Sports Authority Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Sports Authority below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Sports Authority so others can benefit from what you learned.

Online Purchases

All online purchases must be returned to the online store, not to a local store. You may return online purchases by two methods - listed below. All returns must adhere to the following criteria:
  • All returns must be in good condition with all parts and paperwork included in the package.
  • Missing parts or damage will negatively impact value.
  • If possible, return items in original shipping containers and use original packing materials.
  • Complete the return questionnaire on the packing slip and include this with your returned items.
  • Return items within 30 days of delivery.
  • Returned gifts will be refunded to the purchaser.
  1. Customers may use pre-paid shipping labels, included with all purchases.
    • Affix the entire pre-paid label to the front of the return package.
    • Do not add postage. The postage is covered by the label and will be deducted from the the item's return price.
    • Ship the package by the United States Postal Service (USPS) only.
  2. Customers may ship using their own labels.
    • Address the package to the following:, Returns Department, 7601 Trade Port Drive, Louisville, KY 40258.
    • Ship using United Parcel Service (UPS) or insured parcel post (USPS).
    • Pay for postage. We cannot accept packages with unpaid postage.

See what others are saying about Sports Authority returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by phillygirl

its in grat condiyion, they are boots have never been worn have the tags still on ans they were too small for my son

Posted by Anonymous

i ordered a 6lb. weighted basketball and you sent me a 3lb. ball

Posted by James

Brought mens shoes from sports authority 3 months ago now they are falling apart. $70.00 a lot of cash. So what do i do now.

Posted by Anonymous

On October 4,2015 I purchased a fit bit which I loved and wore constantly. This week however. the little silver stud which locked the fit bit in came out and was lost. Is it possible to get this little piece replaced?

Posted by GJMR

This place takes absolutely forever to process a refund for online sales! Most places process the refund w/in a few days of receipt, I've been waiting nearly 2 weeks since deliver date and still no refund.

Posted by Disappointed InAZ

Online returns are a pain.The fact you can't return to a local store is ridiculous. No wonder they are going

Posted by Anonymous

I'm searching for your returns policy in stores, not online

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a pair of inline skates online. Once received one of the skates was defective. Went to store to return them. Was told I could only receive a store credit. OK, yes, had the option to return by mail. Policy is policy but to return by mail they will not return the full refund. They will deduct shipping and handling. This burns me up as I would expect full refund for something that is defective. If I changed my mind than it's fair to pay for the return if that is store policy. NEVER to buy another thing from this company and I have spent plenty in there over the years. Beware of what you buy online!

Posted by ccviking

TERRIBLE customer service in the Hyannis store - have spent thousands of dollars here in the past and will not spend one penny in the future!! Very rude girl would not help with a return with a receipt - plenty of other places would have been much more accommodating and will get my business. Hyannis manager really needs to get a grip on his customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to return defective running Flex2 Nikes purchase 5 mos ago. After sprinting once noticed holes in the mesh on both size. Store wouldn't accept them and said Nike will blame size. Buying a wide would be to spacious, especially for running. Shoes may show manufacturers defects in 3-6 mos but SA will not replace. 30 days life is all you're guaranteed for.

Posted by normdyer

I tried to return an item today and to get credit back to my visa account. I was told that since the card number did not match I could only receive store credit. My wife purchased the item on her card (same account). I was told it was a Visa policy not the store's. I find that hard to believe since every other store I do business with will put credit back on my card when the purchase was on my wife's card.

Posted by Anonymous

On 10/25/12 I purchased a racquetball in your Riverdale, NJ store . Immediateley the handle began unwrappng. On 11/19/12 the strings broke . i returned to the store and asked for some consideration . First your employee asked if I had hit the wall with ... a storm on 10/29 & the club I play at was closed for 10 days). I live in nearby Kinnelon, NJ & have frequented your store consistently. I left the racquet at the store. If ... it & sell it to another customer. I will NEVER enter your store again . I am in the service business & this was a &...

Posted by mpc560 with dark hair said you can't return that.. I asked for a manger, this other guy would ... that once it's purchase and out of the store it cannot be return. My wife asked for a manger... was just hear and said it can't be return. My wife then said where on the recite... it say no returns. Lurch became very upset and called the store manger... to the front and said ill just exchange it for another one. I told her that is all... it say that any place in the store and that it could hurt someone. When I was paying for the second tank... from the Brick sports authority if you don't want to lose your money and...

Posted by TroubleinDelaware

... the cement, then repoured the cement throwing the old cement in our neghborhood storm water system. Phone calls are not returned and false statements have been made by Sports Authority employees. I am still waiting for my basketball hoop to be installed. It was purchased for my ...

Posted by Laurahove

... $69.99 when i got home i noticed that they charged me full price. Now i have to go all the way back to the store for $10.00 return with these prices for gas it... up costing me money. I tried to find a way to get my refund by calling but ...

Posted by Anonymous

... set I wanted had only the "Display" set in-stock, and did not have any of the "... I finally get through tell me; I need to go back to the Store that I bought the clubs at, and they will set up an Authorization number, and send the club back to the Company for repair/replace/ or refund. Okay, so I call the sports authority that I purchased the clubs from, and tell ...that's what we'll do." So I take it down to the store, and suddenly there is a big amount of confusion, not ...her to go ahead and call her the next day. I call the next day around 2:00pm, and the receptionist informs ...

Posted by tagmoore4

... way. I do not know what type of service they are using for returns, but it is bogus. I have NEVER made a return to them, and am not a frequent returner anywhere, however, 4 days after I made a purchase I was denied a return with my receipt. I purchased shoes and someone bought my son a pair as well. He liked those better so I wanted to return the ones I purchased. I am not sure where the harm is ...wants. Great! I don't know about anyone else, but I need my money. I can't afford to give it away to Sports Authority. They make enough money by overcharging...

Posted by rsully

... will not be a problem because weights should not break and thought it would be an easy exchange. It was a big problem because I was told my time is up and nothing can be done, i understand time restraints on returnable items but these are not clothes or electronics and i think there should of ... who has two inferior pieces of equipment and an incomplete gym. I used to frequent your store because I am a weight lifting enthusiast as well as my group of friends but i will share my experience with them and no longer shop Sports Authority(the authority in bad customer service

Posted by longhorn762

... girls baseball glove and shoes.the gir; lives in bahrain and returns are difficult.after about 20 minutes of not knowing what i ... looking for i went to the front and asked the manager for help.the store was packed people every where.the manager walked me back to ... forgotten my coupon but the shopping experience was so pleasant i was happy to pay full price.$363 well spent.the cashier also was friendly and took my money with a and the manager are assets to the sports athority.

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for sports authority for a summer and it was the worst experience ever. The store in Fairbanks Alaska is ... don't offer to exchange anything for the sale price and will attempt to get the customer to pay full price... based on customer reviews and sales of the extended warranty plans. However, only the cashiers that the manager likes... said they didn't want and extended warranty because of past experience with one, I was told ... calculated it out and I was returning almost double what I sold over several days. The managers are even rude to customers who want to return something, the customers ...

Posted by mterpsmith

I purchased a defective pair of shin guards from Sports Authority. They were never used but ... original packaging. They absolutely would not exchange them for another pair because "... defective equipment. The sales associate was rude about another return as well. I will NEVER shop there again ...