Michaels Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Michaels below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Michaels so others can benefit from what you learned.

Michaels Return Policy

Michaels accepts returns from customers who possess valid photo identification cards. All return activity is tracked by the company, and Michaels often limits the number of returns and exchanges one customer may utilize. Customers may return items that are unused and in their original packaging if they have a receipt. The purchase may not have been made more than two months prior to the exchange or return. Upon accepting the return, Michaels will credit the original method of payment with the refund amount.

If the customer does not have a valid receipt, Michaels will give the customer a refund at the lowest price of the item within the last three months. When it comes to items that have been opened, electronic items are returnable if they are still in new condition.

There are some items that Michaels does not accept in returns, including gift cards and items that have been used. Seasonal items and custom floral arrangements are not refunded without a receipt.

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Posted by Linda

I returned an item received for Christmas with a gift receipt. Instead of getting money back I was given a gift card. Your policy says items can be returned with receipt so why was I not given money back? I am not sure what the point of getting a gift receipt is if you don't treat it the same as a return with receipt? This makes me think twice about buying anything in your store.

Posted by Pdawg

I tried to return paint brushes sent to me by my sister through the mail without the receipt. I was given the third degree about the brushes, and then informed I must have the receipt or the phone number of my sister for some rewards garbage. I wasn't trying to get a refund just exchange them for something else. My sister lost the receipt and didn't give her number when she purchased them. Now I am stuck with these brushes I don't need, and theveryone manager made it seem like I stole them. Very unprofessional and uncalled for. Will never go there again

Posted by Bella

Michaels customer service is horrible! I tried to return a $20 item without a receipt that my daughter got for her birthday and they said no-manager disgression. That is not in their return policy. I was not asking for a refund. I just wanted her to be able to exchange it for something else. Insane!

Posted by Anonymous

I received a Phillips Remote control that doesn't work, where do I send it back

Posted by DMH

Was shocked to be charged a restocking fee for faux greenery stems I bought. They were too big for where I wanted to use them. They were 19.99 each. I returned them with the receipt two days later and only received 14.99 back for each. I was shocked!!! Micheals stole $20 from me. Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabrics will get my business from now on. I am telling all my friends not to shop at Michaels, go elsewhere.

Posted by R Dub

Michaels in Redlands, CA is great! No "restocking fee" on returns or exchange, in fact, there'a no sich thing in the return policy online, so I'm not sure how they can get away with it in all these posts on this page :/
The store is always clean and well organized, staff is alway friendly. Maybe its the area. Its a nice shopping center, & is near other craft stores. If it was as a lot of you describe (in disaray, rude emoloyees, crappy return policy) I think it would go out of business. We have Joanne's & a few other small business local crafts stores that would be an atractive alternative if Michaels pulled that crap.

Posted by Maureen

the frames I ordered were the wrong ones. it was not my mistake. Please send a return label so that I can send it back

Posted by Axenty

Maybe it also has to do with the store you shop at. I've returned different items paints, paper, brushes, Art books, glue's, They never charged me a restocking fee, in fact I've dealt with nearly all of the employee's with in the 4 yrs I've shopped at Inglewood's, Store located off Village and Century, when I found items I needed like tubes of Acrylic paints and partially damaged, but still usable, they would allow me to buy it giving a huge discount more like a steal not just some employee's all of them very friendly and courteous.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow,reading Everybody's Post About Michaels Customer Service And Returns. I Will Not Shop There Any Longer. You Would Think The Michaels Owner(s) Would Be Concerned. When The Owners Do Not Care About Their Customer Service Business Starts To Fail! But I Guess You Have To Care About Your Business And Not Be In It For The Money Only!

Posted by Sue

I returned on onlone purchase to a retail store after the item arrived broken. I was reimbursed for the cost of the item, but not the shipping and tax. Wow. Not a great way to keep a customer. I'll be shopping elsewhere.

Posted by NLF

A restocking fee for Michaels. PATHETIC. Guess I'll shop at Joann's now. No more Michael's for me if they care more about ripping off consumers than providing a good experience.

Posted by Taurosta

So annoyed. I purchase things at my Micheals every week for the last year. Went to return a basket I purchased the day before and they only gave me 6.99 for a 9.99 purchase. I can walk the basket back to the basket pile myself, this two dollar fee is ridiculous. Very disappointed in this store.

Posted by Tia

What is it with Michael's and yarn? Tried returning two skeins of yarn as they were the wrong dye lot and stuck out against the yarn I already had. They were still in the wrappers, I had the receipt and had purchased them two...yes, TWO days before. I was told I would be charged a restock fee of $6, $2 for each skein. $2 for one of your employees to lumber back to the department and put it in a bin? Doesn't someone already have to go through that department and put the skeins back in the proper bins as part of his or her JOB? Granted the department looked like it hadn't been touched by an employee for days. I kept the yarn and sold it on etsy. No more shopping at Michael's, they probably charge a restocking fee for every item you return. Good way to make money when you suck.

Posted by Anonymous

My mother tried to exchange a skein of yarn without a receipt and the cashier told her that they could only give her a store credit. Then preceded to give her a store credit of $4.99 for a skein of yarn that she paid $6.99 for. When my mother asked her why she was only giving her $4.99 she stated that she was being charged $2.00 for putting the item back in the system. This is ridiculous considering she was willing to pay the difference to get a different color of yarn. I work in retail and I would never do a customer in such a manner. She will not be returning to your store again and neither shall I. I will let my family and friends know of the way she was done and I'm sure they will go else where as well.

Posted by Anonymous

Would like to know how I can be Benefited by this mistake. I was 99% sure Correct address was on my order. It was sent to wrong one & opened. Am I then SCREWED and Never will I on line from Michaels again. Makes me very sad as I love your Store.

Posted by Krb

Awful company! Disgusted by the way they treated me and talked to me. Refused to accept my coupon...called customer service and the manager hopefully got in trouble for yelling at me when he was wrong. My first time there and will NEVER RETURN TO SHOP AT MICHAELS!

Posted by jleishman

Today I went to Michael's in Westminster, CO to return or exchange 3 coloring books I purchased for a Christmas gift exchange (which I didn't end up using)--and I had my receipt. The cashier told me that the policy for coloring books was that refunds could only be giving within 7 days of purchase (my purchase was made on Dec 23, 2015--10 days ago). Then I asked if I could exchange the coloring books for ones that were more to my liking. The cashier then told me that they don't do exchanges for coloring books. I asked where this was stated, as it didn't say anything about this on the receipt and they told me that their return policy was on the website. This is total BS. I checked the website and it says absolutely nothing about coloring books having to be returned within 7 days of purchase and nothing about not being able to exchange coloring books for other coloring books. So I thought I would try another Michael's where I have had much better experiences. So I headed to the Michael's in Superior, CO. I walked up to the cashier at the counter and asked what the return/exchange policy was for coloring books. He told me that if they were unused and I had my receipt, then I could return or exchange them. He made my day! I will never again step foot in the Michael's in Westminster. They are seriously lacking in the skill of providing good customer service. If you're in CO, shop at Michael's in Superior!!!

Posted by Maui2soon

Wow, talk about rough handling! My daughter has receipt 2 wks old, unopened bees wax, photo ID, and Cheektowaga Michaels is demanding the original credit card! BANDITS. the cc is back in Florida with her grandfather who bought it here, in this store. Goodbye Michaels!!!

Posted by Kody

I just spent $109 yesterday on some tie dye stuff and some fabric paints and the girl never gave me my receipt at the Michaels at uptown mall. I'm very annoyed. thanks guys that's the last time I buy from you. your employees need to give people there recites it's like money. don't be so mean to people when it's your job to keep your customers happy and I'm not Impressed. happy holidays

Posted by Jenny

I bought various stuff for a Christmas party.. We did not use all the crafts so I thought I would return them or exchange them for floral crafts. With in the 3 days of purchase my purse was stolen and the receipts where in their along with the credit card I payed with. I asked if I can exchange for stuff I really need and they said no!!! They where very rude and I will stick to Hobby Lobby from now on!! I learned my lesson,. :(

Posted by Goodbye Michael's Paramus

I attempted to return a craft kit to Michael's in Paramus New Jersey. It was unopened and in exactly the same condition as when I purchased it. I did not have have the receipt. I had all of my identification with me. They refused to look it up, or give me store credit because it was a "high end" item. Really?! Where on your return policy is THIS listed as a condition? Just down the highway in Paramus, there is a Tesla dealer and other very high-end auto dealers. Michael's sells many products and services such as framing that are much more costly. I will not be shopping at this Michael's ever again. In 3 weeks, your seasonal staff will be gone, and allowing them to make these kinds of decisions themselves is not great for your year-round bottom line. They don't understand about customer good will not do they care.

Posted by BL Rarus

bought a Christmas Tree from Michael's 2 weeks ago at $149.99. Today I saw it on sale for $129.99 so I called Michael's in Deerfield Beach FL and asked for a refund of the difference. I was told that I would have to bring both my receipt and the tree back to get the $20 difference. Unbelievable! Why bother - just take the tree back, get a full refund and go somewhere else that provides better customer service (Target, Wal-mart, Lowes and Home Depot)? Needless to say, Michael's has lost a customer for life.

Posted by Catv

I had 3 big item to exchange without a reciept. The clerk said they were much to expensive for them to exchange... Or it was against their policy. So I said can I just return for store credit. Not knowing she did each exchange 3 different times on 3 different cards . I asked why cant u put the total amount on one gift card? She refused to answer.... Then when I returned to exchange a a non opened paint thinner the register had an alert warning in my personal Ca ID, stating that I had way to many returns without a receipt ???? So I was declined. Therefore the last visit return transactions put a dent in my personal shopping history with michaels... I do t get it. It's a craft store?, people are bound to need an exchange or return depending on the project. That's should be a rule to all crafters/artists...

Posted by Anonymous

Today i went to michaels to return my item i purchased i have my receipt payed with my debit card well my little girl she colors on the receipt so they say that they cant accept wow i just spent over $500 hundred dollars and you cant accept it. So i go home and tell my wife so she calls the corporate office and talks to someone and the lady tells my wife to hold on so when the lady comes she has the store manager on the other line and tells my wife that for her to bring it down but if i cant read it im not going to accept it but everything shows on there how much i spend and where i bought it from it just has a little scribble on it. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT MICHAELS AGAIN AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE THAT MICHAEL CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS AND ALSO THE RETURN POLICY

Posted by Disapointed

I just tried to return one utem at michaels in newark DE i lost my receipt they refused to return it i asked for store credit they wouldnt even do that from now on i will never spend another dime in that store how i was treated was very petty some one at michaels really needs to do some thing about there return policy with out a receipt they couldnt give me store credit on one lousy 20$ item people do lose there receipts

Posted by DebZeppelin

I bought 42 scrapbook papers on sale at 7/$1 or about 15 cents apiece. I determined I had too many of a particular color and brought them back to the store with my receipt, to exchange for another color. Since they were no longer on sale, I was charged 59 cents apiece. I was told that was their policy. While not a lot of money, this is an unfair practice.

Posted by Anonymous

Just left a Michaels store in saint louis where I was told I COULD NOT EXCHANGE without a receipt. Really? It was a $5 item. Who knows what happened to the receipt. Now I read that she COULD HAVE exchanged my item for me!! Not happy! Shame on you!!


i was in michaels today to use a gift card I had recieved. When cking out forgot to give the clerk my 40% off coupon. I purchased several items that were full price. the gift card was for $20. I paid the remainder with a personal ck. When I went back to the same clerk to use my 40% off coupon she told me I could not for 9 days bc I wrote a personal ck for $18.00. I do not drive and I was fortunate enough to get a ride! No way will I have to get there in 9 days. Today was my last [purchase at Michaels. I will go somewhere else!

Posted by Shaune

I lost my receipt and had a very bad experience returning a 20.00 item and she was very rude and did not care that I paid 20. and she was going to give me 8.99 back....She was like go get your receipt then.

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed with Michaels customer service, I paid for my purchases with a check. As I was leaving the store, I looked at my receipt & noticed I had been charged full price for two sale items.I was told they could not refund the over charge, since I paid with a check, they gave me a plastic card to receive my money back. I went back to Michaels, two weeks later to pick up my cash and was told they couldn't give me a refund, cause I waited more than 10 days to claim my refund. Cashier & manager were rude & uncarring. They told me they could only give me credit on a purchase. It was like being robbed without using a gun. I will never shop there again & I have told all my fellow artist't about this incident, they also refuse to ever shop there again. So Michael's has lost many customers.jewels


Posted by Mirna

I tried to return an unused cricut with the receipt and that did not work. I called customer service and that did not work. OMG what do I need to do to get my money back!

Posted by Anonymous

I had a very bad experience returning a cricut. The manager was rude and told me to call customer service. I called and I am still waiting. Very bad service!

Posted by George

Michaels Returns and Refunds policy is very unfair. Since their quality of the items they sell are very poor they know they will have lot of returns. Only way they can survive is to have very strict Return policy. Basically this means no Returns.

Posted by Old man in a new world

This is a first for me. I bought some items at Michaels 8/29/14 and paid by check. On 9/10/14 I tried to return some of the items to the same store, I was TOLD THAT THEY COULD NOT GIVE ME A refund and they did not know why but they gave me a phone number to call. when I got home it was 5 pm. I called and got a recording that Judy Soandso from corporate was not at her desk and for me to leave a detailed message and she would get back to me as soon as possible.I am guessing that I have to wait until tomorrow and hope that I am home or I have to call her again.

Posted by shopaholicdiva

I don't like their return policy on items used & didn't work properly. I guess I have to return it to the original company.

Posted by B.

Too bad for me, doesn't look like I have any recourse in getting a refund for the junkie poster frames I bought. Even though they weren't opened until a month ago, it's been more than two months since I bought them. They were just great until I put posters in them and hung them on the wall, then they warped and the frames fell apart. Pretty much useless now. Thankfully I don't shop at Michael's much, so never going back won't bother me.