Spirit Halloween Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Spirit Halloween below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Spirit Halloween so others can benefit from what you learned.

Spirit Halloween Return Policy

Spirit Halloween stores accepts returned items within 14 days of their original purchase. The returned items must still be in their original packaging and have no signs of wear or use. During the Halloween season, online purchases can be returned in stores. The rest of the year, purchases may be returned online. All items except supreme or mascot costumes can be returned, though Prestige, Grand Heritage, and Theatrical costumes may only be returned online.

Spirit Halloween Stores gladly accepts returns and will even cover return shipping charges. No exchanges are allowed due to high stock demand, but you can return a product and order a new one at the same time. Shipped items have detailed return instructions with them, and you can get more help at the Returns and Exchange Center online.

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Posted by Anon

I will NEVER EVER go back to this store because of one VERY rude cashier that refused to honor their plainly posted exchange policy. I had an item that was very obviously unused, with tags still on, with the (3 day old) receipt. I had to call the customer service number - then return to the store. She backed down & agreed to honor the policy after I informed her about my call. However she was still extremely rude! UNBELIEVABLE

Posted by TTaylorPayne

I can't believe all these bad reviews! I always spend tons of money at Spirit Stores all around the U.S. through the years. Never had a bad experience. I recently shopped at the Spirit Store in Paducah, Kemtucky. They had very nice, personable staff. The cashier talked Game of thrones with my Husband And I, the first time we went. Really nice guy. The second time I went, I had to bring back one costume and one prop. Everything was in perfect condition but I had lost my receipt. I didn't have much hope that I could get a refund without a receipt, but the ladies at the checkout worked with me, and figured out a way to refund the money back to my debit card. I can't speak for EVERY location, but the store HERE where I live will work with you, within reason. If your packaging is messed up, or the costume smells like smoke, etc...you really can't expect them to be able to give you a refund. But they will work with you if the merchandise you are returning is re-sellable. That includes packaging. They aren't allowed to be as loose with giving out refunds as let's say, Walmart. The stuff you are returning has to be in order.

Posted by Exlaapq

They take a very long time to refund your $$ back into your credit or debit card....but quick to take the $$.
Bad service.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely nothing is good about this store. Half ass costumes and customer service and even worse return policy. The guy I was dealing with completely ignored me when I said I wanted to return it within the 14 days and then said he can only exchange it. What kind of business are you running? I'll never shop here again and tell everyone I know to stay away from you.

Posted by J

SPIRIT HALLOWEEN IS TERRIBLE. They took out the money from my card, NEVER shipped my order until I called 2 weeks later wondering where it was THEN they shipped it arriving a day before halloween. They said they'd return my shipping fee and 10 min ago they RE CHARGED me the whole order! NEVER wasting time here again!

Posted by Dee346

When they say "2 day express shipping" it means 2 days AFTER it takes 2 days to leave the warehouse!! I ordered costume on October 28 thinking I'd have it on the 30-31st, it came on November 3.

Posted by Missyhagen

I love this store. It has amazing items that no one else has. However, I purchased a costume there for my son. I got it at the beginning of October so he didn't try it on til about 3 weeks later. He got a fade eyes skin suit. Well the fingers were sewn all wrong and he can't put his fingers in the finger holes, AND the glasses that are supposed to light up for his eyes don't work. Well it's more than 14 days, past October 16, and I drove an hour to go there, so I can't exchange it. I'm super duper mad!! $45 and he can't even wear it. I don't think I'll ever go here again.

Posted by Refund

I needed to return a costume that didn't fit with my costume I also purchased a wig. When I returned it I realized the cardboard for the wigs' bag was not there... The cashier then told me I couldn't because I was missing the cardboard, with my failed attempts of explaining the barcode is on the bag not the cardboard piece and it's on the receipt she began rudely over speaking me saying "doesn't matter you we can't take it".... Not my biggest issue... My items were returns and I waited 7 business days for my refund.. When I called customer service, who didn't know how to handle my problem bc it was an in store purchase, he told me that I had to take a picture of my receipt and email their customer service AND wait an additional al 2-3 business days for a reponse.. So far I have heard nothing and its been a total of 15 business days since my return....beyond furious and I'll never shop there again

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased a costume at the
7640 FM 1960 Road West, Houston, TX 77070 location . When I realized it wasn't the perfect fit for me I decided that I was going to return it. I noticed on the receipt it stated that " refunds and exchanges are accepted thru Friday, October 16th ." It also states " items must be in original packaging,unworn and accompanied by the original sales receipt." First, let me state that the costume I purchased which was a dress, had no original packaging, it was on a hanger and still had the tags on them.So upon returning the dress 10/15/15, I was told that my dress could not be returned because it reeked of cigarette smoke?? Then the store associate says something about if it has and odor you can't return it??? First of I'm not a smoker nor does anyone in my household smoke, secondly there is nothing on the receipt that states that " you cannot return if there is an odor." Long story short they never gave me my refund.So I'm stuck with a costume I can't wear. Never in my life have I ever had to deal with this from any other Halloween store.This will be my first and last time shopping there. Very poor customer service!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Clerks in store are rude. They make it almost impossible to return anything. I had items, with receipt, within 1 week, paid cash. They would not refund me unless they could put it back on a credit card. I paid cash for it. Im not just giving them one of my credit card #'s. Items were a pair of earrings and 2 sheets of window stickers. Both new. Both unused.I'm turning them in to every authority I can.

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter purchased tights, got them home, took them out of the package, realized they wouldn't work, and tried to return them to the Centerville store. No signs were posted about them being opened or not nor was anything on the receipt, and the manager informed us that it was common knowledge. She was extremely rude, and i told her she was rude. She promptly told me I was rude.She could tell the tights had not been tried on, and they were in the opened package. My daughter's friend returned her tights tonight, and the manager proceeded to tell her about us. I called the manager to let her know I would contact corporate, and she raised her voice abruptly, barked "Have a great night!" and hung up on me. She has apparently had no managerial training and could have handled the situation in a more professional manner. Thank you.