Rite Aid Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Rite Aid below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Rite Aid so others can benefit from what you learned.

Rite Aid Return Policy

Rite Aid offers customers a generous customer satisfaction guarantee on the products that it carries. When products are returned within 30 days of the receipt date, customers can receive an exchange, credit or merchandise credit according to the following guidelines for returns.

Returning Rite Aid Brand Products
All Rite Aid brand items are backed by the store's 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Customers can return used or unused items with an original receipt to receive a full refund.

Returning Other Items with a Receipt
When items are returned within 30 days of the receipt date, Rite Aid offers customers an exchange, credit, refund or store credit via a Rite Aid Merchandise Return Card. Opened or unopened beauty products covered under the "Don't Pay for Your Mistakes" Guarantee can receive a full refund when the original receipt is presented within 30 days.

Returning Other Items without a Receipt
Customers who return an item without a receipt will receive a Rite Aid Merchandise Return Card for the lowest retail selling price of the item within the last 30 days. Customers can also choose to make a product exchange.

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Posted by Anonymous

I'm resident for the last 40 years in the City of La Mirada California, always shop at Rite Aid in the past great customer service, all the employees always happy and ready to help you....but for my surprise my last visit to your store #06333 on 02/21/2018 with the purpose not to return the items that I did purchase on 02/12/2018 "Cash" I believed that I had purchase those Items @ 75% off at 6:56 pm. I only wanted the difference of 0.65 cents on 3 nail polish regular Price $2.49 and 2 eye pencil also in sale 75%. Cashier number 63331091 check the prices on the items that I want to be reimbursed the difference, she mentioned that were not on sale and the original cashier charge me the correct price, she even went to the isle were the items were and show me the picture.....I'm not crazy I remember that were on Sale, she call the Manager to help me, well she did....she check again the items on your system and one more time it shows that they were not on sale! I happen to be a clerk that always change the prices in the store I know her, so the manager Elisa ask her if they were on sale, her answer after checking in her little computer and it show that were not on sale. I had mentioned to them when I purchase the items on 02/12/2018 she check again the little computer and her hand and she confirmed that on that day were on Sale, but at the same time she mentioned that that was the last day for the sale! My question for you its...at what time your sales start and at what time expires? Your manager was so rude to me....she didn't offer other solution...she walk away with out said any word to me...so at this point decided to returned all the items...they look at like I was crazy, the cashier and the manager. I used to be a Manager in retail for many, many years...I had never treat my customers like She your manager had treated me...It was not the penies it was her attitue towards a client...this is my first time that I had to make a complain regarding a clerk. Love Rite Aid...my favorite place to shop here in La Mirada.

Posted by Anonymous

I took an older friend to riteaid to get a card so she can put money on her sons books as he is in jail, the girl sold her a money pak to reload a card but she doesnt have a card to reload when i went in the store to explain to her she said we just need the numbers pff the cardboard package,ol so we went home .later after finding out that was not true i called the store and they're basically were rude and told me there was nothing they could do, really!!! The cashier told her to buy the wrong thing?my friend is on a fixed income and cant afford this poop!

Posted by RiteAid Sux

So apparently not having a receipt just makes you an automatic criminal?! I am a can and i was asked to do a few returns on basic medical supplies and was turned away from even receiving store credit. It seems rite aid should get a handle on their theft problem instead of making it everyone's issue. This store is a joke.

Posted by arevlett

The Rite Aid return policy now states that, with a receipt, you have 90 days to return items purchased in store.


Posted by upnorthlife

Store #03966 in Kalkaska MI - purchased Foster Grant reading glasses on 11/17/17 for full price of $24.99. The following weekend they were on sale buy 1 get 2 free. I was out of town those 3 days. I currently have an email from Rite Aid stating the glasses are currently buy 1 get 1. I took my receipt in today. Manager Rick would not honor the sale price. It was my understanding they had to if they lowered the price within 30 days??

Posted by Tony33

Rite Aid Rite Aid return policy without receipt in Riverside California off of Van Buren and Washington is very very sad if your homeless and you buy something and you lose the receipt you're not allowed to return it at all if your homeless it's sad and I saw it for my own eyes they should be sued and you should be ashamed of yourself Rite Aid


Regarding Rite Aid's so called return policy: Rite aid now has the product I purchased to put back on the shelf to sell for full price, kept half the purchase price in dollars, plus the other half refunded to me on a rite aid gift card to be spent in their store. I paid Rite Aid for shopping there. NO MORE!!!!!

Posted by Jessie

honestly rite aid was always my go-to store for everything including my pregnancy boredom just to get out of the house. I loved and worked just a block away so when I had a dull moment I'd go over a buy a few unessesary beauty items to help me feel better about being a 8month pregnant planet, the employees knew me and were always pleasant. Until lately now that I have a new born.. With expensive taste in medicine and formula.. So I have had to pilfer through my misc items that were unused or unopened that I'd accumulated during my rite aid binge phase and return them for baby incidentals and nessesities. When I go in to return things I am very blantantly judged and scrutinized. Employees don't even wait until I am out kfbearvshot before they discuss that the things I've returned are probably stolen. As if I am not humiliated enough these women need to make me feel like I look like a damn criminal when I'm just trying to feed my kid and have never wronged this store
Sooner off putting. Had me in tears last time I left.
I hate it now when i used to feel so comfortable with the employees, i even came in to introduce my baby when she came. Now if go in Its hositile and akward

Posted by Go F Yourself

Complete and total I wanted to return an item I paid $50 for, but without the receipt they will only give me $23 in store credit. I bought the item from that store, all they have to do is scan the goddamn thing and see that I bought it from them with the card I have in my hand. A receipt is just a paper proof-of-purchase. You have the electronic proof of purchase in the computer you stupid POS, greedy, scamming WRONG AID.

I am going to inconspicuously damage the product before returning it to them. I will never shop WRONG AID again.

Posted by Bambina

This policy is really the biggest crap I have ever seen. So I came to the rite aid on 45 street and 43 avenue and without the receipt even to exchange I would get from an item that is about $12.00 I would get $5.00.
What a rip off. The package was sealed. Mr Ashok ( the manager would not exchange for full price) so I will NEVER shop at Rite Aid anymore. We have other options in New York.

Posted by Enw84

I bought a humidifier and tried to return it two days later without the receipt. They wouldn't/ couldn't look up the transaction by my credit card and said I could only get a store credit for 50% of the sales price.

Posted by Ap302

So unhappy!! False Advertisment!! Hurt, and will never buy anything from Rite Aid again!! Im embarrassed and I can't belive this happened. . bought Rte aid brand nicotine patches because they were out of the name brand ones. The lady explained they have the same ingredient ect. I then explained how i tried other brands n they werent as effectiv. She then said there's a money back guarentee if your unhappy.(as the label says on the box)so I gave them a try, n they went like the name brand at all. I still had urges to smoke. With the name brand I get sick if I do. So, I wanted ro return them n buy the name brand since they were in stock again. N I was told no I can't return any ciggerettes or Tabaccco products. I explained my story. N how these went Tabaccco nor ciggerettes. Plus, the box says if ur not satified well happily return you your money. But, here I am not trying to even get my money back. I just want to spend 20 bucks more and get the ones that work.
I called up rite after the store wouldn't exchange me or refund me. And they said the same thing.
Then, i called back to thw store n spoke w the manager who said to come in. He was willing to give me 20% off the nicoderm patches whuch was 10 bucks. Funny how the rite aid brand was now 10 bucks cheaper rhen when i bought them 15 days ago. I don't understand y they put that label on them. And I've never returned anything before. N I was gona spend more money not get money back. Im upset n here I am w a 9 month old in my hands with ashes from ash wed n I was treated horribly. All I wanted was the brand I originally went in to buy. But, yet I'm out 40 bucks. It's false advertisement.

Posted by rite aid sucks

Rite Aid lost my business... there is no law that says you can not return pharmacy items to the store... first they lost my store business with there return policy on in store goods now they lost it in the pharmacy.... they make up stories to not accept things back... Rip off... go to another pharmacy... they dont care at all....

Posted by lilmelissa

I bought a 14.99 item for Halloween it didn't work
I found my receipt and it clearly says I have 90 days with a receipt
No where in there policy does it say seasonal items can't be returned I called two rite aid same result .they can't return the item wtf so why say 90 days on receipt if it's a lie u guys are fraud I hate your store this is why I stay at cvs they have great deals and stand by there return policy

Posted by LadyStoneheart

I will not be giving Rite Aid my business anymore..My mother bought me a hair product she thought I should try, not knowing I already had it. She threw out the receipt so u called to ask if I could exchange it..the women on phone said yes, that I could or I could get a store credit..when I got to the store I asked for the credit since I was in a rush to pick up my kids, so the lady working tries to give me $19.11 when my mother paid $38.99 two days prior.. that's ridiculous. I went over to look, it didn't magically go on sale. I asked the women if instead I could just exchange it for another kind of the product that was same price..and guess what. You can't even do an even exchange with the original price. I know that they want you to save receipt but there are situations that arise where you can't get the receipt. I never had this issue at any other store..Cvs will give you credit for whatever the item is selling for at the time and Walgreens will either look up your purchase with your rewards card number and if you did not use one, they just look up in their system to make sure it was sold in the last few weeks. They should have informed me of this policy before I drove all the way to the store. So now I'm stuck with 20 oz of leave in conditioner

Posted by Anonymous

usually I just to buy in Rite Aid but not anymore because this ridiculous policy and the way they explain this policy to me was like they don't care about costumers

Posted by Chrissy

RITE AID RETURN POLICY IS 100% FRAUD!!! I purchased a bottle of Flonase nasal spray ($14.99) the first day it was available for sale to the public over the counter w/o a prescription. A few days later I open the package & it wouldnt spray (defective). I threw away the receipt cause who ever needs to return medicine. Anyway, after checking the return policy at Riteaid.com...it says returns w/o receipt are returned for last sale price in 30 days on a Rite Aid merchandise card or exchange it. Simple enough right.. WRONG!! I go into the store where I bought it & as the cashiers processing the return she says I will receive a merchandise card for $3.49. I said NO WAY thats not possible u just started carrying it 3 days ago. No way the last sale price is 75% off when its only been available to sell for 3 days. I ask for a manager who comes & completely agrees with me but says corporates taken away their authority to adjust return prices & now the register doesnt give them the option anymore. I said whatever I will just grab another one & exchange it. When she goes to process the exchange the register says I owe $11.50. Its still taking 75% off for an even exchange. In said just forget it & left. This prompted me to research their so called return policy. About a month later I send my husband in with 2 items to return. I save 8 weeks worth of sale papers, emauring the items being returned have not been on sale. What do you no...when the cashiers processing the return both items come up 75% off. Sounds like fraud to me...what do you think???

Posted by Jeff

I purchased some beer which I discovered was the wrong type. I went to the Rite Aid where I made the purchase and was told State law doesn't allow the return of alcohol. This is not true and its up to the retailer. I looked up Rite Aid's return policy and it states products can be returned within 30 days. Why am I being told at the store I can't return this beer. All I wanted to do was exchange it for the same brand.

Posted by Unhappy in Frackville, PA

Rite Aids return policy is a joke. I have the box, the bag and the plenti card that was used for the purchase and they only want to refund me less than half of what I paid for it. I wish we can get a group of unhappy customers as myself and make a class action suit against them for their highway robbery tactics.

Posted by Cashier

As an employee at a Rite Aid hopefully I can help you .if you return items 3 times, without a receipt, we have your signature, and the register will no longer let you return items, to much scamming from customers, buying, using coupons, earning points and than returning items, and getting full price! If we are familiar w/ customer coming in returning, than we will put it on RA gift card. And if you return w/ out receipt we can only give you amount cash register says to give you. Because fraud. To many people come in wanting a refund w/ no receipt because they stole it from another store! If you return and exchange for something that cost more than obviously you will pay the difference.I do not think There's no returns on clearance, because it's no longer in our system.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently bought some makeup from Rite Aid and I needed to return it because it was too light. I came in with my receipt, I had originally paid with my debit card, which should entitle me to cash back or a refund to my debit card, or so I thought... Well the woman behind the counter informed me that no that wasn't Riteaids return policy. She said their policy was that If I paid with my debit card, I was only entitled to a store credit.. RIDICULOUS! Anywhere else you shop you either get cash back or it goes back on the card. Of course I argued with her until she conceded and gave me my refund in cash. I even went online to check what their policy was and the information I found on their site was kinda shady. Rite Aid said their policy was to "GENERALY" give you a refund back in the method you paid for it. Hey Rite Aid what exactly do you mean by generally??? Not exactly forthcoming are they. Just be mindful that if you make a purchase there with your debit card and want a refund they may try to give you a gift card instead of the cash you rightly deserve. What a greedy crooked corporation...

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to EXCHANGE a lipstick, she wanted to charge me another $5.70 to do so!
That is beyond the stupidest thing I ever heard.

Posted by Anonymous

Rite Aid lies about their return policy. I had quite a bit of make up I needed to return and had lost the receipt. It clearly says you CAN turn without a receipt for store credit and I was denied at not one but two stores and was treated like a criminal. I will never shop there again they want loyal customers but they certainly arent doing anything to KEEP a loyal customer

Posted by AnnoyedAndCheated

Rite Aid's return policy is a joke. I bought a tube of Rite Aid brand diaper rash cream a few days ago. When I went to use it for the first time, a disgusting fluid leaked all over my son while I was changing his diaper. I brought the tube back unused and was told that even though I spent at least $6.50 for it a few days ago, I would only get back $2.74 for a defective tube of diaper rash cream. THAT'S RIDICULOUS. Its not like I bought something I didn't want and needed and just wanted my money back. This did not work as expected and was an inconvenience to myself and my family. After waiting 10 minutes to be helped, and told I was only getting $2.74 back, I was then told my only other option would be to do an even exchange for another tube of that nasty trash. I was so unhappy with the customer service I left the defective tube at the store and walked out without ANY refund.

Thank you for robbing me with your awful policy and sub-standard customer service. Nobody in my house will ever purchase anything from any Rite Aid again.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very dissatisfied with Rite Aid return policy. If I paid with a manufacturer coupon (which they get reimbursed for)or with up rewards I lose them. At CVS I get a money card, which makes sense.
I tried returning an unopened make up which was $14.49, but I paid with up rewards. All they wanted to give me was $3.00. I kept the make up, but don't shop at Rite Aid that often anymore.