Samsung Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Samsung below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Samsung so others can benefit from what you learned.

Samsung Return Policy

Samsung offers consumers a 30-day money back guarantee. Requesting a refund from this retailer involves an easy online process that requires only the entry of the order number and the customer's email address to be implemented. Refunds are usually credited back to the consumer's credit card within five to seven business days. Those who pay for their merchandise with cash, money orders, checks or wire transfers will need to contact Samsung's customer service department to make arrangements for an alternative method of refund payment. Consumers also have the option of canceling the order at any time before the product is shipped.

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Posted by The unhappy customer

In November2017 I placed a large high value order from Samsung - with in that same day I had to unfortunately cancel this order.
The customer service team took me round and round in circles for days.
Eventually it was too late to cancel the order as the items had already been dispatched.

When I received my delivery I was then told to handle the returns by myself, They suggested leaving this order ( valued +£2000) in a local corner shop, ready for collection, but as it was around Christmas time their courier service will be busy and probably will not collect the items for another 2/3 weeks!
In the end I personally couriered the boxes to the Depot, ready to be returned to the Samsung warehouse.
The Customer service team repeatedly assured me that 'as soon as the items are received back at the warehouse, an email will be sent out and a refund will be allocated to your account within 7 working days.'

As I have not got personal access to my company's accounts, I could not follow this up. - In mid January 2018, I was approached my my accounts director who questioned why the refund was never submitted by Samsung!!!

I have again been sent in circles trying to find answers to why the sales / customer service team have not followed through on what they promised me!
I now know their polite friendly 'I'm really sorry for your inconvenience...' speech off by heart. I have been promised time and time again that I will receive follow up emails in regards to my refund. (Which I still havn't received, other than the one, where I insisted staying on the phone until I could physically read it in my inbox)

Apparently a percentage of my refund has been submitted, and the other remaining orders are 'stuck in the system' waiting to be refunded. Which isn't true as we still havn't received anything from them !!

Soo it continues on, after calling the sales department again this morning (5th Feb 2018) they have assured me that they will be in contact again later today to update me on the my order status and send me evidence of the alleged refund.

I'm so fed up and I tired of being the one who had to constantly to chase them !!
Wish me luck and hopefully this will be resolved soon!!

Posted by MsBren

I was having issues with my dryer a few weeks before my warranty was up, they came to service it and I was told it could be fixed and that they would order parts. A week later Samsung called and offered to give me a refund, I accepted and they have been so helpful from the beginning. I love all of my Samsung appliances and phones! Their customer service has always been so helpful!

Posted by Bea

Same thing you call the number they give and busy all the time. They give you multiple ticket numbers, the agents don't read the notes, horrible customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Nice, but got another for birthday

Posted by boat

I will never buy anything Samsung again. T.V. stopped working and still under warranty. First was told they would fix it, then they would replace it. Next they said I will get a refund.Several ticket numbers and much time on hold and I'm still waiting.Every time I call it's more lies and nonsense....been submitted will take 4 days.Next call more bull, will take 10 more business days....5more days, 4more days,never again!

Posted by Anonymous

I sympathize with everyone who has dealt with Samsung.
We purchased a $4k refrigerator from PC Richard which broke down 3 times in 2 years.
After the 3rd time Samsung said they would refund us the purchase price.
Of course each time this happened was around the holidays, the latest being the weeks preceding Christmas. I must have called 20 times and sent numerous emails to the office of the president.To say the response time and customer service is appalling is an understatement.
I called just now and the representative claims the money was released 3 weeks ago.
Strange as I've called 5 times at least with each stating its pending.
What more can i say, never purchase anything from Samsung unless you enjoy going to the doctor to bring down your stress level.

Posted by Samsung: never again

We bought an SUHD 65" 4K on 31DEC16. Manufactured defect detected 26DEC17. We initiated an exchange under the warranty provided by Samsung. It's been 21 days, 3 ticket numbers, 4 outbound phone calls, 2 emails, a troubleshooting contractor refusing to accept the work request, 0 followup from Samsung. Also, by reading the comments here I've come to understand that I could literally let this go for the next several months and nothing will have developed. Anyone know when the class action lawsuit for fraud is starting up?

Posted by PRAFULLA JOSHI 9890950460

Purchase date of tv 02Dec2017.
I registered my complaint for Samsung tv 49M 5570 (4251542179) on date 17Dec2017.
Service engineer from (Tvs electronic) visited my house on 23Dec2017. he said there is problem in TV.
Next day on 24Dec2017 senior engineer (Tvs electronic )visited my house and he also told me same thing.
On 26Dec2017 again they visited my house to collect the document.
They asked me, as per policy
Samsung offers consumers a 30-day money back guarantee.I said I want refund. Further I submitted the copy of all required documents for refund and photo copy of same I kept with me.
However instead of refund, replacement request has been approved by service center. I don't know on what basis it has been approved as I given refund request not replacement.
However I called to service center for same and rejected replacement and asked for refund as per Samsung policy.
But till date my issue is not solved by Samsung.
Samsung should process the refund as soon as possible however being customer I am suffering as it's more then 28days after registration of my complaint and tv on wall looks like showcase piece which is not working.
Many Times I called customer care service but no satisfactory reply from everyone. everyone is saying your case is open not closed.
Please close this issue as soon as possible.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir,

I trust you would read this email carefully to understand our concern.

We had a pathetic experience at Chroma Sarjapur road, Bangalore. Where we visited Chroma for the fourth time on 23 Dec 17. We were interested in model number MU6100, 50 inches size or any other model of 55 inches. We asked price for their displayed model 50 inches MU6100, then by Mr. Sayad Jalal it was told that there is a better model available MU6470 displayed unit was 55 inches TV and price was told 1.10 with 10 percent discount, after negotiating further they gave a special category discount of 2.5 percent and price came to around 96 K. We immidiately told them to pack this model. Now the product delivered and installed and then no where it looked 55 inches to us. We measured the size and checked its 49 inches. Here we got shocked to know model number mentioned on bill is 49MU6470 . There was no where in our mind that this bluff can happen and we need to check size specifically on the bill. We blindly trusted chroma and later realized that it was a mistake to have this trust. We have clarified our needs to their employee and talked only about displayed size, 55 inches, trust no one will think that they are billing for a different product.

Sir, first point to understand where MU6100, 50 inches model I was getting in 77 K in Chroma then why would I agree to pay 20 K more on 1 inch less tv. MU6470, 49 inches.???

We had shown our concern to Chroma store but they are not ready to exchange since the product got installed 15 minutes back today

We just expected the right communication and right product to be delivered what they have shown and promised to give.

I am highly disappointed to choose chroma over reliance where I was getting better deal on Sony tv.

But we went ahead with Chroma because of samsung brand.

My last hope is with Samsung would help us. We need to exchange 49 inches Tv to 55 inches.I trust that you would definitely find a way for us and help us in this matter and kindly exchange the product to 55 inches. Croma will be ready to exchange if Samsung agrees on this. We are ready to pay the difference of price. I will wait for your positive reply.

Best regards

Posted by Brownshoe

I am writing about my second Samsung Washer in less than a year. I bought the first in March of 2016 and it was recalled in the fall/early winter of 2016 for a defective lid. I had the second delivered on Dec 17th 2016. On Dec 16th 2017 the lid broke apart and would no longer seal,,ergo no water. I called the 800 number, and was told they would honor the warranty for parts and labor. The washer had not been in my possession for more than 1 year. This was confirmed by an e-mail, later another e-mail was sent cancelling our the first e-mail. I contacted them several times, finally getting the authority to call their certified service tech in my area. I had already spoken with him and he confirmed that he does no do Samsung Warranty repairs any long. I called back and was told I would have to find my own repair tech and then that tech would have to contact Samsung for approval to do the repair. In desperation I called the Geek Squad and they indicated they would do the repair. I called Samsung back and was told that Samsung had changed their mind and would refund my money. I e-mailed a copy of all my receipts back to the Samsung Rep and he called back later in the day to confirm the refund and the amount. I was told not to dispose of the old machine before getting instructions. Those instructions would come within 24 to 48 hours. A week later, and several telephone calls I was getting no where, and always someone would call back in 24 to 48 hours. The following week I got a hold of the Samsung Rep who had processed my e-mailed receipts and he said that I had to agree to a reduction in my refund, or there would be no refund. The reduction was almost $100. It was better than nothing so I agreed. Once again I was told that I would be contacted in 24 to 48 hours. No contact. Called again and was told that everything was in process and that there would be a wait. No I was not dispose of the old machine until I had gotten and complied with the instructions. No one could answer where those instructions were or when I could expect to receive them, Called again today with same old company line.

Posted by Fergie

I returned my phone in Nov 21 2017 its now 1/1/18 and still no refund. Ive made numerous calls and they keep tellin me its with logistics and that its been approved and im still waiting for over 2 months


I Have Been Waiting Since 9/25 For A Refund. I Have Made Numerous Phone Calls And Everyone Says I'm Sorry, It's In The Refund Dept. No One Has A Phone Number For The Refund Dept. Right Now, I Am Filling Out A Complaint Form For The Consumer Protection Dept Of The Pa Attorney General's Office But No One At Samsung Can Provide Me With A Street Address. Isn't It Amazing That You Don't Know The Address Of Your Employer. I Will Never Buy Samsung Again.

Posted by martyd

samsung sucks. tv broke. sent tv. samsung received tv on october 10th 2017 by martinez at 12:04pm. refund approved but they are waiting for me to return the device. i have talked to 14 reps and 7 case managers everyone keeps asking me to send the device back to complete my refund. never again samsung

Posted by Radion

Disgusting experience!!!! I hate their customer service and never would be recommended to anyone!!

I returned to them item,order they received item 21th November and I never received my money back!!!! ORDER TOTAL


Posted by Krystal

I have been bugging Samsung since Novemeber 20th 2017 about my refund. i call and all they tell me is thats is been approved and i should receive it in 3-5 days. the 5th day comes and nothing so i call back and another person tells me it still needs to be approved give it 3-5 business days. ive heard this since November and it half way through December.

Posted by Jojo66

I have been dealing with Samsung for over a month everyday. Frustrated isn't even the word...... so here goes nothing....

First off I own a GALAXY S8+, and am a Samsung premium care subscriber. I purchased my device on aug. 28 2017 from bestbuy. Purchased an unlocked G955U1 model, signed up for premium care, and started using my phone.

Fast forward to Nov,5 2017. I received a cancellation email from premium care saying my insurance was cancelled. I called them immediately and was told the insurance could NOT be added back and I would have to re-enroll my phone thru the Samsung premium care app.

This is where it gets crazy. My phone had a chip in the right corner, preventing the re-enrollment on the app. Premium care tells me to send my phone to Plano Tx. They will replace the screen, and that will allow me to re-enroll my device. They also offered me 1 month free again as well. Sounds great right? Well....

I received my phone back (2 weeks later) and right out of the box, It kept disconnecting, and "searching" for signal every 45 seconds or so. I couldn't download, talk, text or anything related. I immediately called premium care and to my surprise, premium care stated I wasn't covered because I wasn't enrolled in premium care.

At this point I'm livid. I literally just sent my phone to Texas from NYC and now it has to go back, but before that can happen premium care has to verify my insurance, which they can't do so they "escalate" it and I should receive a contact within 72 hours.

Now I have to go thru my manufacturer warranty so I do that. While waiting for premium care to iron out my issues, I send my phone to Texas thru Samsung's ecr department for service. They replace the PBR (motherboard) and send me the phone back.

The phone starts by running slow and delayed. After trying to restart the phone it freezes, and a soft reset was necessary to boot it again. Once it finally boots it tells me my 128gb sandisk card is corrupt and I need to format it. I format it, however the phone prompts me it's corrupt again and to format it...(loop) so I tried another card, and the SAME THING HAPPENED!

Needless to say the phone went back in the box and I manned the phone line, hoping for some kind of resolution to these "repairs" made to my device. Premium care still to the day of this writing has not contacted me. Over 1 month ago it was "Escalated". As far as Samsung goes .... after speaking with countless ECR reps, EMAILS, TEXTS, and HOURS AND HOURS OF COMMUNICATION they FINALLY Requested a refund ticket for my device. They sent me a label to send it to the refund department/exchange department. Sent it out same day. Let's see what happens.


Following a dozen or more phone calls and 2 months of runaround very similar to others posted here, I finally got a "refund approval" and have been waiting over a week for someone to contact me about picking up this television. I fear I will NEVER get this done and that I am out $600. WORD OF ADVISE: NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG PRODUCT. They are cheap for a reason and they do not stand behind their products!

Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst company and products! I think it should be illegal to sell this junk in the US. Terrible products and even worse customer service. Been promised a refund for over a month and just keep getting a run around. Seems to me they are a bunch of thieves. Only American made for me if you can find it!

Posted by SamsungSucks

I should have researched more before I bought anything from Samsung I thought I got a deal from our employee provided web portal during Black Friday sale. Ordered a 65 QLED TV and arrived last night 12/5. I took the pain of mounting and setting it up and once I powered it up, screen is all damaged and cracked. Called customer service today, what a joke. I spoke with a Canadian call center but they did not sound Canadian at all. Asking for a US Based center and they said no way to transfer it. Speaking with the agent, getting frustrated by the minute since he told me that I would have to bring the big BOX to a FEDEX location to return. Not everyone has a truck or van.... kidding me. Then he stated that they dont have a replacement program. WHAAATTTTT!!!! This is a joke and comedic operation. Holding my breath now and spoke with a supervisor who escalated this matter, let us see what will happen. Totally FRUSTRATING AND in the age of Amazon and other web retailers, this is a JOKE and FARCE.

Posted by extremely unhappy ex samsung cus

I have been dealing with trying to get my brand new, just bought in Feb. 2017 78" 4K ultra curved screen TV either repaired, exchanged or refunded. Initially I just wanted a repair. I jumped through hoops to be placed on hold for literally (no exaggeration) hours on end just o be either hung up on or transferred. After promised a repair I was told no carrier or repair location was close to my home town. So I opted for exchange I was told of equal or greater value, the lady dared to offer me a 74", I asked her how do you figure going from a 78" to a 74" is of equal value. She stated she finally located the same TV as the current and I would hear from someone within 10 business days. Of course, nothing. So I called waited on hold for hours again dropped and finally got someone who then told me my Tv was not available. SO then the refund process began. The refund was pre approved, KW international is suppose to pick up TV and report to Samsung corp that they have TV in their possession with 48 hours of pick up and my refund would be deposited. I have been dealing with a Donna L. from Exchange and Refund dept. who is now refusing to return my calls or emails. Mind you another 3rd party picked up my TV on Wednesday Nov 29, 2017, by a company called Radiant Logistics who by the way Heather one of the managers there is completely rude and disrespectful not only to me but apparently her employees as the drivers voiced their complaints to me about her. This on going run around has been going on since August 2017. I have emails and documents galore. And yet no refund and now out of a unrepairable, unreplaceable 3700.00 TV that I know no longer have in my possession. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG product again and I am urging every single person I know to stay away too.

Posted by Amanda

This has been the WORST experience. I purchased a Samsung GalaxyS8+ and returned it after finding a better deal through my cell phone carrier. Phone was received at my home on 7/25/17. Phone was returned on 7/28/17 and DELIVERED back to Samsung on 8/1/17. The amount I paid for this phone was $675.88. It is now November 30th and I HAVE NOT RECIEVED MY REFUND. I have spent HOURS and had MULTIPLE calls on my days off with different agents and managers explaining my situation over and over since August. How in the hell does it take 4 months AND COUNTING for a refund?! I have been told different stories of what's happening. I have called TD Bank, Samsung e-commerce, Samsung corporate and am STILL WAITING. I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER RECOMMEND SAMSUNG FINANCING FOR ANYONE.

Posted by Ganesh

Samsung galaxy j7 prime mobeil parchece.
Only 5month just.
But mobeil display whites.

Posted by NotOneToBeMessedWith

I have been going through the exact things people have posted about Samsung exchange and refund department. I have been given about 5 different Ticket numbers for this one claim that I put in for. It is always a different story with them and then they end by saying, " Someone with our department will be giving you a call either today or tomorrow." Also, I find it strange that there is no direct phone number to the department, and when I ask for the name of the person I was talking to they always gave their first name but refused to give their last name!! Sounds fishy to me!! I definitely think I will be seeking attorney advise. Good thing I caught on the their tricks early and have now been recording conversations and documenting everything down!!

Posted by Sarah

I have been working with Samsung since April on a recall they issued for our washing machine and I still have not received the refund! The customer service has been Horrible at follow up!

Posted by Melissa W

Has anyone had any luck actually reaching the exchange department I keep trying, wait on hold for over 30 minutes and get hung up on. Is there another way to reach them?

Posted by Getting the run around

I have been waiting so long for a refund I will be in a nursing home before I get it

Posted by Very pissed off consumer

Samsung you are nothing but a group of unprofessional liars. I i was promised a refund on a Samsunf French door fridge that has beena piece of crap since i spemt my hard earned money on (over $2000.00) for i sent copies of my reeceipt over 6 times via email, fax, text & i just kept being told it was distorted & they could not read the serial # (which you could clearly see) i went back & with these unprofessionals for over 2 weeks. They finally told me they could do nothing for me. They lead you on as if they are going to do something to help you but in the end The are doing absolutely NOTHING. Please please dont ever buy Anything samsung especially the fridge . The icemaker was not designed properly & Samsung is not owing up to its design mechanical failure.

Very pissed off consumer

Posted by Veronnica

Bought a Samsung washer &a dryer set in March. The end of June the washer quit working. They sent out a tech a week later and the same problem occurred again on the first wash. They said they would have to refund me the money. Have sent in so many pieces of information and when I don't hear anything I wait and assumed the refund was in the mail. When a while goes by (a few weeks) I contact them and they say they need more information. I've been waiting longer for my refund than the machine has worked. The website showed the refund being processed on oct 8, and 14 days later (they said 7-14 days) I called to check the status and was told it was sent out October 13th and there's a few more days, I should get it. Still no refund. Will not buy Samsung ANYTHING AGAIN.

Posted by SamsungAreCowboys

Samsung Customer Service is horrific. DO NOT ORDER from their website or you will wait weeks to get a refund. 3 weeks on and I'm still waiting.

Posted by Colin

My son bought a Galaxy 8 note and is not happy with the product and has found the customer service in your Liverpool One store to be shall we say very unhelpful and trying to get a refund shall we say playing hard ball.He is a student at LJM university so everyone comments on their experiences.I hope that you view this situation kindly.I have seen this type of situation on many occasions where young students are intimedated in the stores.

Rgds Colin

Posted by 55 inch Curve Tv.

World class Sumsung all a bunch of LiARS. Purchase a 55 inch Smart Curve Tv. 05/11/16 and it just lost picture on 05/10/17 a 10 month old tv can u believe it!!!!!!!!!! As I told myself I have warrantee and this was still a Good thing but from there everything went downwards Service centre people came out twice and the tv aren't the same anymore and then the Lies started from call centre to service centre ( Just remember Samsung every DOG its DAY ) Never ever Samsung again very disappointed.

Posted by Cleo

We have been going through a refund process with samsung since June...after sending in the receipt, then the invoice, they lost it, then asked for it again...and again, we were then told in September our refund for the washer was approved, given a 4111....TICKET NUMBER AND SENT A Samsung Refund Terms And Conditions form, and requested the decal from the washer be peeled off and attached to the form, this was Oct 6, 2017, emailed and faxed this document to them...two weeks later they called and wanted to find out what happened, they did not get it...they are full of crap, they keep promising a refund and they never issue it...

Posted by Anonymous

I have been dealing with the same problem for 3 months now. My dry would not come on at all. So they told me to send the bill of sale 3 months ago I did everything they told me. I still have not got my refund. They say they take care of there customer's but they don't.

Posted by Gorila glass

I want to return my samsung galaxy j7 prime has problem in screen while playing game..please help me what to do..

Posted by Gorila glass

I want to return my samsung galaxy j7 prime has problem in screen while playing game..please help me how to do..

Posted by Ticked off customer

Samsung is horrible. Never again will I use their appliances. I bought a brand new washer and dryer set in January 2017. Literally 7 months to the day later, my dryer breaks. I'm not a repair technician but my guess would be it is just a belt. They tell me they will have a technician call me. 5 days later I finally call them to find out what the status is and get told i will be getting a refund. Ummmm okay, you cant call me to tell me this, i have to call you?

I immediately send a bill of sale like they requested. They give me a $ amount for the refund and I approve it. All of this is within 10 minutes. I then get told they will send me acceptance documents. NEVER did they mention "hey this could take 2 weeks."

I have literally called every day twice a day. This is an $800 dryer, and yes, i could go buy a new one. But as soon as i do, they will find some reason not to refund it, so i am doing laundry at a laundry mat.

I keep getting told different answers. Run around doesnt even describe it. I work in customer service so I try to be nice, because rude customers annoy me. It is soooo hard to stick to this when dealing with them.

I finally spoke to someone in the executive department, hopefully this will help. I will put an update out if i ever get my money

Posted by Achintya

I purchased samsung on max mobile ...but after few days its get very slow and its recent key is not working properly.

Posted by Mike B

I have had the same experience as the preceding customers. What they describe relative to their customer service is accurate, i.e. getting resolve to a problem is terrible. Customer service SUCKS big time. It is my last Samsung purchase I'll ever make.

Posted by Mohemp23

I purchased a t.v. Last year that just stopped working. It's under warranty but I have gotten the run around and the exchange department keeps you on hold and then hangs up on you. Worse company ever and I hope a class action lawsuithappens!

Posted by Sister

I am suppose to receive a refund from Samsung Electronics for my Samsung Washing machine but I keep getting the run around I even contacted Consumer Alliance and they wrote them two letters then Samsung contacted me to email the serial number from my washing machine which I did then they called me and sad it was to blurry to see so the person I spoke to told me to email it to her so I did but that didn't work out so I emailed it again to the refund department now just waiting on to see what other lie they have to tell me I'll never buy anything else from Samsung again they are the worst company in the world to deal with

Posted by Loyaltyntrust

The worst run around in life! I will NEVER buy anything Samsung EVER! I'm waiting on a refund approval. I am going to escalate this to the Governors office. Happy to be a state employee. My Samsung top load washer that has had a class action suit for someone getting a broken jaw because of the same recall I was part off. I am unable to wash I have a big family and cannot wash. I been calling EVERY day for over a week and still no link or email like they claim they will send. The do not have a direct number to refund department or any higher up or supervisors. I have spoken to numerous representatives and all tell me the same lies. This is not what good service is about! I will be going further and have all the names of the individuals that have lied to me. All phone calls are recorded and I want it to all be done right! Desperately in need of a working washer before anyone of my kids are hurt by trying to wash.

Posted by Never Another Samsung Product

On August 12th I purchased a new Q series TV from Samsung Direct. Quick delivery...set broke after 4 hours. In spite of their 'new' "excellence in customer service" policy, it is virtually impossible to achieve anything more than a human delivered, robotic response. Zero incentive to rectify any issue that involves a defective product. The TV was re-boxed (at MY expense), picked up by FedEx (on their nickel) 5 days later and now it is the 30th of August. I have yet to receive ANY contact from Samsung via email or phone concerning their intentions. I have called them 5 additional times and have received 5 different explanations why my refund has not been processed. I even tried to get them to just send me a new TV, but their policy doesn't allow them to send a replacement until the initial purchase issue has been resolved. For further insult: they also took my old set away as part of the original delivery and promised me a credit of $200 for the old set. That money can only be reimbursed via a "E Certificate" good only for purchases at the Samsung web store. Of course, that amount can't be awarded until the initial sale has been finalized! They can't finalize the original sale because the product was returned as defective.
Samsung only uses circular logic. I have since made a purchase locally of a better TV from LG. This new set is flawless. I have no idea how long I'll be made to wait for Samsung's customer service to catch up with their false promises!

Posted by Anonymous

worst customer service ever. one lie after another after another with no satisfaction, no follow through, unable to speak to supervisors or team manager, just keep getting same run around after hours on hold

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever. I had recall on top load washer completed and new full 1 year warranty. Now washer is not working properly (since 7/8/17)and they tell me I have to apply for refund which I did on 8/5/17. Have not heard back. Have made at least 5 phone calls over past 3 weeks and just keep being told is in refund department, but unable to speak with anyone in that department and no one can tell me why it is taking so long.

Posted by quidoan

I bought top load washer and I was defected, I claim and had agreed refunds by Samsung.Inoder to get refunds you must call in but they let you wait on the phone so long, sometimes take an hour waitng and I got hung up.I very upset the way Samsung handle customer service.

Posted by Tracey

I purchased a Chromebook from Walmart... Last minute I had to go out of the country. I need to return the unopened Chromebook due to I received another one from a friend for my birthday .. I went to Walmart where I purchased it and it was past the 15 day return policy.. Can you send me a return label for my refund.. Thanks Tracey

Posted by Samsung sucks

They promised refund after 6 months of constant repairs to refrigerator that won't work right. They lose your receipts you send them and leave automated messages saying you've not responded to their emails they never send . Then tell you to call exchange department to get money and after on hold for over hour get disconnected. They are a scam joke of a company and I wouldn't buy another of their products under any circumstances. Please tell me how to join class action lawsuit.

Posted by Anonymous

On August 1 I was promised a refund for my broker two-year old Samsung refrigerator but was told I could not get rid of the old refrigerator and get a new one until Samsung sent me the "refund form." It is Aug 16 and I still have not received the form, which supposedly would be emailed. Why is this taking so long? I have been without a working refrigerator since late July.
Please send the form!

Posted by Anonymous

Wish I would have read prior comments to purchasing any Samsung appliances. I purchase electric range with warranty. When I needed to use warranty, of course, repairman could not come out in timely manner and repair so I was told I could get refund. Sure it has been a month without a stove. Well now everytime I call back, I talk to someone new, and get new answers. The parts place has called me back with part but I was told to cancel warranty, so now still nothing. This is past frustrating and they need to all get on same page. And still I have no refund nor know when this one will be accepted.

Posted by Leon

It says you money back within 7 business days, past over a week and keep telling me to wait for refund, after they took a month to deliver the phone. Is there any way i could make a bigger claim for not returning the money when they say.? Or when it supposed to be return(refund).?

Posted by frustrated

I have been dealing with the ECR about a refund for my refrigerator that failed and can be fixed for over 4 weeks and have been completely lied too and given completely conflicting information over the span of dozen calls and emails. Can not state how bad this is and agree that some legal authority should investigate. All they would have to do is review the phone conversations to see how customers are manipulated on every call.

Posted by Will

I have a two month old 65 inch tv that doesn't work. I have been dealing with exchanging it for over 3 weeks with no resolution. I agree with all the posts, worst company to deal with. Maybe the attorney general should look into their deceptive practices when dealing with warranties.

Posted by Anonymous

One of worst default pieces it's providing, Just got J7 max, rear camera not working properly in whats app as images r very dark, if i got to service centre they are compromising with the issues saying in all camera its same, nowadays phones are coming like this...

Posted by Superwrench4

My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 6 months old. The charging port had arc flashes coming from it. It burned the charging port on the phone and fried the factory fast charger I received with my phone. It was a very scary situation to find in our home. It could have caught our home on fire if not found when we did.

Posted by shamefulsamsung

After reading the first two reviews: this scenario sounds like the same experience I've had with Samsung. Just wish I had read these comments before purchasing. NEVER BUYING SAMSUNG PRODUCTS OF ANY KIND!!! The microwave oven I purchased has never worked from the day it was installed-- I'm getting the same run around other people posted here. I now know that an e-mail will not be received (necessary for refund to be processed), but it will never come in my e-mail box; thereby NO REFUND! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! I have been punished for buying Samsung.

Posted by K

I have a Samsung laser printer that failed after a couple months of use. It has a year warranty for parts/service. I called June 6 and they said I would be sent info on repair center in 3-5 days. 5 days later got repair center info. I called them and they told me that they rejected the service. I called Samsung back...started over. In 3-5 days they would contact me with repair center info. No one contacted me. I called on 6/18 and after 45 minutes of being passed around, they agreed to issue a refund. The refund was not actually 'approved' within Samsung until 6/28. I was told that in 3-5 days I would get an email requesting information to process the refund. It is 7/ email. I call every week or two and get the run-around. I have little hope to get the printer fixed or refunded. NEVER a Samsung product again. A waste of a couple hundred dollars and much frustration.

Posted by Tishi

On Jan 17 2017 my husband and I UNFORTUNATELY purchased a Samsung Stainless Steel overhead microwave oven to replace our 18 year old unit. Within five months, the door started melting from the inside, melting the seal around the door and the paint off both the inside of the door and the oven itself. I returned to the merchant, Home Depot. The first young lady was not helpful, basically said HD could do nothing and I would have to contact Samsung. No contact info provided. A few weeks later, I returned to HD and asked to speak directly to someone in appliances not the service desk. Young man gave me an 800# to call Samsung. I did. The call wait was long. Finally got someone who had trouble understanding what I was describing. No email where I could easily send a picture illustrating the issue. She took a repair order and said someone would call me. Few days later I rec'd a call from a lady in the town 60 miles away saying a repairman would come on specific date/time to fix "the oven tray that was not moving". I explained that was not the problem. she said that is "what is described in the work order". I said it would be wasteful to send someone from 60 miles away to fix something that does not need fixing". I attempted to describe the actual problem. She too had problems comprehending. I finally said, we had stopped using the oven weeks ago because we fear a fire in our kitchen that might destroy our home and just needed the unit replaced as it does not appear to be a simple fix". She said that when the technician came he can decide what needs to be done. I explained that the purpose for calling the 800# was to describe the issue and have the specific problem resolved and that I had been assured it would be resolved. Young lady said "don't call them" just let "Chuck" check it out. I asked if the loss of my wages for taking time off from work would be reimbursed. She said she did not know that she was just the person who scheduled repairs. I said I do need to re-contact Samsung directly. I searched their headquarters and found a chat line. I described the whole problem. The poor contact person, who was very polite, was extremely slow in responding to each chat email. At the end, he basically said the same thing: "the technician can decide". I suspect the technician will not be able to replace the burned door and the burned oven during his one visit! I will demand a replacement, a full refund or will file a complaint WITH MY NEW MEXICO STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS CONSUMER PROTECTION DIVISION. This is the only and last time I will purchase anything Samsung. Genuine customer service has been flushed and the Greed is spreading. Perhaps we need a cooperative consumer owned organization that manufactures quality products and provides courteous, professional customer service!!

Posted by chop

I was part of the unlucky Samsung top load recall consumers. I called the recall line that Samsung provided and verified that my washer was recalled. I explained I had other problems than just the top lid and they said they would send the recall vender they contracted out first which was Dish Network and then to call back for service after they fixed the recall. They came then I called back and said I needed repair. The man put me through to some executive dept. who said I would just be offered a refund of the price I paid instead of repair. I sent in my original receipt of purchase as requested then told I would receive the refund amount. I asked if they needed my washer back and they said they weren't sure so when I went and purchased my new machine I called Samsung back to confirm due to my delivery and they said no I did not need to keep it on 6/14/2017. Now a month later and several phone calls I get a lady from Samsung telling me that since I didn't keep it that would probably void my refund!! She said there would be an investigation now and they would let me know. I think this is totally unprofessional and I can say that if after all of this I get nothing because the company doesn't know what to tell the consumer and promises one thing then denies it I will take my complaint to the BBB and the local news in the Houston Texas market and I can assure you they do put these complaints on the news to help people like me. It's now 7/14 and no response back of my refund.

Posted by None

Well I've been using samsung since they started I told my girl that samsung is the best phone to get they are the best I've still have and still using a galixy 3 I love it.but my girl got this j6 and the screen broke with one drop and it was her friend dropped she bought at the same time insurance on it they put her threw a bunch of loops so she gave up on itfor a couple of months so she bought a new one now now I feel bad that for bringing her in the Samsung world here what should I do with this broken screen phone I can't take it in it cost $200 to fix it when we r still paying money on it what to do

Posted by Jennifer Bangert

To Whom It May Concern,
I have been trying to contact your exchange department at 888-501-2502 for well over a month. Every single time I call I am on hold for nothing short of 30 minutes, and was instructed I can only call between 2pm-5pm. I have a job and 2 kids. No one has time to hold for that long numerous times a week. I have been dealing with a refrigerator that has not had an ice maker for 8 months now.

If I do not get a reasonable response, I will be contacting BBB and local news channel to let them know of the poor customer service Samsung has. My plan was to replace the rest of my appliances with Samsung products but that will certainly not be happening.

Posted by Jennifer

Customer Service in the exchange department is awful. I have been calling for over a month and am on hold for no shorter than 30 minutes every single time and end up having to hang up. I have been dealing with a broken ice maker for 8 months now. My plan was to replace my other appliances with Samsung as we have 3 tvs through Samsung. That will not be happening at this point.

Posted by Randrand

This is the WORST company to deal with regarding returns. First they authorized my S8 return and then when I shipped it to them, (it was brand new), they rejected and sent it back to me. Now I can't get anyone there to agree to let me return it! This will force me to sell it in the "used" market for $500 vs. the $750 I paid for it! I will never do business with them again!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst company. My fridge after having it 3 months broke. Waited a week for a repair person every 2 days called because I was told repair company would call to set up a time never called then waa told no-one was in my area asked for a refund. Still have to get it and have gotten 7 service tickets because they kept closing them.

Posted by Anonymous

This is one of the worst companies to deal with when you have an issue

Posted by Keith

We ordered a Samsung Gear Fit 2 less than a week later it kept loosing its memory so we asked for a refund they said it would take 4 days to get a RMA, everyone else gets one the same day.
Anyway we waited two weeks and called for the third time, they said sorry we will put you on priority list which was a snow job after many calls my wife got the RMA three weeks plus later so we shipped it off the next day. Now its been over 5 weeks since this started still no refund. We are out $141.00 and we will nerve buy anything Samsung EVER!!!!!!!

Posted by jctech

I am having a similar experience with my Samsung dryer. The repair company never showed up to my house after the appointment was made (and my husband took the day off of work to be there). We were then told we qualified for an accommodation/buyback if I emailed a copy of my receipt in. Here we are 3 week later, no money back and can never get through to ANYONE, just the recording that asks me to please hold the line while they transfer me to the next available representative. I call between the ever-so convenient hours of 2pm - 5pm and have actually waited on hold up to 38 minutes never getting a person to talk to.

Posted by AmyT

I've been trying to reach Samsung return dept for the last week, when I call them their hours say call between 2-5pm. What kind of working hours is that? So I keep missing the time. And today I kept calling them back between those times and the line was constantly busy. Finally when I got through to them the were closed already. Seriously!!!!!!! I need my refund check for my dryer machine because they cant find a tech guy to come and fix the machine. Keep in mind it's only a little over a year old. Will never deal with Samsung again

Posted by Anonymous

AWFUL customer service. Ordered a TV with a voucher I recieved. First it was on back order. Then they sent me the wrong one when they FINALLY sent it to me, but i decided to stick with the wrong one due to the drawn out return process. I worked probably 21 straight days, then was out of the country immediately following the delivery. When I finally was able to get some help to hang up the TV, realized that it was damaged in shipping. They are refusing to return the TV, even when my circumstances, because I was 1 DAY OUTSIDE OF THE RETURN WINDOW!!!!!!! Come on people. Loyal customer now gone people.

Posted by Anonymous

June 2017:

Dealing with Samsung has been absolutely the worst experience we have ever dealt with in buying products EVER. The appliance we purchased does not work, and we have been told we will receive a refund. HOWEVER.......they will not call us back, and the money we paid is not coming. The service is the worst I have ever seen in the market place, and the products are terrible. Please be aware as you purchase ANY products from this company

Posted by RWaldron

I bought a Samsung washer and dryer in 2013. The washer was not quite four years old when it totally broke down. When I saw that there was a voluntary recall on that washer, I immediately contacted Samsung. It has been six weeks. I have had to go through such a process to get where I am at now, to no avail! My refund was approved and I was given the phone number to Refunds and Exchange department. I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through what I have so far. Customer service is NOT customer service! I have gotten such a runaround from what they call their customer service department. And forget getting in touch with anyone in Refunds an Exchange Dept. That is a laugh. I have attempted to call them so many times that my blood pressure has to be up. The last time I called that department today I waited for 40 minutes and still had no live person on the line. I finally just hung up and tried a different number. One person will tell you one thing, and then another one tells you something totally different. I am sure the executives knew that they should voluntarily recall those washers before they were sued, but I feel that a class action lawsuit should be brought against them. After reading reviews on line, I know that I am not at all the only person this has happened to. I will never ever ever buy or own another Samsung product!

Posted by broncosfan

I got a 55"samsung TV through a promotion at best buy when we decided to use the TV we took it out of the box the TV was broke best buy refused to take it back cause it was after the 30 day return policy samsung would not take the TV back either now I have a TV thats worthless can someone please help me

Posted by Anonymous

BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCT BY SAMSUNG!!! Their customer service is HORRIBLE! Sorry for the long post but worth the read. I purchased a blu-ray 3D DVD player (model # BD H6500/ZA) over a year ago through Amazon. Player worked for about 9 months or so as advertised. It then begin to intermittently make a pop or spark type of noise and the screen would flash. Also, the sound would go out for a second or two. At times it would not do it, other times only a few times throughout a movie, and yet other times, every few seconds. This is where it all started. Contacted Samsung and it took them a week just to verify my purchase (thank God it was still under a 1 year warranty). Sent it in via UPS and got it back about 2 weeks later. Plugged it in and voila, it started doing it again! Sent it back a second time and got it back about 2 weeks later and worked for about a day and began to pop and flash again! (Both times no documentation on what had been done, if anything at all). I contacted Samsung again and they told me that I may or may not qualify for an exchange. WHAT? I demanded that they send me a replacement. Sent it in a 3rd time and finally had to call them since it had been a month since I sent it in. I was on hold for 55 min and finally spoke to a rep only to be told that they would send me a factory refurbished unit. WHAT! ARE YOU KIDDING? Send me a new one. She said they won't do it. The other option was a refund for $149.00. I told her to send the refund and I would never buy a Samsung product again. To add insult to injury, I looked up on Amazon to see how much I paid for it and I paid $149.99. I know 99 cents isn't much but I bet they do that quite often to other customers and that little bit times thousands of customers add up. Of course I found out after I hung up and wasn't about to be put on hold again for who knows how long. Take home message: DON'T BUY SAMSUNG PRODUCTS!!!

Posted by Samsung galaxy on8

Samsung galaxy on8 is worst phone they work automatic and 4g not support call Auto done networkProblem

Posted by Sickofit

Samsung dont honor warranty refunds or replace a refurb is it a conn even after the scandal of s8
They dont admit there is a fault 3 times it is hell to deal with them

Posted by happyhappygreat

Samsung Galaxy S6 is the worst phone ever. I psid 700 bucks fir this useless phobe they rushed abd everything sucks, no subject line, the battery lasts an hour i have had to buy countless chargers because this thing dues in a hour, the 4 and six where waaay netter phones. If theres no internet you have to start again it use to day when you get service we will send. You cant send an sms nessage as an email with a subject line. the batery crap,.. the updates are stupid.

Posted by Hagajha

Samsung is a completely garbage company. They will lie on their website and con consumers out of money with bad phones.

Posted by Vasiliy

3rd day trying to reach Samsung to arrange a return.
The time I waited on hold: 1hr 4 min, 45 min, 16 min.
Sent an email to Samsung Sales with the Order #. No answer.
Loosing patience.

Posted by note 4 edge

i have a note 4 edge samsung phone I went to exchange this phone with another one but the store denied to take it back or exchange. they are saying its banned now but when i have bought this phone they said you can exchange it after any time but the cost will depends on condition.. but it never told thatif the phone banned than you cant return it...its not expected from Ssmsung company . when we bought an expensive phone we expect it has some resale value...
if the note set banned it is not our fault..the company should bear this failure why customer will suffer!!!!so please look at this matter.

Posted by Lizard

Samsung s7 refused a refund orelace ir upgrade.. Then agreed to a replace tried the recurvish conn. Then gave me new... Delayed dont have it i demanded an upgrade to s8 all along At my cost. No No and No fhey ar nasty pigs cant do that why no cost to u.. Iburged i had a"bur phones s7 overheated did not fast charge s7 yoir reputation still no.. The ohone was faukty yet no choice. A warrNty right i dont reLly even want it now. The hell u go through and all their phones are faukty my s5 galaxy Note bkew up.. Still no refund forced a replace scared to charge overnight disgusting i $1300 dollar ohone and it is Warranty Law hage samsung

Posted by S

Mere pass A7 2016 hai or mene refund ke liye request ki thi but meri request ko avoid kr diya..
I won't expect this from samsung.
The worst services & the worst smartphones they have.

Posted by Samsung

I have Samsung on 7 mobile and want exchange from high capcity internal memory mobile 32gb & above.
So it is possible to do with your company.
DOP 8Nov2o16
At panvel Navi Mumbai
Please provide suitable.

Posted by socman

Following Samsung's instructions, I refused to accept the delivery of a Samsung 18.4 inch View Tablet. That was back in December. Since then, I have called four times in order to try to get my refund (through PayPal). Still, by 2/11/17, nothing...I keep getting the run-a-round by their customer service folks. One excuse and apology after another, but no refund. Now, they tell me that PayPal is refusing to accept money from them for my refund. PayPal absolutely denies this and tells me it is totally Samsung who is messing around with things. I have had to resort to filing a dispute against Samsung via PayPal..what a horrible experience. Never has $423.00 cost me so much time, effort, and stress. Shame on Samsung...shame on them!

Posted by Sheltie

I bought a new Samsung fridge in late November 2016. Yesterday (Feb 8) it just quit working. Samsung will not get here until Feb 16 to look at it! They are refusing to give me anything for all the food that has now been wasted. I am waiting for a manager to call me back. Hopefully that doesn't take a week too >:(

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a complete kitchen appliance set from Samsung. In 6 months my stove top has thrown codes and now heats to over 400 degrees on the outside. It warped the metal housing andelted display screen. Now Samsung tells me.they will only give me "package" price on stove which can not cover a new one. So they expect me to pay more money out of pocket, not counting the food cost I have had to deal with since Nov 2016. Do not purchase Samsung products. I will be contacting the local news for a story. Also I have to pay to get rid of the stove top at dump.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to talk to sales people at Wal-Mart where I bought Samsung cell phone. It gets so hot I can't hold it. They couldn't help me so guess I'm stuck with a worthless phone that I'm afraid to use. No more Samsung products for me or my family-very dangerous!

Posted by Samsung J7

not good service samsung service center

Posted by smart led tv

Not good working service centre

Posted by wayne714

Bought a note 7. returned it to get a refund...they kept say it's coming, but it's been over 3 months. Keep calling and the process just starts over and repeats again.

Posted by Anonymous

comlant 3 month before two time paid visiting charges 1400rs app but parts not available then they refund 3200/instead of36000/purchase 32" LCD TV 2009 Dec purchese company can't satisfied me about depreciation not giving any answers about my complaint bad experience about Samsung co.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy J3 phone. I had it 5 weeks and the screen started going black. Started at the bottom and slowly worked its way to the top. I returned it to Samsung and received a "refurbished" replacement phone (for which I was charged $139.00). I was told to return the original phone and if it was found to be defective I would receive a credit for the $139.00. Of course, I've been told the phone was damaged...That is a lie. I never, NEVER did anything to that original phone to cause damage to it. Never got wet, never got cold, never did anything to it. It's shameful and bad business practice to not stand behind the products they make. It is a defective phone...plain and simple. I will get a different brand phone and return the replacement phone, although I'm expecting problems from Samsung doing that also. I will NEVER EVER purchase any type of Samsung product again, and will tell everyone I know about this incident and to keep it in mind when choosing products.

Posted by Anonymous

my j7 phone got problem in display in warranty period so I gave it to service centre first they kept my phone 4 days i gaave me but same problem started from that day itself so, again next day I gave it to service centre said yhat it will take 15 days they will change the displaybut after few days they told me to submit all accessories of phone and bank details for refund so, i did the same on 18 november 2016.but on 12 january 2017 they said my phone has been repaired told me to collect phone so, I collected.but the same problem started from that day itself .now my warranty also got expired but still the problem is not solved neither i got any refund.

Posted by Durham

My daughter purchased a Samsung washer and dryer had it two months and the washer exploded and destroyed the dryer also. This has been over a month ago they came and looked took pics and after this Happened they got a recall letter in the mail. Her boyfriend is leaving for training and was told will be replaced and still has not been. They have been having to go to laundry mat or friends to do laundry. This is not acceptable. They paid for these brand new and got extra warranty and still can't get a new set. I will never purchase a Samsung ever again and I will tell everyone I can as well not too. Very disappointed with their service.

Posted by mgross60521

Samsung refused my return on December 31 of an unopened Chromebook purchased on Black Friday as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law because it was 2 days beyond its 30-day return policy (I received it on 11/27). No extended holiday return policy, even though Samsung promoted this purchase in an email solicitation on Black Friday touting it as a great holiday gift idea.

Posted by Ladyred813

Where is my refund waited 3 months my lawyer will be taking any action to get it

Posted by MD

It's a worldwide recall for all Note 7 mobile phone. Promises of refund or exchange to other mobile phone had been informed to all Note 7 user. However, till today, I still have not get my refund and my S7 edge which were supposed to replace my 2x Note 7 that I bought for my wife and myself. I had called the customer service hotline many times since 14 nov. Each call I made, I got different information on my exchange status from their personnel. Worst still, I was also informed by one of the personnel that Samsung had some issues with their bank. I even had dropped the customer service email as I'm tired to keep calling all over again. Despite the email sent, again, no updates of my exchange status. All i got (from the email) is "request has been escalated to the respective department". I am total disappointed with the management on handling this whole process on the Note 7 exchange.

Posted by note 5

i sent and mu phone to get my screen fix got it back worst then what it was. was suppose to get a refund since they have none in stock. it has been over 3 month and still nothing. every worker tell me something different. so status update. very angry try to speak to a supervisor but supposedly there all busy... there are a company for sure!!!!!!

Posted by LED TV Ref No 8468591471

Can anyone from Samsung refund team can check the Reference and give me an update. Not getting update from CC.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Samsung washer and dryer 7/11/2016. The dryer stopped working 2 months ago and since then it has been finger pointing from Samsung to Lowes (the retailer in Mt. Dora, Florida) and back again. I have spent countless hours on the phone with both only to be put off, told to purchase another dryer by Lowes; told by Samsung to test the dryer and plug a lamp into the outlet; then told to get a new outlet. I had electricians over and they installed a new outlet - the dryer still did not work. The electricians opened the back of the dryer to find it burned up - my house and my family could have lost our lives with this dryer. The dryer cannot be repaired and no one wants to help me. Samsung keeps telling me that someone will call me back in 24-48 hours each time I call, but I never receive a call. What can be done? I do not recommend Lowes or Samsung - do not purchase any appliance from either. When I call Lowes customer support, I get left on hold until I hang up - last call I was on hold for 20 minutes and no one ever came back on.

Posted by estcrh

I bought a Samsung 22 cu. ft. Counter Depth 4-Door French Door Food Showcase Refrigerator in 2014, so far I have had 5 service calls for cooling related problems. A check online revealed a huge amount of people are having similar problems. Luckily I purchased an extended warranty. I now have another cooling problem, I am not a happy Samsung customer!!!!

Posted by radelster

Samsung Note 4, with Samsung 64gb SD card, Verizon network.
Marshmallow update... caused battery issues.... verizon paid to replace it, Samsung refused to.
another software update pushed, used samsung smart switch... FAILED.
Used OTA update... FAILED.
Used Verizon software assist... WORKED.... so I thought.
press power button to unlock screen... takes 4-9 seconds to respond.
Try accessing SD card... NOT FOUND.
Put SD card in laptop - works fine.
Took to experience store, they reflashed software... fixed power button issue, but NOT sd card. Tried card in another device... nothing. Tried again in computer... NOTHING...
Contacted Samsung, they told me it has a ONE YEAR WARRANTY, and this was 18 months in, so OUT OF LUCK.
Eventually I find documentation it has a TEN year warranty, call them back and their foreign agents insist - ONE YEAR. When I quote from the warranty documentation... Oh I see... and they transfer me to someone else!
EVENTUALLY, I get to the correct department who does an RMA for the product
It took me TEN calls, NUMEROUS tweets & messages, and several emails to get them to honor their warranty!
With the Note 7 issues, and the washer issues, you would think they would quickly respond to other warranty issues. NOT SO!

Samsung went from being #1 in my household, to being NO WAY!


Posted by samsung galaxy j7

I am not happy your service, becouse your company shuld not refund my money.

Posted by pitpat

OMG.....I cannot believe the hassle I have had with Samsung. I bought my top load washer and matching dryer in 2014. Had a problem with water leaking from the washer a month after I bought, Samsung sent out a repair tech to fix it and things were fine. Oct 3rd 2016 the laundry room and adjacent carpeted hallway were flooded. Called Samsung to which they replied...sorry you only have a 1 year warranty on your machine! After much ranting on my part, they finally agreed to have a repairman sent out at their cost and that is another story in itself! They dispatched a repairman from a city that was 100 miles away and I got called to tell me they would not service that far away. Sooooo...back on the phone with Samsung after I did my own research and found a qualified repair tech in my city and told them, it took another week before someone came out. In the meantime, my floors were being ripped up, the washer and dryer were in my garage and I am left with a mess. I want Samsung to go good for the damages that were caused by a small hose that came undone inside the washer. They told me they were opening a claim for me on Oct 4th. They requested I send in the photos of the damage as well they asked for a full report from the service tech along with his pictures of the hose that came off and wanted copies of the damage estimate from the restoration company. I did all that was required of me. I have home insurance but my deductible is $2000.00 which I have to pay. I have called and sent e-mail after e-mail to no avail, they just keep saying no decision has been made on my claim. I the meantime, I learned that this machine is also on the recall list as it is one that could possibly blow apart on the spin cycle. So now I am dealing with two separate issues with this machine....they tell me they will give me $324.00 towards a new Samsung washer.....not on your life! I went into the store where I bought it, they don't seem to care so I approached some people who were looking at the Samsung set and asked them if they were going to buy it, when they replied yes, I told them my story, they then turned and walked out! There's more than one way to skin a cat! Anyone else having this much problem with Samsung....I am ready to get legal advice or go to the media.

Posted by Previously Loyal Samsung Custome

I have an email promising a refund for my tablet from Samsung, in 7-10 business days, but now after about 27 business days the Executive Customer Relations Department says they can no longer quote turn around time. I will get an email someday when the refund will be processed.

Bad service.

Posted by TA

My Bluray player BD-J7500 started popping from the Analog out Subwoofer output while playing bluray movies. I sent it in for a warranty repair on October 4. They said no problem found so I called the repair facility at number on the Repair Form I was sent in the mail. They said if I send in a video they would evaluate it and I could send it back in a second time. I spent 4 hours making a series of videos and emailed to the repair supervisor. He said send it back. I called SamSung for a shipping label but they said I would have to wait another week for a callback before I could send it back in. So I mailed it back myself for $15 thinking I could get it fixed sooner. But the repair facility in New Jersey said I needed a new Repair Number so called Samsung again this time had to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to Executive Customer Relations Dept. Got a new repair number and emailed to repair facility supervisor. He emailed back and said the repair number was not usable at their facility and would call Samsung to get a correct repair number. Got unit back second time and although they replaced circuit boards the problem still exists! So called back and after a great deal of back and forth was finally transferred to ECR Dept. Sounded like same lady I spoke to the first time she said she would call the repair facility and determine if I could get an exchange. She at first said she could not reach the repair facility. I called them while still on the phone with her and reached him no problem and stuck my cell next to my desk phone both in speaker mode. Was told by repair facility that on third trip in my bluray player would not be sent back to a tech but rather he would automatically contact Samsung for an Accomodation which would result in an exchange. I was told this would be a store credit of the original purchase price at the place of purchase. I said OK and was provided another shipping label, and I scanned the purchase receipt and sent to her at an email address she provided, and she said she got it. This was October 27. I followed tracking number and unit was received back at repair facility October 31. Nothing happened for 4 days after that and contacted again Friday November 4 (A full month later). Was told by a supervisor that an email had been sent to the retailer and the retailer would contact me within 2 business days. I turned around and called the retailer to find out if they received an email and the answer was no and they said that when Samsung exchanges they usually send another unit. I called Samsung back and now they say I need to wait another 7 days for a replacement to be shipped to my house and I said no this was not our arrangement. They said my unit was not in the Exchange process but was instead at the Service Dept. so they said to wait 24 to 48 hours for a callback. I thought about it the next day and realized this made no sense and so I called back the next day. After explaining to the Rep that I had already waited all of the various waiting periods she placed me on hold several times and then transferred me to ECR Dept. The ECR guy again said I would have to wait 6 to 8 days to receive a replacement and I said forget it I want a refund. He then asked for my sales receipt again and I emailed it back to him again. He then asked if I still had the unit (unbelievable) and I said no I sent it back to repair for 3rd time. He placed me on hold several times and verified the receipt and quoted a refund amount without sales tax, so I asked why sales tax was not included and so back on hold and then quoted a new amount too high but at this point I feel like I earned it so I said "That is fine". So he said Exchange and Refund Department would be in contact in 1 or 2 BUSINESS DAYS, and at that point I will be offered Direct Deposit or a check. That was November 10. Now it is November 11 and I guess I will patiently wait till next Tuesday to see if I get a callback...

Posted by MoonB

I bought my samsung washer front loader in Oct 2016. It makes a lot of noise when i run a cycle and also it shakes. After hearing about the recall I am afraid mine might be defected too. But I am not sure how to return this. So unhappy with the product.

Posted by samsung washer problem

I bought a matching washer and dryer set (waited 20+ years to get a nice matching set) the washer is on the list to be recalled ..(sooner or later-but till then i am scared to go to that end of the house when its in use!) the dryer started making noise after 4 months, they have been out twice and tried to fix it, can't figure it out. Was making a squeaking noise, not it THUMPS. even when empty. I have put in request for refund and they keep telling me someone will call me, 24-48 i wait, then i'm told 3-5 business i wait, then i'm told 24-48 i wait, now they tell me that department isn't taking calls but they will have it expedited and someone will call??? What do i do, i want my money back ON BOTH--since they will be recalling the exploding one also (sooner or later) but they won't call back and Home Depot won't help me on the washer????

Posted by Erline

Oh wow Jedine I have been dealing with them for more than a month and the same thing that they tell you is happening to me. I sent my phone for a repair they even charged me for it and they "lost" the phone. Every week there is a different story they said would send me a new one within 7 to 10 days and never happened at the end of the 10 days they said they were out of inventory (unbelievable) that they would send me a refund for the full amount of the phone and asked for a proof of purchase. No refund yet and the department that takes care of that is always supposed to call me within 24 to 48 hours and nothing happens. Oh and by the way never refunded my credit card for the repair charges!!!!!!

Posted by Jedine

So my gear fit stopped charging...with still warranty not the device is figure let them fix it! Send it in I was told 7 to 10 days till I have my device back.
Well from the day they received it it took them two weeks to just even take a look at it! Another week later I get an email stating sorry the repair takes to long send us proof of purchase and we will refund you. I send proof of purchase. I get email back on 10/06 that my refund is on its way. Well I guess my refund is traveling he world several times but no refund yet. When i all the service holiness I am constantly given new ticket numbers with promise a special department will call me back withing 24 to 48 hours! Didn't get a yet. So no device no refund and no phone calls! I am so frustrated never again Samsung

Posted by samsung j7 prime

actually i love samsung mobiles i was used all j7 series model but recently i purchsed j 7 prime and i am getting so upset with the product because its costing rs 18900 the screen display is very poor and front camera is 8mp but not good the front camera is totaly worst and the mobile is having 2.5 d curve glass so there is no screen guard protector fitting the mobile so its getting scratched so i want to refund my mobile plz help me hope the Samsung company make me a positive response

Posted by Drew

Bought a 55inch tv from hh Greg in Arlington heights ill, and when turned it on it had 3lines going down the screen on the right side. We brought it back and they said we scratched the tv and would not take it back and replace it . Now we have no scratches on the tv,it is the lines on the screen, and the tech said it is a defective pixel, there is a 30 day return policy but we have yet been able to return the product, and take great offense to being blamed on damages by the hh Greg manager.

Posted by cass4kin

Trying to return a Samsung Note 5 phone that is defective. Having been back to Best Buy 4 times over the past 10 months, it is now caught in a loop for booting that Best Buy says needs to be returned to Samsung. Used the address in their Warranty Information Booklet AFTER confirming the ticket number. Spent our $26 on packaging and mailing. Three days later, it was returned to my home unopened. SAMSUNG REFUSED DELIVERY. After calling back today, I learned that they have to give us a new ticket number and I have to wait for their shipping package to arrive to return the item. This process is already 2 weeks in and we have had to purchase another phone for my husband in the meantime so he could keep working as we own our own company and he cannot be without his phone. This defective Samsung Note 5 worth $799 has caused hours of trouble and time and an additional $176 to date.

Posted by NotHappy

I have a Galaxy s6 Active. The screen broke and it was my fault. I called them to get it repaired and they quoted me $237. I approved an gave them my card number. They emailed me return labels and I sent it to them. A few days later I got an email saying my card has been charged and another email that my phone is on it's way back. When I opened it I was surprised that it was not repaired. I found a letter in the box that they have halted out of warranty repairs with no promise date for restart. Not happy but ok except they charged me $237. I have done 4 chat sessions 3 emails and 1 phone call to try to get it refunded.

The last email actually contained this "I see the charger amount of $237.01 from you but you couldn't receive it back." and asked me to call. After talking with the rep (who was actually nice) she tried to escalate it. I then waited on hold for 25 minutes. After that someone came on the phone and gave me a new ticket number with the promise of a returned call. I am not really surprised I have yet to receive a call.

I am on to my next step. I talked to my bank and I have enough documentation to do a fraudulent charge. I am giving them the rest of today but after that I am going to fraud charge it. With all the documentation I have I think I might social media it.

I can promise you that I will never purchase anything else from Samsung and I will never recommend them again. I have always pushed their hard drives (and ssds) and TVs to people who ask me (I work in tech).

Posted by Jo

Have bought two tablets this year for my children. Both are faulty and the staff have been extremely unhelpful, sarcastic and rude. So disappointed with the service.

Posted by StealthFly

I have been trying to get this taken care of for a month... I had my phones preordered back in august. got them in the first shipment. I've had promises of emails containing shipping labels or people to pick up the phones.. but nothing seems to ever come out of it and every new time I call Samsung no one ever has any idea what im talking about. i am done with samsung. I bought 2 directly from thinking Samsung is a safe buy, but apparently when you buy directly from them you are screwed. I just want my money back and this nightmare over.

Posted by Anonymous

Samsung doesn't want to refund it's customers on the Note 7 that's what I'm taking from there run around E Commerce dept. I have been trying to send mine back since 9/13th and I get an error message at their look up screen not recognizing my email address and P.O. number. I couldn't reach anybody at E Commerce for weeks I called their number and their recording just kept playing. Finally after 3 weeks I finally got a rep., and got excuses now I have a leader let's see what that person does. Samsung your handling of refunds is horrible and I'll never buy from your company directly ever again. I hope I finally get to send the defected Note 7 back so 8 van get m6 refund!!! Dissatisfied customer.

Posted by Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Hi Samsung
I would like to return my phone, as we all know about your battery problem in samsung phones. my phone heated when i talked over the ph. it happen very frequently. i don't want to wait till its battery explode. Kindly refund my amount. i have brought this ph in August month.

Posted by j7 new model

My samsung j7 new model 2nd time screen problem plz refund my money ?????

Posted by J7

Bought J7 in august....display disappeared in Sep...and now struggling for replcement or refund !

Posted by Deepak beniwal

Hi Samsung
I would like to return my phone, as we all know about your battery problem in samsung phones. my phone heated when i talked over the ph. it happen very frequently. i don't want to wait till its battery explode. Kindly refund my amount. i have brought this ph in August month.

Posted by S.Ahmed

Worst service ever from Samsung...
My J7 display hs broken after 15 days ago but till now showing Stock not available

Posted by Rajat kumar

My galaxy J7 is not working well.
It irritated me lot not a single thing is working properly.
Company can return it and refund my money..??

Posted by Anonymous

What a hassle to return a faulty product I don't know if I'll be buying anymore Samsung

Posted by HARUTYUN

What about note 7 devices purchased from 3rd party. Like craiglist. Or ebay or amazon. They are screwed?.

Posted by Samwalsh

Bought the note 7 at the end of August, a few days later the recall was announced. So I decided to return the phone and get my money back. But when you call them and tell them you want your money back, all they do is put you on hold after hold forcing you to just give up and hang up. I've contacted my chase Credit card and they said that I'm out of luck. Nothing they can do about it. So now I'm stuck with a phone that can blow up when charging.

Posted by Unhappy Customers

We returned the Note 7 within a few days and they refunded less money than what we have paid. And calls to their Retailer Techdata is useless. You would never guess companies as big as Samsung will steal 80 dollars from consumers.

Posted by Regina

It's actually not an easy online process to return an item. You must speak with a rep to do so and they are clearly trained to give you the run around. After days of calling and getting transferred to the wrong areas I finally got someone who said the email instructions would not be sent to me for 7 business days because they have other customers besides me. Why it's manual process is beyond me. Check out amazon. They seem to handle returns well and they certainly have more customers than me. Samsung is trying to run out the 30 day clock so they can deny my refund. Slimy and underhanded. Don't buy Samsung products.

Posted by Anonymous

My is get so hot im scared it will start on fire

Posted by Mi2985

My note 7 slightly crack it or the coner can I still exchange it for free with the recall or is it going to cost me

Posted by Anonymous

Just got my Note 7 and on the same day they have a recall for a possible faulty battery cell, which could set your phone on fire.

Posted by Rhonda

Hi on the 30 august 2016 I brought the samsung galaxy7 mobile I am into my 6th day using it and I'm not happy.when I click to watch videos it pauses all the time.when I'm swiping pictures a lot don't swipe at all. I have always brought I phones but thought I'll give the samsung a go bcoz people hve said they are great.well I don't think they I entitled to a refund or swap?


Posted by Long Island Family Duped by Sams

We purchased a Samsung refrigerator, which I might add was over $2000 - not cheap but for once we didn't shop price and wanted something really nice. What a joke! After about 4 months, one day it just stopped running. Lost a lot of meat and food to spoilage. Since that time, every 5 to 10 days it just turns off without warning. The only way we're aware is when we open it for something and realize it's warm. So Lowes, where it was purchased, sent Samsung to repair it. The repairman didn't know anything about why it was doing that and ordered parts (he even asked my son what he thought needed replacing!). We were told parts would be in within a week. Well, three weeks later we're still waiting, have gone though more food spoiled due to fridge not working, and my son called Samsung screaming. Amazingly 10 minutes after they called and said a repairman would be here that day. This repairman had no idea that a previous repairman had looked at the unit and he completely contradicted everything the first repairman said. This guy told me the computer board was burnt and burning up. When he removed the panel, there was a strong electrical burning smell. He said he would order a computer and it would arrive within 3 to 5 days. Because I was concerned of a possible fire, they brought us a loaner refrigerator, which was half the size of what we purchased and didn't hold half our food. Over a week later, no calls, no nothing. Now we start calling Lowes and Samsung again. Three days later we finally get a call saying that before Samsung orders any parts they need to see our proof of purchase! This should have been supplied to them by Lowes when the first repairman was sent! It has now been about 6 weeks since we first reported the problem and are totally disgusted. We do not want this unit repaired any more. We want a full refund - including for the money we paid for the extended warranty.

Posted by Anonymous

The instructions on delivery note don't match what we are supposed to do. I am totally confused and customer support don't know either, said they we email me, still nothing

Posted by J5

My samsung j5 is some times has stucked and also internet is very slow connected but I am buying june 6th 2016 how to return my mobile pls replay

Posted by Samsung Tab A

Purchased Samsung TabA on Jun6th,16, within a week time it got crashed. When I visited Samsung service center they suggested that Motherboard needs to be replaced. I never expected such worst performance from Samsung products.. and I consulted customer care, CEO desk for replacement and the only answer is to replace mother board. They are also not ready to give guarantee that new motherboard will work. They give very casual answers and they won't value the money. With my experience I would suggest not to go for Samsung products, unnecessarily we are paying more for brand name instead we can buy 2 or more local products for the same money.

Interesting thing is, they are not keen to debug the issue and rectify it permanently. They are using customers as testers and we are paying them to test their products.

Posted by Aniket

Worst service ever !
I purchased SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 ON 13-May-2016 after using it for a month my device started giving some srious problems with its display so i submitted my handset in Samsung Care on 17-June-2016. Samsung care employees told me that they will repair my handset in 4 to 5 days after submitting my device in Samsung care i checked online for my mobile repair status on 22-June-2016 and it was showing that your MOBILE IS REPAIRED after seeing this i went to fhe Samsung care to collect my device but samsung care employees told me that they hasnt repaired my device yet so you have to wait for another 4 to 5 days i wasvshocked by this answer cause on their official website my mobile repaor status was shown as COMPLETED so i asked them that how can they say that my device is still not repaired ? Cause your official website has alredy showing that my mobile's repair status is Complete. And they answerd that its our internal matter you have nothing to do it i was surprised by this answer because they were trying to fool me. After all this serious matter u called customer care executives but they didnt take it as serious issue so i asked them that who will be the RESPONSIBLE if your samsung care executive replace my mobiles origonal parts with duplicates or removed the origonal parts ? They simply replied it can not be possible cause your handset is in authorised service center. I was totally disapointed with this answer cause i was already lost faith in Samsung because they provided me a falsev jnformation abouf my mobiles REPAIR STATUS .
I also discussed the same issue with many of Samsung Custimer care representitives but i got nothing
I also contacted with the head department and demanded for replace or refund but they denied and told me that they will try to repair my handset as soon as possible
Afte 10 days of submitting on 27-June -2016 i agajn visited the samsung care to collect my device at that time my mobile was repaired but problem haven't gone so u refused to take back that faulty handset and again demanded for Replacement but Samaung official told me that they will again try to repair my handset but will not refund or replace it .
Also their custimer care executives do not care about thrir valuable customers they do nothing with your problem except telling you to keep patience. Also their customer care executives do nof call back within 24 hours as they promose to their customers. I also E-Mailed to their CEO-DESK but nothing happened i got a replay that they will try yo solve my lroblem within 24 hours and will call back you but they didnt such a worst service from Samsung not only their customer care executives but also their CEO-DESK, HEAD OFFICE department dont call you back within 24 hours as they promise to you
Today is 8-July-2016 and still my mobile is in service center they still haven't repaired my device yet

Posted by Jackie

My husband and i were so excited to get a new samsung washer since our old one stopped working and we were going to the laundromat until we could save up enough money for a new one. It worked great for about 2 months. The dryer stops after the wash cycle and doesnt spin. It changes the load size to extra large as well. Its very odd. We set up a service visit with samsungs repair company "service quick". The first visit scheduled, nobody came. I kept calling to get an ETA and was told, 30 minutes to and hour but no one ever showed. The next visit the repairmen came without the parts to fix it and even said when they got out of the vehicle "we dont actually have the parts to fix it today, but we figured we'd take a look" so after about 30 seconds of him pushing buttons he said they could schedule for the next week and will bring the part. Visit 3 they came, were replacing the control board(what they said needed to be replaced) and turns out theyre missing parts, so we schedule another appointment. Visit 4 they come with the rest of the parts, are working on the washer for about an hour and turns out, they cant fix it - its a software problem. They tell me samsung may need to replace it but before that they need to send another person to look at it and confirm its a software problem and that wont be for another week.

I dont want it replaced, especially since the service tech told me this is a common issue with this model. I want a refund so i can buy another product. All our main electronics are samsung and i feel sad saying ill never purchase another samsung product again. This has been a nightmare. Im not looking forward to doing my laundry at the laundromat for the next however long. Fix this

Posted by Samsung 75" smart tv

I bought 75" that had a blue line down the right side. TV was picked up to change the front, sent back the next day stating the new front was damaged.
Spoke several more times with samsung. First asked for extended coverage on a 2 week old tv. Then required copy of receipt. Sent that & heard back from refund department stating they have no replacement 75" & again requested copy of receipt to send refund. I emailed receipt AGAIN, & did not get a respond. All of this mess, I just wanted the TV replaced. You would think after only having the product for 2 weeks ( cash sale ), Samsung would jumped through hoops to satisfy their customer. Instead, I feel they are giving me a run around. Very dissatisfied! I don't want a refund, I want the tv. & I want to be treated with respect!

Posted by vikas

worst service, worst dealing from service center in sambalpur and the worst customer care center ... bought a refrigerator nd having cooling problem more than 100 times i called customer care about my complaint they lodge complaint to service center nd engineers cancelled complaints giving the reason no one at home ( repeatedly 5 to 7 times), again i called customer care they arrange a call back from concern department same 3 to 4 times but nobody called more than 1 month has passed no replies from samsung group ....fimally i am frustrated calling again and again customer care ....finally decided not to purcahse any of the samsung product in my life specially i vl not recommend any of my freind circle famlily members, relatives not to buy samsung

Posted by nowaj sharif

Sir i want to return my galaxy grand prime 4g 6 mnths old.sir please help me..

Posted by Pam

If you'd like your Washer and Dryer to fail within one week then Samsung product is your choice. It cost me 4k for a washer and dryer from Samsung and it failed in one week. I was told to have my retailer (Goemans) submit a DOA form... still waiting been over 30 days. I called Samsung today and now they're claiming it's repairable and do not want to replace it. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCED. I'LL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SAMSUNG AGAIN.

Posted by Achal chudhary

Dear I want to return my new Samsung galaxy A5 only 7 days old plzzz help me

Posted by Carol pileggi

I got my Samsung Galaxy 7 I was due for a upgrade I have had Verizon but my boyfriend didn't I got the same for him.Verizon told me I would get a debit card for the cost of the phone which is 50.00 off of my phone was a month and a half since I got it..please look into this for number 3863202047..waiting for a reply from you.

Posted by Dace

The phone reps try and talk like they are your best friend and are going to help you only to tell you that they will get back to you in 24-48 hours. That NEVER happens. I have an S5 mini that has been defective since day one. The poor call quality was blamed on AT&T for the first 10 months. Finally sent phone in for repairs. After three attempts and three months of repairs with the same fault still there, I demanded a new phone. I've been blown off with the "we'll get back to you in 24-48 hours" three times. I am now taking it to small claims court to try and get my money back so I can go buy a quality phone from a reputable company.

Posted by My awful Samsung dryer and the p

I bought a Samsung Clothes Dryer. What a joke. The warranty center give a complete run-around. The dryer had to have the entire main motor replaced. You can choose whatever temperature you want, you can only choose a pre-programmed cycle. The moisture sensor doesn't work (twice). It's only been four months and I want to return it. So much for $900.

Posted by Anonymous

I was promised a 30 day trial my second galaxy and I want trade it in I keep getting the runaround not to mention the charging pads your offer to me free when I purchase both phones for me and my wife no one will help

Posted by Pranav

It's been a month or so and my samsung a5 has started to hang.I have added only 2gb sd card and still this phone hangs.I play games and still I am very disappointed by the processor.I thought 2gb ram would help.

Posted by jim

After throwing away 700.00 of my disability money I will never buy a product from u again! Samsungs Galaxy GS6 is nothing short of garbage! 150 days after buying it my apps get dropped or I get kicked off and then it will get hot enough to fry an egg! You explained to me you will fix it. How in the world can you fix something that should not have left the drawing board? I just want a refund of my money. Sincerly, James Santos U.S. army Veteran. Thanks for Your Service!

Posted by Ameer

I have Samsung note 4 when I want open anything it go back back
This about 2 weeks

Posted by Anonymous

I got your tv from dell Samsung 43 smart tv on 10 14 2015. I brun wire and had to turn up sound to max just to hear it. I don't think it fell over for to have a 30 return policy.

Posted by me

I purchased a Samsung TV model UN60H7150FXZA which I loved everything about it, but then it started getting burn spots. So I called Samsung support and took forever to get through, finally an agent answered and told me there is no service tech in my area, and they can exchange for a model with same features and operations, I told her id rather have it repaired or replaced with same model.. But that wasn't an option. So I got the new TV UN60JU7100FXZA, which the delivery didn't speak English, and rushed me to sign because he had to go. Well the new TV is worse, all my converted movies are all fuzzy on this TV, the 3D is REAL bad... I mean ghost outlines in the picture. The USB has super small text/fonts...etc. The other TV was perfect for me. I've been trying to get the to send my old one back or get me the same model. After being hung up, talked rude too, and today I spoke with a supervisor in ECR and she told me that they can "send a tech to repair the 3D"...OH, now they can send a tech. I'm very, VERY upset about this, I'm trying to sell this new model to re-buy my older model. If any one has solutions, please help.

Posted by Unhappy Customer

I have a Samsung dryer, purchased five months ago. It is no longer heating and I've been waiting a month for Samsung to take care of it. They don't have a service technician in my area, so I'm waiting on a refund. I'd call again, but I'm tired of the 45 minute hold time. I will never buy a Samsung product again!!!

Posted by Bluto

Samsung customer service rating 2.2 well that was generous.

ECR the executive customer relations group, %20 might be able to help, But still don't.

The Refunds group Think of it as a black hole...

Just my experiences with they're Refrigerator replace twice, never repair, never worked more that 60 days.

Posted by UBER

note, 5... bling beep beep beep beep beep bepeoeairoajir f...shut the llkj sl;fakcvxov UP. PLEASE WILL not see usb, or keeps seeing docking and usb just loads any app it feels like, or just shuts off. ...only a month old ...3 note 4's and now this crap all in 1 year . samsung i may just throw the damn tv and tablet i have of yours in the trash as well so i never seee this name again in my house, crap company THIEVES. please send me another refurbished crapper, so i can make 6 phones in 1 yr ..put them all in the darkside of the moon .....FOR REAL..

Posted by JAFFAR ALI

My phone j5 camera is like a emo camera this phone is too bad

Posted by rohit kumar

My j5 camera quality like a 2mp phone this phone is very bad

Posted by Anonymous

Worst experience ever! Sent my s4 into pavilion Samsung and has taken 8 weeks to receive any information back. I had adh insurance and now they say they can't fix it so they will replace it, I was told replacement request takes 1 week I called a week later and now apparently it takes 6 weeks!!!!! That's gonna be 3 months without a phone!!!!!! I asked the ethnic ism are they gonna spin me another story after 6 weeks again....the answer I get is "I'm not sure"

Posted by mcruzras

I am having trouble with my port. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone from QVC.I love my phone but this is the second phone I have had to buy. The problem is always the port.It has not been a year so I would like a new phone so I can return the old one. The problem is I have all the songs that I am going to download. Where can I go to transfer to new phone. I do not a extra phone so I that I can use.

Posted by Anonymous

Samsung Is Worst Company No Customer Care Supports To Customer, no Dealer Supports . Samsung Phone Is 3rd Class Quality New Phone Hang In 3 Hours Customer Care Said This Software Problem Pl...reply Software Of Samsung Mobile We Made Or Company Made . No One Purchase This Company Phone Chines Phone Is Better Than This

Posted by space

read on line the Samsung new tv would not be fixed or replaced by Samsung even though very significant problems like rebooting and bleeding are evident...won't buy Samsung (too bad south Korea)

Posted by Lamboching

I didnt recieve my purchase items, i want return or refund my payment

Posted by Angry person who wants their mon

is there any any dam way my boyfriend and i to get our money back well samgsung to pay off my stupid galaxy s6 EDGE!!!!!!!! we friggen hate this phone i swear i thought it was gonna be better than iphone we just want our dam phone payed off so i can go back to my sweet iphone!. i mean this phone is cool looks cool has great camera quality...but what does that matter when you record a good ass quality video and want to send it to someone in a msg and that dam stupid good quality video turns into a blurry quality that people think i recorded with a friggen potato!!! ugh and the laggin oh the friggen lagging!!! i dont have much apps and pictures i delete cuz of the dam laggin i swear! AND THE WORST THING OF ALL!! THE FRIGGEN BATTERY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it sucks so mmuch!! i can go from 100% to 80% in 20 mins please we just want our money back!!!=[ reason why we got this phone was cuz we wanted to try something new but it was super disappointing please please.

Posted by teemarie

My daughter and I are so disappointed in the galaxy tab 4. I want my money back my and they refuse to give back. how can I get money back? ?? not happy with this product.

Posted by Anonymous

samsung service is worst now a days .samsung is cheating the customer .samsung gave add saying that samsung z1 is an android killer but it is not supporting any android apps expect whats app that too very old version .if i cal to customer care and ask means that are not responding properly .my money only become waste samsung z1 tizen should replace the money .

Posted by Anonymous

i am not happy with my tab 4 why cant i get my money back

Posted by YOUKNOW

If I were you I would never by any Samsung thing again. Which makes me sad since everything I own is Samsung. I got a tablet about a year and a half ago. I did not get to use it at all the screen kept freezing and showed multiple colors. I sent it in they flashed it, nothing I had to send it back. They said they replaced parts and I got it back than not even a hour after having it had the same problem and I also noticed they broke to clips that hold the unit together. I called again, this time I got hung up on and I called again with them saying that cant replace it and I would have to send it in so they can work on it. So the process I just went through they did the same thing again. They flashed it said it worked it didn't. Sent it in again they said they replaced the parts nope didn't work again, plus my clips are still broken. So, finally I call again this time I am asking for replacement because they have not fixed it yet there solution was to send it in and flash it. Guess what they said something like inattentive disconnect but that was bull. They hung up on me I was fed up since I was paying for the service to have mobile internet this whole time $50 a month. Plus every time I sent it in I had to pay for the packaging. Samsung cost me way more time and effort than the stupid tablet that I could have fixed myself probably by now for less money. Also what is awesome the tablet itself is in perfect condition no scratches no dent nothing broken (except the two clips that Samsung broke.) It even still has its original plastic wrap on it because I have not used it long enough to do anything about it. So I bought an Ipad and forgot about the tablet I pulled it out and was like oh ya well maybe I will call Samsung and see if they have better customer service now. I had a feeling that nothing would come out of it. But I had to try I mean all the call an evidence the unit does not work is there. Well it had been 10 months since that last call where I was unexpectedly dropped call (hanged up on) and since it just came out of warranty they could do nothing. So about 10 service calls sending the unit in 5 times under warranty and they couldn't fix it now its out of warranty and they could care less. So basically Samsung has cost me over a 1,000 dollars and I have nothing to show for it except a perfect condition broken tablet.

Posted by drrajeshgopal

bought a samsung note edge on 28th and noticed it faulty, visited a service center which does not exist, finally after three days visited one service center who guided me to one another one as the phone needed replacement. At the service center they said its common for note edge to get a battery life of 4 hours max and 9 hours of standby time. After i left received a msg stating my phone was ready within 1 hour. Next day afternoon, at the service centre they said the battery is defective, needs to be replaced. Phone will be ready only by evening, but will call me about the status. In the evening after 10 calls, got in touch with customer service telephone support who said the phone is ready. so again visited the place, manager said its not yet ready and will not initiate replacement of the phone as its perfect only for the battery, furious i called the service center requesting some update about this, the same was sent as emails, after two days received a call and said they are sorry about whats happening i asked them to tell me the status, for that they put a conference call with the service center, the manager said he has checked the phone, i asked him how did you do so. For that he said he put light in the charging port and found everything is fine. This irritated, asked to get me a resolution as quickly as possible, they said in one day will get the phone delivered to me. The next day again after many calls got the phone delivered by manager. I saw the phone it had finger smudges all over the phone and two strips of fluid at the bottom, i asked him what is that he said its normal. Again called up the customer care manager who said sorry again for the same story, but will get another senior person to have a look at it, but only after three days as that guy in training.

This is the situation in India, the worst experience i had ever till date. but still not settled. it seems like i burnt a lot of money and wasted a lot of time.

The policy of replacement in spite of defective unit is only a hoax, ignorance at the best by the service center.

Request anyone to let me know what to do and how do i proceed.

Posted by Not happy

I agree with posted not happy's comments beneath me! I feel so validated! Exactly my story - I hope they come through or I am going to file a lawsuit! These people have no respect for us!

Posted by Kbnitsch

Samsung service is terrible! I have been trying to seek resolution regarding a TV purchased in June 14 and to this date - all I have received is the run around. My poor mother purchased a smart TV and that has been the worst decision of her life!

I can't seem to get anyone to help - I recommend you never buy a Samsung product!

Posted by Not Happy

9 months of fighting with Samsung about a TV that has undersized capacitors and wont turn on sometimes like the millions of other YouTube videos of the same problem with their Samsung TV's...

All SAMSUNG does is delay, delay, delay. By the end of the issue the lady said we have over 7 pages of transaction notes attached to 1 TV. I have 3 Samsung phones 6 Samsung tablets 2 Samsung TV's and I will never purchase anything from this company. Not because of the product going bad. But because of the absolutely HORRIBLE Customer Service.

I went through the same process of validating a Walmart receipt 3 different times. I talked to the customer service department at least 2 dozen times. I talked to the "Executive" department over a dozen times. Talked to claims and refund department 4 times. And every single time you call you get a NEW transaction number.


After validating the receipt with you on a 3 way conference call w/ Walmart Management,

I talked to the refund department (3/17/15) who then told me that I would be getting $324.00 for prorated buyback on the $700 TV. And the claims department would get a hold of me to process the transfer in 24-72 hrs. transaction #948961.

Today (3/20/15) I get a call from the Executive department once again who said the Claims/refund department cannot validate the receipt because it does not have "Walmart" on the receipt. You had us on a 3 way with Walmart and you said YOU would personally make sure this gets validated on your end.

I had to start Dating transaction numbers with you people because NOBODY at Samsung Communicates with each other or doesn't read the notes in the transactions.

I opened another ticket tonight and she said she would put more "notes" in to show that the receipt was already validated.

Can you please help to expedite this process and email me back and at least let me know someone is working on this to be processed?


This is a Manager in the executive department and he said he would call us back the next day at 10 AM. That never happened and neither did responding to the 4 emails I sent to his direct Samsung email address...

Small business thrives on customer service and repeat customers. Some Big business uses its power to delay, delay, delay and hope you get tired of complaining.

I had a issue w/ a projector in our home theater. The company sent me a box w/ paid shipping labels. I shipped it to them and a week later they had it fixed and shipped back.

Why cant every Company value its customers. If they are spending $10 or $100000...

Posted by Anonymous

my samsung phone battery dosent last very long it fails at the most awkward times i thought it would be better than my iphone 5 but its not and it only 6 months old what can you do for me

Posted by bitty_angry

This company utilizes a 'planned obsolescence' method to stall out on warranties. I have proof of their behavior here in this link

if anyone wishes to listen to this audio feed. I made them aware that I was recording the 3-way phone call. The refrigerator was worked on many times by certified-Samsung technicians. Later deemed defective, due to wrong ECR and main board. It's been an ongoing (3 year) process. As of late, there have been 21 phone calls with ECR, 17 emails adding up to a total of 75 hours. Samsung wants us to store their defective fridge until their Exchange and Refund department 'approves' the buyback. The 'buyback' keeps getting rejected due to the fact that Samsung admittedly delays and stalls on the process pushing the fridge out of the warranty period. The company frequently points the fingers at its own employees as the reason for the rejections. My father and I are filing a complaint with the FTC and State Attorney Generals' office, division of Consumer Affairs. As a previous technician for Samsung (USSI) I have had to replace more than 30 wiring harnesses for brand new Samsung products in less than 1 year. ECR department continues to lie and obfuscate about honoring warranties and initiates verbal contractual agreements by phone, which are lawfully binding here in this state.

Posted by in Tennessee

I bought a Samsung tv and have tried to get it returned for a about three weeks and have spent hours waiting and talking to people from other countries that did not understand and me and I could not understand them. I will not buy anything else from Samsung

Posted by Anonymous

In April,2011 we purchased an "Over the Range Microwave Oven, Model #SMH9207.

The door latch broke in Oct/2014, and I called Samsung. They said we needed: (1) Spring key, $1.00 and (2) Assy Body Latch, $7.22.

When it arrived it was a tool, which we could not figure out how to use (there were NO instructions enclosed), and a new spring.

My husband got on the internet and found a movie someone had made to fix the latch, and it was free.

If you could please refund our money, for the (2) items you sent, (I am returning them, unused!). Thank you, L

Posted by Anonymous

I want to return tablet galaxy 3 which I purchased one week back.

Posted by ADM

Bought a 65" Samsung Smart TV in early July. Waited too long to have it mounted on the wall and calibrated.
"Picture" looked like a Dali painting, moving colors, horizontal lines, first very bright then very dark then back to bright again. Called Samsung "Executive Services" and was told no refund/replacement was possible -- they would instead repair the TV. Brand new TV being repaired.... Not happy but will reserve final comment until after the repair is accomplished.

Posted by Olu dudu

I live in Lagos, Nigeria, I bought a s5 phone onthe 12 of may, bearly 2 weeks after it starts to malfunction, running hot, power botton not working well, not responding to touch to mention a few. I returned the phone on the 5th of June. Samsung has refused to replace the fone with a new one but insist they have repaired it. It is a shame that a phone like s5 is so treated, with all the hype about s5.

Posted by Samsung S III mini

My name is Solange Greco, I am a Brazilian Ambassadress and I live in Istambul. I need my telephone like anybody else working all the time. I bought a new one, which I have for not more than 4 months and I am still paying it. However, many times the cel. phone blocks and I cannot call or receive any calls.
Due to this problems I lost many important calls and contacts. I wish I could be refunded for that. I still have a more simple Samsung that still works with a number in Italy and I can assure it never happened this before. I was recommending this telephone to my husband, but not anymore. I have some friends who also have Samsung and all of them are claiming the same problem. What happened to your factory? You should be responsible for the products you put in the market. My Government had to communicate with me and it was impossible. I am passing by a person that do not answer the phone and even worse an irresponsible one. What can you do?

Posted by drty3rd

I bought the Samsung Rf4289hars fridge about 2yrs ago. The freezer stopped working so they sent a tech out to change the compressor because it was bad and still under warranty. Tech could not fix it and now I have been without a fridge for about a week. Samsung said I will get a refund for fridge but they have not finished "reviewing" my info. How long does it take to send back a refund? I guess this will be the last Samsung appliance I will ever buy.

Posted by Anuman

I bought the latest and greatest unf8000 60 inch tv that was highly recommended by cnet experts. To make a long story short, tv has been repaired six times from dec. 2013 to date. After many frustrating phones calls and repair samsung is finally offering me a refund. Stay away from this model. Voice activation comes on by itself for no reason and tv powers on and off. After mother board power supple camera have been replaced many times. Samsung has finally thrown in the towel by giving me my hard earn money back. I'll buy something more worthily then this piece of junk!!!

Posted by badlaptop

I purchased a laptop in June 2013 and it stopped working not once but now 4 times updates from Windows 8. I have followed the wonderful instructions from Samsungs customer service representatives to send it away and was told the last time if I sent the unit 3 times for repair they would replace it or refund me my purchase value. They lied and have told me I have to send it away for a fourth time. The hard drive has supposedly been replaced 3 times and the motherboard once. It was suggested to me by a IT person the issue is the model of laptop I have is not compatible with Windows 8 and I think he is right because the first time the laptop crashed the customer service representative said to me the model of laptop I have should have Windows 7 on it not Windows 8.
More than frustrated and really don't know what options I have

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I recently (november 1, 2013) purchased your samsung tablet 3 and it ceased to turn on (december 26, 2013). It will not charge or turn on. It was purchased through who have Not stood behind their/ your product. They assured me that it was in your hands and to contact you. I would like to use my manufacturer warranty which i was assured by nomorerack that it holds a 1 year warranty. I would like a replacement or credit back to my credit card. Please assist as i am on a fixed income (disability) and after saving to purchase this product i am left without my funds or a workable product. Please please help.

Sincerely frustrated

Posted by samsung worst service

Hi am sathish i bought a samsung led tv 32 f4100 from viveks showroom on 03/11/2013.

On the very first day i faced a problem usb data transfer is not working fine in the tv. Third day demo person came and gave a demo about the tv and installed the wall mount stand i asked to that person about the how to transfer the usb files and he explained me and tried to transfer files but its not worked properly he said some issue on the tv other technician will come and solve this issue he said. I locked a complaint technician came 08/11/2013 on that time it was fine he said there is no issue on tv its pen drive problem and that complaint was closed. I bought new pen drives but the problem persists randomly.

After two weeks later i noticed a some humming noise coming from tv. I complaint in samsung customer care complaint on 21/11/2013 technician came on 25/11/2013 the person who came for pen drive issue mr sugumar he said there is no issue on tv problem is in your house there is no proper ground earth connection and some neutral space interlinking is there something he said after that he gone but complaint still open. I called the electrician and checked the electrical lines electrician said there is no issue with electrical lines i checked the my tv in my friend house there is also same noise coming.

Again i called 1-sam-sung customer care i explained about there is no electrical issue in my house. I asked for refund of my money they sent other technician on 05/12/2013 mr pramoth he saying this sound is normal with all samsung led tv because of design is like that. I informed to tech mr sugumar said some electrical problem but now you are saying this is design fault its common with samsung led tv. mr pramoth (tech) said this is common problem refund is not possible. I asked a written letter about this issue and mention not possible to refund money i deal this with legally he said you contact call centre spoke about this and he leave from my home and i called call centre there is no proper response. Its a worst service from samsung but am sure i take this issue to consumer court i get my refund.



Posted by Abilash


I am Abilash and my friend purchased Samsung S4 phone couple of months back from Bangalore Samsung Smart Cafe, Bangalore, India.

Already, we have given the phone to the service center twice because of severe heating and hanging issues. Both the time, they said that the problem is resolved but even today the phone gets hangs and also the battery goes off suddenly.
There are about 4 executives who have interacted with us and the response was pathetic. The 2nd time we gave the phone, they said the problem is with the motherboard.
Plz understand that we paid 40,000 INR for this phone and its a huge investment and there were lots of hope when we bought this phone
I had a respect for this brand but now, both the phone and the service that we received till date is pathetic and very poor.
The worst part is response from your customer care executives.

Now again they are asking us to give it to the service center and to be put under observation.
I dont understand whether your team doesn't have value for customers or is this how your guys behave with the customers always?

Why I should I give it to the customer service center everytime and its just the 3rd month since we purchased this phone.

Why don't you accept that the phone has a problem and replace it for me?
I dont want this phone now and want my money to be refunded.
I have already lost the trust in your brand and dont want things to get worser.
Even when the problem was realized and explained to Samsung executives just after 2 weeks of purchase, they refused to get it rectified replace it and the response was pathetic.

Posted by Tom

I bought a Samsung 46in 3D TV in Apr of 2012 on Sep 4th of 2013 the TV cramped out on me.I payed more than $1000.00 bucks for this TV and Samsung refuses to fix or replace this problem.I know that the limited warranty is only 1yr but
comeon 1 1/2yrs for a TV to last,to throw into a landfill.
I would like the executive of Samsung to stand by their product and fix or replace this problem!
If I do not hear a positive response from Samsung I may take this issue to the MEDIA.

Posted by Taz

It's a hectic experience to go through repair department, honestly they are useless cant come for repairs it's already 4 weeks. Samsung never again.

Posted by Manas

This information is not right.I bought samsung duos on 5th August 2013,when i went to the service center regarding my issue i.e. It is heating a llot,it gets switched off frequently.
while using my phone for connecting my laptop via USB tethering my phone suddenly switched off though the battery was 54%, and when I tried to switched it ON it was unable to do so.

When I connected my phone whit the charger and tried once more, to my surprise what I noticed that the battery was 0% and it took 0:30 Mins to charge from 0%-5% now you can make estimation what will be the time taken to charge my battery full.Initially when i asked to prepare DO they were playing around with me by updating software and now they are saying the DO policy is only till seven days and its the eighth day so they can't prepare DO and refund my money.
Samsung is not at all doing the right thing

Posted by sn

I ordered 4 of the samsung galaxy precedents, and I realize all of them were analog. I decided to send to send to walmart because that's where I ordered it from but walmart is saying since the 15 days has passed, I should ship it samsung since I have one year waranty. I had the first order in may 1 and second order in may 10 but the problem is where I work is far from home so I go to house every 6 weeks. Now if you can replace with any sumsung galaxy group which is unlocked and worth the same price or little bit higher, I will appreciate it.

Posted by xenur

I have a samsung galaxy s advance and em not satisfy with this set because it's having low specification then other mobiles, so can I return to samsung r get anyother new mobile?

Posted by Joyce

...anymore so we had it checked. Samsung service men came over the next day to assess the damage and we were told ... unit. On July 19, the unit was pulled out and was returned on the 24th, on both occasions our pick up was used ...ref and the freezer was decreasing. The unit was again pulled out for replacement of compressor on Sept 6, 2012. On Sept 29, we heard ...the compressor (they said maybe it happened when the ref was last returned so everytime it vibrates, it produces that irritating sound). After that i got a call from Samsung Manila asking for the performance of the service i am getting here in...

Posted by san diego

... to). Make sure you have time to be on the phone for a while (1-2 hours) because it is a lengthly process to get what you want. Each phone call takes "3-5 business days" to process. It's been 6 months (1 phone call per week) and I am FINALLY getting a refund on my samsung television (white blotches on the screen-unrepairable). I can't wait to...

Posted by Anonymous

I biught a cell phone samnsung in July. After 15 days didn´t work anymore and took it for repair in Samsung. Afetr a week they returned it to me working well for about a... want any more that device, I would accept other or my money. They said "ok, we will give you... I am stilla waiting. In the middle yhey offered me the money twice and other device twice too. In ...

Posted by ROBCOOPER2001

... O2 said they wouldn't help and it had to be returned to Samsung, despite being the retailer of a faulty product. List of some faults: 1. The charging is intermittent and sometimes drains battery ... apparently no faults with the phone the following are a list of repairs Samsung say they have made: 1. Bezel replaced. 2. Screen replaced. 3. Battery charging internals replaced. 4. Entire PCB replaced. 5. Memory flashed 5 times. 6. Operating system replaced 5 times. 7. Software replaced 5 times. I have practically been called a liar because there...

Posted by PO

... I did including the faulty power adapter. The tablet was repaired and returned to me with out the power adapter. I have called Samsung multiple times and to get them... power adapter with my tablet. The level of competence and customer service at Samsung is absolutely pathetic. I will NEVER by another product from this so called ...

Posted by DoneWithSamsung

...'t have wasted my time with them. Beware folks, if you buy a Samsung product and notice a problem with it, don't wait for 5 days to get it replaced! Return it right away for a new one or ask for full refund. I sent a Galaxy S3 back with the sticker that came with the phone on the front screen, no damage, phone repaired. They also won't provide any evidence of the damage part and the only thing they can do for me is to take my credit card information. Please don't answer my call if you keep telling me " I'm... I'm not ...

Posted by Barnaby

...would not register keystrokes at all. I couldn't type my user account name or password without pulling up the MS virtual ... and a replacement unit/exchange was being "requested" - not issued, but "requested". After additional ... "Executive Support" at Samsung on Oct 1, I was told that the policy that applies in a case such as mine is that a replacement unit could not be ... Shipping could take anywhere from 3-5 days I was told. After the original defective unit is received, I was told the process to 'approve' and ship a replacement unit would take anywhere between 10...

Posted by From Berkeley, CA

... hour, 24 hours later, I called and was told the email may take 5 to 7 days to be sent to me at which point I can start the exchange process. On top of this, it doesn't guarantee I can get the same model... so basically I couldn't even know when I should follow up again on this if I don't receive the followup from Samsung...Anyone know where I can voice my dissatisfaction and warn more people against ...'s terrible customer service? Advice welcomed. I usually take it easy on this kind of thing, Samsung has been an unusually negative experience I have had and I do feel...

Posted by Jean

I have tried unsuccessfully to reach your offices regarding a refund that I requested in July 2012, and that you promised would be sent unsuccessful attempts to reach you at that time. I have received no refund, nor have I been contacted. Not receiving this money for a refrigerator that I purchase in August of last year and that cannot be ... them know that you have not followed through on issuing the refund. By the way, none of the numbers posted on-line for your office work...

Posted by stellerstar

Samsung Galaxy mini owner had it for 9 months now, slide wont open at all everything appears normal but just wont open. Discovered it ... to in coming call and after it wouldnt open and caller went to voice message, it returned to wallpaper. Very dis hearterned as i had been with a old Nokia phone that was amazing in ...