Sony Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Sony below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Sony so others can benefit from what you learned.

Online Purchases

Sony allows for the return of audio visual and computer products within 30 days of sale. Other items that may be returned are notebook computers, desktop computers, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, televisions and car audio equipment. Audio visual and computer products may be returned to any Sony online store or retail location. If a product was purchased with Sony points, then individuals may not return their products. A product that has been engraved may not be returned to Sony, but it is eligible for an exchange. To complete an exchange for engraved products, customers should contact 1-877-899-7669.

For customized computers, all sales are considered final. A defective customized computer may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase. For PlayStation products, all sales are also considered final. Individuals may exchange defective products at SCEA Customer Service center.

To return a product that was purchased online, individuals can obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number. Once a customer receives this number, he or she has 14 days to return the product. The number will expire within 14 days, so a person should try to return the product in a timely fashion. A product must be returned unopened or in its original packaging.

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Posted by Sony

I purchased Sony bravia 22" after 1 year his screen shows black strip on middle so I suggest to all my friends don't purchase any product of Sony they all are made in China.

Posted by Anonymous

Sony taking money out of my account every week for nothing I bought 50euro worth of FIFA coins for my son in December for my son with my credit card up to now Sony have taken over 300euro from my account with out my knowledge and with out anything been purchased though they say there has been but no way have we received a product from them up to anywhere near that among I asked for the money to be refunded but Sony came up with all sorts of excuses nobody should use a credit card on this site Sony keep your details and ROB money every week from it but they are very sneaky way they do it small amounts every week out of your bank account with out your authorization this matter is now in the hands of my solicitor again DO NOT USE YOUR CREDIT Card on this site Sony they will rob you big time

Posted by sadhvaryu

I purchased sony headphones but didn't like the sound quality so went to return it within 3 hours of purchase and the seller didn't take it back as the pack was opened. Also the seller was so rude with us that we could barely stand there. Disappointed! By both sound quality and service.

Posted by KENB

I just got off the phone with a rep from Sony who could not help me fix the problem of my sony sound bar to the sony tv ! the amp sound does not go through and these people keep telling me to do things that make the situation worse...they cannot send anyone out of course and now I'm stuck with no support since I had to hire the greek quad from Best Buy to set it up. All I want is the sound bar replaced or someone to hook this up! Very frustrating! This sound d bar has gone out on me for the third time! Sony tech is not even in the US and I cannot understand them and they do not know the language of English!!! THE WORST EVER SERVICE--

Posted by pra

i bought sony xperia c4 for thanksgiving in 2015 and come april 2016 the touch is completely shutdown it is not responding at all.i have sent it for repair and now it is more than a month for them to repair my phone.

SONY IS ONE OF THE WORST COMPANY.Customer service is giving different answers everytime i call.

Even after one month time they are still saying that they are waiting for the parts which is very bad on there part.

Will never ever again buy any stupid SONY PRODUCTS.

Posted by kdl 32w700c

A green vertical line is appearing on my led Bravia screen.i don't want to service it can I exchange it . I had bought it 9 months ago

Posted by

How do I go about a refund on my cybershotdsc-w810. Have taken it back to the store but they will do nothing! It does not charge in my home or the store

Posted by BhanuMurty

I have purchased a Sony KDL-W800D on 1st April, 2016. Since the Active 3D-Glasses(TDG-BT500A) are not part of Sony package, and are not available anywhere, the purchase of these glasses was not possible at the time of purchasing the TV. Meanwhile, we tried to purchase the same from your Sony Centers, and the only answer we get is "NO STOCK AVAILABLE".

What is the point in Sony selling a product without accessories? If you want to discontinue a product, you should have taken all the products from the market, and make only the genuine supplies. There is no point is shedding Rs60000/- odd for a TV, whose feature cannot be tested even. This seems to be a clear case of miss-selling. A product worth more than 60K is being sold without making a small product worth 2K available, and no-one bothers! Or is it a policy of Sony, not to provide accessories intentionally?

We request you to provide a solution at the earliest, else you force us to take the issue to a consumer court. The product is not available on ANY of the Sony Centers in Hyderabad, not even on your authorized On-line partners listed on Sony Web-site, .
If any solution is not provided, we request you to take back your product. It is an unfair trade practice, in addition to trouble a loyal customer of Sony.

Posted by Sony Bravia TV

I bought a Sony Bravia Tv at the Parramatta outlet. We had purchased two TVs previously(different models), and this was the third one. Considering as a strategic customer, Sony is not doing any favor in this case, I am really disappointed.

1/ When i purchased, i was not aware about that it is an outdated model (2015)

2/ From the consumer feedback, I understand that the Smart side of the tv is really slow.

3/ Glitchy processor when operating many functions quickly

4/ Some of the preset picture modes are no good

5/ Most serious issue is: once a while (every 2 weeks or so) TV stops receiving signals from remote control or huge time delay in changing channel / input source etc (15-20 seconds or more).

6/ Turn off but tv sound still remains

I'm really disappointed being a Sony loyal customer . I just want my money back .


Posted by Carlos

I bought a Sony Bravia smart tv at Best Buy I wanted to return it but I couldn't since it been over 15 days .
Smart side of the tv is really slow, it reminds me of a slow computer. I'm really disappointed being a Sony loyal customer . I just want my money back ..

Posted by Carlos

I bought a Sony Bravia tv at Best Buy . I want to return it because the smart side of it is really slow and it freezes . They won't let me return it because it's been more than 15 . I'm really disappointed in the tv being a Sony loyal customer.

Posted by mondal

My Sony Xperia C3 camera problem. I went service centre but result is zero

Posted by Anonymous

My Sony Xperia C3 camera problem.

Posted by EdS

My Sony RX100M3 had a shutter issue. It was still under warranty (under 1 year) so all I had to do was bring it (I'm in NYC so there was an easy place hand deliver) with the receipt. I was out of the store in under 5 minutes, they called me the following week (as they said they would) and it was fixed with no charge and no problems.
They seem to have this worked out now. Great experience!

Posted by HB19

I bought a PS3 wireless remote and the button left joystick always moves without me even touching the remote

Posted by Monkeycat

I purchased a set of earbuds. Only one has sound coming out . I bought them from a retail store but it says on the receipt ear buds cannot be exchanged for Hygienic reasons. Well what we're they thinking because the ear buds are defective who are they going to resell the earbuds to anyways?

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name its Marielena

I bought a chip for my Sony camera at SouthCoast plaza in costa mesa CA, which was defective. As soon as I found out it was defective I tried to return it. I was told I could not returned it without the receive. I payed approximately 95 to 105 dollars. I need to know if there is a way to send the defective chip and get a good one?

Thank you

Posted by Falstad

Just had a Sony radio and CD player fail after a few months. Guess I'm out of luck since it is Sony that only warranties products for 30 days. The only real protection is to avoid Sony products.

Posted by loo4tad

I purchased a brand new PS3 dualshock wireless controller on 11-29-14 for my sons PS3 and after paying 60.00 and 42 days it suddenly was inoperable and did not work so I took it to Gamestop and they said sorry for you, but Sony only warranties these for 30 days. The controller has no scratches and looks brand new. I am not a rich person and Sony is a multi-million dollar Co. I think that if my son was destructive or this malfunction was his fault, I would own it. It sucks that now my son has to wait til we get the money to buy a new one when its obvious this was a defective controller, not to mention all the money I have spent on games and the PS3. Sony does not back their products, but I am sure their Execs. have million dollar mansions and expensive cars at the expense of the 99%, SHAME ON YOU SONY!!!!!!!

Posted by smokeCLOUD-520

if i had the money i would take aggressive legal action against you sony. this is what i experienced today...
im having an issue downloading the new update because i cant access psn without the update and psn is required to complete the download. i spent 3 hours on the phone with psn support and 3 different representatives today regarding this issue. my time was wasted and i was disrespected on all three occasions. the first representative put me on hold for 15 minutes to "further investigate my issue" before hanging up on me. the second representative lied to me by telling me that 3 of the 4 ports on my router were down when i knew that wasn't the case and was able to confirm this through my isp within 8 minutes. the third rep told me to "just buy an ethernet cable" when im 50 feet away from my modem. the same rep said "just take it to a friends house and try". after jumping through the same hoops with three different representatives over a span of almost three hours he concluded my last option was to see if initializing my ps4 works. that is not going to happen. when i asked to speak with a manager he agreed and put me on hold where i sat for another 25 minutes before being hung up on for the second time. if my only option to get online again is to reset my ps4 to factory settings then i no longer want it. my internet is working perfectly fine even on my ps3 so i know this is not the issue as all your reps told me it was repeatedly today. im really trying to keep a cool head after being so thouroughly disrespected. nobody should have to deal with a rep lying, being arrogant or hanging up on you and the worst part is i was mostly patient right up until the end.
i sent the novel above to one of the chat specialists who then tried to sell me ps plus so i can initialize my system and not lose my game save data. that just pissed me right off especially since i had asked for a refund two sentences previous. she then agreed to ship it back for free to repair/replace it. i just feel like ive been straight up sh*t on! i no longer want anything to do with sony or anybody they're affiliated with and will encourage everybody i know to not buy sony products and clearly lay out the experience i had from 12:00pm-7:00pm today.

Posted by sony


Posted by teemochs

Immediately after it's release I purchased a PXW-Z100 understanding that a firmware update enabling long gop mode would be available mid 2014. It's now October and there has been NO firmware updates published. I now want to return the camera and am obtaining legal assistance in order to get a refund from Sony. Plus, the service ACROSS ALL DIVISIONS of Sony is virtually non-existent. I've had problems with some of my Sony Software's protection methods, I've tried calling Sony 8 times with EVERY time getting a message they are in a staff meeting or phone call volume is too heavy for them to speak to me. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to SONY???

Posted by firstandlast

i order a 3d tv on july 30Th,after several calls to one of the worst customer service ever experienced, 15 days later i got at my door a soak in water opened box tv, which of course i refused.
(ceva logistic sucks too).Now they told me that the tv price went up, and not only that,they told me that i need to wait until they get the tv back to process a full refund, which means that maybe by the and of august ill get my money back.Never order from SONY.
these people got my money for almost a month and i got no product. Thank you Sony

Posted by Dan

I havee had 3 nsz-gs7 medea player in the past 2.5 years they are juck they work well for about 6 or 8 mo. then they start to nis behave when comfronting soy on all of these players they seem to past the buck to the cable provider or net flix .I have sppent 5 hr. on the phone with tec aand cant resolve the problem and was told that I would have to send them the unit before they would honor there warenty 4 mo. in. This is unexceptable. My only resorse is to use my Best Buy ext. warrenty to buy a player OTHER THEN SONY. Ihave bought Sony sense 1967. Looks like they lost a customer.

Posted by dastylee

very bad customer service i ordered vaio e 14p i waited for 15 day for it to be built the guy never told me its coming from china. it took extra 2weeks to get it. i ... my finger. this BS laptop says SD fine i try putting SD card in it with wouldn't load or find the card ..i told Sony i want and exchange and they told me that's fine but i have to ship the defective one first when they get it the will refund me which will take all together 3 weeks before i can order a new laptop from their website. ...

Posted by tfreet old laptop battery fail on me. Sony graciously offered to pay for return shipping since the battery was less than 30 days old. I sent the battery in September 6th and was told a replacement would be sent within 2-4 weeks. I called about 5 ...said that they had already shipped it. They provided me a tracking number that was delivered to an address that was not even in ...the battery had not been shipped yet but would send me the replacement battery and would send this one overnight as ...Monday 11/19 if I want them to send me a replacement battery. I asked for a supervisor and was told that a...

Posted by hathy01

... (ICF-DS11IP) purchased less than a year ago, stopped charging my iPod. I took the unit into Sony, Canal Walk, Cape Town and ... me that they could not fix the unit under warranty as it had liquid damage? I reminded him of what he told me previously &... as I hadn't heard anything. There was no returned call. On 16th Oct I phone Sony Customer Care in Jhb - they advised me that they could not assist as the Sony Store was a franchise (can you believe this)? I then sent a e-mail to the Sony Store and received a call back from Kurt (Manager?). I explained my e-mail to him & he said ...

Posted by disappointed ++

... it to continue. These discs played without problem on the 20+ year old Denon this system replaced, play on the car stereo [2005 Japanese] and indeed play on an old Sony CFD-...stubborn and perhaps ageist associate manager refused to give me a refund, citing his Sony Store 30-day return policy. Given a choice of repair or replacement I took a replacement. **The replacement has exactly the same problem.** I understand that with the shift to ... with a CD player often have a low quality one. If this player – and a replacement – performs worse than 5-7 year old players and indeed a 23 year old one,...

Posted by chel

Sony's call centre people should have intensive training on how to use their manners and be supportive to clients. I returned the call of your agent and I get abuse! ... that she cannot help me and will just return the item that is really uncalled for! Now I do not have ... and best part is they took my money too! I want a refund ASAP or I will take this further into ...

Posted by CJ1029

...I’m not some teenager that leaves the system on all day and night while at school or sleeping, I’m...or form. This system gets played at most 1-2 hours per day and that’s not even every day!...“according to the diagnosis, your system could be repaired, exchanged or sent back to me for repair” speech. ... option of getting the exact same PS3 that I send the returned me when the YLOD is not my fault!! ... all other Sony products it’s time to reconsider the F*** Y** pay me/Not Our Fault policy prior... town. Perhaps Microsoft wants more of my money! Xbox 360, I’m coming Home!!!! Sincerely, Future Ex-Sony Fan. ...

Posted by Disappointed in Texas

... didn't like about the internet smart tv apps. I called this morning to cancel the order and the Sony store informed me that it hasn't shipped yet, but it was ready ... get it back. This will cost me 100-150 dollars for shipping, processing restocking this item. I called the corporate office, they have not returned my call. I can understand 500 negative comments out of 534, this is a good indication of the slumping sales Sony has experienced in the last few years. I have had Sony products for ...

Posted by queenboggs

I had a Sony Cybershot 16.1 mega pixel camera that is 14 months old. It was a gift from my parents for a birthday. ...did get a few nice photos in spite of no visual. To my surprise today, Sony offered for a flat rate to fix my camera foe $107.00 About 1/2 ... I have a friend that had camera trouble with a Cannon and they repaired her camera and returned it to her, free of charge and thanked her for being a valued customer. I'm thinking I'll be looking at a Cannon instead of Sony this next round. Amazing that they could quote me the repair cost without a...

Posted by -SonyUser-

... touch pad problem.. I changed the new unit the next day but still second unit also have screen... set problem need to go to service center (Warranty). I was wondering y SONY is providing such bad services and limit...a new unit.. i brought it within 7days i can exchange 1 to 1 whatever problem.. please educate ur re ...

Posted by arjun

...say that please deposite the product at service center and they will refund the money or eles they could replace the product I said ok. On... customer care said that sir if you want refund then do write a mail about it and it will... got call from servicecenter that your product has been replaced and do collect it tomrrow eles you will be charged fine. I then also called customer care but... higher authorities and you have to take that. On other day I went service center and collected the product... the news channel "tehelka" so that sony would know that to cheat customer is not good.