Neiman Marcus Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Neiman Marcus below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Neiman Marcus so others can benefit from what you learned.

In-Store Purchases

Returning Neiman Marcus purchases made at their retail stores or through their the book catalog is easy and convenient. If dissatisfied with a purchase, simply return any item obtained at a Neiman Marcus store to any Neiman Marcus store. Jewelry and several brands of watches must be returned prior to 60 days.

Gifts can be returned to Neiman Marcus for merchandise credit. This credit can be spent at Neiman Marcus, Horchow, or Bergdorf Goodman stores. The credit will be accepted at their retail stores and online. If the gift is worth more than $2,000, Neiman Marcus will issue a check in that amount to the returner.

Merchandise purchased through the book can be returned to the store for full credit. The merchandise must be in the same condition by which it was sent to the purchaser. If returning the book via the postal service, simply fill out the back of the packing slip and enclose it with the return.

If returning a the book cosmetic or fragrance purchase, the merchandise must be in its original condition and not have been opened. Neiman Marcus will not accept attempted returns of perishable foods or personalized items, such as merchandise that has been monogrammed.

Online Purchases

Neiman Marcus wants customers to be satisfied with their purchases, but sometimes this does not happen for one reason or another. However, Neiman Marcus provides a way for customers to return purchases that do not meet their needs.

Returns depend upon several factors. An item can be returned if it is defective, unwashed or unworn or a gift. Cosmetics need to be in their original packages and unused. However, personalized and perishable items are not returnable.

With their order, customers are given information on what can be returned, when and how. Refer to this information before seeking to return items. How much credit is received for a return depends, for many items, on how long they are held before the return. Other items, such as jewelry and watches, need to be returned, with all documentation, within 60 days of receipt.

Returned items need to be in the same condition in which they were sent, with all original packaging, tags and documentation. The reason for the return is noted on the back of the packing slip. Returns can be replaced in kind or Customers with returns may receive a replacement, credit or refund--depending upon the item, condition, cost or other factors.

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Posted by neveragain

I purchased a Vince shearling leather hooded jacket at the Atlanta Lenox Square store on Dec 3, 2017, on sale for $1186. I traveled to Europe on Dec 6, 2017, and took the coat to wear while travelling. The inner tag fell off on the second day that I wore the jacket (which I placed in the pocket). By the time that I returned from my travels on Dec 17, the leather at the top of BOTH pockets was coming unsewn and appeared to be ripping. On Dec 24, I attempted to return the jacket to the Millennium Mall store in Orlando (where I had travelled for Christmas) due to the shoddy quality, given the price (which was supposedly $1600 before the sale). The department manager said that it could not be returned because it had been worn. I explained that it was falling apart within two weeks of purchase, which would not have been apparent if it had not been worn. If it hadn't fallen apart within two weeks, I would not have returned it. I asked to speak to his superior, who identified herself as the operations manager who again restated the "unworn" requirement in their return policy. If this is truly the return policy, Neiman's should be competitively shopping their competition to find that they are the WORST in that area of customer service. There are plenty of other stores which sell the same or similar merchandise which provide quality and service, and will stand behind the products which they sell, all of which are sorely lacking from my recent experience.

Posted by Ash

The return policy in Neiman's is very poor for international clients. I had an item sent to Dubai directly from the LA store - with the understanding that they would also send me a return shipping label. However, after numerous emails to the manager etc - which I didn't receive any response from, I was finally told by the sales associate that they don't send return labels! I think since it was their failure to communicate the same when I specifically asked them to send the label during shipment (and they had agreed to do the same) - Neiman's needed to fix the issue! It is going to cost me more the 300USD to return the item - which is outrageous! If I had been informed - i would have used their online service instead!! I had expected with a brand known for luxury their after sales service is really bad!

Posted by VS

There is a absolutely on a NM's receipt which would clearly state that cosmetics or fragrances can not be returned once they've been opened or used. And yet very sales associate would wholeheartedly argue that that that's the case. In other words their argument was to prove that all cosmetics sales are FINAL and not returnable. And yet there is absolutely nothing legitimately allowing them to prove that statement. As their returne policy written on a receipt is so vague that everyone can interpret it whatever way they like. Well if that is the case the customer is always right!

Posted by Isabel

I suggest the SA to notify the customers about the new cosmetic return policy as they purchased the products. I bought a cle de peau lipgloss last week, it dried out my lips so bad. Went back to return the lipgloss today. And heard about the new return policy for the first time...

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered some beauty products from Neiman Marcus and requested it be delivered to the store. My order was wrong. I waited at the store for 30 minutes waiting for the person helping me to correct the mistake. I left the store was to receive a phone call regarding my order. I didn't. I didn't the next day either. I called them back. Currently I am still waiting for order to be made right. They have lost their customer.

Posted by Oakie1959us

I bought a jacket for my daughter that didn't fit. I attempted to return it within 2 weeks from purchase with receipt and tags. I am a jokester!! So when the lady ask if I had worn it, I said yes I have been wearing it for 8 months (the receipt) clearly showed it had been purchased barely 2 weeks prior. She took me serious and wouldn't let me return it. Ok, sure I shouldn't have been kidding around. But come on the receipt showed the purchase date. Neimans is already have trouble with slow sales. They sure need to work hard to keep their customers! I have spent many many thousands of dollars here. But maybe I shouldn't any more!

Posted by Martha

NM is high end store only by only prices and not by services they provided to make they customers "completely satesfucted". I bought 2 pair of shoes for my son wedding in August (5 months ahead). But, because I didn't pick the dress yet, I needed more time to decide if I will keep them. So, I went in store and ask to return them and buy them in store. They denied my request and I returned both pair.

Posted by Chi N

longer Neiman Marcus customer.
I have been regular customer as Neiman Marcus for at least 10 years. Spend thousands of dollars on their beauty product. But after Feb 2017 they have new return policie. Any merchandise opened no longer acceptable for return.
I don't call it a satisfied customer. My skin is sensitive. Sometime I have problem with some skin care. The flexible return policy betas the reason for me to feel comfortable to buy their products. The skincare items I usually buy can cost easily $1000. If my skin had some reaction and I can't return. I can't afford to through away $550 bottle of La prairies.
Now I buy makeup from sephora and Nordstrom. Skin care from Nordstrom. Never return to Neiman Marcus.

Posted by CY

I bought a dress online, it too bag then i retuen it by DHL on 1Feb then Neiman Marcus received on 2 Feb, after 21 days (21 Feb 2017), i send them email for my refund status, they reply me : their ecords indicate that my return is in transit to our warehouse. how long it take for this refund? it seem like to wait forever?
my experience very dissatisfied and I just wanted to share my experience

Posted by Sandra

I purchased make up from Neiman Marcus, from the La Pararie counter, they had a event comming up that if you purchased three to four hundred dollars you would get a comestic purse and some samples from la pararie line,so I purchased some make-up, which came to $239.80 and had puchased also some chanel.I Could not have my make-up because it was a pre-event, the associate told me that they would ship it to me. I requested that they request a signture because where I live I don't consider a secure area.Well I waited for my items to come never came, I call the store ask to speak to the associate she said they had shown that Fedex had delivered them, I asked was their a signature she said no because that was a busy week for the store they had forgotten.Well she called me back to let me know that they were going to replace the make-up, but Loss Prevention had decided that it would be good idea for me to drive in and pickup my make-up, which I said Fine, I just wanted my stuff that I paid for.Now I LIVE IN PALMDALE,Ca.Which is 60 miles one way, that's the closest store to me.Is this normal policy?

Posted by Irefgie

I purchase a black Burberry shirt from Neiman Marcus in I and end not wearing do to the fact it was a little smaller then I expect so I tried to return for my refund I was told that I can't return it do to the fact it was wrinkle even though I never wore the shirt, I felt like I were being profile and the looked I receive as if I can't afford the shirt. So my experience very dissatisfied and I just wanted to share my experience

Posted by Marie

I bought a Fleurette coat online. My first purcase from NM in over a year. The coat was huge and had to be returned. I just received a merchandise credit for the $600+ the coat cost. I will use up the credit (it might take a few years) but I will NEVER purchase from them or their affiliates after the credit is used up. This is a horrible policy nflicted on me for no good reason. It is not as if I bought and returned stuff all the time; I don't typically buy from them and I certainly won't in the future.

Posted by PerfumeFan

I have been a loyal NM customer for over 30 years. Recently, I bought a bottle of perfume online after receiving a sample from one of the NM in-store promotions. I also went into a NM store, just to double-check the scent -- and allowed it to "mature" on my skin as I went about my day. Loved the perfume and decided to buy it conveniently online. When the $175.00 bottle of perfume arrived, the fragrance was totally different from both the sample and the tester in the store. So...I called the web hotline and described my issue. They said I cannot return the product since it has been opened. I said I couldn't have known I needed to return it UNTIL I used it! Total deadlock. So...rather than waste hours of my time going to a store and having a potentially ugly experience, I will throw away the bottle and take my cosmetics business elsewhere.

Posted by cat

I just received a letter from Neiman Marcus telling me that my credit card was canceled (after many years). They reviewed my history of purchases and returns and found we did not have a productive customer-merchant relationship. I may not make any purchased or returns. Anything I buy from them is non-returnable. "it is unfortunate that Neiman Marcus must make this difficult decision." Nowhere was it stated that an undefined number of returns would result in being refused as a customer. I live in a small town and shop online. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. These terms should, at least, be stated. They are not customer friendly. They do not live up to their free returns policy. Don't go there; it is humiliating.

Posted by Chezchez

After reading all the negative reviews, I decided to return my item which I purchased online, in person. I was met by a very nice gentleman who asked a customer service specialist to help me. She cheerfully walked me to a private alcove where she scanned my packing slip, and immediately gave me a return receipt, which is credited to the account I used to purchase the item. She then offered me a bottle of water, and some packaged cookies to sip and munch while I was browsing in the store. I walked out of the store feeling delighted with their service, and can't understand why the other reviewers had so many problems. On the back of my packing slip, their return policy is very clear, and they processed my return exactly as they said they would. I live about an hour away from the nearest Neiman Marcus store, so I usually shop online. This is the first time I had to return anything. The SurePost return label is free, but you don't get a drop off receipt, and that is the only thing I don't like.

Posted by No more

My wife purchased a pair of Robert Graham shorts for my birthday which had to be ordered through the Neiman Marcus store. The shorts were quit expensive given the fact that they were manufactured in China. Well we took the shorts back to the store where they were purchased with the original tags & receipt. The salesperson and manager processed the return for us which was a credit to my Neiman Marcus account. Neiman Marcus doesnot have its return policy posted in their retail stored, in fact greedy & anxious sales persons will always make it a point to state..." Neiman Marcus has a very liberal return policy". Go and try to make a return. They are very deceitful in stating a policy which is deceitful, false and misleading to any consumer. I was told that the item which we returned for credit could be picked up in the store, since Mr. Randy Vines, Director of Loss Prevention at Renaissance Center denied the return, despite that the garment was defective and the garment was accepted for return by Dana Maurici, a department manager at the men's store. I have contacted our attorney to have this matter litigated. Neiman Marcus is very misleading when it applies a return policy that is not written and posted.

Posted by TexMissuss

This is one of the the greediest most unsatisfactory establishments to make a return to...doesn't matter if it is in the same condition as purchased -presumably UNWORN and UNUSED- it doesn't matter that cosmetic companies rent space and have additional obligations under FDA and Fed Consumer laws- so just remember returns are unwelcome no matter what- expect rude mistreatment- expect haughty employees- for some things like designer shoes in excess 1200.00 PLAN on a 75% reduction even if the things never left the store box; buying a top of the line handbag or shoes at over 1500.00? MAKE CERTAIN you get all the dust bags the paperwork or better yet just shop at SAKS.

Posted by Anonymous

I recieved a gift from my parents who live in another state,and yesterday i tried to exchange the shoes for my size. The shoes which have never been worn were not exchanged and now i have a pair of 600 dollar size 11 shoes sitting back in my closet cause i wear size 9. Thanks for nothing, i know nordstroms wouldve taken them without hesitation.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to neiman marcus to return an item I bought 1 day ago unopened box perfect there were 5 people in customer service talking when I got there. I had my receipt and item said we don't do return here on makeup u have to go upstairs said I did before onetime. She didn't even look at the purchase I was rushing and presumed customer service take everything back first time I ever refused to return an item thought this is what they are there for. Now I might just return everything I bought there and go elsewhere to purchase. Just read another comment HELLO NORDSTROM BYE BYE NEIMANS for me too they make life so much easier and they have all the products there too

Posted by Anonymous

Neiman Marcus is a joke.They are ridiculously priced when you can go to Bloomingdale's,Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, for the same kind of T-shirts, sweaters,dresses,shoes these stores carry the same designer brands and give much better customer service. I placed an order on line and received it all defective. Not one time, twice. In reviews you have lost fantastic customers who didn't even care the price. also,get your customer service together... and,the packaging service also. I cant say 1 good thing about Neiman Marcus... I would rather shop at Saks Fifth Avenue any day of the week.:)

Posted by BARB

I purchased channel cosmetics from Mrs Jenny Good @ Houston Neiman M.
as I normally do & it is shipped to me in another state. I was visiting Houston for work & went to Neimans to return Chanel cosmetics that I did not like . went to customer service to make return and was treated like a criminal trying to return stolen merchandise ...I let the C.S. person Michele S. know that it was purchased on my NM card & gave her the date of purchase ..she kept me there for 35minutes to torture me for a return .. LAST TIME @ NEIMAN'S

Posted by rae

As a Neiman Marcus charge card holder for years buying both at Last Call and Neiman Marcus via online. I had bought a dress which didn't fit and thought I would return it upon my visit to South Florida. I went to the Boca Raton store and was told they do not accept Last Call Returns and I would have to go to the Sawgrass Outlet Last Call Store. Although out of my way I did only to find out that they do not accept ...

Posted by wefflebean

...ordered one rug from Neiman Marcus. I recieved the wrong color and had to exchange it. Ok things happen... but when they shipped the 2nd rug it was AGAIN the wrong color... recieved the correct one. Then they shipped ANOTHER one, the correct color but...

Posted by clove_925

...had the worst time working with Neiman Marcus and their customer service. I had wanted to return a wedding gift. They were.... Four weeks later I called to check on the gift card and it still was not processed. Six weeks later I call to check on the status and they didn't send...a "Thank you" card for the gift and now they know I returned it. I called to resolve this and they said they don't know if they can. I have to wait 5 days to see if it is processed than it will take me another 7-10 ... an issue if they could refund me at the store. I never plan to shop at Neiman Marcus again. This is ...

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer of Neiman Marcus, Coral Gables for over two years and have ...service each time. I have also purchased and returned handbags with Ms. Marante,and she has... over a year old and used, no one in any store would return it. That is not a Neiman Marcus thing, that is a retail thing.... policies vary and if there is no policy, it is at the store's discretion. I agree with her comment that... within your financial means. As far as general service at Neiman's in Coral Gables, they are the best!!! ...

Posted by Anonymous

...Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman online are the same). They sent me a different (inferior) bag from what I ordered. I returned it, received credit. Weeks later they charged my credit card WITHOUT my authorization and sent me the same, wrong bag. I rejected the bag...this is the THIRD TIME, they charged my account and sent me the same bag. Again, I rejected the bag and my credit card company credited my account. Listen to this, yesterday (11.11.10) I made a small purchase on Neiman Marcus online with a gift card, thinking it's probably safe ...

Posted by interweb77

...bought channel bag for my wife and Neiman made error on billing so first bill was not received and returned to Neiman.(They told us there ...they are calling 5-8times per day to telling us to make payment!!!. (told them we ...receive it. I told CSR please put note on the account and wait till you receive ...keep calling u untill we receive the money?! WTF is this? is this Neiman Macus or some collection agent?...

Posted by Boy-Boycotter

first, their "price match" policy sucks. i bought a pair of jeans for $168. found the same pair online on sale for $99. whether or not the $99 sale price was found on neiman marcus online or any other online merchant shouldn't be an issue; doesn't it make sense for them to honor the sale price and refund the difference? if they don't, i'll just shop online from now on, ... lose means lower sales. eventually they'll alienate enough customers like liberty house did with their lousy store policies and go out of business. just watch and see. it's just a matter of time. who wants to ...