Meijer Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Meijer below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Meijer so others can benefit from what you learned.

In-Store Purchases

Meijer's has refund and exchange policies that vary depending on the type of item purchased. General merchandise may be returned within 90 days, except alcohol, tobacco, prepaid cards, ammunition, blood glucose monitors and collector sports cards that have been opened.

Electronic media, such as music, movies or video games may be returned only if the original packaging is unopened. If defective, these items may be returned for an exchange towards the same product only. Electronics items, magazines, books and equipment powered by gas may be returned within 30 days. Items powered by gas may be subject to a restocking fee of up to $25 and other restrictions.

To obtain a refund, the customer should present the item, receipt and original method of payment used (credit card or debit card). If no receipt is presented, Meijer will attempt to locate the transaction within its systems and issue a Meijer Merchandise Return Card for the value of the item. Valid identification is required when returning an item that is not accompanied by its original receipt.

Food items may be returned for refund, provided that they were not paid for with WIC, otherwise only an exchange for the same product is allowed.

Online Purchases's return policy states that most non-electronic items can be returned within 90 days after they are delivered. Any items returned must be accompanied by their original packaging and contain any accessories and manuals that came with them.

Some items are subject to a different policy. Collectibles, electronics, computer software, video games, music, movies and computers can only be returned if they are unopened or found to be defective after a QA verification. These items may be returned within 30 days.

Live wreaths and Christmas trees can only be returned within 3 days of delivery.

Refunds may take up to 14 business days to be applied. The customer will be notified by email once the refund request has been processed by Credits are applied depending on the original method of payment used. If a credit card was used to pay for an order, the entire amount will be refunded to the same credit card. If a gift card was used, the purchase amount will be refunded to the same gift card. If the customer used multiple gift cards to purchase an item, the original amount taken from each card will be refunded to the same gift cards.

See what others are saying about Meijer returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by Jessica

Didn't realize I couldn't put past purchases on my Mperks once I signed up and the cashier knew about the $10gift card coupon and didn't mention it to me. How rude! If I would have known I would get a coupon AFTER I sign up and I couldn't apply past purchases I would have waited until I signed up. JERKS

Posted by Lynn

I purchased a 3 lb log of Jennie o turkey that was spoiled returned with receipt. The credited my card but it still has not shown up 2 days later. The girl at customer service said max time 24 hours the guy the next day said min 24 hours. Always something here. Highland, Indiana store.

Posted by Frustrated Meijer Shopper

I've been able to return opened makeup before at Meijer but the one in Indiana recently said they changed it. You can no longer return any kind of opened beauty item. Period. Kinda frustrating since most drugstores (cvs, walgreens) have easy opened makeup return policies.

Posted by Sad customer

I was at the champaign Illinois meijers on prospect today. I had a return ( a bears mug that freezes when put in freezer and a men's belt and a package of unopened women's underwear) I didn't have a receipt so I was expecting store credit put on one of there cards ... No they told me no store credit... they told me to take my items back home with me and I was stuck with them the girl even called her manager... really is this the policy if so I won't shop there anymore

Posted by alfredpfenning

I bought a cell phone @ Meijers for my wife. As she uses it very little I did notice that it was not recieving calls but could place calls. I called Meijers service which said I could bring it back. They then said I should talk with electronics. They said they would not take the cell phone back as it was in their policy not to take cell phone returns. I checked and their return policy says nothing about cell phone returns. Trac Phone says that the phone probably defective. WALMART HERE I COME!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I just returned from the Meijer Pharmacy to refill a prescription and get a flu shot. The store number is 215,my user ID: and password: I have been shopping at this Bolingbrook, IL. store since it opened several years ago. My experiences and satisfaction with Meijers service has always been excellant especially in the ...

Posted by Anonymous would arrive for pickup in the store on a certain date. What I didn't know was you were supposed to pay attention to their ... earlier. You are then given 14 days to pick up the item, afterwards it is returned. I missed it (since the date ... the problem. I asked if they could re-ship it, and they said no. Probably won't ...

Posted by Mr.Vickers

I was at the Meijer store in Roseville #63. A young man working nights in Automotive and Sporting Sections, named Corey, for me. He made sure it would start before he returned to the store. I have NOT seen exceptional customer service like this in a very long time. Hats off to Corey...

Posted by JoAnne

...this pie - and little yellow tag said $4.99. I was charged $7.99. Went to Customer Service after taking photo of... small letters under sale price of $4.99 was (meringues). I returned the pie and was credited $7.99. I believe this is deceptive advertising. Most likely customers pick up the pie... do not check their sales receipt. I shop mainly at Meijers for groceries, but this leaves an unpleasant impression. Please be ...