Mary Kay Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Mary Kay below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Mary Kay so others can benefit from what you learned.

Mary Kay Return Policy

The Mary Kay Guarantee

Every product that is sold by a Mary Kay Independent Consultant comes with the Mary Kay guarantee. Each customer is offered 100 percent satisfaction. Mary Kay has high standards for all products and places a strong emphasis on customers satisfaction. The product relationship and gap research found the following information from their customer satisfaction survey:

  • Customers of Mary Kay are 100 percent satisfied with their products
  • Nine out of ten customers are satisfied with Mary Kay products and are loyal to the brand
  • 90 percent of Mary Kay costumers feel the products offer a good price for the quality

Customer Satisfaction Department

If a current Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant is no longer active in her Mary Kay business or if she can not be reached, all customers have the option of contacting the customer satisfaction department at 800-MARY KAY. Each customer will be served through this department. A product will be replaced if a customer is not 100 percent satisfied. There is a refund policy that does require a proof of purchase. A full purchase price will be refunded without charge per customer request.

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Posted by ISUGirl2018

I purchased the Miracle Set 4 months ago. After using it for about a month consistently I was getting more acne then before I had started using it. I was very unhappy with it and told my distributor that i just wanted to return it and get my refund. I mailed the Miracle Set back to the distributor over the Thanksgiving holiday, and she let me know she received it. Well it's been about a month and a half later I still haven't received my refund. I have texted and called the distributor a few times, each time she makes an excuse for why i haven't received a refund. The first time she said she didn't have my credit card information. How did she expect to do return if she didn't have my information?! Then she said she needed to pay some bills so she my refund would have to wait. I am getting very upset about the whole thing and am not sure what to do next or who to take it to. Thank you.

Posted by Trish

My mother bought time wise serum from a lady selling it from a booth at the salon she goes to. The product flakes when used with the time wise moisturizer she wants a refund as she's only used it twice. But the lady refuses to help her. I have the full bottle but no receipt was given just cash for the products. These products aren't cheap either. How does she get a refund?

Posted by Anonymous

Mysty Kay dealer has informed me that there is no guarantee with the product, my check was returned twice I offered to give her back the products and she refuses . She is working to becie a director and has left me two notes threatening to take me to the copes for theft, I have used Mary lay since 28 and I know there is a wonderful guarantee on the product

Posted by M V

...Kay Case Customer Satisfaction Rep. I placed an order with Mary Kay on 05-05-2012. At this time, ... Corporate, I do not have the product I ordered, or a refund. The hold time for the 800 number has been over 15 minutes on various days when I have tried to call. I terminate the call at... time. The Rep told me my refund was processed on 8 days ago. However, at this time, I have not received the refund. When I do get through to a Rep, each woman... appreciate their help. I am hopefully I will have a refund before the end of the month. I would not purchase...