Pottery Barn Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Pottery Barn below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Pottery Barn so others can benefit from what you learned.

Pottery Barn Return Policy

As a discerning consumer, you know that quality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Pottery Barn products. From the design and construction of their products to the final inspection prior to shipping your order, Pottery Barn is committed to your complete satisfaction.

Pottery Barn asks that you carefully inspect your order upon receipt. Contact them immediately to report any damage. Pottery Barn will replace the damaged item(s) as quickly as possible. If you are not delighted with your purchase regardless of cause, you may return Quick Ship upholstery items within seven days and all other items within 30 days for a full refund of the merchandise value.

Unfortunately, Pottery Barn cannot accept returns on personalized items, special-orders, or monogrammed products, nor upon items damaged by normal wear. Final-sale items cannot be returned.

Pottery Barn will happily refund or exchange merchandise purchased through our registry within 90 days of your event or purchase (whichever is later).

For returns of Merchandise Credit Cards in excess of $10,000, Pottery Barn will immediately issue $10,000 in Merchandise Credit Cards, and quickly send additional card(s) for the remaining amount.

Pottery Barn's easy-to-follow procedures for returning items via mail can be obtained through Customer Service.

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Posted by unhappy

I ordered 6 pillows yesterday and they went on sale today. I called to get price adjustment and they won't adjust at all.. this is ridiculous! Unheard of these days.. Please change this awful policy.

Posted by sherryarmentor

I purchased a mini teepee on line from your store in December 2017. The item was back ordered and did not arrive until December 21, 2017. My son returned the item (unopened) to your store in Frisco, Texas on 1/6/18. On that day, my son was told that the amount would appear on my Amex statement in 5 days. I recently noticed that only $60.22 had been credited back to me. Yesterday, I received a Pottery Barn Gift certificate for 94.58. I did not want a store credit as I had complied with your store policy for refunds. I would like to talk to someone about this.

Posted by Susan

Back in 2002 I ordered a couch from Pottery Barn and they delivered the wrong couch weeks later (was not the sofa bed I had ordered). I recall it was one of the most stressful demeaning and frustrating experiences ever with a retail company. So I should have remembered this when I ordered a duvet cover from them this past Sunday (marked down with price ending in .99 which means it can't be returned). The very next morning I realized I had an extra duvet cover in storage that I'd forgotten about. I immediately called to cancel the order, and was told that it might not be possible but because it was already the next day and they had to contact the verndor. Lo and behold, Thursday (4 days after placing the order), I get an email that the order has shipped! (Even though the original order was to have arrived today! Didn't ship til today so obviously they just delayed it.) And they had 3 full days to cancel it, and didn't even bother. Pottery Barn is still the same unethical company they were from the very beginning. Sad to see nothing has changed. I hope they sink and go out of business, but they overcharge for crap to begin with and there are enough consumers to keep their dismal company afloat. What a bunch of thieves. Never again. Screw you Pottery Barn.

Posted by Anonymous

Received my order and on time for the holidays although missing one item:85-5006689 PB Red German "J". Ordered 2 only 1 in box.

Posted by Julie

Pottery Barn is overpriced and their cancellation and exchange policy is ridiculous in the year 2017 they better get a glove and get in the game or they will be following suit of other companies.

Posted by A gift

Returns and refunds? Ha! I made a purchase and the price never showed to give me the option of whether I wanted to pay that amount or not. When I realized the cost was fifty dollars for a thirty dollar item (and the coupon did not work) I decided to cancel the order. I called PBK within five minutes and guess what, they refused to cancel it. This item is a baby gift. What am I supposed to wait for the recipient to receive it and have them send it back because I got ripped off! I will never shop with this company again!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased six red white and blue Stars and Stripes beach towels. I just washed them and the red faded all thru the white stripes. They are not the quaility I expected from Pottery Barn. I no longer have the receipt as I did expect to keep them. Please advise how to return this inferior product.

Posted by Pc

Ordered an item on line using a giftcard. Waited for several weeks to get it. Get it and decide its not the right look I want. Bring it to the store for an update xchange. Salesperson tells me no problem she will get the return going while I shop. I pick out my new item thinking i will use the credit towards the new item. A second salesperson (1st one went on break) says no you will be issued a merchandise credit in the mail. I was fine with a credit but wanted it at the time of return. Truly unbelievable! I am as a good customer...not anymore.

Posted by bcastorina13@aol.com

On November 22, 2016 I returned a picture frame for refund, and the refund has still not been credited to my credit card.

Posted by Ginny

Purchased a velour comforter in the fall of 2015...ticket on comforter said machine washable....after the winter season, I washed it....WHAT A MESS...all bunched up & would no longer lay flat on the bed...this item cost about $400...will NEVER shop at PB again.....Merchandise clearly defective...what a rip off!

Posted by Potty Barn crappy policy

I purchased a sofa online on 9/3/16, the sofa was going to take 8 - 10 weeks to make. I found out from a friend that purchased furniture from Pottery Barn that it was poor quality, so I cancelled the order the next day on 9/4/16 only to find that they would not allow me to cancel the order. They told me that they have a "no return" policy for furniture. I explained that I had nothing to return and that the furniture had probably not even been started to be made. I was canceling the order not returning an item. I have tried calling numerous time only to be told the same thing. I am stuck with a $2200.00 sofa that I don't want.

Posted by Betty

Is it possible to return items purchased online to a retail store?

Posted by fryanc@yahoo.com

I bought an item that is non returnable, however it came damaged. I would like to exchange it for one that is not broken.

Posted by .pl.hauge@gmail.com

I Could Not Read The Tracking No. On The Site Printed From Your Mailing Label . I Hope You
Are Able To Read This!! ( I Was Raised In Biloxi).

Posted by Joy

Their "final sale" items are a joke--stay away. You can't cancel the order or return them. Even if it's going to take 3 months for them to actually ship to you, you are stuck with them. Ridiculous, and unwilling to work with you at ALL

Posted by Anonymous

Pillow Covers are lovely but colors are too bright for the room.
Enclosed form states to go to website to initiate return. Website only has policies. No place to initiate return process.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been on hold for customer service now for 25 minutes. I am trying to get instructions on returning an item. PB makes it very difficult. I will never order from them again.

Posted by pbsucks

TWICE they have had an item on backorder, sent the credit back on card from original purchase BUT the system re-orders it and as it's now out of stock it is credit-ed back as same price as original. The problem is that on the second system re-order they add additional tax and shipping for a product that never comes. Check your statement because they don't refund them back correctly. I've called back twice now and can only get fuzzy math answers and that they don't owe me anything.

Posted by jrgs

Did not get my refund!!
I purchased several items as a gift for my mother, several of which needed to be returned. I took them back to the store, told the clerk to put the amount back on my credit card, which she agreed to do. No charges were ever credited to my card - instead, a gift card was mailed to my mother. I never shop at Pottery Barn and neither does she, and now I have almost $200 credit. I specifically asked to have the returns refunded to my credit card, and was told that it was no problem. Not very happy.

Posted by Barefootgranny

I have had nothing but excellent service from Pottery Barn. I ordered something online. On the day it was to be delivered there was a message from UPS stating they could not read the label and the item was returned to sender. I called PB and was told another item would be sent out overnight at no charge. It was shipped out right away and received the next day. Today, a week later, I received a duplicate item. I called and am returning it to Pottery Barn. I don't need two and I would feel bad keeping it. I will continue to do shopping online with PB

Posted by Anonymous

I read everyone's negative comments on returning items and bad customer service - so I was expecting the worst when I realized I needed to return two dining room chairs that had shipped to my house. Long story short, customer service was very easy to reach via phone, they arranged to have all items picked up and returned at their expense, and then promptly credited my account the full amount in less than 3 days after I returned the items.

Posted by Anonymous

I will no longer do business with Pottery Barn because they do not allow price adjustments on items that go on sale shortly after purchase. I consider this an insult as I have purchased over 10 thousand dollars worth of merchandise from this company. I will take my money elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

Your so-called customer service is deplorable. I will NEVER order anything online from Pottery Barn again. I purchased a pillow online that when I tracked it, said it was not in stock. So, I then cancelled the order as I had found what I wanted somewhere else. Low and behold, what do I get in the mail, the pillow order I had cancelled. Now I want to return it and there's nobody home. I have called your customer service numbers 4 times and waited in excess of 15 minutes on each call and no one answered. You should be embarassed. Now I will return the item and hope that I actually get a refund (I don't want a store credit, especially since I will not be shopping at Pottery Barn again). If I do not get my credit on my card in a timely fashion, I will make formal complaint against Potttery Barn. What a dreadful experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I placed my order on November 30th of 2015. My credit card was charged on December 2nd of 2015. My first delivery date was December 8th 2015. Then in a few days my order said it was unknown when my order would be delivered. That is when I started calling to find out what was going with my order. Each time I called I was told a delivery request was being sent to order fullment department. This happened three times, finally on December 23rd I sent an email stating that there "must be someone within the company that was intelligent enough to tell me where my order was". At that point I received an email stating that a replacement order was issued, however one of the items was no longer available and a credit was issued for that item! I would be receiving my order on December 28th. Which meant that no presents for my grandaughter on Christmas. On December 27th I received an email saying my first order was shipped complete!!! So not only did I get the replacement order, but I also received my original order. I will be returning the replacement order tomorrow. Pottery Barn has several problems within their company during their busy Christmas shopping season that need to be addressed. This will be my last order from Pottery Barn until they get their issues resolved.

Posted by Diane

I echo the same sentiments as others on PB's short sighted price adjustment policy. The price of the item we ordered dropped from about $925 to about &650 and they wouldn't even entertain the idea of a price adjustment to the point of being rude. Even if they want to maintain this policy perhaps some consideration (like some portion) or even a credit on future buys. But no. PB got their money and as far as I am concerned it is the last they will ever see from me. By the way, my two girls are 8 and 10 and we have many years of spending ahead of us.

Posted by GJMN

I have received two jewrely boxes. I ordered a grey one,but received a gold one . I would like to return the gold one.I thought I'd wait to see if I would receive the grey one----It came about a month later.(Grey One)!!!!! I got charged for one and today I received a bill for the other one.I don't need two!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service! PB charges shipping even when they don't have items in stock. They then send an email following day offering free shipping when I have already paid. They also refuses price adjustment when an item reduced in price, and I have not even received the item yet. I will not shop at PB online again.

Posted by Disgusted buyer

Awful customer service. A patch added to my sons lunch box with personalization is falling off. I ordered it 3 months ago, it has been used under 2 months. As it is past 30 days they will not replace it. Buy from here you are paying for brand name, not quality craftsmanship and materials. With awful customer service icing the cake, I will not shop here again.

Posted by Dissatisfied

I am very dissatisfied with the online shopping experience and the return policy for Pottery Barn. I ordered curtain clips and took advantage of a free shipping promotion. I received the clips later than expected and was charged $25.50 for shipping and charged $37.50 for the clips. Now that I want to return the clips they won't reimburse me for the total costs.In addition, I didn't read any conditions for returns but I'm told the return shipping is not free of charge for the reason I'm returning the clips! I will not shop online again.

Posted by Maggie

It is crazy Pottery barn cannot price adjust one day after an order was placed. It is just causing me to return my purchase.

Posted by Deco girl

I have always been a loyal pottery barn customer ... However I now feel my loyalty to the brand has been foolish !
Pottery barn does not value customer loyalty !! Pottery barn has a very near sighted approach to customer satisfaction .
My recent experience has been an eye opener to me .
Pottery barn no longer issues price adjustments ! I haven't even received my order .... The item went on sale for less than I paid . Pottery barn will not honor the sale price .... Even when my order was just placed and the product has not even been delivered !!!!
In the future I will shop in places where the customer is appreciated !
Pottery barn you are sooooo yesterday !!! Your brand is forever sullied !

Posted by Anonymous

In May i ordered a lamp for my bedroom dresser. It came in good time, but was way too large. I sent it back and ordered a smaller one which came and worked well. Today (June 22) a large pkg arrived. It was the original, too large lamp sent back to me. Now I am in the hassle of trying to return it. From earlier comments I don't expect much help.

Posted by HappyShopper

speaking from experience a UPS Employee, if you have an item you are shipping back to any company, that company must either provide a return label with their account number, or they need to give you the account number to have the returns billed to. If they don't and they tell you just to schedule to pick up and have the packed items sitting outside of your door, what will happen is, at least I know from UPS standpoint. You as the shipper will receive a bill for the items shipped. PB or any vendor needs to make sure they are doing their due diligence to make sure the returns and not only processed correctly internally but also as it relates to shipping the item back. Just a FYI for everyone in the future

Posted by Carol

Half of my order was on backorder which was not received until three weeks after the date I was told it would ship. Due to dissatisfaction with the ultimate look, I called to get a Return Authorization Number but was told my Order Number was all I needed and to repack the items and leave the box at my front door for pickup between 9 AM and 7PM the following Monday. Considering the amount of theft of items left at front doors, I hope this works.

Posted by Amazed at how poor your return w

The PB return site doesn't work. There is no way to access and print out a UPS Return label. I had to call customer service and convince the representative that there was a problem with the site. I asked if she would be able to process my return at her end, which she did (I hope). My instructions were to repack the item, include the invoice in the box and leave on my front porch for UPS pickup tomorrow. Will keep my fingers crossed.

Posted by Anonymous

My credit card company got pb to take back my order after refusing to do so from my phone call . Got to bring in the big guns! Now they still will not print a shipping label, more phone calls!

Posted by Anonymous

Thought I ordered a sale sofa online, what I got were slip covers with a no return policy. I through the slip covers over my old sofa and will tell visitors it came from pottery barn! Ha ha

Posted by Anonymous

This is my last time to shop at Pottery Barn. I called to get help on my order and the young man told me what to do and he would take care of things. Needless, to say he did not and the person I talk to today blame it all on me because they failed to put on their computer what actually happen. I received 2 orders of the same thing today and it was all my fault.

Posted by Anonymous

I have bought a couch from you recently, lamps, pillows, but no more. The pillow cover I ordered was said to have shipped out on July 11. It arrived at my door today, July 21, looking like it had been chewed apart by a dog after being delivered to the wrong address. The cover is damaged. Done.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought candle holders for my mantle and spent a total of 45 dollars. I got home and realized they did not go with the rest of my decor. I went to take them back the next day with my receipt and they refused to return them. I will not ever shop at PB again!

Posted by rochellejwi

DON'T BUY FROM THEM. Horrible. The quilt I got certainly not what I would've expected in quality. It said cotton, but it must have been some extremely low thread count, very cheap cotton. Gave me a hard time about returning the item but finally agreed. It reached them over a week ago and I still have no credit, tried reaching their customer svc and waited on hold for 12 minutes. If nothing soon I will file a report with the BBB.

Posted by Anon

DO NOT NOT NOT ORDER ONLINE FROM POTTERY BARN. I ordered a duvet and shams online. Have never ordered that way before. When I got the duvet I didn't like the quality of the fabric, it was rough and I am. not used to bedding of such poor quality. My invoice said to contact the return dept for info on how to return. The website listed did not work, even after several attempts. I called customer service & asked if I could return to a store and they said fine. I only opened 1 sham and did not take it out of the package. I could feel that it was rough. The salesperson at the store took the items and said no problem, he would issue a credit. Today I got a gift card, NOT A REFUND TO MY CREDIT CARD!!!!!! I don't ever want to shop there again so the giftcard is useless to me. BIG RIPOFF.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm the three-gift-card complainer of previous comment. Is my face RED!!! The three gift cards were - not from a family member as I first thought - but from Pottery Barn!! If I can get back to our local store before they expire, I WILL purchase that $30.00 item My apologies, Pottery Barn - you do have class. You apparently just need some customer service training for certain of your employees.

Posted by Anonymous

Received three $10.00 gift cards. Went to local PB store and picked out a $30.00 item. When checking out, I learned they would not accept combining the three cards - I could only use one gift card at a time. There is nothing in a PB store for $10.00!! In addition, the cards will expire the end of this month. I have not checked with PB yet, but doubt they will refund money spent on the gift cards. What a scam! And probably legal! Very disappointed in Pottery Barn - thought they had more class.

Posted by http://returns

The SDL Iphone 5cvr and Kindle reader is not the quality
befitting Pottery Barn! I have shopped the San Francisco
Bay area PB Stores for many years and NEVER saw or received such poor quality as these I received.

Please refund my credit card.

Thank you

Posted by Deidre

I agree with everyone else. This is NOT a friendly policy for the purchaser. I ordered the wrong drape panel and needed to exchange it for one that cost less. It was my mistake, but the package was not opened and will ship back as I received it. STORE CREDIT ONLY for the EXCHANGE?! I've always been a fan of Pottery Barn but this changes how I view it.

Posted by Anonymous

I feel you should change your return site. too much going on when returning an item it should be simple

Posted by Anonymous

We have found every single person who has helped us with our problem VERY helpful.

Posted by S461

This is nuts. It is so far from the norm that I didn't even think to check the policy as I hadn't even unwrapped the pillow shams I'd ordered yet. Now, I can't even exchange them! Unbelievable. I certainly will look elsewhere first for anything I'm thinking of buying in the future....

Posted by so bad so sad

...They literally fell of the grommet. When I contacted Pottery Barn to let them know what happened and to ask for a refund, they said the 90 day period had expired and they couldn't do anything. I told them ... said next time I should get them cleaned within the 90 day period!! I can't shop their anymore, I can't buy from any business that doesn't care about their customers and stand by their products. A 90 day refund period is too short for products like draperies and rugs that...

Posted by NYC917

... over the phone without a single apology. The next week I discovered my card was charged for the order and I was sent an email scheduling delivery. I called Customer ... I could not keep the couch, that the order was cancelled and my card would be credited the full amount. I was furious. Before I could call, I received a call the very next morning, asking me when I'd... time and struggle and was finally given confirmation that the order was indeed cancelled and a refund had been sent to my account and should show up tomorrow. I will never order anything from Pottery Barn again. This company is a ...

Posted by BostonBuyer

...email didn't indicate whether my furniture would be delivered via UPS or personal home delivery - it's UPS. UPS delivered in several 75 lbs. boxes, which I had to get up the ... unpack -- took me several hours over 4-5 days. PB did not give me an...& can't carry it) & drive it 1.5 hours to a store to return it. HELLO??? I was put on hold for 20+ ... she was working to have the furniture picked up & returned on my behalf. I get my money back, except for S&H, which is fine by me! ... arrangements (home delivery vs. UPS) and return policy before ordering. Some of their furniture...

Posted by Jane Doe

... YOU will be responsible for ensuring you get delivery. PB only cares about charging you. They act as if they have no control over their suppliers - can't get their phone calls returned, can't give you an ETA to save their lives. They lack competence. ... don't say i didn't warn you. One last thing: The PBK store in U Village in Seattle is AWFUL. I had to watch their spectacle of rudeness as the manager impatiently and rudely barked at a trainee as she showed her how to ring a gift card. Seriously ridiculous.

Posted by DisappointedBuyer

... unprofessional customer service representative, Karen, on the phone yesterday. I had returned some items I previously ordered online (PB Teen)and I supposed to have a credit of $30. I got a merc. credit card for $10. So I called and Karen took the call ... was really very unacceptable customer service behavior. I will be returning the rest of the items on the order and will think twice about ...