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Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Sears below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Sears so others can benefit from what you learned.

Sears Return Policy

Sears makes every effort to make customers happy when it comes to a return or an exchange of an item. The store prefers that items are in the original package and with the original receipt, but it will try to satisfy the requests of customers. There are three different time frames that items can be returned. These are 90, 60 and 30 days. Most items fall into the 90 day return category. Appliances, home and garden, and most of the floor care products are within 60 days. Electronics and computers should be returned in 30 days. If there is any damage to the product, the customer needs to make the store aware of this. Some items require a 15% restocking fee. Certain items can only be exchanged instead of refunded, and these include electronics. If a receipt is not with the item, a refund will not be given, but an exchange could be made.

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Posted by Pissed Off Customer

Sears cancelled my order for a Queen Size Mattress on January 27, 2018, with no notice given to me. I found out because I went online two days after I ordered the mattress to cancel it myself. It is now Feb. 8, 2018 and I still do not have my money refunded to my bank account. I have spoken to at least eleven unhelpful reps. at Sears. I have also filed a complaint with The BBB as well as moving forward in getting my money + with other agencies. Sears withdrew my money the same day I placed the order. Yet, they are taking more than enough time to refund my money. This is not a credit card, it is my debit card and I am pissed. I will not so much as purchase a sock from this sorry store. They need to close all stores and online store.

Posted by Anonymous..

I bought several pairs of shoes, decided to keep only one if them. When I went to the store with the other 2 pair of shoes, with receipt in hand, I was told that I was 6 days to late. They only take returns within 30 days. I couldn't even get a store credit. Sears has a horrible return policy!!! I can see why they are closing stores. They just lost me as a customer!! Sears, do everyone a favor, and close all your stores!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a leaf vacuum that I picked up from the store on Dec 20. Due to holidays and weather we could not try it out until last weekend Jan 20. I found it extremely hard to start I also was not happy about it's ability to pick up the leaves. I have used one before and loved it. This one is very hard to push and empty. I used it for about an hour and gave up. The store informed me that I could not return it due to the 30 day return policy I have been a fan of sears products for 40 years and was sad to learn that I could not return for even a part of my money returned

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a mattress set for my mom for Christmas 11-23-17,.,., fist delivery date dec 6,.,. not in got a call,.,. second date dec 13 no show,.,. I called they said came by no one home,. I was home all day,.,they said they called,., but had a different number,.,., . third delivery date 12-20 they showed -up gone in two minutes, . no paper work,., no tags on mattress,.,.. how do I know I got the right set,.,., we are not pleased with this set,.,., we live one and half hours from nearest store,.,. called they said go in pick out another set,., we will exchange,., 60-80 dollars to do so,.,. if I wanted to go to the store I would have purchased it myself instead of having to but up with all your lies and bull,.,.,,.,,i have no more vacation days left how are we gonna exchange this,.,. I can not take off again,.,.,.

Posted by Former Sears Customer

Will someone help me please? Sears refuses to return my money and they have their appliance that was never delivered to me. I have been trying to get my money for over a year in November.

Here's the hiccup, Sears mailed a refund check of $250.00 of $1748.10 which is the cost of their "installation fee" for my new stove.

I called Sears again and I asked for the rest of my refund for the stove that was never delivered; 1478.10.

I waited four months for Sears to mail a second check 1478.10 which they did.
I deposited said sears check in my bank and 48 hours later Sears stopped payment on the check and withdrew the refund of 1478.10.

When I called Sears to get an explanation and my money, Sears said no, they made a mistake and my money should be returned via Pay Pal.

I have been emailing Sears, my Bank and Pay Pal but no one will help Me get my refund.

Thr latest excuse comes from PayPal who says "too much time has passed and it's against PayPal policy to follow up with Sears to give me my money.

What should I do now? I want my $1478.10 refund. Shouldn't PayPal contact Sears and tell them to cut me a check since PayPal won't return my money electronically

Posted by Juan Hoven

I can now see why SEARS is going out of business, their XMAS gift return policy is NO RETURNS, we are a military family and the items were mailed to us with the tags but SEARS WILL NOT ACCEPT any gifted returns...sad business model..


Posted by Gponks

Went to Sears in Myrtle Beach yesterday to return 2 items of clothes purchased online. We we're told they do not accept items from 2nd party vendors. What a load drove from Florence to buy more items including a treadmill . We left the store with our stuff still in the basket. No wonder they will end up going out of business. Poor service.

Posted by Ep

I've never taken an item back with all the tags and not be able to exchange it. I was trying to exchange a Christmas gift that I received. Sears said you need a receipt to be able to do anything. It's a horrible policy and I will never shop there again.

Posted by Cinder

Son was given 2 pair of Roebuck cargo shorts that ended up being the wrong size. All tags were still attached to items and asked if I could exchange for a smaller size. Obviously they came from Sears with the brand name the shorts were, was refused because no receipt. They won't even offer store credit or exchange on their own brand name products. It's not like they can say they were purchased from another store. My grandad worked and retired from Sears which is why we love this store. But never again. Son is stuck with 70 bucks worth of worthless shorts.

Posted by Annoyed

Last year after Christmas I purchased pajamas for gifts this year.
Before the clothing was rung up I mentioned that these will be gifts
for Christmas this year (2017). I asked the cashier if for some
reason, like not the correct size world they be able to be returned.
I was told yes. as long as the tags were still on the garment and they
had a receipt.
While getting these pajamas ready for wrapping I noticed that I had
some wrong sizes. I did replace the wrong sizes a few days earlier.
I took the wrong size PJ's back to Sears Bensalem, PA and was
told their return policy is 30 days. I said I have the receipt and
the tags are still on. I was still told no and also by a manager. I
didn't create a scene and explained what I was told last year, that
there would be no problem with a return as long as long as the receipt
and tags are presented. If I knew I or my nieces would have a problem
returning them, I would never have purchased the pajamas.
I worked in sales for 11 year with Wanamaker's and as long as there
was a receipt and the original tag the return would be honored/permitted. Oddly enough I left
Sears that night and went to their competitor Boscov's and a sales associate was
on the phone explaining their 30 day return policy "but", if you have
the receipt and the tag we will honor the return no matter how long the
purchase was. I asked the girl who was ringing up my purchase, if I
had a receipt and tag would I be able to return something even if it
was almost one year old and she said yes. I know Macy's policy is
also the same because I returned a purchase that was past 30 days. I don't make a habit of doing returns that are so old but sometimes things happen.
I'm considering returning the purchase I made at Sears the night before. I have been looking for an appliance and decided to go elsewhere. I remember many, many rear ago when I was little Sears was a nice place to shop. I guess that was because the cared back then I think I will just mark Sears off my list of places to shop in the future.

Posted by Frustrated#

Omg, seems like everyone has the same difficulty with sears as I do. Faulty range, called within the 30 day period to the Phillipines. So difficult understanding. Said they would call 24-48 call. We called for 5 days. They just ask for credit card # and email with every call and make up ridiculous excuses and lies like we will call, or it will be delivered tomorrow, then told us the range you ordered is not available, then your not within the 30 days; which we were when we started this process. Supervisor hung up on us. We just want the new range we ordered and have the faulty one removed. Seems like they will do whatever it takes to keep the customer frustrated. An exchange for a damaged product should not be this difficult. I have read 100's of complaints with customer solutions and delivery all of which are in the Phillipines. No wonder sears is going down the tubes. Look at all the disappointed customers. All of which I am sure will never buy another thing there included. We only wish we didn't use our sears card..the only way now is to look for legal help...what a total disgrace

Posted by Anonymous

I've been on the phone with 7 different people regarding our refund on a damaged package from them. The items were returned on their return label and so far they have only given part of the refund back and then state they will call or email within 72 hours with an answer and never do. This has been going on since the end of September. To make matters worse I swear you can't understand anything they say without asking them to repeat it 3 times. On the 20th of November the man I spoke to said he could see it being transferred to our account and it would definitely be in there on the 22nd. Its not so again I called now I'm told 5 to 7 days but she will call me back. Then I was told part will not be given back which was the sales tax amount. All I can say is now I understand why sears stores are being closed all over the place. Such bull that they give you. Buyers beware! Returns are not handled correctly at all.

Posted by Anonymous

I am extremely disappointed by your return policy AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. I bought appliances worth more than $1000 at your Golf Mall Store in the Chicago area. I had to return some connectors (worth about $20) which I was advised to buy with the appliances. I did not use them and went to return them to the store. Not only I was told that I cannot return them (OR GET A SORE CARD) but also received poor customer service. I had to talk to the store manager to resolve the situation, which by the way was very professional. I wonder if Sears can keep customers.

Posted by Aud

Iam very very upset about your return policy.I was only one day last for returning a top.Was unable to even get the cost back on my charge card. I will not be shopping there any longer. Good bye Sears

Posted by wounded

Purchased an item at Sears. The item, a downdraft blower was defective. It was past the 30 day, but the manager at the store let me return it. I purchased (against my better judgement) an item to replace it. I have the receipt for the return to my Visa. NO REFUND, meanwhile, I have the new item. I will have to cancel the new item to replace the old defective item, but is there any guarantee I will get my money? Meanwhile I am out $500.00.

I hope Sears goes out of business soon.

Posted by JustGiveMeBackMyMoney

I ordered a wedding band that was too large. I sent it back to the address on the packing slip (CUT OUT THE 'SEND RETURNS TO' ADDRESS) and after 3 weeks the warehouse says it hasn't received it. I have been round and round the customer service agents- none of which speak clear English making it difficult to communicate effectively),and they assure me that they will honor the refund once the item is received even though the 30 days are up as I initiated the return within the time frame and the item was shipped within the time frame. My tracking information simply states the package is out for delivery...for more than 2 weeks. Just starting the process of filing an inquiry with USPS. I am beyond frustrated and irritated.I just want my $200 back.

Posted by Jman

I know this may sound dum but I've exchanged some craftsman tools for new ones due to the warranty but have no use for them can I return them for some credit like in said it may sound dum but its just a question

Posted by Tsulli

Sears just lost me as a customer. I too tried to return some clothes 4 days after the new 30 day return policy. I bought some dresses for my girls and since I wasn't sure which size would fit perfectly, I bought 2 size of the same dresses. Tried to return 4 of the eight and was told absolutely not. I did not notice the new 30 day return policy because I'm have been a sears customer for over 20 years. And was use to the 90 day policy. Now I'm out $130 and dresses that don't fit my girls. I have bought things from baby bottles to appliances but no more. Absolutely not. I work hard for my money and will no longer patronize a vendor that would not even give me store credit. All dresses were brand new with tags.. GOODBYE SEARS! And I'm canceling my credit card!

Needless to say I will be giving girls dresses for Christmas

Posted by Wahiawa

I was late only 4 days. Had all tags receipts and wanted a gift card. No doing!!! Thats why im giving up on them after 60 years. Too bad.

Posted by Paul

I will never go back.I just tried to return a $100.00 pair boots 34 days after I picked them up and Sears refused to do anything. Never worn they just didn't fit, had the receipts, it didn�t matter. I was told no return, no merchandise credit, it was a �Corporate� policy. I want my money refunded
Even though their policy states that the majority of items have a 90 day window they refuse to honor it. I have shopped at Sears for over 50 years but never again!! This is why they are going out of business, a model of customer service!
Sears Return Policy
View complete Sears Return Policy
Sears makes every effort to make customers happy when it comes to a return or an exchange of an item. The store prefers that items are in the original package and with the original receipt, but it will try to satisfy the requests of customers. There are three different time frames that items can be returned. These are 90, 60 and 30 days. Most items fall into the 90 day return category. Appliances, home and garden, and most of the floor care products are within 60 days. Electronics and computers should be returned in 30 days. If there is any damage to the product, the customer needs to make the store aware of this. Some items require a 15% restocking fee. Certain items can only be exchanged instead of refunded, and these include electronics. If a receipt is not with the item, a refund will not be given, but an exchange could be made.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to return three tee shirts and a jacket which were birthday gifts for my husband. Tags on all the items, store manager in Salinas was rude, all I needed was a larger size. Would not change them since I had no receipt. Stuck with items that do not fit.

Posted by Zelda

I bought a stove and dishwasher in July. They made me buy a new hose for the dishwasher. When the installer left, I had still had the new hose in the package, never used. I tried to return it today only to find out that Sears has a 30 day return policy - no exception. Just lost me as a customer. Closed my Sears Credit card and when it time to buy a new washer/dryer or vacuum, it won't be from Sears. Lost me as a customer over $20.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 4 pair of Levi's for my husbands birthday while they were on sale in August. His birthday was in October. Only one pair out of three 4 pockets were made right. We tried to return them with receipt and all tags on them and Sears wouldn't let us because I purchased them in August and it had been more than 30 days. Just remember this come the holidays DON'T PURCHASE ANYTHING PRIOR TO 30 DAYS BEFORE THEY WILL NOT LET YOU RETURN IT EVEN WITH A RECEIPT.

Posted by

i orderwd lawntractor part a mandrel i have not received any record concerning this part or a conformation

Posted by Nomore

Bought two pairs of jeans, one being a light blue. Nobody liked them and I was unsure so returned them, tags attached, in a bag, cashier right by the door I walked in. Nope, no receipt which I swore was in the bag. Anyhow, no way, not even a store credit!!! Now what do I do with them???E-Bay I guess. I see I am not alone, what's with that store, I never heard of this now a days. No wonder there is basically nobody in the store when I go. Won't go there anymore that's for sure!

Posted by Sears Hater

Had a refrigerator I bought at Sears delivered a few weeks ago. After a few days we decided we were not happy with it and started the process of returning this one and get the model up from our original purchase. No one at store where I purchased said refrigerator could help me, gave me a phone number to call. Called the number, couldn't understand hardly any thing she said. Found out later I was calling the Philippines!!!! 2 days later I call back and again had to try and understand what the other person was saying. Called customer support and got the run around from them too. Wanted 15% for "dispensing 15%". I protested this as their site says after 30 days and not happy return it. Customer Service pointed out the little one line statement that showed the "dispensing %, which is a sneaky way of saying "restocking fee", why not just say restocking fee instead of dispensing????? Going back to Sears return policy I found this " A 15% processing/restocking fee is charged for mattresses, foundations, assembled/upholstered indoor furniture, water heaters & built-in home appliances." See anything about refrigerators? Sears makes a good claim as a customer friendly store but in reality they throw up road block after road block to keep the customer from getting the type service they claim they give. Never again will I even walk into a Sears store and can't wait till they go belly up.

Posted by Lucy P

I also returned an item to sears. I mailed it to the address on the packaging slip where it said "RETURN ITEM TO". They have not received the item. After talking to 12 agents at different phone numbers, they refunded the money. HOWEVER they sent an email saying the refund was a mistake and took the money back. So 8 agents later they don't have record of taking the money back even though I have the email!!!!
There has got to be a way to do a lawsuit. So all of us can get our money back!!!!!

Posted by orlando

Try to return a baby winter snowsuit that was a gift item that is sold at Sears I had no receipt all what I wanted was a bigger size, they told me I could give them the person's phone number who gave it to us so they could track the receipt since I didn't know it couldn't do nothing about it, one associate was kind enough to let me exchange just like that but they didn't carry the right size I needed. So I'm stuck with a gift since I knew we hold the item for more than a month there were no use, I was planing to spend a lot on my daughter's clothing and shoes there, told my wife that I will never in my life will spend a penny at Sears ever again. I was a Craftman fan.

Posted by Disatisfied in Virginia

Purchased child's khaki pants which is required for our child's school uniform. Unfortunately, were a size too small. My wife had a new baby 15 days, and was hospitalized with post pregnancy issues. Due to her being in the hospital we missed our 30 day return window. We showed up to the store with our new-born child and explained to the store clerk of the situation. All we wanted was to exchange the items for a larger size, but were informed of the 30 day return policy. We were given the corporate 1-800 number gave them a call with no results. I called the store and spoke to the manager and was told the same return rhetoric. So we are now have to take a loss of $65.00. Based on this situation, I will NEVER shop at any Sears. I've been a loyal customer for almost 40 years, and I'm disgusted at this policy. We are done with Sears, and regret spending over $2,000 last year at Sears.

Posted by Talldoug

Sad to see how far Sears has fallen. I purchased a law mower online and had it delivered. I took it out of the box and the pull chord was tangled and I could not start it. After speaking with three people, I finally found an individual who seemed to know what they were doing. Wrong!

They sent a return label with the WRONG address.

UPS notified me that they are sending the item back to me, since the address that Sears provided for the return label was wrong.

During the time of this fiasco, I am out over $300, had to hire a lawn service to cut my grass, and will probably have to rent a truck to return the lawnmower to Sears myself.

I cannot, in good conscious, recommend Sears to anyone.

They have fallen so far from the top of the mountain that they once occupied.

Posted by Silviane Harris

I've been a Sears customer for quite a long time, but I wasn't aware about their return policy that doesn't let us return merchandise after 30 days of purchase. I bought $150.00 in shirts to my husband in August, but this past Saturday I tried to return two of them that don't fit him. At the same time, I was buying 4 or 5 new clothes to my son. For my surprise, the cashier did not accept the 2 shirts, saying that it was already 32 days since I purchased them. I tried to negotiate with the manager, saying that at least I would like to change them for a different size, but she was irreducible! I felt offended by Sears! Of course, I didn't buy the pants for my son. Now I understand why the company is going bankrupt and it is closing many stores and probably won't be in business any time soon. With this type of customer service, what do they expect from all of us? I am just another good customer that they have just lost. Sears, never more!

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Craftsman lawn mower 2 months ago and now it wont stay running. So called Sears and they told me to bring it in. Take it over there and they said we dont return them to be fixed no more. Maybe try another Sears and no one will answer the phone been calling all day. Horrible place anymore and their mowers are crap now this is the second 1 that had issues.

Posted by Disappointed

I purchased $125.00 worth of merchandise from Sear and they wouldn't exchange a $8.00 pair of shorts because it was past 30 days. THEY JUST LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER

Posted by Time has Value.... Sears Time to

Time has value.... Sears has their 30 day return policy... But NO CHECK-OUT CLERKS on the second level at the Lincoln Park, MI store... UNTIL 1:00 pm. I went on my lunch hour to refund a child's vest... on the 28th day since the purchase... waited over 45 minutes.. needed to leave.. lunch hour was exhausted. Their must have been at least 10 customers in line.. NOT counting the three being waited on and trying to convince the customer to open a Sears Credit Card.. really - Returned today... and I was 48 hours past the 30th day... NO ASSISTANCE FORM "THE MANAGER"... bye - bye Another customer heading to Walmart & Meijer.. (at least they have a 60 day policy)

Posted by Sears sucks

I bought 2 items for a total of a whole $37. I went out of town for a few weeks, returned, used the items once. Both did not work properly. I had receipt & tried to return them 10 days after the 30 day return period. They refused store credit or anything. This is why sears is going out of business. They would rather lose a customer, than return cheap items. I. Had just started buying a lot of items from them and was planning on spending hundreds more on tools, but now I will never go back there again. Home Depot allows you to return stuff whenever, without any questions,as long as they sell the item. That is why they are thriving. They would rather get your thousands of dollars of business in future, by eating a few bucks sometimes. Sears is ridiculous.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a garage door opener for my home. On day 31 I tried to return the garage door opener, in the unopened box, and I was told you are one day late on our 30-day return policy. Can I get a store credit... NO. Can I exchange it for something else... NO. Can I speak to the store manager... I can't help you, 30-days is 30-days. Can I call customer service... I can't help you. $200 down the drain. Thank you Sears! Thank you!

Posted by Deuil Etoiles

Many of you posting in this forum are openly acknowledging that you have attempted to return used items (I love the person who worked in his boots for six weeks and tried to take them back - are you kidding) and/or return items after the thirty day return period. I'm certainly no friend of American crony capitalism but many of these posts are embarrassing.
Sears, in my vast experience (as both a professional thief and customer), has a generous but firm return policy. Meaning that, up to the thirty day mark, they will accept almost anything in virtually any condition. Knowing the thorough corruption and dishonesty inherent in all of American capitalism, I cannot imagine why many of you expected a different outcome. You cannot afford to be so naive.

Posted by Bee

I worked for Sears many years ago back when we valued our customers and did everything we could to keep our customers happy! I recently shopped at this store after many years.I went in to exchange some shirts I purchased for my daughter and because I did not have my receipt was told they could not honor it even after I told the very rude cashier it was charged on my card she insisted I needed my receipt! I will NEVER EVER purchase anything in this store again!! They have the worst customer service!!

Posted by Shell61

I am also a long time Sears customer, but,no more. I can't believe a customer can't even exchange or get a Store credit for merchandise that didn't fit. I am a half month past 30 days and not asking for a refund. Out over $40. So sad customer service is no more. They still carry the merchandise on the sales floor.

Posted by Howard

I have been a customer for over 40 years. Will never buy anything from Sears again. In May 2017, I purchased a refrigerator and several items from the garden center department. A $15 hand sprayer stopped working and Sears refused to replace it with one that was In stock. Even the store manager, at the Bethesda Maryland store, Ms. Yan, refused to exchange the broken item, citing a strict 30 day policy that required a receipt. What makes this even more insane is that the item showed up on my rewards account.

Posted by Wasilla alaska store worst custo

Tryed to exchange brand new jeans all tags attached including
Clearance price tag, just wanted a larger size. They would not honor my request without receipt . Would not exchange without receipt. I'm so sick of sears, I'm finally done and will never return to their store. Worst customer service anywhere.
Sales people are all teenage dummy's and know nothing about satisfying the customer, I just wanted a bigger size�

Posted by KimberlyCusick

Hi. In May 2017 I ordered a mattress set with rails at my local Sears. The delivery date was set for June 17th. That was the move in date for my new apartment. On June 16 they called to tell me I needed to reschedule because the manufacturer does not have them available. I cancelled because they wanted to reschedule for July 6th. I was told I would receive my refund check in the mail in 7-10 business days because I paid by cash. I have called several times. Each time I ask for a manager and each time they tell me that I am speaking to a manager. They said, they have issued tickets. In fact they did it with me 2 times on the phone and 1 time in the store. I have calls recorded also. I dont know who else to contact. The purchase was in excess of $800. I need my money ASAP

Posted by Bad Bob

I've been shopping at Sears for years now and have never experienced the things listed in this forum. Some people buy things knowing they can return it so they abuse the hell out of them and demand their money back when the item falls apart. How about you clowns be responsible for your behaviors and give this American icon a second life....or do you all insist on shopping at Walmart?

Posted by Anon

Ditto Sears has lost another long time customer with their 30 no return no refund even if you have the receipt and all tags, policy. I don't think they care. They are ripping consumers and eventually it will catch up to them. They make all their money they n credit cards anyway.

Posted by Stmumom

Sears has horrible customer service from the bottom up. I tried returning something one day after the 30 day return policy and they declined the return. They wouldn't even allow an exchange. My family will no longer shop there for anything!

Posted by Acintron1124

My husband just tried to exchange boots that he bought 6 weeks ago because they are already falling apart. Not one, but two nasty women helped him, or should I say would not help him. It's clear that the boots have a defect, and they would simply not do anything. Sears has lost our business for sure.

Posted by Scrappyg

I went in today and tried to return an item that was bought forty day ago. Item was not used and I had receipt. They would not refund or even give me a store credit for the item. It does not state anywhere on reciept that there is a 30 day policy. And i was not mafe aware of it when I bought the product. My family has been shopping at Sears for generations. What was once the go to store, is now the store to stay away from. Sears has lost my business. And I will be blasting this terrible news everywhere.

Posted by Manuelabc123

Bought a high end shoe to accommodate a brace I was wearing. I did not end up wearing the shoe which I bought I size bigger to accommodate the brace. I went in to exchange for 1 size smaller and was told by store policy is no refund or exchange after 30 days. I pointed out to the manager Mike, that the receipt states no refund after 30 days. He stated that an exchange and refund are the same thing; in order to exchange the item is returned therefore becoming a refund. I asked if he has a dictionary on his iPhone so he can look up the words and see that they have 2 different meanings. He stated he can sell me a new pair but an exchange was not happening. I will never shop at sears again.

Posted by Anonymous

My Name Is Sandra Dixon I Returned A Pair Of Ballet Shoes Black # 7, Waiting For My $14.99 To Be Deposit Back On My Debit Card.. Thanking You

Posted by Gigi

Not that you, Sears, even care about your customer's experience. I am so angry that when I went to return 2 dresses with tags, not eorn and the receipt and found out I was only ONE DAY late that there is NOTHING that can be done. Not a return, an exchange or store credit. That is just plain ridiculous. I can see why you've lost so mamy customers and stores closing. Im not even going to keep writing everything that I'm feeling right now. I agree with what everyone else has already wrote on this website. You have lost me as a customer, but obviously you do not even care. You for sure have lost my business. Just unreal. I am very angry about this.

Posted by tellio22

I never thought I would want to return an appliance like a refrigerator but once it was delivered I kept checking to see that it was at least starting to get cold. It felt very warm for hours. after about 10 hours I could tell it was getting cold but by then I was concerned. If plugged in many refrigerators in my life and I always could at least feel a little cold around the ice maker. Tried to see the temperature found out it does not tell you the actual temperature, only the set number? never heard of this if there is a digital display there most certainly should be a way to see the current temperature. I put in a portable accurate thermometer and the temperature is almost 5% lower after 24 hours almost any ware inside. Found out Kenmore is now made by skip and go companies, and the model I bought was big time problematic regarding getting cold and icemakers. I thought I was buying a quality Kenmore but I was not. Its been less than 72 hours its going back even if I have to drop it off at their door and I hash it out with American Express. Everything has changed at Sears/Kmart $500. for extended warranty, Kenmore's not the same Kenmore and the managers are losers just like the company is. Glad I don't own stock in Sears. I think they are on their way down/out unless they get new leadership that turns things 180% I'll note back here when I've completed my return that the salesperson promised we had 30 days to do.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 300$ lawn mower from sears. I took it home, put oil and gas in the mower. I mowed 10 ft, then the engine started smoking and locked up. It was past the 30 day, yeah, I used it for 10 ft, 300 dollars, no return.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return an item still wrapped in plastic, with receipt. They told me no. Sears will never get my business again!

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return a pair of shoes at 33 days and was told I could NOT RETURN THEM for a refund OR A STORE CREDIT. Shoes were NEVER WORN, in the box and I had a receipt. I was not aware of this change of policy. No one mentioned it to me at the point of sale nor does it CLEARLY STATE that on the receipt. How are you supposed to purchase a Christmas gift, baby shower, wedding shower or wedding gift with a 30 DAY RETURN POLICY. Sears has been losing customers for some time due to poor marketing and buying. Fashion is not current and clearance of Seasonal items is after all other retailers have cleared theirs out. I just read in today's paper (Columbus Dispatch) where 72 Sears stores are closing nationally. This does not surprise me AT ALL. After this last incident, I will NOT BE RETURNING TO ANY OF THEIR STORES. What happened to the Motto....The Customer is always right...

Posted by Anonymous

Same story like everyone else. Totally forgot about this product going around with me in the car and Just past 31 days and could not make a return. I asked for manager which the teller attempt to call, but no one showed up. After waiting 29 minutes, we left the store. That was meant to be our last stop in their store. Thank you, Sears.

Posted by Anonymous

Same story. Just past tbe 30 days ax drop and could not make a return. I had no idea the management created this stupid policy! No wonder their store is EMPTY!
They should let all customers have an exception to the return rule the first time they try as that way customers will be aware of the new policy. And track it in their customer loyalty system.
I won't be back. How sad that Sears will go under soon.

Posted by Marjie

Bye Felicia...still had tags and receipt and wouldn't let me get a store credit or switch it out for different size!
Poor customer service.
If anyone is looking for a good clothing company to shop I'm a retailer a LuLaRoe. We have excellent customer service! LuLaRoe Marjie Tobin find me on Facebook.

Posted by gabriel warmack

Tried to return a circular saw I got xmas the other day. Never been used still in box. No joy not even for store credit! If I buy anything craftsman in the future it will be from a real hardware store!!

Posted by Anonymous

Just tried to return a toddler outfit, 45 days from sale, was told they can't accept returns after 30 days! What! Where is the customer service? I got a manager to exchange for same outfit in bigger size, that was the best they could do. I commented to the manager that Sears will be losing customers with this policy. She said they are actually saving money because they're not taking returns from 6 mos. earlier and then not being able to resell. Bye bye Sears

Posted by matsonme

I agree Sears will be losing customers over their 30 day return policy! I bought two bras for my elderly aunt for her to try on at home. One didn't fit and needed to be returned. I completely forgot about it and when I did return it, it was 49 days after I purchased it and they wouldn't take it back, not even for store credit!

Posted by Anonymous

Just got the same run around as everyone else. Called corp. Same thing. The item is never on sale and they still have it in stock. Only wanted to exchange for an item at the same price ( from same dept.). Will never shop here again. Customers don't matter.

Posted by Anonymous

SEARS WAKE UP!!! You are losing customers over your 30 day return policy! When there are so many places to shop, why would someone shop at a place that has poor customer service!!!

Posted by Anonymous

5/12/17. Hey Sears! Wake up. Customer service is everything. I bought jeans and hadn't worn them so decided to return them. Original tags were still on and I had the receipt. I couldn't get a refund, exchange, or a store credit, because it was over 30 days. Yes, it was 31 days. You have lost another customer in Michigan.

Posted by Anonymous

Ithis info is outdated. No more 90 or 60 day returns unless lands end or certain special circumstances. On,y 30 days even for exchange. Not happy at all about that policy! I got something then was out of town and missed the 30 day window and ousknr even exchange.

Posted by LadyCain

Sears has sone of the worst customer service I have ever experienced.I wanted to do an exchange in which I was refused although the items I was going to get cost more than the items I was retuning. Sears would rather lose money than make it.

Posted by Anonymous

This is why they are in the sorry state they are in. They brought it on themselves. I went back for an exchange or credit with my receipt and they pointed to their sign and the receipt and told me to read it and I'd see why no was the answer. Over 30 days. They don't seem to know how to say anything when a sign says line starts here but people just go right up to the register.

Posted by Tina

I will never spend another penny in this store!!!i bought some girl sleepers and when I found out it was a boy I went to exchange them!!! They said sorry 30 day return or exchange policy!!! I went off and called corporate and got no where!!! Maybe that's why your business sucks and your parking lot is always dead!!! Well you have definitely lost my business!!! And I will share with everyone I know!!! Thanks for nothing!!!!

Posted by anonymous

I bought some shirts and it was about 40 days since the sale. I called the day before I called and the lady said there were no returns but if you bought it in you might be able to return. So I did. I told the cashier I was disabled with walker and it was hard for me to get there with the pain and not being able to drive. I had the receipt. I would have taken store credit. She felt bad for me. The cashier said there was no refund after 30 days but I she said she would call manager. It took her 20 mins to come. She promptly said no and she had cashier print out a receipt that had a number to call that would decide my fate. I called and all the person said over and over no refunds. I asked for a manager and there was not one there so gave up. I have decided to go to the store once again and just try to exchange for larger size. They still make original sale. Then I giveup to htis nasty store

Posted by Nava

Last week I bought a pair of work boot which I'd worn it once, but it didn't meet my expectation. So I wanted to return those and buy another pair. However, after reading all these negative comments, I was worried that they would not accept it although I bought it last week and I had the receipt. I went to the store very skeptical, but they treated me very well and accepted the boots and refunded the whole price into my credit card. I guess they are very strict to the one-month limit which is written under the receipt.

Posted by Elsie

I just tried to return 2 shirts my husband bought too big. I was told o cld not exchange for smaller size or store credit because it was just past the 30 days. Never heard of such a policy. Just told my family and friends about this they never heard of such a policy. I'm not only closing my credit card but won't be shopping here anymore. Not taking anymore chances

Posted by Sharon

Same issue - ordered clothes online for my granddaughter - just made the 30 day return policy - took to Granite Run Mall location to return - but the merchandise I bought on line, was not part of the store inventory - would not do a thing - turned around and saw the same exact shirt I ordered, but it was in smaller kids size - still would not return or bend - was going to spend the money back in the store - only option is to pay 8.00 to send back and then hopefully be refunded - that is the cost of one of the tops - Not so happy with Sears..

Posted by Anonymous

i tried to excange a shirt for a different size . I had the receipt but it was past 30 days. The store clerk would not allow me to do it. I asked for the corporate number. The rep I spoke with said they will not override the company policy. I asked for an address so I could file a complaint and was told nothing will be done about it. I will never ever shop there again.

Posted by Anonymous

Do not buy from Sears. If you have to return anything it's basically a no refund or exchange situation. No wonder they are closing stores with more to come . Wanted to exchange a pair of pants with the tags on it for a different size. No way they would do it. It also a 30 day process even with a receipt. Unheard of. They obviously do not care about their customers. We will no longer shop there

Posted by Frustrated

I have been waiting for over a month for my refund on a defective item. I was originally told 10 business days for a credit card refund and then was told another 7-10 days. I contacted them again tonight and was told someone will contact me within the next 72 hours...we'll see! Not impressed, as many have said here, I too have been a loyal Sears customer for years, but depending on this outcome...I may not ever shop there again and will be sure to pass my experience on to my friends and family!

Posted by Natalie

I had my husband try and return a blanket I got for a baby shower gift and do not need it as we got several blankets. But because we don't have a gift receipt we can't return it. How dumb! It's not our fault the person giving the gift didn't give a receipt for it. No wonder why they are going out of business why would anyone want to buy something from them and not be able to return it if you got a double of the blanket as a gift. I've been to other stores without a gift receipt and had no issue retiring it., why can't Sears do that?

Posted by BY5260

I stumbled onto this website and now I don't feel so special. I'm not the only one that got abused by Sears. But in the end, I think I prevailed. I should also note that I've been a faithful customer of Sears for many, many years. I could likely show you over $60,000 of items that I've purchased there. As of now, I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DOLLAR AT SEARS! The sad thing; they don't care. I believe there is a plan to bankrupt this company with some people making millions of dollars. I worked for a company that did something similar. It was family owned and debt free. They had an offer to sell it for $80 million. 2 years later, after selling the company to "an investment firm" the company filed for protection and the assets sold for $12 million. The company had $15 million in inventory in the warehouse. The new owners bought this asset rich company, leveraged everything and pocketed the cash. After running the debt up on it, they sold it for $12 million but had already pocketed millions and millions. I think this is the same for Sears. So if anyone thinks things are going to get better. I'd bet against it. Here is my defining moment with Sears; I was in their store looking at a tool set that I MIGHT need on an upcoming car repair. The clerk told me all the benefits of it. I explained that I wasn't sure I needed it. He told me "I'd buy it anyway. If you don't need it, just return it. We have people come in here all the time that buy tools, use them and then return them". I told him I wasn't the type to do that but if I bought them and didn't use them I'd want to return them. He further explained "that's the nice thing about Sears. They care more about you being happy than what it might cost them when you return it. The have a lifetime warranty on their tools and even when it comes to returns, we can return about anything". I bought it. I never even took it out of the bag that was tied shut. The receipts were inside the bag. The tool couldn't be used without destroying the packaging. There was no question that the tool wasn't used. After riding around in my car for 30-days plus 2, I went back to Sears to return it. For the first time I was told "you only had 30-days to bring this back". I explained that I was never told that and was actually given the impression of the opposite. I asked for a Manager and was told that they wouldn't even call one to the register because they would tell me the same thing. I explained to them I would resolve it with a request from my credit card company. Luckily for me, I'd used my Citi credit card to pay for it. I left the store, signed onto my Citi account and filed a dispute of the charge. I received an email from Citi immediately that a conditional credit was being credited to my account for the full amount. After investigation, the credit would be permanent or I'd be informed. 2-hours later I received another email telling me that the credit was permanent. So now I have the tool set and a full credit for the purchase price. I wonder how much longer Sears actually has? Compare their way of doing business with others like Amazon. My bet is on Amazon and others with similar mindset.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been loyal Sears customers for over 42 years. Spent thousands upon thousands of dollars with them for many major purchases.I was never happy with the quality of their appliances always trouble.But My husband says sears is the best.It may of been in the 60's when he got his 1st credit card with them.But it's total crap now.Bought a Beauty rest bed that was wonderful in the store.When it was delivered it was total crap. The cloth covering was the same but no support at all.Went in after several miserable weeks to return it. Salesmen convinced me into taking another bed. Went into the exchange and he couldn't do it he had to call Some people? then they put me on the phone, she is talking so fast I couldn't understand her.Finally she says and you owe a $432.00 restocking fee. WTH.??? So I question that several times at this point I'm getting very upset.Then she gives me the total of new bed with the return fees plus another $69.99 for delivery. So the 2nd bed was on sale for $1000.00 less that 1st but only got $300 back.I had made 1 payment and still can't figure out the math it is such a mess.So a week later they come for 1st bed and bring 2nd one.Drivers when they finally got 1st bed out to truck lowered the tail gate ripping the whole back of bed.I called the salesman right away.He says to call his boss ( who turns out to be like a 14 year old snot). I left like 6 messages for this guy, never 1 return.1st night on this new bed I was in so much pain I couldn't get out of it as I just sank in so low.Was twice as bad as 1st bed.After 3 days had a permanent big dip in mattress.We rotated it and now have two big wholes.We went back to store, salesman immediately says you can't return.I was floored.I said this Gawd awful thing is defective. No they won't do it.Now I'm getting mad. I said we need to speak with the manager.She is not here.I ask for anyone in authority, so after 45 minutes. he goes and gets this kid.He walks up to me with the most hateful look and stares me in the face but says nothing. I wait nothing. I said I bought this mattress, it is just awful and I want to return it.He says NO.I said Bull he says NO... Just kept confirming it's their policy...I had just heard 30 minutes of this crap up front trying to return this toxic Beauty rest pillow I had purchased for $169.00 the day we got 2nd bed.He just stand their like a hateful robot saying the same things.Never ask whats wrong with it nothing.!!! I said I want to speak to the Real Manager! No she isn't here.I ask for her name and number.Never got a return call from her either.So I have this Hugh piece of crap that I owe thousands of dollars on and 1 toxic disgusting pillow.Neither can be used.I have to sleep in my recliner.I'm a disabled senior with a tiny income,a customer for 42 years and my husband for 52 years,can't sleep in their bed as there is no support as it pinches the nerves in my back from sagging and causes my body to go numb,Even though I'm still with in the 60 return period. but I have the privilege paying for a worthless piece of crap. Surly explains why they have no business any more.If this is all they can offer they need to shut the doors and give it up. Take note Sears. The customer is not your enemy.If you continue treating people like this your done.You will never see 1 cent from this old couple ever again and I will tell anyone who will listen just how awful you are. Gonna be talking to an attorney!

Posted by Anonymous

Price online is $150 cheaper than what I paid in store, Sear will not honor the price or help in any way shape or form. Will be taking business elsewhere in the future.

Posted by Bobbie

I attempted to return a coat. Had original receipt but over 30 days. Their policy states most items have a 30 day return policy. I was told I was stuck with it. I asked for a manger who stated I could exchange it but they didn't have my size I asked for store credit & Jeanie the manager denied my request. I am stuck with a coat that doesn't fit.

Posted by Anonymous


Bad customer service and Bad refund policy drives customers away...without customers, there's no Sears store!!!

Rethink your return policy before it too late to recover lost customers and prevent others from leaving.

I also had BAD customer service experience...salesperson so impersonal, not helpful and nasty when I was trying to return a shirt past the 30 day refund period FOR AN EVEN EXCHANGE. I have been a Sears customer for over 40 years!!! I DON'T deserve such treatment!

Bye, BYE Sears!

Posted by Ihatesears

No wonder Sears is doing so bad, horrible customer service. Tried to return an item past 30 days. They refused, wouldn't even give store credit. And the saleperson was obnoxious. Last time I will set foot in one of their stores.

Posted by disatisified

Bought a small cd player. When I turned it on today it stopped working. I'm only a few days past the 30 days and Sears would not take it back!! No wonder they are struggling!

Posted by Chevelle 69

Bought a 200 pair iof timberland work boots wanted to bring back for wider size boots never worn just a few days past 30 turned away
will never shop Sears again esp tools and appliances very very bad customer policy

Posted by Pat

My husband had bought me three sets of earrings from the turn style which came to over $60. It was only a couple of days past the time alloyed. I had the receipt and in the boxes they came in. The earrings were to heavy and the wire that goes through the ear was thicker and I could not wear the earrings. I had a surgery and the first day I could get to Sears I did. The salesperson called and asked the supervisor if she could refund me seeing I was a few days late. The person she spoke to said no ! I said this is crazy. I cannot wear these $60 down the drain. I said I would like to speak to the store manager. The salesperson said it was management she just spoke to. I said I would like to speak to the store manager again. She made s call. Another person came out and gave me a full return. Soo I was very pleased even if I had to play the game.

Posted by Wendy Y.

I'm not surprised in the least at the negative comments left below. The problem - Evidenced by the treatment I have received over the past 3 weeks from over 5 of their departments - Corporate doesn't care about your shopping experience. It's all about the money. I have documented chat sessions that have provided false and misleading information, given from 3 days to 60 days to return a defective appliance, been told by chat representatives that they have contacted Sears Home Delivery to arrange for the replacement (false)and spent hours on the phone with them. Bottom line, my experience has been that they don't give a damn. Have a promise to switch out the defective appliance within a 30 day return period in 3 days - We'll see. Thank goodness I used a non-Sears credit card. I have enough documentation to bury them if they've once again provided me with false information. I'm not paying for their crap. So, if you MUST shop with them (I had no other choice due to the color and manufacture of my existing appliances), get EVERYTHING in writing, print your chat sessions and for your own protection, use a NON-SEARS credit card - DO NOT PAY CASH OR USE A DEBIT CARD. You will have no recourse. I can guarantee you that they will not try and accommodate you. Again, it's all about the money.

Posted by Lisa Rookard

We bought a lg washing machine from Sears and one week befor the warranty ran out it tore up so the maintenance man from Sears came out to fix it and he did the charge was $500 then less than a week later it tore up again and he came back out and ordered parts for it and it took two more weeks befor he came to fix it that was another $400 with parts and laber and it didn't fix it he had to order more parts so it will be another parts and laber bill they will have twice as much in parts and laber than we paid for the machine they said they can't junk it that's Sears policy to fix it but that makes no sense to me we have done with out our new machine for 2 months or more because of this just luckily we have the old one to use while the new one is down, why don't Sears just junk it and be done with

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter bought a pair a boots that were supposed to be waterproof, which were a Christmas present and last week my feet got wet when the water got through the boot. what are my options.

Posted by Annomous

Just happen to google and came upon this. Wish I had known about sears policy. Like myself I gave a gift one shirt didn't fit my dad but one did. I had the receipt so by the time I got the shirt and receipt together and made the trip to sears. It was a day after the 30 day policy No return no exchange or gift card for future purchase. I didn't realize the day was so close or strict it was my first purchase in a long time and now my last . Even other stores that have a 30 day policy give you a gift credit

Posted by Anonymous

I bought the maxi climber.and I am not happy with it can I return it.or exchange it for a different machine

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to exchange a pair of jeans for a different size. Missed the 30 day deadline by 2 days... Will never be buying anything at Sears!!!

Posted by Sears Doesn't Care

I received some clothes for a Christmas gift that had been ordered online. I had the packing slip with return instructions. A time limit was not given. Unfortunately, because I was caring for my husband who has cancer, I wasn't able to drive the 150 miles round trip to the closest store until today. It was past the Christmas return deadline and no one cared. With everything else going on, exchanging clothes was not high on my priority list. It will not make or break me. However, I don't like feeling abused by Sears. Now that I'm aware of the return policy, I'll shop anywhere but Sears.

Posted by Mrs. M

My husband received a pair of jeans as a gift. Went into sears to do an exchange because they did not fit and they would not process my request because I didnt have the gift receipt or the credit card it was purchased with. I was not asking for cash back the money was going to go right back into the company. I have NEVER heard of such a ridiculous policy. What happened to customer service. Needless to say I will not be shopping at Sears again.

Posted by Pat

Can't believe Sears would not let me exchange 6 curtains today for a different color. I am 10 days past the 30 day return policy, but I only wanted to exchange. Sears is certainly not the same great store it use to be.

Posted by Disappointed

We bought a Tyson v6animal this past week. Also purchased a riding lawn mower at the same time. The boss for the vacuum was all taped up and my husband mentioned it and the salesman assured us everything was ok. We got home and the bottom hose was crushed and the whole filter/motor was crushed. I immediately took it back and the store refused to give cash back as it was paid for with a debit. Next morning my husband decided to return the riding lawnmower and was also reassured the return would be on our debit card within 24 hours. It is now the following Monday and we do not have either return. We got the runaround from someone in India. Now my husband is headed to the store. Any other store returns the money in cash when paid for with a debit. We never shopped there before and we will never go back.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to return an item after 10 days after the 30 day period for store credit. The item was unused, in its original bag and I had the original receipt. The staff refused store credit and handed it back to me. I have never experienced anything like this kind of return policy. This is the last time I will shop at Sears!

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to return an item after 10 days after the 30 day period for store credit. The item was unused, in its original bag and I had the original receipt. The staff refused store credit and handed it back to me. I have never experienced anything like this kind of return policy. This is the last time I will shop at Sears!

Posted by Jim

After my loving wife bought me a cordless impact wrench for Christmas by mistake, but I wanted a cordless drill. I went to exchanged the wrench and they told me it was past 30 day return policy by eight days. I will never be shopping at Sears again. Biggest regret that in November we purchased 3000.00 of appliances from them.

Posted by Anonymous

these is the stupidest store policy I ever seen I tried to return a shirt that was given to me for a different color and they refuse to do it because I didn't have a receipt you all gonna out of business like that

Posted by Dcyp

The way Sears is going, they will inevitably go out of businesd. They absolutely do not follow their exchange policy and it's apparent some employees do not want to work with public. Good luck, am taking my business and money elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to exchange a shirt that was given to me as a gift. The Sears refused to even exchange it for the same shirt. I will NEVER shop at Sears or any affiliates again.

Posted by Sear's closing stores, of course

Well, now I understand why Sear's is going under. Every comment I have read is negative, and, unfortunately, I didn't read these prior to purchasing online. I believe Sear's must be the ONLY store that doesn't take online returns to store, although their policy says they do. NOT TRUE! I am appalled! Stay away from Sear's!

Posted by Anonymous

Had a receipt...sales lady an dept manager refused to give me refund..told me to go to Let go! Are you kidding me!

Posted by Louise

I ordered and paid for a pair of ankle boots in December and returned them to the store online outlet on December 13 2016.
The store clerk advised me that my reimbursement could take a few weeks. I thought that was bizarre, to say the least, but have been waiting patiently. I have been waiting for over a month now. Totally unacceptable!! Will Sears be paying the interest on that money?
When can I expect reimbursement?

Posted by ShellC329

I tried to exchange a pair of pants for a bigger size. I didn't have the receipt, boyfriend had bought them for me. Well because he doesn't have his phone number in their crazy customer reward system, they won't do anything about it. I just wanted to the pants, it's not like I was asking for money back or anything. Now I have a pair of pants that I can't wear unless I lose about 15 lbs. Thanks for nothing Sears. No wonder they are going bankrupt again!!!

Posted by Edith.vartani

I had the most hirible time returning a matress that wasnt fitting to my bed. Noone wants to help u, everyone doesnt even know what is going on inside their costumer service and everyone for the past 2 weeks has given us the run around and hasnt help stay awaYYYY people be careful and dont even think of ordering from sears.

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter got some black boots for Christmas and she wanted to exchange for brown boots. Sears tag was even on the box (that is how I knew where they came from). They wouldn't let us do anything without a receipt! I will NEVER shop at Sears ... so ridiculous!

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to EXCHANGE items given as gifts and was denied. I was told Sears new policy is unless you have a receipt you can't exchsnge or return, not even for a lesser value.

Wow, and I have always bought my appliances and tools from Sears ...... until now! So, does anybody need a 1/3 sheet sander and/or two lithium-ion compact batteries?

Posted by Tina

Don't shop at sears worst policy's ever. Bought a sofa a couple of months ago don't sit on it very much because it's not that comfortable now noticed the seam on the seat is coming apart when I called about it was told someone would be in touch with me. I waited made several more calls still getting the run around after a week of this now I'm told nothing could be done because it's been longer than 7 days. They don't stand behind there products. Terrible service!

Posted by T

Went to our local Sears store to exchange some clothes I received for Christmas, the same store in which they were purchased only to be told I could not exchange them but only after wasting my time finding the same items in the size I needed because they were purchased on 12/2.

Posted by Anonymous

Why is this the case. About 30 day when the Web said for xmas it was extended to 1.31 for exchanges. Anything bought 11.1 thru 12.24

Posted by Janesbaby

Never, never, ever shop Sears. They have a jacked up policy on layaway. I have been trying to get my money back from a cancelled layaway, only to be told that my money will com in a check. I asked when, 7-14 days. I waited. Called to only be told that it has been sent in a check. Ok, I waited, no check. I again called, no check. I went to Sears, now to be told that the check was sent to my old addresss, that I haven lived in in over 4 years!!!! Ok, now I must wait for them to see if I have the check from the house that I don't live in, and from the people that I do not know, to see if I have cashed it! Now I'm a thief. Still waiting for any response, but none. The "team", Pedro, Richard, and Jordan from the Oakland Mall Store in Madison Heights, Michigan, are a joke. They don't have any customer experience. They are rude, and condescending. I still don't have my money, almost $1,000.00... But I will tell any friend, co worker, relatives and people that I do not know, to never shop Sears. They are a joke. And looking at the Fairlane Township Sears, in Dearborn, Michigan, they won't be around to much longer. I will get my money.

Posted by Dawn white

Do Not Shop At Sears!!!! I Wanted A Even Exchange For A Outfit That Was To Small All Tags In Tact Only Wanted A Bigger Size For The Exact Outfit That They Did Have!!! Well Because I Had No Receipt And Do Not Give My # Or Email Because Of The Unwanted Soliciting I Could Not Exchange This Is The Worst Store In The Usa To Do Returns Unbelievable That They Can Just Do This!!! Come On 5 Below N The Dollar Store Does Even Exchanging They Need To Go Out Of Business I Will Never Ever Shop There Again Buyer Beware

Posted by Formerly known as Sears Customer

No wonder your stores are devoid of shoppers! Tried to exchange a shirt received as a Christmas present for a smaller size but, even though all the tags are attached, cannot because I don't have the original receipt or a gift receipt. Apparently, even if I did have one or the other, my sister-in-law shops early for wouldn't have been able to return anyway because it is over the 30 day deadline! In addition to this insanity, also received a pair of leather gloves and...lo and behold...even though the tags are attached AND they are 2 different style of gloves and 1 of them is ripped in the return allowed! Rude lady said Sears won't stand behind the product because, once again, no receipt, no refund!!! I cut up my Sears Visa and my Sears store credit card (which I've had for many years and used to purchase ALL of my major appliances) and WILL NOT SHOP SEARS AGAIN!!!

Posted by Fran

I received a Sears Christmas gift from a relative which was a wrong size. I tried to exchange the gift which still has the tag and they would not exchange it without the purchasers phone number or email. I would advise anyone purchasing gifts to NOT purchase anything from Sears. Their exchange policy is ridiculous. I took an item into Jc Penny the same day and was able to do an even exchange no questions asked. DO NOT SHOP AT SEARS!!!

Posted by Judy Satchwell

My husband received a shirt for Christmas from the guys that work for him on the farm. The shirt was the wrong size and I took it today for an even exchange,just for a larger size.Well the girl at the register tells me I need a receipt,and I'm like .It was a gift,I don't have one.Then she says she needs a phone Number from the person who purchased the shirt and I proceed to tell her they did not have aphone and if they did I would not give their Number to anyone.After I ask to see the manger,tell her the story and she then says she will get the asst.manager to come out..I proceed to tell her they are the migrant workers we have through an agency that come here from Mexico,that they probably don't have a phone for a number and that they would have paid with cash and that I only wanted an even exchange only a different size,she's like that's the policy..I ask who exactly made these rules and she says Sears.I told her I could give her my number and she could look up the amount of money I had spent.What is wrong with a store that has been in business for so very many years that they can do people like this.I for one think we should protest or bring some kind of attention to being treated like this..I called 12 News with no return call from them.So sad.

Posted by Anonymous

I was told to order ealry to ensure deliver by christmas only then to be told "sorry you item is now past the 30 day return policy"!! After arguing this the store allowed me to return it and they sent it back tonthe ware house. Sears now has the nerve to refund my more than $30 LESS than what I paid!!! This is robbery and border line theft!!! Making money off of peoples returns now. Sears needs to be investigated. Do not shop there. Thier excuse was there had been a price match!! My receipt of what i paid is what I demand!

Posted by Bob

Bought a pair of jeans for Christmas present. Went to store with receipt and they will not exchange. Will never shop Sears again!

Posted by X loyal customer

I shopped early for Christmas and now can't return any items because purchases exceed 30 days. I will never shop at Sears again!!!

Posted by Tasha

Worst store ever. Customer service is horriable management is even worse. I bout a washer and dryer spent over $1200.00 dryer stopped working 2nd time in use. Was a nightmare to return told me it would be 2-3weeks for another one. Went to return the washer 2 days past what a mngr. Claimed to be their 30day return policy and told me me I was stuck with the washer. It was past 30days. Referred me to my receipt which said to go to when I looked up their return policy appliances has a 60 day return policy. I cant believe this store and their customer service. I even had my receipt present. Store should be closed down.

Posted by Cathie`

Received 2 pair boots wrong size, tried to return or exchange for smaller sized without receipt or persons phone number who bought them. NO GO, wouldn't do a gift card, exchange or anything, "without the persons phone number that is linked to their shopyour way rewards there isn't anything we can do". They don't even have a shop your way rewards card, and I think its terible that you assume everyone has one. Diffently won't deal with Sears anymore.

Posted by Lori

Parents gave me wrong size shoes for Christmas. Found right size and tried to swap them in an even exchange. Nope. No receipt, no exchange! WORST POLICY EVER! What are they gaining by making their customers angry? So unhappy.

Posted by Return policy on this site is wr

The Sears return policy listed right above is completely WRONG, and the owners refuse to update it! It says that Sears had a 90 and 60 day return policy but Sears' actual website now it's only 30 days or less! This website is lying to customers by saying that the return policy is longer than it actually is!

Posted by Anonymous

I went in today to to return a shirt that i had received as a gift for christmas and it had the tag on it but since i didnt have a receipt or i didnt know the zip code of the family member that had purchased it then they couldnt return it. I will never shop at Sears and the item will be given to goodwill or the trash. Their policy is the worst and the staff is not friendly.

Posted by ron

I gave a necklace for a gift and removed the price tag. The necklace had a problem with the clasp so we brought it back only 2 days from purchase to be repaired or exchanged with the receipt. We were told that there is nothing that they can do because I had removed the price tag.Luckly I did not throw the garbage out so I had to dig through the garbage to find the receipt. We returned it and got it refunded and will never buy jewelry from Sears again.
Who gives a gift away with the price tag on it? What a scam!

Posted by Straja

I mistakenly purchased Christmas gifts from Sears, and I was stupid and shopped early, 45 days. When my daughter went to exchange the item with the receipt from an internet purchase, they refused as they have a 30 day policy, and the receipt was not attached to the item. I didn't remove the receipt, it was never on the item when I received it. I won't be purchasing from Sears again. The local K Mart closed a couple of years ago, and they had some of the same ridiculous policies. The picture of the mailed item was on the receipt. My daughter went to Vanity's and was able to exchange items, as well as J. C. Penney's. I know where I will be shopping from not on and the store name is not SEARS. But, they are not on the current list of Sears and K Mart stores closing. But, the value of the products, personal and overall experience. BAD Goodbye, Sears and K Mart, you had a good run.

Posted by ERTZ

I went to return my son's Lee jeans in Sears Smith Heaven Mall Long island NY.They did not take it, Store manager says it passed 3 months She even refused to give me store credit or even exchange. I was heart broken at that moment.They were never worn, It has all the price tag on it. I had the recipt.Very expensive jeans, but the size was too small for my son.I shop thousands of dollars every year. Even though they do not care about all.Sears you have lost your loyal customer.

Posted by Wasted Time

Same as several other posts. Wouldn't exchange the exact item (a night shirt) in a different size without a receipt. The manager actually said, "I'm not going to break the return policy." I said it's not avretyrn it's a straight across exchange. Ridiculous and done with them too.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst. I'm sure you've heard this before. Christmas presents, the good feeling of giving a present, holiday with family ..........the biggest grinch.......SEARS
My hard working daughter(age 22) buys a dept.56 Disney house for her little sister(age17). It is not a cheap item but she knows her sister is making a village (as you display in SEARS. Christmas morning she finds out that her sister has that piece. No problem.......
She'll just exchange it. It wasn't opened and she has receipt. She's going to the mall to return an itchy sweater at H&M anyway problem at H & M.OR ANY OTHER STORE BUT SEARS. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE HER TO DO, DISPLAY DOUBLE MINNIES CANDY STORE IN HER DISPLAY

Posted by Joe

Tried to Return Everlast Tennis shoes to Sears that had a cut hole in the shoestring section.

I did not have a receipt but I had the box they were mailed into me.

Store would not take them back.

Went called and they told me to notify Everlast.

I called Everlast and they gave me number they said Sears has special person to handle these problems. I called it says wireless number no one available. Doesn't even give you choice to leave voice message. Seems like I'm getting the run around here. Can anyone help me?

Posted by Unhappy Gift Recipient

The Sears located in Govenor's Square Mall in Clarksville, TN WILL NOT EXCHANGE A GIFT ITEM OF CLOTHING FOR ANOTHER SIZE without a receipt. What a waste of time and gas!!

Posted by Terri T

Husband purchased replacement filter for his shop vac on Oct. 25, 2016, which I then put away to give him for Christmas. He decided today (12-26-16) that he would prefer buying a NEW shop vac. I still had the receipt. The local store refused to return the unused, still in original packaging, shop vac filter with the receipt as an exchange toward a new shop vac. I will call the store manager in the morning, but right now I can understand why people don't shop at Sears. In reading the return policy, I feel we are within the time period allowed, especially since I have the receipt!

Posted by Boo hoo

I just have one question why does it take over 30 days to return something that don't fit ? I work at Sears in Idaho and I see the 30 day policy on receipts and if something don't fit I would take it back asap. Even if I go on vacation I would at least try to find a sears near by . And having your receipt is very helpful because there are alot of shoplifters around and try to turn something in for cash, but if they don't have a receipt we can't take it.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst return policy ever !! Will never shop there again !! I receive something as a gift brand-new they won't even let you return it for store credit or exchange without a receipt .. i'm done with them and I'm spreading the word to everybody ! Even their own employees disagree with the policy set it sucked and call the supervisors and corporate ! Good job sears looks like you're going out

Posted by Disgusted

I purchased a winter jacket from the catalogue in size XL but when it came it was a size large and I couldn't even zipper it up. I took it back to the store and asked to exchange it for the correct size (I even had it in my hand) but was told I had to send it back to the warehouse and that it would take 4 to 6 weeks for a credit unless I mailed it back my self then was told it wouldn't take that long but they didn't know how long. I finally received my credit but was charged a 15% restocking fee for a mistake THEY made. I've been a Sears customer for 50 years but will NEVER shop there again. They have the worst customer service I've ever come across. Sears you've lost another customer!!

Posted by Anita

Very disappointed when I tried to return a pair of pants with the receipt and tags still on and was told it was past 30 days!! How can you Christmas shop before December at this store??! Will Not be shopping here again!

Posted by Unhappy

I tried to take back a dress today to Sears at Limeridge Mall in Hamilton. I bought the dress and a blouse/pants to wear to a wedding. I ended up wearing the blouse/pants. The dress was never worn and the tags were still on and I had the original receipt. They seemed so excited when they told me that I couldn't return it because it had been more than 30 days. I never would have bought both outfits to decide at home which one I was going to wear if I had known the strict return policy. Going to be thinking twice before I buy anything at Sears again. Don't want to be stuck spending money on things I'm never going to use.

Posted by Mam

Really disappointed with the new return policy. I bought a sweater and tried to exchange it for a different size and they had plenty of these sweaters. Wouldn't let me because of the return policy. I have never had issues with returns. Most stores allow 60 to 90 days, I will no longer be shopping at Sears and it's right by my house along with target and Kohl's. Lots of competition out there Sears with much better return policies. Your loss.

Posted by

I purchased a lawn tractor June 2015 with 50 hrs it was having its 4th transmission. They took it back on 11-11-2016 told me I would get a refund 7 yo 10 days. It's been a month. Still waiting

Posted by Sanguy

Purchased items at Sears and didn't try them on when I purchased them. I tried to return them and it had been over the 30 days. They wouldn't even take them back and give me a store credit or credit it to what I was buying that day. I also had an item that was a gift to return and they would not let me return or exchange that either. If it would have been within the 30 days that my friend had purchased the item for me, I would have needed either the receipt or her credit or debit card number so they could look it up. If I wouldn't have spent almost 2 hours in the store shopping that day and they wouldn't have had the special return policy for Christmas, I would have left all of my items right at the counter. Also I tried to use a coupon I had and they had so many exclusions that I barely could use it. They should tell you how long you have to return items and should offer gift receipts. Everything I bought that day were kids clothes/gifts and I didn't think to get gift receipts so I will have to go with them or give them my receipt to return the item if they need to. Sears lost my business! Hate their return policy!

Posted by Monkeymouse1980

We purchased what we thought was a set of 2016 close out whirlpool duets. They were packaged when we purchased them. We got home and unloaded and discovered they had sold us 2 washing machines. The saleman was so rude when i called and said my husband asked for two washers. They had no dryer in stock and refused to make this right. Our only recourse is to return the washing machines. Shame on you Sears at South Plains mall lubbock tx!

Posted by Dejected in Texas

I bought a Maytag MVWB835DW1 washer 2 months ago.
It barely moves the clothes, and the clothes never "float", so obviously, they don't come clean. There is just enough water to dampen the clothes, then they just set there, barely moving.
I noticed Sears changed their policy on returns, so this one goes to the dump. far the worst $1200.00 I've ever wasted (washer & dryer).
..wish I hadn't given my old washer away.
Never again, Maytag..
Never again, Sears..

Posted by KGC

I have made my last purchase at Sears due to their return policy. Needing a different size, I went to Sears to exchange, not return, some items of clothing I purchased but because this occurred on day 31 instead of 30, my request was denied. Ugh. No wonder Sears parking lot is so empty these days...even during December! By the way, I recently shopped for 3 new appliances I will be needing for a new home. Sorry Sears. I will purchase appliance from Lowes or Home Depot where they appreciate customer loyalty. Good-bye.

Posted by A very unhappy loyal customer

To whom it may concern, my name is Marisa Garciai am a loyal customer for many years. I have 7 children 4 whom are married now with children and I still have 2 younger ones at home. That being said that I have been shopping at your store for many years and have enjoyed it up till today. I tried to return some of your item I bought at your sears store but the cashier did not want to return it nor the manager when I spoke to her hoping she would. My husband made a huge purchase the time he purchased this for me and other items for two of my daughters. I feel like I have spent a lot of money at your stores to receive this kind of treatment toward returning. Your NEW policy is NEW and nobody ever mentioned the NEW policy to me when I purchase this. I would have took it to consideration if they would have considering my husband spent close to $1,000.00 . I have items that I will not have use for that I would like to get a refund for.. I would like to continue shopping st your store in the future and continue recommending it to my children, grandchildren and friends etc. If someone can help me with this return situation I would really appreciate it very much. If I don't get a response I will have to take it to the Vice President and so fourth. I hope to hear from someone very soon.

Posted by Annie Batungbakal

Just purchased a Dewalt cordless driller (power tool ) at sears, due to my excitement I opened the box to check if things are complete and the driller is working fine. When i talked to my brother, he tells me that He needs the corded one, so i hurrily return the item back. When i talked to the sales associate he do not accepted the return, maybe because i opened the box BUT I DO NOT PURPOSELY USED IT AT ALL, instead he keeps insisting me their policy which i'm not informed. All they can can do is to exchanged it with the same value in the store, when i requested for a Gift Card instead because the item that i am looking for is not in their store, they won't allow me also. THEIR RETURN POLICY IS AWFUL, maybe because they are going to close soon thats why they are restricting their policy. Won't probably purchased here again.

Posted by Anonymous

I took a Broadcast Spreader, back to Sears in Greensboro NC . They accepted the equipment gave me a receipt for my refund. I was told to take it to a cashier for my refund . The guy at the counter said he had a problem . He never came back, however another employee showed up. He was a manager and took my receipt with him to the back of the store. I waited over 45 Minutes. Then they come out and tell me no refund was available. This is not the Sears I have always shopped at. The item was still in an unopened box ! The manager was very unfriendly, folks customer service is dead and gone from sears! Look else where for your goods. Some stores appreciate your business . Sears is not one of them for sure. Sears I will not be coming in your store again, I will not be saying good things about Sears again, and I definitely will not support you in anything that you do, you have left the age of customer service. So fairwell Sears you are dead to me ! not another dime we're not spending the Sears Roebuck store thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Sears to do a return, only to find out that several months ago they changed their return policy from 90 days to 30 days. No advertisement or mention of this change at our local Sears. Not even eligible for an even exchange. Only missed the new unadvertised policy by 7 days. Guess I will not be shopping at Sears in the future. Customer service is non-existent any more. #Sears #SearsSucks

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return a pair of boots. I was over 30 days so I thought they would at least let me do an exchange. I talked to three different people and they all said NO! No exceptions! I have shopped at Sears for a long time but won't anymore!

Posted by Saywhat

I am in complete agreement with other posts. I have alway bought all of my appliances from sears. Do to their strict 30 day policy.... I was a day over, I will never shop at Sears again. Management doesn't care and is sarcastic stating this is what every establishment is going to as standard policy. I guess this was an expensive 100 dollar lesson but sears loses a loyal customer

Posted by SaraMP

Sears is going down hill fast! I make a return for $129 and not only did it take the cashier almost an hour to do (I had my receipt, everything had tags, and I just made my purchase 2 weeks ago) but I still have not seen any indication of a return through my financial institution 3 days later. I'm afraid she didn't do the return correctly and after reading that so many people had to fight with the BBB for a return, I'm almost positive I'll be doing the same thing. My receipt states it was put back on my card, but I see no pending transaction of the sort on my banking profile. Sears is going down hill fast! Oh and to add that my Sears NEVER had enough people working and I have to search the entire store to find someone who is. They'll be out of business if they keep up the horrible service and return policies!

Posted by Anonymous

Bought my husband a pair of Levi's early in Oct. to save for Christmas. He decided he wants to go down an inch in waist size. I had original receipt and a gift receipt for them and all tickets still on them. I took the size I wanted to exchange them for to the counter and was told I could not exchange them as it had been over 30 days. I could not believe it. I asked again at another counter for a manager. They gave me an 800 # to call and I was told the same crap. I will never shop Sears again.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Seares to exchange 2 pair of pants my mother-in-law gave me as a gift. All tags are on them. Ask to speak with a manager and she told me that I could not exchange them without the orangial reciept. My mother-in-law lives on Colorado and I'm in Texas. She did tell me if I could give them her name, phone number ans credit card used they might be able to find the orgnial store they were purchased at. I told them my 85 year old mother-in-law uses cash. They said sorry the store policy is no exchanges. Cross Sears off my shoping list.

Posted by Anonymous

Got 2 outfits for our nephews b- day. They were gifts. They were 1 size to small. We went into the store and tried to exchange them for 1 size bigger same outfits even picked up extra things and were ready to pay the difference. After talking to 2 managers they said no b/c we didn't have a receipt but they had tags on the merchandise and had it on the floor. The manager Marco refused to call his supervisor and said he would say the same thing. His explanation didn't make sense explained that the store would lose $ b/c if in case the merchandise was purchased over 30 days it would be marked off and he would end up paying more in shipping in handling sending the merchandise back. We reminded him the merchandise was out on the sales floor and had not been marked off. He proceeded to say the policy was in front of me ( a laminated paper with small print as if anyone paying for items is going to have time to read it) he added that that they didn't have to remind anyone of their policy when I brought it up, he also said that they don't do returns w/o a receipt gift or not and that he didn't care if we didn't shop there when I expressed my disappointment. He said at this time I'm walking off and left the area. I had purchased others things at the time and returned it all. I'm in shock that Sears is so uncaring for customers. What ever happened to customer satisfaction and common sense? Honestly it's a rip off and They lost a customer of over 20 years

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Patriots shirt for my daughter-in-law for her birthday in September of this year. Her birthday is the end of October. The shirt didn't fit her so she brought it back to Sears with the receipt for a larger size. The Sears employee would not let her return the shirt. I can not believe Sears is this stupid. Read the reviews! I WILL NOT SHOP AT SEARS IN THE FUTURE!! If they will not allow a shirt to be returned for a different size with a receipt they are telling me they don't want me tO shop there. And I won't!! Anyone surprised as to why they afe going put of business??????

Posted by Phone

Very very disappointed �
I want to exchange pants and shot for something else because my daughter never likes them but the clerk says she can't because of the new policy no return if is over 30 days ...all the tag still attached and I have the receipt . The funny thing she call the superior to explain to me ..... he said yes we can do nothing sorry you can donate those items or give them to someone and what are a friendly and good customer service! Never and never shop at sears.

Posted by It's the principle

I bought a slip for my daughter. It was too small so I tried to return it with all of the original tags on it and my receipt and I was told no. It had been 33 days since I bought it. No exchanges allowed and no store credit. For $17 Sears just lost a 30 year customer.

Posted by Anonymous

sears was always more lenient about returns and exchanges in the past but the customers is what messed it up for everyone. so stop complaining about them getting more strict with it. They had to because to many customers well buy 150 dollar work boots wear them out and take them back to try to replace them for a new pair and make it out like it was a bad quality of a shoe when really they just didn't want to spend the money to rebuy a new pair. Also if people will learn to read there receipts it does say 30 days at the bottom of it so stop taking it out the poor cashiers when they tell u they can't take it back because you don't know how to read. That's your own fault. Plus there has been to much theft were customers would steal the merchandise then think they are going to do a return for it without a receipt for a gift card. It's because of the customers is why stores go out of business not return policies. And they extend the policy around Christmas time so people can return gifts. If you can't ask for a gift receipt then that's your own fault. Most stores expects proof of purchase. Otherwise everyone would be reaping off every store and nothing would stay in business.

Posted by Francis

My wife purchased pants at sears in July. Have spent time traveling since. Have Receipt and all tags on pants. Need to return pants because they are to big, thought at the least they would give in store credit. Sears wont even consider that. Goodbye

Posted by Patty

I wanted to exchange a pair of snowpants for a larger size. i was 2 days past the 30 day return policy and they would not let me. I have been a sears mastercard holder for 30 plus years. I will no longer be shopping at sears and I will no longer be using the sears mastercard. If you were to go to sears the day after thanksgiving and buy something for a christmas present it would already be beyond 30 days when you give the gift. this is a joke and sears will loose many customers over this. I'm not sure when this policy became effective but I am very disappointed

Posted by lblmom2

Exchange Policy just doesn't make sense. I purchased 4 pants for my son to start the school year. It's been hot, so he has not used any of them, he's been wearing shorts. As it will be getting colder soon, I tried them on him to sew the hem. They were too snug as he gained a few pounds. I went to the store, they have the same pants and the right size. I was unable to exchange them because it was over 30 days. I have the receipt, the pants have the tags. Shocking. Will not be shopping there for holidays and will no longer use any of sears credit cards.

Posted by taff

I just wanted to exchange 2 slacks for different size, I was 3 days past the 30 day return policy. I talked to a supervisor and said the system would not allow. We have bought appliances and clothing and other items for years, NEVER AGAIN!

Posted by Anonymous

Sears is a joke and I'm sure they will be out of business within a year. Seriously, I purchased a compound miter and told the clerk it was a gift 4 my brother and his birthday is in 40 days. It's the wrong size so in the original box (not opened) with original receipt (puchased 9/29/2016) and they will not let me return it because it's a couple days past 30 days. My personal opinion is Sears will be out of business with a year with this type of policy. Also note that on line it states that Sears return policy is 30, 60, and 90 days. The 30 days is on electronics. What a total JOKE Sears had become! I guess I'll spend my thousand of dollars a year elsewhere. Be warned!!!!

Posted by 30 day return policy is bad cust

Purchased a baby Walker for my granddaughter and put away for Christmas, she already got one so I attempted to return since I had receipt and never opened the box. It had been about 45 days and they said there was a strict return policy of 30 days, no refund or credit. I couldn't believe it, I had to go home with it! I guess I won't be doing my Christmas shopping or any shopping there again.

Posted by Nyahero

Returned a ring to sears before 30 days, to my shocker I wasn't told if I returned the ring I have to wait for it to cleaned and inspected before refund which takes still has a tag on it, never worn or used..Sears is sure not getting a dime from me again

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my niece a outfit for her birthday. When she tried it on it was too small so I attempted to return the outfit. Only to find out it was over there new return policy of 30days. It two weeks too late. I have cancelled my credit card and rewards card and will not shop there anymore. When I called to cancel my credit card the customer service rep tried to get my to not cancel it because I wouldn't be able to use it for Christmas. HELLO. I will not shop here anymore because of your bad return policy I don't need the card for Christmas. Maybe if you loose enough customers you will realize the new policy is wrong and change it back to 90 days.

Posted by Former Sears customer

We purchased an upright freezer but after many attempts at fitting in the location we had designed for this unit, it would not work out without compromising the integrity of the condenser. Leaving plenty of breathing room is important on any unit of this type.

I was in an auto accident and was unable to do the return in a timely manner. When reviewing the return policy on the webpage I wasn't concerned with not being able to return within the 90 day timeframe they indicated.

When contacting Sears for the how-to's, they said "sorry but you are over the 30 day policy" She wanted the webpage that I had seen this information and when she said that it is not a Sears webpage and would not be considered viable.

I was very dissapointed of course and feel that both Sears and are responsible for this being incorrect.

Posted by Louisiana Flood Victim

I was affected by the Louisiana Flood of 2016. Someone bought me some clothing but it did not fit. With all that I have to do because of my home being flooded, i forgot about returning the clothes. When I finally had a chance, I was told that there was nothing that they could do even though I had gift receipts. I was told that because it was past 30 days, that I had to keep the clothes and that I couldn't even exchange them for a different size. I explained to the manager that I didn't want the money, I just wanted to be able to get something to wear. But she wouldn't budge. I literally have nothing because I lost everything I own and for them to say that to me just make me sick! I will never shop at Sears again!

Posted by Mentally Disabled

Got an item I needed to return. Way larger than ad. Called #800 got a return lable emailed. Pulled off Old labels as instructed. Clear taped printed label. Got my nice delivery man to take package back without charging me. Sears sent the package back. I'm frustrated because it's been over 30 days of original screw up. Pathetic customer service.

Posted by Former Sears Shopper

This article is a lie! I came in with the merchandise with tags still attached and my receipt with the original Sears bag and was told sorry no refund, no store credit. I was treated very badly. I told them they just lost a customer for life! After 30+ years of shopping there, not only did they change their return policy, but they refused to even give store credit! I thought it was still a 90 day policy, but it changed to 30 and was NOT printed on the receipt like in years past. I brought my clothing in in 31 days. I was told I would be forced to keep the items that did not fit. I NEVER WILL BUY ANOTHER THING FROM SEARS!

Posted by Former Sears Shopper

This article is a lie! I came on with the merchandise with tags still attached and my receipt with the original Sears bag and was told sorry no refund, no store credit. I was treated very badly. I told them they just list a customer for life! After 30+ years of shopping there, not only did they change their teturn policy, but they refused to even give store credit! I thought it was still a 90 day policy, but it changed to 30 and was NOT printed on the receipt like in years past. I brought my clothing in in 31 days. I was told I would be forced to keep the items that did not fit. I NEVER WILL BUY ANOTHER THING FROM SEARS!

Posted by See ya sears

See ya later Sears!!!!

You no longer have my business. Customer service sucks... Don't have it in stock.. 30 days returns with all stores closing..
Wouldn't be surprised to not see a Sears ever again!!

Posted by Anonymous

I missed the 30 day return window by 7 days. Life is hectic and people get busy. I used to think Sears was a family oriented store. They refused my $30.00 refund to my credit card and stated no one could override the system. I am remodeling my kitchen and would have spent over $20,000 in appliances and accessories. They have lost my business and after talking to all my contractors, friends and family no one will be shopping at Sears

Posted by Anonymous

Worst return policy than any store I have shopped at! Not even a store credit for clothing with tags still on and original receipt over 30 days old.!! I have never heard of a return policy like this.. I understand if item was purchased 6 months ago and now trying to return but 45 days later and not even he option of a store credit is unheard of. All the employees seem concerned with is getting customers to open a store credit card.. I have been stuck behind someone on at least 2 occasions that has told the salesperson that they had bad credit and would not be eligible for a credit card but salesperson was insistent on trying to open an account for them anyway. Needless to say after waiting behind them for what' seemed like an eternity that were denied the credit card. They must get some kind of commission for even attempting to open an account. Complete waste of time for all involved In my opinion. I will taking my business to Kohls from now on!

Posted by Everyone complaining about retur

The receipt (since July 2016 if I recall) has been stating that the return policy has is 30 days! If you fail to realize that, then that is your own fault because you never bothered to read the receipt! Also, for those who assume it'll be the same for Christmas, they'll likely change it for Christmas like they did last year (by extending it to January for any items bought in Black Friday/December).

Posted by Resp

Went to SEARS (Harlem & North) thinking they were still a reputable company, not!!!! Placed a SIMPLE order for a washer/Dryer set and got sent on my way after being told that they were not in stock so I would have to wait a week and a half...Okay I'm not happy, but no worries I will have it. Two and a half weeks later, I was phoned by an automated service telling me that delivery was scheduled for 5pm-9pm even though the very first thing I told the sales rep in the store was that I HAD TO HAVE a morning apt, of which she confirmed. The international call center, with their extreme language barriers, indicated I had to be in the store to change the delivery time. Just so happens I was right at the SEARS and paid visit to the major appliances dept, just to be told that they cannot change the appt. This is EXACTLY why I kept the woman on the phone, placed the conversation on speaker for the store reps while they battle it out as to whose responsibility it is to change the time!!! OMGGGGG I could scream just thinking about that day. Needless-to-say, it was Friday, so because the ONLY logical thinking person appeared to be me, I rescheduled the delivery for the following Monday HOPING that someone of authority would ensure the time was changed to AM - WRONG AGAIN!!! I tried contacting the Customer Escalation Dept, and JACK agreed with me, but was obviously not equipped as a SEARS employee to be able to ESCALATE my complaint for immediate resolution.
At the end of the week (Friday), I was assured the delivery FINALLY was rescheduled and that I would receive it in the AM, which unbelievably I did! The delivery person waits until they have brought both machines off the truck and placed into my basement BEFORE he breaks the bad news that he cannot hook up my washer! So in the middle of the floor they left the brand new washing machine!! Apparently, my water valves were corroded (WTH), that was not true, but $10 later we changed them. The delivery guy EXPLICITLY said to call them RIGHT BACK the same day and that they would return Saturday AM to hook it up, as not to void the warranty. Well, I did as directed and need everyone to know that this is NOT how that worked out whatsoever. I was told by yet another international person that they could get someone back out in another WEEK! OMG. I called the store to speak with the rep who sold me this merchandise, and then while working from home, had to stop and go back into the store as no calls were being returned. I get in the store and the sales rep is acting like a cuckoo! I immediately request a Store Manager, there isn't one for that store currently...Problem #1!!! I request the Associate Store Manager, but NEVER got him either...Problem #2! Then I said that is it, I am fed up, please have someone at my house by tomorrow morning before Noon to hook up my washer and if that is not a realistic possibility please make the appropriate appointment to have SEARS' merchandise removed from my home altogether so that I can be credited. On Saturday, the sales rep calls me at 10am like everything is all good between me and SEARS. She tells me that she is STILL TRYING to get someone out to my home by Noon...SAY WHAT?! As if things couldn't have gone any further south, I was on the phone with her while sitting at the PUBLIC LAUNDRAMAT washing my filthy clothes/linen that have been lying around for almost three weeks. I calmly told her not to worry and that the second I left the laundromat I would be in her store with my receipt for a complete credit. During our call the contracted delivery service called me back about their lazy driver and I asked that they come and pick SEARS' merchandise up and the gentlemen immediately obliged, as he could not believe what I had been through either!!!! The pickup was the same day (Sat) between 3pm-5pm, they came at 3:15pm!
I show up in the store for a full credit and the sales rep is back in cuckoo mode as though we had not had a previous conversation that morning. She is calling various people when all I asked her to do is to return my nearly $2K back to my credit card, no doubt concerned about her commission. I could go on, but I feel my BP rising already!!!!! IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING SEARS DON'T DO IT BECAUSE YOU WILL HATE YOURSELF AFTER YOU GET OFF THE ROLLERCOASTER RIDE FROM HELL!!!! I am still three days later receiving automated calls on my cell phone about complications with my delivery - SAY WHAT?!!!! And was told that the credit would take 7-10 business days, but only took 2 mins in the store to take the money!!!!! I still have yet to be able to lodge my complaint with anyone within upper management of SEARS...What a way to run a business!
Realized that my credit is $215.00 less what I actually spent and the return policy states nothing of a restocking fee for items with original packaging, which was picked up out of my alleyway along with the machines. Now I am on the mission of contacting the MIA Associate Store Manager (Brad Miller) if that is even his real name since they play so many games when you are not satisfied with their service or products. I will also be contacting the CEO (Edward Lampert) through the Hoffman Estates, Illinois corporate office for hopefully resolution before I have to take this even further with a consumer report that will cripple this business every time it is viewed.


Horrible return policy!!! Will NOT be buying clothes there again. 45 days old was the receipt, tags still on clothes and the clothes were still being sold on shelf. I would have even taken store credit. RIDICULOUS!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Service is Awful! associates and managers need to be trained to be respectful to customers. Refund and exchange policy is worse. I'm never going back to the store again.

Posted by Peacekeeper

Stopped shopping at Sears since July 2016. 30 day policy is too strict. Could not exchange or return, new, unworn, shoes with tags for a child not because they didn't have the right size. Had the receipt too! Highly disappointed. But thrilled to boycott!! They should change it back to 90 days if they want my business. Customer satisfaction should always come first. Looks like corporate lost site of that.

Posted by See ya SEARS

I cant BELIEVE Sears still wants me to leave a comment! Same issue as ALL THE OTHER (FORMER)customers Sears...rediculous refund/return policy! Do the 'unaware' shoppers a HUGE FAVOR; go on & go out of business them from getting screwed like you have all of us on this 'comment board'!!!

Posted by Ronnie

Went to Sears today to exchange a brand new pair of dress pants my wife purchased for me. We didn't realize, the exchange policy changed to such strict guidelines. Needless to say, being outside of our "30 Days" they wouldn't exchange a pair of pants that were never worn, had all the tags and receipt for the correct fit. We called corporate, the lady that answered the phone listened to what I had to say, then stated; based on their guidelines and policy if she overrides that policy, she would be terminated!! Needless to say my family will never shop at Sears ever again!!

Posted by Barb Just Barb

Bad move Sears. Don't bother questioning why all your Christmas sales have stopped. Smart shoppers won't even shop with you on Black Friday because the gifts can't be returned after Christmas. What were you thinking?

Posted by Barb Just Barb

Sears just dug their own grave. I bought clothes for my grandchildren yesterday for Christmas. I was told about the return policy. WHAT??? So if you're buying Christmas presents, don't buy them until early December so you can return them after Christmas if they don't fit, are duplicates, etc. So, all of my Christmas shopping will be done at other stores because I don't wait until the last minute to buy gifts.

While Sears' return policy has been too liberal in the past, going to the opposite extreme is just suicide.

Posted by Anonymous

Sears has changed their return/exchange policy tremendously. I went to Sears in Chicago on Harlem and North Ave to exchange a men's clothing item I purchased for my son. The 30 days expired on 9/21/16. I tried exchange the item today for a larger size, with my receipt, and was told NO. No exceptions!!

The sooner they close SEARS down the better. Just wasted space now!!

Posted by Anonymous

I will not buy at sears any more untill they change their return policy's they are no good don't make sense.

Posted by Diane

Sears return policy is stupid they wont return nothing unless u have a receipt how stupid is that

Posted by kim

Can't exchange 3 brand new pants bought in wrong size for my son. Within 45 days of purchase. A son with a disability who cannot shop and try on clothes. God forbid you work and buy clothes early for back to school. Families are BUSY!!!!! By the time you can take extra time off work, school, activities to get to store they tell you your 40 years of business is worthless. Maybe if thier stores were not located in such bad areas where they are shop lifted all the time then they could treat thier customers properly. I will never buy another appliance, tool, electric or clothes at Sears or k mart ever ever again. They are losing business buy 1000 fold by mistreating the good customers! Stay AWAY from sears and Kmart!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I had an appliance delivery on 9/16 (range & microwave over range They were delivered. They left range & microwave in my kitchen. I needed a haul way old appliances and installation. It was never mentioned to me while I was buying or checking out. I called home services and talked to five people . On the 4th call it was going to cost me an additional $300 for separate visits Plummer electrician haul away the kicker was I paid $179.99 for microwave and to install it $159.99 I decided to return the appliances probably rob me of my money but I can't keep taking time off for visits. No have to take.two days off with home services already and they just delivered. If your doing a complete job delivery installation and haul away you sell the complete job. Barons appliances sells the whole job and I only took 1 day off

Posted by No name

It's the worst store to buy clothes because if you want to exchange something and you don't have the receipt then they won't let you exchange it and in other stores you can exchange stuff

Posted by Marilyn

after 2 attempts to deliver a mattress I ordered on sale from Sears, I finally cancelled the order. the drivers said they could not find my address. impossible!!
I will never order anything from Sears online again!!!

Posted by charged twice for non-delivery

I ordered a refrigerator from online-Sears on August 11th.
The money was taken from my PayPal account within an hour.
Refrigerator was to be delivered August 17th between 7:30pm and 11:30pm.
Waited all day August 18th for delivery, none arrived.
Called Sears on August 19th, they told me refrigerator was delivered.
Spent 6-hours on the phone trying to find out what happened to refrigerator.
"I" located refrigerator, it had sat on the dock of the transport company for 3-days.
Called Sears August 20th to reschedule delivery, it took 4 hours to do so.
online-Sears was still trying to convince me refrigerator was already delivered.
Delivery date was set for August 31st.
Delivery dispatcher felt sorry for me, and attempted to deliver on August 24th.
Refrigerator arrived severely damaged on both sides.
I called Sears to reorder refrigerator, they said it won't be delivered until the 31st.
I tried to explain that it was delivered a week early, but was damaged.
It took 6-hours on the phone on August 25th to finally reorder the refrigerator.
I was told it would be delivered on August 31st (I knew I was being lied to).
August 31st came and went, but still no refrigerator.
Called Sears September 1st, was again told that refrigerator had been delivered.
After 5-hours on the phone, I began to eMail all of the executive board, threatening to sue.
Was assigned a "Case Manager" to be my point-of-contact.
Case Manager convinced me to order another refrigerator from him at a 10% discount.
Case Manager promised my PayPal account would be credited back for original order.
PayPal account to be credited in 3 to 5 business days.
Delivery date was set for September 9th.
Refrigerator did not arrive, money for 1st order was never refunded.
Case Manager informs me that 2nd order was canceled, and to expect a refund.
Case Manager attempts to convince me to reorder another refrigerator at a 25% discount.
I refuse to pay for a third refrigerator, since I have not been refunded for the previous two.
It takes the Case Manager a week to credit my Discover card for 2nd refrigerator.
Money for 1st order has not been credited back to my PayPal account.

I never wanted my money back, I wanted Sears to deliver the refrigerator I paid for.
Sears refuses to deliver a refrigerator to me. (Because I am not Caucasian?)
The only thing I have received from Customer Support, is a promise to refund my money.

It took Sears less than an hour to process my payment to them.
I was told I would receive a refund in 3 to 5 business days.
A week later I was told it would take 7 to 10 business days.
Two weeks later I was told it would take 10 to 14 business days.

I was told today, by my Case-Manager Robert Zajac;
My inability to pay for a third refrigerator, is a "lifestyle choice".
I am retired and on a fixed income, and I am NOT Caucasian.
I do not believe Sears has any intention of refunding my money, ever.
Everybody there is just waiting for me to just give-up, and let them keep my money.
I have spent over 50-hours on the phone, getting passed around like the crabs,
being lied to, disrespected, and finally insulted. . . What next?

Posted by Anonymous

I've been shopping Sears for over 50 years. Grew up in rural Alaska and the Sears catalog was like a bible to us.
Tools are now made in China and priced at 4 times there worth, and now the poor return's a shame.

Posted by Liz

It should be written everywhere NO RETURNS AFTER 30 DAYS NO EXCEPTIONS, Sears has the worst return policy for a store that says it wants customer satisfaction they are a long way off, Ive cancelled my cards and have swore off shopping at Sears for anything, I guess I'll have to switch tool brands now, unless something breaks I'll return it to get a new item if all the stores haven't closed up or gone bankrupt, but as for purchasing something new it's not happening

Posted by Bullyluver

Very disappointed I purchased two iteams with tags and not damage I just did not like the way they fit on 7/30/16 in Fairfield Ca. I went to return today and they said sorry your two days late and we cant give you a refund or exchange I will no longer shop at the store that I loved so much over 29 years.

Posted by Dismayed in Scottsdale

I bought a pair of Men's Everlast Sneekers in April of 2016 but did wear them until July and the second time I wore them I noticed that the eyelets were tearing and if I wore them one more time they would have torn through on both shoes. I went by Sears with my receipt and of course they said they could not take them back but acknowledged they were defective. They gave me the 800 Sears Customer Service number and suggested I call which I did but I got the same story and they said I should call the manufacturer as they were responsible for any defects-Everlast-which I did and was I surprised when Everlast informed me after looking up the Model that they were NOT the manufacturer but in fact Sears/K-Mart was and that Sears only licensed their name to put on the goods. After spending over 3 1/2 hours of phone calls and calling Sears back again and dealing with only Filipinos (no disrespect) I asked for a stateside person to call me and they never did. I feel regardless of Sears' return policy they have a duty both as a retailer not to sell defective products and as a manufacturer not to make defective products. I liked the sneekers so was even willing to do an exchanges but they refused that as well. Poor Customer Service Sears and I will file with my local State Attorney General's Office under Consumer Affairs as well as possibly the Federal Trade Commission for this false and fraudulent activity and failure to honor their warranties-direct or implied!

Posted by Anonymous

I agree with the other customers about Sears return policy of the 30 day rule and no receipt policy. What they should have in BIG RED letters at the registers and on their sales receipts all sales final after 30 days No refunds, No exchanges of any kind No receipt cannot return at all even within 30 days I am not a Sears shopper but boldly informing shoppers lets them to continue with the purchase or walk away from it. Very bad policy made by corporate. I guess Sears likes the expression buyer beware. No wonder Sears is going out of business. Cannot blame online shopping.

Posted by returnsucks

I bought a battery with my cash for my tools. However, I lost my receipt. I thought I can just brought it back and get a store credit to buy a different thing. However, it's not the case. If it is home depot or Lowes or elsewhere then yes. Sears gave me a hard time and said no receipt they couldn't do anything. Seriously, no wonder they are about to go out of business. Bad management decision. I asked them if they can look them up for from my email since I used my email to registered for the reward account. Nothing showed up. I don't know if the system was messed up or it was designed it that way. I will not buy ever buy from sears again.

Posted by Mnchkyn

My husband's new work shoes purchased at Searsare delaminating. He was informed that they have a new return policy and that they could not be returned or exchanged with or without a reciept. Time to burn my Sears card.


What ever happened to the Sears slogan, "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back"? I have 2 items to return (with the tags on and a receipt) and I was told I cannot return them EVEN FOR STORE CREDIT because I am 1 1/2 weeks past the 30 days!!! I have shopped at Sears for well over 25 years and I was not aware that the return policy had changed. 30 days is unreasonable!!

Posted by Anonymous

Well tried to return work boots, yes a little longer than should have been 4 months, but have a lot going on, and no not even store credit. Went to Bonton to return jeans I bought 5 months ago and not one blink of an eye, returned to my credit card. Sears you could have gave me store credit, as I was a regular at your store. I see you will be closing soon, as I will spreading the word. Don't blame on people shopping on line, its this policy, oh and your manager seemed to enjoy it, told him you know what this means and he said yes, but oh well.

Posted by Pistmom

Bought a dress for my daughter a few days ago lost reciept! Went in 3 days later wich was today to try and excahnge. The girl was rude and not nice at all had a bad attitude saod i couldnt return or exchange it ru serious??!! I just bought it with my $ and it didnt fir her and i cant even get anything else? So im stuck with a dress i have no use for will not be coming back to the solano mall and the cashiers should be fires for the bad attitudes!

Posted by I don't know how to read 42

Hello, I'm an entitled angry illiterate customer at Sears. I know that I was told when I bought the item that the return policy is 30 days with receipt and that the receipt also states the return policy BUT I'm special. I can come back after 30 days and return something. Sears can't tell me that I'm wrong! The customer is alwaysssss right, they should that.

Posted by Debbie

Why does it seem like Sears wants to go out of business? I should have stopped shopping Sears when it took TWO MONTHS to get my pool table I've ordered online.

Due to my poor judgement I was recently in their store shopping for school clothes. I returned a few things that my grandson did not like not even a week later. Apparently my receipt could not be read (and no it was not damaged in any way), but the cashier asked for my phone number and told me my purchase would come up since I had my "shop my way" account. Well it didn't. The cashier was nice but couldn't do anything and asked for a manager.

The manager was not helpful at all. In fact she was smug about the whole thing. I told her that it's not my fault that my receipt (barcode and the numbers) could not be read by the system, it was given to me that way. Her exact words were: "maybe it isn't your fault but we still cannot do anything. I don't know what else you want us to do". When I asked her why the system couldn't find my purchase under my phone number (that I have registered for the rewards account) she just dodged my question and asked "why don't you just donate the clothes to the Goodwill a few blocks from here? We can't do anything."

I am shocked as to what Sears deems as good customer service by employing a MANAGER that was so curt and unhelpful. I was as nice as possible, I didn't argue, raise my voice or have an attitude. I did nothing wrong and it angers me that I was treated this way.

The manager lady can continue to carry on with her poor day it will catch up with her, same with the other Sears employees with their poor customer service. One day they will find those doors locked and themselves out of a job. That day is coming soon from what I've heard. In fact I've even witnessed their own employees talking among themselves in the tool department about Sears going out of business when I was there before my last visit. What a way to impress potential customers.

I know one thing, after 45 years, never again! This is not the Sears I knew.

Posted by vennieh

I sent my "return" two weeks ago and have received NO information. What is the status of my return?

Posted by F44K SEARS

Well I Posted Last Night About Going To The Store To Return And I Just Should Have Listen To You Guys Return Comments Because It Was Quite Disgusting Today .

I Would Like To Know When This 30 Day Thing Started ??

What Is Sad Is That Shove The 30 Day Thing In Your Face And Nothing We Can Do Crap

When I Got To The Store It Was Like 3 People Waiting About Returns, are You So Serious (sears)

You Won't Get My Money Anymore, the Lady Told Me To Donate The Dam 50 Shirt

:( Wow !

Well I Cancel My Layaway And Thank God My First Payment Is Due On 12th Of August .

And Cancel My Account Online I Want Nothing Else To Do With Sears .

I Need A Appliance I Will Go To Home Depot Or Lowes .

Sears That Won;t Get A Dollar Of My Money Anymore .

I Am Buying My Air Conditioner From Ebay And It Will Ship Free

I Am Going To Walmart And Do My Layaway 28th Of August .

People Don't Be Surprise If Sears & Kmart Go Out Of Business They Are Not Making Any Money .

Not Only That It Was More Staff In The Store Working Today Then People Shopping In The Store ( Ha Ha ) And They Will Loose More Come The Holidays With That B.s. 30 Day No Receipt Crap .

I Was In Khols, walmart And Jc Penney Lines Were Backed Up Sears !!!!!!

Posted by Worst Return Policy

Google top 5 stores with the worst return policies. Yep, Sears in on the list. Not surprisingl. 30 days is not very long to return something. As long as I have s receipt and the tags are still on the item, it shouldn't matter how long I wait to return something. My family will not be shopping at Sears anymore.

Posted by Figen

I've bought a shoes at sears one day before my month long vacation. Later I realized it was the wrong size and wanted to return after I come back from my vacation. When I go to Sears they said it was 34 days since the purchase and they did not offer me any exchange, store credit. I do shop at Sears often but this inflexibility on return will make me cancel my sears card and shop somewhere more into working with customer instead of insisting on enforcing return policy.

Posted by SANDRA

I Totally Agree With Everybody On The Comments .
I Had Something To Return And They Wont Take It Back .
Its Ok Because They Will Fade Out Like Every Other Store .
Kmart Is Awful Too /khols Store Do Better Then Kmart And Sears .
Sears Been Known For They Appliances That It And I Will Go Elsewhere For That Like Lowes & Home Depot .
The Clothes At Sears And Kmart Is Garbage And Even They Purfume Section Its A Matter Of Time For Them They Will Close .
Sports Authority Closed
Next It Will Be Kmart .sears.jc Penney These Stores Aged And Dont Want To Loose Money
And With Buyers Leaving Messages Like This Is Worse .
Dont Send Me No Dam Coupons Either
Not Interested !
Goodbye Sears & Kmart
Good Riddings !

Posted by Very Disappointed, Won't Be Back

I received my order but quickly realized that they were causing me physical harm. I read the packing slip several times and asked my partner to double check me that I had read it right what I needed to do. It said not to return to a store, but send it back using the address label below. There was a line that said something about getting a head start by going online. Why do I need to go online? The packing slip said nothing about *needing* to go online, just initiating. Well, I don't need to alert them. The return box with slip should be fine.


I figured that I'd have to pay a few bucks to send the item back. I could understand that. But I was shocked to discover that it cost half the price of this not-cheap item to send it back. I debated for a moment, but no, I couldn't keep it. I was missing some flesh due to the item. So I paid it.

When I got home, I decided to check around to see what else I could learn. Online I found two other directions about how to handle the item which conflicted each other AND the directions on the packing slip. One said that there would be no refund on shipping. The other said that I could return the item to the store. Well, that sucks. I could have driven this over and paid only a buck in gas to do so. Then there was another line: You can initiate your return online by clicking Online Return.

Now I clicked the link. After signing in, I was greeted with text saying that my item qualified for free shipping back to them since it had done some damage. What. The packing slip had said nothing about a possibility that Sears would ship the item back to themselves for free. Just to return it by mail, not by going to a store. Yes, I was livid.

I talked to a rep who told me that I should have known to go online and talk to them about the item. I pointed out about the slip saying nothing about this. I followed their own directions. He jerked me around a bit and then gave me some discount code for something absolutely useless. I then talked to someone else who gave me *most* of the cost of the shipping in points to pay for another order. I don't want to buy anything else from them. I'm still out money that I should not have had to pay per one of their many conflicting policies.

I wanted a refund. Now I'm "helped" by spending their points on their items. I'll take it as I see that they're not going to take full responsibility for their own terrible work. My family frequented Sears many times over the years and I formally held them in warm regards. But thanks to their own mistakes, this consumer relationship is over.

Posted by DOC Rambo DOC Rambo

let me tell you a funny story, if some of the words or wrong or misspelled blame it on my Dragon. Many years ago well first let me say as many of you may well know when you buy something at a store that you like and then you go back two months later to buy if they no longer have it and will never get it again. I'm going back many years when Sears satisfaction guarantee was in fact forever there was no time frames implemented on it so it was definitely more than 20 years ago. Over the years I had purchased numerous pairs of a die hard work shoe which had a white Phone soul, sometimes I could get it and sometimes I could not because the shoes use the last me about a year or two, so knowing that they would probably not be available ever again I bought three pair, they were about $70 a pair. As I said they lasted me somewhere around a year or two of course making certain repairs during that year like gluing the soul back together or hold it on with duct tape, which I really didn't mind because I love the shoes, particularly because they had a very flat soul which did not pick up mud since I was always coming in from working outside on my form. So I stored my extra pairs of shoes in the closet and every two years I took out a new pair, well when I got to the third pair and opened the box lo and behold phone soul had disintegrated. I took issue back to the store which at that time had a satisfaction guaranteed policy still in existence claim the issue in the computer and said that they could not take it back because it was no longer made and they couldn't find a number to take it back with. I called Sears headquarters somewhere in Chicago I believe that I spoke to the shoe buyer for the entire United States and explain to him what the problem was he said he would take care, and he did; what he did was call the store manager where I bought this shoe and told him to exchange that pair of shoes for any pair of shoes that I wanted. Since they did not have the issue anymore I exchange does shoes for a pair of red wing work shoes which were about $205 I was given shoes and the receipt for the shoes and I took them home, the first time I tried to wear them they gave me a blister on my foot so I was forced to return them and since these current shoes were in the computer - a lady who I bought them from at first did not want to give me a refund that is in cash and she called the store manager he came to the shoe department steam started to come out of his ears and he hurriedly walked away from the shoe lady and over his shoulder said give him the money.. I don't know whether this is good or bad Sears, but that's what happened.

Posted by George

I recently bought a pair of dockers at Sears and went on vacation for 35 days. The problem was that the pair of dockers i bought were not matching the size on the sticker (36_32) to the real size (34_30). I went to return my purchase after i came back from my vacation and Sears refused to do it. No matter how much I explained to the manager, she just said no... what Sears didnt know was that I left my wife in the electronics department picking out a $3500 fridge... long story short, Sears just lost $20k+ I was planning to spent over the next year. And all because they didnt want to refund me $40.

Posted by Amy

Just tried to return a shirt at the Crossroads Mall in Portage, MI. I had the receipt and tags were still attached. The cashier told me there was nothing she could do because it had been over 30 days. the same shirt is still available on the racks so I don't see why I couldn't at least get a store credit. After cocking an attitude with me she told me it shouldn't take that long to decide if I like it or not and she said that is the policy at most stores. Wrong!! I just took something back to JCP that I bought in December without a receipt. The associate looked up the item in the computer and found the price. Guess what? I got cash back!! I will no longer be shopping at Sears. When I take my kids back-to-school shopping I'll park at Sears and walk through. I can always find a close spot because not very many people shop there anymore. Hmmm..could that be because of the return policy??!!

Posted by Completely dissatisfied customer

I am extremely unhappy with Sears! I bought 2 pairs of paints that I wanted to return, but because it is 39 days past the date it was purchased they will not take them back. I would even settle for store credit. They wouldn't do it. What major department store only gives 30 days to return?!! They just lost me as a customer. I will never shop there again and will make sure my friends and family will know about my experience! Completely disappointed!

Posted by Upset Customer

Okay I'm going to rant here for a moment I went to Sears prior to going on my vacation I could not find an associate to help it was so hot in the store you couldn't even try anything on because you were sweating like a pig so I went to the register with a bunch of items and before purchasing those items I told the associate that I would be taking these items home to try on and would I have any problems returning these items. Here's exactly what she said oh no you won't have any problem as long as you have your receipt and the tags are still on the garments. I went to return these items and was told that I could not return anything as I was 6 days past the 30 days when I said what are you talking about I was told that they have a 30-day return policy I stated I was not informed of that when I purchase these items and was talked into getting the Sears MasterCard also there are no signs posted at the cash registers regarding this policy. I asked you to look at the receipt because I asked them that the receipt States that most items well I assumed which was apparently the wrong thing to do that it was talking about SE Electronics or appliances those kind of things and then something about it varies well they need to make your receipts more clear it should state if you buy this crap you have 30 days to return it or you're screwed. So now I am screwed with merchandise that either does not look good does not fit in a grand total of $300 totally screwed. I say boycott Sears nobody shops there anyway they're on their last leg and they're on their way out and it's no wonder they're even in business. I called the corporate office they so kindly gave me the phone number and talk to them regarding my situation they basically said that stuff you own it and we are standing by our policy so thank you for allowing us to screw you over. I am boycotting Sears and I think all of you should do the same

Posted by Upset mom

I recently had a baby shower where I was given a baby blanket and crib sheet. Unfortunately, I was not given a gift receipt. I am not able to use them so I was hoping to return, or exchange them for something I could use for my baby but nope, they would not take it back without a receipt. The items are still in their original packaging with the tags still on them. It's ridiculous! Having a baby is not cheap. I don't understand why I couldn't at least exchange them.

Posted by Tracy

Remember when the customer was always right? Sears has rewritten customer service! You are guaranteed a bad and expensive experience! We just wanted to exchange a pair of Levie pants. Nope 34 days after the purchase. So we talked to the cashier mgr, and she said we had to call Levi corporate to get the return authorization. They said it was Sears policy not levi's. Then multiple calls to Sears customer support...what a joke...
Anyone need a pair of $70 Levi 38" 32" pants? And like all of you we won't be a Sears customer again.

Posted by I have never seen people so enti

I can't believe how entitled so many people act in this board. It is YOUR responsibility to find out the return policy before you purchase from a retailer. Their policy is on the website (this website links to the WRONG return policy, as it only shows the online return policy; you can easy Google "Sears Return Policy" to find the right one), on signs near the registers, and on the receipt. Remember, Sears is one of the few stores that offers a combination of nearly everything. You can't compare it to stores that only specialize in one item.

For over a year, on the website, there has been a clear statement showing that there is a 30 day return policy. It is only in these past few months where they started enforcing it due to the HUGE amounts of return fraud that was happening in Sears. People need to stop assuming that they are special little kids and can get a store credit! An associate told me that they physically can NOT return an item past 30 days anymore since their registers won't allow it! That's why the print out the little ticket with the phone number to call corporate.

For those who can't make it within the 30 days due to a physical disability? Surely you have a family member or friend who is willing to help you get your money back and will make the drive up to the store for you!

Posted by Legs

I made purchases at Sears ($52.97) 4/16/16 with my Sears card. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to get to Sears until 7/26/16 to return the items which were still in the bag, tags still on them and my receipt. I had gone in thinking I could get a credit on my card. I was very disappointed to find out I could not. I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years and this is not the way to treat loyal customers......your executives should and must rethink this policy. As I walked around the store this day and on other days this past year - I saw fewer and fewer customers.....I wonder why....oh, maybe it's your policies. Also, you have really no staff to talk about in these stores. I waited for 10 minutes in one department for help and had to go chase someone down who could help me. My days at Sears are just about over.........since this is the way you are treating VALUABLE AND LOYAL CUSTOMERS.

Posted by ByeBye Sears

I have been a loyal customer of Sears for many years but I'll no longer shop there. This new return policy is ludicrous and very poor business for a company trying to stay afloat among competitors. I made a purchase for 32.07 on May 25th and tried to return it at a Sears store (with my receipt and tags attached) on July 27th.. I didn't expect to get my money back as I saw the 30 day return policy but NOWHERE does it say that there are no exchanges or store credit offered! The employee apologized and gave me the phone number and said they would resolve my issue, would email me a return label to send in my items by mail. When I called the number I spoke to someone named Lisa(?) or Liza(?) explained my issue and that I only wish to have store credit.. Not only was she arrogant and rude she absolutely refused to honor my request, said that the register won't allow them to give store credit or exchange past 30 days. I've worked in retail stores for over 20 years and I know very well that a manager can override this if they wish! Not even discount stores treat their customers this way! It's no wonder Sears is on it's last leg and with this new policy it surely won't be long.. Good riddance!

Posted by Chris

Your return policy will be the end of business for your Alaska stores...I tried to return an item (with receipt, tags, hanger...) 2 days late. In Alaska, not everyone lives in Anchorage or Fairbanks. It is my goal to go to town every 6 weeks. They would not/could not make an exception for the Alaska Store. Therefore, I will no longer shop at Sears.

Posted by mom2one

Like everyone else I had the same experience with Sears. Tried to return a pair of slacks, with the receipt 32 days later. I missed the cut off by 2 days...manager was a real witch about it too. Done with sears. Will never go there again! They have the worse customer service I have ever seen.

Posted by Betty

I may part ways with Sears...not because of a personal experience...but a friend had bought a bra just before she had hip surgery. She could not get out and around for a month or more and at the same time lost weight. She went to Sears to exchange the bra and the return was not honored, with no respect for her reason. I admit that most of us should be able to abide by the 30-day return policy but in her case this was just poor store-customer dealings. If this new policy is on my latest receipt, I don't see it.

Posted by vendica

Have had it with Sears. Bought 2 pair pants on June 1, 2016. With tags still on, never worn, and receipt, I tried to exchange them to purchase a higher priced item on July 5, 2016. I was told after 30 days, it's final sale-no exchange, no store credit, nothing. I even called Corporate-they repeated what stote said. I have never heard of such a thng-I will no longer shop at Sears-Kohl's will now have my business . No wonder KMart and Sears are going out of business. Grrrrr

Posted by Alyssa

Sears has the most ridiculous return policy ever. I tried returning a dress two months after buying it, I didn't have my receipt. They tried looking it up with my debit card but since ut's over 30 days already, I was told they couldn't fo anything about it anymore. They can't even give me a store credit for the lowest amount.... so disappointed!

Posted by Scamspotter

Sears sent me the wrong fridge part ON PURPOSE. I'm out $20 shipping, and the part refund is taking forever. I'm wondering if Sears Parts Direct is running a scam? They're getting the free use of customers' money for the months it takes them to issue refunds, and there is no explanation as to why they send out the wrong part so frequently.

In my case, I saved the online "chat" and also took cellphone photos of the correct part - as the chatperson and I agreed it was the right part. Lo and behold, a completely DIFFERENT part arrived via UPS! I'm 100% sure that either a) Sears Parts Direct has trained chimpanzees to put customers' orders into the shipping boxes, or b) Sears Parts Direct knows full well they're sending customers the wrong parts, and are profiting from the free use of customers' money for the months it takes them to issue refunds.

Posted by bluenitto2

My Family had been buying Craftsman tools for years, my son bought a screwdriver set on sale for brothers birthday, found out he already had one so he tried to take it back.Never been opened with receipt. No way they had changed their policy on returns. Well looks like we'll get our tools from Home depot from now on. Bye Bye Searsthe writing is on the wall.

Posted by Anonymous

I just receive a baby gift and I needed to exchange it but was unable to due to no gift receipt. Even though that exact same outfit was still on the shelf they wouldn't let me exchange even for in store credit. I now have a baby gift that I cannot use. This is a poor return policy!

Posted by Former Sears customer

I fully agree with all of the unhappy Sears shoppers regarding their ridiculous return policy. If an item has tags on it and is resellable, Sears should allow a return or an exchange with a receipt. Life gets busy and there are also extenuating circumstances. These people are not cry babies, they just want a fair return. I bought 2 pairs of shoes. I had to order one of the pairs and it didn't arrive for two weeks. That only afforded me 14 days for a return; however, this was a mute issue. Due to a health crisis, I wasn't able to even look at the shoes for a month. Following the illness I realized that I would never be able to wear one of the pairs of shoes due to their height. I found with the other pair that one of the straps was broken. These were expensive shoes. Upon reading these posts I know that even with a receipt, it would be fruitless to attempt to exchange or return them. Sears obviously doesn't care about customer satisfaction. Other than greed, there isn't a single reason that I can see for this ridiculous return policy. This isn't smart business on the part of Sears. I will spend my dollars at a store that understands that life isn't perfect and we all aren't able to get back to a store in 30 days!


Same issue as everyone else in regards to a return. It is sad that you can't even get store credit with receipt over 30 days. I even request to exchange item for a different color and size. NO LUCK! I feel bad for the customer service people, having to tell everyone no sorry, to bad. Sears, I like your store, but the return policy is horrible!!!!! YOU HAVE LOST MY BUSINESS AND WITH THAT MY HUSBANDS BUSINESS IN THE TOOL DEPARTMENT!

Posted by Shopaholic

Would never shop at Sears again - Horrible return policy and pathetic customer service.
I purchased apparel from Sears and never got a chance to return items that did not fit me since I was travelling internationally. It was around 60 days when I finally got a chance to visit the store for the return. The store associate was rude and refused to entertain my return or even give me a store credit. I was just provided a Customer support number. Those guys further directed me to a customer relations team. That lady was very arrogant and refused to hear me out. Blatant reply I got was return policy changed from 90 days o 60 days.

It is disgusting that at no point was I as a customer made aware of this NEW 30 day return policy while I was making this purchase, neither is it mentioned anywhere on the receipt for customer reference. They have deliberately left it loose to misguide the customer. The associates reasoning was that I should read this policy that is posted on the billing counters (in 5mm size text.. really??) or I should go to to educate myself regarding their new return policy.

I am pretty sure Sears is losing out in the race against other stores like Kohls and JCP which such cheap, customer harassing gimmicks. Definitely, I for one am never setting foot in a Sears store ever again.

Posted by Disappointed

Stunned to learn the hard way about new return policy. Thought I could return items after trip abroad. But was told it was over 30 days. Was not even allowed size exchange or store credit! Beware!

Posted by Jay

I bought 1 pant from sears in April 2016, when I purchased there is no written on the slip that refund, return or exchange is within 30days period.after 30 days no refund, return or exchange. I have receipt and I request for return or refund or store credit.they were so rude, they did't take my pant back, I called corporate manager, she also denied. this policy applied after april 2016. so what

Posted by Anonymous

Just tried to return an item that had a receipt and tags still on it.I did not realize that it was a 30 day return policy,it was not on the receipt. No one could help me.they gave me a number to call.All that person keeper saying is sorry. Now I see how sear stays in business is by stealing peoples money.Some people can not get back there in 30 days.

Posted by What a bunch of crybabies

Anyone who buys an item from Sears now can't complain about the 30 day return policy due to it being printed on the receipt! Also, the 30 day return policy has been viewable on their website for over a year (June 14, 2015)! If you are computer literate enough to reach here, you are computer literate enough to reach Sears' official site!

Posted by ScrewYouSears

Just ridiculous my husband bought a Craftsman WeedWacker the first one didn't work and we took it back and exchange it. don't use it and it hasn't been opened and they won't refund our money. it takes hundreds and thousands of dollars have a stupid return policy

Posted by andyshomes

I worked at Sears in the early 80's in the Men's Department and then I was transferred to Customer Service Deptpart. Back then we bent over backwards to satisfy a Customer. I've been loyal to Sears for 30 years, but no longer. I've been having a problem with a issue with a riiding Mower. I bought it 3 weeks ago and they will not let me exchange it because of engine problems. I have been calling them for 4 Days and all that happens is that I get transferred to someone in India or Pakistan with a fake name that tells me they can't do it. And wait on hold for 40 minuntes . So I ask when someone can come out and fix it, my grass is already about a foot tall, So July grass will be 3 feet tall by then...lwhos going to pay for that? No wonder they are going out of Bussines! I will never by anything at Sears again.

Posted by Anonymous

Never again will I purchased any items from Sears.

Posted by Anonymous

Why didn't the associate didn't tell me I needed a sears return autorization #. I have been in the store twice to request a refund and still they didn't mention anything about a return autorization.

Posted by Camo

Terrible return and exchange policy. No wonder there is hardly anyone in the stores anymore. BYE BYE SEARS

Posted by Kris

Online Sears is a racket. I ordered a computer monitor on June 20th. On June 21st got the email saying it shipped which was perfect because when I ordered it said I would receive on June 24th. On June 24th, the tracking was still showing that only a label had been created. I called and they told me the expected delivery date would be June 27th. Today (June 26th) I receive an email stating Sears needs more time to process my order and to please wait and then it will take another 8-10 days to ship to me. They will not refund my money, I called and they said since they processed the label I have to wait. FRAUD. Never heard of such a scam. Lie on the order when you will get and then they hold your money hostage.

Posted by NeverShopAtSears

Stupid return policy. No refund, no exchange, no store credit after 30 days. Not even with a receipt. I will never shop at Sears again.

Posted by Anonymous

I am DONE with SEARS. I have been a customer for over 50 years. I bought some clothing for a long trip from three different stores. I tried everything on in the stores. When I tried everything on again in front of my daughter, she advised that some of the items from each of the three stores was not flattering. I took my trip. Yesterday, the first chance I had to get back to the mall, I returned the items to the other two stores with my receipts, and the amounts were immediately credited back to my credit card. NOT AT SEARS!!!! The very kind young woman proceeded to highlight the store policy in yellow at the bottom of my receipt. "See, it says 30 days." (It had been 32). Why would I ASSUME that SEARS' policy had changed after all these years? I said OK well, if I HAVE to I'll take a store credit. NOPE!!! Not even a store credit after 32 days. Every item in my bag is still on the rack/shelves. THIS IS A RIDICULOUS CHANGE. THIS NEW POLICY IS NOT EVEN LISTED ON THE OFFICIAL SEARS WEBSITE!!! This will DEFINITELY NOT help a struggling company to succeed. I WILL BE BOYCOTTING SEARS AND TELLING ALL MY FRIENDS IN PERSON AND ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO DO THE SAME!!!

Posted by Ed Roddey

I purchased lawn mower parts for my Craftsman Riding mower at a Sears store or outlet in Lancaster,SC.I received the parts in the mail by UPS and everything was right except a belt that I ordered.The shipment came in two different orders and my problem now is the store where I purchased the parts SAYS they cannot refund me for this item.Well I payed for it a the store where parts were ordered and now they say I would have to ship it back and pay the shipping and handling in order to get my money back

Posted by T

I think the return policy is stupid. I can see if you wanted your money back, and them saying no but to switch out something for another item is just stupid to say no. Anyway my complaint is my boyfriend bought me some shorts (that are normally the size I wear but just are made bigger at Sears I guess) the receipt was thrown away by accident and now we are stuck with these pants that are too big! Complete waist of money!!!! Never again

Posted by Anonymous

We purchas a riding lawn mover but my husand could not use it due to his was purchase on may 2016 and return in a week it was pick up and its now a month and no ones seems to do anything about our money.we r just getting the run around between corporate and sears stoe on imgram all we want is our 1,083 dollars retuen..who can help us get pur money...

Posted by Gramof5

I purchased a shirt and tie for my husbandin advance of a special event. Due to illness we were unable to attend and therefore really had no need for the items. I went to return the items still in the same bag packaging and with the receipt yesterday and was told NO you are too late . Return policy is 30 days and it has been 32. REALLY!! I spoke to a manager and got the same riduculous response and was given a ticket with an 800 # for complants. I called and was told sorry about the illness in your family but NO. I would have been spending the $ right the store putting that money back in Sears pocket. Instead I am writing this post and will be making every effort to tell anyone I can DO NOT SHOP AT SEARS.

Posted by Anonymous

To everybody complaining about the return policy on clothes. I'm sure 100% of all the Sears stores have something called a "Fitting Room." Try on the clothes before you buy them! At the very least try them on when you get home and if the don't fit you have 29 days to get them back to the store. I feel 30 days is more than enough time to make a return to any store

Posted by Handy Woman

Sears policy is false advertising. I bought a lawnmower 33 days ago. I was told that I couldn't get a refund or a replacement and the only thing that they can do was send it off for repairs. I would never suggest anyone to purchase anything at Sears unless you are planning on keeping it. Good Luck

Posted by Tharwood

I bought my daughter a bathing suit for her birthday! So ofcourse I got it 3 weeks earlier, wrapped it up and waited till her day! To big so we went to return it on day number 31! We just wanted to exchange it for the same just a different size! I had recept! Too bad they say policy is only 30 days! Are u serious the tags are on it! I got to another register without the recept, still no! You have to have a revolt we can't just exchange it! I'm so close to just walking to the damm hanger and switching and hanging the big one up! This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of! So I buy myself a few things, trying to chill out about it! I ring them up talk with a manger and still no help, they just give me a number to call. I get home and the stupid manager leaves the security tag on my top! I only live nearly a hour away from this stupid store! I'm going to throw the top at it him tommarrow! I will never buy anything ever again!

Posted by Cam

I just tried to return a pair of shoes yesterday, June 15, 2016. I bought them on April 28, 2016. They would not take them back and I received the same stupid returns on receipts over 30 days old. They also had two brand new people manning the registers. Poor girls didn't know anything.
I always bought my mother-in-law's gifts at Land's End. I won't be doing that anymore. I wouldn't buy a thing at that store anymore. If they are in danger of closing, then I guess this is going to push them over the edge fast.

Posted by Lana

Sears has a very poor service. They also changed the return policy and it is not acceptable for me. I will never shop at Sears anymore.

Posted by Lizzy

I know of no other major retail store that has such a ridiculous return policy. I shopped at a Sears store that is 1 1/2 hours from my home. Because it is not feasible to make a special trip to a Sears store, my clothing 2 clothing items were held over 30 days. Store would not take back or even offer any type of option (store credit, etc.) Was told policy return policy has changed since my purchase, yet there is no reference to a time frame on my receipt. I will NEVER shop a Sears store again and will do everything in my power to discourage everyone I know from doing the same. So much for pleasing customers who have shopped Sears for over 45 years!!!!!! CUSTOMER BEWARE and do your research before making a Sears purchase.

Posted by Sad Sears shopper

Another unhappy customer bought a garden tool did not like would not give credit had receipt.over 30 days even though I bought another tool I thought would work better.

Posted by Anonymous

Another former Sears customer due to ridiculous return policy. Seems like they could put the policy on the receipt. I don't know of any other major retail store that will not offer some type of refund, exchange or store
credit past 30 days.
Makes me wonder if they are about to close their doors. Hasn't been a good store (shopping experience/customer service) for a long time. Sad.

Posted by rmartin

Sears hasn't he WORST return policy ever!!!! I bought a pair slacks. I had the receipt and the tags were still on the slacks. I just needed a bigger size!!!!! They would not do it!! Why???? The30 day return policy should be posted at the cash register. Had it been I would of never shopped there. Please don't shop there!!! The return policy should be 90 days. This
explains why they are not doing well. Customer satisfaction comes last in their eyes.

Posted by Anonymous

Sears return policy stinks, this is where I do most of my shopping, appliances, etc. not going back and will tell my friends not to go either. I bought some clothes the end of April, went to return today I was told no!, no credit, no gift card, no different size, NOTHING.... Sears you are one of the oldest and most reputable stores yet but for sure you are going down the toilet .... Bye bye

Posted by Unhappy customer

I placed an order for some shirts for my 92 year old father-in-law. That was in April my two day delivery took 10 days to get . The Elder Care Giver put one of his shirts on first part of May. I had ordered a size M and she realized it was a size L was sent instead. Was unable to take back since we were going on vacation. I assumed that their return policy would be like Target (3 mos) or Kohl's would take back with receipt. Sears 30 day policy from order date sucks. Even though it was their fault I have to eat it. Customer Service suggested trying selling it myself or give it away to someone else. The item cost $21.99 + tax. Their policy sucks. Their store is so unattractive, parking lot empty. Once upon a time it was a good store. Fire the higher ups and get good help or go bankrupt. Unhappy customer.

Posted by Not ya mama

I've never seen so many people declaring to never shop at a place again because they won't let you return something. If something doesn't work, take it back right away and there won't be a problem. After years and years of bending over backwards to always please the customer, they changed their policy. Get over it crybabies! Did you ever stop to think that could be part of the reason sears is having to shut down stores. If they take back merchandise and can't re-sell it, they just lost money. It's about time they became a little stricter with their return policy. If that's all it takes to make you turn your back on a company.....

Posted by Unhappy customer

Sears is really going down the drain if they believe that it is not o.k. to return an item after 30 with receipt snd tags. Was told that I could not return unworn pair of shoes, nor could I get a store credit, or gift card. Had surgery and down mobilly for a few weeks to only find out I had money to give away, like putting it in the trash. This is crazy and will change my shopping habits with future Sears purchases. What's even crazier is that they do not have signs posted or tell you directly on your receipt or have an associate make you aware of the return policy so that you can make an informed decision about how you spend your money. Receipt just says go to Sears to find out about returns. Funny.

Posted by pt

don't shop at Sear!! I have a receipt and label tag .over 30days purchased not exchange .

Posted by Disappointed ex Sears customer.

I just left Sears and won't be going in again. I bought 2 infant fancy dresses on 5/6/16 for an out of town wedding for my granddaughter who lives in Arkansas so it was easier for me to buy here and they wouldn't have to pack it and get it all wrinkled. I took the other one back on 5/8/16 and they wouldn't take it back. She didn't have it on and I had the receipt and tags still on it. I'm so disappointed in this policy. I won't be shopping there.

Posted by Anonymous

Although my online item was purchased under the advertised free shipping, free return policy, I couldn't return it to the local retail store. The item, from a third party merchant, had to be returned directly to that merchant. Well, my so-called free return cost me over $9.00! What kind of a marketing system is this? Fraudulent, I say!

Posted by Anonymous

I will NEVER shop at Sears again. It's ridiculous that you cannot return clothing with tags and receipt after 30 days.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a longtime Sears customer purchased all my appliances for my new home and most recently my barbecue. I will NEVER be shopping at sears again as I too had gone to return something an the 33rd day with a receipt.and they would not refund me or allow an exchange. Was never told at time of purchase of the 30 day return policy. In fact sales rep was so concerned with trying to sign me up for an in home evaluation of my air conditioning system he must have forgotten to mention it. My receipt doesn't say anything about 30 days either. Will be closing my Sears Credit Card tomorrow's.No need for that anymore. go out of business soon if they continue with this anti customer attitude. Manager in store. Was useless and added to my frustration. Goodbye forever SEARS will be writing to corporate tomorrow which I'm sure they won't care either. Disputing charges with credit card company (AMEX) if nothing else at least make them work to steal my money.

Posted by Mo

Few days ago I went to exchange a jeans I bought on 4/17/2016. I had the receipt. Store refused to exchange it for me. I specifically asked how long I had to exchange the items when I bought them. I was told 90 days. Receipt does not say 30 days. I was very disappointed. I will be shopping at Kohls, they will take things back whenever, as long as you have a receipt.

Bye, bye Sears from me, and more likely anyone that will hear my very bad experience, family, neighbors, co-workers, friends with new homes, and I'll share that on facebook.

Posted by Anonymous

Same thing happened to me. I bought @ Sears online. On the receipt it says I can return to Sears store and there is no time limit specified. Item was shipped May 2nd. I tried to return today June 5th. I was told they could not take it back or even give me a store credit since it was past 30 days. I told them it was shipped on the 2nd but I did not get for a few days. Supervisor said she couldn't do anything and that "that's why they include a shipping label for returns." I am also done with Sears. It's a sure sign that they will not be in business much longer.

Posted by Hasta nunca Sears

I wonder how much longer Sears will be in business. I definitely will never buy at Sears again. I bought a Craftsman wireless keyless entry pad to replace the one I have that I thought it was broken, but I got it working again after a hard reset. Therefore, I no longer need the new one. I went to return it and the store cannot do it anymore because of their new (most stupid!) 30-day refund policy. I called the 800 number given to me at the store when I tried to return it to basically hear the same story; and there was not supervisor on-duty for me to talk to either. Since it is Craftsman, I called the 800 number from the instructions sheet to basically hear, they cannot do anything for me because that number was the parts replacement department and did not have my phone numbers on record.

Bye, bye Sears from me, and more likely anyone that will hear my very bad experience, family, neighbors, co-workers, friends with new homes, etc.\

Posted by unhappy birthday

I bought a birthday gift for my mom at Sears 34 days ago. I gave it to her yesterday. The capris and top I purchased were too big. We went to Sears to return them today with the gift receipt and tags still on the items. They were more than happy to exchange the Land's End top, however, they refused to exchange the pants! We were told that it was past 30 days and we could not exchange or get store credit for the item, even with the receipt. Not one to take no for an answer, I went to another register and attempted to return them without a receipt. I was asked to provide the phone number of the purchaser. When there was no receipt less than 30 days old under the phone number I was told I could not return or exchange the item. I asked the clerk what would happen if someone was not a shop your way rewards member, purchased something and gave it as a gift. I was told that unless the recipient had the receipt and returned it in less than thirty days he or she would not be able to return it. I was given a phone number to call because my refund was declined. The customer service agent was useless and just kept telling me there was no way to return anything ever after thirty days. I will absolutely never buy another gift for anyone at Sears!

Posted by Judy

I went to return 3 blouses I bought 31 days ago. I had the receipt and Sears credit card. Store refused to take them back. They also refused to give me store credit. I specifically asked how long I had to return the items when I bought them. I was told 90 days. Receipt does not say 30 days. I was very disappointed. I am now stuck with 3 blouses that don't fit. My neighbor suggested I call and close my Sears credit cards. I am also upset. I will be shopping at Kohls, they will take things back whenever, as long as you have a receipt.

Posted by Katty

i experienced the same thing today, June 2. Went to return a pair of pants I bought 5 weeks ago, tags intact and receipt in hand. Was totally shocked when the cashier said she couldn't return since over 30 days. Sent a FAcebook message to Sears and haven't gotten a reply though it states they typically respond in about an hour, then again I didn't ask a question rather shared my displeasure.
I will NEVERTHELESS spend another penny at Sears. I'd rather pay more to another retailer with reasonable return policies.
I feel your pain...and anger �

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer of Sears for the past 25years and never had a problem with returning an item. Today I went to return 2 brand new shirts with the receipts which I bought in March and was told of a 30 day return policy!! The manager refused to take it back stating this new policy and its no exception rules I am very upset and have 2 shirts which will never be worn!!! I believe that Sears will start losing both its business and its customers because of this and from now on will shop at JCPennys with its "no problem" returns, or Macys or Kohls with its easy returns. Sears is not the store it once was!!!

Posted by Irritated

Same crap happened to me today!!! Went to return 2 baby sleepers and was told I couldn't because I didn't have a receipt so I told her to use my number, gave her my name and said I had my shopyourway card if she needed that. Then she tells she can't find me. Really??? Gave you my name, number and email. So I look up my e-reciept and show it to the lady and she says you bought this over a month ago.. You only have 30 days to return. You're a day late!! Really!?? Because when I asked the cashier I bought the items from, she said I had 90 days, nothing's on the receipt nor is there a sign. She said well it's been our policy for a year now. Smh I'm not shopping there anymore and I told her. She wouldn't exchange it, give me store credit nor call a store manager. Only makes sense why they're closing down!�

Posted by sad story

I bought a pair of jeans on April 18 that did not arrive until April 26 2016. I had already left on vacation for 2 weeks and then I did not get home for 3 more weeks as my mother had a stoke, and I had to take care of her. I called to return the jeans that were too small on May 31, 2016. The return policy is 30 days from the date ordered, not received and the Filipino 800 number I called for return questions will not return or exchange the item under any circumstance. They told me to return it to my local large Sears store. I called the local Santa Rosa CA Store who told me that the online and department store Sears are 2 different companies and do not work together, so I cannot return it there either. I called back the 800 number to talk to a supervisor and the online company will not return it!! I will never order online again.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to exchange 200 worth of shorts I bought for my husband
needed size 36 bought 32 by mistake
they said I could not exchange I had to keep them!
I shopped (past tense) at sears for 40 years
as of today I will never shop there again or say anything good about the store
now I have 4 pair of size 32 docker shorts I can do nothing with
sears sucks sears is the worst place to ever shop
Ill never say anything good about sears again
Ill never by mattresses appliances clothes or tools there again
Ive even worked there before too

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return a pair of $50 jeans that was given as a gift to a Sears in Aberdeen, WA on May 28. The tags were still on these jeans and I had my receipt, I just needed jeans that were shorter in the legs and I was going to turn around and buy the right pair. The cashier couldn't take my return because I was six days late and told me that there's nothing that could be done. I ask for a manager. The manager that came over to the check out was very rude and preoccupied. He told me that this was in effect for over a year and that it is posted at every register. He pointed to a sign that was pretty well hidden. I ask if I could at least get store credit or just exchange them off the shelf. He refused and just gave me a number for corporate. I ask for the main manager and was told that she was busy and I shouldn't bother anyways because would get the same answer. I stopped trying to make sense with this idiot and walked out of the store in frustration. I will never shop at sears again, nobody there cares about their customers and that's why they are failing and going out of business.

Posted by Karen p

I have shopped at Sears forever. At Massapequa store I recently purchased sandals a bathing suit and a top . Nothing fit properly. I tried to return it tonite with reciept. was told of this 30 day return policy. NOT NOTED on reciept ..... My purchase was31 days ago! ..... Got a manager she said she may be able to refund me the lowest price the items were marked down to. ...... But then said she couldn't do that either ..... They wouldn't bend their policy for one day! Again this was not on reciept,. I told them they lost a customer a while family of customers. I am telling friends not to shop there.

Posted by suzee

Purchased a pair of pants as a gift in April, I gave the person her gift in May, and it didnt fit. I tried to return it 35 days later and they would not. Sales person was rude and online chat would not do anything either. I purchased a washing machine 20 days ago, and now I am sorry that I did. We always buy our appliances there, but won't be anymore. Its bad business. At least if you give me a store credit you are guaranteed that I will shop there again. Now I plan to warn everyone that I know about this.

Posted by Kmart

I received item bag of comfort on line at that time it was free shipping I was charged for shipping per invoice

Why was I charged ?

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased an outfit for my 86 year old mother in law in April. It was too big. We went to sears to exchange for a new outfit. We took the new outfit to the register thinking we were getting a credit to my Sears credit card or a store credit and was then going to purchase the new outfit. Was informed by cashier and then by manager it was past 30 days. The cashier was rude and pointed to a sign that I could hardly read. Needless to say I did not receive a credit and I did not purchase the other outfit. It is not stated anywhere on the receipt that it is a 30 day return policy. I just bought a refrigerator there 3 months ago and had a washer and dryer on order that I purchased 2 days ago. I buy my major appliances, my husband buys tools, and many more items there. I'm done with Sears, which is sad because I do like the Kenmore brand! I will NO longer shop at Sears!

Posted by Anonymous

Will never again shop at sears and will make sure to tell others to not shop there. Their return policy is just ridiculous. Took advantage of a sale to buy a birthday present. The present did not work out and went to return, and was told I could not return with tags and original receipt because it was 2 days past a 30 day return policy. Never knew was such a policy, on the receipt gives no indication of 30 days just stating time varies on item purchased. If this is policy should be printed on receipt, who looks on line for policies. NO ONE. Just a scam on sears part. Good way to be customer service friendly and keep customers. NOT. No wonder you are going out of business and continually lose money. I hope sears finally closes down.!!! People never, ever shop at sears!! I know I will never again

Posted by Mary

Went to return an item at Sears today with my receipt. They refused to give me credit because I was over 30 days, no where did it say that on the receipt. I spoke to a manager and she said their hands were tied. I told her that I was going to return my item and shop there for other things but now I am going elsewhere. Their loss!!

Posted by Anonymous

just went to return two items at Sears. No policy was listed on the receipt. Was informed by a manager that it is posted at the register, still didnt see a return policy. Will not be returning to their store.

Posted by LAZY

5/23/2016 I Am Reading Numerous Reviews From Customers Who Wished To Exchange Articles For A Different Size. Sears Would Not Do It Past 30 Days. My Receipt Also Did Not Have The 30 Day Policy On It. I Checked It. Now I Have 4 Bras That Are Too Big. I Also Had An Armload Of Clothes To Buy. I Put Them Back. Sears, You Can Add Me To Your Enorous List Of Customers Who Have Sworn Never To Go Back To Sears. It's Amazing How Many Customers You Have Lost Over This Return Policy. Add Me To The List. I Won't Shop In Sears Again, Wearing My Bra That Is Too Big!

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service has always been an issue at Sears/Kmart stores. Now with the 30 day return policy, I am most certain that Sears/Kmart stores will be out of business sooner than they anticipate.

Posted by Anonymous

I did not realize that the return policy is only 30 days because I never return anything. The one time I do try to return I was 2 days past the 30 days and they would not return or even do a store credit. I have my receipts emailed and didn't pay attention. Very disappointed to say the least. I now have a $30 pair of Capris that are no use to me.

Posted by LookingforwardtoSearsBackrupcy

Sears Holdings companies.....Sears and Kmart.....are simply terrible retailers. I'm not saying they are bad, poor, or marginal......I'm saying they are terrible at best. They not only fail at every conceivable retailer's metric such as service, quality, price, etc they fail as an investment. It isn't that Sears Holdings is not aware of just how terrible they are....they know it and relish in having earned that distinction. Their SYW program is also terrible. But now for the best part. it appears that Sears Holding is now selling and shipping product that has been previously returned and damaged as new unopened stock. Twice in the past six months this has occurred to me. In one case the retail packing was completely missing and the product was shipped in a plastic bag with items missing. The second experience the item was shipped in a retail box but retaped several times, carton staples were missing as well as having some of the internal protective packaging missing. Oh yeah...there was a dent the size of your fist on the product. The answer from Sears Holdings.....we are sorry, again, for any inconvenience we are causing. Everytime a Sears Holdings store does my heart good. If any retailer should be put out of business its Sears Holdings.

Posted by partysmart

Fell victim to the 30 day no return / not even store credit policy on a garage door opener- 40 days out - never opened, with receipt - who knew they had changed their policy. I will not take this lightly and use social media to spread the ill feelings from this purchase.

Posted by K

Sears makes every effort to make customers happy when it comes to a return or an exchange of an item. The store prefers that items are in the original package and with the original receipt, but it will try to satisfy the requests of customers. There are three different time frames that items can be returned. These are 90, 60 and 30 days. Most items fall into the 90 day return category. Appliances, home and garden, and most of the floor care products are within 60 days. Electronics and computers should be returned in 30 days. If there is any damage to the product, the customer needs to make the store aware of this. Some items require a 15% restocking fee. Certain items can only be exchanged instead of refunded, and these include electronics. If a receipt is not with the item, a refund will not be given, but an exchange could be made.

Posted by disgruntled former customer

Legally, I hope somebody takes Sears to court. They can change any policy they want going forward, but any previous transactions would be grandfathered in by whatever date new policy took effect. They can make a 1 day policy with no rtns from that day FORWARD. At the very least, credit or exchanges should be honored with a receipt. This is a deceptive practice. Example -- a warning must be visible if there is a dangerous dog -- a policy must be visible -- even on this very website, today 5/18/16 Sears has 3 rtn date policies - 30, 60 & 90. Again, I am hoping someone reads this that has the ability to take Sears to court. Pre-existing customers should have the right to have their returns honored as they were PRE EXISTING and at the time of purchase the existing return policy GOVERNING THEIR PURCHASE was in effect. No problem with the new policy from x date as in order to still stay in business drastic measures such as the return policy had to been modified. All Sears employees should have been given a set date to honor any transactions made up until the new policy. The end.

Posted by Sears Diehard No More

Sears return policy of 30 days is a bad way to run a business. Store credits normally result in increased sales and satisfied customers. Obviously current management is not looking for either. After 41 years a Sears charge account customer, I'm done.

Posted by Ugh

Even though I had the original receipt, tags still on the items and original packages, but it was 44 days since we had bought them, 22 of those days were out of town.
Sears - you had better change this policy or I'm afraid you will go out of business, I really would hate to see that, but I also can't afford to shop at a place with such a narrow return policy. Many people do gift shopping 20 or 30 days before they give the gift, especially at Christmas time.

Posted by Anonymous

Is it any wonder Sears stores are going out of business with their new 3o day return policy which incidentally is not printed anywhere on their receipts...wake up Sears you are losing customers day by day and without customers there is not going to be Sears....I personally will no longer shop in your stores due to the fact of unable to return a gift that was purchased 40 days prior.....this is absolutely disgusting screwing over your customers like this!!!!

Posted by Nancy

I purchased a "scarf" curtain for my living room window. I did not plan to hang it up until after we were done painting, etc. When the scarf didn't fit the window, I tried to return or exchange it at the store and learned about their "new" 30 day return policy. I show up at the store to return an item I purchased 34 days ago and I'm told I cannot return it because the return policy is 30 days. Are you kidding me???? No store credit! No exchange! No refund! Thankfully, I am only out $20.00, but Sears will be out of a lot more than that! I immediately cut up my Sears Card and the new appliances we were going to buy for our newly renovated kitchen will NOT be purchased at Sears now. I will be writing a letter to the editor for every newspaper in our area so that the consumers will know in advance how ridiculous Sears is treating their customers. I'm guessing by next year they will be out of business or bankrupt! So be it! I will never shop there anymore for anything!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Disappointed 6 yr old girl. Her grandma sent her a dress from Florida. Grandma bought the wrong size. When we tried to return the dress in New York, we were informed about their 30 day policy. After trying on tons of new dresses, we left with the dress that is too small. They should put their return policy on their receipts. Not a tiny sign by a register that a 75 year old woman would not see.

Posted by Dissatisfied

Did not know Sears return policy tried to return pants that were to large. No receipt no store credit. No nothing. Take your Sears store and shove it. Now we are stuck with clothes we can't use. Our family will not be back. Worst policy ever

Posted by unhappy

good by sears you take advantage of the elderly on a pension and take the food out of their mouth with your no return policy and better yet my husband gets no birthday gift because you won't let me return his pants that was to big oh yes the cashier talked me into opening a charge better yet my my name was spelled wrong and i was 4 days late of not knowing the new return policy.
hope who ever desided this policy has a grea day and the lost of many more customers good by

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return 5 pairs of jeans to Sears at 37 days. I would have returned them sooner, but had no idea the return policy is now 30 days. My Mom was in the hospital 3 times during those 5 weeks and I had injured my back and could barely walk, so returning jeans was simply NOT a priority. I was astounded at the manager telling me they could not take them back, even for store credit. At least she was really nice and apologetic. The return policy is not on their receipts, and can only be found on a small placard in very small print near the registers. When I called corporate to talk with someone about it, the operators kept transferring me to the automated retail customer service number. When I called a 4th time and asked that they NOT transfer me to retail, they hung up on me. Wow... how far they've fallen.

Posted by Altaira

I bought a pair of tires in two different orders one of them was never process; needless to say that it didn't arrive on time and neither the other order so, since it was urgent for me to change my tiresI went to another place to buy them and cancel both orders form Sears, Checked they cancellation and refund process and it said that it takes them 5 to 7 days to process my refund so I didn't think anything when I kept reading on my website orders that the cancellation was pending, on the 8th business day I called Sears regarding my refund and that's when I found out that one of the orders was never process but they have no explanation for my second order, what they did told me was that since I pay with PayPal it may take a while for my refund to be process????? that that happens pretty often, curiously it wasn't any problem for them to charge through PayPal, but the seem unable to give the money back to PayPal so they can process my refund, So now Sears have told me that, since I wait until the 8th business day to make may claim I have to wait 10 business days more to my cancellation to be process, so I cancel my order on April the 28 2016 and they are telling me that they will process the cancellation up to May 24 2016, If you ask me, I'll never buy a thing from
Sears nor Kmart, since they are one and the same, Beware!!!!

Posted by nancycart

Sears has lost a long time customer with their new 30 day refund policy. Had reciept and pants were tagged with wrong size. Missed take back by TWO days. too bad for me . no return, exchange, store credit. Last time I will ever shop at Sears. They give me a yard of receipts when I make a purchase. You would think they could put their 30 return policy on the receipt.

Posted by Unhappy customers

Me too. I will never ever go back to Sears. They purposely not put it in print on the receipt about their 30 days return policy although they have the time and space to print a lengthy advertising and coupon on the receipt. When I brought back a pant my husband doesn't fit after 30 days they said there was nothing they could do. Telling me I should have read the tiny print near the counter or go to their website. If they were honest and true why not print it on the receipt? Sears lose me as a customers as well as any friends or family i have because I'm going to tell them about this. I rather go to Macy's they have excellent return policy. I can see Sears are closing their doors in the near future.

Posted by Gramee

I ordered slippers VIA SEARS WEBSITE and just walked around my carpeted apartment for a minute. They did not fit right so I spent a week trying to find out how to return them (NO PACKING SLIP OR RETURN LABEL with product) Beware of as well as Sears. They refused to accept them, stating they do not deal with Sears. (looks like collusion to me) I again called Sears Customer Service today They would not give me their (Sears) return address. I hung up on them. class action suit?

Posted by Nas

I agree with everyone. What kind of policy is this? What planet does Sears operate on? No store out there have this ridiculous policy. Wish sears luck staying in business.

Posted by connie

i tried to exchange a top after 34 days to no avail. there was nothing on sales receipt after being told there was. i requested store manager and he pulled out policy from behind sales desk on second shelf. i couldnt even exchange item for size. i will never go to sears ever again. please buyer beware. i see why sears and kmarts are going out of business.everything is cheap made anyway.

Posted by Anonymous

DONE!! Tried to return a blouse and I was told that because it had been 36 days I could not return. Wont be shopping here again... DONE!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a stackable washer/dryer since December. It is unable to be installed in my house. I guess I should have checked that first but I didn't even think about it. It has not been removed from the box. Can you help me?

Posted by Anonymous

Sears just lost a customer of 20 years. My husband tried to return some work pants. 2 days late after new policy. Are you serious when did this policy started. Who has time look for policies online every time you purchase something. Pants were wrong size not even exchange for different size. This is ridiculous. I'm going to make sure I never there again and also telling all friends and family to never shop there again. I really feel sorry for the employees that have to work for this company. Sears are going to be out if business if they don't make changes.

Posted by Anonymous

30 Days Return Policy
Bad Costumer Service

Posted by Malinda

Never again will I shop at Sears .... Your return policy is the worst

Posted by Anonymous

NEVER AGAIN!! I will never shop at another Sears. I received my receipt by email. The emailed receipt does not outline the return policy. I go to return an item and was informed I was a day late in a very rude way. I'm so done with Sears!

Posted by Jim

I tried to return a drill battery that was a gift but was the wrong type. It was 37 days. They wound not allow a return or exchange. Why would I ever do business here again?

Posted by Another Customer Lost

Bye Bye Sears! You've just lost another loyal customer! I have shopped at Sears and Kmart for over 40 years and have spent thousands of dollars! Up until very recently, they have ALWAYS had a return policy of 90 days. I always save all of my receipts. I went to return 3 items of clothing that did not fit, with my receipt and with all items of clothing unworn with all tags still attached. I was 2 days over the new 30 day return policy, which I did not discover until I went in to return them. I was told NO, that I could not return them. I told them that the receipt does not say 30 days. They said, oh, we have a new 30 day policy. It just changed in January. I said, okay, then please give me a store credit. They said they could not do that. I asked for a manager, who was very rude, who told me that they are not allowed to give store credit! I asked what am I supposed to do with clothes that don't fit me? Am I just forced to keep them now? She just said you don't have a choice! I was furious! I told them that they just lost a customer for life! I WILL NEVER SHOP AT SEARS OR KMART AGAIN, because now that I have researched this matter, I have found that Kmart now has the same new policy. No store credit???!! Unbelievable! I have
also been a rewards member. Bye bye Sears and Kmart! It seems that your new store policy will end up being the death of you!

Even Ross stores, with their 30 day return policy, will issue a store credit if you return items with tags and receipt!

It seems to me that Sears and Kmart WANT to go out of business with their NEW customer service policies and overly rude employees! I had been planning on buying some major appliances from Sears, but after reading the horror stories of other customers' experiences with major purchases, I WILL NOT even consider that anymore. I will NEVER set foot in a Sears or Kmart store again!

Nice work, Sears Holdings! You are losing all of your loyal customers in droves! It looks like a planned suicide!

Posted by Anonymous

I spoke about return policy they even don't want to speak with me but hand u on me so unorganized not polite please please I tell everyone it's worth company to shop there even for few bucks Even goodwill has better police then Sears

Posted by Fialka

I was at Sears and want to return 2 kids belt it's was over month only 2 days over and I have recipt but they they we can give only the cheapest what we have now I was so shoked with police no one like this police it's not said on recipt I was so shoked so from today on I am not going Sears any more and I am not recommend to no one go there

Posted by bye bye sears

The return policy is not even written on the gift receipt. I called the 800 # given to me by the manager and was told that I could have called and asked what their return/exchange policy was. I was a loyal customer for over 30 years but as of today I will never purchase anything from Sears again.

Posted by done with sears

I currently have the same issue with the return policy. Any attorneys out there looking for a class action lawsuit? you have a lot of plaintiffs here and this would put Sears out of business.

Posted by Anonymous

I think 30 days is a joke with a receipt. Most places are 90 days.

Posted by Kathy

I can not agree more with these posts. What is sears thinking obviously not customer service. I have spent thousanda of dollars at sears over the years and am currently in the market for a new ride on. Well competitor have my business now. I bought two pairs of jeans for my son and simply had to exchange for different size. Same item same value no problem anywhere else but sears. They have lost my business and I will let everyone I know know how ridiculous they treat their customers. Byer beware

Posted by jmccaff159

Sears new rental policy
I doubt anyone has seen a post from me in a couple of years but please share this, Sears has instituted a new 30 day no return policy. I tried to return an item with a receipt and was told I was out of luck. There are thousands of posts from other people about this on the net. First they pissed off most of the people who used to shop there and now they have managed to piss off the only loyal customers they had whom now will never return. So if you are compelled or forced to shop at sears my new return policy on every item is to use it, wear it, abuse it and immediately return it to sears before the 30 day return policy is implemented. If you need it again buy it again. I am calling this the Sears free rental program. Any item they have can now be rented for free for 29 days. Thanks every one.

Posted by consumer

I've never had a problem dealing with sears before now. Ive spent tens of thousands of dollars at sears in the past 20 years. I will never set foot in there again. As well, I will also get all family and friends to stop going there. I have very loyal friends and family and this will not be a problem. I'm buying a new riding lawn mower and was going to purchase it through them. NOT NOW.
This is all over a defective current tester that only cost $25. All I wanted was an exchange. Only 5 days after their new 30 day return policy, I was told there was nothing they could do. Not to mention, I was made to feel like I was trying to take advantage of them and steal.
There's plenty of other companies that I will give a try. Good luck staying in business.

Posted by Upset Sears Shopper

Tried to return some clothing items purchased on March 25, 2016 today, April 30, 2016. I have shopped with Sears for over 50 years and have purchased thousands of dollars of merchandise. I have rarely had to returned items, but these clothing item did not fit. I was informed that they could not be returned because it was over their 30 day limit. I ask to speak with manager and explained to him that I had no information that the merchandise had to be returned within 30 days. It was not printed on the receipt. He told me it was posted in store and I asked to see it. It was at the bottom of a 3 page document and was printed in about a 6 point type. Honestly, you could not read it without glasses. This was on a post behind the sign that said merchandise would not be accepted without a receipt. Why not just add in the info that it also had to be within 30 days? The manager was rude and thought it was funny. He said there was nothing he could do that corporate had even changed the software in the computers so that they could not process a return over 30 days. Obviously, Sears is not in the business of caring at all about their customers anymore. I would be glad to operate by their rules if they would let some know what they were. Right now, it is a "got you" and a big waste of money for some customers. All while the store manager thinks it is funny. I will take my money elsewhere and I can understand why Sears is going down the tubes.

Posted by I'mAllSears'dOut

I spent over $6000 in kitchen appliances at Sears for a new home I was having built. My last home of 25 years had Sears appliances original to the home so I thought I could trust Sears. Boy was I wrong. The news reports of the decline of Sears should have been a red flag.

Because my home was still in the rough-in phase and couldn't store the appliances in the home, I had my cooktop, refrigerator, dishwasher, wall oven and microhood delivered at my son's home as he had room in the garage.

While I was away on business for two weeks the appliances arrived at his home. I called my son and had him check the condition of the appliances for any dents or scratches. I didn't think to have him verify the color of the appliances as I made it clear that I wanted stainless steel in the store. Everything checked out fine. Done deal, or so I thought.

Fast forward another three weeks when the drywallers, electricians, carpenters and what have you were wrapping up and were ready for the appliances. When I walked through with the contractor and the building code officer, I saw my appliances, unpacked and out of the box, in my kitchen. Everything was white, not stainless, as I had CLEARLY specified to the sales associate weeks before. The model (Kenmore) was right, it just wasn't the right color. I was appalled.

I immediately go to the Sears store where I purchased these items and seek a resolution to this issue. My salesperson, who was "new" according to the assistant manager, was conveniently no longer with Sears all of the sudden. The assistant manager looks at my order slip and notices that the purchase was made 38 days ago (or rather, delivery was "taken" 38 days ago, whatever that means). That's when I'm told that my purchase was over the 30-day return policy and nothing could be done in the store.

I reiterate that this was a mistake that the Sears' employee made as I couldn't believe my ears. I trusted that the salesperson would get the color of my appliances right. The manager just shrugged it off with a half-hearted apology. She actually laughed and said that I wasn't the only person that a mix-up has happened to and that I should have had my builder or my son verify the color in the first place. Well, my son only checked for damage. Because they were all the same color (white) he probably assumed that it was what I wanted and didn't mention it, what an honest and minor mistake on our part. I didn't think that Sears was incompetent enough to get the color wrong on all of the appliances.

Instead of accepting responsibility and owning up to the situation--ordering the RIGHT appliances and taking back the WRONG ones quickly--I'm told that I'm basically stuck with what I have even though I didn't make the mistake, because the "corporate" makes no exceptions for "management" to override a return that's late by a few days, much less a return that's a complete mistake. I asked for the store manager; conveniently, he wasn't there and the assistant manager just nonchalantly told me in no uncertain terms that he'd say the same thing. I advised the manager on how stupid this was, even the fact that the appliances were never used.

The assistant manager finally advised me to "call corporate" and acted as if she was doing me a huge favor by giving me this "advice". I felt that I wasn't getting anywhere I left the store.

I got a hold of "corporate" and apparently it seems as if they are just as powerless as the store managers as they had to open a case and couldn't just say "Yes, we screwed up and we're fixing it now". I don't know what there is to investigate but I will never buy so much as a screw from Sears and they can count on me never to darken the doorsteps of their storefronts as long as I shall live. I'm still waiting for a "resolution" of my "case" but I'm not holding my breath...I may have to hire a lawyer.

So, apparently Sears no longer cares for their customers, will not fix their mistakes and a Sears manager is a glorified sales associate whose only authority is having a key to the store, nothing more.

Posted by JR

The local Sears is now closed. I went to a different city to buy a shopvac filter for my place of work. The one I bought was the wrong size, but I couldn't get back to the city within 30 days. They won't take it back and the clerk just told me I should sell it online.
I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN. Horrible customer service!

Posted by KathyC

Purchased a Platiumn Portable Battery Charger 18 months ago. Paid over $200.00. Has a 3 yr warranty. Called Sears and was told I Have to drive 1 1/2 hr to store and they battery charger has been discontinued.. So now the salesman said we can pay the difference to now purchase a Platiumn charger because the price is now $279.00. Ok but they did not have it in stock and they could not order one. What has happened to Sears. What a waste. I should be able to exchange my Platiumn battery charger for a Platiumn charger. They sold me a faulty piece of equipment.

Posted by SearsSucks

Husband bought me a knife set for my birthday. It wasn't what I wanted, so he tried to return it. He had the receipt, but was told it was over 30 days, but they could give him store credit for 50% of the item's cost. Absurd! They gave us $35 back, and are going to turn around and sell the knives again for $70!!! We would have been better off selling on ebay. I will never shop at Sears again.

Posted by Anonymous

Sears return policy is absolutely rediculous. I went into the store at Harlem and North Avenue on Sunday, April 24, 2016. I was making several purchases and returning two items. I was told that it was 4 days past the return policy and I would not be able to return, exchange or get a store credit for the items. All tags were on the items and I had the receipt. My new purchases were going to be more than my returns. The girl at the register said there was nothing she can do, this is corporate policy and they have gotten very strict about it. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor came over and I got the same response from him. I asked for Corporates number and called while I was as the register. Needless to say, I got no where. Any reputable retail store would at least have an in store credit! So not only have they lost my business, but I assure you I will contact as many people as possible and tell them about the incident and encourage them to not do ANY business with Sears. Sears should take the money they use for marketing (their Sunday paper inserts for one) and put it to customer relations. It doesn't matter how good your marketing is, how good you think your merchandise is, the bottom line is the customer and they obviously do no care about them. I see why Sears is struggling. Wake up and see the real problem. Your customers concerns should be number 1.

Posted by Anonymous

Got work boots as a present, didnt fit. Cannot return them because its over 30 days, not even an exchange?!? When I told the manager that the receipt didnt have the return policy on it, he said the website is on there and I can find the return policy on the website.

Posted by Angry in Baltimore

Sears return policy is absurd! 30 days only with no option of a store credit or an exchange of the item. I am cancelling my credit card and will no longer shop at Sears. I will be sure to tell all my friends of this ridiculous policy.

Posted by Disgusted with Sears

Most likely you aren't reading this before you bought an item, most likely after trying to return the item. It is very sad that this chain has no customer service. Tried to return two items because of the way they fit and it was over there 30 day limit, no way of making exceptions. I will be sure that the Sears/K-mart stores never receive another cent from me.

Posted by glojoe

Count me in on never shopping at Sears again! Tried to return a pair of jeans, tags on, had the receipt, BUT I was 1 day over the 30 day return period. What??? When did that start. Nothing in writing anywhere. Sears just lost another customer. There are too many other establishments that will work with their customers for returns.

Posted by ANOYMOUS

Sears Lost Another Customer Yesterday - 4/21/16 - Receipt Said Nothing About The "new" 30 Day Return Policy - I Was 1 Week Over The "new" 30 Day Policy - And They Laughed And Said There Is Nothing We Can Do About This - Sorry - That Is Like A Slap In The Face - Especially Since There Is Nothing About It On The Receipts - So The People In The Alexandria, La Store Were Rude About It,(THEY SAID THEY WOULD HAVE THE SUPERVISOR CALL ME THE NEXT DAY - YEAH RIGHT), As Well As The Customer Service For - Just Add To The List Of Another One Bit The Dust!!

Posted by Auburn lady

4/22/16 bought 2 different size of shoes @ Sears, federal way. 1 is size 7 & size 8 1/2. When I going to use it yesterday found out that it's 2 different size . The left is size 9 @ right is 8 1/2 . Mostly all my shoes are bought @ Sears. Went to the store & explained them that I don't have the receipts. The lady said that it's not in the system anymore and that means that they can't do anything about it. Can't even give you an even exchange or store credit. So, what am I gonna do with 2 different size. Was so made left that shoes with them and I will NEVER EVER SHOP at any SEARS STORE. They lost another customer. No wonder my family don't even want to get in that store.

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Posted by Tania

Sears lost another customer today. I, too, am having problems returning a kids suit. I purchased it in advance. It's a little small on my son so I want to return it. I had no idea about the 30 day return policy since the receipt doesn't say anything about it and the cashier never said anything. I tried returning it 2 days after their crazy 30 day return policy and was told they can't do anything for me. I spoke to a manager, have called customer service and the refund management line only to hear they can't do anything. Not even give a store credit back. I have never heard of anything so insane!!! It's brand-new, tags still on, never worn and I have the receipt. If you are going to be so strict about your awful return policy then it needs to be stated in writing. Until that happens, Sears should be doing the right thing with customer first and returning never used items with the receipt. I have been a loyal Sears customer for years but I will never buy anything there again and I will tell everyone I know to never shop there.

Posted by Kathy

I'm totally appalled about the 30 days & I saw it no where at check out neither on my receipt but nevertheless it's outrageous!!! I've always shopped 2 to 3 months in advance for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas & graduations. I AM NOT WILLING TO SHOP HERE with that policy. Everybody isn't a cheat neither a thief & that's what it makes you feel like when you aren't satisfied with merchandise AND YOU WANT TO RETURN IT WITH A RECEIPT. I'M DONE WITH SEARS & CUTTING UP THE CHARGE CARD.

Posted by LuAnn

I had no idea that Sears had a 30 day return policy until I overheard a gentleman trying to return a $10 pair of work gloves today. They were brand new and he had the receipt, but, because it was over 30 days they would not give him a refund, nor let him buy something else. That is completely ridiculous. When did Sears start this stupid policy? Like he said, unless he is going to buy something with the Craftsman name, that is it for buying anything else at Sears. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Posted by Margo

Worst return policy !! Beware. Just like the other reviewers said there is no info on the packing slip that tells u it is a 30 day return policy so when I try to return it ... Then they give u the bad news. My only recourse is to try to sell the merchandise on EBay for a fraction of the cost.
Shame on Sears! And yes I'm sure they will go out of business soon because they are loosing many customers including myself !

Posted by Disappointed

Worst experience ever!! Don't buy anything from Sears it It doesn't specify time limit to return your product on the packing sleep and when you try they can't let you do it. 1-800 number and email both not helpful. I am gonna never buy from Sears again and also will cancel all my account related with them

Posted by Mary B

I purchase a men belt and wallet from sears and return the belt for a smaller size along with the original receipt and tag still attach. Not returnable because it was over 30 days. All I needed was another size. Nothing was done to help the customer.

Posted by nlet29

Sears just lost a customer!! Their return policies are ridiculous I'm stuck with $20 worth of apparel that doesn't even fit my son because I was 4 days late returning it within 30 days so great thanks sears I'm very upset especially the customer service managers are lazy and rarely interact with customers and lets the retail sales people deal with everything and of course nothing gets solved managers are usually "busy" or on "break" I went there two seperate times to speak with the manager and nothing and also called still waiting for a call back so idiotic done with sears never buy from them unless you intend not to change your mind

Posted by Elvira G.

Sears is not the same company of years ago. Their return policy sucks if you received items as gifts and no gift receipt or original receipt they will not even exchange for other items. The old saying "The customer is always right" no longer exists and there is no "satisfaction guaranteed". I don't know who is running Sears now they are doing themselves a great injustice turning away customers because of the 30 day return policy with the salesperson saying "we cant do anything for you". I worked for Sears for 23 years training sales personnel the return policy then was to please the customer. Yes your Kenmore appliances were top notch but they are junk nowadays. Save yourself face Sears and close all your remaining stores before you are ridiculed and laughed at even more as a matter of fact close your K-Marts stores too I would rather shop at Walmart.

Posted by Jake

Every other store has a liberal return policy but not Sears no wonder they are going broke

Posted by hope

The return policy socks . I spend $63 in the time when you earn $10 when you spend $45. I need to return $12 worth of stuff and they will only giving me a $1.38 for it. Seriously !!!! I still was way over $45 . Don't recommend to shop there. Macy's has great service, you can still use coupons on clearances and if you use Macy money and happen to return something from receipt they won't take any money back. You still get whole return. Sears if you want stay in business learn from Macy's

Posted by Mariana

I went to return a t shirt at Sears. I had the receipt and the shirt had the tags on but they won't return because it has been more than 30 days. It has been like 6 weeks but this was the earliest chance I got to be at sears. It was a t shirt for my husband and he needed a larger size. They won't even exchange it. I am very disappointed. I will never shop at sears.

Posted by William F

I was upset to learn there is a 30 day limit for the return of a garage door opener. I bought the product and was called to attend to my father who was in grave condition and would likely pass. After 7 days he did die and I was left with his services, estate matters and cleaning out his property from a home that he had lived 98 years in.
My last thoughts were a garage door opener I had purchased at Sears!
Upon returning to San DiegoI found the Sears bag with the opener. I went to the store and was told it could not be returned due to you 390 day policy. The I ask to speak with a manager this woman came out and looked at the receipt confirming the news, I told her the situation with my father passing and she said, "thats the third person I was told had died today"
She said to call an 800# to get and over ride. That was no better. She said the purchase was past 30 days and good bye.
She also said to go back to the store as they would have issue the over ride.
I came home and decided to write to this anonymous person, you. The 3 Sears cards I have will be cut up and I will no longer be a Sears customer. It probably doesn't make any difference with you, but I have held Sears in high regard for 60 years, but without a positive resolution, no more business from me.

Posted by AngeliaCurtis

This company is a nightmare to work with! On February 10th we purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer during their presidents sale and spent $1016. Two weeks ago within two days of each other BOTH my washer and dryer went out so a technician was sent out and he proceeded to tell me that the machines I bought were both refurbished and not brand new. He showed me proof of how I would know that they weren't. When I called and talked to Sears they said that I could return them and that they would refund the money back to my card. I took the machines back and sat in the store for 3 hrs with my 3 yr old son because they kept getting and error code saying they couldn't issue a refund back to my card but to accept a check. I refused a check and remained very polite through the entire ordeal even though this was the most infuriating situation I have ever been through! I asked why they were unable to give me cash back since I paid using a debit card, had my recipes and the machines were returned clean and un-damaged and they told me there was nothing they could do about it. I ultimately had to leave giving them my contact information because I had to pick my daughter up from school. They called me back and hour later and they asked for my card information to refund my money and told me that they had to go all the way up through the district manager to approve my refund. Why did they have to go so high up and take so long to honor what they said they would do. They also informed me that Sears immediately released the money on their end and that it depends on your bank how long it takes to get it. I called my bank they don't even see a pending refund and as soon as they see it they immediately credit the money to you. I will NEVER buy another product from Sears. I wish I had done better research before I made such a big purchase from them. Now I have no washer or dryer and I am once again waiting for my refund so that I can purchase new ones.

Posted by Anonymous

Why not lease it from sears has horrible customer service! I do not recommend

Posted by Jackie

Horrible customer service !!!!!!!!! Do not purchase from there!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

DO NOT ORDER A MATTRESS FROM SEARS!!! AND THEN try to return it with why not lease it because they don't want to give you your money back its been almost two months that I've tried getting my money back and they say no sorry we don't have your information! And they have horrible customer service!!!!

Posted by JackMorr

I purchased a TV console from and it arrived damaged. I reported the damage within 24 hours, despite having to go through three numbers to reach the proper service department. I have made every effort to follow the ambiguous, confusing and contradictory instructions, printed and verbal. Sears finally sent me an email confirming the return and scheduled a UPS pickup.

UPS picked it up. It's been two weeks almost a dozen emails and several hours on the phone and still no refund. They say the item has not been received and I need to provide a tracking number. They coordinated the pickup and never provided a tracking number. They say there is no way of getting it from UPS but expect me to.

I am filing a small claims suit for the amount of the purchase and accrued interest on my credit card. I will also seek punitive damages to the maximum of $10,000 as I believe, and feel I can convince the judge, that their return mechanisms, including technological difficulties, obfuscation of policies, obfuscation of contact information and policies that seek to deny refunds to those entitled directly and through attrition due to frustration.

I would like to encourage anyone facing the same treatment to follow in kind and post here to establish the possibility of a class action suit.

Posted by Roz

I purchased a ccp399cokenpopcorn popper on 02/14/ did not work .
I'm trying to return it today because my daughter birthday was 4/01 .☹️

Posted by MARIA

Same Thinbg Happened Tome Orcien. Back In October I Purchased A Stove With A Sears Credit Card.the Day It Was Supposed To Be Delivered, They Inform Me That They Could Not Install It Because I Had No Shut Off Valve. I Ask Them To Take The Stove Back. I Made A Payment Of $200 The Same Day I Ordered The Stove. To This Day, I Have Been Unable To Get My $200 Back And They Continue To Harass Me About Paying The Rest Of The Stove Which Was Never Delivered. So, I Too No Longer Do Business With Sears! Worst Customer Service Ever!!

Posted by Orcien

Do not order from Sears there customer service is horrible!!!! I went in to Sears store to purchase a range, the total was in the amount of $1118.70 that was debited from my bank card using a pin transaction. I cancelled the order the same day and I was told that the refund would be applied back to my card. I called the customer service dept that told me that the credit would be issued to my card and still no credit. Every time call I get different information. Sears is the worst and I will never do business with them again.

Posted by Orcien

Do not order from Sears there customer service is horrible!!!! I went in to Sears store to purchase a range, the total was in the amount of $118.70 that was debited from my bank card using a pin transaction. I cancelled the order the same day and I was told that the refund would be applied back to my card. I called the customer service dept that told me that the credit would be issued to my card and still no credit. Every time call I get different information. Sears is the worst and I will never do business with them again.

Posted by nomoreSEARS

Bought my Boyfriend a Craftsman jacket and 2 thermal tops and they didn't fit him. Immediately went into store to exchange, but they didn't have his size in stock and could not order online because it was not available. I was told to check back "later" or go to a nearby Sears. Fast forward this and decided to just return them and was told that it was past 30 days and I could not. I even asked for store credit since I had the receipt and was told no. Now I have a too big jacket and two too small thermals...I will NOT shop there again!

Posted by Bucksaws

I bought a craftsman jack knife at sears years ago its worn out and they won't take it back for a replacement. Years ago they would, no more sears shopping for me

Posted by Liv

I buy everything I need from costco. For some reason, I decided to buy an $850 nordictrack eleptical from sears. It's only 5 weeks, and there's a strange noise coming out of the front wheel when riding it. From what I'm reading on here, it looks like I'm doomed. I hope sears develops a great return policy like costco

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a stackable washer and dryer on my debit card on 2/18/2015 On 2/25/2015 it was delivered without the stackable kit for assembly. I did not accept the merchandise. I asked for a refund. The East Peabody MA sears told me a paper check would be sent out on the 2/29/2015 in the amount of $1501.48 in 7 to 10 business days. It is now 3/21/2015, and I haven't received my refund. I've talked to the local sears where i made my original purchase, and they've told me a check was sent out on the 29th of february and I've talked to the cooperate office in Illinois as well. This is not the way a person should be treated.

Posted by Oh my Goodness

Trying to figure out how to return an item ordered on line is a headache
Why so complicated of a process GeeZ!!

Posted by GloriA

Terrible exchange/return policy. If the exact item is in the store and your item is unopened in new condition with the tags they should even exchange for a different size. Bad customer service.

Posted by DLV

I bought the best battery sears had a year ago cash. Failed but hey. Says 3 year warrenty guarantee on the battery. Actually because of the failure i was stuck. I dont have reciet or proper phone number so her i am waiting 45minutes for the to tell me @$!#. Thats how i feel. Who sells die hard batteries but sears? Macys and walmart have much better policies. Just be accountable for what you sell. Period. If its junk or poor craftsmanship, find new products or exchange them for workings ones!. Thanks

Posted by CCraig

Horrible experience after canceling a layaway they took like $20 and when I asked why I could not have cash back although it was a debit purchase they said it had to go back to the card used and would take alteast 3 says ALTHOUGH it didn't take them 3 days to take out of my account! I see why it is always empty and closing down locations left and right they should be ashamed of how they treat the customers they have left! They just lost another one!

Posted by Anonymous

Sears customer service is terrible. The store manager would not even speak to me about my complaint. Funny when I was in the store it was like a ghost town. Hardly anyone in there. No wonder they are going out of business with the pathetic customer service. Funny thing the last thing I purchased was the last time I was in there about 6 months ago. Amazon is my go to place now. Much better customer service than Sears and cheaper to boot.

Posted by Anonymous

how dome I went to return or exchange my diamond ring after the loss of 2 diamonds and they told me thats to bad they will not help me have orginal case abd tags on ring

Posted by Buic

Extremely upset on how I was treated. This expierence has proven to me that this company is a ripoff. Bought a tv on sale, a great sale. Brand new tv took it home and it was defective. Took it back for an exchange. Gave a hard time! Asked if I took it out of the box! WHAT? It didn't take it self out of the box? Gave me another tv, took it home and found out that the tv I was given was reconditioned. Took that back and asked for a new one and manger said it was because of the price I got for was low. Got my money back. Not my fault tv was on sale and now it's not. Not very professional actually crooks

Posted by jamessmithss

Im 16 i dont keep reciepts and most times i dont take them. I definitely learned my lesson with sears. I spent over almost all my saving money surprising my step dad with some new craftsman tools... Turns out he already had thoes m drill bit sizes but the thought was much appreciated. Went to sears to return it and they said since i dont have a reciept they wont . take it.. And usually they would put it on a gift card but they cant. No other explanation. Since then i dont shop sears.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the Six Corners store to purchase a humidifier. Selected and the purchase was made, at which time I also
gave them a $100 Gift Certificate to apply to the charge. However, during the purchase conversation with the
sales rep, I realized I had selected the wrong model. I asked her to stop payment and make the correction with
the right model. I was told that was NOT possible as the process completed through "dot com" and the order
could NOT be canceled. That I would have to receive it at my home and then return it before I could get another
model. Or I could just pay for a second model now!!!! I was stunned. Here I was, standing at the cashier
counter - a couple minutes after the transaction, requesting it just be changed while I was standing there and
was told it was NOT possible. The appliance manager finally arrived - 15 minutes later - and did take over
and spent 40 minutes trying to get to the proper source to get me a solution...but neither the
Sears "dot com" office, or the Seats Customer Relations Department or the Sears Product Services department
was able to help her help me. It was a horror and although she and I found a temporary solution so I could
get the model I wanted that night...I am still responsible for calling Sear again on Monday and trying to get the
shipment CANCELED. Waiting while others also wanted service, I was privy to another customer who overheard
the overview of my situation and then told me about her frustrations with Sears. And another customer also waiting,
said this was her last visit to Sears because of the ridiculous and total inadequate systems, which were in no

Posted by Anonymous

I thought that Sears has a customer satisfaction policy. Well I purchased $5,000 dollars worth of kitchen appliances for our new addition,the combination unit(oven-microwave) doesn't work but since I'm past the 30day store the store manager refuse to replace it. The repairman says it repairable but who wants a brand new appliance repaired. This is the most worst experience I have EVER encountered from a company that says customer service guarantee. That's rubbish my friends

Posted by Sam

Ordered boots from Ended up got them from a different merchant through Sears. Tried to return them because they don't fit. No phone number, no return policy and Sears can't take them back because they don't carry that brand. SMH... Never going back to Sears.

Posted by Be happy

Be nice.
I just returned a purse
No receipt
No price tag
Clerk said no problem
Looked it up on a charge card number
Full refund with a smile

Posted by Unknown

I am sitting here and reading all of these comments about Sears and it just doesn't make any sense of what everyone is saying. First of all if you're not familiar with a store policy (not just at Sears) then go online and look it up or if you don't have access to a computer then ask the sales associate. Second of all why in hell would you return an item without a reciept anyway and third stop complaining if you don't do your research first because every store has different return policies so stop comparing.Also stop returning nasty undergarments that is so unsanitary and no one wants to touch them... Who does that ugh!

Posted by Anonymous

My mother purchased a gas dryer. A week later with the delivery of the wring dryer, electric dryers were delivered and her home is not set up for this, she requested another model. She was told she had to wait on the money to be refunded before it could be applied to a different dryer. After waiting all day she finally called back and was told she had to wait 7 days for the payment to clear her account. It has been 7 days since the original purchase and she paid with a check card. The transaction has already posted to her account, and she is still waiting. She tried calling corporate and was hung up on. My 63 year old mother has to lug wet clothes to family's homes to dry. What a great company to do business with. I wonder why they're lowly going out of business.

Posted by Angry momma

I too bought my husband a Christmas present well before Christmas and unfortunately it was the wrong one. I'm out $150 now and pissed! Screw you Sears, if I hadn't already purchased my washer and dryer from you, you wouldn't get another dime from me!!!!!!

Posted by Mxdrag

WORST COMPANy!!! I will never shop at Sears again!! I bought tools for Christmas presents on Black Friday. Space the ones that what do you book it I tried to return to find out I only had 30 days to be able to return Christmas generous they give us two days after we open our presents to get them returned if they don't fit or are duplicate gift ect. While there I also tried to get a broken socket wrench for a place to find out no receipt no replacement. Ridiculous I worked at Sears 20 years ago and bought many of my mechanic schools during that time. Thank heavens I had the good sense to begin to buy Snap-On Tools along the way in my life. Too bad I have a cool chest full of worthless metal from Sears. BUYER BEWARE SEARS IS NOT!' THE STORE YOU THINK iT IS!!!'!!!!!!!

Posted by tallchic

It's simple do not shop at sears!!!!they are a rip off

Posted by Joyce204

I purchased a HE washer on 10-31-15 from Sears. After discovering our clothes weren't properly being clean I called Sears and requested an exchange. I was told Sears have a 30 day policy. I told the rep. This machine doesn't work well for us. She said it has been 35 days. I cannot understanding why Sears have a 30 day policy on large appliances. Sears will never get my business. The reps are rude and Sears doesn't care about Customer Satisfaction.

Posted by Anonymous

It Is Very Difficult To Find Out How To Return An Item At Sears It Has Been Very Complicated.

Still Trying To Make A Return . I Can Never Do Business With A Store That Makes Returns So Complicated.

Posted by Texas shopper

Bought a business dress on clearance 12/30/15, came back to the store to return it on 01/03/16 and they stated that clearance items cannot be returned. When I asked where that policy or statement was at, none of the employees could find it. Manager was called and she couldn't find it either! The manager finnally said "go ahead and return it" to the clerk. I don't believe this is their policy, they just want to get rid of all the junk they have. If I would have known that there was such a policy I would have not bought the dress to begin with! I would like to see the clearence policy they are talking about!

Posted by Pspin

Bought three pieces of clothing in August, kept the receipt, tags still on, brought back today and was told NO! Guess doing EARLY Christmas shopping and holding on to the receipts are wrong. I am unwell, have an elderly husband with Parkinson's to care for and going shopping is not easy for me. Saw this for my daughter, who can only come at Christmas and it was not a good fit so I told her I would return it. Not only am I out the money, but the sales people at Sear treated me like it was my fault that I bought early and didn't know their lousy return policy. They were will to give me back $25 in merchandise credit for what I had receipts for that totaled $66. If I never going into a Sears store again, it will be too soon"

Posted by Beware shopping at Sears

Worse experience!!! Bought a garage door opener as a gift. After installing the whole system, and getting to the final step( which was installing the LED remote screen) the LED screen was defective. Went back to the Sears I bought from and their solution was to uninstall the whole system and bring it all back just to replace a small LED screen.... Will never shop at Sears again!!!!

Posted by janet

Ridiculous!! I will never shop at Sears again. I received shoes as a Christmas gift that weren't my size and they refused to "exchange" not even a refund without a receipt. They should really notify people hey by the way keep the receipt or your screwed without. Stupid business should be shut down. Not shopping there again. With there fake brand names.

Posted by Tommygun5150

I purchased a oil filter wrench about 15 years ago and it broke a little while back. I went to the same store that it was purchased from and was told that I needed the receipt for the lifetime warranty to be honored. It's nice to know that I have a lot of Craftsman tools and now they are worthless because I don't have a receipt. I think it is fare that when Sears made this policy change that I should be able to return all of my tool for a full refund. Great job Sears!!

Posted by Good and Bad

I've been lucky with Sears so far - thank goodness. I bought a winter jacket online and it still had a security tag on it. I went to Sears in Holyoke MA. The clerk looked at the tag and said that it was a different type of tag than what they used. Another clerk looked at the security tag and said that either JCPenney or Macy's uses that tag. The manager came over, took the coat, went to the one of those stores and brought it back without the security tag. This morning I went to that store to return the Xmas gifts. It was just after the store opened and most of the registers weren't up and running yet. The manager saw that I wanted to return something and brought me over to the Lands End register that was up and running and did the return herself. This is the same lady that got the security tag off. So sometimes you can get great customer service. And then sometimes you don't. I received an order yesterday. There was also a UPS express pck. When I opened it, there were 2 rings & a packing slip, for a total of $42.28. It was someone else's order. I chatted online with customer service and was basically told that the rings were now mine to keep. Too bad they're too big for me. But I kept trying to find out what they would do about it - refund the guy's money or ship new ones. Kind of hard to do when I haven't given him any information. Finally got him to take the order number and name and address. "The shipping department would take care of it". I bet this guy never hears anything from Sears until he calls to find out where his rings are.


Worst experience EVER!!!!! DO NOT buy from Sears. It has been 15 days, keep getting the run around and they REFUSE to cancel the order and give refund. Sears should be shutdown. What a joke of a company they have developed into.

Posted by Dad2meg

This is Bull In May 2015 I purchased a $25 shirt for a gift. The shirt did not workout. We moved. Found the shirt with original receipt attached. Now in December I went to return it. The 'customer service' rep was very rude and refused to take my return. Longer story short. Called in a manager whom was even more defensive and rude than the original employee. Again I got I am sorry sir, our store policy won't allow you to make a return'. After asking for a higher up supervisor and me stating the policy was BULL. the said manager threatened to call in 'loss prevention' to have me escorted from the store.

There you go sears. I am done. Have closed all accounts and definitely have severed all ties with Sears and it's affiliates. Mostly because of the wonderfully amazing customer service department.

Posted by Rip Off

Terrible experience buying a Bosch dishwasher on 12/12/15 from Freehold NJ store. Machine delivered & installed but never worked. Went back to store was promised upgrade & various refunds. Numerous calls from warehouses & installers. All incorrect. We have been lied to more times than can imagine. I was in the store today to speak to manage Mike B. He hid out in the break room & sent another employee to tell me to speak with another manager. Still having problems canceling order & getting refund. Out $1,000. And still have broken machine in my kitchen for over 2 weeks.!!!! Buyer Beware. I've contacted news station & complaining to corporate headquarters. Also contacting BBB.
If I ever do get my money back, they were saying I wold be charged a 15% restocking fee. How can a person be charged a restocking fee on a product that did not work to begin with?

Posted by Anta

It's been more than a month have ordered gift card online we haven't received yet . We requested to cancel and refund even its not happening. Frustrating

Posted by Rose in Duluth Ga

I just returned from a Sears store to try and exchange a Christmas gift, and a previous purchase.
So upset that now if you don't have a receipt, you will only be given credit HALF of what the item was purchased.
So, the blouse I bought for $20, I was only going to be credited for $10.
What a joke! I'd rather give the item away, than to be given half of what it's worth! I will be cancelling my credit card too.

Posted by Taken to hell and back

Their delivery service is outsourced to a foreign company. It took hours of our time to sort out how to get the delivery people to come back to install washer dryer and take away the old one. They lied several times, it was a nightmare. Do not buy an appliance online from them or arrange a delivery online go to the store. Now got to see if the will give me the sales price. If not I will return and purchase again. Being on Maui you really don't have a lot of choices.

Posted by Whatajoke

Sears uses shady merchants that do not have legal addresses for a business. And when you receive a damaged item sears will tell you one the phone they will escalate your order for exchange. It will take 24-48 hours to receive an email. Weeks later they will continue to tell you the same thing, and the supervisor/manager will say the same thing as the operatorr. Because they are told to be dishonest. If you research sears online order in experience complaints they are evrywhere and daily

Posted by Anonymous

I will never shop at Sears either. I tried purchasing a refrigerator but paid with the wrong card. As soon as I realized it, I called to VOID the transaction. I was told by customer service representative that a transaction could not be voided!!! I was besides myself. Even the dollar store can void a transaction within minutes. The amount was in excess of $1200 and I was told that by cancelling the order my checking account would not be credited!! A BIG FAT LIE. My account was accessed and totally ruined my Christmas because it over depleted my funds. I have no money for Christmas gifts or dinner, and Sears could care less. I needed the transaction voided and I called within five minutes of processing the transaction. Any other decent merchant voids transactions, but NOT SEARS. What a reap off place they are. They certainly do not care about customer satisfaction. I will never buy anything from Sears or K Mart ever again and will tell as many people my story. No wonder when I stop by Sears stores there is little to no customers.

Posted by Anonymous

items did not fit my exercise bike

Posted by TC

Sears is no longer a store that supports customer service. The return policy changes are extreme and they don't care about customer satisfaction. I no longer choose Sears as a place I want to shop and support even though I live a mile from Sears in Santa Monica, CA.
Be aware of their horrible and inconsistent return policy.

Posted by Ty

I'm a Cusotmer Service lead at kmart. There is now a strict 30 day return policy one all items sold by Sears holdings (kmart,, Sears,, and other Sears store.) There is no way to over ride the return policy. Jewelry and electronics must still be in package of not defective. To see our return polic go to

Posted by Katie

Today I was told by a Sears associate that I could not return my clothing Item because it has to be returned within 10 days. That is a new one for me .I had a receipt from3 weeks ago. I always thought it was 30 days . Forget Sears and go somewhere else !

Posted by ILoveSears!

LOL. .... SOME of these stories crack me up. Especially all the little one's, about the smaller purchases (like clothes,shoe's etc), but you don't have a receipt (?) and are whining you couldn't get what you wanted back.. refunds. You don't even need a receipt with sears, shop your way covers that for you. I know what ya'll up.... & sears does too. If I worked there..I'd be killing with "kindness". You know, telling you to f off, but nicely!

I've probably offended soo many people, and to the honest shoppers - I'm sorry, this isn't directed at you.
But to the rest of ya....that shoe fits and we know it!

Posted by Really Upset

I bought a Sears coin operated wash machine for an apartment building I own. They delivered it with $2.00 on it as the wash amount. I wanted it changed to $1.25. There was where it was immediately impossible. Both service guys who came to the building did not know how to fix it. They simply do not get the machine. With hours of being on the phone with service, I was hung up on 3 times. Hours later they send the same guy again. He leaves without it being fixed. He says, if it doesn't work this time, I would return it.

Well it didn't work. The machine is not accepting money or washing anything. Ugh. These guys are incompetent. I will never use Sears again.

Posted by KillYrTV

I am a Sears Associate of 2 years, and handle many returns. The return policy changed a few months ago, I think September. It is now 30 days regardless of department, and you must have receipt, or Shop Your Way membership so we can look up the records. Mattresses and electronics have a stricter return policy for obvious reasons. Usually we try to work with people and spend alot of time trying to find their proof of purchase in our system, but if we can't find it, there is nothing we can do. We also have to keep an eye out for return fraud. Each type of item has its own warranty, and should be explained to you when you purchase the product. Sears Holdings Corporation consists of several companies/divisions, such as Sears, Sears Hometown Stores, Sears Outlet, Sears Appliance Showroom, KMart,, Sears Parts Direct, Craftsman, Kenmore, etc. Each company has their own guidelines for return policies. has many affiliates that sell through our website, and have return policies specific to that seller. For example, Sears Parts Direct can accept returns if you contact them and have them send you a return label. We can help you with that at store level if you have problems with email, but it's best to contact that company/division directly. We don't have access to the other divisions' records, and we have to wait on the phone like you would. In addition, you have the option to buy extra protection, which takes some hassles out of repairs and returns. I hope my 2 years of training have helped some people here, thank you for reading.

Posted by Ankita123

Sears has worst return policy. i bought shoes from online. i went to return it to store after thirty days and they told me they can not take it back because it has passed the return date. Everybody, be aware of sears return policy its 30 days not 60 or 90 days.

Posted by Wolfemom

I tried to return an unworn pair of shoes today but because it was past the 30 day limit I could not even even exchange them. Unbelievable! The shoe manager could have cared less and make that very clear. I will NEVER shop at Sears again, never. No wonder so many stores are closing. They won't be missed!

Posted by Money Gone After Online Purchase

Don't use gift cards when ordering online. I received an order # only to find out it was "cancelled due to technical difficulties." Where are my funds? Nobody could help, continuously transferred via an offshore customer service with bo reconciliation. They were quick to take my money, but now over $200 lost!

Posted by Anonymous

Why can't I return something to K-Mart if I didn't pick it up there. When I ordered it was through K-Mart but I had it sent to my address instead of picking it up at the store. The customer return person said I could only return package to them if I picked it up there. Anyway I need a return label.

Posted by AdiosSears

Returns, no problem, not allowed - on parts, who knows what else. You're charged the second you buy, it's delivered whenever Sears feels like, no ability to cancel during this "period". You'd have to click and read half the night to find out how each particular item Sears sells is returns. Don't bother asking customer service either. You call them and they tell you to talk to another division, who has no record of your order and refers you back to the first division. Ditto chat. Email, forget about it.

Posted by They don't care about their cust

Even though this website says return policy is 60 days for appliances they won't honor it I just spent 45 min on the phone and they said 30 days. I had my dryer for 20 days and it stopped working. It took almost y o weeks for them to get me service now past 30 days and it still doesn't work. All I died for was an exchange and they won't honor it. AND SAID I won't get a full refund if I return it. Worst customer service I have ever had in my life. I will NEVER purchase anything from Sears again. I now have a $675 bill and a dryer that didn't work. Joseph employee # 762631 said " I don't care who you talk to or where you will not get an exchange or refund". HORRIBLE. NEVER SHOP AT SEARS

Posted by miiabbay

I went to dallas texas not to long ago, my friend gave me some clothes for my son with a gift receipt. I live in Missouri. Can i return at my local sears with the texas gift receipt?

Posted by Very Dissatisfied

Where do I start? Purchased water heater June 2012 with 6 year warranty. Came home nov 14 2015 flood in basement. Called customer service was told my warrenty expired after one year. I then called the Sears store I purchased it in and was told I still had almost three years of warrenty left. Associate gave me phone number for the water heater department so I called it. ( mind you I'm dealing with flooded basement) . The water heater warrenty says they have to send a tech and it will cost me 99 dollars. Also I can't remove the old heater or the warrenty is voided. There is nothing in the warranty about this all I'm told is its policy. I made the appointment thinking it was for 17 of nov but it wasn't it was for the 23. This is unacceptable . I then decided to just get it replaced and replaced it with another Sears water heater. So sat morning I went online( big mistake) looked up water heaters found one at a local Sears store. I purchased it online so it would be ready for pickup so my husband didn't have to waste time. He gets there and I have confirmation number but waiting for email to confirm purchase. This is 9 am. No conformation email. So I send him picture of confirmation number and picture of pending purchase on my bank statement. The store could do nothing. He couldn't get the one I purchased and they didn't have another one. So he had to buy a different one that was in stock So to sum everything up I had to purchase a new water heater even though my old one was still under warranty. Plus Sears has my money for one I cancelled on line because I didnt receive an email confirming my purchase. I then had to dish out an additional 600.00 for another one. So now I have to wait for a refund for my online water heater purchase. What the.heck I have tones of money no problem. Just one more point I did receive the email confirming my purchase at 3 pm on the 15 oof nov. Such incompetence . .

Posted by 2ndammendmentguy

I purchased two tool kits on Sunday 11/15/2015, that I planned to give as gifts, so i asked for git receipts at the time of purchase and paid in cash. The following evening I decided to return the item, but I only had the gift receipt. SEARS in San Luis Obispo refused to give me a cash refund because I only had a gift receipt. They did offer a store credit, but I had no need for anything.

Posted by Disgruntled university student

I'm an university student with barely enough cash to really be throwing it out on useless corporations. I saved enough to buy a wall mount for my step father gift a 40' RCA plasma TV. I went to Walmart and they had one at 86 something so I'm like 'let me try Sears' go there and find one 40' to 50' wall mount for 76 better deal so I ask the worker if this would work on my tv I mean 40' just as my tv. She's like 'your tv is 40? Then of course ' I paid with my debit card and was out in minutes.

Try to set it up at my dorm and turns out the base that supposed has to hold the tv has small holes on the base when you place it on the back of the tv where you have 2 screws on each side it covers the bottom screw. Sure I could just be like fluck it and just have 2 screws instead of 4 and let it fall to the floor but I instead nicely, with patience will travel 2 towns from where I live and see what they will try with me. I been reading the comments and honestly I no longer expect anything other than waiting and nothing probably store credit. (That I no need rather they refund my damn money, but comments say probably not.)

Told my father and he saw the problem he took measurements of the spaces between each screw and is taking the needed copy of the measurement on a paper so they can help me get the one I really need. I will let you know what happens on this trip, but I don't have high hopes. I do hope the same lady as yesterday was working so she knows what she damn asked me wrong.

Posted by Sears Associate

Okay as a Sears associate I have a few things to say. The hugest ordeal with returns has to do with our rewards program in my opinion. You have to really rationally think. We have several ways to find your receipt. Original, email, phone number, or credit card. (Of course the other ones only work if you provide that info) The reason we need the receipt is because with the rewards people can get stuff for free, and then they want cash back. Obviously the store loses money. It needs proof of how much you paid. Also 90 days is too much. It should take you a few days to realize if you want to keep something. By 90 days we don't sell the item or its literally 1.99. If you are within 30 days, the merchandise isn't used, you have the tags, and the receipt it's all good. It sounds like a lot but you're just bringing it back how you got it, so you'll get your money back. Obviously if it's used we can't sell it. We're basically throwing the item away if we were to accept that. And people will tell us: oh we just tried it on and the soles are black on a brown shoe. Don't even try to return underwear if they're worn that doesn't make sense. The terrible people ruin it for us. Also we need the receipt because then people could return stolen items if we let that slide. Bottom line is I try to make everyone happy, but when people take advantage it doesn't work. You can save loads of money at Sears just be sure you're buying what you want if you use points because if they're surprise points (think of them like coupons) you don't get them back. Always use the rewards because just Incase you lose your receipt it comes up with your phone number. Sears isn't trying to rob people. It's a business, it's not gonna make money by giving someone back $40 on something they got for free.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return a pair of boots at sears today and was told 30days. No exchanges, store credit or refunds after 30 days.
The boots are unworn, and I have the email reciept from the original purchase.

Posted by Hardworkingmom

I order a coat from "KMART" not even sears! however I chose the item to be ship to the store, they suggested sending it to the kmart in town fine! I'm usually a small but the item runs big, so I went to return it in the bag it came, tags attached an invoice to be told that the item was from SEARS! however went to sears 25 minutes away! to be told they can't accept the item cause it might be from outside vendors! but it's not! I then call customer service and they told me they should accepted the item at KMART where I pick up that they don't understand, to go and call them from there but after reading all this reviews I doubt they'll do that! About to post it on facebook with the picture of the item where it shows was from kmart so they stop playing games and prevent that people that work hard bring their business to them to be riped like that avoid Sears & Kmart online orders you can't return on the stores if something goes wrong you hve to ship it yourself at your own expense This christmas no Sears/Kmart until they apologize in national tv and guarantee that this is not going to happen again!

Posted by bluefox515-

I can now understand why there are so many people unhappy with Sears. I purchased a mattress and adjustable bed frame. Only received receipt at time of purchase. Haven't had the items even 30 days and Sears refuses to allow me to return the frame and says that I have to keep the mattress 30 days before trying to return it so that they can charge me a 15% non-refundable fee. I tried to call Sears for two weeks and only got transferred from one department to another but they seem to think that is my fault and not their issue. Now I've got a bed that I cannot sleep on as it hurts my back and a bedframe that doesn't work. Seems they are all about money but not customer satifaction. Not sure if it's worth paying the bill at this point.

Posted by Keylee

I am writing you in hopes that you can do something about the faulty freezer we bought from you months ago. After getting the freezer it worked for 2 months then it wouldn't freeze anything anymore. We had to throw away a full freezer worth of spoiled food. We called the freezer repair service line and had someone come to assess what was wrong and he ordered the parts he thought needed to be replaced. Two weeks later after recieving the parts and waiting on yet another appointment someone came to fix it. They replaced the motor in the back as well as the coils inside. The total cost of this was 916 dollars, of course covered by warranty. We went and purchased food and filled our freezer again. It was aproximantly 1 week and once again our freezer quit working. We then had to throw away another freezer worth of food. The repair person came out and said there was an issue with one of the welds on the back and made a minor repair. Receipt showed a total of 349 dollars for this repair, once again covered by warrenty. It's been a month since this repair and now once again the freezer isn't keeping the food cold. Another loss of a freezer full of food. The sears repair department will be out in a few days to look and assess damages again. From what the repair person told me is that they cannot deem a freezer unrepairable or they will be fires. Not only have I lost several hundred dollars of food I've lost several hours of time waiting on people for repair. I have to take off each time someone comes out. With a new baby on the way I can't afford to lose anymore time or food. I'm hoping to have you contact me and help resolve this issue.

Keylee Durham

Posted by Sue

How long does it take to get your money back? I received the wrong belt. The lady at sears ordered it for me. She ordered the right one but they sent wrong one. I want my money back please and shipping cost all so. It's not my fault they put wrong belt in package. I sent it back the next day in same package with recipt. Nothing yet.

Posted by SearsAssociate

I would just like to start out with the fact that I am a Sears Associate so I hear all of your complaints. First off, those of you who have had terrible experiences, I am sorry. Those are individual people, not the entire corporation. I personally do everything I can to refund or replace someone's purchase, even though yes sometimes it has to be store credit. As an associate though sometimes we are given policies, such as our new 30 day return policy, which yes even I find outrageous, but there is nothing we can do about it. Though a pointer, even if it's been more than 30 days, the system will still let you return it so long as you have a valid driver's license/ID card. For those of you complaining about your orders, we have a marketplace similar to amazon. So sometimes you buy something that is not actually sold buy sears even though you are purchasing from With those 3rd party marketplace items we cannot return those in store because they ARE NOT OUR ITEMS. You have to go through the company you actually bought them from.

One final thought: THIS ISN'T SEARS'S WEBSITE. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO GET ACCOMPLISHED BY COMPLAINING HERE?! saying things like "Oh I hope corporate sees this" or "The information on here isn't right and I can't find a return address." Well, that's because this isn't Sears. It is a website with a compilation of different company's return policies.

Posted by Anonymous

My understanding is that debit card refunds can be given back in cash due to the interchange rates and the amount of time it takes for money to be put back on a debit card. This service was refused to us today. Very displeased

Posted by Theoson

I returned an edger several days ago that didn't work and still have not received my refund. I'm so done with Sears. Junky inferior products with non-existant customer service. What are guys doing? Looks like Sears is dying a slow painful death. Spread the word...

Posted by TOM TOM

I purchased a pair of lee jeans a few weeks back, I finally washed them and tried them on...The seam was crooked as heck, so I bought them back to the Sears here in Santa Fe, N.M. I asked for an Exchange, I was asked if I had my receipt, I replied no, I just wanted to exchange the pants not return them for a refund...I was Rudely told by the Manager that I could not do it.... WHY?...The pants were in the same condition as I bought 'em....(pre washed)...Other Big Dept. stores have exchanged Items without a receipt....No big deal....Maybe someone In upper Management can rectify this...THAN YOU.

Posted by F-sears4life

Ya so I just went in to the Sears in the Everett mall to return a two pack of 18v dewalt batteries that my brother had gotten me as a birthday gift. Unfortunately I have 20v dewalt tools so the 18 v's don't work. I watched an older lady 2 people ahead of me return items with no receipt and no problem. The ugly steak heffer than told me without a receipt there was a zero return policy. Basically that disgusting pig took one look at my appearance and decided I stole them. I will never shop at Sears again.

Posted by Isoloda

I ordered a fridge, a gas range, a dishwasher (50db) and a microwave from a Sears store. I was promised that I will be given a great deal. With installation, delivery and hallways etc..I paid $5,100 (excluding extended warranty). The next day, a friend suggested that I check the price at PC Richards, so I went there and checked the prices for the same items. To my astonishment, I was offered much lower prices. After adding a 5 year warranty to the refrigerator and upgraded the dishwasher to a 44db (the lower the db, the silent the machine is) and considering the rebates offered by manufacturers, the store and the state I live in, I saved a total of more than $1,000 (yes, a thousand dollars). I went immediately to the Sears store to cancel the order. They offered to match the prices but couldn't on the dishwasher and didn't have the rebates I was offered at the other store. Other customers were over hearing the polite conversation I was having with the salesperson about the price difference so I was taken to a back office. As they couldn't beat or match the price of the competition, I cancelled the order and went with PC Richards.

Posted by btbsears

STOP SHOPPING SEARS!!! Sears no longer deserves our Customer Loyalty! They now have horrible customer service, cashiers in the store that know nothing, it seems that most employees at Sears would rather cause an argument with you then solve your issue, they act as if they don't really care at all and I think that is in fact the case. While their actions are despicable, the root of the problem lies with upper management as always in these cases. One can only assume that management sucking all the profits they can out of a company and putting none of it back into customer service, better products, etc. I for one have stopped shopping at Sears and hope many of you will. If they were an animal we would surely shoot them in the head and put them out of their misery. It is really sad what is happened to Sears over the years, but again that comes from poor upper management and they're agreed!

Posted by NDC

Ok After Another Explaining I Did Get An Approval On My Refund Of $150!!
Thanks To Andy -supervisor Over At The Sears Customer Services Dept.

Thank You!! Andy
A Check Will Be Issued Thank You

Posted by NDC

Ssnta Fe SEARS at SF Place Mall has GOT TO PROPERLY TRAIN young people (Jacob!!) to the registers! I am still missing my cash REFUND!! $150 how the hell did THEY balance? who took the money??? Even the female store manager was CLUELESS>> cause the birthday cake was more important? I was given the run around Im still out of my cash refund!! and no one knows still??
I paid a partial cash $150 and the remainder on my Sears Charge Card and the IDIOT did the refund all on the CARD!! I WANT MY REFUND
Ive needed it back since OCT 7, 2015.

Posted by londonervincett

1] No matter what your records show now, I have been a very loyal customer since 1986 until now. I purchased an LG set [washer & Drier} a few weeks ago & it is a disaster. Clothes are not washed properly, even after studying the information pamphlets. I adhere to the rules but no joy. 2] the bottom of the drum is so deep it requires a footstool to reach the clothes, which in turn presses the buttons and changes the choices I have made.. I have no illusions that anything will be done about this problem, but i have always prided myself with spotless laundry. This is not so now. 0 star would be for me. I thank you in anticipation. Brenda A Smith

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Kenmore elite refrigerator and was told that we could have it delivered after 3 seeing how we both work, don't believe anything they tell you, we called and they said we were the 12th delivery and they are the 11tth, now it is after 7 call again and we are number 9 and they are at number 8. Then we find out they were here at 1 and we weren't home so we will have to reschedule. I also have food in coolers, as they were being paid to take away the old fridge/freeze

Just be honest, I will get a refund and find a Co pay that will do what they promise you, which will not be sears, now or anytime in the future. As it has been said...buyers beware,

Posted by Anonymous

My 84 year old, pacemaker, hip replacement mom, used her walker to get into Sears to buy 2 new TVs for her living area and bedroom. I was with her. They used bait and switch to talk her into a different TV, a "different cash register" to ring up TVs and maintenance/install plan. THEN they only delivered the small bedroom TV and said the big TV (with computer capability, all bells and whistles) was picked up by her! HOW, when she can barely pick up a carton of milk???? THEN said she never ordered it -- yet it was charged to her charge card!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER GOING BACK even though all my appliances are SEARS. SO UPSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This could have killed her, with a heart attack!!!!!! Thanks, Sears.

Posted by Sears employee

Would Like To Inform Everybody That Clothing Can Only Be Returned After 30 Days. This New Policy Was Introduced In June.

Posted by Pete

bought a washer two days ago, used it today and did not wash correctly.
went to the sears to try and return it and was told that since it was
a closeout item i cannot return it. What I just bought it 2 days ago.
the lady said that if i talk to a manager i might be able to return it
but will have to pay a restocking fee. no wonder that supervisor gave
me an extra 8% off, he sure wanted me to spend my money on a washer he knew did not work.

Posted by Unknown

I've been waiting 5 days now for my refund to reach my card. My transaction was over $800.00. I have bills to pay and still haven't recieved my money. Where tf is my money??

Posted by Soreback

My wife and I took delivery of a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress purchased at our local Sears store and immediately noticed it had a chemical odor. My wife refused to sleep on it and I proceeded to call the I was told that I would have to use the mattress for 30 days before I could return it and that the smell would disappear in about a week. I was also told that unless the mattress was defective I would be charged a 15% restocking fee as well as a delivery charge for picking up the mattress.

After airing it out for a week I wrapped the mattress in waterproof cover to mitigate the smell and tried to sleep on it (alone). This was definitely NOT the same Mattress I lied on at the Sears store it was considerably harder, akin to lying on a carpeted floor. After three hours I could not take it anymore, the pain in my back and shoulders forced me to head for the couch. The next few nights were the same, so I went on amazon and ordered a 3" memory foam topper.

I looked around the internet a found that those who sold mattress's recommend "breaking a new mattress in" as I was told also told by the Sears people. I went back to the Sears store to lie on the mattress model I had at home just to confirm that it was different and I was told there that the store model was "broken in by all the people who come try out the mattresses and that it was only a matter of time before my mattress would be soft like the store model". This Sears is in a Mall that is clearly dying, in the 5 or so hours that we spent in the store we were the sole customers, all the salesperson time was devoted to our bed sale. I don't know who the people who broke in the beds were but they weren't around when we were there. We spent about 10 minutes on the mattress. The mattress in the store was not the same as the toxic torture rack that was in my bedroom.

Finally the topper arrived and I was able to coax my wife into vacating the guest bedroom. It has been almost a month, we have cornered the market on ibuprofen and always have the slight scent of formaldehyde/gasoline in the back of our sinus. The topper helped a little but this bed is still unbearable. We went to change the sheets yesterday and a soon as the plastic cover came off the toxic fumes filled the room. There are now body pod indentations with a ridge in the middle of the bed, it isn't going to get more "broken in".

I called 1 800 SCREWU number again insisting that this mattress was defective because of the toxic odor. I was told that I could purchase another bed but would still have to pay the 15% restocking fee plus a charge to pick up the other mattress (roughly $200).

The bottom line is that Sears thinks it can sell you a sack of dung to sleep on and that you have to live with it for thirty days and then pay big to have endured the experience.

Posted by Grabbygregory00

I bought a pair of men's pants for a family member. They didn't fit. When I tried to refund them at the Sears closest to my house, 15 miles from the original purchase Sears, 6 days later in perfect condition with the original receipt, I was told that they didn't sell that item and that I would have to return them at the store of purchase. Give me a break. I'll be keeping that in mind next time I'm shopping. I'll think twice about purchasing at Sears. Terrible customer service policy!

Posted by Anonymous

I went the other day to exchange a shirt that had been bought there as a gift no recite on hand so they refused to let me exchange it. That goes against what you just put in your return exchange policy doesn't?

Posted by Anonymous

I was about to but a sweatshirt at Sears in Milford, CT today 9/18, for a birthday taking place on 10/24, and was told that there is a new policy on returns and that I could only get a store credit if not retuned within 30 days, even with the store receipt or gift receipt. I was also told that the "new" 30-day return policy would also apply if I purchased Christmas gifts which may need to be returned if done so after 30 days from purchase. Needless to say, I did not buy the sweatshirt since I would not be giving the gift until beyond the 30 day return date. SUCH A SHAME that Sears will not give customers such as myself the option of getting cash back within 90 days of purchase with the tags and original receipt AS STATED IN YOUR RETURN POLICY on line. Apparently the employees are not instructed to learn the return policy which I was able to do in two seconds by looking it up on line. I will not shop there in the future.

Posted by Me

Ok so long story short I had a wedding. A relative got me a ninja blender near San Diego ( where they live) I live in Los Angeles. Wedding was done and we went to return this blender that came with a gift receipt. I went in to 2 sears to return and they would not RETURN IT. THEY SAID I HAD TO GO BACK TO THE STORE IT CAME FROM. Again I live in LA. MY RELATIVES BOUGHT THIS GIFT FOR MY WEDDING IN SAN DIEGO. No way I'm going to San Diego for a return. I went to the Carson Sears and just came back from the Cerritos Sears. What a joke on customer service. I even asked for store credit they declined and rejected me. IM TAKING THIS TO THE STORE MANAGER AND CORPORATE TIL ITS RESOLVED. HOPE THE REPS READ THIS. I'll be back to the Cerritos store tom to talk to a manager. I'll post the results.

Posted by DCin MD

After reading all the many negative comments online, I was hesitant to go to my local Sears store to exchange an online order. I had received the wrong size sneakers in the mail. The box had the correct size, but inside the shoes were a half size to large! But I made the 15 minute drive and was pleasantly surprised! The nice older gentleman at checkout told me to ask in the shoe department for the correct size and to come back till return the shoes if they didn't. The nice older lady in shoes graciously looked for the correct size in the back storeroom and found a pair! She said I didn't even need to process a return and then pay for the correct size, just took the box with the wrong size away and gave me the correct ones! So happy with the customer service. My only wish is that they had sent the correct size in the first place. Thank you Sears for a hassle free exchange.

Posted by Nothing but disgust!

I went to the local Sears store to buy an elliptical exercise machine. I bought a NordicTrack and was excited to have them deliver and assemble it (even if it cost an extra $160). Two men came and were not the most trusted looking guys I wanted in my home. The one made the comment "this little dog won't protect you from burglars". I got a bad feeling from them. Once they left, I noticed a paper that said you must lubricate your machine before operating. My machine was not lubricated and the delivery guys must have taken the lubricant with them. I paid $1200 for the machine and bought the extended warranty for $300. The store wouldn't help me, the delivery company wouldn't help me, NordicTrack wouldn't help me, and the warranty people claimed they had no record of me buying the warranty. The store told me if I wanted to return it, I would be out the $160 delivery fee and I would have to bring the super heavy item back. So an expensive and heavy piece of exercise equipment sits at my house and cannot be used. I've never cried so hard in my life!

Posted by FSAC

I recently purchased wheel covers online and the box was damaged when delivered. The outside wheel cover was cracked from the damage. The sales receipt said in order to expedite the return take the product to the nearest Sears auto center to make returns for items damaged during delivery. The sales associate I dealt with told me the damage to the wheel cover was,"nothing a little super glue wouldn't fix!"
He then disappeared with my sales receipt for 5 minutes and returned to tell me that I would have to take it up with ups because they damaged the box during delivery. I pointed to the receipt and showed him where it said to return items damaged during delivery to the nearest Sears auto center and he said that they don't do that there and I would have to call the 1800 number on the sales receipt. I was astonished at the lack of customer service and total neglect of job performance demonstrated by an employee of a top name retailer. Now after calling the 1800 number I am awaiting email instructions on how to return the damaged product. Hopefully the instructions don't tell me to go back to the store. I will NEVER purchase another product from this sears auto center and recommend others to avoid it as well unless you want to get treated rudely just because you want an undamaged product after paying for it and not settle with "super gluing" the defect. Now I have wasted time at the store, on the phone, and typing this comment that won't change the lack of customer service and support by lazy employees that don't want to do their jobs!

Posted by hefferhog15

I just now figured out how to find the date that my brother purchased a camera with my mom's Sears credit card and notice that it has ben 31 days exactly..after reading all these comments I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck with a shi*ty camera that I don't want! I was wanting to return it and instead buy a more expensive one bc I have a newborn daughter and want a good camera to take photos of her, but my bro is an idiot and got some cheap crap that I already hava older camera that is just as good! and let me mention that at the time he got it there was a camera that's almost$200 more now but was on special for$5 less than the price of the one he got! I want one with Wi-Fi and the ability to edit pics on the camera, which was on the one that was on special a month ago(but sold out quick) obviously! but it def wasn't sold out wen he went n got the pos one! I was thinking of going to Sears today and trying to do the exchange despite the fact I have way too much to get done today as it is, but now I'm not evn trying to waste my time bc I'm sure since its been ONE DAY OVER that they will tell me im just outta luck:( I never understood why my mom got a card from Sears anyway!just a regular credit card wld have ben smarter, and I've tried talking her into getting a visa or sumthn do she cld take advantage of the no interest and do a balance transfer but I guess she likes paying for things two or 3 times!

Posted by Fukk Sears

Bought a 20v Dewalt Cordless String Trimmer last week 08/18/15 from my local Colorado Springs, CO store.

They didn't have it in stock and Kyle, the dummy that was working at the Tool Counter at the time,ordered one online for me at the cash register.

The last thing I remember him doing was to repeat my home delivery address, which was WRONG!

OK, I say, "We can fix this". I asked my new found friend Kyle to just update my address and we'll be "good to go". That was when he informed me that there is no way for him to do that.

Feeling the store heat up a little bit due to not being able to handle this little problem in a timely manner, I then asked Kyle to call the Sears Warehouse Distribution Center so that they could update my current address for this order.

After being out on hold for almost 20 minutes, I stood patiently at the Tool Counter / Cash Register at Sears snarling at my little buddy Kyle.

The phone finally rang through to a Customer Service Agent and not long after I learned, "Once an order is placed, it simply can not be canceled or changed in any manner".

"But what if I wasn't the one that placed the order?", I asked while my face got redder and redder. "I'm sorry sir, the package will be sent to the address that was on the order and there is nothing I am able to do about it"?

"Really?", I asked. "You can't use your computer to simply edit a wrong address so that I can have the piece of mind knowing that my $200 Weed Whacker will eventually arrive safe and sound at what-- how about-- um-- erm-- sending my package to the house that I fukking actually live in?". "Get me your manager!".

That didn't do any good, either. I just kept getting the same answer over and over. I did manage to get in a few licks here and there though: "This doesn't make any sense", "Why did you people even answer the phone if you can't help customers out", "Some thing, something STUPID", and that was when I decided that it wasn't worth arguing with these people any more.

While the package was on its way to the wrong house, I decided to try to fix this problem by going through UPS. I set up an account and added all of my personal information. After clicking on the "Track Package" link, I thought I was really getting somewhere. Off to the side there was another link where you could make changes to the delivery address and all kinds of cool stuff there. I clicked on the link and got an error saying something about the changes could not be made and other goofy stuff that made no sense whatsoever.

OK, fine! I'll jut have to contact the person that lives in my old house and ask her to hold the package for me, once it arrives. She agreed.

The package was sent out for delivery this past Monday and was not delivered because there was nobody there to sign for it. I then called UPS to try to have them attempt delivery at my current address. They wanted money for that. I told them, "I would not give Sears, Sears Warehouse, UPS or anyone else one shiny red cent until I got my Goddammed Weed Whacker! Send the fukking thing back to Sears and they can choke on the piece of shiit thing for all I care."

Fast forward to this evening. I got a text that the merchandise was delivered to Sears so I went to my local Colorado Springs Sears store to check on the status of my return.

Apparently, the merchandise has been received and that my refund is "Pending". OK, so how long will it be before I see my money? Well, it will take up more days to process the request and they put the money back on my credit card. "Yipee!", I said. "But what about the $100 cash I gave you to partially pay for the thing before putting the rest on my credit card?", I ask.

Oh that means they will probably just send you a check for the balance once the credit card refund gets processed. "OK", I said. "But what address are they going to send my refund check to if nobody knows what my real address is?",I asked. He just shrugged his shoulders and I walked away in disgust.

Hey I got one for you Kyle, "Fukk You!", "Fukk Sears!","Fukk Sears Online!","Fukk Sears Customer Service!", "Fukk Sears Store Managers", "Fukk UPS!", and "Fukk anybody else that I might have missed while telling you this story.

Looking back, I would have been a happy customer if I could have found one single soul with enough sense to simply update my home address sometime before the product was scheduled to be delivered. That's all I wanted. Nothing else. Was I really asking for something that was very far from out of the ordinary? I don't think so!

Posted by chris

I placed a fridge in layaway 6/30/2015 I've been trying to pay the layaway off since 7/16/2015 however the system gives me an error msg and does not allow me to make a payment. I've called customer service and have talked to at least 3 managers. All of them say they cannot help me all they have done is submit an error report to IT. I asked to cancel the layaway so that I can get my money back and purchase the fridge in the store but I was told I would have to pay a restocking fee and wait at least 14 days for a refund. I have no money to buy a fridge another fridge nor can I wait 14 business days for a refund and sears does not seem to care.

Posted by NASR

Correction to my previous feed back, I meant today is Aug 15, 2015 not May 15.

Posted by NASR

I have posted my comments on 5/31/15 and today is May 15, 2014, No trace of the refund on the cancelled order of Refrigerator more than 90 days.

Posted by Sue

I bought a dress in June. Policy said 90 days to return. Tried to return it 6 weeks after purchase. Store refused return. Had it with Sears.

Posted by JJR

My Wife just purchased Some outdoor seat cushions online. We received the order in a reasonable time frame After unpacking the product, we did not like the way they fit our chairs. all was ok because Sears has a 100% return policy The UPS store refused to return the product postage free. I called Sears 800 return number and was told these products were from an outside, non-Sears vender, but if we wanted to return or exchange the products we would have to pay the return postage. So much for the 100% return feature? WE WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM SEARS AGAIN! This is not the only we have treated badly.

Posted by Anonymous

You would think, just as I do, that if you returned an item because it wasn't going to work, you would want your money or credit refunded back to you almost immediately, but the Sears in Springfield, OR says, or one of their employees told me it may be up to a 24 hour wait to receive the refund. well, ok, it's been 24 hours... WTF are they doing with MY REFUND ($627.96) ????? Why does it take so long? The longer they make me wait for it, the more I want to bad mouth their stupid refund policies...of course, they didn't give me info on where to go or who to complain to-so here it is.This is ridiculous! since we're all waiting around for things to happen, let me see if I can attract more attention somewhere else...

Posted by KFox

I had an amazing experience at Sears Southern Park Mall Boardman, Ohio today. I had to return a portable DVD player we got back in May and hadn't opened until today. The sales associate and manager were kind enough to spend time searching through the computer using my rewards card to find the receipt. I got my full refund and they even helped me locate the item at a nearby KMart... I will definitely be back to visit Joann and the other great team members at Sears.

Posted by Anonymous

Sears return policy is a JOKE considering their motto is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. I've been ordering items on-line but would often return these items if they were the wrong size, color etc. Apparently now I cannot order on-line at all as Sears has decided that I returned too many items, therefore I'm not allowed to shop on-line... I guess it didn't matter that we ordered all our appliances and other big item names from them...well goodbye sears...hello Hudsons Bay or anyone else. Good riddance to a badly run company..

Posted by Ex customer

I will never shop here EVER! HORRIBLE return policy. I received a few items from my baby shower that needed to be exchanged for bigger sizes and was told they would do nothing for me. Customer service is taking care of you customers and they decided to not do that anymore. What a shame.

Posted by SearsReturn

Whatever you do do not order the men's or women's Atlas white/blue bowling shoes for $26.99. They have a good look but they are very slippery bowling.You will really injure yourself and probably she Sears if you wear them. I bought them for my husband and he was sledding everywhere while bowling because I was winning I thought he was making it up that it was the shoes so I tried them on and went to bowl and almost fell they slide everywhere. DO NOT ORDER THESE SHOES. Tge black/pink Athena bowling shoes for women that cost more at $44.99 are comfortable and perfect, no slip at all. I am going to try returning for a refund and get back with you all to tell you if Sears honors what they say in putting the customer first.

Posted by Sasha

Sears in Clovis CA told me my 3 baby outfits with tags on that were a gift without a receipt could not be returned and did not mention exchange. Just saw it here on website. It's very inconvenient to ask my husband's coworker for a receipt of her phone # to return... Very awkward. This policy is annoying and employees very unhelpful.

Posted by Twigs95

Sears is the worst company to shop from,worse than Kmart and Walmart even,that is why I hate shopping there,too.So I don't.
The employees are clueless,some can't hear well or God knows what other issues they might have,but at the end of the day,if you shop there you just want a fast, reliable experience.the whole store is depressing at best.
I am still waiting on a small refund (6 days),the system works great to take your money right away,but they won't credit it back in a reasonable time manner.awful all around!

Posted by Anonymous

I brought an air conditioner and its blowing out smoke me and my family and my eldly mother had to go stay in a hotel and Sears will not return it i been a faifaithful customer for years and this is how i been treated it upset me that no management is doing anything g or me and my family i call the customer care line give the model number and the promise the will replace it but no air conditioning yet for all sears customer be very careful dealing with a company like this .

Posted by Nasr

With ref. to my post 5/31/2015 I am still waiting for my refund of 614.49 today 6/14/2015 a full month has passed

Posted by anonymous

Can anyone tell me the real return police of sears because it looks like the associated of sears don't know please help

Posted by Geoffrey Barnes

My wife tried to what I thought was a Sears "Gift Card" last night to help purchase a suit for one of our young sons. At the check-out register, the Sears Associate was unable to bring up any information about the card. Apparently she tried several times, message kept saying "invalid card" (or something to that effect). The Sears Assoc. said that perhaps it was expired. It was getting late, so my wife just paid for the suit instead of asking for the mgr.

The card is actually a Sears "Store Merchandise Credit" card, issued to me last year for the refund of something. I had used the card before, and the balance left was approx $50CAD. In fine print on the back of the card, it does say "This card will expire 12 months after the date of issue". But I don't recall anyone telling me that at the time of issue. On the card, there is no expiry date or issue date. There is a phone# to call (1-800-400-1000) to find out the balance of the card and the expiry date. I called, but the associate (who was pleasant) said there must be 16 digits on the card for her to retrieve any information about it - and my card had only 12 digits (along with a bar code).

So my issues:
1) According to website, "Refunds are credited back to the original tender type", but I never used a Store Merchandise Credit card to purchase the original product, so... why was I issued this card as the refund (much of which I do not have, Sears now has).
2) According to Nova Scotia Legislation, specifically the "Consumer Protection Act" ... "Required information (on) all cards (must contain) contact details for user to check balance on card" ... but calling this number did not allow me to check the balance.

Thus, in my opinion, Sears is in contravention of it's own policy per item (1) above, and is in contravention of Nova Scotia Statute Law per item (2) above.

I plan further action...

Posted by Nasr

Searslostmybridalring I have nothing but consolation and sympathy for you and I hope you get your ring back.
My recent experience with Sears is as horrible when I bought a refrigerator.
I made a big item purchase and was the same service I got which I think have brought the great Sears of the past down. It was such a bad experience with the lousiest customer service. Even the price distribution on the invoice is so vague. On top of all no remedy for customer grievances.
On order #, a BLK refrigerator was purchased on 5-10-15 with free delivery and a sears coupon applied. A small discount was also available on the Cr,Card for shopping online. An Hr. later we decided to change it to WHT. Request was confirmed at the time and then during the next three days into delivery. The CS said someone will also call in 24 hrs to confirm the change but it did not happened. On the order day evening price dropped and an adjustment was made on request for a credit back to the card. In the next two days I reminded and confirmed at least three time on the chat and phone with affirmation that the correct color of the refrigerator is coming.
The delivery time arrived. My elderly mom had already cleaned up the retiring refrigerator 3 hrs before of all the food on the dining table. I got a call from the delivery guy and I asked him to confirm the color of the refrigerator. To my great surprise and un believe it was a BLK one
I declined to except the refrigerator and explained about the change in WHT color and he took it back. Following up with customer service of the whole situation I was told that the WHT refrigerator is still on the order and they have no explanation for the wrong delivery. I reminded them that no one called me in the 24 hrs after the color change when they were suppose to as I was told.
On calling upon the re-delivery again told someone will call. On 5-13-15 I talked to at least 4 CS rep. 2 confirmed the exchange delivery coming and then later two confirmed that the purchase has been cancelled. No emails no phone calls regarding this cancellation. If I would have not contacted I would have been totally unaware of the whole situation.
During the two days all the food, frozen and refrigerated had gone in the trash.
One of the last CS REP. suggested that I can reorder. I was reluctant thinking I may not get the discount price now with coupon, free delivery, plus the price adjustment and my Cr.Card discount.
I re-ordered on the phone and I was told that the cost of the first order will credited back to my account 5-6 days.(interesting).I requested the re-order to happen online so I can also avail the Credit Card discount. The CS rep. declined saying it cannot happen where as on my first order the person on the chat did gave me the opportunity. Then on my request when she discounted the price on the refrigerator she structured the price such that the original price of the refrigerator was not available on the invoice. Being related to finance and accounting it is startling for me. The free delivery the website shows was not shown on the invoice but shown added. Though, the final cost of the re-order reflected around the same as the first order.
No extra discounts or credits for all the happening, time wasting with CS rep. with the food thrown into the garbage (Atleast $75.00 MEAT&FISH).
Then guess what happens. Again on the evening of 5-14-2015 the price drops by $30.00 on the refrigerator (I have screen shots of all the price changes plus the emails of all the chats with the CS REP,)I called for the discount but the CS declined saying the price have already shown lowered on my purchase (the original price discounted already) Any way she said she will put a request.
To finish Sears is no more for Customer Comes First. While re-ordering gave my Mom some solace that she at last got a new refrigerator, she had to spent a lot on grocery to fill it in. She did not got a small price break on the re-order in comparison to the first order. On top she also lost the credit card discount of not being able to do the repurchase online.
On this morning of 5/14/15 we are still waiting for a short time frame of the delivery. Having already once told of a time frame from 7.00AM - 9.00PM as if asking us to wait whole day at our home. During this whole episode the time already spent with CS REP can be figured out of the few that I have at least 7 CS REP names I can quote that I have talked to.
At last the refrigerator was delivered in the afternoon but guess what again, my
Six hundred and fourteen dollars on the cancelled order after 2 weeks has still not been refunded.
Well done Sears. Now I am seriously thinking of a case.
Here I save my right to express about my Experience & frustration to anyone, an individual, a forum, community members, media, social media, blogs, online or in print.



Posted by apb111

I purchased a refrigerator tonight and after I left the store I was uncomfortable of the amount I paid with the warranty and want a refund. The order won't be delivered until next week. Will I he able to get a full refund when I return to the store tomorrow?

Posted by can't find an address

Notice there is no address to return something to Sears? no where . I've searched this site for an hour and find nothing. There are no sears stores in our area, and I want to return a garage door opener, still in its package. where? Will anyone tell me?

Posted by Osfan24

Purchased lawn mower on the 5th about a week later same said mower went on sale! Called store they do not want to refund difference and stated that it can only be returned for 7 days and it states on your site 90 for lawn and garden! This baffles me that clearly your site states I can return item but store states I can't! They can't just give me an adjustment for the difference?

Posted by Shay

I ordered shirts that didn't fit my daughter,I tried to return it but Sears said it comes from them it came from a secound party they deal with. The shirts came with no tags,no recite, and no return labels..??? You know why they have no intention in giving you any refunds and Sears allows It. They told me the reason why was because the shirts was discontinued? Ummmmmm I just bought the shirts... They Summer shirts it's not even summer! This us what they sent me see below.. Don't orfder on line with Sears because they allow it..

Dear Shay,

Thank you for placing the order with us
We do apologize for the inconvenience as the product could not meet the order's requirement.

Unfortunately, the product that you have ordered is gone discontinued for this season. The discontinued products are non-returnable.

We appreciate all your interest and your business with us.

In the meantime if you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.

Sam Edwards

Posted by John Smith

Sears is a thrif of a company! Got a pack of boxers there for thirty buck I thought "hey that's a bit high but they're probably good quality" went to Walmart to run another errend and found the same pack for $13 cheaper. First off what is up with sears marking their products up so high second they gave me crap when I tried to return them because finding them cheaper somewhere else is not under their return policy. Finally got my money ba k after I spoke with the GM. Never going there again!

Posted by Searslostmybridalring

Someone please help!

Bad experience ever!

I bought a bridal diamond ring set for valentines 2014, luckily our neighborhood Sears was closing its doors and they happen to have the ring i wanted, 3 stones princess cut with diamond band. The ring at sears had a price of $2,500+ after 60%discount and another 80% discount for closeout store, i was able to get it for $300.00. which was a great deal! So this year around March one of the big stones came off, i took it back to sears to get it replaced since i had also purchased the 2 year warranty plan. As soon as i get there one of the sales persons in the jewelry department could not believe what i paid for the ring. She refused to send my ring out to the repair center, even after showing her my receipt. After a while, a manager finally decides to send it. A week later, i hear nothing 2 weeks later i get a call saying that my ring was lost and that they were looking for the ring. I called sears customer relations number put in a complaint. I called the store that lost my ring, they told me that they were going to start a 30 day investigation to find out what had happened to the ring. It's been close to 2 months and nothing. Finally after 3 month waiting game, one of the store manager calls me and tells me that i need to wait another week because the jewelry department manager is on vacation, and she also tells me that i can pick any ring from their store as long as is the same amount i paid for. WHAT! there is no way i can get the same ring i have for less than $300.00. I am so mad. I dont know what to do any more. I need help. Any advice? please ..

Posted by TugCapt

I ordered a part from Sears Direct for a power washer, Order number E105240, paid 44 dollars (more than the part itself) to it have shipped over night, and still have not received the part. That was May 4, it's now May 10th, and I was wondering if I could get a refund on the shipping?

Posted by Brandi_Ixchajchal

My daughter was given a gift 2 dress for her birthday. They were way too big. Tags were still I. Tact but not gift receipt. I tried getting my money back or even exchanging but they would not let me do anything! The clerk asked if the perso. Had shop your way. They didn't even put their name on the big so I have no clue. I told her I wld give her my license number but she said they couldn't do anything w the clothes without a reicept. Really? I returned something to Wal-Mart without tags or receipt and still got a store credit. How many people do you know that keep their receipt? Not many! Why are you punishing people in a situation such as mine? Sorry but I think the least that could be done would be a store credit. I was wanting to get her something else but after this incident I'm not so sure I'll shop here again.

Posted by jingels

We wanted to replace a large window on an outer wall with a 3' door and a sidelite for easy access to our spa from our master bedroom. A Sears sales rep came and did his sales pitch. When we called back to speak to him about his quote, he was out of the country on vacation. A new salesman came and did a new sales pitch and new quote. We decided to use Sears for the job and gave this salesman a check for the majority of the cost of the project. Next the contractor that would be doing the job came and agreed that they could do the job, did his measurements, and all was well or so we thought. Three days later, we got an email stating Sears has rejected our project as beyond their scope of work. Fine, we'd move on to someone else, but then the next day, our large check to Sears cleared our bank! They rejected our project but cashed our check. We called and emailed the local home improvement branch that provided the quotes. We had asked for our money to be wired immediately back into our account. I'm sure that was laughable to the local branch. They hemmed and hawed and finally said they had to process paperwork there and then send it to corporate for the refund to be issued. That was over 2 weeks ago. We had that money in an interest bearing account so we are out more than the large check we gave Sears. After googling Sears corporate/refunds, we suspect we'll have to get legal help to get our refund any time soon. We are through with Sears, period.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never buy anything from sears again. I put money down on a ring, I forgot to make a payment. I was told the money would be refunded to my account and it never was. When I asked to get a number to call, I was told there isn't one to call.

Posted by Unhappy Customer

There is not much I can add to get the point of how bad Sears is in all areas and departments. They do not care about customer satisfaction or better yet they don't care about there company. We purchased a automotive floor jack to lift cars. It would not stay holding the car up, so my boyfriend goes to the store with the receipt where he purchased it 3 days prior. Well I am sure anyone reading this knows the outcome. One of the Dept. Managers told him he could only exchange it and I had already read all of the comments about Sears not wanting to give money back so my boyfriend to the Dept. Manager that he wanted his cash money back because that is how he paid for it. After getting the General Manager involved (because another employee overheard the dept. manager talking very ugly to my boyfriend)the GM came over and took the dept. manager to the back away from my boyfriend not sure what happened but the GM came back out and refunded the money. WOW!! Did it really have to go through all of that?? My boyfriend spent two hours at the store trying just to get his money back for a defective product at which he bought only 3 days prior. Terrible customer service. Most places it only takes five minutes tops to get a refund with or without the receipt.

Posted by chace4408

Sears is a complete ripoff. Please take my foolish advice and find another store to order your appliance from. I orders a stove about a month ago. When the delivery guy called he asked if I had the connectors to put in the new stove at which point I told him yes. Much to my amazement my nephew called and said that they came and left both stoves. When I called customer service I was told that as per some new regulations they are not authorized to install the stove so therefore I have to get a licensed plumber. I asked the customer rep so what am I suppose to do with the old stove once the plumber comes and install the new stove. She said call back customer service for a haul away. Today I called customer service for the haul away and was told by Helen associate that the deadline for the haul away had passed so therefore I'm stuck with both stoves. I told her that I want them to come get their stove at which time I was I formed that I have 30 days for them to get their stove even though it was not used. I checked their refund policy which stated that I had 60 days to return at which point I would be charged a restocking fee. I wish I had read these comments before I purchased this item from Sears. Will never shop at Sears again.

Posted by Put your money elsewhere

Sears sale person order the wrong item, so I cancelled the order the same day 22 Mar 2015. Sears sent me an email stating that the funds would be returned to my debt card. When I called Sears they related the funds would not be refunded until the 6th of April. They are glad to take your money but they don't like giving it back. Poor service.

Posted by smenta

My husband has bought me a few items at Sears and then gave them to me a bit later. I have tried to return perfectly good clothing with the tags on, and they will not offer even a store credit. Why on earth would you shop at Sears with this terrible return policy, when you can go to many other stores that will exchange and refund? I refuse to shop at Sears again, and I am certain in time they will go out of business if they do not modify their policy.

Posted by RC

Here is my comment about After waiting on hold for 25 minutes, I have absolutely no satisfaction dealing with Sears and will not do so again.

I ordered an air conditioner yesterday, paid an extra $3.99 to have it delivered today, but when I opened the box, I could clearly see that the casing was cracked. I called Sears immediately to report the damage I could see (it is still in the box) and was told that I would have to wait 7-10 days for UPS to pick it up and also pay for another one and then have to wait until March 24 to receive my air conditioner. I asked the agent why and was given a story that made no sense to me. I ordered one yesterday and received it today, so why would I have to wait 6 days to get the replacement. I will be contacting PayPal to contest the charge. At least they stand behind their customer service, something clearly Sears does not. If the opportunity presents itself to post negative reviews about my experience with Sears, please be assured that I will report this in full.

Posted by Anonymous

My boyfriend and I have had a terrible experience with purchasing a mattress and boxsprings. It was listed with an incorrect model number and when we paid for it, the wrong one was ordered . We got a very uncomfortable thin mattress and have a painful backache. We tried going to chiropractor. We explained it was wrong. A different mattress was suppose to be ordered and delivered . We waited over a week to get the same wrong mattress delivered. We explsined agsin it was wrong . It was then exchanged for an even trade and weve waited another week. This has been a three week ordeal. This has been a bad experience and hoping we will get the right one soon. I am very upset and sick over this and not rested for over two and a half weeks .

Posted by bonnie

I picked up a Samsung 32" LEDTV at lindale 2-13-2015 mall cedar rapids IA on 2/13/2015 I had ordered this on line the same day and drove 3 hours to and from my home topick it up at the store today after unpacking it plugged it in and the screen was cracked my son noticed the box was creased and menchioned this to Micheal the person that brough it from the back he said it would not be a problem now we have another 3 hour trip to return it for my refund i feel we should be comficated for or inconvince

Posted by robin

I bought what i thought were 2 games for xbox one from sears online. The order was filled by ami ventures. The games came with no paperwork at all. The games are not for xbox one but the 1st xbox. I checked the website and thery are listed under the heading of xbox one games. You would think no brainer, sears will refund me. No no no. Ami ventures will give me a 75% refund after i send the games back at my expense. Sears refuses to give me a full refund or send me a return label. And.....wait for it.... the games are still listed under the heading of xbox one games. Shame on sears! Dont shop at sears ever!

Posted by winter jacket

Sears sucks when it comes to satisfying customers regarding return or exchange concerns. I bought a "supposed" to be good quality expensive winter jacket. I was able to afford it only because it was on a 50% off price tag. Of course, I have worn it....that's why I purchased it. Confident that it's a good quality product and not anticipating that I would eventually need to return or exchange it, I didn't bother to keep the price tags. Unfortunately, within a month the underarm seaming opened up. So I went back to Sears to at least exchange it for another one. The associate in the customer service phoned somebody and keep laughing on the phone while relaying my concern to the person on the other line. Then a manager came over and retrieve the transaction number on my receipt. They are insisting that that is not the receipt for that item, that the receipt I am showing them has 3 items. I don't know if they're playing dumb or treating me as one...because on my receipt it is clearly one single item and the description of the jacket is indicated, plus the original price and the discounted price. The manager even said "We cannot accept this back because it's damaged already and we cannot resell it." OMG! Meaning they're reselling returned items at Sears!!!! They're not supposed to in the first place. I asked them if they can at least repair it since I wanted to keep it if it's not damaged, but they refused to. Simply....we cannot do anything about it. So, poor customer...I went back home with that expensive but poor quality Sear item which is now garbage...that's hundreds of dollars in the drain. That's the "customer satisfaction guarantee" Sears is promising to uphold????

Posted by deeringduo

Not a good place to by a gift unless you get a gift receipt. I received a bathrobe for xmas and know I'll never use it. I'd gladly exchange it- all the tags are attached still, but no receipt= I'm stuck with it.
Other retailers allow no-receipt returns at the holidays. Not Sears!

Posted by mom of four

I have mixed reviews about Sears. Here's my experience: my husband and I had been looking to get a washer and dryer set for a while. We finally found a good set on and it was on sale for a great price so we decided to purchase it using PayPal. Within an hour, PayPal showed a refund for the same amount we had purchased the washer and dryer set for. Confused, I checked my order status and it showed the order still being processed. The next day, Sears sent me an email stating the order had been cancelled and to call customer service to complete my order. I called customer service, the rep spoke broken English and I could not communicate with her. After ten minutes of bad communication, I was finally told that the set was out of stock. I was mad and told the rep why they would even let me order the item if it was out of stock already and it still stated that it was available online. She said she was sorry and that Sears would give me a 10% discount on a different set. I told her I didn't want a different set and basically hung up because I was angry at that point to have wasted my time with this whole thing that costed $2000+.

About a week later, I saw that the same washer and dryer set was on sale again and so before attempting to purchase this, I called customer service to have them check and make sure that the set was available. The rep said that it was available and that I would still get the 10% discount for my previous troubles which saved me an extra $200 which made me happier. The customer service rep processed the order for me through the phone and insured me that it would come with all parts needed for installation also which had me think twice because those parts needed to be purchased separately in case you already had parts if you owned a washer and dryer already but she assured me that those parts were included. After she processed the order I hung up. I later received an email confirmation about my order which only stated the purchase of a washer and dryer, no parts included and I was also charged for shipping which was supposed to be free. So I again called customer service, it took the rep 15 minutes to finally admit that I was charged for shipping and that I would get refunded for that mistake. Then she told me that I had to call a different number for the parts inquiry because they do not handle parts on their end even though it was the customer service rep who processed my order. At this point I was overly frustrated with their service. I was spending a lot of money and these people were making mistakes that a big company store shouldn't be making. So after I took care of the shipping charges I called the parts ordering center and had to pay an extra $70 for parts which were supposed to have been"included" but the rep was able to give me a discount for my "troubles"and so I only paid half that price for parts.

The delivery of the items were relatively easy and the gentlemen delivering them were very nice. The only problem was that the parts did not arrive the day the washer and dryer were delivered so they couldn't be installed. The delivery guy was nice enough to give us some parts for free that he found in the delivery truck which was very very nice of him. He even gave my husband installation instructions since we didn't have all parts to install the washer and dryer.

My overall experience was alright though it was rough dealing with customer service, I'm just glad that the washer and dryer was delivered on time an without any dents or scratches. I'm not sure if I would want to purchase again from this store though just because if how difficult it was for me and how their customer service was.

Posted by Anonymous

We had a return for a air hockey table and Sears was very easy and simple. Not sure why all the negativity. I actually was impressed with how fast the whole process was. Nice job Sears!

Posted by Horrified

I purchased a 7.5 Ft pool table online on 12/08/14 and on 12/14/14 I went to pickup the item. When I got there, the pool table was a 7ft therefore I told the merchandise person that it was not the correct table. A staff Brenda came out and literally argued with me that I purchase a 7 ft table even when I showed her my invoice with the description and she implied that I could not read. This is very poor customer service and unhelpful. I requested a full refund since it was a smaller table and even mentioned that since it was a smaller table I would take it if they refund the difference as the 7ft was a lower price. Brenda said she will not do that and I would need to call the sears website number for assistance. I came home after I got my full refund and purchased the smaller table at a lower cost. I am disappointed in the customer service support at the Palm Beach Gardens Location and will not recommend any delivery at this location.
Sears was very prompt in charging my credit card but as of todate 12/16/14, they have not refunded my account. The run around I am getting is check with my credit card agency and my credit card agency is not seeing any refund tranactions from sears. BEWARE, for such a large store, they are a great rip-off. On top of this, with the new table i bought I am seeing two entries for the same amount as pending from Sears on my credit card.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to exchange a pair jeans and I didn't have a recipe they said they couldn't do anything? Really so I'm stuck with a pair of jeans that doesn't fit any one.

Posted by Mary

I had sears order my a 55'smart tv n I was to be here Dec 3rd n I still haven't receieit.I've called n called.All I got was the run. Around to call this # n that #.So. I called sears. Com n canceled my order.They said I would receive an email n still haven't,for my refund.I've called n they said, I would receive one within 24 to 48 hours.If I don't, I'm going to get my lawyer involved.

Posted by lspencer

Since the store I had my order shipped to (a KMart) lost my order, I cancelled the order on 12/1/14 and still have not received a refund. I was told 3-5 business days, and contacted them via chat 7 days later, and was told they would "escalate the refund". Still did not receive it today, so I called and was told they would process it immediately and send me a confirmation email. Of course the email and refund never came, so I called back again, only to be told they need another 24-48 hours to process, and they have "escalated it". Told them I heard all of that 2 days prior, but the supervisor of the refund department told me there is nobody (including the supervisor!) who could issue an immediate refund. They outright lied to me twice today. I am more than upset and plan to let the attorney general of Michigan know that I am unable to get a timely refund from for merchandise I have never even touched!

Posted by lamorrio

Do not do business with sears I canceled a order on 11/20/14 and it's 12/8/2014 and I still haven't received my money back just lies and rep telling me they are sorry but they don't know where my refund is I hope the company go bankrupt

Posted by Shelagh

Sears stole my money. I ordered a dryer on line. They took money for the dryer off my VISA right away. They gave me a date. The evening before called and asked me to clear all ways for delivery. E-mailed the next morning claiming they do not have dryer. I was charged on November 12th and today is Dec 2nd. I still have not recieved my money back. I have called and emailed probably 6 times each. I am going to social media, BBB and VISA. I also contacted my local news station. Need to get the word out, so this does not happen to others. It is definitely no the Sears I remember. They are thieves. I will never shop at Sears again!

Posted by Tsnell

Sears is by far the worst place to order from! I ordered a stove with the connector so that I would have it by Thanksgiving! After my stove was delivered they did not connect it due to per Sears I didn't order the connector! After hours of people not understanding my request I finally was told that a connector would be sent to me and my stove would be connected on Friday morning! AFTER THANKSGIVING! Guess what no connector was delivered and the only thing that we could agree on is returning the stove! They came picked it up now I'm waiting for the refund that is apprently less delivery!

Posted by jsjdisndh

I saw in someone's story that basically sears is a rip off it said in their story that their dryer wasn't working and they called sears and sears said they'll pay for it. A few weeks past and the couple still didn't get their money back. They called and sears answered but not with money sears said the money will come in a few days. Guess what it never came so they waited and waited but nothing came so they were mad and never shopped at sears again this is a true story... you know why? Because I'm in the family.

Posted by Snowie

I have to write this email as people of Sears are playing a game with us right for more than 2 weeks about the refund, it's just like you are kicking the ball back and forwards and the purpose is not to refund the machine which was not working when it delivered to our house. And I am really tired of calling you to see when the money ( more than 700 bucks) are going to be in our account. We when called, people were always told us that "It's going to be there today, or tomorrow, and two weeks has passed, and we still don't see a cent in our account. I need to find a better way to get the money back, maybe I need to post this issue on like Facebook or twitter and anything else, and maybe to complain at too.

We purchased a washer and dryer (Salescheck #:040579046290) on Sep. 20, 2014 and we were told that they would be delivered to our house the evening of Sep. 22 2014 by the sales presentive, then on Sep. 21 2014, my husband was called that they didn't think that one of the machine was able to work, he had to drive like 40 minutes to get there to check, but when he arrived, people told him that everything was alright, there was no problem on the machine, because of that, including the traffic, it took like 2 hours to go there and come back, Sears told us that they would refund the deliver fee which is $79.99, of course we didn't get this money back either, so it would be like $800 that Sears has to refund us but we hasn't even get one cent back yet. So on Sep. 24 or 25 2014 two guys from Sears finally deliver the merchandises to our house, and they tested, the washer worked well, but the dryer just could get heat at all, they tested several times and checked the installation, then still it didn't work, they told me that they had to call their office and arrange the pick up and return the machine another day. On Saturday Sep. 26 2014, they came to pick up the dryer, they told us that the refund would take a few days to arrive our account, so the whole week of the next week after Sep. 26 2014, we didn't receive any money at all, we call Sears on Friday Oct. 3 2014 and we were told that we should be able to get the money on Monday, the 5th of Oct. 2014, yet, now it's Oct. of 10. 2014, we still haven't seen anything, and we called like every day, the people there always said " the money would be there today, or tomorrow." And we've waited for so many "Todays" and "Tomorrows", I don't know if they are really going to refund our money.

Posted by RobinB

My husband and I ordered a washer/dryer set online from Sears on Sept. 8. It is now Sept. 29 and ave not received them. We were told they were going to be delivered two different times. Once, the truck supposedly got stuck in the mud somewhere (the trip was all highway miles) and would be delivered after 8:00 pm. They told us that at a little before 8:00. The washer/dryer was going to a house we are rehabbing and we are not there 24/7, so we told them to just deliver it another day. Twice since my husband has waited at the house all day for them to be delivered as we were told they would be, but do not have them. Husband called this morning and told them we want a refund and just forget the order. I'm praying we get our money back soon but after reading these reviews, I'm not opeful.

Posted by presley5.0

Sears return policies are a joke at best. I ordered 2 air compressor hoses from sears. Meaning i went too Sears delt wuth a Sears employee sat at a Sears computer. Where the Sears employee orderd my items when i got them i noticed there were not want i ordered. So no biggie so i thought i took them back too the same Sears where purchased with sals slip told a Seasrs employee my issue. I was then informed by a Sears manager that i could not return for what i orderd. Why cause Sears let's other companies use there Sears website. That is considered a third party so you have too deal with them. I call them they tell i have too deal with Sears anyways 4 times going back n fourth i called the Corporate office they said the same as Sears where i ordered my hoses. I told them i was not informed of the third party they then verified with the employee that he did not tell me that tbank God the employee was honest. 1 1/2 month's later still nothing so i go back too Sears and a little more assertive tell them i want my money. A manager came called corporate and they authorise a in store credit UM NO i paid cash thats what i want so the manager called corporate again and finally i receivedmy money. Never in my then 33 yrs have ever had a problem with Sears nor my family which is the only reason i uss too go too Sears. 4 yrs latter i have not been back there. Store located in Lincoln Park Mich

Posted by amylee92

never again will i ever order from this store again. I ordered a laptop through Sears for school. they didn't have any in store so they helped me to order it online. I recoeved it in a timely manner. When I started school the computer wasn't compatible with my schools system. so I called and asked to send it back. they told me that would be fine and that I needed to pay to send it back.. okay... my mom got on the phone and they were able to wave the fee.. here I am, a month later and now they need to do a 'investigation' because they dont kbow where my money is. and here I am, a 22 year old trying to go back to school being out the mobey and having to buy ANOTHER computer without my refund.. they have no sympathy and the people are so rude! just find my money and return it. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY FROM THEM.

Posted by

The above mentioned return policy specifically states that APPLIANCES can be returned within a 60 DAY PERIOD, with computers and electronics being returned within 30 days...We purchased a side by side Frigedare Gallery refrigerator from the Sears store in Washington, N.C. on July 21, 2014 and took delivery of that item and 2 other appliances that we bought at the same time, on July 28, 2014......Today we called that Sears store in Washington, N.C., spoke to the store owner and asked if we could exchange our Frigedare Gallery refrigerator purchased on July 21, for a French door style refrigerator with pull out freezer drawer at the bottom.....We are very willing to pay the difference in price...restocking fee and any other fees required for the swap-out of refrigerators. We, HOWEVER, we're told that it was TOO LATE to receive credit for the refrigerator that we purchased on July 21 because 41 days had passed since the delivery of the product and 48 days since the purchase of the item. I mentioned that we were looking at your return policy above and that appliances fell in the 60 day return time.....He said to me that MAJOR APPLIANCES LIKE REFRIGERATORS had to be returned within 30 days, like computers and electronics. Who is correct, the policy stated above or the store owner in Washington? WE ARE MOST DISPLEASED WITH THIS unwillingness to work with us on an exchange and will recommend to our friends and neighbors to stay away from the Sears store in Washington, N.C. We have lived in the Washington, N.C. area for the past 13 years and have bought nearly all of our major appliances from the Sears store there. We even purchased a riding lawn mower from that store......We are now STUCK with a product purchased from SEARS that is not satisfactory for our needs. AND, we also feel misled by a policy that clearly states APPLIANCES may be returned in 60 days. "Satisfaction guaranteed" is a SEARS slogan that must have been tossed "out the window". Melton E. & Mamie C. Alexander...Belhaven, N.C.

Posted by TW51

My daughter and her fiance registerd for their July wedding at Sears as well as several other places. They received shower gifts and wedding presents over several months. After their wedding they were on their honeymoon for two weeks. When they returned they started the process of exhanging duplicates. When they got to Sears they were told that they could not exchange anything which had been purchased more than 30 days previously. How absurd. Some people bought gifts more than 30 days before the wedding. They were never told of this policy when registering or they never would have done so. I am sure that Sears is likely headed to insolvency soon but they wont have any more business from my family.

Posted by KT77


I am currently unhappy with the customer service I received on 8-25-14 and on 8-26-14. I have never had a problem with sears until this last week. On 8-20-14, I purchased a 21 cu ft Kenmore fridge online for $713. It was cancelled by sears (no reason was presented). I again purchased the same item for $702 on 8-20-14. Again it was cancelled by sears, and there was not a reason. I realized on 8-24-14 that I did not have an open order and would not be receiving a fridge. So I tried to order again, and the online service told me to contact my bank because the payment could not be taking from my debit card. I called my bank, and found out that there are two holds on my account from sears for $713 and $702, totaling $1400+. The bank said they could not take off the holds, it would have to be done through sears. I called sears customer service, and was told the bank had to dispute the charges. I called my bank and they said they could not dispute the charges because the money was not taking out, just on hold, and sear had to take care of the problem. I called sears again, and was told I had to wait 7-10 days, and there was nothing they could do (after being on the phone for almost an hour).
So, because I really need and want a fridge because I am moving, I was able to put a little more money into my banking account an place a 3rd order for a Kenmore fridge. I ordered it on 8-25-14 for $615. It was processed. And this morning 8-26-14, it was again cancelled by sears, with no reason posted. I called customer service again, and spoke to a sales rep., a supervisor, and a case manager. I was told again that nothing could be done. That I have to wait 7-10 days. I now have 3 holds on my banking account, totaling $2,000.
I was told finally that all three orders were cancelled because the item is out o stock. I would not have placed 3 orders if I had known the item was out of stock, and that sears would place a hold on my banking account.
I have never had any problems with sears until now. This is not a $20 tool or a $50 item. This is a $700 matter times 3!!! I am very frustrated. I have tried multiple times to get a fridge I would like to have, and have only run into multiple problems.
I have also contacted a customer service rep. at the "executive" level. I was again told there is nothing Sears can do, I have to wait 7-10 business days.

Posted by Joanna G.

Worst experience! I went to sears appliance store & purchased a Kenmore French Door refrig. $1,700.00. Toney put my name on fridge. Asked Toney could it be deliverd wed on my day off & he said yes, (this was sunday). I went home & checked measurements & cld back & said yes it will fit, can I give you my debit card over the phone? Toney said no, need to drive back to store, (30 mins away). Gave Toney my card & he said ok will be deliverd this saturaday. Manager overheard us dickering about deliver day & said yes we can have it to you wed..Wated all day wed & no fridge. Cld & mgr busy with another cust per other sales 6 o'clock told rep this was unacceptable & I am a paying cust too! Drove back to store, 30 mins away in 6:00 o'clock traffic. Long,long story later...They deliverd me a dented, scratched & vent cover broken fridge on saturaday. Now they say it is up to me to make arrangements for Sears to p/u if I don't want it. OMG! This is the old "Bait & Switch Deal" Sold me perfectly good fridge at store & sent a dented one in hopes I would take the $150.00 offerd for Dent on front & by Kenmore Emblem..Just ridiculous..If I wanted dented or used I would have went to the Sears Used Outlet!!! Still not over. Now trying to speak to someone to return it.

Posted by angryshopper

I went to the local Sears and tried to purchase a bed set. It was a bad sign that they had NO ONE working in the bedding department. Finally, someone from appliances rang up my purchase. I paid by credit card. Told that the set would deliver later that week. Went home and checked the item number on the receipt to what was on the website, as I did not get the feeling he fully knew what he was doing, even though he was a nice guy, trying to cover another area. Sure enough, he only rung me up for a mattress and not a box spring. I wanted the set and not just a mattress. Called the store and they could not fix the issue over the phone, but made me return across town back to the store. Offered me no compensation for the inconvenience of their mistake- not even a coupon for a future purchase. I thought it was good we got it squared away before being disappointed on the delivery date. Oh, they kindly informed me that delivery would now take another week (even though I returned to the store within hours to correct the issue that same day!) Of course, it has been a week and no credit for the original purchase has appeared on my credit card. Had the wife not asked for this set, I would surly have taken my purchase to a store that really wants to earn your business. Funny how the charges appear on my credit card the very same day, but I am sure it will likely take 30 days for my credit to appear- again, for their mistake. I have even lower expectations for what condition this new set will arrive, assuming it actually comes on the revised ship date. Agree with others- this is not the store that it once was.

Posted by Anna J.

STOP and read everyone's comments before you order from Sears. I ordered some shoes online and realized I had bought the wrong size. I got an email that my order was processing but wasn't finalized yet. I called to cancel. They told me they would not cancel the order. I had placed it 5 minutes earlier! The rep told me I could refuse delivery of the shoes, and then I would be charged only $6 for shipping. Do you know another company that would do this? I sure don't. I wouldn't think any company would be so inconsiderate of its customers--and also unaware that this policy is hurting their bottom line. It is costing them labor to pack an item and restock an item for which they'll receive no profit. Bad business, Sears. Yes, I'll share my experience with others.

Posted by Deborah Edgerton

I'm waiting for my refund since june5 2014

Posted by Anonymous

Sears is definitely not the same company I remember growing up. I purchased 2 air conditioners and paid to have them installed. One a/c was to replace an old one, therefore the installation was a breeze. No modification needed. The second a/c needed major modification to the window. The installers were not equipped to complete the job, therefore they needed to reschedule. A couple days later they came back. The a/c was damaged. So they had to reschedule again. I noticed the box the a/c came in was not damaged or torn up in anyway. I decided to cancel the second a/c. I requested a return/refund. Now the Sears salesperson tells me I have to wait 10 days to get refunded. I don't get it! I paid for a product and service that I did not receive. Prior to that they told me I would get refunded in a couple days. Sears is not what it used to be. I am really disappointed and saddened by a company that had a reputation for excellent service. Those days are gone.

Posted by Julio

I received a Structure Men's Jacket for my birthday, did not come with the sales receipt only with the brand tag and the price, I went to the store to returned because is ripped from the inner lining, the manager said; they could not accept it because it di not have a receipt, I went ahead and explained the situation but he was rude about it and completely rude. I am making a complaint with BBB

Posted by Anonymous

I too had a bad experience with returning shoes. The clerk said it was over 30 days and could not do a return. I'm stuck with a pair of shoes that don't fit and I'm very unhappy about this. I would have been happy to take store credit instead of cash. I'm a senior citizen and cannot afford to waste money on things that can't be returned. Not going back to Sears to shop.

Posted by szoer

The Sears that I grew up with is gone! I ordered an oven on March 20th. It was delivered and installed around April4th. It did not work. I called to ask or another stove. After 2 weeks of phone calls (I was transferred to India, China, Quebec, etc.) I finally spoke with someone that told me she would ship me a new oven. 3 weeks later I received another oven. IT DID NOT WORK! That was May 3rd. I have called several, several times. Each time they tell me that someone will contact me with instructions! it is now June 4th and I have no working oven!

Posted by Ron

Sears has become a joke. I ordered tires from their website and made an appointment to have them installed. I get a confirmation email stating that the tires are in stock and the installation time set.I get to the store wait for help,finally a rep. comes out of the lounge drinking a soda and takes my keys. After 30 minutes my vehicle is brought in and put on the lift, after watching the 3 mechanics walk around like they had nothing to do, I go to ask the rep what's the problem but before I open my mouth she says they only have 3 tires in stock.I ask, Why wasn't I told when you realized this, she starts uh uh well we uh uh, so I tell her to refund my purchase price and she apologizes as if that helps.She prints out my refund receipt and I'm out of there. So today (3 days later) I see a charge on my credit card for the purchase price but nothing about the refund, even though it was refunded an hour after the purchase.Now I have to contact the CC company and file a dispute. I have been a loyal sears customer for over 35 yrs. but the past few years have been nothing but problems when dealing with sears. It will very hard to patronize this companies stores from this point on and that's a shame.

Posted by shannonk

I had the best return experience today. I have lost two receipts - one for an online order and the other from purchase when I made the online order return. The cashier, Ian at Alderwood, was awesome and looked up the orders using my Visa. It ended up being four separate transactions to make all the returns needed and he never once gave off anything but a positive attitude, thanked ME for being patient and didn't say anything negative to the people waiting behind me (like, "sorry this is taking so long" - which I hate when cashiers do.) I couldn't say enough nice things about the experience.

Posted by Susan

I had purchased appliances from Sears through a vendor (recommended) after I had a fire loss. The appliances were delivered 1 month before the scheduled delivery, so they sat in my garage till the kitchen was ready. The delivery guy had told me that if I didn't accept them then, that I would receive them 1 at a time or I could have to wait a couple weeks when I called to get them redelivered. Well since I had to do a complete remodel, I wanted to insure they were here when we were ready for them, so I excepted the delivery to be sat in my garage. After three weeks of sitting there, we finally unboxed them for installation. We then noticed that ALL the appliances were damaged in some form. I had previously called the vendor about early delivery cause install was also paid for, so I then called him about the damage to the appliances. He again was going to call about the damage (Nov 2013). It is now April, 2014, and I still haven't got any results. Sears has told me it is my fault for accepting the appliances but they could have been returned within 30 days of delivery if I wasn't happy with them. Well due to an early delivery, they are claiming I don't fall into the 30 day category!!! I hate to say I do and if I don't get results this week (Frig is now broke for the 3rd time), I WILL BE CONTACTING MY ATTORNEY. All I want is for them to be replaced w/ appliances that aren't dented, scratched, nicked or warped. This has been the worst experience w/ Sears ever. I have always purchased small & large appliances there, but more than likely never will again.

Posted by grn623

Bought a ton of stuff @ Christmas for my two toddler grandchildren, coats, boots, PJ's outfits etc. 2 Disney tops and 2 Disney two-pc outfits shrunk at least 2 sizes. The items are very poor quality.I would have taken a partial refund or store credit Sears would not give any type of refund or exchange for these items. Per their register the items had $0 value. I left the items and told them to keep them. I won't be going back.
Then I went to Macy's to spend my money.

Posted by Anonymous

Sears is the WORST when it comes to customers and promises! I will NEVER EVER buy anything ever again and have already advised all my friends to do the same. I went to Sears store on February 6th, 2014. I needed a new teapot right away. I found the one I liked but they told me it was not available at the store and someone would help me order it online and I would get it within a week. Someone who could barely type or see managed to somehow order it from their store computer. Shortly after getting home I got a confirmation that my item has been shipped and provided me the tracking number. Now this is where the REAL fun began. The next day I attempted to track my package and the tracking button took me to the UPS page saying no such number was available. Hmmmm, I thought, let me call UPS. After I called UPS with that tracking number, they told me that they don't even have such numbers and it was most likely shipped by USPS! So then I called USPS and it was indeed their tracking number but they said the item was not yet received by them, only the label was created. SO I waited a few more days and attempted to check tracking again. It still did not update so I called USPS again and they told me the same thing: item has not been received by the post office yet. So I waited and waited for about 15 more days hoping that they would ship it. Then I go to the actual order page on sears website and it says my order has been DELIVERED? So I called customer service who told me it was an error and that my item's wereabouts were unclear and she had to contact shippind Dept. When she never got back to me days later I called again and demanded they check with shipping dept. right away. This time around they told me it had just been shipped "last night" and I should check the tracking update later. I did and it still never updated and USPS STILL said it never received item for shhipping. This time around I went into sears online chat help. It was even worse than the phone help. The rep told me she didn't know where the item was and had no way of checking but that I had to wait another 10 days!!! 10 days on top of 25 that I already waited??? So I said I want my refund and she simply said "ok, you will get your refund and also 10% off future purchase". So I called the next day just to make sure that the refund was processing and this time around the new rep told me that she had NO IDEA what I was talking about because I had NEVER contacted them before and never spoke to anyone! I MEAN REALLY??? I spent about 3 hours in between them putting me on hold on the phone and then spent another hour on their online chat, not to mentipon calling USPS and USP with their hold times and all of this for them to tell me that I NEVER contacted anyone. At this point my nerves were on edge and she rudely said to me "LISTEN MAM! I cannot help you other than to tell you to wait and when you get your item you can return it back for refund" . Long story short, it's been almost a month and I still have not gotten my item, the correct tracking, OR refund. NEVER EVER EVER again Sears. I'm beyond disappointed!

Posted by nina

Gave my daughter a pocketbook for Xmas. She no longer uses a purse. When she went to return it they said receipt you get nothing. She has no gift and I am out the money. Bought something at Kohls receipt .. got the money back. I am a senior and have always bought from Sears. Guess I have to rethink and shop elsewhere.

Posted by doedoe

Im truly dissatisfied with the service I have received from sears. My husband an I brought this threadmill that would be great in helping me get fit. We have had several problems with this purchase before we can even enjoy the threadmill. First the sales rep confirmed one was in stock an the store. So we had to go home an come back later to pick it up to find out its not there in stock. Then we were offered a refund an to purchase online in store to get delivered an assembled. So we agreed to this offer an when threadmill was delivered the associates didn't test an run machine. The threadmill doesn't work correctly its stuck on incline. I have reported it to several customer service reps,delivery team an in s tore sears team. I can believe I as a customer is getting such a run around. At this point im really considering returning the threadmill an cancelling my credit card an husband credit account with sears an never shopping with sears again. We both work hard for our money an cant afford to throw away 7 hundred an some dollars on a threadmill we will never be able to use. I brought it new not as is so I would like what I paid for.

Posted by jkalsi

More Sears frustrations... they never intend to refund your money.

Is anyone from Sears going to respond ?


On Dec 2, 2013, at 4:23 PM, Jitender P Singh wrote:

Hi Pam,

Why would you issue a partial credit of $ 1435.23 when the total amount was $2,563.70

It seems to me we are going in circles and no one is able to resolve this. I have been given these 5-7 days and 3-5 days timelines numerous times and all have elapsed. None of the promises from customer service have ever been fulfilled so far.

At this point, I am running out of options and how so ever I want to resolve this matter amicably, I am being forced to consider taking legal advice to resolve this.


On Dec 2, 2013, at 3:59 PM, Imran wrote:

Dear Jitender,

Thank you for contacting regarding your order. I sincerely apologize that you have not received a full credit on your canceled order. It's understandable to that you would like to get this matter resolved. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with this refund request.

After reviewing your order, I have requested for our specialists to issue a credit for you in the amount of $1,435.23 and this credit will hit your account in 3-5 business days after it has been issued. You will receive a response from us as soon as this credit has been issued.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you! We hope you will continue to make Sears your choice for quality and value.

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Pam M

Sears Customer Care

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Hi Thomas, Customer Service et all,

Per your email Dated Nov 22, I was assured that I will be getting the long pending refund with 5-7 days, it has been almost 10 days now and still no word on refund or any confirmation about it.

If this is not going to get sorted out over emails, let me know what other recourse you have to resolve this.



On Nov 23, 2013, at 12:20 PM, Sears Orders wrote:

Dear Jitender,

Thank you for contacting My name is Thomas . As a trusted Sears product specialist, it is my pleasure to provide you with assistance about the credits due back to your credit card. I am happy that I received your email so I have the opportunity to resolve your inquiry. I can confirm that a total credit of $2,563.70 will be issued back to your credit card.

I hope this information has been helpful. If we can be of any further assistance, please respond to this email. We are always here to help. Thank you for being a valued SearsCustomer.

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Thomas J

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Thank you,

I am concerned about the amount. Could you please confirm the refund amount I will be getting in next 5-7 days ?



On Nov 22, 2013, at 12:43 PM, Sears Orders wrote:

Dear Jitender,

Thank you for contacting regarding your order number . I understand that you would wish to confirm about your refund. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

Yes, you will receive your credit within 5-7 business days, along with an e-mail notifying you of the cancellation and credit to your account. Depending on your credit card billing date, the credit will appear on one of your next two billing statements.

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Theresa T. (sthabit)

Sears Customer Care

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Hi Rod,

Thanks for your response.

So do you confirm that within 5-7 days, I would be getting credit for the complete amount which is $2,563.70



On Nov 22, 2013, at 11:48 AM, Sears Orders wrote:

Dear Jitender,

Thank you for contacting us back at regarding your order, We apologize that your shopping experience with has not met your expectations due to the delay in the processing of the credit for the rest of your order. I can understand you concerns with the delay as it is a lot of money. I would be concerned with the delay as well. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to address your concerns.

I have reviewed your order and I see that we had processed a request for cancellation of all of the items from your order. It appears that credit for part of the items did not not process correctly. Per this I have forwarded an additional request to the store for processing of the credit for the rest of the order. Once processed, your credit will be issued to the credit card used during the initial transaction. You will receive your credit within 5-7 business days, along with an e-mail notifying you of the cancellation and credit to your account. Depending on your credit card billing date, the credit will appear on one of your next two billing statements. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You are important to us at Sears and we look forward to your future business. We are always happy to assist you with any additional questions or concerns.

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Rod N.

Sears Customer Care

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Hi Holmes,

It has been more than 2 weeks now and I have neither heard back nor got my refund back from Sears. Over all it has been more than 6 weeks since I have cancelled the order.

The order value was $2,563.70 and already passed my credit card Please let me know how this can be expedited so that I can get my refund at the earliest.


The total order value was $2,563.70. I requested cancellation of the whole order. there would be another refund due for the balance amount $1414.53. could you please take a look in to that.

On Nov 6, 2013, at 2:02 AM, wrote:

Dear Jitender,

Thank you for shopping at!

We are still in the process of researching your order, however wanted to follow up so you know we are still working on it. We sincerely apologize for the delay. Please allow 5-7 business days for a response. We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience.

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Holmes S

Sears Customer Care

Posted by soo sad

My husband purchased a portrait package for Christmas 2112.In March I went to redeem it only to find them closed.I have asked for a store credit, but was denied. This makes me ask why they will not honor their own agreements.$100.00 may not seem like a lot but this was my whole Christmas.

Posted by Not Happy

I tried to take a pair of UNWORN shoes back to Sears today with the receipt. They wouldn't take them back because they weren't in the box! Are you kidding me? I'm sure they can find a box in the back to put them in. How many pairs of shoes are sold not even in a box? My husband and myself have spent thousands of dollars in Sears, but now I think I will have to shop elsewhere. If other stores give a refund even if you don't have a receipt, then why does Sears have this policy? Sorry Sears, you just lost this customer.

Posted by dianne browne

clothes dryer purchased for 581.90 and was delivered on july 22. it did not fit, and an exchange which was smaller was delivered on july 25 for 454.70. i was told i would receive the refund of 571.90 (minus the $10 the cost of a pipe) within 10 days. this is outrageous. still waiting, and discover card people are checking it out. i would like to hear from sears customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered a portable air conditioner on July 20,2013,cancelled the same day and received it on July 24,2013.Returned it the same day and I would get a refund today,well I never got the refund to my credit card as of today.I think sears should track the item and refund my money now...

Posted by Disillusioned

I have been a customer with Sears for the best part of my life. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with them and was employed with them as a teenager, young adult and a mature adult. I loved Sears (both as an employee and a customer). Something has changed and it is a horrible place to do business. I purchased an air conditioner on the 5th of July and when I got it home and opened the box realized that there was parts missing. I returned it to the store on the 9th only to discover that city pick-up was closed. What??? Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Really?? Anyway, the young fella that was there at the time was kind enough to do the transaction for me. After he got the paperwork done he informs me that the girl that does the returns was away and that it could take up to a week for the refund to be done. The purchase was made on my credit card that is not affiliated with Sears. So I now have a bill to pay, no product and will not be able to purchase another air conditioner elsewhere until I receive a credit on my credit card. I have decided that Sears and I are no longer friends.

Posted by Bad mower

I ordered a new lawn mower from Sears via the Patriot Store Direct. I waited almost two weeks for it to be shipped and was excited to see it sitting in my driveway when I got home from work. It was very short lived excitement as when I opened up the box, I discovered that one of the drive wheels was completely broken off of the mower. It is Friday, and now I can do nothing about it until Monday.

Posted by ANGRY

...times. I get that call, telling me my bed will be delivered between 3:15 and 5:15 on the 21st. Guess what,, I get another call just before lunch that day telling me the delivery has been delayed to ..., 1 cal. king mattress and 2 box springs will be delivered to my home today and that I will be getting a call ... Not on your live I will. I went to the Sears store during my lunch. I asked for a full refund. Which the clerk was helpful with that. Never again will I ... was hung up on when I requested to speak with a supervisor. Unbelieveable how rude Sears customer service are. If I did at my work I ...

Posted by Sears

... salesman told me I have 30days warrant.I opened the laptop in the store infront of the salesman and I was told I can returned it.I went to customer service,they deduct $33 from the card I used to pay the laptop.I Asked her and she ... I have opened it that is why she tooked that huge amount from my money.I left the store and went to different store,I got what I want and ...card till this date.I checked today and there was no money on my card a membership of sear and they told me to shopped that time ...

Posted by

Sears customer is deporable. Onhold for thirty minutes by someone who did not understand me .... She sounded like she just returned from lunch, since I has beeng waiting ... repair dated given was to wait for seven day for refrigerator repair.We finall got ...

Posted by lkt47by

I made an order with, mainly because my Shop Your Way Rewards dollars/points were... indicating that my points were used. I immediately contacted Sears, and their reply was "we owe you an... points on your next purchase." Instead of applying the points and giving me credit on my credit card, they wanted me to spend more money with them. I then emailed their corporate office smsupport@searshc... phone number and my work hours. She never returned my call there, but the case manager's supervisor called my home a couple days later instead. It's obvious that they never wished to ...

Posted by prettybird

... computer on 10/22/12. I received it the end of October. I decided to return it since it didn't meet my needs and was too and scheduled a delivery. I paid for pickup and shipping. This was on November 1, 2012. It arrived at Lenexa, KS on tuesday November 6, 2012. I... said he had all the info for the return.....He said about 5 business days my account (bank) would be credited. He told me ... on it and someone would call me. I highly doubt it and I need the money. That's one of the reasons too that I returned it.

Posted by zale9440

... and I ordered the part on searsparts for 86 dollars. I arrived about 8 days later and was promptly installed. Now just 4 1/2 months later... from "Cheryl" saying they only accept returns or process refund for items returned within 90 days in brand new unopened condition. Surely parts should last more than 4 or ...faulty part and no one is interested in making this right. I am very frustrated. I cant keep replacing it 3 times a year!!!!

Posted by Unhappy

... They took the money out of my account immediately and said it would be delivered today ...and 9 pm. After sitting here all day waiting, by tonight I realized something was wrong ...out of stock and discontinued. They cancelled the order and now I have to wait for a refund ...if sitting here waiting for them all day and being on the phone for over an hour with multiple week saying they will have 2 per store. They claim they will help me ... one or my lawyer is getting involved. Sears should know that bait & switch ... had better be back in my account in 3-5 days as they promised. I am telling every ...

Posted by Jabba

...order was returnable, but that it would take 2-3 months to get me a refund. They also refused to provide any confirmation that the order was returned. They told me I ...a form to fill out sometime. So, basically, I don't know when I will get a refund, I don't know anything about the process, and I am pretty confident the person I was talking to had no idea how to issue a refund. Returning an order that has not been picked up should ... timeline and communication to a returns process. Unless something changes rapidly in this situation, I will NEVER buy anything at or Sears ...

Posted by Mattew61

... intermittent highway stalling and check engine light, the O2 sensor was replaced. Drove the car 1/2hr and the exact same problem reoccurred, engine restarted, ran smoothly without any symptom. Could not return to Sears that day because they closed at 5p. My car continued ... found the air intake hose being disconnected is the reason the car stalls. Sears replaced an O2 sensor but did not perform a "under hood courtesy check" as ... would've been easily identified/corrected. I requested a refund of labor charge because Sears was supposed to fix my car and failed miserably...

Posted by Alou

... of a goof to come to my house, than make a great sales pitch on why I need to buy a new unit, and gave me a bunch of coupons for Sears. After spending an hour on the phone (two hang-ups) they said it was OK that he lied about the service and the $79 was none refundable. We will see what VISA has to say about that!