Old Navy Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Old Navy below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Old Navy so others can benefit from what you learned.

Old Navy Return Policy

Old Navy accepts items for return or exchange within 45 days of purchase. The return or exchange may be denied if the item has been washed or worn, and a packing slip or receipt is required. Those who are returning items bought online can print out a shipping label on the retailer's website, and items should be packed in the same box that they were sent in. If the customer doesn't have the original receipt but the tags are still on the item, the customer may be able to return the item for store credit.

Clothing and other items from Old Navy's Final Sale rack are not eligible for returns or exchanges because the Final Sale rack offers significant discounts on merchandise.

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Posted by Unhappy shopper AGAIN!

Purchased a belt and it started to split within the first two weeks. Want to see what they do about this. Looking to see if it's a store wide problem

Posted by BG

I went to Old Navy on December 22 to return an item i bought November 3. It was a shirt, tags still on, never worn. I had my original receipt. Before i went to return the shirt, i looked up the return policy and was well aware of the "Holiday" return policy. According to the policy, i had till sometime in January to return the shirt to get refund (with original receipt) since it was purchased after November 1. The manager of the store was very rude. She would not give me a refund but instead i will be receiving a "check" in the mail that acts like store credit that can only be used in that store. And if that wasn't bad enough, i didn't even get the full price i paid on the original receipt i had in my possession. Instead i received the lowest selling price. I knew this was not the "holiday" return policy that was printed on my original receipt. Before i left the store i had corporate on the phone. Coporate customer service verified that I was indeed correct. I should have received the full amount I paid and a refund in the same manner I used to pay for the shirt. I received a case number from corporate. As soon as my "check" comes in the mail, i will be going back to the store to get my full refund in cash and will return the store credit check. Of course with this screw up, corporate will have to walk through the process with the store how to fix their error when I get there. Overall it was very frustrating because i knew i was correct and instead of the manager calling corporate to verify my concerns while I was there, she was too busy staying she was "correct" in her interpretation of the "holiday" return policy.

Posted by Becky

On October 14, 2017, I purchased early Christmas gifts for my grandchildren. I
like to do my Christmas shopping early. When I started to wrap these gifts
yesterday, I realized that I had purchased the wrong size, so I wanted to
exchange them for a larger size. So today (December 15, 2017), I went to the Old
Navy store in Dewitt NY to exchange them,with my original receipt and was told
it was past 45 days and could not return or exchange them. These gifts were 6 items
of clothing still in the bag with the tags still on them totaling $50.00. I asked what am I
supposed to with these close now? The girl said donate them. I think that was
a rather rude response to tell a customer.

I think that the 45 day return policy is too short for exchanges, especially
when they are intended as gifts for Christmas. When I have a receipt, unworn
clothes with the tags still on them, I should be able to exchange them for a
different size.

Posted by Sarah

I returned over 180 worth of clothes but was wanting just to exchange so the lady had to send me my in store or online return through the mail and I believe it's been 2 weeks and I haven't reviced any gift card that's what the lady said it would be please contact me back so I can figure out what's going on thank you very much

Posted by Shamo

I purchase a sweater for my daughter n she wore it like five times and the zipper broke. Is it possible to return it for an exchange. I do have my receipt. Item was not on sale.

Posted by Shammy1019

I ordered some jeans online on 9/11/17 and tried to Return 11/1/17 in store. The cashier told me that because my purchase was over 45 days that I would need to contact customer service directly because if I tried to print a shipping label online that it wouldn't accept the return. I contacted customer service by phone and they gave me no issues in my return. They emailed me the shipping label. She did state that it was a one time concession but now that I am aware of the short return time, I am okay with this policy.

Posted by Tbryan18

I had a online order that I returned to the store. No problems there but she didn't ask me to slide my card that I used to purchase the items. . . Is this normal? I have never not slide my card for a refund to said card. Should I be worried ? I kept Eveything from this exchange.

Posted by Judy DeVoogdt

Pixie Pant 2 Roseprint too big

Posted by mia

All I am seeing here on these posts are dumb people, talking nonsense about Old Navy. READ THE POLICY!!!! Maybe then your feelings won't get hurt when you decide to cause a scene at a store and hold up the line. The receipt says 45 DAYS TO RETURN. Online and In store are two different markets. IN STORE AND ONLINE EXCHANGES ARE NOT ALLOWED. If people would just take the time and read the receipts, none of you would have a problem. When there is no receipt, you get IN STORE SALE PRICE because there is ZERO proof you paid in cash or card. Old Navy does not hand out free money. KEEP YOUR RECIEPTS THEN. Mail Certificates are given out when you don't have your receipts and it will always be like that. Once again, READ THE POLICY !!!! People are truly dumb and believe that Sales Associates need to bend rules to their likes. Does not work like that. Once you purchase an item at a store, you are agreeing to their policy. Educate yourself before causing a scene!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Went to return about $200 worth of clothes I bought online with my ON cc and was unaware they changed the return policy from 90 days to 45- I was about a week over go figure. They said they could give me the amount that the items were currently being priced at but would be mailed to me as a check. I lucked out and got a good amount back but I'm really hoping it's not in the form of store credit so I can use it towards my cc bill for the things I kept/ money I lost out on.

Posted by Lisa

Past 45 days and never left the bag, yet I can't return it for cash or exchange. I am done shopping at Old Navy.

Posted by Anonymous

Ridiculous! I bought my son a pair of jeans from Old Navy. They fit so I kept the tags on them and hung them in the closet. Being the 8 year old that he is, a month later when I needed them they were already too small. I took them back to the store and wanted the next size up. They didn't have them so I decided to get him a jacket instead. I didn't have my receipt so taking the sale price was fine, since I just wanted to put it towards the price of the jacket which was more expensive. The cashier told me she could only mail me a check since I had paid cash. Why can't you put it on a gift card and apply that to the jacket?!? I worked retail for 11 years and we would have never mailed a customer a check. Now I'm waiting who knows how long to get a check over something that could have so easily been taken care of. As a frequent shopper at Old Navy, I'm pretty sure I'll be finding a new store.

Posted by Natalie

Unbelievable! I travel quite a bit with my job I purchased online
Several items, long time customer here. My one weekend I had a chance to stop in old navy to return unworn, new three items with my packing slip, past 45 days by 2weeks unbeknownced of their unfriendly consumer policy . They need to keep in mind my shipment came in 2 different deliveries so our truly not sat 45 days by 2weeks they want tags are you kidding me!?! The code inside garment matches yourr receipt. Rancho Cucamonga manager sucks. I will not be shopping at old navy anymore
They will probably shut down like their gap stores are with this type of service . If it's unworn and tags were by human error thrown or lost. They should be able to honor a return with
Liigitnate packing slip. Closing my account with old navy!!!

Posted by Disregarded

I tried to return shorts that had neither been wore or washed, tag still attached with original receipt. Because it had been over 45 days the manager would not exchange,give a store credit or give me current selling price. I have never heard of a policy like this anywhere. In fact I left the store with the merchandise. She said their computer system will not allow them to help me. I will be calling a regional manager.

Posted by No longer an old navy customer

I just tried to return two pairs of pants and was told that since I was past their 45 days, they would only give me the lowest price. I paid $40 for each pair and they would only give me 9.99 even though I had the email confirmation that I paid $40 each. They also made me take the refund as a store credit which would be mailed to me. I will no longer be shopping there as I just ate $60 on two pairs of pants.

Posted by Gramma

I have routinely shopped at Old Navy for clothes for my 4 grand children. On 2 separate occasions, my daughter has had a difficult time with returns. The first time, I discovered that she could not return without a gift receipt. So, with next online order, I was careful to order as a gift with receipt enclosed. She still had delays, was only able to return for merchandise, and indicated it was a tedious process. She waited in long lines when she checked in & again after shopping for exchange merchandise. Also, she felt like clerk did not have understanding of return policies because he/she had to call store manager for help. Old Navy needs to clarify return policies & be sure all stores apply same policies.

Posted by I need a exchange

Old Navy don't exchange for different size anymore. ..won't be buy anything else there

Posted by I need a exchange

I used to love old Navy I brought some school uniform and then need to exchange for bigger sizes wouldn't let me do that..same colors didn't sizes no receipt...that's crazy

Posted by Rome

Wow old navy only gives 45 days now for exchanges. I guess I was not aware that it isn't 60 days anymore. I attempted to return baby boy shorts with tags still on and receipt. They were willing to give me the "sales price" of $5. I looked it up online and the same shorts were priced at $14.97!!! Usually baby fit correctly but these didn't and I just wanted to make an exchange old navy. I've never had this issue with returns in a store. It was very embarrassing because I was holding up a long line in the store.

Posted by Frustrated mom

I'm over old Navy.. The manager tells me that since I purchased my items online that I cannot do an exchange or store credit.. I have my online receipt and clothing is still in plastic. He said I would have to purchase new items and wait for my refund to go back on my card 5-7 days.. I'd rather shop elsewhere.. Clearly this isn't the policy that's posted online..

Posted by Jj

I tried to exchange a dress 47 days after I bought it. I had the receipt but was told no. Sales girl said dress looked worn. I said no I didn't wear it. They still would not exchange it. I will not be shopping there again. Old Navy will soon be going the route of Sears,out of business!

Posted by Shopgirl

Old Navy has unreasonable policies and are losing sales and customers because of it. They must be financially hurting and need to find others ways to create sales and customers, not by unreasonable policies. I had a receipt and I had to take the lowest sale price for my merchandise because of the 45 day policy. I will not shop there again and I ordered monthly previously.

Posted by Sweetness29

I purchased a few items for a child that we were suppose to adopt in December. Things didn't go as planned and I would like to return the items. I don't mind store credit,just can't do anything with the items now. Will Old Navy work with me?

Posted by Mahmoud

I have A problem i lost my receipt and I wanna replace my jeans pants because they aren't fit me well I haven't wear them yet please if I can replace them not return let me know and also they have their lables on

Posted by Kira

I was denied the opportunity to return jeans I bought for my daddy on Father's Day! I feel I was discriminated against bc my co worker who's white was able to return her higher price item I only wantEed exchange them.

Posted by HeyJo

Woah, these stories sound horrible and nothing like mine. I returned a couple of things I had bought for my son with no problem. Granted, it was only a couple of days after I bought them and I had my receipt but I also exchanged some flip flops without tags for a different size (I have a dumb habit of snipping them). I had the tags just in case but the cashier didn't even hesitate. There were no issues and I was given back my cash for the returns, don't know why some people say they only return on a card.

Posted by PaBuyer

I personally love Old Navy. There were times that I questioned the quality of some of the clothes but you get what you pay for. Other times quality is spot on. I have ordered several times online and sent items back (free return shipping) which many store do not offer. They refund my card quickly, absolutely no issues. I bought a jacket in store and realized when I got home that a button was missing. I took it back the next day . They didn't have another in my size so they refunded my purchase then ordered me a new one online. I was given the same discount that I used on my original purchase so it ended up being a wash. Plus I got free shipping bc it was ordered from their store (apparently if they don't carry something in your size they will order it online and ship it for free directly to your house with no shipping charge!!). My jacket arrived three days later. In my experience if you are nice and polite to the employees they will do whatever they can to help you out. It also helps to inform yourself of store policies before purchasing items so you don't get disappointed when the rules don't apply to your situation.

Posted by Disappointed

I just found out I cannot return a shirt that I wore one time and washed one time. The Shirt is coming apart at the seam. The price of the shirt was not worth wearing it one time. I did not know Old Navy sold disposable shirts wear one time and throw it away. Because they will not take back defective merchandise. I have bought a lot of clothes from Old Navy and everything's been fine until this shirt. I feel like this is defective and I feel like they should take it back and give me my money back

Posted by Jb7755

I bought a dress from old navy and hand washed and hung dry and it shrunk. I have never had a problem with old navy stuff shrinking until now and now it looks like I can't return it and I am stuff with it

Posted by Anonymous

I found their jeans are really poor quality, they also have really weird proportions. Firstly I am a pretty petite girl and they were "regulars" however they were extremely loose in the stomach and thighs, tight in the butt and knees and then loose around my calves and ankles. I really have never experienced jeans like that. I mean sure different brands can run small or large, but damn i've never seen anyone with that kind of body proportion before.

Posted by Anonymous

I was given a pair of jeans for christmas from old navy that were way too big and I found out they only refund with a credit card or gift card. I don't own a credit card and Old Navy has been known to be associated with sweatshops. I don't feel comfortable buying clothes from there and they really don't have good quality clothing. I really like I am just throwing a gift away, I don't know why they don't refund with cash.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought 2 pair of jeans that were on sale Dec 26 2016. Went back today to exchange next size up same ones and was told could not do that bc jeans were on not on sale today ! ???? Had tags and receipt! Got money back and spending it else where too !

Posted by Unhappy customer

I went to exchange a pair of pants I had purchased 24 hours earlier on sale. I wanted the same exact pants same color just bigger. They were going to make me pay more for them because the sale had ended. I didn't want a refund, I wanted an exchange. If I read the policy right I could have exchanged them evenly if I had not had a receipt. So I guess being a responsible person and having kept my receipt and not waiting weeks to take them back doesn't account for much. So since they wouldn't exchange them I got my money back and will spend it somewhere else.

Posted by Jeff

I went in the old navy store in Edgewater nj and wanted to exchange a coat my wife bought me 2 days earlier for a bigger size. She lost the receipt and theven manager got a really big attitude with me and was very rude and would not let me exchange it.

Posted by frumpbutt

I find it really frustrating to accurately size myself in jeans. Left with the hope they would shrink some as they are 85% cotton. However they did not. Now I'm sitting here in these frumpy jeans that don't fit well and the size smaller was too tight to make due... I bought 6 pairs as it was black friday and am so bummed at my new frumpy attire....

Posted by J. J.

Old navy refund policy sucks...Im always ordering online and when u have to return or even try to change it for something else they want to refund it back to the card... but after yesterday I will no longer order online!!!!You already have the money jus give me my cash! I really just wanted another item but a differnt brand...Im done

Posted by Needanewexchangepolicy

I had to exchange two leggings for a different size, yes same exact ones except a different size. They would not let me because i did not have my receipt. Instead i had to buy two brand new ones and they are sending me a check in the mail only to use at old navy again. Why not just give me a gift card or just exchange for an even exchange. I dont get it!!

Posted by Disappointing Customer Service

I tried to exchange a pair of jeans, all tags still attached and never worn. I did not have the receipt so the cashier said I could not do anything about it. I am left with a brand new pair of jeans that do not fit. I just wanted the same exact jeans in a smaller size.

Posted by Amanda73

I thought I was having a baby girl and had a baby boy so I took clothes back to old navy that had no receipt and was willing to take whatever the price of the items were at that moment just so I could but some baby boy clothes... They told me the totall I went and shopped for baby boy clothes and then they proceeded to tell me that the gift card was going to be mailed to me!! Why wouldn't they tell me that before I went and shopped around knowing I was going to use that money to buy clothes! And to top it off I STILL have not received the in store credit yet and it has been a month!

Posted by Busted Britches

I bought a few pairs of shorts and one pair ripped after just a few weeks. I didn't save the receipt because I never anticipated the shorts to tear so quickly, with so little wear. I'm S.O.L. now though without a receipt.
Moral: Always save your receipts for goods purchased at Old Navy. Quality is not guaranteed without a receipt or if worn or washed.

Posted by Socks

I think the exchange policies are all reasonable. For an online exchange, simply call the online customer service and they'll do the exchange for you for no cost. It saves you the trip to the store and from purchasing it for a different price. The in store policies are very lenient. If you can't return your clothes within 3 MONTHS of purchase, maybe you need to reconsider buying from here. Most stores are 30 days or even 60 days. But I have yet to shop at a store that's 90 days like Old Navy. And if you purchase with a credit/debit card, the cashier will be able to look up your transaction within 45 days (again, pretty lenient). The return will be accepted as long as the internal tags are still attached, the ones on the left side of your clothing. Those tags are pretty scratchy, but unless you're fully confident about not returning it, keep those tags (and all tags) on. Also, in store there is nothing that can be done about washed or worn clothing. For poor quality clothing, you can call Old Navy customer service and they should be able to help you. As for the merchandise certificates by mail, those are because the cashiers don't know what you paid for an item. Therefore, it would be very easy for someone to buy an item on sale then return it for the full everyday price. Policies are in place for a reason. And don't yell at the cashiers, they don't make the rules, nor have the authority to override regulations.

Posted by Ihateoldnavy

I won an Old Navy gift card in and raffle and I've never really liked Old Navy clothes in general. So I bought a hat and shorts for my boyfriend but he did not like them so I went to return them. I paid with my gift card and about $6 on my credit card. Instead of just giving me the money back or putting it on my card they had me pick out a new gift card to put it on. I don't like Old Navy I know I won't ship there again so now I have $22 gift card that will never be used. Why can't they just put it on my credit card like every other store?

Posted by Uniformkidparent

...ended up going to French Toast for a 90 day exchange policy that allows me to return any item for any reason.

Posted by Uniformkidparent

I bought 5 pairs of uniform pants for my (skinny-average build) 4th grade son. They were difficult to find stocked in the store. Had to return several times, and it wasn't even during peak uniform season. They were cheaper in store than online. Go figure? Anyway, since buying them in November during a Black Friday sale, by the time February and March came around, those pants have holes in the knees despite having reinforced knees. I haven't had this problem in the past, not even when he wore the slim leg type of pants. They usually lasted the whole school year. Disappointed they don't guarantee uniform pants.

Posted by Amy

Bought 2 dresses last week and washed them because I always wash clothes from the store before I wear them. They both shrunk like crazy!!! I'm never shopping there again. Used to all the time but I hate throwing $ away. Never had this issue with there clothes before!

Posted by Anonymous

Everyone complaining about a 90 day return policy... ridiculous. It's about 3 months, 1/4 of a year. I shop at a lot of stores where I only have 30 days. Well anyway this was very helpful for my return ended up bringing my stuff back without tags, I had the receipt and the return was easy.

Posted by Neecee

I purchased a pair of khaki's for my husband for Christmas and he wore them for the 1st time a month or so later. It wasn't until he went through another stores security that he realized they never removed the security tag. I brought the pants into the store (it was dead at the time and 2 clerks watched me walk in the front door) and they refused to remove the security tag without a receipt. Luckily I disposed of Christmas receipts just the day before but had to literally dig through a garbage bag to retrieve it and make another trip to their store all because of a mistake on their part. I assume I would have set off the alarms when I left the store, but the security tag not only didn't go off then or did it go off when I brought them back to the store. Great security...the alarm only goes off when you go to another store.

Posted by Anonymous

So I purchased a pair of skinny jeans, wore and washed them twice, line dried both times, and they are falling apart. Old Navy in Anderson, SC declined to allow an exchange. I do not wish to buy disposable clothing and will therefore no longer shop Old Navy.

Posted by Buringskull

I went to the nearest store to get a gift card for my sister. I bought it and payed 200 dollars for it. Only realizing that it's the wrong card ( my sister wanted a Toys r us card) I went back to Duane Reade and they told me NO REFUNDS ON GIFT CARDS CALL OD NAVY. With whatever hope I had left I called old navy customer service and the lady told me " it does not matter what store you got the gift card from, you will get a refund for it." So I thought to myself " yay I can fix this and get my sister that gift card". So I called my friend and WE LITERALLY TRAVELED AROUND THE ENTIRE CITY AND ALL THE STORES SAID NO. I have traveled to 3 stores around the city and have spent at least twenty dollars of transportation and eight hours of of going up to the stores and recalling customer service. Now I am stuck with a 200 dollar gift card that I am never going to use and have wasted so much time and effort because of a mistake the Old Navy customer service agent made. Moral of the story do not trust or use their customer service, I am very disappointed because of it and will never in a life time ever recommend it to ANYONE. Please to not trend this lightly.

Posted by Kimberly round 1

What if my receipt is over 90 days not worn with tags still on why can't I return it

Posted by rlcpd

What is the problem about receiving a check in the mail ??

Posted by Spenderella!

I am a grandmother in my fifties.Ordered some Disney items for my 3yr old grandson, for upcoming Disney vacation. Received the pajamma set, size 5t...and it would fit an infant.(before washing and drying) The quality is horrible at best. I misplaced the packaging(threw out on accident) and am awaiting a reply to an email sent today. $17.00, is not a fortune, but pjs are useless. Convenient online ordering does not replace shopping when you receive, poor quality items. What a rip off!!!! Beware of online shopping...lesson learned today. What a shame. They will never get another penny of mine. Never.

Posted by upset_cutomer2/13

I ordered a few items on line and the 2 pair of jeans and the skirt did not fit. So I went to the nearest Old Navy with my receipt and requested to exchange the items for the exact same thing just a smaller size. The cashier was very rude and advised that she could not do that since I bought it online. The only option was a refund back to the card I purchased it with. Well the card I purchased it with was a gift card and I no longer had it because I used what was on it.

When I requested a supervisor she advised that the supervisor can't do anything and she proceeded to do the refund back to the gift card I no longer had. So after asking for a supervisor for the 5th time she finally called for one. The supervisor came and she too said no it can't be done, but she was willing to try to help so she called for another supervisor. The guy supervisor came and explained that anything bought online cannot be exchanged in the store because they are basically not compatible with online purchases. I told him that I no longer had the gift card and his response was for me to call the merchant of the gift card.

So after maybe 20 minutes of going back and forth with the 3 of them I just said ok fine I'll just keep what I have. The cashier says that I could not take the merchandise because it did not belong to me.? Even though I came in with the items and had my receipt she said that to me in a crowed store as if I was stealing. I gave her a look and continued to place my items back in the bag. She says to the supervisor that she cannot back out of the transaction and if she hits one more button the refund was going to go back to the card (that I no longer had). I advised that was not my problem, she took it upon herself to ignore what I was asking and proceed with the refund.

Even if this is the policy which is not a good one at all, what if I came in without the receipt just the items? I would have gotten a store credit, but since I came in with a receipt of purchase I was treated with no respect by the cashier and also looked at as being a thief! I will never shop at Old Navy again in my life! I never really did, but since I had a gift card I figured why not use it. The items I purchased seem to have been quality clothes I just needed my size.

Posted by mst1953

Do not shop at old navy. They have worst return policy. I just lost 70.00 plus another 30.00 because this thieving store only prints a portion of their policy on receipt. They force you to shop at their horrible store by sending a check. Oh that stupid cashier forgot to tell me it's not a check i can cash. I have to use it in their store! Where are the CEO's? Don't they care how much business they are losing? I will never shop there again.
Facebook family,be warned.

Posted by binchicago

I just tried returning two pairs of pants with a receipt but the tags cut off and they refused to take them back. I will never ever shop at Old Navy again. They just lost a customer over a few bucks. I suggest shopping at Kohls, they took back pants that had a flaw on them - with no receipt or tags...I even washed them but they were able to look in my account.

Posted by Britinboise

When I in doubt go to their website and click on returns refunds and credits policy ! I saw that a store employee responded in this thread but she did not exactly have correct information . I've never had an issue with them .

Posted by jess

my husband purchased a jacket took the tags of and tried it on, it was to small. he was able to gets his money back eventhough the item didn't have the tags.

Posted by Anonymous

I went in today to return Christmas gifts and expected a gift card. Instead I was offered a mailed check?!! It's 2016! That's ridiculous. I'll be cancelling my credit card.

Posted by LY

Do not buy online. Their return policy is really stupid. Me and my friend bought some stuff online with a day apart. We were over 65 days because their policy used to be 90 days. She was able to retun her items for the full amount paid. I was not able to get my full amount paid. They gave me selling current price and merchandise credit by mail. Their excuse is that their system is not taking my transaction therefore, they only thing they could do was to give me a store credit. Such a scam...did they meant to tell me that all their register works differntly. Will never buy from oldnavy online again.

Posted by AppleB813

For people shopping at old navy online, if you need to do an exchange for the size, you call their customer service first and set up the exchange. They will order the size you need, same price as what you paid, and basically they charge you for that item but if you return the item to a store by thw next day, in my experience, the charge never shows up on the card because the refund from the return cancels it out. That being said. If you don't have your receipt from an online purchase, even if you're within the 45 day return window, you'll get that stupid merchandiser check. I had the order pulled up on my phone with all the details and they still wouldn't put it on a gift card. I even had the CC used for the purxhase. This to me is very stupid because I originally wanted an exchange but the size I needed was not avail and so I was going to buy a similar item in the size needed. I love Old Navy but the merchandiser check is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of at any store.

Posted by Unhappy Christmas present recipi

I went to Old Navy to return a tshirt and exchange another shirt that my wife had gotten me for Christmas. I did not have a receipt. The girl behind the counter told me that they will send a check that I will receive in about ten days. I told the girl that that was a strange way of doing things. She told me that they recommend that people ask for a gift receipt. I don't think that anyone recommends to the customers that they get a gift receipt. They should just provide them to the customers and avoid putting them through this nonsense. I read my receipt when I went home and it says that they are sending me a credit certificate not a check. I work approximately 60 hours per week. My free time is valuable to me, if Old Navy sends me a credit certificate, I will shop there one more time to spend it. I will then tell everyone that I know not to shop there. This is a horrible waste of time. I have never had a problem with Old Navy before. This sounds like a policy developed by someone in corporate who doesn't interact with real people and didn't look at how their policy worked in the real world.

Posted by Missy

Old Navy doesn't need anymore customers apparently. They have plenty. My child received a gift from a classmate and it didn't fit. We don't have the receipt since it was a GIFT. they refused a size exchange even though their sales associate said she would do it, but didn't have the size and told me to try another store. BS policy for same-item in my opinion. Wasted 3 trips. Never again. Now I will spend a little time every single day posting on any site that references their ridiculous policy.

Posted by debp82

My mother-in-law always buys my family clothes from old navy, however, she takes the tags completely off the clothing and doesn't give us a receipt. Can these items be exchanged for different sizes?

Posted by Mike Davidson

I bought two gift cards at old navy and needed to return them, been only two days since I purchased them but they wouldn't let me, what kind is that, you let people who buy merchandise return there product for money back but not for a goofy card, your a joke Old Navy never well I step foot on your store again...

Posted by lalalalalala

I was going to purchase a good $150 at old navy until reading all the they put people through. Nevermind.... I'll shop somewhere else. Geez!

Posted by Joanb

45 days is not long enough during the holiday. I ordered many things in October and could not return. What if Xmas shop early. Most stores allow until January for Xmas purchases. I am very disappointed as are many. I have read many reviews. Also what about a gift ordered on line. How is the gift recipient supposed to return.

Posted by Upgrade please

Old navy must have an archaic system. The exchange policy is ridiculous. For the one saying old navy is the biggest store for shoplifters then old navy is doing something wrong. Even the cheap popup stores in the mall give store credit for returned items right in the spot. I live old navy's clothes but the headache is not worth it. I just received presents for my children. So there is no receipt. I need to return them before Xmas and that's not going to happen. Thanks old navy

Posted by badassjones

I'm hoping one day old navy will allow online purchases returned at stores can return for cash if you paid with a debit card. We might want to shop in store.

Posted by millermom5

I have original receipt but not tags. When I went to wear the jeans for the first time they are too big. Can I still exchange for the correct size?

Posted by OldNavyEmployeeSecrets

I work at Old Navy. The return policy is 90 days unwashed and unworn merchandise can be returned or exchanged. After 90 days, you only get what it rings up then in the system bc more than likely the item has gone clearance. You may have paid 30$ but when I sell that item to another customer, we'd only get 4.99 for that item now. Washed and defective items are under the discression of management. Also without a receipt, you are allowed to exchange for the EXACT same item just a different size or a different color. It's an even swap. With online orders, we have to return and buy back. Our systems won't allow us to do an exchange from the online menu. I don't know about other stores, but my store will make sure you get the same price you paid on the same items to ensure you don't lose out on your discounts. When making online orders, request a gift invoice, when using a gift invoice to return an online order, the money goes back to a gift card. Returns without a reciept are returned on a merchandise check. A physical check will come in the mail, not any type of card. (If you raise enough hell, we have in store merchandise certificates that we can issue right on the spot)

Posted by Nikkig

I had my receipt. I wanted to exchange a pair of jeans that I bought online that didn't fit well with another pair I found in store. I was told I had to return them and then purchase the other jeans. I had gotten a discount on the original pants and used rewards to pay for them. My rewards were sent back to my card, I was told I'd get it back in 2 months. So I returned the jeans and didn't buy the new ones. I don't understand why you can't exchange one item for another if you have the receipt and tags and items are same price. I'll buy my jeans somewhere else.

Posted by Lamb

Anyone know if an item I bought at a store can be exhanged by mailing it or do I have to go to the store

Posted by Maoh55

I highly suggest that if you're shopping at Old Navy(which I love) Please keep ALL receipts in the event you have to return anything. I used a credit card but it had been more than 45 days so they could not find my receipt in their system. So, I paid $29.95 for a dress but because I did not have my receipt, according to them, they could only refund me the amount that was currently in their system. $7.97. What a shame? It really put a sour taste in my mouth regarding Old Navy and I shop there a lot. Everything was in tact, all tags, I just could find my receipt and I always keep receipts until I know for certain I will not be returning an item. But this one, I lost or threw away by mistake. OLD NAVY, THIS IS NOT RIGHT. $7.97 for a dress I paid $29.95 for.

Posted by britt_33

There rerurn policy is stupid my son was giving clothes at his birthday party that were the wrong size. So i go to exxhange them with the tags on them and no exchange that is freaking ridiculous. Who wants to have to wait 14 days to receive a card.

Posted by Anonymous

I was given some clothes at a baby shower that I wasn't really a fan of so I took them in the store to exchange them for something else (just like I have done with a bunch of other baby gifts at a variety of stores with no problem!). I was then told that I couldn't exchange them for something else on the spot, that I would have to wait for them to mail me a merchandise credit. How is that any different than giving me the credit in the store?? Instead I have to wait for it to arrive and then turn around and either make another trip to Old Navy or order online and once again wait for it to arrive.

Posted by Lintors

It is absolutely ridiculous to me that people get upset that they can't do a return or exchange when they don't have a receipt. What did you expect. This isn't a high end retailer. It's cheap inexpensive clothes and their policies are clearly stated. So why get mad abou the fact that you lost the receipt? Old Navy is a hot spot for shoplifters and scammers therefore they must enforce strict policies. Follow the rules. You are not the exception.

Posted by Elijah marie

I work at old navy. They do this because old navy is the biggest store period to get stolen from very regularly. People steal and try to return for store credit. So instead of complaining about old navy complain about shoplifters.

Posted by SFacenda

This return policy is a poor business chioce since so many of their competitors offer easier return policies. All I wanted was the chance to exchange jeans for a different size. Now I'm stuck with jeans I'll never wear. Needless to say, I won't bother shopping there anymore.

Posted by Oldnavysucks

Do not buy from oldnavy.com if you are UNSURE of youe size! Old Navy online return policy's sucks!!!! Please change asap! I wanted to exchange a different size and cashier said no even exchange only credit card refund? Wtf not even a store credit??? I had receipt and tags were on the item!!!!!! like seriously old navy!!! The gap does it and you are affiliated with them. Shame on you!!!!!

Posted by Linds

I returned pants I bought that were to long, lady says the money will be back on my card in 24 hours? So it's been over 24 hours and no money. She clearly had no idea what she was talking about on top of the fact she had a nasty attitude, I hope I see her again so I can inform her of the correct amount of time, which is about 4 days. This is after I told her I wanted to EXCHANGE them for different pants (like a gift card or something) and she obviously wasn't listening.

Posted by Debbie

I don't understand people that get mad about not having an easy experience returning something when it's been 90 days ( 3 MONTHS) and no receipt. Surely you must have known before then. I mean wouldn't you know at least within a week??????

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered shoes for my son. Old Navy sent me the wrong size. The store would not exchange or return. I mailed the package back. Three weeks after the package was delivered to the return center I am still waiting for my refund. This is NOT the first time I have received the wrong sizes.

Posted by Nchiz

I ordered 4 uniform sweaters for my daughters on oldnavy.com. They were too small. I went to the old navy store to exchange for bigger sizes. I was then told that the store could not exchange oldnavy.com merchandise. I would have to do a return the get the money refunded to my card (in 3-5 business days) and then purchase the replacement sweaters in a separate transaction. The oldnavy.com price for the sweaters:$12.00
The old navy store price for the same exact sweater:$17.84
Thanks but no thanks old navy!!

Posted by Brian

Not a happy customer here. Bought a bunch of stuff from Old Navy and misplaced the receipt. Went in to return a few things asking for just a store credit so I could go shop for some other stuff on the spot. Was told I need to mail away for a store credit and that it could take 2-4 weeks to arrive. I had about $40 in things to return and have never heard of such a thing. Wasn't asking for cash obviously just a store credit and couldn't believe the hassle I have to go through.

Posted by BrenIecat

I just tried to exchange my daughters shirt & jeans that her dad bought & the cashier told me that I could not do it without a receipt . She said he dad could take a picture of it & send it to us . She never even bothered to notice that the tags were still on both items !!
Not a happy customer....

Posted by sweetbutnicesty

I ordered two dresses with my Old Navy credit card online from Old Navy. The dresses were too big. I discarded my receipt, and asked Customer Service to send me a copy so that I could return the dresses. I was asked to place another order and I would be refunded when they got their items back. They did not have the same dresses anymore. I mailed the items back anyways and I have yet to hear from old navy. It has been over two weeks.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently went to old navy and bought 3 pairs of jeans but fit me to small. I was wondering if I could exchange them for a bigger size of pants

Posted by Upset Customer

Just tried to exchange my son's uniform pants and it was clear the store clerk did not know what she was doing. She scanned the wrong item, one whose price was the same, and refunded it to my card and then charged me an extra $5 on the purchase I was making. When I asked her why she didn't explain it thoroughly and when her manager intervened he was no better. I will not be shopping at that location any longer.

Posted by Ken

Bought 4 pairs of jeans for my autistic son @ $10 a pair on tuesday. It is very difficult to try clothes on instore, so we frequently buy different sizes and return the non fitting ones.

Unfortunatly the receipt was accidentaly thrown out. Went to return on friday and were offered $8 for the return, and would have to wait for a check to be mailed.

I walked to the display and showed them the signage showing they are $10. That did not matter. Asked about just exchanging for the correct size, was told they can't exchange.

I left w/ the jeans to look around some more for the receipt. if I find it I will return all 4 pairs.

this is strange to me, as every other store I shop at ( Home depot, lowes, etc) can just swipe your Card to find the original purchase receipt.

Posted by Crystal

The exchange policy without a receipt is so frustrating. I only wanted to exchange 2 pair of pants for the exact pair of pants in a different size, and was told I would have to wait on store credit to be mailed to me. I couldn't risk waiting on the store credit and then coming back to purchase the pants because they were for my sons uniform. I don't understand why you don't allow an exchange for the same item without a receipt.

Posted by Anonymous

I follow instructions to wash the clothing and they still shrink to the point I can barely get my head in. Something needs to change when you tell us what to do on how to wash..we follow..and we still get screwed

Posted by Unhappy Mom

They suck! I wanted to do exchange flip flops my daughter received for a bigger size,but I did not have the gift receipt.NO CAN DO! What kind of customer service is this?

Posted by Anonymous

RIDICULOUS! I have someone on the phone telling me that even with a receipt I will get NADA ZIPPO! What kidn of a policy is that? I have a receipt but because it's over 90 days I can't what I paid? I get $2.00?

Posted by Sarann

So is it 45 days or 90? I ordered online and have tags attached and online receipt.

Posted by netalo

Well, I took a shirt to Old Navy to exchange. I wanted the same shirt but another size. No, I did not have a receipt due to the fact that my daughter bought the item for a gift for her father on father's day. Of course, we didn't want to go to her to ask for a receipt to exchange it. To me that is of poor taste. So why could I not get the exact same shirt in another size? It still had the tags on it. Why would I have to wait for a credit to be mailed to me that I may never get and risk not getting the same item because of later date may be gone? Instead of allowing me to go and get the same shirt and exchange. That to me makes no good sense and is not good customer service. I understand that the return policy is to protect them from dishonest people. But that would have put them out, NOT. Needless to say my husband was very upset.

Posted by Anonymous

Only thing I hate is the receipt is required. You can't really say it's hassle free. I work at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, now their return policy is hassle free. I understand stores have different return policies but still.

Posted by zwicked

are you required to have your Old Navy Visa with you when you return items? I have my receipt

Posted by Anonymous

No Returns Or Exchanges After 90 Days. With Or Without Receipt! Receipt No Longer Valid After 90 Days!

Posted by Anon

If I still have the receipt, and the tags of a pair of pants that are unworn can I still return them if the tags are not attached? It's the day after they were purchased but the tag came off. I still have it.

Posted by MattClev

As customers, we need to understand that each store has a different return policy. Old Navy has a very decent return policy, which is clearly stated on the bottom of their receipts! Within 90 days, if you have your original receipt and merchandise has been unworn/unwashed, you can get your money back in the the original form of payment.(There are exceptions if the merchandise is defective) If you don't have the receipt or the card you paid with, you will be sent a merchandise certificate by mail within 10 days for the current selling price. Why get mad when you don't have proof of your purchase? That's the reason for the receipt! Keep up with it or deal with the consequences people!

Posted by disposable shoe quality

I have my daughter a pair of shoes from Old navy and a month later the sole of the shoe came apart. The shoe is still in a good condition but the glue used to bound the material will not support it. I am not sure that old navy should be selling shoes if they are going to sell disposable products.

Posted by Anonymous

Return policy is simple, it is stated on the bottom of your receipt. If you lost your receipt that is your own problem maybe you can take it as an opportunity to be more organized. If you have a return without any form of receipt/gift receipt/proof of purchase/credit card used, then they send you store credit through the mail for the current selling price. KeeP that receipt too! If you do not receive your store credit through mail, there is a phone # on the receipt you need to call to tell them you never received it! And don't get mad if they don't give you the "full price you paid" because you have no proof of what you actually paid, anyone can say they paid full price, but where is the proof? And if it has been beyond 90 days from date of purchase (which is plenty of time) your receipt is no longer valid, so it is as though you do not have a receipt. Simple. Every company has their own return policy.

Posted by Old Navy Rocks!!

I shop at the Old Navy located in Cordova Mall, Pensacola, Florida. I purchase all my jeans from there as I am a fan of their rockstar line. I bought a couple of pairs and one was a new material, very soft that I wanted to try. I wore a couple of times and then washed according to label. They began fraying and the seams were coming undone. I still had my receipt as this was about 2 weeeks after purchase, I took them in hoping they would do something...well they did. They called the manager and I was very nice and told her I buy all my jeans there and explained what happened, no problem, she let me pick any pair of rockstar jeans that I wanted to replace those with. Her and the cashier were awesome!!! They made my day!! I will continue to shop there! I love their people and products..way 2 go Old Navy:)

Posted by tayxlor19

This is NOT old navy's real return policy. The real policy is, you have 90 days to return or exchange. If you have your reciept and its NOT past the 90 days, you will get your money back the way you paid for it. Simple. If you DO NOT have a receipt, you can either exchange the item from the same item (different color and/or size) or you get a merchandise credit for what it is selling now. Yes it does come through the mail to help track people who are frequently making returns without receipts (shoplifters, etc) You can return clearance/sale prices just the same. The only things that aren't returnable would be damages that are clearly marked FINAL SALE. Old navy can also look up a purchase with a card If you used on. if you lost your reciept that's your own problem. Don't get mad at the cashiers who can't change the policy. They also always accept returns without tags. I know I worked there for 5 years. A lot of you people just sound like whiney customers who can't wrap their head around the fact that the world doesn't revolve around you. You can't expect to get what you paid when there is no possible way of seeing since you don't have a reciept and didn't use a card. Get over it.

Posted by Anonymous

I understand when a company has a policy & respect that. I also feel the company should follow their policy they put in place as well. Old Navy took the merchandise I purchased as a return but have NEVER MAILED me the gift card I should recieve in return. How is that an honest run company. I

Posted by bernicee

THERE IS NO RETURN POLICY. YOU GET A WHAT? A MERCHANDISE CREDIT CARD IN THE MAIL?? REALLY? WHEN? WHEN THE ASSOCIATE/MANAGER SNICKER ABOUT YOU, JUDGE YOU, LOOK YOU UP AND DOWN, ROLL THERE EYES MEANWHILE AND THEN ITS.....(drum roll please...) the long anticipated answer! You can shop today for your 29.99 sweater for anything in the store that cost 4.49 or we can mail you our INVISIBLE MERCHANDISE CARD ONCE YOUR RETURN HAS PASSED THROUGH THE PRESIDENT AT HEADQUARTERS AND GIVES THE REAL FINAL APPROVAL, Oh what if he doesn't approve IT??? well your SOL! Love the items in the store but on a 1-10 10 the best in customer service, a 3. oh and I like the stores that don't have cameras behind the mirrors in the dressing rooms. Yep they sure do. Hanford ca. assoc got caught. look it up yourself. the zip is 93230

Posted by No More Old Navy

Purchased 150.00 worth of clothing. All shrunk or fell apart after one washing. Returned. Would not accept because one tag had been removed and the others had been washed. Did have my receipt. Very poor quality and non existent return policy. Be careful consumers. Will not pay a return visit!!!!!!!


I purchased items for Christmas gifts and now when I needed to return the ones that did not fit they will not take back my items. I mailed back the items in their original packaging neatly in a box with everything labeled. They sent me back my items all stuffed in a small bag. They take care of your items with they sell it to you, but after that they treat you like a dog!!! I will no longer be shopping with them!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Got a shirt for Xmas $16.94, wrong size, no receipt. Wanted to give me $4.99 by mail. Really old navy, I did spend alot of money in your stores. But no another dime and I will tell everyone I see about my experience at your stores. Rip off

Posted by Anonymous

what happened to my refund by mail

Posted by Anonymous

Old navy needs a better return policy if you have a receipt and tags are still on the item they should still take the item back for exchange or return even after 45 days..... It hasn't been worn you have the receipt not happy with Hyannis old navy

Posted by Anonymous

I read many comments about the difficulty in returning or exchanging items purchased on line. I called the phone number listed for Old Navy and got the most courteous and helpful service person ever. She made the process easy and pleasant for my exchange. If you have problems on line, please use the phone to resolve them.

Posted by Anonymous

It been over two weeks you got return so wheres my money?