PETCO Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for PETCO below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from PETCO so others can benefit from what you learned.

PETCO Return Policy

Customers can return items in stores or via mail that were purchased online at All returns must be made within 45 days of purchase to receive a refund in the form of the original payment method. Any returns after the 45 day window will result in the issuance of an online gift certificate for Orders placed through third parties or paid for with Bill Me Later or PayPal will be refunded for a store credit. When items are returned to the store, a customer needs to go online and print a "returns to store receipt" to take to the store.

Customers also have the option to return items by mail. The packing slip should be included along with the reason for the return. If an item was shipped incorrectly, damaged, or defective in any way, Petco will cover the shipping costs for customers. Otherwise, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs.

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Posted by Dog lover

What a ridiculous experience, I love to spoil my dog I shop at Petco often. I purchased a harness ( Petco brand, Bond Co. ) for my pup and realized it was to small. I went to exchange this harness for a larger size and was told I needed a receipt or I couldn't even do that. Of course I could not locate the receipt. What a questionable policy. I will not be shopping with Petco anymore. PetSmart has always been very helpful in all my pet care needs. Unrelated, anyone need a free harness? It's all yours.

Posted by Britt

Returned $60 worth. Two items. I was able to find them much cheaper else where. I needed it in my account for the new items to be paid. It has yet to load back on my debit card. It's usually instant when I return with my debit card. Any suggestions?

Posted by Anonymous

I received the wrong package on the right date so I called to have it replaced. They sent the right item but left the wrong one. Now I've had 2 for a week should I just keep both items?

Posted by Sick

So I purchased a hamster last week from petco only for it to have a contagious disease called wet tail which is a very horrible way for a hamster to die and the hamster died within maybe 2 days of me having it a week later (still within the 30 day gaurantee) we went back to get a refund because didnt want to support a store that carries sick animals, and they wouldn't refund us unless we brought the lifeless body of my deceased pet into the store, in which I had already buried the body. I understand this is most likely a store policy but seriously that's just sick to make a child lugg her dead animal back into the store for a refund.

Posted by Ashley

I bought a heater at Petco about a week ago. I wanted to put this heater in my fish tank, it worked alright for 4 days. Now it doesn't heat up my tank and the water tempature in my fish tank has dropped! I still have my receipt but, I don't have the plastic packaging that came with it. Will I still be able to return it?

Posted by pbrunner

We had just purchased litter, food, treats and hay 58.00. OUr rabbit passed away 2 days later expectantly. We have been going there for 3 years spending 50-100.00+ dollars per month. In the past they could look up the receipt, and I had misplaced the receipt. When I tried to explain and return all unopened, in original packaging items, I was refused and said I could get a gift card. For what???? my rabbit died, and I am not replacing him. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO THIS store!! HORRIBLE policy!! And they knew us :(

Posted by Jennifer

I bought a harness for my female chihuahua. It did not fit or could be adjusted to fit. She slipped out of it. Store at 646 & I45 South refused refund due to new store policy. Store credit was refused as well. I did not have a receipt. However, I spend $50-$150 per month in that store. Will not be returning.

Posted by Bri

I purchased a spray that would get the smell of cat pee out of my room as my cats were spraying to mark their territory. When I purchased this item I was told it was almost like "holy water" after a few days the smell still wasn't coming out, in fact it was getting worse. so I returned it. It has been a week since the return but the money is still not reflecting in my account. How long will I have to wait to receive my 20+ dollar return for that god awful spray?!

Posted by Lamb7

My very timid recent rescue dog had one of his trading sessions and was terrified. May I get a refund for the rest of the sessions?

Posted by amoperub

I bought a Cat Tree for my cat about a week ago. He is scared of it. He has in on top of it once because i put him on it but he jumped right off and ran under the bed. I guess he thinks its a human. I don't have the recipe but I do have the date of when i bought it.

Posted by Geozer566

I had just bought a ferreton 12/13 for my other one that was just given to me 2 weeks or so before that and my one that i bought died today. He had been shivering like he was cold even though it was warm for the past couple of days and i turns out ferrets have developed a genetic mutation the makes tumors grow on the pancreas and that causes theyre blood sugar to go up intensely or drop intensely well my ferret ended up having seizures right on my counter until her finally passed away. Not only am i extremely dissapointed that i now have a dead ferret but so is my other one because now he doesnt have a also extremely dissapointed in petco for not actually inpexting theyre animals for any problems that may exist before the animal is sold also im extremely upset that i just spent $100 on a ferret that i didnt even have for a month.

Posted by RosieRedDog

I bought a Thundershirt recently from my local store. I still have the receipt but not the packaging. I need to exchange it for a bigger size. Thundershirt has an 100% guarantee. Will I have any problem?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a parakeet 3-4 days ago at a petco and I was just taking off the cover for night time sleeping and then my bird was just laying down on the bottom of the cage with both eyes closed and the feed looked like they were crossed so I started getting worried and wasn't sure if it was dead or sick but I read the guarantee on the paper when we got when we bought him and it didn't say anything about dieing and exchanges so I'm not sure what to do

Posted by dead ball phython had only a wee

We naught a ball python. For our girls and less then a week later the snake died. I tried to take back to get a new one and they would not take back or exchange. I do not have my receipt I do not no were I put it. Freaking crap. I get to brake it to my girls there snake died when they get home

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a double wood cage it cost 440.00 i dont have the recipt or box to it its never been used

Posted by Anonymous

Upon returning my stuff to the store I was charged again (not refunded). What do I do now? I have both receipts but no items.

Posted by Anonymous

I order dog steps for my older dog. He would not go near them, so I want to send them back, but for online orders, the return of product would be up to me to pay for the shipping. I fell like this is not right. Most online stores always have free return. I will not order again from Petco as I live in a area that is miles away from any retail stores, and online shopping is the only way we buy.

Posted by mad mom

My 11 year old daughter saved her own money to buy everything for her own guinie pig 150 she spent total only for her pet to die in less then a month and you guys won't replace her pet ur so quick to take her money do u just sell sick pets or look for people to rip off

Posted by Doug

Attempted to return for refund a retractable leash that was defective 10 days after purchase. The manager at the Sugar Land, Tx, store in Highway 6 around 5 pm told me I would have to return it to the store of purchase because that is PETCO's new policy. When I asked to see the policy in writing, he relented and allowed me to get the refund. Is this actually the policy of a nationwide chain? I didn't see that anywhere in the return policy I found online.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a wood jungle that was $20 returned it because there was already enough stuff in the habitat. With the tag still on, never been used, had it for a total of two days and it stayed in the platic bag I bought it in the whole time, took it back, still had the receipt and only got $4.65 back. Didn't bother to give me a reason why. Probabaly won't be buying from them again.

Posted by fish girl

I bought a gravel vacuum for my aquarium and realized my betta fish was terrorized by it. I returned it, used and with ripped packaging, and they accepted it no problem.

Posted by Anonymous

When your a memeber your transactions should be able to be link to an email so in case of loosing your original receipt there's back up for you.

Posted by maddy

If i purchase 2 ferrets but one is acting out biting the other one n my kids can i return it i really dnt wanna keep an animal that misbehaves or buy 2 separate cages or keep him locked up cuz he bites hard is that possible its been under 45 days but i do not have the box it came in but i do have the paper work

Posted by mom of 4

I recently placed an order on (dec. 17th to be exact). My order was supposed to be shipped into 4 different shipments. I received three of the four shipments however the largest one in the amount of $97 was never received. This order included food and treats and other necessary items I needed for the puppy my husband was getting me for Christmas. Besides having to purchase items at another store I called customer service who agreed to give me my money back and once again I have not received it. This is the worse experience ever. I have now paid $97 dollars for absolutely nothing!!! What is wrong with this place?!?! They even looked up my order and know it was never even received at the shipping company and the lost package is their fault. I would really appreciate any suggestions of what the next step to take is in either getting my refund or getting the products that I ordered and paid for in the first place.

Posted by wake up! we're being ripped off

I recently called to order a single bag of Merrick dog food because it was $20 less than the store cost with free shipping at $49.99. I was told by the woman who took my order I'd receive a receipt via email confirming my order, and a tracking number.

2 days later I received an overdraft notice for $70 from my bank for 2 sepatare charges by Petco totalling $130. I'd been charged an additional $80 by Petco for an order I didn't make or authorize that put my account into overdraft. In addition to the single bag if Merrick dog food I asked for, they'd created a separate order I knew nothing about and signed me up and charged me for automatic delivery for 2 bags of Science Diet per month. I've never purchased Science Diet and didn't this time either bit I was signed up for a service and product I didn't authorize by Petco and charged without my knowledge or overdraft fees on the order I didn't make or authorize charges for!

I called the bank to stop payment and they set up a conference call. Petco insisted that I'd been notified my email, the items had been already been shipped and I would need to go into "my account" print off the charges and return the items to one of their stores to get a refund.

So I found an email buried amongst their numerous promotions entitled "your order has been shipped!" It contained a link to verify my order and tracking info but when I clicked on the link there were NO records of any purchases or shipping info!

I've received no product from Petco for either of the orders, but I'm being charged $200 for items I've not received, theres no record of, and all but $50 was without my knowledge or they over drew my account with those unauthorized charges and incurred bank fees on items I didn't authorize just before Christmas.

No authoruzation. No product. No record except the deductions from my bank account.

That's called FRAUD and THEFT.

Statistically less than 6% of people who are ripped off report it. Big corporations know that and they have all sorts of protective loopholes to protect themselves because of 'trade agreements' as they send jobs overseas, raise prices and give us less and less.

Our calls for orders and customer support go to other countries who live by different laws and there are none to hold them accountable and Petco is paying them to give us terrible service and charge us for things we didn't order or even know about because they know they can get away with it.

If I'd reviewed these complaints before shopping at Petco I'd never have given them any of my business over the last 15 years and they won't be getting any more from me, my family, or friends and hopefully the rest who posted here and the other 93% who haven't will do the same.

Petco only cares about profits and it's very clear to me based on my experience they'll do anything, including committing fraud to get my money so I'm not giving them another opportunity. They've lost a 15 year customer and my family and friends.

I'm telling everyone I know about this and the other in responded to complaints.

When things get this corrupt and the only thing they care about us the money, the only way to get our message across is to boycott.

Moneys the only language they understand so Ive discontinued my card at the bank so they cant charge me for any more unauthorized purchases and I'm repeating this complaint on other websites.

Posted by Lora

I am making a return today of a brush my dog hates. The girl was so nice when I bought and told me how to return after reading all these I am terrified to even attempt. I cannot stand that long so lets hope all your comments are not how Kokomo IN store will be.

Posted by Ebony

Took 2 Akita to a Petco vet. I was abhorred by the treatment given to them. 10 yr. Old males legs were yanked repeat and poked with needle several times while trying to draw blood. Laid hI'm down on floor sideways then picked him up by legs and tried to put him on scale with hI'm desperately fighting to get away
Female was poked several times with needle also. 2 heartworm tests given & paid for
No results given nor any preventitive. Contacted Petco. Will do nothing
If value your dog's do not take Petco vets Vet could not speak word of English either
Not understand word he said. Stay away from all Detroit Mich Petcos. Especially 9 & Gratiot area East Pointe. Cruelty to animals and definitely crooks. Don't waste your money.

Posted by Tom Shern

Do not buy conceptual creations hideaways from Petco. I ordered 8 hides for my snake colony. 5 were made with a tan,porous material similar to ceramic. Evidently Ace Ventura both packed and delivered the box. ALL 5 arrived in pieces, settled through the ineffectual air bags. The 3 resin hides survived but were chipped and scraped. Actually, the material is inappropriate for hides anyway, as the porousity (?) would hold the stench as soon as a snake shats upon it. available upon request!

Posted by UNREAL

unreal. first I wanted to buy a fish but was given a test of 20 questions, like what size tank do you have?, then when I said I wanted the black molley she wanted to know what in my tank already, really silly. I returned a heater for 12.99 plus tax and exchanged it for a 19.99, he only refunded me 12.99, wait, what happen to the tax? he said I don't get tax back. I will speak to the manager on Monday morning about these things, no I didn't get a fish, she said we care about our fish, really you think I want to buy a fish and don't have the proper place to keep it. this store is on n.western ave in Chicago.unreal.

Posted by Fish god

Actually if you were involved in the hobby for any amount off time you would no there is no refund policy anywhere for saltwater fish.. Maybe people should do research into the hobby before they buy anything

Posted by BSTROO

To Whom It Concerns; I Visited Store #1572,in Hattiesburg,ms,and Bought 3 Saltwater Fish. When I Payed For The Fish The Green-chromis Was On His Side,the Cashier Said He Was Still Breathing Just In Shock. If He Didn't Make It I Could Bring Him Back.before I Returned To My House I Looked At The Fish To See If He Had Revived.instead I Noticed That The Chromis And The Ocellaris-clown Fish Were Both Upside Down And Not Breathing.
So I Returned To Petco For A Refund Or Exchange.took About 11/2 Hours Between Sale And Return,never Opened The Bag Nor Made It Home With Them. The Cashier Informed Me That Had A "no Refund Policy" On My Fish.said Once I Walked Out The Door They Were Mine And Couldn't Return The Fish.needless To Say, The Employe That Sold Them To Me Had Left Four The Day. They Said They Would Try To Call Him But Didn't Know If They Could Get In Touch With Him.she Came Back And Told Me They Would Refund The Green-chromis,but That Was The Only One.
It Kind Of Ticked Off For Having Buying Dead Fish.they Had No Signs Nor Informed Any Body About A "no Return Policy". I Could Under Stand If I Had Placed The In My Tank,but That Didn't Happen.
I Have Ordered Fish From Mail,other Stores And Have Never Had This Problem. Probably Would Not Recommend Petco For Any Aquatic Wildlife.

Posted by Anonymous

My order arrived in good condition. However, I was disappointed by the slow shipping. I ordered 2-day shipping, placed my order Friday night, and expected to receive it on Tuesday, expecting it to arrive after two business days, or even better, Monday if they shipped it Saturday. It arrived on Wednesday, and I no longer needed the item. I was also not refunded shipping when I had to return the item.

Posted by Anonymous

I was so very diapointed The order was all a mess:
One of the items was liquid which had spilled on everything
especially on the directions
Also I did not receive all the items I ordered
Parts were missing
Have you gotten so big you dont care anymore?

I am a homebound person and unable to go out to a store
It made me very frustrated not to receive my order but also
know I have to wait for a refund and start all over again!!!!

Posted by BlakeAlexanderWest

What is their policy on no recipt returns? I got a bunch of stuff for xmas that i dont need or want but of course they didnt give me a recipt so what? Am i stuck with it or can i return it? Do i need id or no? And WHAT items can and cant you return without a recipt it possible?

Posted by disappointed

I ordered cat liter and when it was delivered it had holes in it. The cat liter was pouring out of it. This was 50 pounds of cat liter. At least a quarter of the liter was gone. Do you think I'm going to return 59 lbs. of cat liter? Why do you think I had it delivered? I can not carry 50 lbs. so how do you think I can return it? I will never order another thing from Petco. It's a waste of money. Very disappointed customer.

Posted by Lithaskye

I have to go out of my way to get a refund for a large size critter keeper that was shipped to me by mail. It came to me completely smashed up. It's no wonder since it is very fragile and was stuck in a box with no padding!! (It is thin plastic) What's wrong with the people in the shipping department? It's only common sense to pad a fragile item. They are costing Petco money and possibly customers too.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to find a return form, and the order# will not log in properly. #P14460072-1

Posted by Anonymous

The reason Petco has no guarantee on Saltwater is because half of what you purchase is dead or will die within days. I learned the hard way. I am Done with these thieves.

Posted by Anonymous

I was very pleased with how fast my order came in but very disappointed the your return and exchange policy, I don't have a printer, I went to your store by my house just to exchange one of the items I bought for my dogs the cashier was very rude and the manager wasn't much nicer after about 10 minutes he finally said just let her exchange it this time only. Then the cashier proceeded to tell me to go to walmart and I can buy a printer for around $35.00 very rude. I need to exchange the other harness but I don't want to deal with your employees again.

Posted by anti barking house

I no longer have papers in box that came with the house which is supposed to be an anti barking item. I only have credit card info where it was charged.

The house has not worked. The neighbor's dog stands right in front of it and barks. It buzzes in my ears, so I know the battery is good. I have given it enough time to see if it would work. I have moved it to various locations.

Went to local Petco store to ask how to get it to work. The clerk's comment was that they do not work.

How can I get my money back. No receipt was sent to me on line.

Rita Knowles

Posted by Anonymous

won't fit our bicycles as break line is in front of bar

Posted by dpfinnell

I was under the impression that I would get the Online price of the Litter Genie I purchased at your store that's close to where I live. I filled out a Pals Rewards application online. I accepted it in the email I got. I assumed I was already a Pals Rewards member and the price I got off of your website was the price I saved $17.99......

I got to the checkstand and my name wasn't in the system. I filled out a card there and was then "in the system.(?) I thought you honored the online price....I hope you do.....but apparently my online aplication

I also took an ad from Sunday's paper that said first time members get $5 off. I was busy putting the tab on my keychain and it was bagged and card accepted. I got $5 off, but didn't notice until I got home and unstapled the receipt. I was charged $22.99....not the online price of $17.99-$5.00=$12.99 WHICH IS WHY I caved in and bought one! All the stores in a building honor the online price+the coupon. What's up?

Posted by CCallie

I have just reciently had the best CS experience with Petco. At first I bought a Midwest Series XX-Large Dog crate.... CS. They have come to the conclusion to give me a partial refund, pick up the first item and call it a day. Because of all my troubles I am getting the crate originally $220.00 for quite a bit less. The damages are will not keep my husband from using it and we... With a little communication, we are happy customers again. Petco CS really is good if you are doing ...

Posted by Almona Phileen

... that resulted in a vet bill, Stephanie, the manager at Petco, Staunton, Virginia, was sincerely sympathetic, she ... apologized, and after conducting an investigation, refunded the cost of the groom, and will have the corporate... pleased with the customer care I received and I will happily return to Petco to make purchases in the future...

Posted by kathimine

... Tim. Yesterday my daughter or puppy Hope and I went to Petco to exchange a swimsuit and shoes we got as a ... to twell you I dont care what you do I will not exchange tem for a bigger size I have been a petco costumer ... addition to our new puppy Hope for six years needless to say I had to go to the Commack store who replace the items with biggers sizes and a 5 dollar coupon which we bought a harness for Hope with... when I drove back to Selden I went back to the Selden store and told the manager hes mean and heartless and that the store in Commack gave us no problem That I wanted his name bacause he...

Posted by dnk5683

I purchased the Australian Pet Loo at the Tanasbourne Petco in Beaverton, OR. When I opened the box the synthetic grass was...and they responded by telling me to contact the store as they were contractually obligated to resolve ...since the item was originally an online purchase that somebody returned he couldn't help me and ...else that could be done and I should return it to the store for a refund and purchase another one and even then neither entity of Petco could resolve the issue beyond telling ... I can do for you" as a resolution so I have cut up my Petco card and will never do business ...

Posted by tjhayden

...she had been chewing on it for some time.. I had the bowl for 5 days and like I said used it twice when it cracked.. The manager would not refund my money or exchange for a differnt bowl... What a crock of poo... with them and will never go into a nother store. But I will tell everyone that I know, post to facebook... and blog all over to everyone to not shop at Petco - they do not care if you are...

Posted by sjeane

... Petco WebSite. I then called the local store to inquire if they had them in stock and was told that they did. The young lady that answered the any store.If you paid by Pay Pal they would only give you a store credit. Based on the fact that I have 2 dogs and have spend quite a bit, that was ok. I loaded my crates.... I had to return the items at the tune of $52.37 per crate. I got my money back thru Pay Pal but I don't think I should have... to pay for retuning them as their policy clearly states that it can be returned to any PetCo Store. I addition I wrote a letter...

Posted by Anonymous

Returning things to petco is worse than going through national security. I went to return an item yesterday and it was missing something from the ... receipt and looked in the box. I go home later that day and get the missing item, put it back... the box and then they refuse my return because they claim it has already been ... and yet they refuse to give me my money back; as if I pulled another one of this item out of thin air after returning the identical item to them, which did NOT get...

Posted by X-Customer

I wanted to exchange 3 unopened cans of dog food worth $5.85 for another brand of dog food and some... I did purchase the dog food there, given a gift card because I did not have the original receipt. What is wrong with this picture. Opelika, AL store manager Jennifer you have just lost me as...

Posted by Cindy

... and never have I experienced what you all are posting. My petco store employees are all helpful and never had a problem with any of of them. I have been shopping at... let them know that I was taking her to the vet. When I went to my Petco store the manager was very nice. I showed her my reciept for the vet bill and she gave me... with them either. Made a few returns with no problems. I love shopping at my local Petco and would highly ...

Posted by cfrvy3

Your store in Southaven, MS will not honor its 15 day fresh fish return policy. Its fish are obviously very unhealthy and of the 14 fish I have purchased there, 5 have... them. I will not be shopping at Petco anymore unless you'd like to provide me with a $25 store credit in refund for my dead fish that you'...