Southwest Airlines Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Southwest Airlines below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Southwest Airlines so others can benefit from what you learned.

Southwest Airlines Return Policy

Southwest Airlines offers several ways to obtain refunds provided the ticket is refundable. Not all ticket reservations are refundable since they are based on the type of purchase fare and reservation.

Refund requests for ticketless flight reservations may be submitted online to should an outbound flight not yet have left the ground. Refund requests also may be made by calling Southwest reservations at 1-800-435-9792, calling Southwest customer relations at 214-932-033 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays or writing to the refunds department at P.O. Box 36649, Dallas, Texas 75235-1649.

If the outbound flight has left the airport, refund requests may be directed to the reservations department at the 1-800 phone number, calling customer relations or writing the refunds department. Contacting these sources also is appropriate if no refund had been requested when the reservation was cancelled online at

All other requests for refunds, including paper ticket refund requests and refund exceptions for nonrefundable tickets, should be made in writing to the refunds department. Written requests should include the unused ticket or proof of purchase in respect to ticketless travel.

A confirmation number is required for refund requests. All refunds are made back to the original payment form.

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Posted by

I was double booked on same flight booked the first flight myself didn't get a confirmation so called south west and said it was never booked so she booked me her self then was charged twice for same flight I would like to be refunded my for one of the flights thank you & please let me know


Hello My Name Is Grace Walker Email Captain I Am Writing To Let You Know That On May 4 2017 I Was Traveling Home Mht Nh From Tampa Florida Airport Tpa. Flight 1854 Gate C33. My Gray Hooded Fleece Jones New York Zippered Front Sweatshirt Was Left On Seat By Gate C33. I Asked Attendant At Gate C33 Is Item Still On Seat. She Said Yes. I Had To Board Plane. I Dont Know Why Someone Could Not Have Passed It On Plane So I Could Have It. I Was Freezing On The Way Home. I Also Had A Connecting Flight In Baltimore Md To Mht. Well I Feel The Staff Should Of Passed My Sweatshirt On To Plane. That Was A Brand New Sweatshirt. I Would Like To Be Credited The Sweatshirt As I Felt The Attendant Should Of Got Sweatshirt For Me And I Could Of Had It On Plane. $45.00 Sweatshirt.. I Would Like To Be Refunded For Sweatshirt As I Could Of Had It Because It Was There And Seen By Attendant. Please Credit Me As It Was A Brand New Sweatshirt And I Feel The Attendant Could Of Passed It On To Plane

Posted by Anonymous

My 2 daughters had booked a flight seversl weeks in advance to see their dad who was very sick...A few day later got a call he was not expected to live thru the night. They called and got an immediate flight with no additional cost and the person handling the call was terrific...Awesome airkine and personnel

Posted by barnstorm 666

this is the second time in a row that you wouldn't give me a refund! first time I had heart trouble and had to be hospitalized. And this time I had major surgery on my shoulder. shaved a bone down, bicep tendon torn in half, tore rotary cuff, etc. I was under 2 doctors care and they wanted me to continue with my physical therapy and not go to florida right them..think about it one more time..I'll never fly with you again. nor will anybody in my family! I work for Ingersoll Rand and I'm looking forward to telling my story in our news letter that goes to 100,000 employees..I will also contact the Better Business Bureau and your Attourney General!!

Posted by James F. Gatton

My wife and I have round trip tickets from Atlanta Sept 6 to Denver and return Sept 20. Just received word today my sister isn't expected to live as she in coma and no body response. I would like Southwest to refund cost of tickets. Regardless of type of purchase Airlines need to be flexible in such family emergencies. Airline are making millions with their charges and shouldn't benefit from a member die ding in a family. I truly regret having to call them because it will only demonstrate how greedy corporate America has become.
Is it time for our Congressional representative to review how Airlines treat their customers. I think so.

Posted by Buddy

I have been trying to get a refund for a round trip ticket I purchased to North Carolina for Christmas unfortunately I became very ill I couldn't make the trip. I called and I've spoke with several representatives some were rude and some were nice the bottom line they would give me another flight at another time. I don't want another flight right now this has been going on every since 12/14. I am on social sercurty I cannot afford to just give Southwest $465.00. My whole family flies Southwest I am very disappointed. Please refund my money.

Posted by Deb

Hi My name is Debra Hoeft. I have a son who passed away on January 3, 2015. He was in a car crash. He had a flight from Chicago to return to Basic at Fort Leonardwood on the same day. I have sent information and death certificate info too to you and have not heard back. His ticket was about $180.00 and I would like it back. My sons name is Matthew Jerome Hoeft and his flight was for about 8pm on the 3 of January. The accident was around 11:25 am in Rockford Illinois. His Death certificate is from Medical Examiner/coroner from Winnebago County in Rockford Illinois. Please contact me so I can be sure to get his money back. thank you

Posted by unique n spoiled

SouthWest Airlines is GREAT! they don't charge for bags like other airlines (theres a chunk of money I save right there). What people need to understand is you need to READ what ticket you want. Cheap gets you a simple ticket with NO frills, NO REFUNDS! otherwise buy the Anytime/Business tickets to get your money back. If your buying for someone else BUY the refundable ticket! All the people who work here are very nice and helpful. Travel is not cheap and you have to pay, so ...

Posted by Chelsea

I will never fly Southwest airlines again. First of all i purchased my ticket to come back from my vacation, when i own bills. It took them TWO days to take the money out of my account but will take SIX TO TEN days to refund it back..... And on top of all that they wont credit my account enough to cover all the overdraft fees theyve ...

Posted by titania

.... It took 5 phone calls with multiple transfers for anyone to "find" my duplicate charge. They promised me a call back within 1 hour. Nothing. Called back again and spoke... me, and in a non-derogatory tone. She became combative. Spoke with a supervisor. They found the charge, promised to work on it and call back, nothing. Pursuing refund/correction with my credit card company now. I've flown 100+ times on Southwest, and enjoyed my flights. Shame that due to their poor service department, I will ...

Posted by dupntrcg

...the time with all airlines. It's always a nice experience on Southwest Airlines. The flight attendants try to keep things upbeat and happy. I ... with someone else, you CAN board together. 4) Lighten up about the prices and refunds people! Try getting refunds from ANY airline and you'll get the same old story...(unless of course you buy the ticket that is changeable and fully refundable.) Anyhow...Southwest airlines is always a pleasure to fly with. Keep up ...

Posted by Jeff the face. The only thing that was different from Sowthwest and all the other airlines was it's customer service and low fares; now both are screwed up.I have been flying 2 to 3 times a week for 8 years on Southwest. Now 9 out of 10 flights are delayed. They now cancel flights and ... of passengers on the first flight. I paid a higher fare to fly early in the day so I could make a business meeting. Southwest pulled combine flight game and sent me 2 hours later on... flight that was 30% less but would not give me the refund difference. I have saved up over 100 flight drink coupons that ...

Posted by Anonymous

... the plane after finding out some really bad family news and Southwest took it upon themselves to blame my boyfriend [who happened to be ... the chairs in the airport seeing as we spent the last of our money on two Southwest tickets back from New Orleans, which costed us $680. Never got a refund, an apology or any human response from any of the personnel. I will never fly Southwest again and I strongly advise that they hire more human personnel, who ...

Posted by safar

...(Safar Dadashev) was booking a flight to Pittsburgh from Chicago on The website wasn’t working, because when I was trying to... and the next day, I checked my credit card statement. My credit card was charged ...and the other three) were booked incorrectly by southwest due to error messages on the internet. I immediately ...get in touch with anyone yet I am out of the money and no one can help ...amount, each claim number (above) is supposed to be refunded for $359.40. My contact information Safar Dadashev. Please issue the full refund amount since the three tickets above ...

Posted by very disappointed

...Then to make matters worse, on the return flight in San Diego, I asked Victoria, a younger worker in the airport to explain the A,B,C policy. She was so rude.... I would not have had any problem accepting lost/damaged baggage,delays, even paying outrageous fees, but what bothered us more than anything was how unprofessional...unfriendly, and unhelpful they were. If you read Southwest's mission statement, these workers did not live up to its mission. If I were the CEO or top...price (although I did for this flight anyways) to any airline just to avoid Southwest Airlines. I can only pray that no one else...

Posted by Anonymous out to get there. The flight there was Great! But when I went online to purchase my return ticket through an error on southwest I was double booked and double charged. I notified the airlines and was given a refund for the error just to have on... I was told by customor service rep #79 I had to wait 7 days then to recieve my money back I then explained I was in the military and error on my part was now un ble to access $468.40 of my own money much less pay for the return trip I was told to contact their customer service # 214=792-4223 after several attempts and ...