Pitney Bowes Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Pitney Bowes below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Pitney Bowes so others can benefit from what you learned.

Pitney Bowes Return Policy

The Pitney Bowes refund/credit process is easy and can be accomplished in only a few steps. The following section will answer your most common questions.

Refund or Credit?
Your method of payment will determine whether you receive an account credit or a refund check. A refund request may not be needed since you can transfer funds back to your account.

Important: Depleting the funds from your account will affect all operations drawing from said account. Please be sure that your refund does not deplete your funds if you have other equipment linked to the account.

To ensure a smooth refund/credit transaction, please review the following categories to determine the best action to take:
  1. Hardware related
  2. Supplies related
  3. Refund of unused account funds
  4. Refund due to legal activities (bankruptcies, receiverships, etc.).
  5. Miscellaneous refund requests
Once the request is processed, you will receive a confirmation email indicated on the refund request. Should your request need further detailed attention, we will alert you via the same email address.

Important Notes
  • Refunds typically take two weeks to process and will be sent to the primary address on file.
  • Be sure to cancel any automatic funds transfer programs you may be enrolled in if you are closing your account.
  • Any funds received via promotions or other means are nonrefundable.

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Posted by fitry

hi...how long can i get my money back after my transaction failed but pitney bowes still charged me? thanks

Posted by SL

...I do not return my meter......I returned it two months ago (paper work to prove it too). Pitney Bowes acknowledges that they received ... postage also. Pitney Bowes associate stated "Just ignore the letter" REALLY???? My account is with a debt collector and PB said to ignore it? WOW...

Posted by whcc90069

we have had a credit balance of $333.68 on our account since mid-2011. i contacted pitney bowes multiple times since october 2011 for a refund. pitney bowes did not take any action except that they charged us an "inactive account" fee of $180.00 on april 3rd. today, i spoke with evangeline, a supervisor at pitney bowes, about all this. ... bowes could issue a refund check. evangeline was absolutely no help at all except that she is going to have the $180.00 fee reversed. evangeline kept asking for me to fill out a refund request form from their website. i told her multiple...

Posted by firuser

My pitney bowe equipment stopped working in Feb 2012. I returned their equipment and signed up ... them many times, they just won't stop charging my credit card, Finally, I got feed up, I charged them back and blocked them from my credit card. And now they are...

Posted by Anonymous

... Customer Service emailed further instructions, machine still did not work. Advised Pitney Bowes to collect the machine and send a new one. Two weeks later... to operate the machine. It has now been six weeks and Pitney Bownes have taken the first month's payment but we have not as yet had the machine working. They ... when I can actually contact them via the phone I will be requesting they refund my money and take their rubbish equipment back. Pitney Bowes is the worst incomptent firm I have ever dealt with.

Posted by W129

Our company keeps being billed for our postage after we have cancelled their service and returned their meter. We even have a confirmation number for the effective date of cancellation. It's next to impossible to contact them by phone andif you are able to reach them, they go round and round with you. Finally...

Posted by Anonymous

... support. After taking the 30 day trial and cancelling this before the trial end my company still received huge invoice charges for late fees and overlimit fees!!! We returned the franking machine as soon as Pitney Bowes could arrange it and they still charged us. They're a joke.

Posted by Iron Man

PB has $$$ of my money and I have not been able to get the money returned following turning in my postage machine in Nov ... made another try. I reached a nice lady who committed to handle the return of my $$$. I should know something by January 10 at ...

Posted by TLC

...new one. The old machine had a postage balance of over $300. For the past three months we have been looking for our refund check. We had emails on July 6th and August 18 that informed us the refund had been processed and we could expect a check within 10 days. We have spoken to well over a dozen PB reps promising to follow-up with a resolution and as of September 7th still no...

Posted by Schick Geotechnical, Inc.

... appaling the ongoing lack of customer support that has been associated with Pitney Bowes ove many years. Aquality product but the world's worst customer service. Our company has ... same funds we had when our previous machine failed! We returned the old machine according to insturcitons and received a new one... purchase stamps and mail packages at a considerable waste of time and money to us!. We demand that you attend to this problem ... understand that "stamps on line" is a very satisfactory replacement for your lack of service! We will make no further attempt ...

Posted by tailgate

Don't buy stock in Pitney Bowes, they can't be around for long with the terrible customer service (or lack thereof) they provide. We were customers for 8 years. Every... I called to have it changed. They would change the rate back and add a fee for every download of postage we made. It was a constant battle with these folks,... to deal with these folks (not to mention the eleveated blood pressure level) The machine was returned 3 months ago and I'm still getting bills. With such lousy service and the ability...