North Face Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for North Face below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from North Face so others can benefit from what you learned.

North Face Return Policy

The North Face stands behind the quality of its merchandise. If you're unsatisfied, you may return your merchandise in person or go to to get a refund within a year of your purchase. You must include the receipt that accompanies the merchandise you bought.

Making your return by mail
Please include your packing slip in order to expedite your return. $7.00 will be deducted from the amount credited to your account to cover shipping costs. If you are missing the original packing slip, please use FedEx or UPS to send your item back in order to ensure that North Face can guarantee receipt of your package.

Returns FAQ

When Will I Get Credit for My Return?
The North Face generally processes returns within three business days.

Can I Return Items Online that I Bought In The North Face® Retail Store?
No. Any item you purchased at a The North Face® store must be returned in person.

How Can I Return an Item Using PayPal?
You must return it online in order to receive credit to your PayPal account.

See what others are saying about North Face returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by Suebee

I bought a Thermoball jacket from a Blacks retail shop, which clearly states on the swing ticket that it is equivalent in warmth to a down jacket. I wore the jacket on holiday in south Italy in November. The temperature was never below 14degrees Celsius. It did not keep me warm. I swopped a with friends down jacket and was amazed at how warm hers was, she was amazed at how cool the thermoball jacket was.
Since the jacket does not do what The North Face claim it does, and it's not cheap, I returned to Blacks and they couldn't give me a refund. I rang The North Face and was told to return the Jacket to another retail shop called Two Seasons. This shop does not stock The North Face jackets. Two Seasons said this had happened before and they couldn't help me. Looking through The North Face customer service ( ha!) website I cannot find a returns policy that does not relate to online purchasing. I am now left with a jacket I don't want and £150 poorer. Shame on you North Face! Get this sorted.

Posted by Anonymous

this return process is the worst, be sure you like it, or it fits, cause the process to return it is very long. wont order from here again.

Posted by lifeIsYourRight

Im Pissed. I bought Jackets, bookbags, etc Wednesday Nov 23 2016 and my 74 yr old moms jacket the zipper was not going up. She lives 1 hr 20 min from store. Because I paid she was adamant about getting new one and resolving. She drove gets to Towson mall. They don't have it so she hands receipt and wants refund. Because of age they say you can't return only if you have your sons credit card.They actually sent her away saying their system can't return money. NOW I ALSO LIVE 1 HR 10 FROM North Face store. So she has 3 hrs plus gas etc and now I have to spend 2hrs plus and gas to return jacket.This is a joke and no where does it say must have receipt and card. I reached out to North Face if I don't get resolution I will make it my job to lure people away and show them their are much better, and customer friendly Outdoor manufacturers. KUHL is one that exceeded my expectations and bent over backwards to keep us buying and we do just that.I will post what resolution they offer and let everyone know if they care about customers. My mom is older, has cancer, doesn't feel great, and struggles in today's world of technology, so last thing she needs is a bunch of BS from what's supposed to be a high end outdoor enthusiasts company.
Till then. Buyer beware that ya might get stuck with crap if u buy

Posted by Neek

I have 3 girl's that needed winter coats they all receive northface coats each one of my girls have different taste am I to ask the gift giver for a receipt how do i go about getting a change with out a receipt

Posted by

I bought a pair of north face gloves to go with my jacket. These items were bought at Sports Authority in West Long Brsnch, NJ 07774. Love my gloves great with my iPhone easy to drive in kept my hands warm however after paying in snow the gloves were no longer able to used with my phone. No problem like my gloves until in less than 4 months they have hole.
When I buy an item except electronics if it fits I destroy my receipts like most people do the gloves were not the quality I expected & your return policy is horrible.

Posted by Jennifer

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! I shop for Christmas 100% online and have for several years. BEWARE if you purchase online and use Paypal as the payment method. For some reason when I log into my account online, it does not show the order history for me to initiate an exchange. So I call their support and the best option they have for me is to take it to the store for store credit because they will not return items IF YOU USE PAYPAL. That's fine, but I want a return. They CANNOT even initiate the return on their end. HORRIBLE, so I guess I am out $100+ because their online system does not see my order, but Paypal see it. Just called MLB to exchange an item and within minutes, has a label in my inbox. Now that is service. WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN

Posted by Anonymous

North Face has a huge consumer following. My grandson loves the style offered. Having said that returns are not easily made. I would appreciate a return address that I don't have to issue my e-mail and password. I also don't like having to go on line to find the address only to discover the address is a series of me giving out information. Returns are more difficult here than any where I have experienced in all my years of shopping.

Posted by Josh

... my surprise, I had received a $149 dollar fleece. I called The North Face and informed them of my situation. They informed me the jacket that I had ordered was currently out of stock but that they would find a store that would have it. They found ... asked what they were willing to do in order to keep my service. To this the lady said that they would refund my money as soon as they received their money back. Remember, the jacket I had ordered was $380 dollars, the fleece ... had messed my order up. They were helpful in finding a store that did have the jacket, but didn't seem to care ...

Posted by Dag E. Josang

... a phone conversation with TNF representative "Shanti", who initially offered to replace the fly for half price, $100 instead of MSRP of $200. I... to someone with a bit more authority than he had; he returned to the phone a few minutes later and informed me TNF would replace the fly at no charge to me, which they did not have to do! I received the repaired tent and replacement fly in less than 2 weeks after this phone call. I am ..., and enthusiastically use this venue to sing the unsolicited praises of The North Face Customer Service/Warranty department! Whoo-Hoo! Great job, TNF! Thank...

Posted by CBOTURKS

... find out where the package was. Fed ex tracking said that it was delivered but it never was. I know this beacause we receive packages... the coat in time for christmas since she sent it 2 day shipping. The coat was never received AGAIN. After ... no solutions to my problem other than refunding my credit card. That is NOT acceptable! I work for ...mistakes and told me they would refund my credit card. That jacket was a christmas gift that I obviously will not have for christmas! I expected alot ...very upset and I will let everyone I know the horrific process I went through. I will no longer speak highly ...

Posted by Michelle Yingling

... had to. I bought my daughter an almost 200.00 North Face jacket. The zipper on the pocket broke. I called Gander Mountain in Portage, Michigan - where I bought it, and they would exchange it, or look for a store that had the same jacket. My daughter loves it. They... she said "no". She said I could get an in-store credit. All I wanted was some help with the jacket - my daughter loves it. This is the worst customer service, I have ever...your product, but not this employee at the store. So I will get the zipper fixed, with my own time and money, so my daughter ...