previously in the same month. It was revealed to her that if you return goods to TK Maxx, then they will be packaged up and the video from the security cameras will be kept, "just in case they need to use it as evidence against you in the future".
This person was then subjected to a twelve-hour detention at the local police station, with the police having to follow procedures, even though they themselves believed that the manager of this branch of TK Maxx was being ridiculous.
If you return goods to TK Maxx, then please be wary that the goods will be packaged, the transaction will be filmed and the video will be kept. And if you return goods again within the same month, you are likely to be arrested.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a pair of reading glasses last Saturday 3/14/15 and one set already broke. I didn't keep the box or the receipt because I always purchase my glasses there and they have always lasted at least two pair I still have..I went to return them today and they would not honor the return because I had no proof of purchase other than my bank statement..even though they still had an identical pair in the store...not looking for my little 8.00 back but am looking for decent customer service and for a store to honor their products for more than one week...I am a frequent shopper and will think twice about the quality of merchandise that is being carried in your store ..I should have a least gotten in store credit when it was obvious I purchase them there when they had the same set still in the store..

Posted by difromthebrook

Can I return a pair of jeans that ave been washed once? They were too big and i thought it might shrink them. It did not work,so I would like to exchange them for a smaller size. I have the receipt.

Posted by sohochi

I had a strange experience at my local tj's today. Wanted to purchase an artifact that was marked down to 15 dollars because it was slightly chipped and the manager and cashier told me sorry you cannot purchase this item it has a sharp corner and if you get hurt with it we will be held responsible. I was shocked why was it on shelf to be sold. It was a twilight zone moment. Never heard such a thing in my life. So dissapointed I wanted to purchace this item.please give me an answer left empty handed and baffled!!!

Posted by haleyjox3

I bought a watch from TJ Maxx and not even the first day of me wearing it the crown broke off and the hands are no longer moving. Am I able to return this or exchange for a new one even if its broken? I couldn't have done much to break it when I only had it on for a couple hours

Posted by Bobbie

HI my name is Bobbie in August of 2014 I purchased two Michael Kors purses which totaled over $300.00 well one of them started cracking and tareing up so after 7 months I call the store to inquire about their return policy I spoke to the store manager she stated they would not take the purse back, she couldn't resolve the issue because they had no way of returning the merchandise to Michael Kors I should have went to the Micael kors store and purchased the purse they sold the purses at a cheaper price and the store couldn't guarantee how long the purse would last. so I asked her mam are you saying your store is selling knock offs she said no not knock offs but their not real so now I am stuck with a knock from TJ Max I won't shop their any more .TJ Max In Stockton,Ca.

Posted by fgallo

What is the policy for no receipt but the item has the TJ Maxx tag still on it? - This was gift I received.

Posted by dakari

Will Tj max take some thing back if you never worn it but lost the price tag.

Posted by giddy up

I do love shopping at TJ Maxx, but am very careful to look carefully at items to make certain that they are actually new. Lastsummer I bought a beautiful leather purse at the Winston Salem, NC TJ Maxx,to take on a two week trip to France. Thank heavens, I took it on a shorter trip to New Orelans first, or I would have really been upset! I wanted a big bag so that I could shove a some extra small luggage items in it and use it as an addition to another larger carry on bag. The strap of the purse had holes in it that connected to the body by fitting over some metal posts that stuck up from the other side of the it. I guess to make it adjustable. Well, again, to save packing space, this was the only bag I took with me to use for my four day trip. No sooner did I board the plane, than the whole bag feel completely off of my shoulder onto the floor. Very embarassing, but also, pretty funny to my friends. Okay, I thought, I will just re-adjust it and go on. Didn't work for more than ten minutes or so.The purse continued to fall repeatedly throughout the first day or two of the trip - in the airport restroom, on the filty streets of the Big Easy, the floor of the restaurant, in shops, you name it, it landed there. Finally, I broke down and bought another purse to use. I had bought the broken purse a month or so before and had thrown away my receipt because I absolutely loved it and had no intention of not keeping it. I was, however, able to return it for a store credit. I paid about $120 for the purse originally. Came in the next day to look for another purse and, can you believe it, they had that used, broken purse (strap unattached and draped over the hanger) back on sale for $80! I should have taken a picture of it for my friends and I did text one immediately to tell her about it because it was so unbeliveable! The next time I came by, it was gone, so I am assuming whoever bought it, took it to a shoemaker(had to cost at least $20 to make it work), had it repaired and is enjoying it oblivious to the fact that they bought a used and unsanitary bag! Very poor and unethical business practice, to say the least.

Posted by Dianie

I am an excellent customer and have shopped almost exclusively at TJ Maxx in Tualatin and Marshalls in King City. Because of a Brain Aneurysm Rupture 10 years ago I am on an extremely limited income, because of 2 1/2 months in ICU. I brought in a black sweater purchased on 9/2/14 which still had the tags attached because I need the $19.99 for groceries more than the sweater. I was told that as of October 2014 your policy was only a GIFT CARD!!!! That policy is totally unfair with the receipt and tags. I took the gift card and bought some socks and still they would not refund the $15.00 still remaining. Because of this I will NEVER, EVER shop with your stores again. I will frequent your competitors who will be fair and work with their customers on returns because they value the business.

Posted by Ms vee

I bought a $200.00 jacket last year, never worn I think I still have the receipt. Can I return it for a store credit?

Posted by BOOTS

I have a pair of boots I bought last year and for to return them, if I still have my receipt and boots and box can I return them for store credit?

Posted by chantell

Can I return something that was purchased from Marshalls at TJ Maxx? I received a gift bought from a Marshalls in Chicago and it was the wrong size. The only Marshalls around me is about 1 1/2 away (I'm in Indiana), but TJ Maxx is only 10 minutes away. I figured since both stores are owned by the same company this would be possible, am I wrong??

Posted by saritadelmar

I am answering vanessa409:

Yes, they will take your return without the tags attached. I do it all the time. As long as you haven't used the item you will have no problem. Just hand them the item and the tags and say nothing. They will do the rest.

Posted by vanessa409

I bought a cute shirt from tjmaxx but I took off the price tag. If I still have the price tag will they still accept it and give my money back or what? Cause I payed them 25 dollars and it's not fair for them to keep it and me with no money.

Posted by Honest Nicki

This lady down a few comments really said "colored lady" and it wasnt 1950 it was 2011. Wow; speed it up and get into the world where the rest of us reside and you'd know that term went out in the 60s! Im surprised you know how to use the internet. Anyways any other stores can look up your purchase and do returns and refunds. Its just a way to keep the money you've spent in the store, in that store! If they give you money back you could potentially go to a competitor and spend it. I don't think they realize that this only makes ppl less likely to purchase anything period vs a syore that has a very easy return policy

Posted by Anonymous

I've been a manager in the Retail Industry for a long time, in this day and age, there ought to be a 90 day period of time for returns/exchanges. A large organization such as TJX, should operate with the same guest service as department stores, afterall, isn't that what you claim to be?? With the way department stores run such aggresive markdowns, heavy sale days, there's no reason to continue to shop at discounters such as yourselves when your first priority isn't the most important one; the customer.

Another frustrating thing is that your computers and POS system is archaic. Your system is unable to locate out of season SKU's or style numbers without tickets. Any company can locate this information from the label on the clothing itself.

Lastly, your regular salespeople seem to have a the good sense to treat the customer with respect both for their time and just common curtousity. Your managers for the most part, do not have this same sense. They are some of the least skilled and lack the vey thing essential to their retail manager positions; personaity for the service industry.

Posted by Anonymous

This is such a stupid return policy with regard to checks. 10 days? I can understand it if the check hasn't cleared the bank but in this day of on-line banking you can actually present the copy of your cancelled check before TJ Maxx will accept the return! How inconvenient!

Posted by ihatemarshalls

I find it very inconvenient that a purchase cannot be retrieved with a the credit card used. And when I tried to return a product I was given less than what I paid because they were unable to find it in their system. Rediculous customer service.

Posted by Return policy is antiquated

30 day return policy is not long enough when we lead busy lives these days. I just returned it at day 32 and got stuck with store credit. I am so angry I am going to sell it online and never shop at tj max, Marshall's, or home goods again!!

Posted by Anonymous

I always stop by the Flowood, MS store when I get off work at 8pm and it always this lady in there with 2 or 3 carts of return. This has been going on for over 2 years I know so finally I asked what is her issue and was told by the associate that they couldn't discuss it. I notice that everything she bring in to return she buys it right back. At this location sometimes its only one cashier and the line has at least 3 to 5 customers waiting. I tried to return something and buy it back and was told that it had to be put back on the floor and I could return to buy it the next day. Not sure if it's because I wanted it for the sale price after I was told the price I would receive for the item but I was very upset. This lady stuff looks old and nasty and she has the right to a full return and I don't. The store managers are always talking her so maybe they all are friends. The tall male store manager call her by her name one night I was there so maybe they are related.

Posted by Chris

... few of the many things to mention about the poor way that the store was run: First of all, the merchandise. There ... they were accidental was never taken into account. They used them to fire people....ahahahah! How ridiculous!!! Is it really that hard to use a punch-card system? I mean honestly, I don't know greater incentive for associates to NOT ask for the card than that. Speaking of having to ask customers ... Xp) People missing pay for entire day was not unheard-of at the store I worked at. If ... very nice that I was hired a second time when I returned after the winter season. Overall the best ...

Posted by Anonymous

...) While on line I observed that the customer service representative in returns was not very cooperative and actually was ..., Michael O' Grady, totally refused to accept my return for a credit claiming that there was evidence of "dog ...not have a dog. I mentioned that the men's department in this particular store is a disaster with most of the merchandise actually lying on ... TJ customer who spends a lot of money in various TJ stores I was totally appalled. I have never had... have shopped. Immediate intervention is needed since this store is a true embarassment to the chain. As a footnote, all the...

Posted by TGIRL give gift too will not be able to return for cash only store credit i was very upset today and i spend lots of money there but never on gifts again. I ... than two weeks ago but they couldnt charge back to my american express with gift receipt only store credit whats the use of a gift receipt if the person ... jacked up and no customer service same policy if you have a receipt or dont only store...

Posted by ladypro

i tried to returned a rug for a store credit because some stupid ass wrote in permanent marker serial number on ... up. i had reciept and tag but it was past the 30 day mark by two weeks. i was told you cannot return a clearance item after 30 days. i asked for... reciept anywhere. they did not have a sign just said it is policy. i asked for her name mgr. name and hq phone number...

Posted by Anonymous

... to let you know what a great, valuable, helpful employee you have at the TJ Maxx store located in Tysons corner,Virginia. Her name is Evette Gonzalez and is a one of the store managers there... today I went to make a few returns. I have run up quite a balance on my tjmaxx card so I was devestaed when I went to make a purchase and discovered it missing. I went up to the jewelry counter where I was returning items earlier and realized I had left my tjmaxx gift card there. They called the manager, Ms. Gonzalez and she was soo helpful ...

Posted by Anonymous

... inconsistent treatment I felt as a guest in your store. On Tuesday, March 26th, I arrived to your ... it off as I realized I was the only African American in the store (that I could see) and it just fulfilled ... that he went to one of the racks at the front of the store to act as if he was straightening the shelf.... My thought was truly to leave EVERYTHING in the store and the basket right there at the front..., who was pleasant, how long I have for returns. She advised 30 days and I still have... & Inclusion, Change Management, Personal Accountability, Personal Branding and Professional Development...

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the spartanburg store the other day and a short colored lady with glasses was very rude to me!! I was making a return and glad I returned the items because I WILL NOT be back!!! I believe her name was Thresa or something like that!! She honestly needs to be ...

Posted by

Hi I buy approx. $3-4,000 a year at TJ Maxx stores. 3 weeks ago and I took a $10 item back to the St. Cloud store in MN asking to exchange this itle ONLY and the cashier proceeds to tell me that I'm on a TJMAXX "watch list" because this would be the 3rd ...