Shopko Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Shopko below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Shopko so others can benefit from what you learned.

Shopko Return Policy

Returning Purchases
Shopko is happy to refund the merchandise value of your order in the same manner in which you paid. The value of credit card purchases will be credited back to your card. Items returned by mail that were purchased online as a gift will be credited via the original payment method.

Refunds will be granted only to verifiable purchases. Returns must meet Shopko's standards and guidelines before being accepted. Please contact our customer service team for guidance prior to returning items worth over $150.

You can ensure that your return is properly credited by including the correct packing slip that contains the item(s) you wish to return and using the proper return address listed on the packing slip.

In store Purchases
Returns on items purchased in any Shopko outlet will be refunded in the manner in which you paid. Customers will be granted a store credit for gift purchases. If you purchased items with a credit card, please have it on hand when presenting your return.

Please note that returns must be presented to the same outlet in which they were purchased, i.e., items purchased at a Shopko Hometown must be returned to a Shopko Hometown store.

Shopko will attempt to assist customers who do not have a receipt on hand when returning merchandise. However, Shopko may refuse returns that do not adhere to our standards and guidelines and/or cannot be verified.

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Posted by Poornima urs

I am not satisfied with the saree

Posted by Anonymous

Going in one day and being told one thing and something totally different another day is Unacceptable business practice Shopko. First day: "yes, you can exchange this, you'll just have to exchange it right now because with no recipe you can't get store credit." Fair enough policy, no complaints. I didn't have time to shop that day so they said no problem, just bring it back when I had time. Then when I do come back, I am then told "Nope, nothing we can do, you can't exchange it at all." I came with a list I planned to buy for the holidays, but walked out giving you none of my money. And I will continue to give our business to your competitors who can actually run their businesses with any kind of intelligence.

Posted by Hate bad CS

I can't think of a single reason as to why someone would still shop here

Posted by Return this

Not even allowing exchanges for the same item only in a different size? Get a grip Shopko. NO RETURNS =NO CUSTOMERS
I don't foresee you lasting much longer and won't be sad to see you go !

Posted by Anonymous

i want to return the goods please advise the policy

Posted by karunagaran

want to return order reference no. of Samsung power bank 25000 mah, charger and headphone. Because the dealzkart send me duplicate products and also power bank not working properly. They was not actual product that show in images.. The charger send me samsung but in images show the mi charger and data cable of power bank not working.. So i want to return this products and give my money back


Posted by ashleem8

We love the table we got, minus the dents and scratches that are on it. We will be headed to Shopko today to get a new table, and are hoping this one is in good condition.

Posted by Anonymous

I was overcharged on my debit card 12/15/2016.My purchase was $12.58.a do $62.58 was charged to my checking account.I want a refund now.

Posted by deb

very upset returned a bracelet to a vendor of shopko been promised more than twice my refund is on its way back to my debit card still 3 weeks later no money customer service sucks was an avid buyer at shopko not anymore very very sad dont know where to go from here to get money back

Posted by Pjseugene

Our Shopko in Eugene never takes returns without a receipt. Even if you point out the product on their shelves. I stopped shopping at Shopko because of this. There is a Costco across the street. They will take returns without a receipt. Maybe that is why they are a much more successful company.

Posted by M-A

I had a very good experience with Shopko returns. We bought a microwave in the store, but when we got home it was too big. I couldn't find the receipt, but when we returned to the store to get a refund, they looked up our purchase (was made with a credit card) and without problems put the refund back on that credit card. Very happy with that!

Posted by Sarah

Not only myself but my 13yr old is extremely upset with shopko in russell mother got bras for a xnas gift for my daughter and they didn't fit..we do not have the receipt but onky wanted to get the right size..we even wanted to keep the same brand and they woukd NOT help us in any way..we didn't want cash or anything..just the right size and they wouldn't help. We took the bras up to register and tried bras on for 30 mins and when got the right size they said they couldn't do it because we didn't have the receipt. .come on!!! It is xmas for goodness sakes! Its not like we asking for cash back..just the right size! Which u had on the shelf! Where's the customer service?!?!?

Posted by Anonymous

i am not happy i payed cash for a purchase and wen i had to return it they gave me a gift card instead of cash and i had the reciept and i only had it for three days.

Posted by Anonymous

i am not happy i bought a purchase with cash and they would not give me my cash back wen i needed to return it they gave me a gift card and i had the reciept.

Posted by Chugsnniki

Shopko on Military in Green Bay is a pleasure to work with. They are very understanding- if you have a defective item to exchange they have called other stores if they are out to help. If you don't have a receipt they will do an exchange or try looking it up via your Shopko card or debit/credit. Awesome customer service!!!

Posted by Gail

We bought a mini refrig that did not freeze the freezer section. When we took it for exchange-they told us that we could have rewired it....? Then, they discussed if anyone already knew about the exchange yet? We told them we talked to Jennifer and they discussed that notion. Then, they gave us a lecture about having a receipt...we had the receipt, but she felt we needed to know what would have happened if we didn't...? Then, the tax went up over the new year so they charged us 38 cents....yes, we had to pay 38 cents to do an exchange on a defective item-to get the same thing but one that worked.? We then took it home to see that someone from there had done damage to the box with a fork lift prong and we have to take it back now-but I am getting a refund. I am done with them.