Macy's Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Macy's below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Macy's so others can benefit from what you learned.

Online Purchases

To return your item by mail, please follow the steps below:
  • Complete your return form.
  • Carefully wrap up your merchandise in the package.
  • Include the invoice/packing slip and the prepaid return shipping label.
  • Return your item via the United States Postal Service or UPS.
  • Please provide your email address to help speed up your return.
To return your item in person, please do the following:
  • Bring in the merchandise you bought along with the accompanying invoice to a Store Sales Associate.
*Macy's does not pay customers' return shipping fees. Preference returns are returns that do not include damaged or defective merchandise.

In-Store Purchases

To make a return, please do the following:
  • Bring the receipt that accompanies the item you bought.
  • Bring your Macy's Card just in case the returns department needs to see it.
  • Bring in your item with the price tag on it.
Macy's cannot accept returns by mail. Please keep in mind that if you send back an item you purchased in one of the stores to Macy's by mail, it will be returned to you. Macy's shall not be responsible for store-bought merchandise being returned by mail. It is customers' responsibility to bring back their items in person to receive a refund.

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Posted by MsBehaven

Macy's return policy is AWFUL!! I bought my husband a sweater for Christmas (and it was within the 30 days) but it was too big so I went to exchange it for a smaller size, do you know that I had to pay the difference in sales price from what I originally paid even though I was just exchanging it for a smaller size!!! WTF!!! Who charges someone to exchange the EXACT same item for a different size!! They said it was a "special" sale and that you had to return it within 10 days.....NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS SPECIAL RETURN POLICY!! I will NEVER shop at Macy's again

Posted by Nancy Levin

one of the earrings that I purchased is loose at the bottom hinge. It will not close at the top hinge.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to process a return for a week! I keep getting, "Oops, we're experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. I tried on my computer, my husband's and my neighbor's, but had no luck.
There are no Macy's in our area and I do not want to drive 90 miles to go to a Macy's to return the items.
What should I do? Oh, I called Macy's, but the guy did not speak English well enough to understand what he said. I had no clue.
Please advise! Sheryl

Posted by Frustrated and in need of my cas

I returned shoes at your university park mall store. I waited 15 minutes for an employee to assist me. Nothing came up correctly on the system and I had a receipt. I told them I wanted a refund and I was offered store credit. I didn't pay with store credit and don't want to shop there anymore. I had horrible customer service in store and online. Then they take my money and never returned it to my debit card for 4 weeks now. Not only did the employee not allow me to push the button to send a receipt to my email he did it himself and didn't send it either after I told him to send it. Now my shoes are in the store and my money is not in my pocket. I need that money and as I see it macys doesn't care. Will never shop again as I stated to the online representative.

Posted by Jen

Macy's sucks!Bought hubby a pair of hundred dollar shoes on Paypal, they couldn't exchange them for different color. I'll shop elsewhere.

Posted by have had it

I agree with you eapjvp; they changed the return policy, didn't send any notice out and now it's "too late"-- what's that about? Should have been for purchases going forward, not ones before the change. I won't shop there anymore; their policy changes stink

Posted by eapjvp

very disappointed in Macys they had a great return policy and I bought when you can bring back after 1 year. Now you can't and I have the receipt which is not right you purchase an item and they change the rules and so that receipt means nothing. Would love to get a group together to fight this issue.

Posted by Annoyed

What I don't understand is if I paid the shipping for my item, why wasn't it returned to my credit card. A manager got snippy with me and stated "why would we refund the shipping if we paid it"? You didn't pay it, Sir, I DID!!! I will never shop online again! I think that's terrible customer service and no where does it say I would have to pay the shipping twice if I return the item!!!!

Posted by Neaary

what is "refund fee" I had one added to my account?

Posted by Anonymous

i purched on line 12-26-2016 a coat . that was to smalll .. i have called the three times for return ticked via my email address and this employee dose not send the return ticket to me,, please advise on my issue please,,. catherine Barnes // i have never experanced this kind of service from macys... i await your reply.. catherine barnes high point nc.

Posted by Kay

Terrible experience returning a matress to Macy's warehouse. Matress took weeks to arrive so I cancelled the first one and the second ordered one arrived on time in 7 days - then in 5 days later the cancelled matress arrived. This was 3 weeks ago and 3 times that I have arranged with Macy's a scheduled phone call from UPS. UPS did not called me any of the times until I called the UPS shipping dept. today and they told me Macy's or I have to pay %10.00 for P/U. I Called Macy's today and they told me to again expect a call from UPS in 24-72 hours and schedule a pick up time with the UPS person that calls. I don't know if Macy's is punishing me for ordering the second matress even though the online Macy's person is the one who said that it was ok to order a second matress since it must be lost or stolen from the UPS warehouse - Charges for the matress remain on my credit card until the warehouse receives the matress. In the mean time I continue to hope that no one walks off with the $1,700, 125 pound matress that sits on the side of my house.

Posted by What is that?

There is no return form, only a return label. Can I obtain a return form?

Posted by lilbookwrm

Note: Macy's returns for online orders is relatively easy, but it only works with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. If you use Google Chrome, you will get a "We are experiencing technical difficulties" error message. If you have come across this problem, I recommend opening the same page in a different browser. It should work fine.

Posted by mingzhe gao

I returned my item back and asked for a refund to my original credit card. It says the receiver got it on Nov25, and I have called Macy's customer service three times, but every time they told me "Ok, you will get your money back in a few days". But one week passed, I still don't get refund on my credit. I am angry with the Macy's refund service.

Posted by TN Boy

Don't buy online from Macy's if you think you might have to return it. Can't get the online return screen to work (OOps! We're having temporoary technical problems). Customer service are all Pakistani's and didn't follow through on emailing the return labels. Still no resoution six weeks later.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't usually leave these but I wanted to share a comment regarding Marlene at Macy's Flint store. I have had multiple returns and purchases over the past few years and Marlene has always gone above and beyond. She is always upbeat and friendly and does a fantastic job!

Posted by Macy's Stole My Money

I ordered a suit from Macy's online but was told it was the wrong color suit by my fiancée. I called the number and asked to cancel my order. They said they would refund my card and have the order rerouted to the warehouse. Well the package was rerouted buy my card was NEVER refunded. Macy's stole my money!!!! This is rediculous and not what I needed especially because I'm getting married in two weeks.

Posted by PFrohning

I ordered a coat on line from Macy's, but it did not fit. I went on-line, and started filling in the papers to return it. Their statement was that I would need to fill out a "Patient Profile," and get their credit card. I do not want a Macy's credit card, so I phoned their 800 number, and was put on hold for 10 minutes. "Sharon" listened to me, and assured me that she would give the call to someone who would help me. I listened to awful music for over 20 minutes, and just gave up. I will try to get to a Macy's store and try to return the coat for a refund. I had always thought that Macy's had real class, but, now, I am so disappointed in them. I will not shop there again.

Posted by Anonymous

I have some refund issue which is still not solved they didnt return my full return . I have mailed them twice but didnt get any reply so disappointed and decided not to buy anything online from macy's

Posted by Anonymous

I was visiting the USA and on my last evening there in NYC I visited the Macy's store at night. I bought a ladies Laundry by Design Coat, Hooded Quilted zip front coat size: M color:Black. According to my receipt I paid for it at 10:42 PM. When I returned to my hotel room, I found that the coat was ripped on both sides. The piece I had picked up didnt have a tag on it and perhaps the attendant who went to get the other piece or find the price tag may have picked up the defective piece. It was too late to go back to the store and I had to leave for the airport the next morning at 6am to catch my flight back to Mumbai, India. I am disappointed to say the least because to me Macy's has always been one of the best stores to shop at and I always look forward to doing so on my visits to the USA. I have the bill of sale or proof of purchase but I am in India. I request you to advise me what I should do. I can send you the proof of purchase and my boarding card to validate my claim. The coat was a christmas gift for my daughter and I am really upset that it is defective. Please help!

Posted by Anonymous

... a watch online from Macy's, I never received the order and they are not issuing me a refund or sending another watch. I've made numerous ... balance of the watch since it was purchased using my credit card and they are unable to address the ...

Posted by LittleGinge

Used Macy.Com to purchase 2 items to be shipped to a friends address in the US ( I am in UK). Everything went through so I thought ..., I got my email confirmation and was happy. Till my credit card was refused later the same day. I called the credit company and ... now?) and they have not replied to my emails requesting a refund of the first transaction. One item has been delivered, one outstanding. I will wait and see if I get 2 of each item, and then return one lot for refund if not I am going to have to dispute that transaction with the credit company. I am SO not impressed with Macys and their ...

Posted by ?

I just returned home to Canada after a weekend of shopping in the Seattle area. I went to Macy's in the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood where I encountered truly outstanding service... Shoes department. Even in the midst of the madness of a crowd of shoppers at the 1-day sale, he was extremely cheerful, friendly, courteous ... feet and I'm sure they burned many calories that day. But Seann went above and beyond ...

Posted by Anonymous

...the same answer out of anyone. aparently I was told I asked for a refund for a balance I had on the account. the check was mailed we deposited it on the 24th and on the 27th we got notified a stop payment was put on it and we were charged $12.00. It is a... they would have to reaearch it and it would take another 15 days before it goes back on my account. this is after they supposedly researched and said the check ...

Posted by Re Re

... the scanner, and yesterday I received a letter from Macy's telling me that my check was returned (no reason given). I called ... hands, but they wouldn't budge, insisting that I still owed money on the bill. This turned into a screaming match. Called my bank ...tried to call customer service for me & WAS DISCONNECTED! Bottom line, I had to put out more money to pay a bill I already paid, had a receipt for & THE SCANNED CHECK. Their service is horrible. I' I was treated. A steaming hot letter is going to the CEO of Macy's with a copy to the Consumer Protection Bureau. I won't shop in Macy...

Posted by Anonymous

... had nothing but trouble trying to exchange outdoor seat cushions ordered thru ... not received credit. Plus, Macy's would not pay for return shipping which.... The last straw was an email stating I would be charged $6.95 for processing the return -- injury to insult...

Posted by caio

... (4 + months ago) bought a product in stores central Dallas-TX, for which I charged my credit card 2 times. I exchange emails with Macys and the VP of shop Dallas has more than 100 days. Solved half the problem, but waiting for more than 40 days to ...

Posted by disappointed in macy's

Ordered merchandise online and returned it by mail promptly - well within even a 30 day return policy. Was issued all credit due back onto my visa EXCEPT for $23..... Though I did not request a portion be given in store credit, I received a Macy's "EZ Exchange" Card, only redeemable at Macy's, for this remaining ... more than 10 minutes on the phone and was assured that this remaining credit would be refunded to my Visa account within 10 business days. Still not there. I called again, spoke ...

Posted by Anonymous still here sitting on hold. Macy's issued a gift card instead of a refund for an online order. I never received the gift card. Turns out a macy's employee stole it!!! The refund for the stolen gift card ... though the online order was returned in March..returned by the way because Macy's had it delivered to the wrong CITY... and have just closed out my credit card of this many years...they need to...

Posted by Macy's Montgomery Stinks

Don't know what is going on with macys. They are getting rid of name brand merchandise & bringing in cheap &... is terrible.The cookware line is being recalled again. I was in the Montgomery Mall, Pa store and it is really sad. It use to be such a nice store. They must have gotten a new store manager because the store looked terrible & the help if you ...'t care about training there associates on good customer service.I was going to exchange a few things that I bought my husband, but he was so rude, I just returned everything & left. I certainly won't waste my time shopping...