Marshalls Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Marshalls below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Marshalls so others can benefit from what you learned.

Marshalls Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is of top priority at Marshalls, however in the event an item requires a refund or exchange, their policy outlines the procedure.

With the store receipt, a refund or exchange will be processed within 30 days of the purchase date. A store credit will be issued for any returns without a receipt (or gift receipt) or that have passed 30 days.

Merchandise should be in clean, unworn condition. Any merchandise that appears used will not be accepted. Swimwear and intimate apparel must have tags securely attached for refunds. Other restrictions may apply.

With so much fraudulent return activity among retail stores, Marshalls reserves the right to limit or decline a return based on their refund verification system.

In order for a refund to be processed without a receipt (or with a gift receipt), valid ID such as a drivers license or state issued ID is required along contact information and signature. A signature may still be required for returns with a receipt as well. To help make the return or exchange process swift and easy, make sure your receipt is accessible.

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Posted by NJShopper1218

I accompanied my mother to Marshals last night so she could exchange or return a handbag which was $24.99. My mother did not realize until after she took the tag off that the strap of the bag was damaged. Unfortunately she could not find the receipt. It had only been 48 hours since you purchased the bag and her credit card was able to provide proof that she made a purchase except it was not itemized. I helped my mom take back the purse along with the tag. The manager in the store told me even though we have the credit card there was no way she could read generate A receipt. That is my number one complaint. Marshall's is a huge corporation and they cannot have the ability to regenerate a receipt. Other stores like dicks sporting goods and our local grocery chain are able to regenerate receipts as long as you have the credit card that you used. I will be very hesitant to shop here again Because in case you lose your receipt you'll never get be able to get another one. Secondly the manager at Marshall's who handled my moms transaction was completely rude and condescending to her. She told my mother that the bag looks used and I mother told her she did not use the bag she found the bag damaged before she could use it. I intervened for my mom because I could see she was getting upset and I asked the manager if she could we generate a receipt since we do have the credit card. She said she could not and because the price tag was off the item she was not able to exchange or return it. I told her that using a purse would not create such damage. With frustration she told me she would check the system with the price tag but if the barcode on the tag did not much the brand name of the bag she would not take it back. We said fine because we were confident that that was the tag that came with the bag. And then if you're came back and said I will do this this one time. She made my mom feel as that she was doing her a big favor. I asked if the tag matched the item and she said no it did not but she will do it this time. So at least the manager accommodated My mom's request but The way she treated my mother was awful and at this day and age with computer systems there should be no reason why a receipt cannot be regenerated. And there are so many other stores with much better return policies to choose from That this experience will not make me want to go back to marshals again.

Posted by Jason1257

I'm not sure if this was because the employee remembered me, if it was something that the employee shouldn't have done or just something with my particular store. But I have to commend them for it. I bought a flannel shirt over the holidays for myself, wore it once and then washed it and ended up shrinking it although I air dried it. Took it to my store no tags but I did have the receipt and they explained they had a return policy that allowed me to return it if they fabric shrinks and it has no warning on the care label. Needless to say marshalls is my store I will always shop at.

Posted by fed up

I used to be a loyal Marshalls customer. When I went to do an exchange in the Whittier, California store with a receipt, I was denied because it was over 30 days. I asked when did this policy go into effect and she rudely pointed at a sign, as if I was ignorant. No class and terrible customer service. I will be cancelling my credit card and shopping at Target, Nordstrom, Macy's and Kohl's who have excellent customer service and return policies.


Marshalls and TJMaxx have gone from being my favorite stores to being the WORST stores. I have shopped at both for over 30 years and they used to be great, but now they are HORRIBLE. I really wish people would get together and file a class action lawsuit against them. Their return policy changes like the weather. The return policy is different at each store and for each customer. That is ridiculous and it needs to stop. It is unethical because they do not stand by the policy that is posted on their websites. Their employees are never properly trained and their management is THE WORST. They have new managers every time you turn around and they are rude and total idiots. And then they have the nerve to practically demand that you sign up for a credit card after they treat you like dirt. I hope someday they get sued so bad they go bankrupt and go out of business.

Posted by coachpacky

i bought a pound of coffee from marshalls for $5.99 .. it was the worst tasting coffee i have ever had. i had the reciept and went back to get a refund. i was told that because i opened it i could not get a refund. well, how am i supposed to know if i am satisfied with the coffee if i don't taste it ?? when i talked to the store manager, she told me to just throw it away.. so a 6 dollar refund from a multi-million dollar corporation is apparently more than they can handle.. they will never see me again...

Posted by Ashleyl1985

I have three toys that I purchased for friends of the family and after I wrapped them found out that we decided not to exchange gifts with them. I took the Marshall's tags off so the recipient wouldn't have seen the price...would I be able to return these? I cannot find the receipt, I went to a few Marshall's to get purchases for Christmas and I'm not sure if they're on the receipt that I do have...if not, I realize my only option would be store credit. I purchased the items on 11/21/17

Posted by Ana

Bought a bed comfort and it wasnt the color my daughter i misplace the receipt so i took to the store and they said Im sorry we cant return without receipt..just wanted to get another one instead

Posted by Good Consumer

I have never had a problem returning things with a receipt and without a receipt they always give store credit. That's completely fair. They are trying to stop people from stealing and then returning the stuff for cash. So keep your receipt or don't complain.

Posted by FED UP

Dec. 9,2017, St. Louis, MO, I had some returns not unusual I've been a customer for over 30 years Marshalls WAS my favorite store. I had receipts for some of the items but two I did not. They were purchased over 30 days ago but still with tags in perfect condition. I was refused a store credit. I was stunned the cashier asked me if I would like to speak to the manager and I said yes. Side note, I have never had to speak to a manager in Marshalls before. I waited he could not help me,"This was the policy". Never again will I step in that store.

Posted by Sad in St. Louis

So disgusted with the Marshalls return policy tonight. I had four items without a receipt and figured I would be given store credit which was fine with me. Apparently if the item doesn't "show up in the system" you get nothing. All tags still on the items along with stickers with the size on the pants. I have shopped at Marshalls for about 30 years and never had a problem like this before. The manager suggested I try the Marshalls I bought it at so I drove across town to be told the same pathetic excuse. I have always enjoyed shopping at Marshalls but with this pathetic return policy I honestly don't think I will ever shop there again. The managers were rude and wasted my time making me drive to a second store. Very disappointed in Marshalls!

Posted by Jayedward

Hello there.....I was in a marshals Monday the 27th of november...I ran late that morning to work due to the fact my oldest son had wrecked his truck an was on life support. With that being said I forgot my head phones for work so I bought a pair at marshalls. The next day I brought the ear buds back with a receipt to return because I didn't need them, I just forgot my original pair. The girl that was helping me looked confused an then asked the other girl that worked at the store longer for her help. She asked"are we aloud to return head phones"? The girl replied did you use them, an I said yes 1 day cause I forgot my own pair the day before. She replied an said sorry you used them an we can't return them. I said thanks any ways an went on about my day a little upset cause I didn't need the head phones an I wasn't being rude an really couldn't afford them...However I went about my day an my son did pass away the next day and it's 1 of the hardest thing I'm dealing with in my life.....I'm home thinking about these headphones I don't need an still don't understand why I was treated that way? The store knows me and some of the associates knew of my situation but this cashier must not like me or was having a bad day? This doesn't make me ever want to shop or buy anything from a marshals or TJ maxx ever again.....

Posted by Are you kidding me?

I bought a leather jacket for$189.99, had receipt and returned it at another Marshall's as I hoped I might find it in another size there and didn't.As i walked out of the store I realized that the amount for it was not returned to me on my return receipt.I immediate called the store, which was closing, and alerted a manager. She had approved this return. i had to drive all of the way back there the next day, to get my money.In the meantime,i had bought about $600.00 of more items the night of the return.I noticed that a cheap imitation leather jacket was missing it's tag, it was $29.99. I thought it was odd?I got the store to print another tag for this item and also noticed that expensive leather jacket I returned was no where in the store?Obviously, an employee switched my 29.99 tag onto the leather jacket that was originally $499.99 but sold for $189.00.I didn't say anything about that, but i was also charged 39.99 too much, no item to match one of the charges on the $600.00 purchase?it was rectified as i brought back each item and it was checked off the receipt about a week later when i tried to return some of my items purchased with tags and receipts, a manager had to check each item and was denied returns.I was given an excuse that any returns over $100.00 are handled like this, no way! I have done so several times w/out this procedure. I got treated like a person doing something wrong,on a Marshall's emloyee's mistake or?Bye Marshalls, nice knowing you, I spent about 15,000 a year in your stores, but never again, tacking my card and not watching your employees is inexcusable.

Posted by returns and refunds

On November 18, 2017 in Staten Island, NY Marshals I wanted to return new coat(all tags attached), but I LOST A receipt. The coat price $69.99 The manager of the store expline to me, that is a new rules. They not take back merchandise without receipt if the price is over $50.00.

Posted by Keep'nitReal

I spend a lot of money at Marshall's I don't seem to keep good track of my receipts and u Ave never had a problem returning something for store credit without my receipt, until tonight. I epect Marshall's to follow the return policy as described the associate, and store manager need to follow that policy and do not have authority to change it verbally I will be reporting to consumer affairs. Possibly a lawsuit I can feel completely disrespected and discriminated

Posted by Jackie

I had the worst experience with marshals in Allentown PA when manger refused to return a pair of sandals biuught at marshals a week earlier that broke and the same shoes were still there policy says they will give credit ... all I want was a new pair of shoes.. she was rude and condescending !!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I ATTEMPTE TORETURN ITEMS AT The LAUREL MD TORE AND SWITH A MANAGER BY THE NAME OF ANGELA, SHE WAS COURTEOUS,however, the store policy is not customer driven or customer satisfaction driven.Evidently without a register receipt the customer has to receive a store credit .I was advised that even while using a debit or credit card the register can not research transactions not even from another Marshalls store the return transaction has to be done at the store of purchase which is why I took the merchandise there I purchased sMORE THAN $100.00 WORTH OF MERCHANDISE WITH MY VISA DEBIT CARD NEEDLESSTO SAY I WILLNOT SHOP THEREE AGAIN, I WAS NOT GIVEN A RECEIPT AND DIDNT REALIZE I NEEDED IT. BE FOREWARNED !!!!!!

Posted by H

I also had a bad experience in marshalls in rancho palos verdes. Never again will I shop there. I wanted to return a conditioner that was watered down and did not work for me. The receipt states I had 30 days for returns. The manager rudely told me. I'm not gonna accept this. In a pissed off way. Like if I insulted her in the biggest way imaginable. Nowhere did it say anything regarding beauty products, so assumed ithe 30 day policy also applied to my conditioner. Never coming here

Posted by Anonymous

I brought a anna Klein handbag and the bag handle is splitting I did purchase a month later I didn't have a receipt or tag because I use it for a week or two they was very nice the manager was very assistance and did get store credit thank Marshall

Posted by Anonymous

The Marshalls in Crofton,MD refuses to accept returns without receipts and are less than Pleasant about the process. I bought two pairs of pants and within a two-week window wanted to bring them back... original tags never been Warren just changed my mind..... and I was told that they would not accept them nor would I receive store credit or a gift exchange for the items... that basically I was stuck with the items... please advise.

Posted by PJ

I bought shampoo and conditioner in one of the Las Vegas stores. After one use my hair smelled so bad I had to wash it again with a different shampoo just to get rid of the smell . I went back to the store to return it and the manager told me that they do not take returns on beauty products because they can't resell it she was so rude and unpleasant it made me embarrassed that I was trying to get my money back for something that did not work for me . I called the customer service and told them about my experience and they said that the manager followed with the company policy that they do not take returns on beauty products but when I looked at the receipt and search their return policy nowhere does it say anything about not taking returns on beauty products . I will not shop there ever again.

Posted by Cosmolover

I tried to return a a top today to the Novato Marshall's that I bought 2 weeks prior. It had all the original tags AND I had the receipt. I wasn't able to return it and was given a number to call to find out why. I called right there in front of the manager. The number was a recording stating that I ( even without knowing who I was) had "reached my limit of returning merchandise without a receipt". Ummmm. I HAD the receipt. I explained this to a manager and was given some bogus excuse that "someone must have my drivers license number because that is how they track returns". Well, 2 weeks ago when I bought the shirt, I purchased but immediately ( back to back transaction with the same cashier) returned an item. She did not ask for my drivers license. I followed ALL the return policy rules and was still denied!

Posted by Oni865

I frequent Marshalls store # 1026 in Rancho Palos Verdes CA. I'm usually in there on Mondays and Wednesdays as I go there for an hour while my daughter is at tutoring. I went last night to exchange a $20 Polo shirt and a $15 pair of green Levi's khakis. I had the receipt for the khakis which were originally purchased on 8/23/16, still brand new with the tags and original receipt. I'm well aware that I will be given store credit, which is fine because I'm in the store once per week. Well the cashier consulted with a manager in a top secret meeting (right in front of my face) and then the manager comes to me and says, "I will accept it this time, but I don't have to because it has been over 30 days....I don't have to accept this this because it is out of our system now". But according to you return policy, I should have expected a store credit. The whole incident had me angered and left me feeling like some type of criminal. I guess I will have to fine a new place to shop now when my daughter is at tutoring because this location just lost my business! (I have my receipt # and everything)

***Not to mention my 16 year old went to turn in her application for seasonal employment only to be told by the manager, "I'm not working around a school schedule, and I'm not hiring you". With a sign that clearly read "flexible schedules". She was very rude and condescending and my daughter felt totally dejected when she got back into the car and was telling me what happened.***

Posted by Disgruntled Foreigner!

If you live outside of the US and do not have a US licence, and you dont have your receipt, you will not be able to return/exchange. Solution... have someone from within the US with a US drivers licence complete the return on your behalf (or do as I did, get the next person in line to sign on your behalf providing their drivers licence!). Note I had my passport, US visa and own countries drivers licence, but apparently none of those are worthy of Marshalls for identification!

Posted by Anonymous

Bought something which was marked down the next day( I knew the store was marking down the next day bc I asked bc I felt the price for the item was too high. ) I returned the item with the receipt and wanted to buy it back for the lower price which was what I was willing to pay for the item. Manager refused. So I returned it and they lost my sale. NOTE to MARSHALLS- items on clearance are there bc no one wanted to buy them. People are saying legally they have to give me the price difference if price changes within 7 days of purchase. I am in touch with attorney. Power back to the people not greedy corporations. By the way I agree with previous posters about Marshalls not knowing what they sell and being impossible for returns. Ever shopped Home Depot where all purchases can be looked up with your credit card and they stand behind every item they sell. Half the time the cashier doesn't give the receipt- that is why I hardly ever shop here anymore. I am also finding that many items are defective broken or seconds which are sold illegally as first quality. Bought a table cloth which had major pull in it and I wasn't about to bring it back and argue with the unhelpful customer service folks.

Posted by Annoyed customer

Located in: Carmel Mountain Plaza

Marshalls manager says even if a product shows defect after using it, Marshalls has nothing to do with it and customers must deal with manufacturers directly because Marshalls is an overstock retailer. (Serious?)

Also, I agree with the comments earlier about the manager at this branch.

Posted by L Marie

Today 01/05/17 I went into Marshall's I know the store associates by face I'm there atheist 3-5xs out of the month. I did ALL of my Christmas shopping there. I got my son 3 outfits
(3) Levi jeans and (3) Hurley shirts. He doesn't live with me. I dropped it off for Christmas. It turns out that he has GROWN a lot!!! So the clothes were sent back so I needed to go exchange them for the same value same brand but different sizes. I have about 17 receipts NO KIDDING i did shopping for everyone there! (I LOVE MARSHALL'S) so as a regular customer in the Crenshaw shopping center off Century Blvd I went into the store with the tags I couldn't find the receipt for my sons purchase out of more than a dozen receipts I couldn't find that particular one. However as a frequent Marshall's customer I am aware that returns without a receipt are only good for STORE CREDIT! And that's fine I just wanted to exchange the clothes for a larger size. So the cashiers tells me oh it's fine as long as you have the tags. But then some young girl next to her goes NO! We must verify it. I'm like are you serious go ahead it's your merchandise no worries. They do this BIG top secret meeting and hide around in this employees only door and send a guy named Abraham to tell me never mind I can't make an exchange without a receipt. I go why. He goes because it's my descretion so even though he could verify the items and I brought the same EXACT items to the register for an even exchange I was DENIED. So I called corporate they re-directed me to the branch manager and I am awaiting a call back from him. He is supposed to help me. I hope it works out. I was just in the same exact Marshalls about 2 weeks ago and I returned a item of $143 a Vince Camuto purse without a receipt for STORE CREDIT. I believe they were just being jerks. ANY WAYS I still purchased something after being denied because HEY LIFE IS GREAT. This was a negative experience but then I realized some people are just mean and unhelpful. I hope I can exchange the clothes otherwise my hard earned money goes to waste and my son will have to wait a bit longer. Oh at his description he said that it was a high purchase which is why he can't swap. The purchase was under $75 he says anything above $50 is a no go without a receipt. However as I mentioned before my one purse alone cost $144 I got store credit at the same store (different manager) without a problem. And I have done this plenty of times. So BEWARE and make sure you tuck your receipts in a safe place when dealing with Marshall's. because here their policy means nothing at the MANAGER'S DESCRETION�

Posted by upsetCustomer

I bought a pair of shoes in the Mountain View, CA, Marshalls two weekends ago. I tried to return the shoes with the receipt and tag (the tag was not attached to shoe) but the store would not take the shoes back because the tag is not attached and the store manager doesn't remember stocking that particular brand of shoes. Really?

I shopped in that Marshalls in for 10 years (Grant Park Plaza, 1040 Grant Rd, Mountain View, CA 94040). NEVER AGAIN. You fill your stores with goods that you can't track with your system and I have to be poorer for it. The associate was helpful, the manager could not use any discretion.

I'll save my money and shop less frequently but go to Nordstrom Rack - better for me, the world and environment. At least I get good customer service and the managers are smart and not pound foolish.


Posted by SJP

I have a suitcase that I bought in February and have never used. I don't have the tags, but I have the credit card statement for it. Spoke with manager on phone. She told me the system is out of date and they can't look up credit card statements from that far back. I told her she doesn't have to, I have a copy of the statement with the amount on it. She said it doesn't show what I purchased, just an amount.

Your return policy obviously needs to be updated to "Our problem is now your problem".

Posted by poed

so why did an smart aleck associate tell me that a item with a yellow markdown tag can't be returned without a receipt? and that it's always been a policy, to which i can attest that i have returned sale merchandise without a receipt. If it is the case, i have no problem with if it's stated somewhere, like this website or on the receipt. if not, it's sleazy business practice.

Posted by Emma

So if you never worn the top and was giving to you has a gift can you get your money back even if the tag is still on the top. Or they can look the day you bought it.

Posted by Emma

They need to keep the store near and clean so it is easy to find things need to carry more fulfugure bras.

Posted by Cash

So I was given a gift from my mother in law and I still have the tags on it, I never worn it and I don't plan to, it's not my style so I was wondering if I can return it for store credit and get something of my style

Posted by Ashland Creek Ct

I attempted to exchange a purse, With no receipt, with the original tags still on and stuffing inside. I was denied because the young lady said she could not verify if it was purchased in her store and she did not have a like item in the system. According to your policy I should've been able to exchange my purse. My purse was 169.99 and the purse I wanted to get was 149.99. Please advise on how I can exchange my purse.

Posted by stella

Today is Oct.2, 2016. I bought a pair of sandals on Sep.12 which is 20 days ago. A lot of beads on sandals fell off in two weeks and I went to the store to ask for return. The employee told me store return policy would not accept wore merchandise return and exchange. I finally saw the manager and she repeated the same thing to me. I am totally Okay with the result.

What I am not satisfied is that this manager doesn't show any apologize for offering so poor quality shoes for her customer. At least, she should say she is sorry.

I am very unhappy for her attitude and the way she talked. This is the worst manager I ever experienced in service industry.

Located in: Carmel Mountain Plaza

Posted by Jonrich

So i bought a Vr yesterday and i didnt like how it turned out. It is not damage or anything, but i just dont like it. Can i still return it? And yes i still have the receipt.

Posted by Nihal

Hello.I did shopping today from your bridgepointe 2240 parkway san mateo,CA.butI guess the cashier made a mistake. I checked my account at the bank and I saw that 2 times the money from my card been served.(155.62$).are you can also check for me.I'm glad you back period.
thank you..

Posted by Katie

My receipt was accidentally thrown out with the Marshall's bag so they will not accept my return even though the item was never even tried on and the tags are intact. I paid with my Visa card so why can't Marshall's scan the tag barcode to verified I paid by my Visa card and then just credit the refund to my visa credit card??? Target & Walmart both process credit card refunds that way. Thank you.

Posted by JPatunie

Bought several items from Marshall's in Charlotte NC Aug 1, 2016...I tried the items on and once I was at home did not like the fit...Paid with my visa they got their money last night...Took a few items back this morning Aug 2, 2016 and was treated like I was doing something wrong by returning several of the items. I was also told they did not have enough cash to give me back so it would be 3-5 days to show the cash back in my account. The lady told me if I wanted to come back later in the day they probably would have enough cash to refund me. Really???? I am now going to return the other items that I decided to keep just because of the way I was treated doing a return. Pay with a debit where pin is used
you are given cash back or you can take credit back to your card...

Posted by Anonymous

Oh! and when I contacted customer service, i was offered a $17 gift card for "My Trouble". I told them keep it and use it to train their employees! The point was totally missed by them. This issue started out with a return, but manifested into, lack of training on the store policy and poor customer handling skills overall. And, the 90 day "policy" was never addressed. I was only reamed a new about the 30 day policy by customer service. Does anyone else smell class action?

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return a top with the tags and a receipt that i bought three months prior. I was out of the country and could not return sooner. The store associate said Marshalls did not accept any kind of return after 90 days. I know the policy is 30 days for a refund, but i was not looking for a refund, i thought i would get a store credit which would have been fine since i am a regular. I insisted on talking to a store manager since i did not see that stated anywhere on their receipt or at their store. She basically humiliated me very loudly insisting that anything after 90 days was not returnable. I did not try the top on until I got home and left for my trip shortly thereafter. Now the top was only $17, i was more upset about the unprofessionalism on the store manager and associates part. Lessons: 1. Try on before you buy, you may not be able to return. 2. When you have a return and its older then 90 days, don't give them a receipt. 3. Take your money and shop at Nordstrom Rack or some place else, Marshalls is not worthy. So I did just that, took the top the next day to another Marshalls, returned it without a receipt, bought something else with the gift card immediately. Then went a couple doors down to Nordstrom Rack and did my shopping. Bye Bye Marshalls!

Posted by Orkin

I have tried to return something with the receipt at tjmaxx and marshalls and I was given bs excuses and store credit. The excuse oh we don't know, the computer receives money, greedily, but somehow doesn't want to return it. Programed to grab for the greedy leeches. Once they get your money it's practically impossible to get it back. This is a dishonest corporation of greedy leeches. They already forgot that we let them in OUR COUNTRIES to have this scum take over and take advantage they got to go they are like their father the devil quoted: Jesus

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought a perfume and that was sealed. When I got home and opened this very expensive perfume brand the smell was nonexistent. am I still able to return it if I have the receipt?

Posted by Ann

Can I return an item to a Marshall's that I purchased at a Marshall's in another state?

Posted by Sv

I returned some items. I was told the amount would be put back on my credit card. It was not

Posted by System or not

What happens like in my situation it was a gift from a month and I don't have the receipt but the item is not coming out in system can they return it or do u have to keep it

Posted by JackTaremy

I purchased an 8 dollar t shirt from Marshalls that is a size too small. I took the tag off by accident but still have the receipt. Will I be able to exchange this for the same shirt in a larger size?

Posted by TheProfessor

So I just purchased a gift card for $500 as an anniversary gift for the wife.
I got immediate buyers remorse, and now I want to return the $500, and only get a $250 amount gift card. Does anyone know if Marshall's will do this? Thanks

Posted by Stop Complaining!!

Way too many people posting negative on here. I work in the travel industry and I know all too well about dealing with complainers and fraudulent credit card activity. I have recently returned 6 items to my local Marshall's that we found in our closet that was purchased 3 years ago. Tags still on each item and receipt in the bag. Did I get my money back? No, did I get store credit for the full price? You betcha. That is like Nordstrom service to me.
If you do not work in an industry that deals with credit card and identity theft, dishonest people trying to return things with tags missing, items worn or used or no receipts, then you have no clue how this impacts the business... and why costs go up. This is why the rules are enforced. The person behind the register did not create this rule. The manager did not create this rule. 99% of all business have rules and policies in place to protect them.
Word of advice: SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!! DO NOT REMOVE TAGS UNTIL YOU ARE 100% sure you want the item. If you follow the policy, you will be fortunate enough to get credit in some form. If you do not follow policy, you will not receive a refund. Stop blaming the people who work in this field for YOUR MISTAKE!!! Society's sense of entitlement is getting out of control! Take responsibility for your own actions =)

Posted by Anonymous

If I purchased with a gift card and changed my mind and returned item can I get the cash

Posted by tasha

Just tried to return a dog bed I purchased with my debit card. Did not have the receipt but knew I would get store credit which was ok because I shop there often. I provided my id but they said it was not a valid id, I asked for it back and stated oh I did know it was expired, they said it wasn't that they're machine would not accept it and was unable to provide why. I advised them I am a contractor and just painted in the pinellas park police department and they were able to accept my id just fine. They said they are unable to and cannot do the refund so now I am stuck with a dog bed that my dog cannot climb on and unable to use. Thanks marshall for the horrible customer service. I will never shop at marshalls again. Since my id is not get enough for them neither is my money. It's the park place location in pinellas park florida.

Posted by Annoyed

Marshalls location near me refuses to take green card as photo id for returns. Why such a ridiculous rule?? Does this apply to all locations?

Posted by Armyvet

I had to argue with rude management to receive a return back on my card as they refused to give it out cash. Returned on 16 Jan 2015 and still nothing in my account.
Do not shop at Tyler Texas store ever!

Posted by Dave

Tried to get a price adjustment with my receipt on a jacket I bought less than a week that was marked down. I was told Marshalls doesn't do price adjustments. Manager told me I had to physically return the original jacket & I wouldn't & I wouldn't be able to repurchase the jacket at lower price immediately. Very bad customer services. Shouldn't be this complicated.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently bought a case for my phone but lost the box that it came in can I still return it?


I Am Really Upset I Returned Some Items To Marshall's And They Tell Me It Will Be On My Card In A Couple Of Day So When Monday Comes I Want My Money On My Card I Had A Stroke And Two Brain Surgeries I Don't Need Anymore Stress!!'i Will Contact The Corporate Office!!

Posted by sue2sue

How long did it take for Marshall to put $ onto a debit card? I returned 2 items in I'm still waiting. Makes no sense shouldn't even take forever how technology is these days.

Posted by Anonymous

How long do you have to return items with and with out receipt.
Also if can not find my receipt and the item still has it original tags why would they give me less then what I paid ?

Posted by rk

Does anyone know the policy on returning an item after a year because receipt was found a year later?

Posted by Judith

I bought a michel kors purse aND I was navy blue first time I use it was a rainy day the color fade away I looks awful I paid 140 dlls for it I went back and they didn't want to give me my money back they should have some kind of insurance policy for defective purses now I have to keep that defective purse and they get to keep my money plus worst costumer service I do not recomend this store baytown tx

Posted by Erin

I returned a gift I bought for my mom that she didn't like. Was purchased on 11/15/15 & returned on 11/21/15 to my debit card. Today is 11/28/15 & I have yet to receive my refund!!! Where is my money???

Posted by Anonymous

I hate Marshalls in Irvine. Their employee and manager Casy are very rude.I tell every one you will have problem with your return at Marshalls. They are awful.

Posted by Zialou

Two months ago I bought a pair of coach black leather shoes. Bother shoes have holes in the front. Apparently they re not returnable because they passed the 30 day return policy. I do have my receipt. Do you have any suggestions? Will coach fix their defective product?

Posted by Susan 18

I purchased a Halloween costume at the Millbury Mass. store. I decided against using it and went back on November 01st to obtain a refund. I was told NO returns of Halloween items after Halloween.

The tags were intact and the item was in perfect unused condition. Very very disappointed

Posted by Nic

I returned an item on Monday- my bank card was swiped to issue payment back on my card. It is Thursday- there is no sign of a return being posted to my account. When I inquired at store they said to wait 5-7 days?? My bank has no indications of this activity! Where is my money marshalls?

Posted by Gaurav

Hi, I purchased an Head phone from Marshall store at Atlanta. It was under clearance and box was slightly damaged. But since the product looked intact, I purchased it for USD 35+ taxes. I opened the box after I returned to home and tried it. I didn't liked it and wanted to return. On my attempt to connect back with the store, I was informed that since it is opened, we cannot return it. Please help.

Posted by SteveP

I purchased a suitcase from Mashall's, and attempted to return it less than 2 weeks later because of a broken zipper. The store refused to exchange or refund my money, even though I have the receipt and was well within their 30 day refund policy. Now I am stuck with an unusable suitcase, and I am out almost $90. I will definitely NOT be shopping at Marshall's in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been shopping at Marshalls for years. I have returned items without receipt or tag. They have let me return my items every time with no problem. I live in Massachusetts and we have the best customer service. I am surprised by all the negative comments.

Posted by Charlene

I went to marshalls on northern boulevard queens on a wednesday afternoon. I was told i had to wait in the regular line which was 40 deep for a RETURN not a PURCHASE. All other stores have a separate return section. There was 3 people on the cashiers i waited at least half hour if not more.I have worked in customer service all my life and this is beyond ridiculous i definetely wont be shopping there again

Posted by JINNY

I received a credit on a pair of shoes last year for 38.90 I put the credit slip in mu wallet and forgot about it till this month Sept 2015. when I brought the credit in I was told it was over a year old and NO GOOD! WHAT KIND OF A STORE STEALS MONEY FROM CUSTOMERS?? WAIR I KNOW MARSHALLS DOES!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!

Posted by Anonymous

the 30 day return policy stinks
I will not shop at Marshalls again

Posted by G&R

I've been shopping at Marshalls for decades. I have not had any problems returning things and I buy and return alot! I have always known about the 30 day policy...there is a big sign at the stores that I shop at. Yes, I do lose receipts and end up with a gift card to use. The employees for the most part do their job well and never give me grief for my returns. I also try hard to be very nice to them.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a pair of Skechers flex appeal shoes (memory foam) anyhow, I wore them once ran about 3 miles and the shoe is already ripping from the sole.
$45.00 down the drain. I have yet try and return them. How should I approach this situation?

Posted by anonymous

i bought a micheal kors handbag and looked so new but when I bought it I realized it was missing parts! I lost my receipt too wht should I dooo?!!! and do you get the exact same pice for it when returned?!

Posted by Anonymous

I am a little nervous after reading these comments... I returned an item 3 days ago to my debit card and still no refund has hit my account.

Posted by L Davis

I have not had any problems with returns in Westminster, MD. Marshalls followed the policy.

Posted by Ablia

I purchased a dress at a Marshall near my parents' place. I was in the hurry and didn't try it on. So, when I got home, the dress didn't fit and I had to return it to another store. The cashier refused to do a return and said that they don't carry the brand of that dress. I was shocked and told them that I purchased it at (YNZ) location and asked them to call that store to verify. The cashier told me that it's no use because Marshall just doesn't carry that brand. I don't know what brand they carry but I got the dress from one of their stores!!! The cashier looked at me as if I was some sort of an idiot. So, I had no choice to take the dress home and returned it at the old store. They made me feel like a fool. Never shop there again.

Posted by Horrible

ALWAYS ask for cash back when you return! I returned a 55 dollar Anne Klein bag three weeks ago to my card and still have gotten no refund. After going to marshalls and explaining that my bank stated the money in fact was not going back on my card because of a fault on thier end they refused to help leaving me 55 dollars less. Awful customer service

Posted by Shopper

Marshalls accepted my returned items. It has been three days and I still don't see the money in my bank. I used my debit card. Disappointing.

Posted by shopmom

I have Marshal credit card and never had a problem to return items I bought in Marshal store. The cashiers very polite and takes return without any questions.

Posted by Anonymous

Additionally, I'd like to point out that the good folks at Marshall's would like those initiating comments to refrain from the use of profanity- it seems logical that such a ridiculous return policy packaged as aim in customer service satisfaction and a 30 day process of returns would do little else but induce profanity.

Posted by Anonymous

It seems like Marshall's was able to take my $ instantaneously- it is 2015; you really want to tell me the aim is customer service and hold a 30 day process turn around for returned items?What's next? Will you offer a weather service in store where a Marshall's representative will spit in your ear and tell you it's raining for the next 30 days?

Posted by Mad customer

I return something with tags never use and with the original receipt, the return went well, the problem now is that I dont see the money in my bank. Horrible service you lost forever a customer and I will tell everyone I know not to buy here.

Posted by x

I bought a dress 3days ago. Lost the proof of purchase yesterday! How does this company not have a way to look up returns. Literally? Not everyone wants a gift card and not everyone keeps ahold of a crappy little piece of paper!

Posted by bettina

Anybody can you tell if I return something how many days later I will get back my money?
This is uncorrect, I returned something and still did not get my money. And the policy doesnt show how many days. Terrible this place, never again..

Posted by barbara bdeu

I have gift receipts as well as original card I used to make purchase 5 days ago. The items are intact and original tags are still on item. Why will you not refund my original card?

Posted by jont

Go to Ross!!!!!! Bought a defective item a week ago and the stupid biotch asst mgr tacitly is clueless about the return policy. Will never shop there again!!!!

Posted by jont

Go to Ross!!!!!! Bought a defective item a week ago and the stupid asst mgr tacitly is clueless about the return. Will never shop there again!!!!

Posted by dd

So much dissatisfied by the fact that store manager could not process the return process and also the sales appropriately. I return an item with a receipt but unfortunately I lost the tag . I would have appreciated her if she declines my request of exchange because I don't have the tag for the men's pant I bought few days before. She was busy of dealing with office time table with one of her colleague while am standing on the line.

Posted by xxx

I'll shop elsewhere thank you

Posted by jj

On Jan 10, 2015, I returned items to Marshall's with & without receipts. I was told that returns will not be accepted after 30 days, and no store credit will be issued. If this is true, they have lost one of their best customers.
aLSO, when you return something that you have found damaged, Marshall's will not take it back complaining that the customer caused the damage. Their return policy is horrible. There is no reason why they can't do it the Costco way!!

Posted by marshallsucks

Will no longer shop at marshalls due to the way they treated my wife when she return on of the gifts I got her for Xmas. First they made her return it to my card or for store credit. I still have not got my money back which really pisses me off considering she asked for cash back well with in the 30 day purchasing period with the original receipt. The cashier was being a total b$$!# about it as well, as far as I am concerned this is the worst place to shop and it's not worth the small discount.

Posted by Anonymous

I was questioned about each and every item that I returned by the cashier as if I needed a reason to return items that met their return policy. It was rude and slowed down the return process and line.

Posted by Agemmill86

I bought a comforter from Marshalls for $90 and when I brought it home one of the corners was all torn and burnt. The comforter came in a torn up plastic bag that would no longer zipper, clearly it was an open item. When I went to return it the store said they could not except my return because it was damaged. They sold me a damaged product and somehow I'm the one who has to pay the price. Marshalls has officially lost a longtime customer. Take my advice and never shop at Marshalls.

Posted by Anonymous

It angers me that Marshall's managers try to alter the company's written policy to refuse refunds with tags and receipts. Today manager Russ from store 806 had the nerve to question why I'm returning and item. And he went on to lecture me and state he was going to process the refund "this time." As if his name is in the outside of the store and he's doing me a favor. I do not appreciate the lecture and scene he created. He also implied that my return was outside Marshall's policy. I told him that if Marshall's have made changes to their policy them the policy should be printed in receipts. I'm extremely angry and will escalate my concerns until this crap stops. Treat your customers better and stop lying when checking your ticket inventory merchandise device. Each store states different ways of implying Marshall's return policy. Get it together and every store should be the same.

Posted by Regla wilson

I bought a pair of shoes $80 and wore 3 times and seam on the shoe came undone/broken. I returned shoes to marshalls with the receipt and i was told by the store manager that I was luxky he was going to give me a store credit for the broken shoe because they were worn!!! Really? I had just spent $400+ on same receipt and he still had the odasity to treat me like he was doing me a favor!!! I expect a refund from anyone who sells me a faulty product!! I bought the shoes to wear them and it is not my fault that your products are of cheap quality!! I will no longer shop at marshalls!!!! Long life customer and this is how you treat me! Shame on you!!!!(rockville, md location).