Lord and Taylor Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Lord and Taylor below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Lord and Taylor so others can benefit from what you learned.

In-Store Purchases

Lord & Taylor will offer an exchange or credit for the merchandise if it's returned in a timely manner as long as it is not worn or laundered and is still in salable condition. The merchandise should still be in it's original packaging with the tags still on it. Lord & Taylor can not offer an exchange or credit of items that have been altered, are personalized or are of gourmet in nature. Items cannot be accepted for a return if they have been used unless the item has been deemed as defective. Items bought at a clearance center or outlet locations cannot be returned.

Returning Merchandise Purchased At A Lord & Taylor Stores

In order to accept a return or to exchange an item, the purchase will need to verified. This can easily be done by bringing in the original receipt with the merchandise.

A store credit will be issued in about 10 days if the purchase was made with a check.

A credit to your Lord & Taylor credit account or a store credit will be given if the merchandise is returned with a gift receipt.

For those items without a receipt or returned after 90 days of purchase, a credit of the lowest selling price to your Lord & Taylor credit account or a store credit will be issued. Lord & Taylor does reserve the right to not accept a return and an I.D. may be required for certain returns.

If an item that was paid for with cash is returned within 90 days of purchase, a cash refund will be given.

A price adjustment will be made for items that are permanently marked down to a lower price within 7 days of purchase of the item. There will be no price adjustments made if the price reduction is only temporary.

If you would like to return merchandise by mail. Use a shipping carrier that is documented and mail the merchandise to:

Lord & Taylor
Attn: Returns
424 5th Avenue
New York, New York 10018

Make sure that the original receipt is included in the shipment. Write down the shipment's tracking number so that you have it for your records. Any merchandise that is returned after 90 days from the purchase date will be credited on your Lord & Taylor credit account or a gift card will be issued. The amount refunded will be the lowest sale price within that period of time.

Online Purchases

Merchandise purchased on lordandtaylor.com can be returned to any Lord & Taylor store, except clearance centers and Lord & Taylor outlets. Shipping charges for items purchased online are not refundable.

Returns can also be done by mail. Items that are returned less than 90 days ago will be refunded back to the original payment method that was used. After 90 days, refunds will be issued as a gift card or credited to a Lord & Taylor account. Gift items and any purchases paid for through a gift card will be refunded through the means of a gift card.

Customers can send items back to Lord & Taylor by using the pre-paid label that is included in the package. A charge of $6.95 will be applied to your Lord & Taylor account if you use the pre-paid shipping label. It is also possible to return items purchased online through your own shipping method by sending them back to:

Lord & Taylor
Attn: Returns Department
250 Highland Blvd.
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

It is recommended that you send the shipment via a traceable and insured method. Any returned items must be unworn, unlaundered and unaltered. Customized items cannot be returned. Used items can only be returned if they are defective.

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I Need A Return Label

Posted by Anonymous

1)returns with cash receipt require to show an id?
That would be outrageous, don't you think?

2) Lord & Taylor card Accounts opened way back many years ago, require to provide SS & Date of birth? Outrageous, again.Just because Capital Bank, now, wants it? How about before, none of the banks Lord and Taylor used requested it. Don't you realize how much id theft is going on that companies cannot handle? I would like an answer from the most higher up. Thanks


I Will Never Buy From Lord And Taylor Again. From Now On Only From Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus And All Other High End Companies.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned some Tommy Bahama shirts given to my husband prior to our leaving CT at the end of December. I am still waiting to hear about a refund.Hilton Head, SC 29928

Posted by Diane

It's been over a month and still waiting for a credit. Called at least 5 times to no avail. You have the return I am so discussed.

Posted by PKA

I purchased 4 cashmere sweaters from L&T Ridge Hill Yonkers NY location. I did not wear one of them for over 90 days. It still had tags original wrapping etc on it. When I tried it on, I found it had a big hole in it. I returned it to the store 11/14/16 as a defective item looking for an exact even exchange. Unfortunately I did not have my receipt. The original cost was $199. However I did not pay that much for it.. I believe I paid around $70 being it was on clearance and then a coupon applied. The sales girl scanned the tag and said it was an over 90 day item. She called the manager over and that person said you can call store manager on duty to do an override. The sales girl told me that I cannot do an even exchange, I need to pick a sweater that is $70 and exchange it for that. Not sure of the rationale behind that, but o.k. I brought a $69.99 sweater back to the cashier/sales girl. there was another extremely rude store manager there that said, "I'm sorry we cannot exchange for $69.99 because it is over 90 days" The best we can do is give you $17 on a new purchase. I said "you just told me I can exchange for a $69.99 item" She said "we are retracting that". "It's $17 or nothing". I told her that this is a $200 defective sweater and you're offering me $17? She said "you can take it or leave it". Then she asked me if I wanted my defective sweater back. I said "are you serious? youre asking me if I want my merchandise back that I paid for" I told her I do!!! I paid for it!!! She said "we don't know that either do we?"
Never before have I been so humiliated by anyone ever in the retail business world. I told her "you have lost me and my family as great customers of L&T forever" "I will never buy another thing from L&T" she said "thank you, have a great day"
L&T is the worst run company I have ever dealt with. The L&T staff in the stores severely lack training, professionalism, politeness. It is apparent that they totally don't care about what kind of experience their customers are having. This all starts at the top with the senior management of the company. Elizabeth Rodbell needs to get in touch with what is happening in the stores. It's not enough to have a nice product to sell. The customer experience has to be good as well. Otherwise people will not return.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible return by mail policy! Their return labels are the slowest class of priority. It has been 8 weeks since I sent back 2 dresses and still no refund. Never again!

Posted by Anonymous

In May I purchased 2 dresses at nearly $400 using PayPal. Returned them unworn with tags within 2 weeks. It is August and I still have not seen a refund. Now lord and Taylor is trying to claim that I never returned them. I was dumb and didn't photo copy my recept of shipping labels. PayPal is siding with lord and Taylor at this point. Very disappointed.

Posted by Pensivern

Maybe I can save some poor soul some aggravation by posting this..... When you return an item to Lord and Taylor via mail using their pre-paid "smart label", the tracking number on the return label is useless to the consumer as the numbers do not work when entered into the USPS tracking site. One must go to the site : Newgistics.com and use their tracking system. This is the only way you'll get info on the route of your package. This really should be posted on the L & T website because I just wasted 40 minutes of my time getting to the bottom of this. Thanks to the gentlemen the from customer service at L & T who finally knew the answer. The USPS was clueless.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know who keeps a receipt and box from the cosmetic they purchased? yesterday I returned open makeup use approximately 5 times. it was Lan0;me, my favorite cosmetics. I did not have receipt but It was charged on my lord and taylor card. the women at the Lanc�´me counter looked down upon me as I were trash . now, every cosmetic and salon product on earth is returnable from every manufacture ( I work in the beauty industry) her attitude was not appreciated. all I wanted was to credit my account after purchasing another Lanc�´me product. anyway I have my new product but she really gave me a thorough questioning and again degrading feeling ! P.s lord and taylor is my favorite store for me and my family, I was very surprised at this womens behavior s

Posted by Angel54

If you have a receipt why after 90 days do you get lowest sale price? Think I'll shop elsewhere. Macy's has a way better return policy.

Posted by Anonymous

look out for the manager in the girl's dept. at braintree. she's like a rabid dog and behaved as if i were pulling a fast one on her when i explained the item i bought was defective. why were the tags removed? well, in my family, we take the tags off our clothes before wearing them. and then we might find that the clothes are defective. imagine! She treated me like a criminal and muttered under her breath as i walked away.( with a full refund because i dug in my heels ) only didn't complain about her for lack of time.

Posted by Anonymous

do you return shoes bought on may 26, 2014. they have been worn but I noticed late last week that the heel of these flats are separating. 2 pairs of 2 different colors. The heels have layers with one layer separating.