Radio Shack Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Radio Shack below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Radio Shack so others can benefit from what you learned.

Radio Shack Return Policy

Radio Shack customers who need to return merchandise can easily locate the nearest retail outlet by using the store locator on the company's website. Consumers who have purchased products online should look at their packing slips for specific instructions concerning returns. The original packing slip should be included with the returned merchandise. Items need to be in good condition, in the original packaging, with applicable paperwork and all parts and accessories included in order for a refund or exchange to be issued. Packages can be taken to any Radio Shack retail store where an associate will issue a refund credit. It can take up to 15 days for the credit to appear on the consumer's credit card. The original shipping costs will not be included in the refund.

Certain items that were purchased from Radio Shack's online cannot be returned for a refund or exchange to the retailer's brick-and-mortar stores. Retail store merchandise cannot be returned to Radio Shack's online store.

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Posted by photon

The above policy is outdated. The official Radio Shack site now says: "Effective March 2, 2017, all sales are final and sold "as is". No returns shall be accepted for any purchases made on or after March 2, 2017." Any kind of return policy only applies to things bought before March 2nd.

I love electronics, but this is the most draconian and uncaring return policy I've ever seen. The company must be in its death throes and trying to save every penny (at the expense of its customers) to do something so completely opposed to customer service.

Posted by Los Gatos Disappointed

Received an RC car as gift. Does not work. Took back to store. Need a receipt. The gifted provided credit card statement with exact amount. 10 days since purchase. Won't do anything. Suggested I get in car and drive to other stores to see if those managers would refund me. Aside from being illegal, it's amazingly rude. Used to love this store - but there is a reason for bankruptcy, and the Los Gatos Radio Shack is your shining example.

Posted by Pmeece

My huband bought me a 300.00 phone there and it was cracked only had it a week i didnt drop it and told me they couldn't get a refund because i cracked it they are no good

Posted by John Firefly

I have never been treated so rudely by an assistant manager in trying to return an item. I am filing a complaint, in writing, with their district manager, the store manager and anyone else in their corporate ladder. I will no longer be shopping at Radio Shack.

Posted by jb

bought landline phone say 10 days ago, was so light was hard to answer without the base and all coming with it, went to return it, wanted me to exchange it,no thanks do not need anything. then the clerk said they can not resell them, had to talk to manager, picked up the phone(do not think was a person on the line) started saying how dirty it was?! Real Dirty, I used the damn thing maybe 10 times... I will never step foot into another store in my life. You do not have a return policy, This was in Rancho San Diego, looks like they be going under, bye bye

Posted by Jbchalker

I returned a cord to your store today. I did not have my receipt With me. When I walked in the store the store manager remembered me. He was very rude about the transaction my wife was a little embarrassed. Wonder why people don't shop RadioShack?

Posted by Frustrated

I bought a couple items at a store while I was killing time before an out of town funeral. I decided I really wouldn't use the item that much so took it to a store closer to where I live to return it. I was told I could not return it there because I didn't purchase it there. They told me I could only return it to certain stores which none are close to me. Why wouldn't I be able to return it to any radio shack. Why don't they advise customers of that when they go to purchase something. I will not buy anything else from Radio Shack.

Posted by baxwarmarz

i guess im the only person in the world that radio shack works with and makes this customer happy.i have bought and returned numerious items to and from radio shack. never a problem that i and the employees couldnt come to a solution. im going to say this u know free speech and all. yall need to stop crying and whinning cuz you dont get your way and ill bet that your leaving out parts so to make radio shack the problem like waiting 14 days for a check. read the back of the reciept cuz it clearly states it. how bout instead of getting pissed off and storming out of a store you logically find a middle ground that works. case in point last week i bought a 500 dollar digital scanner took it home read the instruction and took it back 3 days later no problem with it i was to stupid for it (considering it was one little thing i me did wrong) but i didnt know that then now keep in mind i said 500$ the first day i tried to take it back they had just done the deposits so i said cool ill come by tomorrow a hour earier and i did now this store didnt do alot of cash sales that day they employee called other stores not to push me away but so i could get my money back when everything was looking down i asked how much cash do u have he told me i said here theres some stuff i want in here anyway lets meet in the middle and we did i got 269 in cash and three items ive wanted for awhle. see i couldve been a ass and threw a tempertantium and the employee wouldve mailed me a check but i was cool kept my composure and worked with radio schack and won. so next time you get mad at something so small take a breath and approch it differant and i bet youll have a pleasent experience. i give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to the radip shack on san mateo in albuquerque NM and all the employees there extreamlly imfomative and it feels like family when i walk in

Posted by Jose

I purchased some items and when I went to return them 5 days later I was told they cannot be returned. These items are new, package never opened. They claim they changed their return policy recently. I read their return policy and my items ca be returned for a refund. I was told I need to speak to a manager who is not available till Monday.

I am totally upset with these people and never again will I shop at this company, I urge everyobe to abstain from doing their shopping at Radio Shack.

Posted by Praying

I wish I would have read this prior to purchasing guardzilla for $99 at my Las Vegas Radio Shack the girl talked me into it it's a piece of junk I have all the packaging I have the receipt I hope I don't have a problem returning it

Posted by noneya

Took back an item for return in the original package and with the receipt and had zero issues. The assistant was nice and courteous, didn't ask any questions other than if the item was defective or not and gave me a full refund. It was getting lose to the thirty days but went as smooth as clockwork. It's nice when things go the way they're suppose to.

Posted by Anonymous

Paid cash for an alarm for a home that did not work, the next day I took it back they would not give us our money back, said they would mail us a check could take up to 2 weeks. I paid with cash I wanted my cash back. This happen at radio shack in Eldon Missouri.

Posted by Only order from Korea from now o

I bought a multimeter from Radioshack 2 weeks ago and couldn't get it to work correctly. Took it back today and the store manager confirmed that it was in fact defective. However, she would not replace it because it was a clearance item. When I told her I felt ripped off and that this is why radioshack was struggling, she made me and my 5 year old son leave the store. I went to another location and they also had the same approach with their costomers. I just can't believe they can get away with this type of bad business.

Posted by Tara O'Toole-Conn

I returned a product about a year ago with a guarantee that I could use the credit amount for future purchases. But, recently I tried to use the credit of $52.99 and the store manager told me that it was no longer valid. Please let me know how I can get my money back? Thank you very much.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a carrying case for my laptop and a 32G memory card (which was pricey) and was told that I had to have the receipt for return. Stores have their right to their choice of policies, but big thanks to Walmart who not only has better prices and a no hassle way for customer returns. Thanks radio shack for reminding me why I don't shop with you.

Posted by choco

purchased a antenna booster from our Pittsboro NC store. Worked fine for about a week, then visual went out. Called store, and when told I had already thrown out original packing, was told to bring it in anyway, and he would swap out with one in stock. Drove the ten miles to the store, only to be told that the item was discontinued, and they had none to swap it out with. Was offered a "discount" on another antenna, to the tune of $30 for a $50 antenna, and no credit for the original one that quit working. AS if I would now purchase another from them..which essentially would have been a pay out of around $90 for a $50 antenna. Will never return and we are now stuck with a useless antenna...

Posted by frustrated

I went to return a tablet to a store, where I purchased it. The next day the clerk said since you paid with check, the policy of the company is that you have to wait two weeks. The check was endorsed 3 days later, waited the two week period, called before I went in. Said I am returning something, another clerk. Is there going to be a problem, he replies NO. Drove into the store: He asks what is wrong with the tablet? My response, it will not connect to my wifi. He opens the drawer, then places a phone call to his manager, "She's here". He says to me you have to come back tomorrow to get a refund. I didn't know there was not enough money in the cash register. Fourth trip to the store tomorrow, not to pleased.
A suggestion: when a customer calls and asks if there would be a problem. Ask how much the refund is for, open the drawer, see how much money you have, then do the appropriate thing. Have been shopping at Radio Shack for over 30 years, will never purchase there again. I want my money back, they only have a 30 day return policy. If they had acted professional, I would have continued to shop there.

Posted by JBPunk31

i was told by a radio shack employee that i "Return" to much at radio shack. he told me my name and my fathers name showed up saying we do is that even possible because if you have a problem with a idem at radio shack why is it our fault? so now we can't even shop at radio shack.

Posted by Anonymous

Radio shack will not honor a return of merchandise within 30 days if it does not include original packaging. Who keeps packaging for 30 days. I have all the paperwork, product like new, and they are giving me a hard time. Do not do business with Radio Shack.

Posted by

why can't I get my money back when I pay with a check. instead of in store money card

Posted by Newjersey101

I purchased A product in package, they exchanged it with A product from the store counter drawl and refused refund n broken product. then print NO REFUND-on the receipt.and told me to keep my receipt. I advise you not to deal with marion,s.c. Radio Shack

Posted by Anonymous

Bewre of buying from a Radio Shack franchisee. I purchased batteries from a store in San Miguel de allende in Mexico. I had questions about buying the correct thing and did not know if in fact I had a bad battery, something I had been able to communicate (none of them spoke English-supposedly) and the clerk thought he gave me the right thing. When I went home the Radio Shack batteries were not the same as I already had and within 2 hours I returned to the store. The same clerks would not give me a refund for the unopened and just bought incorrect batteries. I was out $24.00 U.S. Thanks Radio Shack.

Posted by grumpyenglishteacher

... family from RadioShack, including a Windows smartphone and warranty for everything. The smartphone stopped working, so we took it to the store to have it checked out. They opened it... now water damage. They sent it back with a 100 dollar refundable deposit for the warranty. They sent... similar, but a Pantech slider that they practically pay people to take with new plans. We called... back, and the Pantech is a "comparable" replacement. This is the most unbelievable fraud I have ever ...

Posted by Diane

... was why we questioned it. When we got the box home we discovered that it had been previously opened and looked like it was use as there were finger prints all over the disk and the items were a mess inside. We returned the box back shortly after opening it and told them we did not appreciate being lied to as we like to shop locally. Another sale person who now was helping us to recredit it appoligized for the lie and said this ...

Posted by Anonymous

... the years I have had little choice but to go to Radio Shack (20 years +), I have only had one good experience...with myself. I went in with my item which I took the "replacement" coverage on because it no longer worked. My expectation was that it would be exchanged for a new one that did work, rather than do that the... then explained in deed it would not be covered because of water damage, I said that is sweat because it does not come with a protective... exist. He explained to me that sweat is not the same as water damage REALLY they both result in moisture. I take some...

Posted by jsw2w

...ask the manager where does it say one cannot return unused airtime. He mentions that it is on the receipt ...cannot find that stipulation. He then says it is on the return policy on the back of the receipt and again ...can't find it. He then just says it it store policy and blows me off....then ask he to show me where in the store there is such a policy, but he can't... I asked the sales person if I could return these phones if I did not ... she should have mentioned no returns on airtime, only the phone. But what does one expect when dealing with low wage workers at Radio Shack. Not that I always shop at RS...

Posted by Liz

...from the UK and had been lent an American pay as you go cell to use whilst over here. I originally went in to purchase some credit for the phone (which works a little differently in the ... I didn't really know what I was doing the clerk put the credit on the phone for me and was very helpful in showing ...was having difficulty making calls. Not knowing how to solve this I returned to the store where the same guy was on and was only to happy to help. He spent ages on the phone to the... and welcoming. If i return to the US any time soon I will definitely use radio shack for all my electronic...

Posted by Anonymous

I had recently gone into the Radio Shack on State St in Boise ID & received wonderful service. Today, I had to go back to exchange an item & was met with an employee that seemingly was looking for a fight with someone. Instead ... bcuz I can't get rembursed...blah, blah, blah... I was quite upset that I would not be getting my money or an exchange on an item I bought 10 days ago. He told me to leave if I was going to be rude. The ...

Posted by Anonymous

... the senior," she was not going to return the product back, nor give her a credit to her radio shack charge card"...BUT she told the SENIOR ... and tell someone the senior was still causing problems in the store. And that was a lie, she senior wasn't. The senior just wanted an exchange or a return to her card. Yes, the senior was frustrated with Jalena actions confussed but she didn't ...that tells me Radio Shack is allowing their employee's to treat paying customers (consumers) who spend their money in your store to be treat INHUMANE. Therefore I and my family can not support Radio Shack ...

Posted by John

I purchased a Magellan RoadMate GPS at the Raleigh Hills Radio Shack in Portland, OR. The sales person did not seem to know much about the ... sales person again was unhelpful advising me that "it's a toy - just play around with it". I returned it and will never go back to a Radio Shack again. Furthermore, I did not find a place for"customer complaints"...

Posted by midnight7891 isn't cheaper at all. My phone broke after having it for a month and a half and they refused to return or even exchange it. I had the receipt and everything else that you need except the box. I would of seriously been happy if...there told me there's nothing she could do and if I go to the other store near me they most likely won't exchange it without the box. I said ok thank you and she just starred at me... going to call in and complain but from reading the other comments I seriously doubt Radio Shack will change its ways. So I'll give them my 2 cents which they...

Posted by Anonymous

... issues. I went in on my 14th day and the Manager simply refused to exchange my product. He told me he has done all the proper troubleshooting and to return in a couple of days even though the product was continuing to ...He continued to ingore me and proceeded to close the store and count his drawer down his... never shop at Radio Shack ever and will warn others that they refuse to honor a guarantee they...