QVC Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for QVC below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from QVC so others can benefit from what you learned.

QVC Return Policy

QVC understands that items may not be exactly how you wanted them to be. They will accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of receipt for a full refund minus the return shipping fee (if the return is due to a QVC error, the return shipping charge is waived). Purchases are subject to their General Terms and Condition of Use.

If you find yourself in need of returning a product bought from QVC, simply complete the return form of the packing slip that was included with your item. Don’t forget to include the reason for your return and if you prefer a refund or an exchange. Be sure to pack all items in the original packaging. If you lost the Q Return Label, a new one can be printed by logging in and accessing your Order Status. The original shipping labels should be cleared away and the Q Return Label should be attached. Should you choose to use a different shipping carrier, you must select ground shipping and insure the package for the full value of the merchandise. Always keep a copy of the shipping slip for your records.

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Posted by Disgusted

I have a big complaint about QVC and their return policy. Due to false presentation the product didn't work as presented So I returned it not pleased having to pay to $8.95 to return it but what really made me angry was they even kept the $5.50 I paid to have it sent to me I will no longer shop with them I can shop where their product is better and their customer service is for the customer instead of their pocket,

Posted by Bronco

I have bought a fair bit of stuff from QVC but never returned anything because the cost of returning an item can be pricey. Things have been padded out with inner soles, hems taken up, seams taken in etc as the size is never what you expect it to be. But too small cannot be altered. Therefore when I collected some slippers today - "Medium - 4.5 - 5.5 size". They will go, in original packaging, to a charity shop. They would fit a small size 3.5. Only cost £14 approx so I will recoup very little by returning them. So why waste the time and effort.

Posted by Gill

Never had an issue returning an item and getting a refund. Always had excellent service from QVC, no grumble from me just the cost of returning items really costly paying both ways.

Posted by Annoyedbystupidpeople

You guys do realize when you order something and qvc ships it to you, qvc has to pay the shipping co to deliver your item, ups and USPS don't deliver for if you return your item and if they were to refund your shipping charges they are losing money...someone has to pay the shipping co, I don't see how anyone would think qvc is responsible for that

Posted by Anonymous

My family has received three defective tablets. With each return we lost more of our original refund to shipping costs. So, we have paid merely for the privilege of running back and forth to the post office. We have no tablets despite the fact that we didn't merely dislike the products. They did not work. We have not had this experience with any other tablets, companies or home shopping networks. We are intelligent people who know how to use tablets. The fault is theirs. We are considering contacting the attorney general. This is a scam.

Posted by I have been had

I have ordered from QVC for about 6 years. In the beginning, everything was great, good items until you wash them. I was so timid about sending things back, I would usually just donate them or give to someone smaller than me. Then they started raising prices. I ordered things I could count on fitting from certain vendors, not trying anything new. I have yet get anything that fits the same anymore. Even if you buy the same color item in the same size in pants or shirts, they may fit differently. I learned to send things back. I would binge buy, especially if certain hosts were selling the products; then realized they used the same tactics to sell on each show. "Its going fast, I hope they have that in my size, OMG the green is almost gone; last call on so and so. My blood pressure always went up and I felt this strong need to buy when I had not thought about it. I watched the movie Joy about Joy Mangano and it opened my eyes. I stopped buying on a whim, sent back what I could not use or hated, and had second thoughts after putting things in my cart and cancelled. I started getting bully letters and dismissed them. They blocked my e-mail account today when they were having the clearance sales? OMG I missed the deal of the year. I do not know how to do it, but someone needs to set up a blog that lets people know that after so long, they will not like it when you send things back or cancel orders. The idea of trying them in the home was great, but you pay dearly for it, if it does not fit. I sometimes felt my returns were not credited to my credit card because they just did not add up to what QVC indicated they had credited me when it appeared on my account, they rarely matched up. It took no time at all to rack up a big bill. It is as addictive as being a gambler or a drinker and just as hard to stop. Today, they threw cold water on me.

Posted by missy

i refused a package and sent it back i have to wait 15 business days for debit card return that is crap they took my money the same day i ordered will shop elsewhere

Posted by Ksief88

Bought a Serra perfect sleeper mattress from them this year thinking it would be the greatest. WRONG! Not Only did the delivery company not take my old mattress, but they told me they couldn't and threw it on th side of my house wrecking my siding!!!!!!! Then I called to complain and th company told me it would be another week before they could come get the old mattress and bedrame as a convienece. Well I complained some more about how my house was damaged and that part of the qvc shpeal is that they will pick up your old stuff. They came two days later and got only the old mattress. Then after a week of sleeping. On the mattress our body imprints we're sunk in and it wasn't supportive...... we both weigh right under 160lbs...... so then I call and tell qvc of my whole miserable experience and they tell me that they will have be called my the company to pick up th mattress but they won't stop charging me until they have it back st the warehouse. It's been two months of phone tag and they will not schedule a pickup or even call. Don't waste your money or your time. The mattresses are awful quality and the company promise is bullcrap!!

Posted by Itsu

Bought a serta mattress from qvc did not like mattress way to hard that was in march.It is now April and they still will not pickup this serta mattress.Every day I call customer service everyday nothing is done.For heavens sake do not buy a mattress from qvc and try to return they will not send authorization to trucking company to pick it up. Biggest Mistake this year

Posted by Orchard

I have only bought a few things from QVC and I've never returned anything but just recently I bought a Vitamix and it's a little tall for my countertop height and I thought about returning it and exchanging it for one that shorter but with all of these bad reviews for QVC I'm leery about doing that or buying anything else from them and I had considered buying a queen size mattress and box springs but I think I'm going to reconsider doing that now and I will be sure to watch my bank statements to make sure they don't take out any more money for my Vitamix than they're supposed to. Thank you all for the input

Posted by Patricia monthey

I purchased the Nutrisystem food packages, several months ago. I would like a refund. I was not happy with the food . In fact I discarded most of it, because of the taste.
It was difficult for me to get the money for the purchases, but I wanted desperately to lose weight.,,I was not successful. Please. A refund would be so appreciated. In good faith and thank you. Patricia a Monthey 309hillway dr., glen wood Iowa,51534
Please Use your records to confirm my purchases.

Posted by Clare Obrien

Does QVC train their staff in the finance department in how to communicate to customers and get the job done? I've had an ongoing issue for months which shouldn't be so difficult to resolve. But the finance staff called Gerald keeps pro longing it and making things up, so far he has accused me of blocking QVC from my mobile phone?! becos it goes to vm when he calls..but yet I keep calling to get this resolved and he leaves no message or letters. he tells me a box has been sent to me and then weeks later tells me there is no box!! I ordered a tv I waited for months he told me it was delivered to me, then he says a week later it was not! Seriously do your staff know what they are doing?

Posted by Clare Obrien

Is QVC allowed legally to withold a legitimate refund to a customer on an item for weeks and weeks since receiving the item. As they are waiting for a letter (that I have returned ages ago) on a separate different item they need to cancel a refund on?

Posted by Rose suro

I returned a bracelet 2weeks after I got it,that was 19 days ago,still have not received my refund at my bank,I'm done with qvc!

Posted by Qvc customer

Where Is My Refund In Bank??it Says Refund Amount On Qvc, but I Haven't Received The Money Yet?

Posted by joeyjoseph

Do not dare to return what you don't like or cancel an item (even if you spend a lot of money monthly), they have their standards about what is too much to return or cancel. Their fraudulent claim "love it or return it" is totally a line of you know what. They are not to be trusted.

Posted by Fed UP

Will not shop with QVC ever again They are Liars They want you to shop and then when you return you get the LETTER you returned to many items so I'm done half of the stuff is either to big cheaply made and will not fit or falling apart SO DONE WITH ALL THE FAKE HOST AND FAKE ITEMS

Posted by Annon

Postage and packaging is a farce it costs the buyer a lot of money without buying a thing this company is a waste of space never again will i shop from them again people be aware when ordering from this channel

Posted by heathert

I've ordered from them for years. I've never had any issues with them. I also do tons of research before I buy from them. I've always gotten my refunds minus the shipping as they have stated. They don't refund shipping because they didn't pay for it, I did and if they refunded it, they would lose money. It's a business, they are there to make money not go out of pocket everytime someone changes their mind....

Posted by Luckygirl12

My Fitbits 2x (heart ) are still being taken out of my PSECU account in the amount of $35.70 each. They were returned right after Christmas.

Posted by Deceiving return policy

QVC 's 30 day return policy is very deceiving. Their website says return it "within 30 days". Their customer service says they must receive it back within 30 days. Therefore, allowing for mail time you don't get a full 30 days. Who knows how long the P. O. Will take to deliver. Custer service is not very helpful unless you are buying. They should say item must be "post marked" within 30 days. I am very disappointed with QVC right now.

Posted by DiamondLil

I just found out when I called to check if my return was processed, that QVC is no longer reimbursing for shipping and handling. I spoke with a representative at their customer service and was told that QVC has implemented new rules that the only time a customer is reimbursed is when an item is received damaged, which would be by fault of QVC. How is this legal? We pay the price, tax, and the shipping and handling. It doesn't cost QVC to ship the item to customers. We're paying for the shipping and handling. I understand if I return with their label that provides shipping that it goes without saying that the $6.95 which is usually the cost on their label, should be deducted. BUT! When I return an item I am paying the shipping and insurance and don't expect this amount to be refunded, however.....I do expect to be fully refunded for the charges that I paid for when I purchased the item. What it comes down to is, QVC isn't paying a dime to ship to us for the shipping fees that I paid to return it. So long Q, back on the saddle and finding my way back to HSN.

Posted by Bugrad

I guess I will add to the sucker list. I purchased three Kindles. I used easy pay, however I paid the amounts in lump sums. I continued to get bills even though it was paid in full. They then sent the balance to collections, which by my calculations they owe me 2 dollars and some change. I have called and they stated that I can return the items. It is unlikely after reading the posted review that I will receive a refund and I have paid over 600 on the items. You do the math for an item that was only 129.00 X3. Oh well I am shipping them back today, hoping that I will a refund will be received. I too will never order again from QVC.

Posted by Sherri

I went and tried to make an order which was only 130.00 went and choked my statement they took out over 400.00 I cancelled the 130.00 and ask for all my mony back they refuse to give my money back they qvc literally robbed me!!!

Posted by nannykim62

I am yet another 'ex'- QVC customer. For more than ten years I have spent thousands of pounds with the shopping channel, had 100% payment history and always returned 'un-used' items only, if they were not as described, sized incorrectly/material rubbish or faulty ( which is lots!! ) I also have received 'The Letter' taking away my QVC " shopping privileges" because of 40% returns. SO, what is that all about then, their 'NO QUIBBLE 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE'?? Sorry but that is totally FALSE information..!!

Hundreds of customers also have had 'The letter'

and after us having to pay sometimes triple the postage of what it actually costs, plus the returns postage if we are not 100% totally satisfied. This is the nature of their business, surely it is swings & roundabouts, as more of their customers keep all their items ordered, which must make up for the returns. They are crying that by cancelling these accounts, makes for a better improved QVC...!!! ??? The customers should be the one's complaining, due to the incredibly high p/p charges.

Posted by Anonymous

I agree with others about the return policy. QVC totally miss leads people. For gods sake, they screw everyone with that outrageous shipping cost for products that do not cost that much to ship. I was one who received one of those nasty letters as well about the returns and I have literally bought thousands and thousands of products. But at the end of the day, they truly do not cherish their customers at all!! What goes around comes around so I hope QVC will get their day!!!!

Posted by Esposifm

Omg...yes...other suckers ...I spend $$$$$ every year...montly...outrageous $$$ love some everyone here says...the hosts preach. 30 day return one says...certain amount allowed. So any one else willing to do a class action suit...... ? I still owe $$$ and pay all time but like everyone else...defective product, not as expected, wrong item ordered, autos hip that as CANCELLEd... We should not be penalized. They are on Ir every day preaching 30 day return.... Regardless....any one else want to take on QVC? They should not be permitted to say 30 return...without a disclaimer....such as..if you return more than such and such in a specific amount not permitted...they are big corporation...lying to us???? So..anyone else willig to pursue a class action suit? Will be first

Posted by Shopping Diva

I am sick of QVC preaching that if you are not satisfied with an item you have 30 days to return it, but when you do because the item is too pricey and the item is poor quality or defective or different in person, they close your account due to too many returns.. If the show hosts continue to tell us about this 30 days.. then we have a right as a customer to return as many items that we are NOT satisfied with.. who is QVC to stop us for shopping.. I am returning them to the BBB and the FTC about their incidents.. they should NOT allow these low grade hosts to go on national tv and preach about their 30 day money back guarantee when they do NOT adhere to their standards / policies/ procedures.. QVC is a joke. I have returned many Susan the almight Graver's tops because of the price and the poor quality.. I dont mind paying for something but please, I will not wear something that looks like a curtain that belongs in your bedroom for god sakes...

Posted by lhoward8702

Rc'd letter from QVC months ago about too many returns so I quit buying. Have ordered $148.68 from them since Oct 2012. Got a call from customer service and I explained that anything I returned was never worn or damaged and in sellable condition. Just followed their policy of returns.What they advertised daily on each show is not what it truly is. Got a letter today from GE Capital Bank lowering my balance because of {1}low ratio payments to balance over last 6 months.Payments were always on time,and at one time paid off the full balance. {2} used too much credit in last 6 months. Have not ordered form them since 01/2013 and it was an auto deliver of $31.82.{3} % of times payment greater than amount due over last 12 months.
NOW...I have been a customer when it first began before QVC. I am DONE and believe me QVC will not miss me, but people will know what they say on their show is now their policy.There are other places to shop with BETTER customer service. Shame on QVC and their companies REAL policy.

Posted by qvc is full of it

QVC closed my account for too many returns even though every item I returned was...defective or received in used condition (someone else's previous return). They say they don't send out used ... these used products back. If I want used merch. I will go to yard sales or thrift stores.

Posted by lamamama44

... now "banned" from shopping forevermore through QVC!! why you ask? After years of shopping ... thousands and thousands of dollars over the years, I have returned 43%of my purchases!*for good reason) That ... you know if you can continue to shop with QVC.Today, I received the certified letter telling me no mo qvc shopping. That would have been fine, but I had advanced ordered... loved and wanted, but was not to be made and delivered until Sept. 4th.2012! I practically BEGGED them... the answer is a resounding NO!! I intend to sound the alarm about QVC and their tactics with Twitter, Facebook and ...

Posted by Anonymous

... easy to recline. My mother did not have the strength to use it. I returned it in the original box with everything in it . I had to pay $34.49 to ship it back and they would not reimburse it and when they gave me credit for the return they took the shipping from the original price out of my deposit. I will NEVER order anything else from QVC. Please do not order any large items if there is even a...

Posted by Anonymous

... years of shopping and thousands of dollars spent, I have stopped shopping with QVC. A few months ago I expressed my dissatisfaction to customer service management ... to order items and place on check status. Then I take a few days to read reviews, etc. before swapping to my debit card and having the items shipped. I found that when I ordered clearance items, QVC was not even holding ... that I have too many canceled/returned items and if it doesn't improve, they will close my account!!!! I have received so many damaged items and damaged packaging!!! Apparently QVC mgmt people live in glass houses ...

Posted by TOTO

... I received a nast gram letter saying my returns were too high and it was costing the company money, Yesterday 1/5/12 I... bother sending it back as it costs the company money! Well boo hoo QVC in that case dont be in business if you dont want returns.Where is the customer service? Ovbiously this company is so big it ... The woman even told me to go to the local store to buy clothing rather than get it from...

Posted by Blaccangill38

... see I purchased a Dell Computer from QVC Sunday before last. I was told the computer will be shipped on the 27th of this month. I received it a week later. Yes I...Dell or QVC. Calling back to QVC the Bundle Pk as you call it was not deliver until 2 week later and ...told a tech would be coming out which after 2 days I received a phone call to say no one will ... call. Looking at the return label it states that I will be bill $10.95 for a replacement. I think someone should be paying me for ... I have received from this company and Dell. P.S. Please refund my money to my credit card

Posted by debd853

... scratches and discoloration. As per the warranty, 3 pieces were returned back to QVC per their ... fryer. They no longer have this style in stock and will substitute it with the hard anodized style ...number. Needless to say I missed the call. The next day tried again. Was told I would get ...frustrated then ever, Supervisor claimed its was the up to the replacement area about the quality of the pan yet no ...product for a quality product. I do no not want a credit for my items I want per the warranty a replacement piece of the SAME ... me I would get a call back in 10-14 days, wow this is customer service?...

Posted by Al

I returned an item that was purchased with a credit card I no longer have. It's closed. When I contacted Customer Service ... me giving me the "We credit the original card only!"..I asked her to... bank. They said If a check is received for a closed card we won't recognize it and return it to the vendor. The woman would not let me ... nor, listen to me. It's common sense you QVC people. I totally agree with the call of Customer ... us all. Not a good business move QVC. We have other options you ...

Posted by bcanty

... the item. I called customer service for instructions on my exchange. Was told to (1) open a QVC account, (2) include a letter in the shipment with my account number and instructions to credit the gift to my accounty, and (3) pay for shipping and insurance. After confirming that the item had been received (delivery ... of the return. They informed me that the return had been credited to the giver's credit card account! Unbelievable! Now, I'll feel ...

Posted by Anonymous

... an item and was very excited but was never received. Customer service was notified on the day of expected arrival, was told to call back within 6 days if not yet ... was made to customer service and no explanation was given, only feedback was that transaction will be canceled and that I will get a refund. Four days later, no refund yet received, called customer service again and was informed that transaction has just been ...