StubHub Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for StubHub below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from StubHub so others can benefit from what you learned.

StubHub Return Policy

If you do not receive your tickets in time for your event, StubHub will attempt to issue you replacement tickets. If these are not available, you will likely get a full refund. If the tickets you receive are the wrong ones, please call StubHub at 1-866-788-2482. If StubHub asks you to return the tickets you receive, please follow the instructions the company gives you. It is at StubHub's discretion to give you a voucher for a future event or credit you with a rain check instead of giving you a direct refund to make up for you not receiving the tickets you made a valid purchase for in a timely manner.

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Posted by Cuz

Stubhub sucks! They take your money for tickets they don't even have yet and promise to deliver the day before the show - in my case 6 months away! I bought real actual tickets on eBay and will fight these bastards for my money I paid for the promise of a ticket!

Posted by Vale

Hi need a refund for 4 tickets for a festival sold at 69 each but with a real value of 6 euro because they are for children! It is not specified anywhere in the mobile site and hidden in the desktop version! Terrible service as solution they've suggested me to sell them again, so fraud other people!

Posted by itsmejs

I would like to receive a refund. When we arrived at our event, we were not allowed in because someone already used the tickets sent to us As it turns out Stubhub send us the wrong seats. We were not the only ones. There were several other people at the event that had the same problem.

Posted by jordan504

Just bought tickets. Wrong seats. Called back for refund. They said outta luck. Never use stubhub again. Its a bs.

Posted by Lorenzo

Terrible Service! Overcharged. We bought 2 tickets 10days before a concert and the tickets arrived at our place, 2hours before the concert. while we were at work. We lost the concert for that.
never use them again.

Posted by A

I am quite dissappointed. After I purchased a ticket, they suddenly sent an email said that the ticket is no long available and I have to find another ticket.

I requested refund now, but they didn't reply me yet.

I hope they will reply me asap, I just want get my money back.

Posted by Jmzbnd7

Just purchased ticket for depeche mode at mohegan sun arena...stub hubs seating chart showed this ticket to be 7th row floor center...well the seating map they have is totally appears ive paid 500 for a seat in the 18th row...isnt this misleading???

Posted by Mya Blanks

I would like my money back due to a postpond concert hours before the concert.

Posted by Guy Oregon

This site is horrible. No where did it say there is 15% charge. I'm returning the tickets and buying else where. I will never use stub hub again. Highly dussapointed.

Posted by Woofie

My mother accidentally bought seats for a concert at an out of state venue, which is a common mistake. I tried cancelling the order and all I got was the "we're a marketplace, but you can resell your tickets" bull. So is Amazon, but they can cancel orders and issue refunds. This company is a scam and I would have told my mom to buy the tickets from Ticketmaster, but she didn't see them on there. If you want your refunds, go through your credit card companies or banks. That's literally the only way you can get your money back from these thieves. Unless they change their cancellation policy and stop selling double-sold tickets, don't ever deal with these crooks.

Posted by Anonymous

Just notified by email of event cancellation for Atlanta United vs Orlando. Immediately called StubHub customer service. Said cancellation was glitch. Tried to resell same tickets for $20 more.

Posted by Anonymous

I have made a legitimate purchase recently which has cost me over $1075.00 AUS. I purchased tickets to the Liverpool v Arsenal game which they were advertising to take place on Saturday 26th August st 3pm. At NO stage did they advertise this game as a TBA or TBC date and time.
The game has been changed to Sunday 27th August and we are simply no longer in the UK. I have explained this to them and basically they don't give a crap. This is so wrong in so many ways yet I don't have a leg to stand on.

Posted by Mark

Awful company that I hope fails soon. Paid over $550 for two Hangout festival tickets. Received two wristbands in a package that stated in red "REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY". We were able to register one wristband, but not the other. Contacted the event, and they said the wristband was already registered to someone else. They explained to us the person who registered the wristband could show up to the event and claim they lost it. The festival would issue them a new wristband and cancel the "lost" one. Problem is, I'd be wearing the "lost" one and would then be denied entry. Also, a benefit of registration is that if you loose the wristband, or if it is damaged, the festival will replace. However, if it's not in your name you can't get this done. So, Stubhub claims to be selling tickets identical to those from the event, but that's a lie. Stubhub knows it's a lie, but they don't bother to let people know their tickets are not the same as the ones you could get from the event holder. If you call Stubhub they insult you and treat you like crap. When my wife explained to them the issues with the wristband not being registered in our name, Stubhub said it wasn't there fault if we were too stupid to not loose the wristband. I will NEVER use stubhub again!

Posted by Taisha.concepcion

I went to Barclays Center for the Chris Brown Party Tour yesterday. The staff there told me to make a line to get my actual ticket printed and after I made the long line they told me to go outside to get it printed. As I was waiting to get my ticked printed the cops were saying the show was sold out and for the remaining people to leave. Most of us didn't leave yet! We waited two hours until they decided to open the door again. They only let a few more people in until they actually closed all the doors. I'm upset because I was already in and due to my ticket being purchased on stubhub I couldn't print it out inside Barclays because it wasn't from ticket master. I would've been able to see Chris Brown. Cops said to all the r maiming people that we would get our refunds back! I'm just so disappointed because I don't know what went on that people with their tickets couldn't go in anymore!!

Posted by squeezed

They sold me 2 non-existing tickets and even admitted it by email. No money back, no excuse as they claim this is the seller fault who mixed the tickets.. My 500 USD are already there for 1 month. Donno what to do. For sure I can warn any one who is going to use this service. Read this advice or complain & cry later on..

Posted by Dj95

I just had to comment on here as a reply to everyone complaining about stubhubs return policy. I'm sorry but how is it their fault you messed up or your plans changed? Did you think about anybody besides yourself? A lot of tickets sold on stubhub are individual people. First off, what's to stop someone from purchasing tickets, printing the PDF ticketed right away and then claiming they accidentally ordered the tickets ? NOTHING. Nobody will know until game day. 2) How is it fair to the seller of the tickets if you purchase them wrong the last minute? That's not their fault, that's your fault. Now you gave them no time to sell again. When you mess up, that's your problem not stubhubs and not the original sellers. Also disputing a charge that you made is fraud. You aren't supposed to dispute charges because you changed your mind. It's not fair to the seller or stubhub. How would you feel if you sold tickets to someone an hour before the event and then 10 mins later, they cancel order? Assuming you see the cancellation right away that doesn't give you much time, if any to repost the tickets and try to sell them again. That's why they have a return policy. So people can't just change their mind last minute or have access to the tickets and then try to get a refund.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased 2 tickets to a college basketball game. No where does it state that you needed to be a student at the school to use these. When I received the tickets it is stamped on them in large letters...Student ID required! Called stubhub, no help! Now what? A total ripoff!

Posted by Hating on Stub Hub

I WILL NEVER USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN. I selected a particular date for a Broadway show. However, from the date selection to the purchase the date was changed. Not certain how that happened but I think that the site was confusing and I didn't pay full attention. I called immediately but received the same reply, "No refunds!" I'm out $200 because this was a last minute purchase and I know that no one will pay that amount for a single seat at a Broadway show (well not for the seat chosen).

Posted by kybruin

I purchased tickets on their mobile app for a college basketball game. Once I had completed the purchase I went to view the tickets and saw that there was suddenly a disclosure that the tickets required a student ID. I attempted to relist the tickets immediately and when I looked at my listing the disclosure was not a part of my listing. I contacted StubHub who assured me that the disclosure was there as a part of my purchase and as a part of my listing. I emailed them screen shots proving there was no such disclosure. Once they reviewed my email they stated that there was a known system glitch where the disclosure does not show on the mobile app until after the sale is complete. They assured me that the event I was trying to go to was popular and that I had a high chance of reselling but the most they would be able to for me was waive the sellers fee. I do not want someone to buy my tickets without the same disclosure available. They said there was nothing else that they could do. Once I had tickets in hand a few hours later they were $5 student tickets selling on their site for $200 without any visible disclaimer. I am returning the tickets to the seller listed on the return label and filing a credit card dispute.

Posted by Pissedconsumer

Just bought tickets. Wrong seats. Called back for refund. They said outta luck. Never use stubhub again. Its a bull

Posted by GotMyMoneyBack

I purchased tickets through StubHub today and after I purchased it stated that the tickets were in an alcohol free section. (Not to be confused with a free alcohol section which would have been great). When I called stubhub to cancel the order they stated I was it of luck and could only resell the tickets since it was disclosed. I stated that it was not disclosed until after purchase and we went back and forth for a long time. I asked for proof that it showed on the original order (I was pretty sure it was not) and I asked for screenshots proving this. They opened up a tech investigation and realized that it did not actually state on the original order alcohol free section. Ask for screenshots if I had not read the previous review I wouldn't have thought to ask for a screenshot and they may have lied to me as well and I would have been out 500$ and sober to boot.

Posted by missbrandi

DO NOT let Stub Hub take advantage of you! I bought tickets that had limited or obstructed view and it did not show on the website, or least I didn't see it. They told me their tech would review it. After placing me on hold they said, the tech reviewed it and it did show on the website. I asked them to email me a screenshot proving that they had reviewed and saw this and asked to speak to a manager. After another hold the rep told me the manager said the same thing. I said, you need to provide me the screenshot and if your manager is not available to talk let me speak to his manager! Needless to say, I received a full refund. I ordered the tickets less than an hour ago. Don't take NO for an answer! And if you work in corporate you know that everyone has a boss except the CEO. Keep asking to speak to someone higher!

Posted by Dan

I purchased two tickets listed on site. When I have sold in the past, I have had to successfully upload PDF copies of tickets before listing. When I have bought in the past, those PDFs were made instantly available because StubHub already had them. For most current purchase, the tickets were not actually available. This needs to be refundable (and not just replacement tickets of same price as I will get seats I do not want). You should only sell what's actually available. At this point, this transaction constitutes fraud.

Posted by FETCH27

I came to the Rascal Flatts concert tonight in Pittsburgh and couldn't get into the concert cause I didn't have em printed what can you do for me? Or am I screwed

Posted by Unsatisfied Former Customer

On July 30, 2016 I purchased 5 tickets for Jennifer Lopez's "All I Have" show in Las Vegas from After a few minutes of having placed the order I realized that I had selected the wrong date, a week earlier than what I actually needed. I immediately initiated a chat with a StubHub rep online who told me that there was no refund policy and I would have to resell my tickets but that she would be able to waive the reselling fees. I opted to wait and try with my credit card company to see what options I had to cancel that transaction. Needless to say, I initiated a dispute over StubHub's transaction. Two days later I received an email from StubHub stating that the tickets that I had erroneously bought were not even available but that they had been switched to better ones at no charge. I again attempted to cancel those tickets and again was told that I had to resell them in order to get my money back. I truly do not understand how I cannot get a simple refund on tickets that I ordered by mistake minutes after I placed the order BUT Stubhub can sell you tickets that are not even available for an unknown reason and miraculously find even better tickets for the same price? Not to mention post the amount of the transaction to your credit card for tickets that for some unexplained reason are not available after you paid for them! I simply do not understand how this can happen. LAST time I purchase tickets through StubHub.

Posted by Anonymous

I called stub hub because my brother got the wrong seats for a concert. I called them within minutes to change the seats and they basically said I'm stuck with those seats. I even told them the seats I wanted are cheaper than the one that were purchased and I let them know it was fine if they kept the remaining money and they didn't help. They could not refund me nor give me the seats I wanted. This is ridiculous never using them again

Posted by Marvin

hey stubhub my plans have changed for the concert i was going to attend on the 23 of July its for the twenty one pilots concert in Inglewood on the forum, see i was scheduled for a day off at my job and unfortunately i have to work that day for unknown reasons if i can get my money back that would be fantastic or if i can change it to another concert for this week which is for The G-eazy& Logic concert this week on the forum on the 6th of July please understand i had no idea of this sudden change of plan please if i can just get my money back or change concerts please.

Posted by Anonymous

Should have checked this site first. I bought tickets as a gift and they can't attend now I'm trying to sell way above the "ticket price" bc of the service fees. Your service is terrible and not worth the fee. I couldn't get a refund even though I had bought the tickets months in advance and asked for a refund hours later.


Posted by Dhuntr123

Im beyond pissed off i bought 2 tickets as a birthday gift for my dad and he cant even go and now i cant refund these

Posted by Pissed off customer

Very disappointed. Unfortunately, my order was submitted when I was clicked the cancel button. Now I have two tickets to a concert, and there's no refunds allowed even though it happened a few minutes ago. Horrible return policy, will never use stubhub again!!!!

Posted by E

Worst Customer Service Ever. Never Will I Buy From Stub Hub Again. No Refund Policy? No Wonder I See Horrible Complaints. Worst Ever.

Posted by Kayla

My 15 year old brother purchased some tickets without my permission with my debit card for a concert I didn't know until I got the email and I called rift away to cancel it or get a refun and they said they don't do refunds all saws are final sales and it didn't matter cause it was a family member that purchased the tickets!!! I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE OR NEVER USE IT AGAIN!!!

Posted by drideout1103

Stubhub policy on refunds is ridiculous. I purchased tickets to an event that has been postponed twice the second time being indefinite. I don't think it's fair that you hold our money like that and can only offer us the option to sell!! I also don't think it's right that we have to wait until this artists decides when she will reschedule if she even does reschedule and I have to accommodate that new schedule. Needless to say I will not be purchasing tickets from stubhub again, ticket master is taking refund requests via email for the same event.

Posted by Jules

I agree I do not like their return policy. Its my first and last time using this site.

Posted by Piece01

I don't really like how they don't have any policy of returning tickets even if it's within minutes of purchasing. I also don't know if they changed their marketing but it used to be that all of the fees were included in the price. Last time I'll probably use StubHub. Too many other competitors out there doing it differently.

Posted by Anonymous

Just showed up to the McGregor Aldo UFC fight with three other friends with very expensive tickets we bought on StubHub ($1253.00 each). All of our tickets were void, fakes, frauds.

Tons of others with stub hub purchases were going through the same thing. Not many people happy at the MGM will call ticket booth.. Something smells very rotten...

Posted by Txzack

I am really disappointed that stub hub doesn't allow returns within 72 hours like ticketmaster, I will definitely not be using stub hub again. Ticketmaster seems like the way to go, cheaper prices, better return policy, easier to navigate, and overall a much better site. Stub hub has failed its customers once again with a terrible return policy.

Posted by nagung20

This evening I was on Stubhub looking for Lakers tickets for January 2016. As I stepped away from my computer to answer the door, I came back to see my daughter was on my laptop and that she accidentally purchased tickets for an event that I was just looking at -- a date I didn't want. I immediately called StubHubs customer service since I didn't see a way to cancel the order online and couldn't find the Refund or Order Cancellation policies. I was told there was no way to cancel the order -- even though it was made by accident and it had only been less than 10 minutes since the purchase was made -- and that I would have to resell the tickets back online to get my money back. I believe this is UNFAIR PRACTICE on StubHubs end and that customers should been given a reasonable amount of time to cancel an order especially if it's for a large amount of money. My order for $402.19. I'm going to contact my credit card to see what my options are. I'm really disappointed by Stubhubs customer service and that they don't have a Order Cancellation or Refund Policy on their website. I will never use StubHub again.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to use the credit on my account, and nothing showed up. At that point, never before that, I saw that it said that the refunded amount had to be used within one year. My understanding is that actually money paid to a business cannot "expire", even if it is in a credit. You still ended up with my money, and I never received any value for that. Can you explain to me how I can still use the credit that I was issued?

Posted by

I purchased two lana del rey tickets but when I arrived they said my tickets were not valid ? They were for the correct date and time ? I was not able to enter the concert . Will I be able to get a refund . Was there fraudulent activity with my tickets ?

Posted by M

... be around to get first dibs at floor seats, on 09/20/2012 I went To and surprisingly they were already on sale. So i grabbed 2 tickets ... ( I checked after they went on sale). Might i add, i also paid an extra fee to have the tickets sent to my email immediately and I even printed them out. ... I called ticket master and all the floor seats were sold out!! How is this right? 5 days later after i printed the tickets and submitted payment, the seller can change his or her mind at anytime? I was able to receive a refund but we all know that does not help. Obviously, the seller realized ...

Posted by Anonymous

...go see her favorite hockey team on the day of her birthday, 11/11/2012....out has been announced and I called stubhub customer service to see if there ...wanted a time frame of when I would see my refund if it did in fact get canceled ...they could answer the question or give me a refund now. This rep, Jamie, was very rude ...speak with her supervisor because I was wanting to get a refund now so I could figure another ... supervisor. I explained that I will NEVER purchase tickets from stubhub again and I will make sure my ... and friends do NOT purchase from stubhub again. This is the worst service I have ever ...

Posted by Anonymous

... are ticketes but are tickets were NO good. Apprently the man who sold us the tickets returned them after his money cleared to his pay pal account and after he had sent ... people in line with "barcode issues" that had ordered from stubhub that could not get into the concert and the manager had the ... he would "escalate" the issue. Then they told me that it would be 7 days before I would get my money back I told him had 3 days to get my money back. I want to know what the point of the "protection plan" is that they have? ...

Posted by StubHubSuck

... them this was wrong and deceitful and did not get off the phone until they refunded my money. I would not take a.) Their tech team looking into it or b.) a voucher - I will never EVER... have filed complaint with BBB, looking for PR info the Cowboys and StubHub. I won't let them take advantage of fans like me by...

Posted by Anonymous

...; and they have friendly voices. They helped me with delivery and addressess changes when I moved and when I lost my tickets they gave me a refund to use for a future game! Even though I didn't get a reprint it was still great. I love them!

Posted by lovinyou22kp

hey piget2008 if its for the U2 event, stubhub is offering refund if you send the tix back just email saying you want a refund, if its not for this event they offer one time exceptions of store credit, ONLY if youve never had one before because its a ONE TIME EXCEPTION, this is for ppl that buy wrong tix on accident of want different tix or cannot attend the event, and another thing sellers ...

Posted by Caveat Emptor

... of doing business. I just hope I get my money refunded. Waited past the confirmation date and still heard nothing from the seller....sure stubhub did what they could to contact the prick with ...finally responds and they charge my account. They charged my account even after I ... transaction. Til' they get their procedures in the correct order, I'll never return as a buyer.