QuickBooks Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for QuickBooks below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from QuickBooks so others can benefit from what you learned.

QuickBooks Return Policy

The majority of QuickBooks products are covered by a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. However, some products are excluded, such as resource guides, lab packs and software purchased in bulk. Those wishing to receive a full refund on their product will need to get in touch with Intuit within 60 days of the product's purchase.

The procedure for obtaining a refund will vary depending on where the product was purchased. Products purchased directly from Intuit can be returned by contacting their customer service department by phone. Physical products can be returned by filling out a return form and sending it back to Intuit through a traceable shipping method. It may take up to 10 business days for a credit card refund to be processed or a check to be mailed out.

Products purchased through third party retailers should be returned to the retailer. If the merchant does not accept returns, the product can be returned to Intuit within 60 days of purchase. A refund check will be sent within 4 weeks after the return has been accepted.

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Posted by I need to return quick book s

I need to send back my quick books I bought at Best Buy they said contact you all. I bought it 10/19/2017
Please send me a number to talk to y'all or an address that I can send it back to y'all.

Posted by Disgusted with Intuit

I bought a copy of Quicken (very expensive) over a year ago that was supposed to be useful for tracking rental properties. It didn't have what I needed most, a way to calculate depreciation. I found that out within 5 minutes of installing it. I immediately uninstalled it. and returned it the next day with the help of the Staples store I bought it from.

I followed all the rules, I deleted that version and went back to my Quicken 2009, which I am still using and which they are able to track. I have a signed delivery receipt so I know they received the return. I have copies of all the paperwork.

I never heard a peep from them and never received my money back. They are thieves.

Posted by jdun99

I have bought 3 copies of quick books. 2 copies were for mac computers and within 90 days of one another. The 3rd copy I tried to install on my mac desk top computer did not work, so I called and they told me I need to buy the online version. They said to mail the 2 copies back and they would refund my money so I would have the money to buy the online version. They sent me an email on where to send the cd's and the receipts to, but they did not refund my money and they kept the cd's. I need to buy the online version so I can use my quick books for the 3rd quarter taxes for my business. Please help me fix this. all I need is the online version downloaded to my desk top computer. I am not even worried about the money at this point. Thanks, Joe Dunmyer Please call

Posted by Liz

Quickbooks payroll service is horrible. Only method of payment anymore is credit card or bank account direct debit and we are a non profit organization and are paid by the state and pay all our bills by check only because they want to see physical check when doing our audits. I sent them a check for our payroll subscription update and at first they could not find it and then they returned it saying they could not post it as payment. You cannot trust them with a credit card because they want to use it automaticly each year to renew without anyones permission to do so. ...

Posted by QB Prisoner

...’ needs. I paid, logged in, and it worked for 30 days. Due to a migration they were doing in their sales software, my account was deactivated. The “only way” to resume was to purchase an ...many phone calls, trying to find out where my money was, someone finally could help. They accidentally ...my second membership! So now I am fighting for 2 refunds and have no access to anything. They...I purchase a new membership & wait for the other 2 refunds. Seriously? I have loaned Intuit roughly $1500... could offer me something that works, in addition to returning my working capital. If anyone else ...

Posted by Anonymous

... 240.00 or so that I would have a much better package extending through August 2013 and that I would receive a refund of the 115 paid May 23, 2012. After doing the conversion I was transferred to another department for the credit and was told that since it was over 60 days from the original upgrade there was no credit due.

Posted by Susanparker

... company. I called customer service and I get someone in the Philippines and not even in the United States. I ask for someone in the US and it took (4) hours for a returned call. I want to know why every time we have a question we get diverted out of the country? If we live in the US why can't we ...more dummies, and before you know it, I am on the phone for one hour with no resolution. What is wrong with you Intuit? Makes me sick as an Accountant that my company decided to use QB2012, and for technical support I am redirected out of the country. Your customer support is the worst ever, get real ...

Posted by Quickbooks

I had ordered Quickbooks 2012 as a result of contacting Tehnical Support and was told by the rep I ... very CRITICAL position. In the meantime I returned the product approx. 10 days ago expecting a prompt refund... not received as of this date either by a credit to my checking account or in the form of a refund check. This has caused...-professional manner due to a misrepresentation as to the method of original payment. I expect a prompt, immediate resolution of this matter ...

Posted by Pissed Off

... entered a line of information on it. I called to get these charges refunded. Quickbooks Online says "I can't help you, ... problem and says she has to talk with her credit department since the card I intially used had just expired (They charged me in November...explain it's ridiculous that one part of your company can process the refund and another can't for service signed up for... "You can always try a chargeback from your credit card company.". Long story short, don't use these jokers. They'll use your credit card for anything and everything then make refunding it all impossible.

Posted by shannon

Customer service is a buch of idiots and quickbooks doesnt even care, their service ... of accounting work, uninstalled 2008 and overrid it with 2001, said sorry and refunded my money for the upgrade and then cancelled 2011 and now i have nothing ...

Posted by bazawa

For two days, my brother attempted to fix QuickBooks. The program wouldn't open. After exhausting all resources, including trying to reinstall the program, he reformatted his hard drive. Now, he subscribes to their online back up service. ... on companies in this country who have failed to provide the service that they promised or overcharged you. I filed a complaint against Straight Talk cell phone service and was refunded and then some. Straight Talk is a Latin American company with a corporate office in Florida. I'm sure that Intuit has corporate offices in this country. All who ...

Posted by KMPV

I bought QuickBooks for my new business. After using it for a month I decided to return it for a refund. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee. I called QB and spent ...until I finally received a physical address and instructions on how to do a refund. I typed a letter explaining the situation, copied the receipt, ... included ALL information they requested. The package was sent to their return facility in SC. Two months later i called to inquire about the refund. I was told that they had never received it and they ...

Posted by camhornsby

... line Quick books is costing us big time!I should have known not to get an accounting system that is backed up on-line!!!Some one should be fired and they would be fired at our company;with a refund for our customers!!!