LensCrafters Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for LensCrafters below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from LensCrafters so others can benefit from what you learned.

LensCrafters Return Policy

New glasses and prescription sunglasses can be returned for refund or exchange within 90 days from the date of purchase.

You can return eyeglasses, provided they are in resalable condition, to Lenscrafters at any time and for any reason within the 90 day period. If you exchange your glasses for another pair, the price will be adjusted depending on how much the new pair costs. The 90 day guarantee does not cover damage caused by scratches or accidents.

Lenscrafters also offers an optional one year protection for eyewear. It covers regular wear and tear, as well as accidents that could occur during normal handling. More information on the one year protection plan can be obtained by visiting a Lenscrafters location or by calling customer service at 1-877-753-6727.

Cleaning and adjustments are offered for free as long as you own your glasses. To use this service, all you need to do is to visit a Lenscrafters location near you.

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Posted by Anonymous

Lenscrafters return policy is 30 days. Please contact your store for clarification

Posted by skihall

I contacted a store in Sherman Oaks California regarding their return policy and was told 30 days? Their website says 90 days. So folks please be aware of the policy or you will be stuck with glasses that you cannot return.

Posted by Hoping to See Clearly

LensCrafters is exhibiting a great absence of training of their corporate office customer service office, as well as Store 172 in Wichita, Kansas.
The store insisted the exchange warranty is 30 days from date of purchase, even if as this store did, not give the ordered glasses to the customer for 28 days from two re-works required, they having the first new pair made from the OLD prescription rather than the new prescription.
The corporate office customer service insisted the warranty is 30 days from date of customer picking up the glasses at the store. It seems from the exchange policy on this LensCrafters Corporate page they are all completely misinformed, with the exchange policy being 90 days, from date of purchase.
Neither the store nor Corporate customer service was able to provide to me hard copy or an emailed copy of the exchange policy!!! I have requested a company representative to telephone me to explain why so much incompetency might exist and what they might be able to do to correct it in their training of store personnel. We shall see if they have an interest in such matters.

Posted by cant see in FL

wish i read these comments first i cant see anymore!

Posted by Dmastur777

arizona mills mall location was awful, another "get used to them". i went to another place to check the lenses and they were way off. so now im getting two correctly made pair fir less than the one pair of bent scratched snd messed up pair i waited two weeks for. never again. the people were rude and not knowledgeable at all. im hoping for a refund even though the glasses are messed up from them

Posted by nope

So what I'm hearing so far is that Lenscrafters are terrible, and IT'S TRUE. The glasses were way to strong and they kept telling me to get used to it and use it only at home, how does that make any sense? I really hope refund is possible, because this places sucks.

Posted by Cj

We purchased glasses for my granddaughter 2016. So impressed with service,quality of employees we had been customers of Sterling and of course not having to wait 2 weeks for glasses,and courteous employees. This year everything aS good except the employees the girl was rude,talked down to us an apparently hated children. Needed to adjust frames had to wait over 30 minutes while people who just walked in we attended to. Now we need to return they just aren't right,we are within 30 days,but confused cause your website says 90 days return but elsewhere says 30 days. Also again dealt with a rude employee called to check and asked why it was different in 2 places she just yelled in the phone 30 days is a very demeaning manner. This was Deptford mall store. Since your service is so good maybe someone's needs to train I. Customer service and hire people who like their job instead of this insulting young lady. We are pretty sure the last call was the same young lady.

Posted by Anonymous

My son went there today to exchange glasses purchased yesterday. Since their policy is if you don't like them you can return them. Was told he could rerun the glasses were purchased under the protection plan but the plan never mentions and exclusion from LensCrafters return policy. They ended up charging an additional $60 on top of the charges paid yesterday. I guess, although our receipt didn't have the fine print return exception it exist someone hidden. Last purchase from LensCrafters. Hopefully with service like this they won't stay in business much longer.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm done with llenshackers too. Customer service is terrible. I called two days after the 30 day warranty and they said there was nothing they could do. I'm sure not going back to where I purchased them and talk to the rude manager who's hardly old enough to drive a car. Oh yea, On the web sight it says 90 days? Customer service knew nothing of this? Hellooo Costco!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Lenscrafeters,
I purchased computer glasses and sun glasses from you - both of which were great. Then I just bought reading glasses - omg - they are terrible - I cannot see at all with them. Hope I will be able to return them -. Thanks, Anne f. Connecticut

Posted by Anonymous

I went to get the scratches fix on my sun glasses they try to charge me for new lenses and i had the insurance the service person didn't even tell i had it. I had to look up my receipt to see that i had and return to the store to make them fix it and on pay 25.00


I purchased glasses at LensCrafters; acquired an exam, and purchased lenses through them. They were the new line of invisible bi-focal that are supposed to cover a wider range of view. SADLY DISSAPOINTED! Eyes burn, have to find 'sweet spot' to see anything (both for far sightedness and near sightedness. In addition, I'm trying to work with the establishment to reconcile the issue. They keep telling me that I have to discuss with management and give me the hours of availability...but no manager is available. I'm still within the 30 day guarantee timeframe. Feels like lawyer time!

Posted by Anonymous

I went into LensCrafters had to come back 4 hours later. Paid $500 plus was not happy with the glasses nstill waiting for My refund

Posted by nothappy

I guess I should of read these comments before I went there to get my eyes checked I went for reading glasses and come out spending almost 400.00 dollars and I can not use these glasses they too told me that It was only a 30 day money back guarantee but I went back twice saying these glasses were not working for me and told me that I need to get used to them. well 3 to 4 months later I have not gotten used to them and I went to get my eyes checked again and took the prescription in to see if it was right and they told me it was to strong for my eyes and all I need was reading glasses what a waste of time with Lens crafts I will not recommend that place to anyone ...they are a rip off.

Posted by Anonymous

Not sure why you post 90 day return policy. Lens Crafters told me it was 30 days. Of course they never mentioned this when I went in to try go get me glasses adjusted - they just kept telling me that I had to wear them longer to get used to them. I wore them for 6 weeks and went back telling them that in some cases I had double vision with the glasses or that I had to close my left eye to focus correctly. I was told that there is nothing they can do. My recommendation: Go to Costco - cheaper and better!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst experience I've ever had getting eyewear! The service in the store was appalling for my and I both. I had to call them to see if my glasses were ready and to top it all off after paying $365.00 out of pocket the glasses weren't right! I'm going to request a refund and steer clear of Lenscrafters from now on.

Posted by Anonymous

i went and spent 245.00 on polarized lens for my new sunglasses that were given to me for a gift. when i picked up my sunglasses they manager had the nerve to take a black sharpie and color the outside rim of the lens so it would blend in with my black frames. how unprofessional is that. i returned the glasses she admitted to using a sharpie and told me thats what they do. i told her take those lens out of my glasses and refund my money. i will never ever go there again

Posted by unhappy camper

Have high blood pressure thr lenses I got I can't see distance on most of thr time. I also use bofinity contacts and have to bump up thr distance went to Madison by gammon road this eye doctor would not listen to me went back twice on their trip this better be last. The last time I had great luck however this time none need distance to driven she was rudenttold me what was going on but she keeps telling me never again

Posted by Anonymous

I use the location in the Deptford Mall, NJ. I LOVE my eye doctor there. I was recently diagnosed with onset Types I diabetes, which caused extreme changes in my vision before diagnosis and after my blood sugar was regulated. I went for an eye exam in May 2015, given a stronger prescription (-4.50) for glasses & contacts and had the changes made. June 25, 2015, I was diagnosed with diabetes and 5 days later I was released from the ICU and my vision began to improve dramatically, so I scheduled an eye exam for that same week. My new prescription was -1.25! I had both contacts and glasses changed. The doctor's office was extremely accommodating and exchanged the contacts at no cost, and explained that LensCrafters would be able to do the same for my glasses. LensCrafters however gave me such a hard time and made me pay out of pocket, even though I had only changed the lenses not even a month earlier! With such a difference in the prescription, I had to get them changed. Now 2 months after my diagnosis, my blood sugar has been regulated and my vision is back to normal (-4.50). I had to have my prescription changed again in the contacts and glasses. The doctor's office again was very helpful and exchanged my contacts (even open boxes) at no cost due to the conditions. The General Manager of LensCrafters was extremely rude, and even said, "When have you ever paid?" And my mother and I clearly pointed out to him all of our purchases from over the YEARS we have been doing business there. He said all purchases only have a 30-day window to be exchanged, the only exception is for people with cataracts. Clearly my situation is not of normal circumstances. If this is true of LensCrafters policies as a corporation, please educate yourselves on the effects of diabetes on one's vision (as I can see from various articles you've posted) and MAKE APPROPRIATE ACCOMODATIONS. From my experience, the staff in Deptford, NJ does not care about their customers. I will no longer be doing business with LensCrafters.

Posted by Angry

I bought a pair of glasses from LC and paid cash. I found them cheaper at Costco. When I went to return the glasses and get my money back I was told someone at the corp. office would mail it to me in 7 days. This is just ridiclous. Shame on you Lens Crafter!!!! People need their money now not a week later. I have to go a week with impaired vision.

Posted by horrible service

I wish I read the reviews before dealing wit them. So I went in, placed my order for glasses, they told me it would take an hour, but for some reason he said come back in 3hrs...fine. so my child n I went to do some errands and came back at 4:30pm which they closed at 6 on a Saturday. When I came back, they said the machines were broken and couldn't give me my glasses that day. What a coincidence! I was FURIOUS at the fact that they have my number n could've called but didn't. Then the manager there told me he will refund part for inconvenience, NEVER did. He said he would call me by 6 the same day when the store closed n let me know what will happen, never did.
Then the next day I went in after work, they lost my glasses....they called a few ppl and n they "found" my glasses mysteriously in a bin...hmm..I think they just didn't finish it to be honest. So I waited for an hour and a half, finally got it, I wasn't happy wit them cuz it really made no difference to me. It looked like one of the display glasses.
So a few weeks later after my purchase, I decided to return them. I went to the place I got it n the guy was giving me all the reasons I should still keep it. I could see then he refused my refund. So I went somewhere else a Few days later and as I tried to return it since I paid cash, she told me she couldn't give it back to me in cash. She said they don't even have that kind of cash in the store n to call an ask before coming to the store if they have cash in their drawer. I was like yea...that's not suspicious! So I was issued a check to my home. I didn't get it yet. I believe that's NOT my problem that they didn't have extra cash in their vault to give. I expected to get it back the same form of payment. They should atleast inform customers if they plan to return it in the future that chances of getting cash back could be slim. I get it, maybe ppl will then turn away but at least the customers can feel they r willing to be honest. I'm upset wit how it all went down. From the moment I walked in the door to get them n wasted my time on that. And its funny cuz it seems like a lot of ppl here have similar situations. I will never go back to lenscrafters even if my eyes needed glasses so badly.

Posted by Anonymous

... anti-glare on the glasses there, it would be 10 business days for that. They did not have the brown tent for... I had to purchase a cleansing cloth from them, after paying $500.00 plus for the glasses they can't ... Crafters did and was unsure of how to proceed other than charging me for more lenses. I asked about my 90 day return policy. Oh,...Oh, well we do not have the money to return to you in the store. She called another store ..., Baton Rouge, La. They did not have the money either. Well she said just come ... Lens Crafters and they do not have the money to refund me. What a ripe off this company is....

Posted by Harris

My husband and I went into the Lenscrafter store located in Salt Lake City,...We were promised the reading glasses the next day but when we called, the glasses were ... up. Upon waiting another day, a call was placed to the store to see what was going on and ... that the regular pair of glasses would take about 7 -10 days which we understood. When speaking ... glasses were not ready by 5 pm that day and he would call and ... when confronted about the refund due to the inconvenience, the Store Manager back out on any money back..., my husband and I proceeded to go to the store to pick up the reading glasses and...

Posted by Anonymous

... still wrong with the prescription. I had to leave the glasses with Lenscrafters for a month because my husband and I... our first vacation in two years. When we returned in late October, I had an exam by my ...each year, and drastically different from what I got from Lenscrafters. I had the prescription filled and found ...luckily not hit by a car. I went back to Lenscrafters and the person there tried to show ...few months ago, I went into a different Lenscrafters location and was told the prescription had ...felt like I was communicating with a sounding board. I guess Lenscrafters no longer cares if I am ...

Posted by Dave

Hello; On February 1, 2012 I purchased frames and lenses from your store at Lougheed Mall.My receipt #is 598980174. At this time the ... humanely possible) The estimated delivery date was Feb 7/12. On that date I attended the store and they told me that it would be an hour. We did go back to the store and when told that tit woud be another day or to. We left and returned again a couple of days later. I did received the frames but not the proper ... these lenses are not ready by Thursday Februray 16th I will demand an entire refund submit a compaint with consumer affairs. I trust you will take this ...