Party City Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Party City below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Party City so others can benefit from what you learned.

Online Purchases

Please return your item unopened and in good condition along with the shipping receipt for it within 30 days of your purchase. Party City does not refund shipping and handling fees or taxes. All returns are credited based on the form of payment that was made at the time of the purchase. Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving items may be returned up to 7 days prior to the date of the holiday. Items that cannot be returned include cosmetics; custom and personalized items; helium tank tops; hosiery; perishables; bulk products; special order items; undergarments; and wigs. Items cannot be returned without a Return Authorization Number which can be found on the Party City web site. Please write your Return Authorization Number on the outside of the package and include your packing slip.

In-Store Purchases

Returns and exchanges will be given at any Party City store location for any purchased items pertaining to Halloween by October 24 - after this date, only exchanges will be granted. It is imperative to bring your shipping receipt in order for Party City to process your refund or exchange. Merchandise can only be redeemed for credit at a Party City retail store location. Product kits that are purchased online from Party City can only be returned through the mailing process. No fees or taxes that are incurred for mailing back items are included in the refund process.

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Posted by Anonymous

I am disgusted with Party City's return policy. 30 days really???? No other store gives a 30 day return policy when you have unopened items and the receipt!!! Signs on the back of the registers state that returns can be made for full refund with receipt..... nothing about the CADDY way they put a 30 day statement on their receipt. I would have settled for a store credit. I purchased birthday items for my grandson's First birthday party. Of course I put them away for safe keeping until his birthday. Of course I forgot that I purchased the items until after his party. I went to return the items today and was told to reference the 30 day return statement on the receipt. Listen my grandson Will Only Be One Once!!! How ridiculous. I will not be shopping at this Leominster, Ma store or any other Party City store again. Thank you.

Posted by Stephanie42

I am very upset and probably will never order online through this company any longer...I paid additional shipping fees to receive my products next day air sod have time to make sure everything fit and I got the product 6 days later...and guess what? Nothing fit and it was too late to fix it at that point! I will be returning my order and I better get my 105.00$ refund back immediately!

Posted by Jenny

Attempted to exchange a damaged item. Was told no because it was 1)opened, how else would I find out it was damaged if I didn't open it 2)no return on leggings where does it say that on the policy???

Posted by DB

I purchased over $200 worth online and needed to return an unopened item. I went into the store with my emailed itemized receipt only to find out they won't accept that. They wanted to shipping paper!? They had no idea how I was supposed to return this item and I even said I would take store credit! Won't be shopping here again and will spread the word TEEEIBLE SERVICE! My emailed receipt with sku numbers should have been enough.

Posted by Anonymous

I am out raged! I made a purchase through Party for party favors for my mom 80th birthday and I have yet to see them. Not to mention that I paid to have my shipment expedited. I cannot reach anyone by phone .

Posted by Moi

Seriously...bout a week ago unopened....and no receipt...BUT NOT EVEN STORE CREDIT OR EXCHANGE ...

Posted by Anonymous

i will never order anything again from party city. I couldnt even speak to a live person when i tried to call. My order was just over thirty days old, however, it was a christmas gift and i didnt know i was going to have to return it .. I would have done so if i could have. Now i am stuck with something I do not want and cannot use. You need to be a little more flexible with your return policy. Never again. I assure you of that.

Posted by dd

I bought a table cloth at party city at the Whitestone location, it was too big for my table. They said it is not returnable because I opened it. However I have only opened the bottom of the bag, everything else is in the original shape. Need to be more flexible on their return policy. Now I have a table cloth cost me 7.99 which I have no use of it.

Posted by S

I went to return a Christmas sweater today, December 14th, more than 10 days before Christmas. But because I did not have my receipt, I was told by staff that they could not look it up by the attached tag and my credit card. The guy literally asked what date did I purchase it and he would try to look it up by the date. Seriously!!!!! Upgrade your system!!!!

Posted by Mrs.F

I've tried to exchange things that my husband bought from party city. They wouldn't let me without the receipt. I understand not doing a refund but exchange???? Come on. And I don't know if it's a race thing but the costumer that was in front of me was a Spanish lady and the got to exchange her stuff without a receipt with no problems.

Posted by Anonymous

We loved everything we got for my daughter's baby shower,I just ordered to much stuff but very satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

i received one pink plastic champagne flute it possible re emplacement?i like one big PINK band for body,party 15 years old with print description "MIS QUINCE ANOS, MELANIE, 5/1/2015".Do you have this service?.my order 02/22/15 name jorge vassallo