Kroger Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Kroger below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Kroger so others can benefit from what you learned.

Kroger Return Policy

Kroger will accept returns of products in nearly every case. They will offer either a refund, exchange, adjustment or a Kroger gift card. This policy even applies if you simply do not like a Store Brand item. You can call Kroger customer service at 800-632-6900 with any question, comments or concerns.

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Posted by Anonymous

I went to Kroger to return 2 shirts probs ky a month ago, or so. I had the receipt, but I had taken off the tags assuming they would fit the the first one did, they did not. She told me that they are not supposed to return items without the tags. I told her I returned stuff to Kroger all the time andbecsuse I had the receipt she did except it, but she also said "that Kroger was getting stricter with returns. I don't know if it's true and I'd like to see their policy, but this sites link to it is broke. I tried searching and couldn't find it either.

FOR EVERYONE- if u have the Kroger app and a Kroger plus card (not positive the plus cards required), log in to the mobile app and there is an order history or purchase history menu. If you go in there u can get your receipt from quite a ways back. The store customer service can do this for u, but most of them won't tell u.

Posted by Cam0216

Kroger store #395 off FM1960 BEWARE! One of the Co-managers there Mr.Russell is without question the most disrespectgul,condescending arrogant. In his mind he things he is manager and runs the show by speaking down to customers. He quickly found out he was wrong. Managers like this is why more and more people have gone to HEB!

Posted by jhug

I was in I used my EBT card on a self chechout. I had diffuclty with the machine and the attendant arrived to offer assistance. My initial attempt to pay resulted in my card being accepted but I failed to hit the "card" selection first. The attendant assured me I was not charged and that my transaction was not conpleted. I had to go to another register to check out but my EBT card was charged double/ twice for my single transaction and now my EBT card is over $20 short. Basically I was charged twice but only have a receipt for the second transaction. I was given the number for the Dillons Check Department but have unable to get through. The automated system says "they are experiencing high call volume and to call back 24 hours later" then the call is terminated. How do I get a refund for my basically "stolen" $20.08?

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase a pack of cigars from Kroger's on February 9th 2018, the same day 1 hour after my purchase, I realized that the product wasn't what I needed. I attempt to return the product for a refund and was notified that there was no refund on tobacco products. I did not see any indication of no refunds of tobacco products before I bought the product or on my receipt. At least it should be on the receipt that there is no refund for tobacco and any other products when you purchase it. This will save people time and gas!

Posted by Discouraged Kroger Shopper

I was informed by a customer service rep. at Kroger, that I could return anything without a receipt I purchased there, as long as I used my Kroger card, when I purchased it so it could be tracked that I bought it at Kroger. But, I could only receive a store credit for the merchandise purchased without a receipt. I was able to obtain a few store credits in the past on some of the returned items I brought back on separate visits there. When I attempted to return something else again for $2.99, I was informed by a different customer service representative, that I had been informed by the manager on a prior visit I that needed to have my receipt before I could return anything else. I know the manager did not inform me this, and told him so, as I denied it the customer service rep. came back with a response to me 3 different times, that "You were told you needed a receipt before you could return anything else". This was humiliating and rude to me, because I had received conflicting informed to me by Kroger's customer service rep.'s.

I have bought a lot of groceries there in the past, but now I feel discouraged from ever wanting to business at Kroger again because of this.

Posted by Anonymous

I never bought prepaid card ever before so I really didn't know what I was doing,so this lady came over with a Kroger supervisor jacket on and she assistant me later to find out she didn't even work at Kroger's she was just there selling prepaid cards I told her what I needed the card for and she said oh this one will be good so I bought that plus four more totaling $2,000 to help my son out of a jam by making his car payments that were totally way late, she had me buy a debit card with no cash value I needed the one with the cash value so of course I couldn't use it so couple hours later I try to take them back and they would not take them my credit card company said they can't do that they have to return them I even called the corporate number and they said no

Posted by Dw

I went to EXCHANGE a few packs of diapers for another size without a receipt. I was told I couldn't exchange because the amount was large. The diapers were only $8. I'm like I don't want to refund them I want to exchange for another size !! Never opened or used and I said someone's had bought the wrong size and didn't have the receipt

Posted by Smith's 706 450

I work for Kroger (Smith's) @ customer service. After reading most of these comments, It's clear these associates were not properly trained. You need to return something? Fine. Have a receipt? Even better. I blame management more so than the clerks themselves. These CS people (including myself) are often given mixed messages from different managers. We can always check movement if you don't have a receipt. But if there is no receipt presented, it's going on store credit. If you have one, then it will (SHOULD) be returned to the original form of payment.

I just stumbled upon this page researching if it's against my state's law to perform returns on alcohol sales. Didn't find an exact answer..

Posted by Ellen

I bought a package of nicotine gum from Kroger grocery store off Highland Rd in Waterford Michigan. It was on sale for 21.89. I changed my mind the next day and went back to return it...unopened and with my receipt. Was told that its against store policy to return tobacco products. Well..I understand that. If it were in fact a pack of cigarettes/alcohol. Called the manager up front and he continues to tell me that because it's tobacco they cannot do a return. I tell him I understand about a pack of cigarettes or alcohol. But this is nicotine gum, not a tobacco product. He says they are the same thing. No...if he even googled it, he would find that nicotine is def not the same as tobacco. It is in fact an ingredient in tobacco. I spend between $500.00-$700.00 there a month. And what about the customer is always right?? I eventually got my money back only because I put up a stink. I've been shopping there for 16 YEARS!! Really gets my goat...not sure if I'll be going back. I'll take my 500-700 a month in groceries elsewhere. Oh...and I did call headquarters and spoke to a Tracie who was very nice and helpful. She said there is no policy regarding the return of nicotine products such as the gum/patches etc. Only alcohol and cigarettes. Thanks for letting me vent! Sinerely, Ellen DeAngelo

Posted by Nunya

Just returned a gift that was meant for my mother and unfortunately she passed before it could be given. I know it was purchased at Kroger. They treated me like I was a thief.. I used to work for Kroger!! Customer service!! I know how and why they do things. If they had not intended on treating me as they did, they would have just entered the UPC into the register, saw it was theirs and gave the refund but, instead, he called up the GM Dept and had them check to see if it was theirs.. Then said since they couldn't find it in the system, they could only give me 10 bucks.. For a $40 item!! So much for their no Hassel return policy!!

Posted by Sammy

Your store has went south with the unprofessional team that has taken over the last 10 years,I was so embarrassed along with many other loyal customers who now switched to other local grocery stores;It all started over trying to return an item,They made me feel like a thief and liar.At that time is when I found out that many other people were done the same exact way!I just wanted to return an item and was told that It will not be done and spoke to me like a child and I will never spend my 1,000 dollar monthly shopping routine with kroger's again

Posted by Anonymous

I attempted to return 3 unopened bottles of wine to s Krogerbstire in Memphis. I had the receipt and went to the Customer Service Counter. Iced red tovexcgsne the 3 bottles for three different bottles of wine. The clerk told me that a state law prohibited me from exchanging alcohol or tobacco in any retail establishment . I cannot find anything to confirm this decision .

Posted by Me

Make sure you want your gift cards when you buy them. Apparently they won't even let you exchange them for the same price even. Is there a policy by the gift cards that says that? Do the employees let you know? So if you buy the wrong ones or decide you need different ones that same day mind you (not ten minutes after purchasing) you are screwed.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned something someone gave me for my birthday and no o did not have the reciept,but was told by person at the service desk to get what I wanted when I got to the service desks the same person was at the sd but now he had someone else help me he basically acusesd me or said the item was stolen and I needed the name of person and recoept or he could not help me .I gave him the name of person who by the way works for kroger,still wasn't good enough he embrassed me and my daughter so bad she walked out of the store I want something done about this kroger states satisfaction and priority is important when it comes to customers,I was embrassed and certainly there was no satisfaction, and I am someone who shops at Kroger spending hundreds of dollars weekly,but I was so upset not only could I not enjoy my dinner at longhorns my daughter took me to for my birthday after leaving krogers I could not eat.i not sure I will cont to kroger anymore.

Posted by Schwanhilda

I just try to return some laundry detergent that my husband bought 2 months ago. I do have the receipt. Detergent just sat in our garage. Store manager at Food 4 Less (Kroger affiliated) says returns are only accepted within a week. I couldn't find nything to that in their policies. Can someone confirm that as official Kroger policy?

Posted by caNtn

Accidentally bought Enfamil Toddler Formula instead of Similac. Immediately tried to return it with the receipt and was told formula is not returnable due to HIPAA. I am a RN who specializes in regulatory matters for a large healthcare company and very familiar with HIPAA. Nothing in HIPAA addressed baby formula. Perhaps it is an FAD reg due to tampering but the manager demonstrated her ignorance!

Posted by Anonymous

My mom recently sent my daughter a few sports bras and pants she purchased at Kroger. I was very thankful as this is my first foster child and we started off with just the small bag of things they dropped her off with. The pants are too short and Kroger will not let me return them without a receipt. I spend at least $500 a month at Kroger on groceries if not more. The manager was not friendly with me at all. I have seen them let others return clothes without receipts. Why am I being treated differently? The Kroger in Knoxville at Brooklawn will no longer be getting my business. I did not read anything in the return policy where clothes are non returnable!

Posted by Amber

My in laws recently purchased a $38 package of huggies diapers from our local Kroger in Harrisburg Illinois .they bought a size 5 and we need a size 6 so I went in to exchange them for the correct size . I was told that the diapers could not be exchanged even with a receipt . Not only is there not a sign in the store stating that baby products can not be exchanged or returned the manager In the store was extremely rude to me and the cashier told me that because I told them they have exchanged diapers for me in the recent past that they would investigate who it was and fire them since I asked about it . I have spent thousand of dollars in this store and hundreds of that have been on baby products . I would like this problem corrected ASAP or they will be loosing my family and I as costumers

Posted by

I bought some earbuds that were like 5 dollars. but one side is quieter than the other. like, one side would be painfully loud and the other side i can barely even here. do you think I would be able to get either a refund or, switch it out for another?

Posted by Appalledcustomer

At Kroger now (Smiths Store #319) and I am trying to return some batteries I spent almost $20 but got the wrong size. Theperforated line on the pack split but the package is not open itself, the merchandise assistant manager Sonya says she can not take the item back without having to mark it down so she will only give me the marked down price because I can't find my receipt. So Kroger is screwing me out of half the cost of these batteries?!?! I even told her she is not following Kroger return policy and she does not care. I am going to put this everywhere to show the Kroger employees at this store make their own policy apparently. To bad I guess I will have to find another store to shop at while living in Las Vegas.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought some kroger eggs yesterday. one of the eggs were broke adn was leaking. i managed to grab 2 clean eggs. but one of the batch wa broke andd was leaked to the other eggs. this is gross. and dissapointed that the staff cant consistantly check product for bad product.

Posted by Anonymous

Shopped at Kroger at FM 1960 bypass in Humble TX. Spent a little over $60 but bank account register shows charge over $110.
Disgusted. I did not get cash back and didn't think it was necessary to keep the receipt. Never again.

Posted by Refund for Kroger chilli sauce

Hi, I would like to return Kroger Chilli sauce. It taste actually like Tomato ketchup with quite strong sour taste without chilling.
I'm quite disappointed with this product, because I'm happy with other products of Kroger brand.
Please consider to make a refund on this product

Posted by 110 Winterset

What hours is someone there to process returns?

Posted by sydbid

ok thanks

Posted by rockyjoudi

went to norwalk store to return a couple of items that were purshed eith a debit manager refused to give me cash back she put it on a gifr card saying that a vompany s policy i asked to see the policy said to go on line and its posted on there went on line and thetr was no such a thing she is a liar very disappointed

Posted by Kendra

I bought an item and later went to return it and I sat in the line for about 15 minutes because the lady working the money services counter was outside talking with the other employees of Smith's. When I finally received help I wanted to return the item and get my money back. The item was $24 and something change. She refused to give me my money back and told me that if the item was over 10$ their policy stated I needed to get a gift card in exchanged instead of getting my money back. I'm very frustrated... I had my receipt and wanted my money back and she wouldn't give me MY CASH back. So unless your return policy says even though your customer has their receipt they can't have their money then I want some kind of compensation because that's bull sht

Posted by Anonymous

i had bought some tobbaco and got the wrong kind i was wondering if i could exchange it for the right kind i do not have my reciept

Posted by Edith

Was charged $6.39 for butter that is advertised at $2.89 and only gave me the difference after 10 min wait at customer service booth and asked for toilet paper to use the bathroom and after 8 mins of telling them I was pee on myself while they all looked at each other and was given a napkin for meantime. They really do not care about customers. Posted pics on google as evidence.

Posted by Anonymous

Kroger Shame On You! U Really Need To Inform Your Managemement Staff On How Well You Respect And Treat Ebt Customers. Kroger In Loganville Ga.

Posted by Loyal Customer

My local Kroger has Easter candy 75% off. There is/was a sign that said M&M $3.99 ( you save $2.00, and I took a pic of it), well when I got the register they rang up for $5.99 with 75%. I noted it to the cashier that they are listed for $3.99 and asked would it be 75% off of that? She asked another lady, I am not sure who she was as she did not identify herself by name or title, but she told the cashier and me that it was off the original price ($5.99). I then mentioned the right price guaranteed policy states its free up to $5.00 because it rung up wrong. This lady told me that "they" do not have that policy anymore; I asked when did that change? She then stated "not all Kroger's have that policy" and kept shacking her head. There was only two registers open ( my lane being one of the two) and self check out, the lines was long and that cashier was getting ready to clock out so another cashier came to assist checking me out as the "manager or whoever she was" didn't bother to address my concerns further and clearly gave vibes that I was holding up the line. So I stated that I would just contact corporate. I contacted corporate and a young man read the policy to me and told ME to tell THEM they owe me a free item and a $5 gift card. I was thinking did you just hear me state this lady told me that was not their policy. (Although I know the company policy better than their employees). I will go there in the morning and perhaps I would be greeted with a friendlier face, someone who knows the policy and willing to make it right.

Posted by CLAWZ12

I had bought some John Frieda shampoo at Kroger's that was on clearance and I ended up not liking it. I bought four bottles at $4.40 each because I've used John Frieda for years. I think this shampoo made my brunette hair have very light and even a LOT of white strands in it that I pulled out! I didn't have my receipt as I always throw away Kroger's receipts because it's almost always just food on them. The girl was nice but said I needed my driver's license which I didn't happen to have. I drove home five miles round-trip which cost me time more than anything and brought back my license and she put the $14 on a store gift card which was fine. She had scanned my Kroger card and I asked if that shows my name and she said no because if it did, I was going to tell her my name and it would match. It seems a Kroger card would show the person's name and info because they send coupons to customers' addresses related to what they buy. It wasn't too much trouble, really; I was just glad they gave me a refund. The bottles of shampoo did have Kroger's clearance stickers on them so she knew I bought them at a Kroger store but didn't know when. I told her it had been about a month. Overall, I'm always very happy to go to Kroger's and get such good savings. They have really good sales and their milk is always a really good price. They have a lot better prices than they used to fifteen or twenty years ago.

Posted by JerkyT

Went into the southfield, Mi store 3/26/2017 purchased a sweet and spicy beef jerky. Was not happy with the quality of meet inside. Could not chew the meat enough to swallow it. Was made with certain pieces that were not able to digest. I usually eat better brands but this was on sale.

Posted by Erin

Just went into Kroger, the Kroger located right off the highway in Fort Wright, KY, and I've never been treated so poorly. This is not my usual Kroger and I only stopped there because I was working. I needed to return a few items that I just purchased this morning and yesterday. I really love Kroger and we spend a lot of money every month at Kroger. Within the last day or so, I've spent about $400. The items I wanted to return totaled out at $40, not much compared to what I just spent. One receipt I paid cash for ($240) and the other went on my husbands debit card ($150). However, my husband and I only have one debit card so I gave it back to him this morning. When I first went up to the counter and said I wanted to return a few items he looked at me and said, " You're returning all of that?" It came off kind of rude, but whatever, I let it go, not a big deal. At the end, she said she needed the debit card to put the money back on the card. So I explained to her that I did not have it on me at this time and we only have one car and my husband has it. I asked if she could give me cash. By the way, all of the other times I've ever return anything at Kroger, the policy I was told was that if you pay with cash or a debit card you have the option of getting cash back, as well as other options like a gift card or putting it back on your card. She mediately told me no she needs the debit card she cannot give me $40 back in cash. Then brought another lady over and she said she could give me cash but I had to show her the debit card. I explained the situation I mentioned that I just spent almost $400 at the store in two days or a day. They would not listen they were stuck on not giving me cash. I Wasn't asking for $100 back. I felt as though they were judging me and thought I was returning items for a negative reason or to get cash to get drugs or something. Just their behavior and their lack of willing to negotiate anything has made me think differently about Kroger. I will not be shopping at Kroger nearly as much as I used to especially at that location.

Posted by rolltide2739

The other day I asked my wife, to get me a can of dip from the local she came home with the wrong kind, I never opened it,and I kept the receipt, so I could take it back and Exchange it the next day, they would return they said there was a law saying they were not allowed and got rude with me, so I left and did some research on it, there is no law stating this, now I have a can dip, I'll probably never use, I appreciate, the kind service I didn't receive, from you, it will thank twice before I go to Kroger again

Posted by Beauty45

Shocked to read so many negative reviews! I shop at the Flat Shoals Pkwy Kroger, Decatur, Ga.3-4 times/wk and have always been satisfied when returning a product. No hassles! I have even come back the next day and redeemed coupons I forgot to present when checking out the day before. No Hassles. Once while waiting in the customer svc line, the mgr walked by and I jokingly asked for coupons since the line was so long. He apologized and surprised us by having Star Bucks give us complimentary drinks. No hassles! I LOVE THIS KROGER! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Walter

One of the most obnoxious transactions I've ever had in my life was with Rosalyn ( Lynn ) at Baseline an Country club in Mesa, Az. I inquired as to the scan right policy and she was a total (see you next Tuesday)about it. Why do some of these old bags think they're doing Kroger a favor by offending good customers? Is this a union thing? To hell with unions!! Not only did her attitude stink out
loud, she stunk like cigarettes.

Posted by KP

Went into Kroger on Chamblee Tucker rd to return some Christmas blankets we had bout at last minute. They are unopened and the manger was NOT NICE and said I must have receipt. I shop there almost everyday and he wouldn't even look hot up on my Kroger card. I WILL SHOP AT ANOTHER STORE

Posted by KP

Went into Kroger on Chamblee Tucker rd to return some Christmas blankets we had bout at last minute. They are unopened and the manger was a real jerk and said I must have receipt. I shop there almost everyday and he wouldn't even look it up on my Kroger card. What a lazy manager.

Posted by Englewood ohio kroger neville

Went to return a 30 dollar christmas present at kroger in englewood oh and store manager neville would not return an item that was bought in that kroger and was still in original packaging. I asked for return policy and he said that they do not have one which in this day and age is obviously a lie. It looks as if kroger employs untruthful staff and it sounds like it starts from the top so if the store manager mr. neville can tell a customer he cant provide a return policy then how can his staff be any better. I provided my id and asked for store credit without reciept just like i have done in past experiences and still turned away.i had to call a kroger helpline to get any info about a return policy and it stated in the return policy for items over 20 dollars without reciept i would recieve store credit but mr neville was rude and turned me away. No wonder why walmart has return customers because they treat customers right and stand by their word and kroger lost a customer over 30 dollars because the manager does not understand customer service and that return customers is what business is about. I am very dissapointed about a store that i have shopped at more than 10 yrs and they handle situations like uneducated fools.

Posted by Kyle Foster

I bought hearing aid batteries from a Kroger that was in the next town over Clarksville,IN and noticed when I got home that they were expired with a "best use by March of 2013" so I tried to return them on my way home from work at my neighborhood Kroger in Jeffersonville,IN and the lady told me that they could not exchange them and that I'd have to go back to the other Kroger. So I was forced to buy another pack (because I was almost out) and now have to wait till I'm in Clarksville again to exchange them.

Posted by EducatedParent

Walked into the Kroger at 3959 Lavista Rd a, Tucker, GA 30084, to return an unopened container of Kroger brand baby formula on 12/17/2016 at 8p.m. The attendant for customer service wasn't at the desk, so I asked a man doing go-backs for assistance. He promptly knocked on the accounting room door. As the door opened you can see two people inside who look very annoyed to deal with me. As I inform the young woman I'm trying to return the product, she immediately takes the receipt from my hand. I inform her that the tamper evident seal is still intact, and that I had been recommended by my daughter's pediatrician to remove formula from her diet. The attendant looks over the receipt and goes back to the accounting room to talk to the other man in there. She quickly comes back out and says they can't take it at all. I asked for a reason and she mumbled that people have been messing with baby stuff and returning it. I quickly asked if they had posted a notice that I was unaware of? She had no response. I then asked for a copy of the return policy and she had no response. Aggravated I put the formula back in my car and went back in to finish my shopping. I then checked in the baby product section. Just to see if there was a notice informing of the policy. Of course there was nothing there. When I finished and drove home, I decided to do some research. While searching for the Kroger return policy, I found this site- /Kroger/Returns
And could not find any information at all, due to the complete return policy page link being broken. Along with every customer review on that page detailing their horrible experiences. This is a terrible practice for Kroger, and is unacceptable for any customer to go through. I will be contacting the corporate complaint office and following up with the store manager in the morning. All written policies for returns should be posted. If they are not posted, employees can say whatever they want and there is no protection for the consumers. For a company that claims, and I quote from the earlier listed website.-
"Kroger will accept returns of products in nearly every case. They will offer either a refund, exchange, adjustment or a Kroger gift card. This policy even applies if you simply do not like a Store Brand item."

The behavior I have listed above should be amended. I fully expect to have this problem corrected by kroger soon. If not, I will take all my business elsewhere. I will also make sure that I tell everyone I can about this poor policy and representation of it. I have been a long time customer and former employee of the Kroger Co. I know that Kroger is supposed to put the customer first and handle every case as efficiently as they can. I hope the adminis of this page are better at their jobs then the store employees I dealt with today. Hopefully this matter will be corrected satisfactorily, and actions are taken to prevent this from happening to other customers in the future.

Posted by katie

Absolutely ridiculous experience tonight at the Kroger which my boyfriend and I frequent about twice a week for all of our (expensive, relatively nice) groceries. My boyfriend had bought a pack of razor blades about two months ago from this location. We did self-checkout, and the employees did not come to open the package. As a result, we had a pack of razors with a plastic "box" around it we could not open. Tried a hammer a couple of days later, nothing. We had it around the house for all of that time (despite going there several times a week-- we have lives) and FINALLY remembered to bring it back tonight. It's become like a running gag between us-- 'Did you bring the razors?' "No." I was elated to see I'd remembered it and resolve a months-long slight annoyance.
The cashier lady made her manager come over and he looked at it and said, "Do you have a receipt?" No, we bought this like two months ago. "And you really expect me to open it?" He full-out implied we'd stolen it. I was so infuriated. We buy things from here all of the time. In fact, we'd just finished checking out a purchase of over 150$ worth of food. Did he really expect that we'd somehow play some weird con on 16 dollar blades? We just wanted it opened!! He made us wait (only 10 minutes, felt like forever because I was furious) and ran my BFs Kroger card info. Apparently could not "find it" in the system and told us we could leave it there and he'd "look into it" tomorrow. My boyfriend had to ask whether he wanted to take a number from him as the guy didn't even ask for it. I asked to whom he reports and he gave me a weird look and gave me a first name only for someone who manages him. Totally unprofessional. I will be visiting the store in person tomorrow to speak with this manager. Policy be damned, that is NOT the way you treat customers-- I am a college professor who teaches organizational management-- and we will not be giving any more of our money to this store, and will not be back to this location.

Posted by 801customer

Smiths in Utah specifically on 10400 south is terrible with customer service. I walked in with Mt receipt and diapers needing a bigger size and without hesitation, the register didn't even bother asking me about the receipt Or if I needed any assistance she just assumed and jumped down my throat saying "we don't do exchanges for baby products" like wow? I'm never buying diapers from smiths again

Posted by Syahreza1

If i just buy a cartoon of cigarretes at city market and i already open one pack and try it but i didn't like the taste can i exchange the rest of 9 packs which is unopened with another brand of cigarretes or just do the refund? Thx...

Posted by Rileydog

Just tried to return an unused, new in package sheet set. The sales person said they were 100% bamboo. But no, they are polyester.

I saved the wrong receipt. I was unaware they wont issue a refund, credit etc without receipt. Manager was unable to look it up on my Kroger Card due to a system limitation.
Very unhappy. $50 waste.

Posted by Anonymous

I had diapers i bought with a catalina deal that my grew out of too fats. I was made to feel like I stole the items because I didn't keep the receipt. She ran my kroger card to see if I actually bought them. None of the packages were opened and I did not want cash, I only wanted to exchange them. I waited over 30 minutes for her to pull my kroger card info to exchange. I will not purchase any thing with that type of expense from kroger.

Posted by Hld89

I have had nothing but problems returning to smiths on sahara and Maryland. My items were hair products and the receipt was only 2 weeks old and they denied my return.

Posted by Anonymous

Will Kroger take back an item if it was paid for in cash and you do not have the receipt?

Posted by AnitaR

Went to return a can of UNOPENED UNTOUCHED baby formula, with original receipt from couple days back, my baby can't have this formula anymore, it was NOT paid by WIC, paid myself for it. They refused to return it and gave no reason. I don't care they should have returned and destroyed or donated it but as a paying customer who gives them more than $1000 business per MONTH, I should have been given the return on my hard earned money. I'm going to switch to Walmart or Publix.

Posted by Adam

This is in reply to Tony's post from August 14th. I don't work at Kroger, but I do know that stores cannot put perishable items back on the shelves after they've left the store.

Posted by Connie

Bought a $100 MC gift card. Gift card rang up at $105.95 for $100 gift card. On the card in tiny font it says there is a $5.95 activation fee. I have bought many gift cards at Kroger, and this was never the case before. They should post signage at the display re the fee.

Also bought $100+ in groceries (no alcohol or tobacco products.) Tax was $1.43. Receipt showed E-coupon for 4X gas points on the gift card, however total gas points was 429. Called the store and they said I would have to come to the store to get credited for my missing gas points. They studied the receipt and could not explain why the points were not credited. Reluctantly they added the missing points to my card, but acted as if this was my fault.

Posted by Jerry

Just had a horrible experience at Kroger. Apparently, the ScanRite policy no longer exists. Previously if an item scanned wrong, you received the item free on the first and the price difference on additional like items. Now, you get only the difference in the correct price and the scanned price. There is zero incentive for Kroger to get it right. They sell ten items at $5 over, only one person pores over his receipt and catches it, they make $45 in dishonest profit. The service desk was very rude, as well. We spend hundreds at Kroger monthly, but this may be changing now!

Posted by Tony

My mother picked the a wrong item,(cottage cheese) and went to return it for the right item. about 10 minutes it has passed unopened. when she tries to return it, the person on the counter just dumps it in the garbage and returns my mother her money. i believe this to be extremely rude and wasteful, if this is your policy you disappoint. if its not, i recommend you fire this person. I'm sure the camera caught her.

Posted by Mrspculv

Purchased a bottle of wine at the Bourbonnais, IL store and immediately tried to return it after remembering I could get it cheaper at another store. I was told I couldn't return it. What kind of foolishness?

Posted by Chapped

Unable to return an unopened bota box of wine in Knoxville, Tennessee. Not happy!!! No where on the receipt does it say I'm unable to return it. I was told that all wine sales are FINAL without exception. Wife bought sauvignon blanc instead of the cabernet sauvignon I prefer. Will avoid the Kroger grocery in the future.

Posted by Fermata

My local Kroger(Gaden City, SC) employees have always been polite and helpful. I moved from the west coast where I had shopped at Fred Meyer so I was pleased to learn that I I can find most of my favorite products locally in the natural foods section.

Posted by True Kroger customer

I have never had a problem on returns they either scan my card or look it up on my debit or credit card. Or they offer an exchange or gift card if I don't have my receipts which I think is fair. I hate to say it but people steal all the time and bring back things from other stores to try and get cash. Kroger won over Big Bear and some of the other stores chains because they have intelligent people in the Home office. some people just want something to complain about

Posted by True Kroger customer

I have never had a problem on returns they either scan my card or look it up on my debit or credit card. Or they offer an exchange or gift card if I don't have my receipts which I think is fair. I hate to say it but people steal all the time and bring back things from other stores to try and get cash. Kroger won over Big Bear and some of the other store change because they have intelligent people in the Home office. some people just want something to complain about

Posted by RikSlik505

Kroger / Smiths grocrey stores are all the same. I'm starting to realize that more and more every time I go into these very rude, unprofessional, unimaginably the most disrespect I have ever gotten from any store. That I have shopped at for many of years. I am starting to make a transition to start shopping at a different store all together even if it is a little more out of the way from my house compared to the Smiths that I have shopped at for many & many years. But all in all when your a customer at a store you should be the stores main priority. Not treated like they don't need you there and don't want you there. My examples of these behaviors that I'm going to share are from every Smiths / Kroger Store here in the Albuquerque, NM area. Also these aren't just a one time mishap. These very rude disrespectful behaviors are 2-3 times out of the 6-7 times I go shopping there a month, so it's about 50% of the time. Which in my mind and I'm sure majority of the the people that don't work there would think the same as I do.
The 1st problem I wanna share is. I was shopping there on May 12th, 2016 just a couple of weeks ago. I was at self check out with approximately $309.78 dollars worth of groceries and just general stuff they sell there. I was checking myself out at self check out because there was not a single register open with a cashier besides the express lane 10 items or less. I asked the lady that was the cashier politely if she could check me out, so I wouldn't have to do all these items at self check myself. $309.78 worth of groceries is a lot of stuff to be a self check out with doing it yourself. The answer that I got was first a dirty look and a roll of the eyes and then she said "No I can't help you here at the express line. This line is only for people that don't do all there shopping at one time and besides my manager would get pissed off at me if he saw me checking out a customer at the express lane with tons of grocries when I should be helping the in and out customers. And this is all being said to me with not a single person waiting in her line or no one in sight that looked like they were going to come to her line. So my opinion if this the truth of the manager then he's a bad manager and needs to help customers no matter what every customer s the same I believe. Also what does it matter how much grocries I had anyways. Me and the wife have two growing kiddos at home. We all know how much grocries parents go through with growing kids a ton!!! We buy anywhere from $900.00 - $1,100.00 in grocries a month so $300.00 is not nearly all my grocries all at one for the month as she said. What does it matter anyways they work at a grocrey store that's why people go there for is grocries!! So the attitude and smart A$$ remarks from the cashier were un called for and just disrespectful and rude! And lieing about her manager getting mad is ridiculous just lieing to a customer. If he does get mad about that then he needs to be fired and replaced pronto!
Next situation is pertaining to the same time. While checking out at self check out a hour passed and we finally finished scanning all of our grocries and we had manufacture coupons around 17 of them. My wife is a coupon clipper. She loves to save us money. It makes her feel good. Makes me feel good to save money too! I can't lie! So we are scanning the coupons and all are going through perfectly no problems at all. We get to our last coupon and the lady that watches over the self check out came up to us and said I'm gonna need to see those coupons. We said ok because there from the manufacture we got them from our local Sunday paper and the value pak thing they send in the mail. None are printed of line which shouldn't make a difference either but they weren't. She went to her little podium and called I guess a supervisor she was. Sure didn't act like no one high up on the ladder. Baddies attitude I've ever seen on anyone at any store. Just straight rude and customer is always wrong in her mind. She begins to tell us "We cannot use none of these coupons there" and she goes on to say "I don't think anywhere would take these coupons". They are straight from the manufacture coupons I told her. She says " I know what they are I'm not stupid! I received an email from upper management this morning stating that all of Smiths and Krogers are not allowed to accepet manufacture coupons anymore". She goes on to say that "All the manufacture coupons now a days are frauds so I advise you if you don't wanna end up in jail I would stop using them to purchase grocries anywhere" I begin to ask can I see the email that was sent to you saying this about the manufacture coupons or let me see the up to date policies on coupons saying this information that you are rudely telling me. She says " I don't have to show you a damn thing" gves us our coupons and walks away. So instead of using the coupons and saving a little bit of money because every little bit saved counts. We were un able to use them So those coupons that I was un able to use I made a copy of them and then sent the originals to Smiths/ Krogers corporate customer service. Which I was talking to someone about this there they told me to send the coupons so they can see them which i did about 13 days ago and haven't heard a word and they were received 9 days ago. So I guess since they found out that they were at fault and that she was lieing they figure they won't get back to me at all. And probably I'll just go away, but little they know I'm not gong away!

Posted by raymondcraft92

your store in Morton refused to give me a refund on products I had coupons for that I don't carry around with me all the time I spend 200 every month at your store and work quite a bit I think this is ridiculous and there seems to not be a understanding that some of us cant go back in right away whats with youre Morton store don't think they know there own policy when a receipt is within two days of purchase Think a little bit more understanding would be reasonable

Posted by Really?

Maybe you had better tell the people that work at your stores your return refund policy? I returned with a receipt unopened Kroger brand product. She said I had an expired receipt and it was not valid because it was expired??? I said who says. She did return but only after I said that's ridiculous and where does it say this. No sign, nothing on paper receipt. Bellevue Kroger extremely consistent bad service. I even think I am going to take the time and try to call Cooperate offices. Although seems no one cares at Kroger.

Posted by JD

My grandmother had purchased hearing aid batteries from your Indianapolis location. She bought the incorrect size. I called your East Washington street location in Indianapolis, IN where she had purchased them to ask about exchanging thwm for the correct size. At first I spoke with Sylvia. She was very nice and polite and advised that I would need to speak with a manager as she was unable to help me. I was transferred to Mike. I had let him know that I had the incorrect size batteries. He said that without a reciept, there was nothing he could do to help me. I read over the return policy online and it states, "Simply return the product, packaging and receipt to your nearest Kroger store. The customer service staff will assist with a refund, exchange, adjustment or credit to a Kroger Gift Card." After telling him about your posted return policy and that I was simply just trying to exchange them for the correct size, he said "No offense but you could have stolen them." I am not looking for cash, I am just trying to exchange them for the correct size batteries so my grandmother can use her hearing aid. After a few minutes of talking, he said that we were just going around in corcles and hung up on me. I don't understand why I am unable to just exchange them for her. Now she is stuck sitting on batteries that she is inable to use. I have always had great experiences at thos location until today.

Posted by Terri

I have always loved Kroger because of their wide range of unique items that you can't find at your local Walmart or Target. A new Kroger opened up near me a couple years ago in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It replaced a smaller Kroger that was closer to me. Well, after I visited the new Kroger driving the extra miles was worth it. The new store was better than a Super Walmart.They had lots of toys, movie rentals, automotive accessories, clothes, shoes,furniture, electronics and wireless phone plans. While I and my husband were shopping there one day I showed him some clothes I really liked. A couple weeks later on my birthday he surprised me with them. These weren't cheap clothes either. Everything fit except one shirt($34.99) and a pair of Capri's(46.99).I thought no problem I will just exchange them. I knew my husband would not give me the receipt because he does not like for me to return things. He would rather me give them to someone else or donate them and buy myself another set. He also does not believe in using a Kroger plus card or any other shopping cards that track your purchases and store your personal information. I guess you could say he's old school. He won't give out his personal information to anyone except his bank. So he doesn't use shopper cards. So, I figured no problem. I will just take the clothes back to Kroger and exchange them. I never thought I would have a problem. I explained to the lafy that I didnt havr a receipt that they were a gifts. Then they ask for the person's phone number who bought them. I thought wow that's odd. I then explained my husband bought them. I told them I have a Kroger card but he doesn't. The lady helping me said well I am sure he does and insisted on looking it up. When she couldn't find anything she called for a manager. After, 30 minutes the manager said we can't find these item's on your card or in our store. I said I know they aren't on my card I explained that already but they were purchased from this store. She was not friendly and seemed aggravated. She also said to the other employee it's awfully fishy her husband doesn't use his Kroger card. Again,being as nice as possible I exhaustedly said ma'am I have explained that to you all 4 times, "He doesn't have one". She then ask if we're divorced or something. I was like Ma'am I have been patiently waiting for over a 45 min. now if you can't exchange them give them back to me I have to get to work and it's totally fine. She ignores me and pages someone from the clothing department. Then took 15 min to check that the clothes were on the rack. Then returned and said, yes we have them but you can't get no refund without the receipt. Why would they waste an hour and a half of my time then? I was not upset about being denied a refund but in the way it was handled. By the time this was over there were 13 people waiting in line behind me witnessing all this and becoming very frustrated with waiting. My Kroger days are over.

Posted by Nell

I just realized that if Kroger's leaves an item out of your bag after you have paid for it, they just put it back on the counter to re-sell. So, be sure to check off your items when you get home. Last week, I bought a $7.29 + tax package of chicken. I paid for it at the register, but it wasn't in my bag when I got home. I called and I was told they put it back on the counter. Since, Kroger's is very good at collecting all my personal information, including my telephone number, it seems odd that they didn't try to contact me to let me know the package was left out of my bag. That seems only fair, since Kroger's left the item out of my bag. The clerk who refunded my money today had no apology. He just said, "Sometimes that happens". Needless to say, I am very disappointed with Kroger's.

Posted by Kyle

I was in Kroger today and bought a pork shoulder. The price on the label was 7.96 but why I got home I noticed I was charged $14.08. I also bought some wings from the deli that were supposed to be $9.99 and was charged $12.99. I realize a new sales ad came out today, but the stickers should have been removed from the items I bought. I usually love Kroger, today was a letdown.

Posted by Anonymous

I used to love Kroger because their store brand was comparable to most national brands, but lately in Kentucky it seems that all of the local stores are slipping. Below are a few offenses that I've encountered over the past six months.
#1 Every single time I buy the Kroger heavy whipping cream, it smells foul and spoiled. I live seven minutes from a large Marketplace Kroger, and I have an insulated bag for cold items.
#2 I opened up a can of the Kroger light red kidney beans to find that, upon draining, the can was less than half full of product and almost completely water.
#3 For Christmas I had purchased a fresh never frozen turkey so as to be able to bypass the thawing process. It cost $45 for a trukey, but I thought that it was worth it to get a fresh one. I opened it two days prior to set up a brining process only to find that it was frozen solid.
#4 I was in their store yesterday(4/7/16), an the produce department had mold in almost every display. The 10/$10 peppers were bruised and molding, the pineapples were in crates and on shelves were all wilting or covered in mold (the cardboard crates were also soggy looking and had mold on the top. Both the red and sweet onions had decaying product that was turning the onions around them rancid with mold and moisture. Two spots had strawberries but both the cooler and display had numerous moldy packages. The grapes had bags with molded grapes on the bottom and sides from what I assume is rough handling....
#4 I purchased sushi during this same trip and brought it home quickly to offset spoiling. My husband put one bite in his mouth and spit it out. I picked up the container and noticed that it had an overwhelming smell of fish, meaning it was bad.
#5 The baggers are young and not paying attention. Every single time I purchase a loaf of bread from this store it winds up in a bag with either a jar or a heavy can and it winds up squished.

Posted by Charlie

Went to my local Kroger store today Mar 31 2016,with the ad that I receives Yesterday in the mail. Found the items in the store. As I checked out I was charged the regular price for the items not the sale price. Customer service person told me that the shelf indicated the price.I checked there was no price on the shelf.The store manager was called said the same thing. I asked him to walk with me .He refused! Stating that he was not going to argue with me.I received a refund.Wished them a good day. I may get over this bad experience but will take some time. After many years I need to explore other stores as options.

Posted by anonymous

Kroger did honor their policy of giving an item for free when they overcharged one of the items I bought. The last time it happened, I was only given the price difference and when a friend intervened only charged me $0.52 for the item.

Not everyone though checks their receipts before leaving the store and it is highly recommended. I can understand a one time honest mistake but stores like Kroger should not be taking out their employees incompetence in reflecting the correct prices on the shelf to come out of their paying customers pockets.

Posted by Joieaura

I recently purchased Star Bucks four cans of double shot coffee and noticed I was not charged the price noted on the shelf so I took it back and told customer service; they refunded me the money as per their policy, but took the item back. Their policy states it is correct or free and the person behind the counter knew that yet took the product back anyway. :-( I am disappointed that they made that choice. I hold Kroger to a higher standard. I spend all my grocery and sundries money at our local Kroger. :-( We have the largest Kroger in the state of Georgia and they are starting to fail. They have ran off many long term employees so I no longer see many of the familiar faces and the store is not kept up as it once was. The positions are being filled by younger not so bright folks who do not share the same work or behavior ethics as the older or more serious employees that are not there any longer. I do not care to babysit nor be exposed to poor behavior. Please do not get me wrong it is not all bad they do have some fantastic folks there that still go above and beyond to help or make your visit wonderful, but these are getting fewer as time passes and I will shop elsewhere if it continues to deteriorate. Note I praise what is right about Kroger employees just the same as I might point out what is not working.

Posted by cCk

I am Dallas,TX. Try to return 6 pack of root beer which are new brand-taste suck. Same... waiting in line to talk to the cashier, and she called managers twice and waiting for another 10. If beers are not returnable, why they made me wait and why Kroger does not train cashier to say no right away.

Posted by Anonymous

Needed to return some baby formula that was given as a gift and could not do it because we didn't have the receipt and the baby is allergic to the milk that was given that needs to be changed and it's a formula that only Kroger carries so what kstzdo we do with it now thanks Kroger

Posted by ylf

My husband bought a carton of cigarettes for me today at a Kroger store and they gve him 100's and not the 120's he asked for. I called the store and the woman told me to bring them back, but make sure I have the receipt.

I did so, but the Manager said it was against the law to exchange them! Other stores always exchange them if they sell us the wrong one, as long as I have my receipt!

Posted by Cheesehead

I just tried to return a unopened bottle of wine at my Krogers in St. Albans WV. After waiting at customer service for 10 minutes someone paged the store manager. Then another 5-8 minutes passed and he finally came. He said they did not accept returns on unopened wine. Didn't really offer any explanation, just seemed in a hurry to get back to whatever he was doing. I checked Krogers return policy on their web site before going and there was nothing about wine, beer, etc. I am in the retail business so I understand different stores may have different policies but think it would be a good idea for them to state their policy on the back of their receipts.

Posted by Courtney

Like another customer who commented, I went to Kroger to return an unopened bottle of tequila that I purchased yesterday, only because I came home to find I already had a full bottle and did not need the bottle I purchased. The manager first told me it was state law that liquor could not be returned, which I advised was not true. She then stated it was Kroger's policy to not return liquor sales. There is no return policy posted in the Kroger Spirits shop and it is not printed on the receipt. Further, I could not find any materials stating alcohol is excluded from returns. I have always been a loyal Kroger shopper, but am very unhappy with the handling of this situation. Kroger accepts returns on opened food items, meat and produce, it should willingly accept returns of unopened liquor sales with receipt, which I had with me. If Kroger wants to stay in the business of selling liquor, then it needs to compete with other liquor stores that accept liquor returns. I will never purchase liquor from Kroger again based on my experience today.

Posted by James


I've always been a very happy and loyal customer with Kroger, but today I was pretty thrown off and left unhappy. I went to the Kroger Wine and Liquor shop and wanted to return a small bottle of bourbon(unopened and with a receipt that was purchased yesterday) so that I could purchase a larger bottle of bourbon and use the credit of the return. I was refused to return the smaller bottle and I still ended up buying the larger bottle because it was a gift. Now I'm stuck with this smaller bottle that I don't want and I was refused to return it. Kroger should seriously change that policy because it is ridiculous that I had to deal with that. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Posted by Brenda

On May 12 I was shopping in the newer kroger on Jessie Jewell parkway, gainesville, ga. While there I purchased a pair of sandals. The next day I exchanged them for a different size, no problem. Well I wore them around the house the next day until both my feet were swollen. I knew that after wearing them that day that I would not be able to wear them again. I decided to take them back to the store since I do most all my grocery shopping there. The lady at customer service was very nice but said she would have to get someone to tell her what she should do. The man from shoes came up and said they could not do anything because the rubber bottom was a little scuffed. He offered no credit of any kind. I have never had this happen since the shoe was purchased 2 days prior and I had sales slip. Really Kroger this looks horrible on such a big corporation. That is not looking out for your customers. Very disappointed and this was a bad call for just $17.00!

Posted by chanceandme

My Husband purchased a three pack of the, "Home sense white unscented facial tissues." I do not like them because they make my nose very sore.

Just wanted to know what I should now Re: a refund.

Posted by Anonymous

I spent approximately $174 at the Kroger located at 4025 Winder Highway in Oakwood, GA over the Easter weekend (4/4 and 4/5). Unfortunately, for ME, I exchanged my propane tank and received one that appeared to be leaking as the fumes/smell were scarey. I am 63, not my first rodeo grilling. When I went to return on 4/6AM, the Customer Service Manager treated me like a criminal; no apologies, made the sweet little clerk write down all of my drivers license information. VERY BAD experience.......I will never shop there again.

Posted by Krogers

I went to a different krogers for diapers they ran me back and fourthe to two different stores that was both out of my area and said they would give ne the clearance prize after six trips I did not get that prize but the manager did give me a ten dollar gift card for what I went for but my question is now I bought stuff while there and have receipt and the krogers that is away from me is where I bought it, why can't the krogers return by me because after what I have been threw I am wasting money on gas and all my time running got receipt and product not opened??

Posted by Anonymous

I just recently was refused to items to be returned because I had come in twice recently and returned items without a receipt. its 8 can items and one pack of mccormicks gravy mix- nothing is expired. My two previous returns, were put on Kroger gift cards and after my return I turned around got the items I did needed. I just left the Kroger on Boonsboro Rd in Lynchburg, Va because I was refused my items to be returned because of my two previous returns without a receipt. I usually keep all my receipts, and do have my two receipts from those returns, but my mom occasionally ask me to return something and she sometimes loses her receipt. Very disappointed with the customer service, that Kroger on Boonsboro was my first job where I cashiered and was there for almost a year before I found a better job and left that store. Extremely disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at 3 different Krogers the one i only make it to about twice a month the other once a month and the other im there every week. i have only had a few issues at any of the 3 never due to an employee. i have bought milk to many times to count and i am now on the second gallon to spoil. have not been able to call customer service as they wont open for another 30 minutes. the last time it happened was a few months ago they put money on my kroger plus card that allowed me to replace the milk and had a little money left over i had not expected. i was only wanting my milk replaced but they gave me more for the inconvenience

Posted by Anonymous

Its sad there isn't a strong policy on returns at my local Kroger branch. I've seen too many times people who were walking in the store together, talking and laughing, then going to customer service and acting like they don't know each other and returning a lot of makeup and batteries, and getting a lot of store credit, then leaving the desk and buying visa gift cards with the store credit. Its sad how easy it is for people to take advantage, while I feel guilty if I have to return something legitimately. One time the customer threw a fit when they told him that he can't return anymore because they caught him stealing once. He got so angry and called the manager over, and called corporate up right there in line. The line was getting longer, they were forced to eventually give him the refund. I will not support a business that supports criminal activity.

Posted by woodsdn

i think they need a return policy..something that says what you can return or not return...written up and displayed...i am so upset with customers that rip the stores dont like it so bring it back...spare me...if it was your store...your money paying employees..would you be talkin the same way...NO you wouldnt...but because you think you deserve everything you are going to bash tell me how many other stores would put up with returnig stuff like stop complaining...its your own fault for buying it...

Posted by Former Kroger customer

Now when I tried to return something without a receipt the rude lady at customer service said that I would need the Kroger plus card that I used when purchasing it and a date that I think I purchased it. After half hour she said I can exchange it for the same exact thing, I got the same exact thing, but different flavor because I didnt like the flavour of the juice. She denied the exchange and said I would have to get the same exact thing. I was loyal to Kroger, but after this never again will I shop there.

Posted by Traci

Same thing happened here. Called Kroger corporate just to make sure the store was correct. But in fact they do not accept returns on all items. Their brands are one thing but any other brand is a third party vendor and they have to show proof of purchase either on your shopping or credit card. They kept saying "if you do not have the packaging with the UPC on it we cannot do it". Well, they had the product AND its UPC in their store. Whatever. Either you can or can't. Kroger needs to create a solid return policy with all of its exceptions and stop confusing its consumers.

Posted by Crickett

Yes, Kroger's is 100% satisfaction guaranteed at the Kroger"s that I shop at. Too,

If Kroger's rings up a grocery item with the incorrect price, the product is free. This will only apply to food items. If the checker is new and unfamiliar, call the manager.

Lastly, if Kroger fails to use your coupon or you forget to provide at checkout, customer service desk will refund. If the service desk is closed, be mindful to watch the screen checking prices that they ring up, and they will correct the mistake right then.

Posted by tiredofkroger

I tried to return a mascara that irritated my eyes and the ghetto store employee (most of them are ghetto) promptly told me "we don't issue refund for used makeup, it's a loss for US". Well ma'm, if you can't refund a $5 mascara, then I can't continue spending $500 + a month at your store. Even Target gives refunds, no questions asked. Goodbye!!

Posted by Anonymous

Im calling Bull crap on you kroger, My husband just tried to return something w/o reciept (cause God forbid you lose your reciept) and they flat out said they dont do returns period without reciept. Done with you Kroger.

Posted by Former Loyal Kroger Shopper

I went to Kroger to exchange whole Half n Half for non fat. Wayne told verbatim, " I am going to make you feel guilty, I have to throw away that milk. We cannot return perishables."
I said, Wayne, you try to make me feel guilty every time I return something. When I go to Trader Joes, they encourage me to try new products and they always say, if you don't like them, you can bring them back, no questions ask. Wayne said that Kroger is not like TJs and that Kroger tries to keep their prices low . TJs always sells milk at a lower price and it is hormone free. Wayne told me Kroger tells their employees to make customers feel guilty so they will not make the same mistake. I spend $600 plus dollars a month at Kroger and have for over thirty years. I am looking for a new store now. I have bought lots of bad meat and produce at the Parkaire store, Marietta Ga over the last year. I really don't like that store and only shop there for location convenience . Publix & TJs is only a mile up the street. I would much rather pay more to shop at Whole Foods and get a superior product and have a fun shopping experience.

Posted by Anonymous

October 28, 2010 A letter I sent to the store manager of Kroger at 4355 Washington Rd., Evans, GA: I know you have comment cards near one of the store’s exits, but with a full-cart and a 2-year-old, I wasn’t able to stop and fill out a card during my shopping trip. That being said, I did want to unload my cart so I could go after my daughter. When I returned, he was about done unloading all of the groceries. He then went to.... Another employee (a young woman) overheard and offered to make the exchange, which she did. When my transaction was completed the cashier ...