Lane Bryant Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Lane Bryant below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Lane Bryant so others can benefit from what you learned.

Online Purchases

Returns of undamaged items purchased from the online Lane Bryant, Lane Bryant Outlet or Cacique stores can be made in person at any Lane Bryant store. Refunds are issued to the credit card used to make the purchase. Simply bring the packing slip, your credit card, and your unwanted item for a quick return.

For multiple-item discounts (such as buy one get one free), you will receive a refund equal to the pre-discount price minus a portion of the discount you received.

For Paypal purchases, returns and exchanges cannot be made in-store. Please follow the instructions for returns via return shipment and allow 14 days for processing.

Items purchased from Lane Bryant retail partners must be returned directly to the store you made the purchase from. Please follow the specific instructions for each store’s return policy in the FAQ section.


The shipping and handling charges listed on the packing slip will not be included in your refund.

If you have misplaced your packing slip, simply log in to the online store and reprint it from the order status page. If you arrive with no packing slip, you will receive a refund equal to the item’s lowest selling price.

In-Store Purchases

Returns of merchandise at your local store are subject to the following restrictions:
  • If a Customer returns merchandise within 60 days of purchase and has a store receipt, Lane Bryant will offer a merchandise exchange or a full refund. The refund must be in the original form of payment.
  • If the refund is requested after 60 days of purchase with the store receipt, Lane Bryant will exchange the item or give a credit. The merchandise will be refunded for the lowest selling price.
  • If you do not have a receipt, you may receive an exchange or credit at the lowest selling price.
  • Please note: You cannot return items purchased at a Lane Bryant store to the website
You must have identification in one of the following forms to receive returns, cash refunds and all forms of payment.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Military Identification.
  • Permanent state-issued identification card.
Lane Bryant reserves the right to refuse returns that appear to be in one of the following conditions:
  • Have been worn.
  • Are not in new condition.
  • Missing tags.
  • No longer in stock.

See what others are saying about Lane Bryant returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by Sara Eisenhower

I bought an item in store that the only one they had was the mannequin display so they ordered one online in my size and they sent it to me with free shipping. The mannequin shirt must have been pinned because it was fitted at the waist but the shirt that came hung like a tent and was not flattering at all. I returned it in store and it was a completely quick and easy process and the salesperson was very friendly and efficient. I was in and out within 10 minutes so thank you.

Posted by Castro3268

VERY UPSET. I have been an LB shopper for years. I recently made an online purchase and some of the items did not fit. As I have always done, I took the items back to the store for a return. I WAS sadly mistaken. The sales person tells me they will "ship my items back to the warehouse and i should receive a refund in 7-10 days." I was like.. "WHAT? When did your return policy change?" I just made a $350.00 purchase and I am looking to cancel my order. I refuse to wait for my return to be applied to my CC because they want to wait until they get the items back int he warehouse. LB has lost a customer. Their clothes is nice, but not nice enough to go through this hassle of waiting for the warehouse to receive and provide me with a refund. I will shop with Avenue and other plus size stores going forward.

Posted by Lost1

I purchased several items from the online store in Nov 2016. On 05/02/2017 I attempted to return the never worn still have tags attached to the garments; to the Brentwood Promenade location in St. Louis, MO and the store manager refused to allow me to EXCHANGE the items. Stating it had been pass the 60 days cut off,so I was basically stuck with these items. I pointed out to this manager that a couple of the items were still on their shelves to which she replied "I know, sorry". Before typing this comment, I reviewed Lane Bryant's return policy and noticed items can most certainly be returned after 60 days and according to their policy the 60 day cut off applies to in store purchases and their was no cut off day given for online purchases. Needless to say, I am very disappointed and turned off by this incident and will most likely stop shopping at Lane Bryant since there are sooo many online retailers that sell plus size clothing.

Posted by MamaRo

This is my first time buying clothing from Lane Bryant and I did it online using Paypal. They sent me a wrong item and I used Paypal to make the purchase. They gave me a hard time about sending me the replacement item because I used Paypal. I guess they want me to return the wrong item via mail, and not in store, and I have to pay for shipping myself. Then once they receive it, they will send me the right item. I don't understand why I have to pay for shipping to return something that was not my fault to begin with.
A few of the items I ordered were way too big as well and I was frustrated to find out that I would also have to return those items through the mail. I am afraid to see how long they will take to give me my refund and I don't think I will ever shop at Lane Bryant online again, with sizing being so unreliable and their return policy being so ridiculous.

Posted by Me

I think the return policy is extremely stupid! I used my Lane Bryant credit Card to make my purchase, and they can't look it up from my card. Stupid! Closing my account tomorrow!

Posted by Rachel

I purchased clothing online, had it shipped to the store and tried the clothing on when I went in to pick it up. Most of it didn't fit right so I asked to return it. Here's where it gets RIDICULOUS first they tell me it has to be shipped back to a warehouse they can't return it in store. I have never had this issue with any other store I purchased from online.
Finally a week later I get confirmation they received my items and issued a refund. It has been three weeks and no refund!! They still claim they sent it. I had to file a claim against them with PayPal. This entire situation has been a NIGHTMARE!!! Their response, I should have used a Lane Bryant credit card. I can't believe they can get away with this!! I will never shop with them again!!

Posted by karen

I made a return last week and received a receipt showing the refund that will go back to my checking account. When will this happen and why does it take so long.

Posted by Ester

I will never buy Layne Bryant online again because they take so long to refund your money of if you need to return an item. I purchased a sports bra in the correct size, I might add, even went up a size to be safe, and it was way too small. I had to call three times to get my refund. They sat on my refund for one week, promising me it would be in my account any day. Finally, on the 7th day the lady I spoke to the third time, "processed" my refund while I was on the phone - still she told be at least a week before the funds were in my bank. They lied to me -- they knew they were going to sit on my money and not even start the refund process. I am quite sure had I not called the 3rd time and spoke to someone reasonable, they would have sat on the funds even longer.

Posted by Anonymous

I decided while i was visiting in West DesMoines that i would exchange 3 bras at the store instead of pay shipping again. Once I arrived at the store to exchange, not return,I was told to repurchase my 3 bras to exchange them for 3 different ones of the same price. They had me use my card twice for 2 different transactions on the same 3 bras. One repurchase for 53.00 and another for 25.00. I told her that seemed weird to me but she kept insisting they will just "wash" off the price. I had money in my account to do this but I did not know that the hotel is had stayed at the night before had held money on my account even though I paid cash the night I stayed so much to my surprise the next day I check my bank and the 2 purchases from Lane Bryant (just to exchange) had put my account negative 55.90! Why I needed to repurchase these items is beyond me!! So furious with this situation. I also had to settle for what was left over on their clearance rack and that was slim pickings.

Posted by DIANE

I Bought 2 New Bras Last Month And They Are Stabbing Me Under My Arms. They Are The Bras With The Back Smoother Material. One Of The Bras Is Already Coming Unstitched In The Cup. What Are My Return Options?

Posted by B greenfield

I just purchased $400.00 with a Lane Bryant credit card in clothes and took back some of the clothes back with the receipt and tags still on them. I never wore them, I wanted a refund on my clothes. They told me real rudely that I could not get a cash refund because the don't give out that much of a refund it is against their policy. I never wanted a credit card of theirs to begin with. and Now Im stuck with a credit in a store that I don't ever want to shop at again. I don't feel like they have the right ti control my money If I want to have my money back and have all the proper return stuff then I should not be forced to shop and spend my money there if I don't want to. I was never informed about how their card work that you still have to pay a monthly fee to them and I still have to spend money that I don't want to with this company I don't want anything to do with.

Posted by Anonymous

I attempted to return on line purchased items to the store. Everything had tags but unfortunately, the printout was left in my car. I was told the items were not in the computer.They refused to help me, would not look up my order even though I told them I purchased them with my Lane Bryant Credit Card. If I had been told in a nice way with maybe a smile and an apology stating this is our policy, I would not have been so upset. I will not return to the store again.

Posted by Rhonda

Went to Williamsburg, va. With items to return with receipt, but past 60 days... A manager did not offer a in store credit, only told me they would give me 6.97 $ per item.. All items with tags, and all labels intact ... Items purchased in Cincinnati, Ohio ... I don't have a lane Bryant near my home town ... The lady I purchased told me no problem with receipt...

Posted by Michelle

I returned an item to Lane Bryant in the store in late February, and was told that because I paid via PayPal, I would have to wait 4-6 weeks for my refund. It has been nearly four MONTHS, and I still haven't received my refund. This is ridiculous.

Posted by lisasoto

I think its ridiculous that I can't return an item in-store if I ordered on line and paid with paypal. I had to mail back the item and am waiting on a credit. Feom all the negative reviews I have read, I will be waiting for a long time. This unfriendly return policy shows me why I am going to take my business elsewhere in the future. Lane Bryant- you need to get with the times and treat your customers better!

Posted by Jen

What a crock o'poo your new refund policy is. Your clothes are poorly made, overpriced and I will not be making any future purchases with your store.

Posted by Anonymous

Oh my goodness! Just left lane bryant in Elk Grove and I can't believe the fantastic experience I had with my return! Didn't even have my receipt! They looked it up gave me a full credit and everyone was so awesome I decided to shop some more! Got two tops and two pairs of earrings and credit on my account - wonderful experience!

Posted by Annoyed consumer

Ordered a few things online and nothing for properly. All items were the same size but some were right while others were ridiculously big on me. Brought back a few things to the store and now I have refund charges on my card. $12 for returning an item? 0.50 for returning an in store show purchase with tags still on it? These were not buy one get a discount item & a return fee was never mentioned when I asked about the policy. LB has lost another customer for life.

Posted by Anonymous

I paid with PayPal and I am still wait in for my refund. It's been over 2 months!

Posted by Sue

I received a blouse from my daughter-in-law for Christmas that she had purchased in Alabama. She also gave me a gift receipt in case I had to return it. I live in Florida and took the blouse back to the Ocala store because it didn't fit me. I was informed that I could exchange it for something else or receive a store credit for the $46 blouse but that I could not receive a refund without the original receipt. I contacted my daughter-in-law who is going to search for the receipt even though she thinks she threw it out. She brought up the point that she had paid for it with a credit card and if I got a refund, the purchase would go back on her card. What a hassle this is! How can this store hold a customer hostage like this. How can they stay in business with such a ridiculous policy. What is the purpose of a gift card? Never again Lane Bryant!

Posted by Kristen

I've been waiting 2 months for my refund. This is bull!

Posted by Anonymous

The paypal policy is absolutely RIDICULOUS! There is NO reason that I shouldn't have received my refund. It has been 9 days and there is still no sign of MY money after the store took the dress back that I purchased. 14 days for processing is UNACCEPTABLE.

Lane Bryant has lost a customer.