Nordstrom Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Nordstrom below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Nordstrom so others can benefit from what you learned.

Nordstrom Return Policy

Consumers who have purchased products from Nordstrom and wish to return them will find the exchange and return process of this major retailer to be easy and customer-friendly. If the item was bought at a Nordstrom store, all that is required for return or exchange is to bring the item to a nearby store along with the original receipt or packing slip and the credit card used in the transaction. Handling returns and exchanges online is an easy process as well. Customers who don't have order information or a Nordstrom account can print out blank return forms and labels on Nordstrom's website. Customers who are trying to return oversized, edible or otherwise unusual items should call the customer service telephone number at Nordstrom for assistance.

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Posted by gretagarbo123

Some of the posters are ridiculous. The woman who felt she should keep the perfume when she ordered the bath gel is totally greedy. Get off your sofa and send it back. Nordstrom bends over backwards for customers. I don't believe some of these posters. There is so much fraud and people who just want to wear an item once and return it that soon you won't have a Nordstroms, or any department store for that matter. The rest of us end up paying for the cheating. The world doesn't exist to serve you. These stores have any right to make rules regarding returns. You have a long time to return items to places like Nordstrom or Macy's. There are stores where you only have 30 days. Stop acting like children. Yes, some posters may have legitimate complaints. If there is a sales person who you feel just doesn't want to process a return, ask for the department manager or the store manager.

Posted by Char

I sent an expensive bottle of parfum back to Nordstrom...but it wasn't to the store I purchased it at.
It somehow was headed to KY. But fortunately, I had copies of the "free" return label, with tracking etc. And receipt. Emailed it to N. Got a full refund.
Note..keep detailed records of process.

Posted by JMB

I recently purchased a dress and returned using the online feature to print a return label and handed the package to our postman. The package was never received by Nordstrom yet they handled the return in a timely manner and gave me a credit for the item. I will return any items in person in the future but was pleased with the customer service. I see others saying they never got a response which I find obsurd as you can always call or walk-in to any Nordstrom and receive great customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned an expensive dress by mail, and Nordstrom's says they didn't receive it and will not even reply to my emails. I have never been treated this way by a company.

Posted by Joyous

I have sent back an order of beauty products. The reason, the colors were too dark another too light plus the product gave me allergy. After waiting over 6 weeks not receiving the credit or any emails I called and a customer service guy tells me it has been received but I will not get the credit - its been too long and it is a beauty product the dept in charge said no. I asked for the beauty products back so I can give it to someone instead. Guess what another representative says? We haven't received anything from you and therefore no credit will be issued. It was a considerable amount of money and I sent it with tracking so I will open a case with the post office.

Posted by paruda

I have been a loyal Nordstrom customer for more than 10 years. I recently found out that their return policies have significantly changed. Now in order to return to the fulfillment center all items need to be brand new and in selling condition. If I try something on and didn't like it didn't fit or isn't the right item why are they asking for it to be with tags on and unworn? There are a couple of people I can name called Sarita J. and another called Matt R. They don't like to process returns and they will send the items back to you. Refrain from shopping online at Nordstrom

Posted by Anonymous

I didn't have a receipt but the tags were still on the clothing.. The Lady told me she couldn't give me a gift card because I didn't have proof of purchase..these people give a hard time to the customers if they dont have a she gave me back the clothing and told me to gave a nice day

Posted by Lomelda

I ordered some bath gel for my daughter who lives in another state. Nordstrom sent the wrong item (Kate Spade cologne). I discussed this with customer service. They said they would send the bath gel, but I had to return the perfume or I would be charged. They sent the bath gel to me instead of my daughter. Another distribution mistake. My question...why should I have to return the is their mistake.

Posted by Anonymous

For those of you complaining about the return policy and taking your business elsewhere, is like to know where. Every other high end department store has a much less lenient policy, all issue returns only to the original form of payment long before Nordstrom changed it's policy, and most have time limits even if the item is unworn.

I can honestly say they have gone above and beyond for me with returns that are legitiment. I'd say most of the people complaining were trying to abuse the policy

Posted by RoRo212

Nordstrom and I had a couple of issues in the past, but I continued to order from them, because they offer free returns and price match and I like the fact you don't have to worry about shipping items back within 30 days. I continued to shop with them, even though they had inept staff. This time around, I ordered 3/12 and 3/16 8 dresses arrived in two separate packages and I shipped 6 items back to them on 3/17 and they claim only 4 items arrived and holding me liable and just because I had issues with them before,they're being accusatory rather than understanding of my situation. I am now liable for these two poor fitting dresses. They claim they have done me too many favours, but I had tracking numbers for those unaccounted for items and yet, still no refund.

Posted by Sarah42067

I too had a very bad experience when trying to return something to The Rack specifically. I had a dress that I got as a gift and its a beautiful fancy dress that I have no where to wear it to and its a 344$+ dress so I brought it in the exchange it in perfect condition with tags and extra beads all attached and because I had no receipt I was treated very poorly by a staff member there who refused to even look or scan the dress and basically told me they never have accepted items without a receipt before and that I was wrong to expect to be able to exchange the dress without a receipt. Nordstrom is actually known for accommodating its customers and making it easy to exchange and return items as long as they have a tag and are in a condition that's the same as when it was purchased. They are known for that. So to be treated so poorly and not be able to exchange the dress is very upsetting to me and I won't EVER buy anything from these stores again NOTHING. To have spent almost 400$ on a dress and not be able to exchange it is beyond frustrating and very wrong and has cost them a very loyal and good customer who spent thousands of dollars easily a year. Bad business

Posted by Sophia

Like every other organization... it's really sad to see Nordstrom become so political and drop the Ivanka Trump line. Didn't realize the CEO is a snowflake and doesn't like our President of the US!

Posted by cmc1126

Love Nordstrom and greatly respect their decision to drop the Trump brand.

Posted by BetchezTrippin

I can't believe people are using this feed to complain about Nordstrom dropping a brand. They are a huge business that operates with a business mindset, much like the mindset (supposedly) of our currently elected president. They will drop any brand that their consumers are not buying. As a nation and through our electoral college we may have elected Donald trump, but the American people are taking a stand against the man by not purchasing anything with his name attached, and unfortunately that includes ivanka trumps line. I admit she makes really cute stuff but ever since he began running for president seriously, I would not buy anything of hers and I know lots of people in the fashion industry that feel the same. It is politics but it's also business, if you want ivanka trumps line to remain in major stores then you should start buying her stuff. Supply and demand, the first lesson in economics.

Posted by FedUp

I've been a loyal Nordstrom shopper my whole life. Actually, my whole family has been...My mother is a long time card holder (she literally shops there every week, and spends thousands there every month). But I am finally so fed up, I'm never going back. I doubt any of my family will shop there again either, because they have all had similar experiences.

I've bought and returned, both to Nordstrom and the Rack, many times. They used to make it easy for the customer, but not anymore.

An example: My mother bought me a leather jacket from Nordstrom for Christmas. The following week, I went to return it. It was never worn, all tags attached, still in its packaging. I was fine with store credit, as it was a gift, and I obviously didn't have the receipt. They told me it was out of the question because it was purchased online, and therefore I would need to have the receipt with me to return. I asked them if I could just exchange it for the smaller size that I needed, and again they said no. It was a gift, purchased with a Nordstrom card, with Nordstrom tags on it. I dont see why its so complicated. Now I'm stuck with a leather jacket that is too big, and my mother wasted her hard earned money.

Another thing I've seen- at least when shopping at the Rack - once an item is purchased, it's immediately marked down in their system to practically nothing. So, without a receipt, I'll never get a dime back from them (or store credit for that matter), because they will only refund the current selling price. That's pretty low.

I also hate how they now force me to give them my personal information when purchasing anything. It seems a little intrusive. I've never abused their return policy, although I'm willing to admit I've returned a good amount to them (but usually within 30 days and with receipt). I tend to be an indecisive shopper, but I guarantee that they keep more of my money than I return.

Recently, when Ive gone to return anything, I feel like the employees are rude to me. It makes me really uncomfortable. It almost feels like they are instructed to be rude about returns. I know the economy hasnt been the best in the past few years, and I would guess that's why a lot of stores have taken away their previously decent return policies. However, I'm sure Nordstrom as a company is making enough money to afford to take back the small percentage of items that people return. I think its sad that they have lost touch with their customers needs, and instead are just as money hungry as the rest of the big corporate retailers.

Posted by LoyalShoppersince2011

Nordstrom, just recently proved to their customers and the world that they are not only going down the political incorrect path by pulling Ivanka Trumo's line, but also they are showing no regards for the consumers. They should remain neutral and not meddle in the politics of our country, I am sure they endorsed her fashion line and saw it worthy to add it to their line of exclusives, no doubt there were many shoppers who loved the Ivanka fashions will have to find a new place to shop.
Regarding the return policy this can only work under the legal jurisdiction of the customer's right.
Quite a disappointment that the store seems to have more internal issues and now the customers are the victims of their wrath - There should be a better way.
Nordstrom you show your self as Operating from a position of weakness now and lack of resilience to the matket I am no longer interested in doing business here. Will be done with your cards

Posted by MDC

Dropping the Trump line was the right thing to do - I fully support this decision!

Posted by Anonymous

nordstroms is a great store and am glad they discontinued ivanka trumps clothing line`1

Posted by Standingup

I have been a loyal shopper for 25 years. So sad you have to play politics. Your customers, like me, can play the game too. I really wish you the best, but from what I am hearing, this will not go well. Until you can stick with business, I will not be purchasing from Nordstrom. There are many other competitors who even if they have political beliefs aren't stupid enough to risk losing customers.

Posted by LoyalShoppersince2011

Nordstrom, just recently proved to their customers and the world that they are not only going down the political incorrect path by pulling Ivanka Trumo's line, but also they are showing no regards for the consumers. They should remain neutral and not meddle in the politics of our country, I am sure they endorsed her fashion line and saw it worthy to add it to their line of exclusives, no doubt there were many shoppers who loved the Ivanka fashions will have to find a new place to shop.
Regarding the return policy this can only work under the legal jurisdiction of the customer's right.
Quite a disappointment that the store seems to have more internal issues and now the customers are the victims of their wrath - There should be a better way.
Nordstrom you show your self as Operating from a position of weakness now and lack of resilience to the matket I am no longer interested in doing business here. Will be done with your cards

Posted by Sweethart5

So I really have to defend Nordstrom's, they are really awesome. I buy and return if needed and when I don't have a receipt, I have the original Nordstrom's tags attached and they always return which I find very generous. I'm a fan they have always been very friendly and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I was very disappointed to see that I could not return my gift from my mother for cash. I was told that the policy changed recently and that only a gift card could be issued. The reason why most people shop at Nordstrom as opposed to Macy's or Gap is not only the large selection but the secure feeling knowing that the recipient/love ones can easily return or exchange the item(s) without a hassle.

I worked for the company for 17 years and was really quite shocked when I attempted to return a jacket from my mother. Not only did it take an inordinately long period of time to find/locate the purchased item and verify that my mother had purchased it (I had to call her) but the sales person kept asking if it was purchased at Nordstrom. Finally after about 20 minutes, it was located and the amount was put on a gift card for future use.

I do understand that many people have taken advantage of Nordstrom's lenient return policy over the years and this is a way to tighten inventory and misuse but it really reminded me of returning gifts at Macys where you feel like a criminal.

I probably will cease shopping for gifts at Nordstrom as it was such a difficult ordeal today and I do not want to put my friends/family through the discomfort.

My mother has been a Nordstrom card holder for over fifty years. I have held a card for over 30 years and as I aforementioned was an employee, Pacer Setter and Customer Service All Star.

I am very disappointed and sad that Nordstrom is just another big department store.

Posted by I dont care for you anymore

Nordstrom sucks now the customer service is horrible . They must be owned by new owners they no longer do a cash back policy when purchased on your credit card . That is fine, but it was the rude way that the CSR presented that to me

Posted by Asianfashiongirl

I've always had good experiences with Nordstrom but however after their no cash back without original receipt is total nonsense. Purchased a pair of jimmy choos with cash and was in a hurry so did not try and walk around with them in store, after I got home I decided they weren't comfortable. I go back and asks for a return with my receipt but no ID and was told they can only give me a gift card. Few days later I couldn't find my receipt but went back with my ID was told I can only get a gift card because I lost my receipt. Now I am determined to find that piece of receipt and never go back to Nordstrom.

Posted by Class Action Lawsuit

Nordstrom Garden State Plaza, NJ. I wanted to return $59. earrings. The Nordstrom return sticker was attached to the back of the earring card and I had the receipt. I paid cash. I was told by the associate, and then the manager that she will not "cannot" refund the cash without seeing my ID and entering my personal information into the computer (i.e. driver's license; what other ID do we have). Or she will issue a gift card with no ID. I said that does not sound legal, it is an invasion of my privacy and none of Nordstrom's business who I am. You did not force me to show ID and enter it in your system when I purchased it. I took the manager's card, and would like to find a law firm interested in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. To my mind, Nordstrom committed two crimes: 1. Violation of civil liberty. 2. Extortion of $59.

Posted by NordysReturner4Life

Return your purchases through the mail it's free shipping you don't need the order number or anything. You print out a packing slip and label through the website. I do it all the time especially if I don't have the receipt. You don't have to deal with rude employees that way. They can't say no through the mail, the return center actually follows the rules.

Posted by Popsicleicecicle

I tried to return about $150 worth of nylons I found in a family members drawer we are clearing out due to downsizing of lifestyle. They were all unopened and the tags still on them. Definitely older tags but still with tags.

Customer Service Manager told me as of last Monday which would be 11/14/16 Nordstrom's new policy is no returns without the origin receipt. Well who saves receipts? I'm going to OC tomorrow and will try South Coast Plaza and see if it's the same dog and pony show.

I was going to purchase a $350+ purse with the credit but decided to pass on the purse and go to Bloomingdales because I love their things better anyway. There was a day that shopping Nordstroms was so much fun. Seems now it's a store of an ocean of clothes and nothing to buy. Very frumpy. It's 4:30 and I bet there was 20 people in this store. No wonder they are tightening up on returns. They don't want to see that yuckie stuff again.

Hold on to your holiday shopping receipts. Your recipient may be SOL.

Posted by fashiongirl

This rude employee was sooo mean to me in Khiels. I was at the freehold mall returning a kiehls face cream i had for a few months. Ok ok maybe a bit too late. But this cream was literarly burning my face and made it red. I explained to her and she had this rude attitude towards me. Yes, i am a teen but you dont have to treat me as if i am not a costumer or something. So anyways, i dont wanna name names... But, i have returned shoes before i had for a few months at nordstroms because they didnt fit me and i didnt wear them. So, you dont have to be plain rude to me. I wanna say her name maybe if u ask me ill tell u. But horrible employee and im not shopping at nordstroms again!!!

Posted by Anonymous

NORDSTROM BLOWS. Even if you pay cash and have the sticker attached to the tag, it automatically tenders to 'NGcard" on the register. NEVER shopping there again. Loyalty is the key to keeping customers and you guys are just digging yourselves GOOD LUCK!

Posted by Posh B

I went through hell trying to return an in store purchase made by debit card. I was rudely told that I could not receive cash back. Nordstrom Rack had no problem doing this before...what's changed besides the location in KOP? New location, new funky attitude? I'm through with most of their ghetto employees!

Posted by Sad consumer

Ugh, I've shopped and returned with Nordstrom's for years and have never had a problem with returns, especially when I received a gift and took it back with the original tags attached and clearly unused. Not only was I given the third degree, but this young woman had the courage to imply that this return was not from their store, though it was. I understand that some people probably took advantage of their policies in the past, but I think it is unfair and ridiculous for any employee to treat and customers in such a condescending way. Nordstroms used to be a classy place that made life easy for consumers, but this indecent and harmful behaviors today was embarrassing. If nordstroma did change its policy (though the employee told me that nordstroms never returned items without a receipt which was a blatant lie), then I feel that the company should let their customers know ahead of time rather than subjecting them to this unfair mistreatment from their employees who do lie to protect themselves. I'm definitely taking this matter up the corporate ladder because it was too ridiculous to be treated in such a way.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, question for you guys. If I purchased something from Nordstrom that came with a free gift and I want to return the item, do I have to give back the gift as well?

Posted by Anonymous

To the Macys Lady. I'm sorry but really Macys. They just asked if it was worn just in case the need to damage it out. Not to accuse you of being immoral. And why isnt anyone talking about Nordstrom Rack. Before I transferred to full line (Regular Nordstrom) I worked at the Rack. It was literally across the street for full line. And had all of the same stuff for half price. Hanky Pankys for $8, Burberry scarves $100 ( extremely rare if you see one grab it) Michelle diamond watches $600, Tom ford and Gucci sunglasses $99. I can go on and on.

Posted by Anonymous

MusicTeacher is the item out of stock perhaps? If thats the case its the manufacturer that isn't sending you the item. Try calling a physical Nordstrom store and have them do a merch search. When an item is low of stock it won't show up online. And also call a Nordstrom Rack. They can ship it to you from the Rack to your house. There is a shipping fee of $7 but you will get the rack price. Online doesn't really have all the resources that most people think. They are good for shipping items from there warehouses. Hope that helps. I am an ex employee but if you need help just let me know.

Posted by Anonymous

Yes Nordstrom is changing there return policy. TOO many customers were abusing the policy. People were bringing back items with no receipt, no tags, " only wearing it once" but purchased it 2 years ago. Come on. I mean its ok to try but don't give your hopes up when you get rejected. Yes I think Nordstroms made a mistake with having a no return policy in the first place. PJDS they didn't do anything illegal. J am guessing they never rejected to return it to the original tender. I am not sure why a gift card is a bad thing because I am pretty sure you can find a way to use it since your such a loyal customer. And even if you closed your bank account they can still return the money back onto the card and the bank will give you the amount back. Your class action law suit wouldn't win because they never denied to return the money back to you.

Posted by TakingNoSides

Princess Nordstrom puts a UII sticker on the ticket or inside the pockets. And that way you could get the full price. If some how cannot locate the UII then you might have to work for it. By shopping for another item ( like a clutch) and do a refund re-ring and purchase the clutch with the remaining credit. Majority of the time this will work with a sales associate on the floor because they will get something out of it. Now you will have proof of purchase. I am not advising for you to do this just for you to turn around and return it all because it effects the associate commission for up to a year.

Posted by musicteacher9

I had a very hard time dealing with Nordstrom online customer services. They weren't competent, and apologized and promised to send me the item for a while and never ever contacted me. Bad services. In every good reputable store they'd be sending you the item for free for their mistake, but not this one.

Posted by Anonymous

I forgot why I never shop at Nordstroms and now I remember.
I purchased two dresses from Norstrom for $500.00 2 days ago for my daughter, and without her. I brought them home and she choose one and didn't even try on the other one which I returned (all tags were in tack). When I approached the Cashier for the return, Kathleen, South Coast Plaza, asked "Did you wear the dress?" I was shocked. I was offended. The several tags were still obviously in tack on the outside (especially since you would have to cut through ribbon on one of the tags and clearly impossible to replace or put back. My integrity will no longer allow me to shop Nordstroms and I will remain loyal to Macy's because if I return something at Macy's the Cashier always handles returns gracefully and with a smile.

Posted by Greg m

Thats funny your not the only one who lost prevention followed around obviously ms. Carrie. I too had an experience at the bellevue square store in washington. This guy was over the top i went to pick up an order and he was at the counter with a clip board i thought he was a normal employee at first then i noticed him at the next register i went to to buy some jeans he tried to look busy but he kept drifting all about so obvious. I have never stolen not one thing and im a straight laced guy who has never been in trouble and i have a nordstrom card and buy often. Still i was followed over whole store and in the end i just left and felt like i was missing something. I even went to buy my daughter some kids sandals and the lp dude was suddenly up there too acting busy. Im offended and need an apology letter. This is the new norm i suppose

Posted by Carriehassall

So nordstrom is definitely different these days in all areas. Also what the web site says is entirely different than what one really says in a store. If you even try to return a gift period you end up getting the third degree and exposed to the whole store practically. Like a spectacle. I am not shy but really its not just about trying 4th o refund the correct price like many nordstrom advocates claim its way more. Thats just an excuse they have all been told to use. I was in the store for over an hour and dealt with a total of four employees not to mention the oh so obvious lost prevention boy was literally locking arms with me during whole process as if i was some petty thief or criminal. I was very offended and almost said something to him. I spent over $756 on shoes and handbags now i have a return and im treated as a crook. Definitely lost my business. Never in my life has a security ever been even near me or interested in my business. They need to get it together. I was hoping he did mess with me so i could of filed a suit against him. How offensive and simply odd. No for all you nordstrom die hards i was not doing anything out of the ordinary and i am a huge spender in nordstrom. And i dont return items hardly ever. I went through 20 questions with 4 people told i could get a gift card i agreed then the mic comes over. What a total rude cow. She didnt even listen to the other employees explain or ask the circumstances or try and look up the item. She had a foul look on her face and said i needed a receipt or the credit card number used. Really. How would i know that. U dont give a gift with your credit card number sticking to it for easy returns lol. And she then tried to mock me and asked for gift givers email i didnt know that off too of my head so i said id call her she then said oh good lets make it a girls day. Wow. I was at that point over it and would rather burn the jacket then get a store credit. She then after a whole hour and twenty min goes by tells me no. This procedure is just terrible and totally unpleasant and rude. It doesnt follow any online listed rules it has its own set of rules. I left exhausted and angry. I wasted so much time and felt mentally drained and wanted to return the stuff i just dropped money on. Why give them my business they cant meet me even half way for something so little. Also she tried to tell me i would have to of refunded the item to the gift givers card too not a gift card. I give up. I donated the jacket and cut my losses with nordstrom for good. This was too humiliating to give them another chance

Posted by Char

I don't understand how what Nordstroms is doing in regards to "debit" card return transactions is legal. When I use my debit card to pay, the funds are immediately removed from my account to Nordstroms. Yet today when I went to return jeans with receipt and all tags on them, I'm told I cannot get cash back. So now Nordstroms has their product back...and I have to wait 3-5 business days to get my $ back available on my card. Lost a customer! I'm sure a class action suit is brewing.

Posted by Bee

I am a former employee and a current customer for 10+ years. When I was first hired at Nordstrom, my orientation class was told a story about a man who returned a tire to the newly built Nordstrom location because that location was previously a tire shop - Point is the "take every thing back" policy that Nordstrom adopted is a thing of the past.

When I was an employee, I had a customer who would regularly purchase "Lelli Kelly" brand shoes for his daughter. These shoes were sparkly and expensive, about $80 depending on the size/style. This customer would exchange the old shoes, clearly worn and dirty for new ones and because I sold him the shoe I would take the hit since sales associates work on commission.

As a customer and a card holder, my transactions should be put in my "personal book" which is a detailed log of all my transactions for up to five years. When I need to return an item for any reason, any sales associate should be able to pull up any transaction by using my first and last name and my phone number. If the sales associate at the initial point of sale correctly logs the transaction in the customer's personal book, "the interrogation process" would be a lot smoother.

Posted by Princessmac

Totally just had the worst experience at south coast. I HAVE MY TAGS ON THE BAG just wanted a gift card for whatever the price was because my sister did buy it in January. I had 3 people tell me no there's no way to prove it was purchased at Nordstrom. Seriously...? It has tags. Lost a really frequent shopper. Oh well.

Posted by LAW 211

I have been a loyal Nordstrom customer for years. One of the best things is the liberal return policy, but after yesterday when I was coldly treated like a teenager by a rude staff at Nordstrom Brea Mall I will NEVER shop there again. I have over 20K followers due to my cosmetics business and I will let everyone know DO NOT SHOP AT NORDSTROM. All I wanted was cash back AND I HAD MY RECEIPT PURCHASED WITH MY DEBIT CARD THAT had been since closed due to online fraud. They refused to give me $31 cash back well you ignorant employees who have literally no life you have lost 20,000 customers. And dont call me honey or girlie you DONT KNOW ME

Posted by Sarah

I couldnt agree more. All these ex employees that keep defending the retailer need to stop. All stores im sure have problems with scammers and high return volume. But that should be dealt with by hiring better more skilled employees who know how to weed them out. I worked in retail for ten years and it doesnt take much to figure out a person is up to something. Either way punishing the 99% of notmal shoppers is ridiculous. I also had a problem at Bellevue Square returning a high end item I used a card that I no longer carried due to divorce and they made this big comotion about me needing to.get in touch ex husband to get the new card number or a letter of why im not using it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. NOT ONLY.IS THAT HIGHLY INCONVENIENT. BUT I DO.NOT LIKE ANYONE TELLING ME TO CONTACT MY EX HUSBAND. and over a refund. Lol. Nordstrom you say your just trying to help and work with you, but no your not your trying your hardest to be difficult even when a situation deems important to correct. I too want to speak to district manager. Not the store manager because mr steve wilkos never even made it down to help me. Instead some intimidating big man came to try and tell me the SAME CRAP THE EMPLOYEE SAID. I dont want a gift card. I paid with my old joint account and do you need to see my divorce papers too. Horrible experience. I thought bellevue to be a superior nordstrom store. Now not so much. Customer service is garbage and lose the pretentious self centered attitudes you all carry. I saw onegirl watching in Point of view petite brunette and she acted like a child I kid you not. Just how a third grade girl wouldwhisper in someones ear and point. I didnt know having a new card made you popular. I am no longer a customer and ill use social media to spread the word. You suck

Posted by PJDS

Social media is a wonderful thing and the best way to let Nordstrom know that we will no longer support this policy is to let them know and spread the word. You can post your grievance on Twitter

I look forward to new followers and hearing your tweets.

Posted by PJDS

I just went to return something to Nordstrom that had the tags, and like the others on here, I no longer have that particular debit card due to switching banks. They say they can only give me a gift card. Do you all know this is illegal? If you purchase something, and are returning it within their guidelines, they do NOT have the right to tell you that they can only refund THAT particular card back. I smell a class action lawsuit coming on but for the moment and to prove a point, if i don't get satisfaction from the district manager, then I'll be bringing them to small claims court. Mind you, this is a $51.00 sale. Not a big deal, but it's the principal AND what they are doing is ILLEGAL. I'll update this post to let you all know how this works out. Oh yes, and they have lost a loyal Nordstrom customer of 30 years forever.

Posted by Anonymous

First of all I will start by saying Nordstrom Return Policy has Never changed. Use your best judgement... If the item is worn out can you return it? Should you be able to return it? If the item is damaged in what YOU believe is to soon, example: "I've only had these flip-flops flops for a year!", should you be able to return it?
In most situations we Still Absolutely return these items, it's our commitment to service. Do we Always, no, each case is different. What I am hearing is how upset people are on getting a gift card,which Never Expires and can be used on literally thousands of items.
Secondly, the reason behind interrogation,as former commenter stated, is not interrogation at all! We literally have 6 different ways to look up purchase history to ENSURE customer is getting back the price THEY PAID not current value, which is extremely important as items purchased over a year prior to you returning them are more than likely WAY less than you purchased them! I have personally spent an hour trying to locate an item because of this, because that is what it takes to find transactions when customers are unaware of how long ago they purchased. Service is Key, Yes, but please have patience, we are trying to help YOU. Getting rude is not going to speed up the process, it is not going to Help in any way!
Please understand that we are only trying to help you get back what was PAID.

Posted by francine

Nordstrom's customer service still exceeds most other brick and mortar retailers. No retailer can give their merchandise away for free. I keep most of what I order, but I definitely use Nordstrom as my first stop due to the free shipping and free returns. They have quality brand names and great customer service, still. They are not the only retailer that refunds in the form of original payment---it makes good economic sense. This is a retailer that I want to remain afloat, and I'm willing to accept a few reasonable compromises for that to happen.

Posted by ChicK

I am disappointed in Nordstrom s change of return policy. I recently purchased a pair of shoes- paid for half with a gift card and half with cash. TheY didn't go with what I wanted to wear them with, and I found a better pair at another retailer. Knowing Nordstrom cash back policy, I thought I could return them, get my full amount back in cash and go get the other shoes. (I'm not gonna lie- I love the store so much, family and friends give me gift cards for special occasions- 80% of the time, I keep what I buy, but I do sometime return to get the cash back for something somewhere else- it's one of the reasons I love the store so much)- they told me about the new policy. Insisted on putting half on the gift card again. It's not a huge issue- but I'm no longer as pro-Nordstrom as I once was. I will be asking for visa gift cards from now on and do my shopping somewhere else. It's to bad they felt they had to change to be like every other store because of a few faulty people. They no longer have what used to set them apart.

Posted by Flower

I think Nordstrom just conformed to the industry standard. Comments about Nordstrom punishing customers because of a few scammers is egregious! I know Nordstrom has lost millions to scammers over the years, and the numbers continued to grow! They buy merchandise with counterfeit cards, credit cards, gift cards, stolen merchandise, you name it! Then return merchandise for cash. A great fence for stolen merchandise and a drop off for all the returns not accepted at other retailers or online discount shoppers. Nordstrom was a revolving door for theives and Nordstrom allowed it for way too long! And as the % of fraudulent transaction skyrocketed due to the counterfeit rings targeting Nordstroms flexible return policy, something obviously had to change. Thank the wonderful world of theives and scammers for the policy change, not Nordsrom. The revolving door just closed!
Btw, I used to work there.

Posted by Anonymous

Just got back had a gift certificate wanted to buy anything and return it for cash, Herman middle age guy in the shoe department said I could not that they would only put it back on a gift card, I feel I was lied to just so he didn't have to go through the motion of purchase them return.long motorcycle ride for nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

Nordstrom is going to lose customers over this big time. They're supposed to be all about customer service, flexibility!! Over the last two to three years I have noticed their customer service has been going downhill, just another nail in their coffin. I might as well go where the price is the least expensive if I'm not going to get great customer service.

Posted by whodoboodoo2

geez louise gang, are you really that spoiled that you cannot see how generous the Nordstrom policy still is? and understand that they had to restrict returns to the card you purchased on to stop scamming people who buy (or steal) items from other chains and then take advantage of the easy policy at Nordstrom's? in the case of the person w/the stolen debit card, did you ask to speak to the manager? talk to your credit card company and ask them to send you a letter verifying the theft of your old debit card and reissuing of the new number? the nordstrom I know is great and will work with you, as long as you come prepared. always helpful to remember that the world does not revolve around your personal calamities ...

Posted by Anonymous

Punish Loyal Customers because of scammers. Invest in your methods of keeping track of purchases i.e. getting rid of UII Invest in training employees to build relationships to decrease returns and holding managers and to sells people accountable who don't deliver. Invest in loyal passionate employees versus college students who have been trained that once they earn a degree the sky is the limit and minimal work growth is necessary to succeed. And a passionate employee can be a college student or someone with experience. Service leads volume as Stephany Pierce would always say!!!! Defining what service is not letting a customer get a free merchandise or returning something with no proof no service is a standard where the elite feel elite (anyone has this access) because they are value regarded and respected as a customer who appreciate what nordstrom has to offer. This new method isn't bad, but lately how its been delivered makes it look really bad!!!! Ie when a customer is purchasing introduce the nordstrom card and say we have a policy where we return on the card you use this makes it easier for you to track ur purchases and the return policy so much more convenient. Make it about the customer and not as if they may have been a scammer!!!!

Posted by SarahJane

YES NORDSTROM now only returns to the card you used or you get store credit. Really sucks. Lost a customer over this one. I purchased a large designer item with my debit card that was stolen and so I told them I have a new card. Despite me having my receipt, tags item all in tact the woman refused to return it to a different card. Which is really not smart making that decision. Im sure there are plenty of people who will run into this problem. I did not want a gift card what so ever. I paid debit I wanted it back on my debit. Why should they hold my money hostage like this. Even Macy's would had called a manager to fix that issue. Nordstrom does not realize how many people are going to be upset over the new strict policy which basically trumps the old open policy which is why I would buy from Nordstrom to begin with. No one else had that policy, now guys its over. Dont even try and return an item without a receipt or tag either I saw a woman next to me almost in tears trying to return a sweater she needed them to look up to verify she bought it and they were asking her every known question to man like some sort of interrogation. even invasive questions which as a customer should never be asked. It was unbelievable and showed me a lot about the stores new image. Then after they got finished grilling her they needed her photo id and i overheard her getting a store credit for a fraction of what she even paid. So for those that think they can breeze into Nor-dies and take anything back you are dead wrong. The staff are trained to be very firm borderline rude and offensive and very unbelieving of customers. The woman looked like she was almost in tears over the matter and left completely embarrassed. How is that good customer service. I probably should of minded my own business but good lord I can name 4 retailers known for stricter return policies who would of helped that return situation so much better, faster and more ethical. Nordstrom Ill take my business which was a lot else where. Scammer should not have ruined for the 99% of honest people.

Posted by Annm

As of April 30th 2016 Nordstroms only gives back cash if you paid cash. Debit and credit card purchases go back to the card you paid with.

Posted by Anonymous

What is the bathing suit return policy?

Posted by Saavyshopper

I think the ease of returning an item to Nordstrom all depends on the location and management. Some stores just refuse to return anything and some stores are helpful in returning an item. I had an item I had to return I went to south center in tukwila Washington and had to speak to manager and still denied to even exchange my item that had the box with sticker on it too. Not my fault it didn't pop up in the system. I went to the Bellevue store later that weekend and my item was taken back quickly and without making a big deal about it and embarrassing me. Talk about night and day. Also the manager sue jui is horrible at south center pure devious cow. Really hates life I think. On Christmas Eve my wallet was stolen and to get home I would've to return the jeans I bought at Nordstrom. I had just bought them and had tags receipt. I didn't see the big deal. Well sue made up some policy that is total bs. No returning items on the same day. Of course as soon as I told her what happened to me in the mall. She would not. So I had to wait outside the mall until my husband came to pick up me and my son after the mall closed. Ruined my Christmas Eve. I asked customer service and store manager later and I was told sue had been wrong. Nice

Posted by JP-Jeff

Bought 3 pair of very expensive sunglasses at Norstrom Paramus (NJ) a few months back. One of the glasses kept breaking (screw) so on my lunch break I went in to exchange for the same pair. The sales man made a huge deal about it (didn't have the receipt) in front of so many customers I was so embarrassed. He called the manager and they made me take out all of my credit cards to check the purchase after I told them that my wife had made the purchase on her card. I just missed the salesman that I bought the glasses from so I had no help. Needless to say I left the store with the broken pair of sunglasses after the manager said "sorry go get a repair kit at a cvs or call Marc Jacobs for a refund". I was going to buy a few more sunglasses for my Bahamas vacation but will now take my business to Neiman Marcus. Norstrom used to be wonderful with their customer service and appreciation. They are terrible now. You lost a huge shopper today along with my family.

Posted by Yoga gal

I've been purchasing from Nordstroms and for years, and I've always found their return policy to be fantastic. One time in ought a dress, and the first time I wore it, the zipper stuck and I couldn't get it off even with a friend's help. Since I was nearby, I actually wore it to the store. They had to cut it off me but still gave me a full refund! If your returns are legitimate, then I've found hem to be quite reasonable and helpful.

Posted by Howard

I tried to return some jeans with no receipt, however l used my credit card to make the purchase.For some reason the info could not be found.I did not leave the store until l had my refund. Never again will l shop at Notstroms. They are not the company they use to be.

Posted by Andy

My husband's friend got him for his birthday 10/10/2015 a Tommy Bahamas salmon color shirt. He did not like the color so I wanted to exchange got different color.
It has every tags,, Nordstrom price tag and return sticker on the back. Never been worn.
Remind you a brand new store in Torrance California did not take it back. She had said she can't find a code in the computer.
She can't do anything for me. ReeeaaaallllllYYYY YYYY yy!!!!!!!

I left the store and I never go back again. Regardless Nordstrom or not I did not like the treatment in the brand new store.
As somebody mentioned earlier the Nordstom is not a same as it was before. It used to be friendly doing everything for its costumer. They really should, for that amount of money as they sell items for.

Posted by NordstromTruth

My wife works in the cosmetics department at a Nordstrom store. For all of the comments below about Nordstrom not really honoring their return policy, she can tell you how often people ABUSE the policy. They'll buy some kind of cosmetics product, use 95 percent of it, and then claim "oh, it made my skin break out", or some such nonsense. Here's a clue: if a product like that is going to make your skin break out, you know it right away, not months (and sometimes longer!) later. Or, they'll buy something during a "gift with purchase" promotion, only to later return the product and keep the free gift. Nice.

It's unfortunate, but that's just how people are nowadays. "Let's game the system!" seems to be the motto. Nevermind that it goes against my wife's commissions every time this happens - and it happens a lot. And if you think she's getting rich at Nordstrom, you're quite naive.

So, cry me a river about complaints about their return policy. There's far more abuse in it than people who find themselves on the wrong end of a purchase they can't return for this reason or that.


Okay, What Are The Options For, Gift Items Or Lost Receipts? Nordstroms Guarantees Customer Satisfaction And They Stand Behind The Products And Designers They Promote Up To 5 Years. So, Say U Bought A Dress 8 Months To 3 Yrs Ago, And U Finnaly Get Around To Wearing It And U See A Defect, Or Wrong Size..ect, As Long As U Have The Original Taggs On The Item, U Can Take It Back.. But, When U Do, U Have To Hold The Upper Hand, And Sometimes Demand Your Refund Or Exchange By Pulling Out Store Policies,you Have To Call Customer Care Week Days, Explain Ur Situation, .. Get A Name Of The Person And Direct Number...and Make Sure The Know Your Name And How Its Spelled, Also Give Them The Store Location You Will Be Going To And Ask Them To Please Call Ahead And Let That Store Know You Are Coming...and It Will Wok Out...its A Shame That We Gotta Kick Up All That Drama In Order To Be Properly Serviced. But, Its Necessary, Another Thing About Nordstroms Is, They Allow And Encourage Their Empl0yees To Use Their Better Judgement Wen It Comes To Saving Nordstroms Money...not, Good. Why,? A Persons Better Judgement Is Their Personal Opinioin, That Allows Them To Discriminate Behind Their Company Name And Get Away With It,if Yo?u Don T Speak Up On It,and Catch It...its Unprofessional, If You Bring The Item Back With All The Original Taggs, They Will Accomidate You...if The Look At You, And Use Their Better Judgement...hmmm Is This Item Bought Or Stolen? Need More Detailed Info On This Or Any Other Situation With Customer Service/at Any Dept Store Or Where Ever? Call Me 415-871-4344, Ill Get Ur Money Back....guaranteed..

Posted by yea-auh

nordstrom return policy is just a gimmick to get people in the door. Its a pick and choose deal with them. I bought a bag a few years ago, had tags like new condition with the receipt. My return was refused because they "didnt carry lamb anymore". Clerk was very "um yeah, no" attitude, very bad experience, she had a condescending tone and kept saying "so um, ya-h" like that. "yah" so like um "yah" im taking my shopping elsewhere so um like "yah".

Posted by Janey

I purchased a tank top $26, from Nordstrom. It developed 2 tiny holes near the bottom front. I tried to exchange it, but I didn't save the receipt, so they said that I could not exchange it. Just be careful when buying anything at Nordstrom. It is kind of a risky thing to do. You could lose all of your money if you don't keep your receipts.

Posted by Brealy01

... Nordstrom is not what it use to be. I bought several pairs of TOMs from Nordstrom and had a pair fall apart. I never ... I never had a problem. I was told by Nordstrom to send them in and they will exchange them.....after waiting a ... to TOMs website and not deal with Nordstrom again. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! Long process for nothing!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

... the receipt in the move. I called prior to going down to the store and explained that I had lost the receipt in the move. I have never returned anything before to Nordstroms. The clerk assured me that ... problem she said ok no problem I could exchange it so I went to look for a bag I'd like to ...30 mins looking for a bag only to be told I couldn't exchange the bag when I took the register . Why? because I ... and spend my hard earned cash in a store who doesn't seem to value me as a customer or so it seems by my last experience. I expected more from a store who's ratings are among the best.

Posted by Anonymous

... silver was chipping. I was dissatisfied with the bag.So I decided to return it.I lived in California at the time. I had a job offer ... had to move rifht away. Needless to say the returning of the bag was put on the back burner.I got settled... new ID. I now have some time to return the bag I bought in Las Vegas only to find out... ok just bring the bag in and I could return it even though I DID NOT have a receipt. Ive never returned anything before. So I took the bag in looked around ... feel for the price I paid for this bag The least Nordstroms could do is exchange it for something I like. I'm a good ...

Posted by DMD

... the Austin location. They sent the wrong boots. I returned them to the store and asked them to reorder the right ... to make up for the inconvenience. It is really surprising that they let a pair of really worn boots ship out.

Posted by SydneysMommy

I've become a faithful Nordstrom customer after purchasing from their stores over the years. Any time there was ever any issue with .com orders, or in-store items, it was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I have never been disappointed, and unravel at the hem, and they took them back no questions asked. Full refund. After they were worn! Of course, some people could abuse their system this way...