OfficeMax Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for OfficeMax below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from OfficeMax so others can benefit from what you learned.

OfficeMax Return Policy

General Office Supplies

Office supplies can be returned within 30 days after the date of original purchase. They may also be exchanged for an identical item, regardless of when the purchase was made. Items returned without a receipt or packing list will be refunded as a merchandise credit, based on the lowest sales price during the last 60 days.

Printer Ink and Toner

Ink and toner products may be returned, provided they are unopened and accompanied by their original sales receipt within 30 days. Opened ink and toner products or items returned without a receipt can be exchanged only for the same item or returned for a merchandise credit.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid card products, such as phone cards and OfficeMax gift cards are non refundable.

Software Products

Software may be returned in its original unopened packaging within 14 days of purchase. Opened software purchases may only be returned for an identical item.

Technology Items

OfficeMax accepts the return of technology products, provided they are in their original and unopened packaging within 14 days. Opened technology items returned within 14 days are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Defective items may be exchanged for the same item within 14 days of purchase.

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Posted by LanaG

I was attempting to return a planner without receipt. In fact, I was going to purchase one that cost a few dollars more. I had hoped they could find the sale through my rewards card or the coupon I used. The cashier was new but spoke to a couple other people who said it was fine to put the return amount on a card so I could purchase the other one. A guy, a manager I guess, decided he'd handle it. He went off to find the sale with only the planner. How was that going to work? It didn't. He couldn't find the sale. Knowing the exact date and register would help he said. It didn't. He tried to look me up through my phone number and my reward's number but nothing showed up. I go online to see if I can find the receipt (he says it's under my account) but that doesn't work. I ask if there's a number I can call. He didn't know but apparently the department who looks up sales is closed on weekends? He said he might know another way to find it. He goes off for the 3rd time. We're well over 30 minutes at this point. He returns with a receipt and asks what else I purchased (it was a week before really?) I said why? What is your return policy? He said 2 weeks for planners and a required receipt. So what do you do when there is no receipt? I told him I remembered purchasing highlighters. He said, okay I found it. I'm ticked off at this point. I get that I didn't have a receipt but this process is ridiculous. It's hot and we're working on 45 minutes. He issues a refund on a card (where we were almost an hour before!) and I went to another register to buy the 2nd planner. The cashier looks me up by my phone number and finds me immediately. Go figure. I wouldn't have bought that 2nd planner if I didn't have a store credit. Even though I'll have to drive 30 minutes out to the closest Office Depot I doubt I'll shop at OfficeMax again.

Posted by WendyC

I ordered a putty-color 4-drawer filing cabinet online. A black filing cabinet was delivered to my front porch instead. Instead of removing the item and delivering the correct one, their only "solution" is to cancel my order, send the delivery company back to pick up the item from my house, and eventually refund my money. Then I would have to reorder and hope for a better outcome. After this experience I doubt that I'll be taking that chance. I've sent emails and gotten 2 identical emails from different customer service representatives that were worded in such a way that it was apparent they only handle "returns," not really replacing bad deliveries. I'm very disappointed in the lack of accommodation.

Posted by Joe Capa

We purchased approximately 3-4 dozen 50 count DVD-r and a couple 100 count stacks as well over the last 4 years. I was wondering if I could return the three stacks left over with my receipt for store credit? Our project is done and I would like to have that option for the next project.. Guess I'll find out when I go down there! Thanks

Posted by dusty064

I did a Google search to find the OfficeMax refund policy. I purchased a Netgear router and after opening the box it came in, I hooked it up. I decided I would just buy Wi-Fi service as it was cheaper than what I already had. I had the router for about 10 days and I packaged it back in the original box. Took the receipt and handed it to the Teller and said, "I would like to return it. I told her I was getting Wi-Fi service and wouldn't need it. She said, "no problem". I asked if she needed my credit card. She said "no as the cash register stores the information". This whole experience took no more than five minutes. She also noticed I had purchased INK when I bought the router for my printer, and said, "we are running a promotion this week, buy 1 and get the second one for half price." note my receipt was 10 days old. I went and bought the extra INK and saved 16.00. I give OfficeMax a five star rating. Wonderful people and a wonderful experience. Not to many stores will go that extra mile to help you. Steubenville, Ohio location

Posted by amcquerrey

I bought a business landline phone for my home office at OfficeMax at . The phone did not work with my headset so I returned to the store 3 days later to return it and see if they have ... plus the receipt. He and his supervisor said they were unable to give me a refund because I paid with a debit card and I didnt have it with me'. I live an hour away from ... the numbers. They said that their system wouldn't give me a cash refund and my bank was the one not authorizing the payment to be put back on the debit card. I explained that I didnt want store credit because they dont have the item I need in ...

Posted by Randy

... delivery with their free shipping offer. Its now 9/14/12 and still no refund for ink. Their customer service is horrendous. Apparently when ...-one more day-one more day to find out from the carrier on what happened to my order. What a great scheme to charge me for something they never delivered. The bbb should check them out...

Posted by Kristin

I had an AWFUL experience with a Gateway laptop that I bought from an Office Max store in Aug. 2008. I purchased a 3 year extended warranty, which I was forced to use many times. Within 1 month of...Gateway because the mother board was shot. It was at this time that I was informed that my Gateway warranty was only until May 30, 2009, but it was supposed... 2009. Warning flags went off -- I'm guessing that I was sold a piece of crap returned laptop. I had to send my laptop in for repair 4 ...

Posted by Ashley

I received a broken filing cabinet on 8/30 and immediately contacted them to replace it. They told me I would have to return the one I have and then order the new one, no exchanged. I did what they instructed me to do and 12 days later I am still waiting for the 1-3 day pickup .... My company would spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month at this store and I can assure you now that we will never waste ...

Posted by Store 0253

As an employee of Officemax, I can say we try to screw most people out of there money. Not only does management not care about us, we are underpaid and overworked. We are trained to lie about our Max Assurance Plan, in order to sell them as they cannot be returned. We will tell you it covers everything, when in fact it covers very little. Our "Ctrl Center" is complete BS, ...

Posted by Anonymous

... strange that she couldn't just change the method of payment for me rather than canceling the whole order... new order, remembering to use my MaxPerks card number this time. I got the order confirmation and everything was good. Two days later I receive a delivery of the order that was supposedly ... order was cancelled because it "did not process correctly in our system". They ... can refund it. SERIOUSLY!?! You need the customer to supply the card number that you took the money from...give it back. Or how about resubmitting the order manually so the refund isn't an issue? I am frustrated to no ...

Posted by seattleherbs

...antivirus program and found no virus, so I bring my computer to OfficeMax since I have the free system screen coupon. Drew the tech... $120s. And he said if it not fixed, I will get a refund so there are no risk for me. I left the ... computer. I got them deleted then I bring the computer back to OfficeMax, they kept it again over night. I came back to them 2 days after and they told me that it can’t be fixed! So I asked for the refund per promised. The tech guy told me that I have to come on Thursday 19th to get the manager to approve the refund. I came back and the assistant manager told me that “...

Posted by pgoth

What a joke their delivery process is! Do not ever order anything to be delivered from them. The people in the store ask when you off when you think it will show up!). After waiting 4 days, we told them we did not want it, and asked for a refund. Here it is 9 days later, still waiting for a simple refund of $76...anything until it comes back from the warehouse. They have my money and will not give it back! That I am paying the price for their lack of follow up with a 3rd ... by an organization that does not give a rat's a-- about the people who pay the bills. oh and don't ever think that tehir ...

Posted by unhappy

We bought a HP laptop and a two year warranty through MAXAssurance. Now that there is a problem we've hit a brick wall. First, we were sent to Warranty Logistics. Over a week later they returned my laptop with the same initial problems, but with the added &... a problem with some physical issues.) We called back OfficeMax and we get nothing. The warranty means we need to send it back to Warranty Logistics...AGAIN. The local Office Max can't help. The national ...

Posted by old emplyee

I would like to apologize to all of you. Working for OfficeMax is just as horrible as being a customer. They do not provide...really have to forward everyhing to the Office that your items shipped from. If you need help with the website we can do that. We cannot send out replacements, or issue and refunds. Nor can we track your shipment. In fact, like I ...