Kmart Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Kmart below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Kmart so others can benefit from what you learned.

Kmart Return Policy

Kmart now offers shipping returns for the convenience of the customer. Shipping labels can be printed out online, and shipping charges will be deducted from the total refund. Customers should include the receipt in the return package to ensure efficient turn-around time. It is important that merchandise be packaged properly to reduce the chances of it becoming damaged in transit. Most returns are sent via UPS.

Kmart offers a 90-day guarantee on most merchandise, although the original receipt is required for all products. Consumers may also be asked to present a photo ID when requesting a refund or an exchange. Merchandise must be in original packaging and all accessories must be present for the refund or exchange to be issued.

Some merchandise cannot be returned it the items have been removed from their packaging. These items include movies, music, video games and computer software. Prescription drugs and special-order jewelry are not eligible for refund or exchange.

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Posted by Miss Arizona

I am never going back to Kmart they are rude I am very very dissatisfied with the return policy they gave me 30 days exactly to return it even though they did not mention that when I originally bought the item I had a receipt in hand it was 32 days exactly and they did not return it this is so inconvenient and this is so not right... The package was brand new never ever been used the only reason I never before it is cuz I simply forgot never did I ever think it was a strict 30-day not one day after or you do not get a refund total BS

Posted by Coco

Very Dissatisfied. Bought 2 pair of pants for my husband for Christmas at the local Silver Spring Kmart in Maryland. One pair fit and one did not. Bought them on Nov 30. He tried them on, after having received them, and we intended to return them. I have the receipt :-) We left on vacation for a week. Upon returning from vacation, I learned that my father died and I had to leave the country to attend his funeral. Finally, got back, got settled. And went out to Kmart to return the pants and buy a coffee maker. They flatly would not consider allowing a return of the Christmas gifted pants. We went elsewhere to purchase our new coffee maker. Will not return to Kmart in the future.

Posted by Let down

Went to return a couple shirts that were too small for my grandson I got them before Christmas just recently found the receipt to come in and it's past 30 days I'm disappointed and we'll plan on shopping elsewhere

Posted by Delores

Why did K mart refuse to take back a tree stand that was purchased Cmsd eve. They said no returns on Xmas items even though you have 90 day return policy???

Posted by Very ????

I just bought a tv from Kmart and the tv is defective. We latterly brought it home set it up and turned it on and theres little greenish lines on the sxreen. You even asked the guy if anything was wrong with it before I left. They are closing so all sales are final. I am so mad $400 down the drain.

Posted by Shelley

I received 2 shirts for my birthday, tags still on. I could not exchange them because I didn't have a receipt. I think your policy is stupid. You assume everyone is a thief...they aren't. I was told every customer gets a gift receipt. .they do not. The employees need to tell EVERY customer give the gift receipt even if they are buying soap tampons.. EVERY purchase. I told the manager no wonder there was no customers in the store because customer service sucks. I WILL NOT shop at Kmart ever again!!!

Posted by unhappyme

i ordered flannel sheets from Sears and they were shipped from Kmart. They were inferior quality. Sears store could not accept the returns so they spoke with Kmart directly. Sears rep was told they would send me a shipping label within 24 hours. it is now four days later and i have yet to receive the labels. The return policy expires 1 20 18. Tried to do it myself online but system would not allow me to print the labels. No wonder the company is losing money

Posted by Anonymous

Worst return policy.....purchased Christmas decor the day after Christmas, they won't return. There were no and still aren't any final sales signs. The receipt does not state sales were final... just refers to customer service, isn't it a done deal after I've paid my money. No wondering they are going out of business

Posted by Jesselopez88

Hello I went to Kmart today and this guy gave me a big issue. I was trying to return a Christmas gifts that was too small for my daughter. And the guy said I couldn't exchange the item for anything other than the item that was purchased. How can I do that when my daughter wears a big girls size 5 and a toddler size was bought that only stopped at a 12 really someone needs to check the policy's because not only are you turning customers off but your pushing them in the hands of another retailer that will gladly accept a return without a gift now I have to donate the item or find someone that can use these 4 pairs of shoes...thanks alot Kmart hello Target.

Posted by Katie

Local store would not exchange a pair of pajamas my son got for Christmas for a different size of the exact same thing because the purchaser didn't have rewards and didn't give me a receipt. This is absolutely ridiculous to me as the store would not be put anything, this should've been an even exchange! No wonder stores are closing, terrible return policy. Your competitors are very easy to complete exchanges with, ensuring that as the customer I am getting exactly what I want without any hassle. You don't have to worry about me causing a stink over this, I won't be back! Ever! Thanks for nothing.

Posted by Mia

I drove an hour to exchange my childs bike that he got for Christmas from his grandparents. Kmart would not exchange the item my parents brought the wrong character and they would not let us exchange the bike. We were not asking for a refund or store credit just an even exchange. Because my parents do not have a rewards number they would not exchange it.

Posted by Whatever

My daughter had gotten her dad a shirt for Christmas and it was the wrong size and had got me curtains for one of the rooms in our home. The curtains were the wrong size and I went to exchange for the correct size at Kmart and the correct size shirt for her father I was told without a receipt I could not exchange them and they clearly had Kmart's tags on them as far as I'm concerned I will never return to Kmart now I'm stuck with curtains that don't fit anything in my home and her father's stuck with an oversized shirt

Posted by Anonymous

Return policy on Christmas stuff should be clearly visible in Christmas department. Unused purchase on 12-24-17 would not be refunded on 12-29-17. Your loss, not mine, want shop there any more. And this was an $8.00 purchase!

Posted by Not Ok-mart

Bought 3 sets of LED Christmas lights before Christmas. Just tried returning the unopened boxes yesterday and was told "we don't allow returns of holiday items after the holiday has passed". What kind of messed up policy is that!!! You should be able to return ANYTHING within a reasonable amount of time! Sounds to me like they know they are going out of business and are trying to get rid of stock.

Posted by mxs610

I totally agree. Worst policy ever. Thought I would get a jump on Christmas Shopping. Bought a toy late in October. Had the receipt and went to return it the day after Christmas. Because the same toy was already gifted to my niece. If I had bought the toy 4 days later in November it would have been covered by the "extra" allowable return time of 60 days instead of usual 30. I was willing to take store credit - anything! Nope not able to return it at all. They could do nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

Kmart return policy is worst Iv ever heard of! Will never shop there again! Got a shirt for Xmas all tags on it but no receipt just wanted a different size nope they wouldn't do it!

Posted by Anonymous

We had secret santa at work a girl that just started don't even know her last nam bought me a shirt large went to exchange for an xlarge had tags on it and everything and they wouldn't do it ! I work in retail and this is the worst policy ever you shouldn't need a receipt to just exchange for a different size ! So it's very unfortunate that Kmart has lost another customer !

Posted by Anonymous

Kmart probably has the worst return policy in the retail industry! I repeat KMART HAS ONE OF THE WORST RETURN POLICIES IN THE RETAIL INDUSTRY!!! Buyers beware!!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!!!
I plan on making sure I get the message out to as many people as I can possibly reach!!!!

Posted by Customers come last I Kmart

I can't understand how y'all are still open. Your return policy is already awful but you would think after Christmas if people don't have receipts for their gifts you would still except them back and give them a store credit. Pretty crappy.

Posted by Anonymous

The WORST return policy ever. I got a Christmas gift that was the wrong size. I obviously did not have a receipt so I did not expect them they to give me the money back. I did however expect to be able to exchange the item or get store credit but that was not possible. Horrible customer service.

Posted by Angry Customer

I returned an item from a layaway I picked up the week before. I had receipts and toy was never opened. I was told by store employee (Crofton) that I would receive 14.99 for an item I paid 29.99 for! She eventually refunded me my whole amount but I was still informed that whatever price comes up in computer is the return amount. I never heard anything like this before. I attempted to call customer service and I was informed its up to the each store how they would return items. Kmart has the worst customer service and I would NEVER do a layaway there and probably will stop shopping there.

Posted by Rimmer

Countrymama: A gift receipt doesn't show the prices. It's a receipt for someone who'd received the gift and would need to do a return or exchange.

Posted by Clare Medvick

I ordered a pair of boots from Kmart. They sent me the wrong boots ( different brand and color) The reciept stated I could return the boots either by mail or to a local store. I took the boots to a local store but they could not return the 6 dollar shipping charge. That is ridiculous as it was not my error. By by Kmart. So much for customer service.

Posted by Countrymama

Never again. I took something back to kmart cause I received a gift at work and the clothes did not fit. Couldn't return them or exchange them since I didn't have a receipt.... It was a secret santa thing so how am I suppose to have a receipt....duh.... Then waa asked if a gift receipt waa in the gift....well no cause we're not suppose to know how much the gift was. So now I'm stuck with clothes that I can't wear... Kmart you suck and I hope all your stores close cause the building can be used for something better than idiots.

Posted by MinervaMouse

When we bought the "so slime purple DIY kit Minnie", it turned into 6 grams of purple nothing.

Posted by Ms Truth

You all are a bunch of whiners. Every receipt has clearly printed on the bottom that there are absolutely no exceptions no exchanges on anything past 30 days. How was it Kmart's fault that you're too retarded to read your receipts?

Posted by Bonnie

Two of the shorts I order were to small and I was not satisfied with the color. Therefore, I am requesting a refund to my account.

Posted by Dtrescott7

My elderly grandmother bought my grandson a package of Hanes boxer underwear. She does not have a rewards card and she paid cash. After giving the boxers to my grandson, she left for Costa Rica where she lives during the winter. The boxers were too small and I ONLYwanted to exchange them for a bigger size....NOT buy a more expensive package, just do an even exchange! Kmart would absolutely not let me exchange them without a receipt. Kmart stinks! Never shopping there again. No wonder the store has no customers and is dead when I go in there! I'll go to goodwill before I go back to that pathetic store!

Posted by CruJoe

30 Day return policy is terrible for business and customers. I like shopping at Kmart, but will now be my last place I go to shop due to this policy.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to return a BRAND NEW item with tags and all and was told I could not return because it was out of 30 day time frame. When I asked for a store credit the cashier said nope I can't do anything. This is why they are losing business!!! I am not shopping here again and I will make sure to share with friends and family.

Posted by Anonymous

Is it true that you cannot return an item after a holiday is over. I wanted to return a small mask and the cashier pushed it away and said they do no return items after the holidays.

Posted by Anonymous

Went in to return my Halloween costume today that I did not wear was to small. I was told that after Halloween you can not return even with receipt and still part of costume still unopened. I was not aware of this and no signs posted anywhere buy Halloween costumes nor on my receipt. Not happy it should be ON ALL RECEIPTS so this does not happen. How is a person supposed to know theses things. I shop hear alot but after this unless I get at least a store credit I WONT BE BACK !!!

Posted by No longer a customer

Terrible return policy. I missed the"cutoff" by one day and now I'm stuck we an expensive product I can't use, exchange or refund. I hope they go out of business. I'm not going back.

Posted by Missy

Tried to return to items today that were past 30 days one item was only five days past they would not do it they said that this policy has been in fact over a year I don't believe it because I have exchange stuff within the year past 30 days and I've had no problems. This is not gonna be good for Christmas when a lot of people do their shopping on Black Friday and people may not get a return things until after the first of the year so it seems to me that all they want is money but don't want to do any customer satisfaction I might have to and my shopping with Kmart .

Posted by Anonymous

I went to return a woman's shirt with tags and recript. Customer service said it was over 30 days and would not return. I asked for exchange to purchase something she said absolutely not.
I shop here all the time but maybe should take my business elsewhere. I shop the seven hills store in Ohio.

Posted by Joann

I will never set foot in Kmart again, terrible experience trying to return item. Seves them right to go out of business.Hazleton, Pa store, items not worn, tags sales slip etc. sent to flood victim relative, couldn�t use. one week past 30 days because of mail situation.
Hope they don�t experience tragedy that they denied recent to get something useful...karma comes around..."

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a shirt for my mother in law who lives out of state the end of August.,.. a steeler sports shirt. She came for a visit to Tennessee, it was too small.... They had the exact shirt in a larger size. K mart refused to exchange it because it was passed 30 days. The shirt had all the tags. All my husband's family lives out of state and all my siblings and their families are out of state as well. I will not ever shop K mart got about 20-30 gifts a year. Bad policy.

Posted by Scmkse

Would not return or exchange a shirt because it was one day past the 30 days you may have the money for this shirt that doesn't fit but you will not get one more thin dime from me! Kmart does not sell anything that isn't readily available at other stores!

Posted by Dee

I just tried to return/exchange with the original receipt, a pair of pants that I purchased for my mother a little over a month ago. I was informed that they will not refund my money or exchange for a larger size! I will NEVER shop in KMART again! THIEVES!

Posted by I won't be shopping At Kmart EVE

I purchased a NFL shirt just a little over a month ago. Since there are only a couple of Kmarts left in my area the only one that is around is about 20 miles out of the way. I had the shirt and reciept and wanted to exhange for a different size ONLY which they had in stock. I was told no due to being 40 days from the purchase date. I won't be shopping their again!

Posted by Anonymous

My Fiance' just tried to return something with a receipt...but because it was a few days over 30 days they refused to even give him credit...When did this policy change???? No wonder both Sears and Kmart are going under....

Posted by Joe

Went to Kmart to exchange clothes I got off lawaway. 2 day s c=brought back a pair pants sshe said had come back cause dra no hrecipt and couldn't check try%adwards. Member went today said can't exchange I was getting mad so she call security

Posted by Joe

I try exchanging clothes I bought on layaway they wouldn't do but they did the day before cause I reward members 3 days later wouldn't klm

Posted by Shirley

I purchased a 55" Samsung tv on 9/08/2017, from kmart store in Douglas, GA that is going out of business. 2 employees tried to fit the tv in the car a 2003. After getting home, My son's set the tv up and the tv had horizontal and vertical lines on screen. I paid for tv with Sears credit card. I called Customer Service 9/9/17 to be told to get in touch with Samsung support, I sent them pictures of the issue, today I got a call stating that Samsung doesn't pay for a crack screen now I'm stuck with paying for this tv to keep good credit

Posted by Frustrated customer

Room darkening curtains purchased online -first pack opened had a spot of lining on back missing allowing light to come through-promptly folded them back up and proceeded to "3 EASY WAYS TO MAKE A RETURN"
page won't open on site to start the online return- waste of time and money shopping online Sears (Kmart shipped curtains not sears)

Posted by Pook

I purchased a highlighter make up stick...never opened it..had the receipt and went take it back today, she scanned it and a paper came out and said refund denied...I had my receipt and just bought this last week...I'll never shop there again.. Walmart never does this when I need to wonder they're going out of business...Bye Felicia..

Posted by Angry X kmart shopper!

KMART STINKS they have to worst policies but they dont even abide by your end of the policy just what benefits them! We bought 100 dollars in clothes using my rewards acct and cash. We asked for gift reciepts and didnt get one. Now that half the clothes need EXCHANGED NOT RETURNED they cant find my acct purchaces or reciepts. They also said they have no record of my maytag 600 dollar dryer purchace 2 wks ago either. I guess my warranty isnt valid since there is no proof of that either. Our kmart in westview pa is dirty smelly and uncomfortable. The employees are rude and never have knowledge of their position. I do not want to ever spend one more penny there. They raised prices higher than jc pennys and have merchandise at dollar store quality. Its a joke a scam and a disgrace! Close down your an embarrassment to Westview pa and all who used to shop there. I was told Im aloud to stand at their door and inform cutomers of the truths I know! I just might do that. Sears you should be ashamed to buy such a slum of a store chain.....pathetic!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My 15 year old son worked all summer and bought a 55' flat screen from K-mart. 32 days later it won't turn in. K-mart refuses to take it back. Unbelievable. I'm not sure how they can stay in business because if possible I will always shop somewhere else from now on.

Posted by Really?!?

I had to do an even exchange (with receipt)for 3 items to a larger size-all 3 items identical other than size-same prices. Because the items were bought on sale the previous week (on Friday and I came back Tues) they wanted me to pay the difference of the sale for the exchange. I refused and was told thats the way it is. I had to wait 10 minutes for a manager, and with reluctancy, finally was able to leave the store with my EVEN exchange. Policies and computer systems need to satisify customers, especially when they have a reciept. BTW- Target no problem and service with a smile.

Posted by JAM

Kmart's return policy is a joke! It is going to put them out of business! Will not shop here or Sears again! Cannot believe they won't even let you exchange something for something else in their own store!!!!! It's a shame cause I actually like shopping there....oh well.

Posted by Fran

Over 30 days, everything perfect packaging. The website states 90 days warranty on refunds. Any lawyer for a class action?

Posted by Jeff

My wife purchased a 10'kayak on 7/20/17 in Bradenton, FL for my birthday on 8/28/17. Traveling from MD where I live until retirement late this year, I was greeted on 8/22/17 with my present that is undersized for me. The store would neither yield to the return policy nor issue a store credit despite having the receipt. After multiple calls from the store location to the Corporate Customer Service Office responsible for "in-store solutions," our request for an exception was denied at all levels; one contact offered to email our request to the next management level for further disposition. We have not heard back.

Posted by Pissed off frustrated! Betz

I bought standard size sheets. There is absolutely no way I can get the bottom sheet on a mattress. Even on a thin mattress. They cost 39.99 set. They will not take them back because I was 2 days over 30 days. I've never returned anything before,so I did not that policy. The thing is the sheet does not fit!Can not use It! Out 40.00 and not shopping Kmart (not that they care) again!

Posted by Curnuttw

Went to Kmart to return an item with receipt & was advised I can't return it because it was over their 30 day policy! I purchased it 7-3-2017 & tried to return it 8-15-2017! What a ridiculous return policy! No wonder Kmart & Sears are going out of business all around the country! Just lost another customer!!!

Posted by Brenda Spencer

Unbelievable! Went to KMart's closing thier Doors sale SLC,UT! Purchased Craftsman Tools, toolbox. Came home checked Sears prices and KMART online prices. We were SOOOOO OVERCHARGED! So mad right now because the manager said all SALES ARE FINAL! WHAT A SCAM! They are ripping everyone off. We took a day off of from our phones and look where it got us. WE SHOULD OF CHECKED PRICES. I HATE YOU KMART! They do not care that they are literally ripping off consumers!!!

Posted by Angie1215

Will NEVER shop at kmart again due to their ridiclous return policy!!! Bought something on 7-4-17 tried to return on 8-13-17 UNOPENED and they wouldnt take it back because it was ovet 30days. Wouldnt even give me store credit!!! Walmart and target would never reject a customer return. Lost a customer

Posted by Javier

I bought a tv at a kmart and it is broken i was told i cant return it cause that kmart is closing and all sales are final can i return it at a different kmart?

Posted by Patti

Well, I have to agree with everyone else on this one. I don't shop at Kmart a lot due to their merchandise normally being too costly and the staff for the most part aren't very friendly. In this case however, an elderly friend of mine purchased to mini blinds, that measured 31" and he was unaware that they were the wrong size until I came to put them on. He needed the 35" so we got in the car, drove from Kealakekua to kona to JUST TRADE THEM, OR RETURN WHICH EVER, AND WERE TOLD THAT IT WAS PASSED 30 and they don't take returns under no circumstances after this point. So I asked the young lady what she exactly wanted the elderly man to do with two brand new blinds that don't fit anything he has? Her reply was " I don't know what to tell you, but you can't leave me here." You need to take them with you!" All I have to say to this is WTF!! I've never heard of such a thing in my life. Never have I heard any other stores tell a customer this. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I DONT KNOW THAT I WILL EVER SHOP IN THERE AGAIN. VERY SAD PEOPLE.......

Posted by Anonymous

Well kmart you just lost another customer. I tried to exchange a pair of shoes I received as a gift from my daughter for a smaller size and was told I couldn't as I didn't have the receipt. I called my daughter and she drove 20 miles to Kmart and brought the receipt. The cashier took the receipt and told me to go ahead and get the size I needed. I couldn't find my size so I got another pair that was about $10 more and I would just pay the difference. The cashier then told me that they couldn't do the exchange as the original purchase was over 30 days. I asked to speak to the manager and was told the same. I will never shop there or any Kmart again and neither will my family. Thats probably why they are going OUT OF BUSINESS VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Posted by Anonymous

I will keep this brief. No one is going to miss K-Mart when it finally gets flushed. Worst return policy I have ever seen. And I bet most customers don't even realize how short a time they allow you for returns or exchanges. Bye_bye K-Mart

Posted by LynnyH

Tried to return a pair of men's Coleman sneakers that fell apart (soles came unglued) after 60 days - but ALL retuns for any reason are only accepted for 30 days and after that must be made under 1-year manufacturer warranty. Apparently state law does not require longer (60, 90 day) return timeframe for defective products. So beware of the quality of items purchased at K-Mart. I have had shoes soles come unglued/split after 12 years, but NEVER after 60 days!!!

Posted by Oneupsetcustomer

Well kmart you lost another to customers tried to return 2 pairs of pants i bought from husband well when he got out of hospital pants were to big just wanted an evan exchange for some smaller one was told they couldnt exchange them because i was was one day over 30 days i will never shop there again thats probably why they are going going OUT OF BUSINESS BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to return/exchange some tops I bought in July. Had 2 receipts but clerk kept asking me to insert my debit card, several times. I asked what's the problem? He said "there's no date on receipt its been torn off" SO!! He said "I need date" u don't~Needless to say my return was refused; they missed out on a purchase. Its no wonder they are out & going out of business. Worst customer service/management ever. I have been in retail, management & customer service for over 40 years. Never would I subject a customer to this type of service. Shame on you.Close the Concord Caifornia/Clayton Rd. Learn to satisfy & keep your customers with a credit or gift card to the store if you do not want to hand back $$$. Idiots!!!BTW, I will be sending you a copy of the tags; your ppl did not return my receipts even though they said they did.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst return policy ever. K-mart lost two customers today. We wanted to return an unused car seat. We knew we would most likely have to exchange, because we lost our receipt. Funny thing is we were going to buy two, more expensive car seats. Oh well, K-mart used to be so awesome. Walmart will take anything back.

Posted by anonymous

Worse place ever to shop I hope you guys go out of business. I tried to return an item that was brand new never used and even had the receipt for it but was told that they would not take it back because it was more then 30 days. I have never heard this before from any other store usually it is 90 days. Sorry Kmart you just lost another customer and guarantee I will be telling all my friends and family to never shop there again. I would rather go out of my way before I shop your store again over 8.00

Posted by Anonymous

The return policy is terrible!!! Obviously, there are many others just as dissatisfied. DO NOT SHOP AT KMART if there's a possibility things might not fit or work out. Will not shop here anymore and will discourage friends and family against shopping

Posted by Jon

Your exchange policy is terrible. I got a gift that didn't fit. Obviously no receipt. What the hell do you offer? Nothing! Keep it, it's paid for. I'm done with Kmart. Won't be back!! You should look into this!

Posted by Angie

Well I was over just by one day was told you cannot return sorry well I am sorry too for all the Kmart employees that will lose their jobs because you just me twice Sears and now Kmart I will spend my money where it is appreciated!!!!

Posted by Mamie

Tried to return curtains that did not match. They were still in the original packages and had a receipt. Was adviced by the clerk that since it was over 30 days, no refund or store credit. I have never shopped in any other store or on with such a policy. If they are not going out of business, they should. For $25, K Mart/ Sears has lost my business forever.

Posted by marge

Purchased two pairs of sandles for my husband they were to small. Kmart is about 45 min. Frow where I live so I don't get to shop tthere to often. Well I finally made my way back over to store about 5 weeks later. I tried to exchange for a larger size and was told they do not exchange if item is over 30 days. Had receipt and tags still on shoes. This is pure crazy, they had the next latgerr size shoes in the store. Maybe they need to post policy on door in big bold letters, I do not know of any other retailer that has such stupid policy. Lost my business very unhappy customer!

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to exchange two dresses my daughter received as a birthday present. Tags still attached. They are too small! I could not believe I could not exchange them for a larger size! I have never received a receipt with a gift in my 45 years of existence! I will never return to kmart for anything! I am not one to keep receipts so, not taking the chance!!!!! Kmart you lost a very devoted customer! I would drive out of my way to go to kmart over walmart! Never again!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

6-24-17 I tried to return clothing today that I purchased on 5-9-17, The original tags were still on the clothing & I had my original receipt. I was told that since it was over 30 days, I could not receive a refund. The exact same clothing is still on the racks with the exact same price!! I could understand if I was returning clothing that was out of season, but they are still selling the same clothes!! The clerk in the store told me this was a decision made by the corporate offices. No wonder Kmart is closing stores all over the country! The management that made this decision should & will be looking for a new job. This is DEFINITELY the last time I will set foot in Kmart /Sears stores!! I will make sure to tell everyone I know about your return policy!!

Posted by Sheldon

Kmart Steger IL. Taught me never to shop at another Kmart.
I hope that African American so call manager never get another job in customer service. She is better off working from home and I hope you all choke on my extended warranty that I payed for and can't get access to.. I hate Kmart after my experience. Stay away from kmart they don't care nothing about customers..

Posted by Sheldon

I purchase a intex sofa/airbed about 32 days ago at kmart in Steger IL. I paid over $80 plus one year extended warranty. product was breaking apart so I took it back to ask for a an exchange and they said it's not in the system because it passed 30 days so i should contact a number they gave me to check out the 1year extended warranty that i payed for. The warranty people said I should let the store people give me a receipt number in order for them to assist me.. I told the store people they said they got no record of my purchase because it passed 30days. Asked for a manager and this African American lady said she is the manager at the moment and she can't help me. This same lady I was warned about that she don't have respect for customers and I proved it for myself yesterday. Now I am stucked with a broken product that I payed extended warranty on. Kmart will never see my money again and I will be telling everyone I know not to shop there. That so called manager lady has no conscience she is heartless.. I urge everyone to Stay away from kmart stores

Posted by Dmf1216

Wanted to return 2 items and was unable to. I had original reciept. Bought those items for a gift on sale. The items don't fit. Took them back a week later. They said can't return them 30 day policy. I was like what no exceptions she said no. I was like wow I just spent 40 and no use for them.

Posted by

I put a layaway on at the Blackwood K Mart on Clements Bridge Rd.when I went to get my layaway out,the store was shut down.(closed down), now how do I get my $50 dollars back ? I am pist off

Posted by Deebee

I bought a Kennmore Griddle and didn't use it right away. When I did, I found that it would heat up and partially cook food, but then it would shut off. Even after unplugging and replugging it back in, it would not stay heated long enough to thoroughly cook anything. So, I tried returning it and was told there was nothing they could do because it was 2 weeks beyond the the 30 day return date. So, they would not let me return it or replace it. Therefore, I am stuck with a Griddle that does not work and I will have to throw away.. What a waste of money. If Kmart won't stand by the products they sell longer than 30 days, what does that say about the company and their wares? Not much. It also shows that they don't care about their customers either.

I will never buy anything from Kmart again. BED BATH & BEYOND has the best return policy that I have found! I will shop there instead!

Posted by Deebee

I bought a Kennmore Griddle and didn't use it right away. When I did, I found that it would heat up and partially cook food, said gen shut off. Even after unplugging and replugging it back in, it would not stay heated long enough to thoroughly cook something. So, I tried returning it and was told there was nothing they could do because it was about 2 weeks past the return date.

I will never buy anything from Kmart again. Bed Bathe & Beyond has the best return policy that I have found! I will shop there instead!

Posted by Sadshopper

Wow, stumbled onto this thread while searching "how to get around Kmart's return policy." I could not believe I was unable to return a pair of shoes I recently purchased in April. I had my receipt, the shoes had never been worn, the tags still on, and it's still current. They are STILL selling these shoes. But it was over 30 days. I had no idea that Kmart had a 30 day return policy. I shop everywhere, Target, Walmart, Macy's, Kohls...and I know of no other retailer, where I shop that has a 30 DAY return policy, maybe a local specialty shop, but not a big box retailer. No wonder they are closing stores all over. Good luck Kmart, I'll never spend another dime in your stores.

Posted by Sue

I just left KMART, Clearlake Avenue, Springfield, IL.

31 days ago, I purchased some seasonal-outdoor pillows for patio. A long time ago Kmarts store policy used to be you had to wait a large amount of days for a return with a check (14 I think). I thought it was now changed to 30 days for return on purchase with check. The receipt is not completely clear, and it does NOT read 30 days on ALL purchases. It does read, on SOME purchases. I asked the Kmart Store Clerk-when I was checking out with the pillows, "do I have to wait 30 days for return?", and she responded, "YES". Possibly she only heard the words, 30 days, and return??? I have been driving around for 30 days waiting to make my return. The pillows in bags, with TAGS on them, and RECEIPT. It was 31 days today-and the manager at the store said I could receive nothing, "no refund, no gift card, nothing". These are SEASONAL items-purchased from the SEASONAL section of store. I have been a regular customer at Kmart on Clearlake Avenue, Springfield, Illinois for over 40 years. I asked the Manager to call the Corporate Office-while I was there. He did, and we were transferred 3 times-to people that could barely speak English. He nor I could understand them. I was at the store for 40 minutes. I left with the 'seasonal pillows', and no refund, and nowhere to use or put these pillows. As they did not match, and I have already purchased others that do. If I had purchased these pillows at any other store in Springfield-I'm certain this would not have happened. I was less than 24 hours of Kmart's deadline-according to 'store policy', and I felt humiliated. If I do not get my money back, I will not ever enter another Kmart store again.

Posted by Long time Kmart supporter

I was at Kmart in Glen Burnie MD and I guess they were going out of business so alot of stuff was 20% 40% 60% off. Well I get to checkout an they charged me twice for couple of things then nothing was what the sign said off, so I look at my receipt, and somthing isn't adding up so they send me to manager. Manager goes all sales are final, so I guess you ripping me off is part of that. It wasn't until I had to get a little loud that they said ok I'll give you money back! But wait, that's not the kicker!! They said it would take 3 weeks to be put back into my bank account!!! Never again will me or mine shop at Kmart or anything in partnership with them!!

Posted by Unhappy with their policy

I was given a gift of two pairs of jeans. The person who gave them to me said she lost the receipt but purchased them at Kmart. They were too small so I brought them to Kmart and they refused to take them back without a receipt. I could even get a store credit. Needless to say, I will not be shoppin there again.

Posted by Anonymous

I will NEVER shop at Kmart again. I will tell everyone I know not to shop at Kmart. I have 2 pair of Dickies work pants still with tags and my receipt dated 34 days ago and they will not allow me to return them. I even asked for a store credit, NO was the answer. Good riddance Kmart.

Posted by Anonymous

I am FURIOUS that I just was refused a refund on two pairs of jeans that do not fit, because it's over 30 days at KMART on Woodman Dr. in Dayton, Ohio. Original tags, receipt and even still on the hangers. My husband has been hospitalized for several weeks and the last thing on my mind was returning jeans. We have been Sears and KMART customers for over 40 years. This is outrageous! One of our local K Marts is closing so I'd think you would try to keep customers happy. I don't expect to hear from you but my email is

. We need a new dishwasher but Sears will not be the place to go now.

Posted by Anonymous

Kmarts new return policy will close A LOT OF STORES!!! Lost my business and Wal-Mart gained my business. At least they could give an in store credit if the merchandise is not damaged and they would make profit by reselling it and make money from the in store credit.... Oh well...their loss...

Posted by Anonymous

I bought an infant car seat Sunday night in Columbus, Ga upon opening the car seat I saw that it was very flimsy and did not feel like it would be a safe car seat so I decided to take it back and was told I couldn't because it was opened. It was never used but I refuse to put my grandson in a car seat that doesn't feel sturdy enough to keep him safe they told me state law won't allow them to take returns on car seats that are opened. Ive never heard of such bullcrap

Posted by Upset ex customer

I have shopped at Kmart for years but never again. I went to return my grand daughter 2 pair sandals that didn't fit. The tags were still on. I had receipt but because it was a few days over 30 days I am stuck with shoes she can't wear. If you are changing a policy that has been around forever, POST IT in the store everywhere. Let people know instead of ripping people off!!!! NO WONDER SO MANY OF YOUR STORES HAVE CLOSED. Garantee even more to be closing soon!!!!!

Posted by Unsatified customer

So I've purchased a lego set which my nephew had already had so went to get a refund of $48. When money was givin, I didn't check the amount until I was walking out to put in my purse and he had given me $20 short! Now they say the can't see if correct amount was given so I'll have to wait til tomorrow to check their money in till to see if missing. What is that about?

Posted by Anonymous

I went to exchange a playpen that has not been opened with the receipt and the lady at the counter was rude and wouldn't take it back it was 34 days since it was purchased. They still had the same item in the store so it could have been sold.i am very disappointed in the way I was treated.

Posted by Former Kmart shopper

Wanted to exchange an unopened pack of underwear for size. Clerk that waited on me was completely ignorant. Couldn't find my receipt but as I said just wanted to change sizes. Asked to speak to the Manager because I couldn't believe it when she basically said tough luck. Manager said nothing she could do, that they were very strict now and she would get in trouble if she let me exchange them. She finally relented and I went to get a replacement but they didn't have the same exact package so I picked another. She said no way could I do that it had to be exactly the same one. Needless to say, I won't be shopping there in future. Walmart can have my business. No wonder your store isn't doing well.

Posted by dopeygram

I'm glad I read all your remarks. I bought a clock that I can't usec. I have the receipt, in original box, etc but it's over 30 days due to the fact there is only 1 store in the Arvada, WheatRidge, Lakewood, CO area and I don't frequent that area often. I'll save my gas and chalk this purchase up to a learning experience to not go out of my way and shop K-Mart. Wal-Mart is closer anyway.

Posted by StrongDuck

This is the worst return policy ever. Could understand if I didn't have tags on the item, opened box, or no receipt....but I had all of these! I was just past their "return date". Will never shop there again!!

Posted by Catie_Moya89

It's no wonder this company is going out of business. The women that work customer service in the Santa Fe, New Mexico store are rude and act like they are the only people on earth who work. The return policy is ridiculous and the store is quite over priced. Only reason I went there is because I needed layaway. Which later I found out I paid more than $150.00 on items than I would have at Walmart. Good luck to the people who work there finding new jobs because with their attitude they aren't gonna get very far with future careers in retail. And Good luck to the people who Ale up with their business policies because they are in the world for failure with the way they run businesses.

Posted by Anonymous

So incredibly disappointed in return policy. I don't think there is another store that refuses to take merchandise back with a receipt and tags attached because it's three days overdue..would have gladly taken store credit but manager REFUSED. There were no K Mart stores while I was out of town to return merchandise to.

I will NEVER return to the store again.

Posted by B.stines

Kmart Is Rediculous On Returns, You Have 30 Days Only, not A Day Later. Some Policy For Customer Service Poor Policy . I Can See What Has Happened To Kmart And Sears, I Will Not Go Back To Them At All, Even Though I'll Be Driving Nine Miles It Will Be Worth It. Walmart Will Get My Business From Now On. Kmart Is Off My List For Shopping Anymore. The Receipt Did Not State No Retuns After 30 Days, Duhhhh

Posted by Ex-KMart Shopper

I have just left a KMart store for the last time. In reading these comments, I see I am not alone. Wanted to return a couple of home items under $15 with a receipt which I had misplaced and then found. It was less than a week past 30 days. I assumed they would make me take store credit which I was prepared to do. When they said there were zero options, I was astounded. Who ever heard of not offering store credit? KMart and Sears are now out of my life forever and I will be telling everyone else I know (and that's a lot of people) about this and strongly advising to take their money elsewhere. Easy to see why this company is headed for oblivion. Blue light specials won't help them now.

Posted by Luz

I went to Kmart to return a computer desk and the cashier told me I couldn't with my receipt. She said it passed ep days. AI was never told
that I had 30 days to return it. I never going to buy to Kmart.

Posted by Sandy

I just went to K-Mart today to bring back an item I had the receipt but because the date on the receipt was passed 30 days which the receipt shows that I bought it on April 13th. They could not take it back or even give me a store credit which they would still not lose. I am not ever going back to K-Mart again. Today's date is April 21st. 2017. Which by the way I bought as a gift....

Posted by Angela37

So will kmart give a store credit if I don't have an receipt..i just want an store credit..

Posted by Anonymous

Was given A Britta water pitcher for a gift, opened package and it was cracked. The package was in good condition product not used i had no receipt and was not allowed a equal exchange, clearly they could have scanned product and know. It was from kmart . They would not exchange.. no wonder why I hate to shop there, the only game in town though.. the store is nasty!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Ridiculous return policy. K mart tags still in place on item and can't even get a store credit. Intended on getting other items in it's place and even shop for more merchandise, however will take my money elsewhere that has the customers best interest in mind and I still will get my money back from those items that they would not take back.

Posted by joanb1346

Same thing happened to me today. I just wanted a store credit. It was 9.99. Couldn't do anything past thirty days. It is not even 45 days yet. I did not make a fuss but said to myself. No wonder they r going out of business. Very poor policy and customer service.. I had no idea about the 30 day rule.


NEVER shopping at a Kmart again. Bought a couple of shirts on February 20th that I decided to return, just didnt fit right. Kept tags on and kept the receipt. Its April 5th and just now get the time to be around a Kmart to return them... since Kmart stores are very few and far between nowadays (i wonder why, hah!) Anyways, I went in filled up a cart with a bunch of home stuff, ironing board, towels and a new shirt. Go to customer services to return/exchange the shirts and purchase my cart of items. Lady tells me I cannot return or exchange the shirts so I ask for a manager who then comes and aggressively points to the "30 return policy" and says there is nothing he can so. Basically I'm SOL and stuck with the shirts. So i ask you would rather me walk away right now from giving you money for all these items and lose a customer for life than just do the exchange. (Also these shirts are still on the shelves, tons of them). He could care less about losing a sale and a customer. I took my two shirts and promptly left the store and left them with a counter full of stuff and an ironing board to put away. Crap service. I have never had a problem returning something anywhere before and if it did not fit within a stores "policy" they worked something out with me to make I or the customer happy. Goodbye Kmart.

Posted by cshopper

Worst return policy ever!!! Will not shop here again. Had original receipt and all tags were on the pants. Would not refund me since over 30 days. What a terrible policy KMART!!! You just lost another customer.

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter spent over 1000.00, had receipt for items. But was just over the 30 day mark. She just wanted to exchange color due to the fact that she was told she was having a boy instead of the girl she was first told. Absolutely ridiculous return policy, she couldn't even do an exchange. Kmart & Sears lost two cardholders as customers.

Posted by lagaile

Have a gift I can't return because gift giver didn't give me the receipt. Most gifts don't come with a receipt. Stuck with clothing to small to wear. This point!Icy is ridiculous. Hope they go out of business.

Posted by Nothappy

Horrible return policy and customer service!! Tags on merchandise and couldnt even do store credit, ridiculous, never will I shop at Kmart, and your stupid policy. Absurd.

Posted by MadAtKmart

Bought 2 pairs of bra. They don't fit me well. Went to return with all tags and everything but receipt is 41 days overdue (was out of the country that's why I tried returning it late). I asked for an exchange for a size that fits me. I was told I can't do that either. What the heck?! Told them won't be coming back again!

Posted by Disgusted with Kmart

Brought defective iron back to store in Edwardsville PA on 31st day and KMart would not honor receipt. Will never shop there again.

Posted by Consumermom

Consumer BEWARE! KMART has started only allowing returns & exchanges with the receipt for ONLY 30 days from date of receipt. If you bring in even 1 day later you are out of luck - even if you just want to for exchange (because their sizes are not consistent) you will be shown the door. It is no wonder they are having financial difficulties. I understand a need for keeping the receipt but denying even exact exchanges for size is ridiculous when you have the receipt and the receipt says nothing about an expiration date. Considering Walmart & Kohls have great return policies why would anyone want to waste there time at Kmart? It is too bad they have such low customer service goals.

Posted by Ginger H

Have a receipt and just wanted a store credit on 2 pair of pants. They have all tags attached. Receipt had expired. But no can do. Even corporate would not help. 17.99 eachave. I was going to buy some more things but won't shop there anymore. I walked out and will now travel 10 minutes further to Walmart for all my purchases.

Posted by Judy

Took some merchandise back. Was told 2 days past return policy. Had receipt. Not even offered merchandise credit or exchange. Told no exceptions. Terrible policy. No bona fide retailer has this hardline policy. Not customer friendly. One reason they are failing.

Posted by Unhappy Jack

We went to KMart in Kentucky to return a vacuum we received for Chistmas. We were told we could not exchange or rurn without a receipt. We got the receipt and went back and was told that we were past the 30 day limit and still could notvreturn.!i now have an unopened vacuum we cannot use. Worst part was we would have taken credit and spent more at their store but will never shop their again. We eveb called the number the manager gave us and the young girl who manned the phone was rude and taunted us. That pilicy is horrible.

Posted by Anonymous

30 return policy is not very customer friendly. You have a receipt, original packaging and you can't even get store credit. Sad for the workers that can't take care of their customers. I'll stick with Walmart and Target, they take care of their customers !

Posted by Ex-customer Sandra

I too will never shop at KMart again. Due to 30 day return policy. KMart may think they are saving money but KMart is losing customers. I guess management doesn't care about customers

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Kmart to return pajamas purchased for me...they were way too large for me, tags were still attached, I was refused a refund or exchange!!! What bothered me though was the miserable attitude from the Manager! She acted like she was angry just to be there. Very sad...No wonder the business is sinking..Customer service at my local Kmart is ALWAYS horrible..Last time I will ever enter that store.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a pair of shoes for my grandson's birthday a month before it. Too small. No exchange, refund, credit, nothing. Insult to injury, idiot manager said give them to him anyway. Goodbye kmart, sears.

Posted by Anonymous

Your return and refund policy stinks! No wonder Kmart can't survive. They use to be a great store. What has happened????? I tried to return a purse and was told NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE with the receipt. bought on 1-04-17 tried to refund or exchange on 2-12-17 NO CAN DO What a nice way to treat you customers. Who will no longer be YOUR customers, Unhappy and no longer going to Kmart. Great Grandmother USA

Posted by Anonymous

Last night, Feb 7, 2017, we bought a heating blanket. We plugged it in and it wouldn't work.
When my husband took it back with the receipt, he was told all sales are final.
All we wanted to do was exchange it for one that works.
The manager said take it up with the manufacturer. Seriously

Posted by Anonymous

I did not recieve a receipt and the kmart on rawsonville road would not let me trade my sons shoes for a bigger size

Posted by Great Grandma

K-Mart sucks..... My daughter in RI took me to K-Mart Dec. 8th to buy a pair of pants. I live in Ma. and when I tried them on they did not fit me comfortably. I tried to return them in Ma. but all the close K-Marts are now closed and I have to wait for my daughter to come from RI to get me but it doesn't matter because I called K-Mart and they told me I am __stuck with them__!!!. They have my money now and don't care because the 30days are up. I will never go to K-Mart again,,,, if I can find one that is open anymore.

K-MART..... YOU SUCK !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by First customer

If you buy a coffe maker on 12/23/16 in store is it returnable

Posted by SuePA

I tried to return an unopened bottle of foundation the day after I bought it. I was refused since the bottle had no seal to verify that it was unopened. Most do not have that! The lady said their return policy was online - I looked and it made no mention of cosmetics. Most stores will accept opened and used cosmetics - I can't believe that Kmart refused an unopened bottle.

Posted by Lizc

I purchased a car battery about a year ago and called the kmart store and explained i no longer had the battery reciept.The person on the phone told me to bring in the battery that they will look it up amd see what tjey can do. I took the battery to the kmart store located at main st in belleville nj. To only have them tell me they could not do the exchange when it clearly states on the battery 2 year free replacement. I called customer service they could not even find it on my rewards and called corporate. Explaining my situation. Also telling them i have had to get a tow twice bcse of this battery. Being stuck with 3 kids in the car in the cold waiting for a tow for more than an hour.

So thank you kmart for you awesome customer service.
Sincerely a dissapointed and no longer a loyal customer.

Liz C.

Posted by Dissappointed

I bought an item through layaway online and tried to get a refund.They cant even find my order on the computer at the store or on the phone. Never once was I asked do I have an order number which I do. They have the item and the money. I dont know who to call because everyone says talk to the store you purchased from and they cant even find the order. Im lost,I have always liked KMart I dont understand what has happened to them.

Posted by Kat

I received a pair of slippers as Christmas gift. I just wanted to exchange for larger size. They refused to do it without are receipt. And since my son lives in a different state this will be a hassle to get before their deadline. I told my son stay away fron Kmart

Posted by Great Grandma

Purchased a set of dishes. When I unpacked them 2 salad plates were broken. I immediately returned to the store and asked for replacements. Because the store is going out of business I was told "sorry"
I understand all sales final and no refunds. I just wanted a replacement for the broken dishes. I was then told I should have checked them before I bought them. That would have meant sitting on the floor with a utility knife and unpacking everything. Good ridance KMart

Posted by Mark H

Went to Kmart location in Harrison, Ohio on Jan. 10, 2017 to return a ball glove I purchased on 11-29-2016 for my son as a Christmas gift, but the glove was to big. I was told by the customer service person I couldn't return because it was past the 30 day return policy. I went home & decided to get online & I discovered Kmart posted return policy for items purchased from 11-1-2016 until 12-24-2016 they had extended return date until 1-31-2017. When I called the store I was told to bring glove back to the store & they would process the refund for me. So on 1-11-2017 I went back to the same location and was told the exact same thing when I tried to return on my previous visit NO REFUND!! So I decided to show the clerk the copy I printed regarding the extended return policy. She proceeded to page a mgr. for approval. See explained my situation to the mgr. and proceeded to ask what she should do. Mgr. told clerk to proceed with refund. I will no longer shop Kmart and with this kind of customer service this explains why so many Kmart & Sears stores are closing.

Posted by Elsie

I recieved 2 coats for Christmas. I only need one so I decided to return the one to kmart since it will be just in my closet i could buy something i can actually use. But like i said it was a gift and i had no receipt. Kamrt refused to return the coat. This is bs people cannt do anything about a gift so the person who gave it just wasted their money thanks kmart

Posted by Mreilly576

I tried to return computer ink $30.00 today. I did not have a receipt. However I did purchase it with my debit card. The personhelping me couldn't find it so I didn't get money back. I'M NOT HAPPY. PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY BACK.

Posted by samiidel2

Tried to return gift today that received for Christmas that was purchased from KMART and they would not do anything since I did not have a receipt. It was a gift. Would not even exchange! What the heck. This is unacceptable

Twin Falls Idaho

Posted by Annie

I have not had good experience ordering from K-Mart on-line or ordering via the 800-number. I have had to do this since my local K-Mart closed down. After these experiences, I can see why K-Mart is closing. Also, after reading the other customer reviews, it is a miracle any K-Mart stores are still in business. I believe they better begin to listen to their customers or they will no longer have any customers at all.

Posted by Denise

Your return policy is terrible. Even Walmart lets you return something without a receipt for store credit or exchange. Your company does absolutely nothing. That's why your going out of business because your not competitive at all. I now have a 20 dollar pair of pants that nobody can wear. Thanks for nothing. But I will never buy another thing in any of your stores

Posted by Disappointed

I am also disappointed with K-mart's 30 day return policy. I shop early for gifts and also keep the receipts. It didn't matter that I had the original receipt and there was nothing wrong with the item, other than my gift receiver didn't like it. Just because it was purchased more than 30 days ago, I could not return it. In the future I plan to purchase gifts in another store.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never ever shop in Kmart again. Their 30 day return policy is unbelievable. Purchased something iNovember 21 tried to return it in January 4 was told the 30 days are up asked if I could have store credit was told no. didnt even want to hear that it was s Xmas present. They not only list one customer but they must have lost at least four or five that were waiting on line and had the same problem everybody just walked out. Now we know why Kmart will be closing soon. You could go into any better department store and they will return things year later as long as you have receipts. GOODBY KMART

Posted by Pissed

I bought a item online on January 2,2017, got to the store in Springfield,Il. They didn't have the item and I have yet to be refunded for the item, I purchased today is January 6,2017 still no refunded. I will never buy anything online from Kmart again.

Posted by Madeline

I'm totally disappointed with kmart. Today I tried to return a Christmas merchandise that purchuse on December 18 and the General store manager (Gabino Ortiz) tell me that I can't because was a seasonal merchandise. The receipt has for return and Exchange it's within 30 days of purchuse and never tell ke that. I promote Kmart but with that experience, no more I purchased in kmart and I tell everybody my experience to no promote and purchase in Kmart. That lamented because I was purchased every week. So now I beginning purchases with Walmart.

Posted by CMorgan

Can't believe they won't make a return or give credit even when tags are on the merchandise. The sweatpants are not what I like and they were a gift!! I will never shop K Mart again! Hope you go out of business. Walmart has it all over your store anyway!!!!

Posted by Pat

I purchased a Christmas gift for my two year old grandson on December 2 2016 tried to return it unopened with receipt January 3 2017 since he received a similar item. I was told I was outside the thirty day return so no refund credit or exchange. Next year it will be an Amazon gift card

Posted by Just madd

I'm totally disappointed with kmart. I did an online layaway for christmas on Nov.1st. I payed my balance on Nov.27th, and the items were shipped tome on Dec. 8th. I had five items, three of them were too small. I called Kmart and was told it would take them 72 hrs to generate a return label.I waited those 72 hrs, no label. I called back, and was told to take to my nearest Sears, I done that which by the way is 45 miles from where I live. Guess what, got there and they said they had no way of returning them because the numbers on the items were different from theirs. An associate from Sears called Kmart for me, they told her they would generate me a return label, and it would arrive in my email in 72 hrs. I waited again, no label. I called again, and again I was asked to take back to Sears. One of the managers in Sears printed me a return label from her store, and I finally got to return the items,that was two weeks ago, and when I called Kmart, they claimed they haven't received the items. Never order from them again.

Posted by IHateKmart

I too tried to EXCHANGE a pair of pajama bottoms that my 82 year old mother bought for my son. Not return. Exchange for the same brand - just a different pattern. But NO, bc I didn't have the receipt bc it was as GIFT, I couldn't do it. Spoke to manager who refused to exchange. Said I need the receipt (which means I have to tell my mother that her grandson didn't like the ones she picked out which is awkward. Or completely inconvenience her and ask her to accompany me to the store with her credit card if she can't find the receipt. She lives 1 1/2 hours from me so I'm inconvenienced again as well. Gee, I wonder why Kmarts are closing???? Company just lost a few more customers.

Posted by Meemawto7going to be 8!

I thought I would get a jump on Christmas and have a better selection so I ordered the grandkids snow boots early & they didn't fit. Looking at the comments & Kmart's return policy now I am stuck with a pair of snow boots that no one an wear!

Posted by Geegeebaby

My 8 yr old daughter received a bike as a Christmas gift from my church, problem was the bike was a 26 inch women's bike still in the box, with the Kmart label on it. The bikes were donated my members of the church so no receipts were given, and the pastor was under the assumption that if a different size was needed we could exchange them so he asked for all the same sizes in men and women's bikes. My daughter is a small 8 yr old. I went to Clio, Mi Kmart which is 30 minutes from my home,to exchange for a 20 or at least 24 inch bike. The lady behind the counter asked for receipt, I told her I didn't have one because it was a gift and just wanted to exchange. She promptly told me no receipt no exchange and then turned her back on me and started speaking to someone else. I told her again it was a gift, and she couldn't ride it, so she told me to go look through my garbage and maybe I would find the receipt and then dismissed me again. I asked didn't they have a holiday return pokicy, she said no, and don't bother asking for the manager because he couldn't override it because he would be fired, and called the next person in line. I have never been treated that badly by someone in customer service. I was a very supportive online Kmart shopper, because all the local stores closed. I will no longer shop online or in store there. I guess I have to buy a bike small enough for my daughter and keep the other one for when she gets older.

Posted by Az

I received a crockpot and perfume as a gift for christmas, of course i did not receive a receipt. Both items were sealed in the original packaging, and were bought within the previous 30 days. Kmart refused to exchange for any other item.
Very disappointed and will no longer purchase any items from this company, and will advise family, friends and all social media contacts about my experience as well.

Posted by Smart shopper

All of the comments admit they are past the 30 day limit. It also clearly states on the receipt that refunds are limited to 30 days. So why is everyone so surprised that the returns are not accepted! Read your receipts people and keep them if you think you may return something. Shoppers at any store should keep receipts.

Posted by Michelle

I tried to return an unopened keurig k50 with original receipt that I purchased during Black Friday sale; was rudely denied as it is 3 days past the return date. I bought as a gift for my son but someone else bought it for him and he had already opened that one. Will NEVER shop at Kmart again. I get my prescriptions there but will be switching immediately. Horrible policy; horrible customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to exchange two pants my mother gave me for Christmas, not get a refund, exchange! Nope, didn't have receipt, I know when I give gifts for Christmas, or any gift for that matter, I do not give the receipt along with the gift. So now my mother has to drive an hour away just to exchange my gift she already paid for so K-Mart can see the receipt. Not only have they inconvenienced my day, my children, but now my mother, and I still don't have the right size pants and I won't just so I don't have to inconvenience my mother or my family! Thanks for making clear where we will not shop anymore. No wonder K-Mart has closed stores! Never have had problems exchanging before here or any where else. THANKS K-MART!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Kmart has the worst customer service we went to exchange a bed set that my son got for Christmas and he needed a bigger size the girl at the desk was like no receipt no return my husband told her I don't want to return I want to exchange and she was like nope can't do it,so he asked for a manager and his customer service skills were awful I was in complete shock he talked down on us like we're stupid he was very rude he even swore. I cannot believe someone gave him a manager's position let alone a Job. The Layton Utah store sucks and needs new employees. They need to change there return policy and make it like Wal-Mart at least at Wal-Mart you can exchange without a receipt as long as you have I'D. It wouldn't surprise me if they all went out of business.

Posted by Pigeon

Thanks to all who forewarned me. My husband received a shirt that was too large for Christmas. Don't have a receipt because it's a gift. Now I know not to waste my time to try to exchange. Maybe Walmart will take it! LOL

Posted by Lori

Kmart does not have a 90 day return policy we tried to return an unopened car seat we were 3 days past the 30 days we were out of town to get it back in 30 days now we are out of $189.00 I am going to go to Walmart to see if they will take it but the same car seat is $40.00 less

Posted by TippyTara33

Purchased a Walnut Nook Kitchen Table Set online.Received item and item had a big chip in the back seat bench.Was infuriated but decided it was not worth the hassle to ship back.Husband started to assemble set and one of the screw holes was not properly drilled so screw was pertruding through the back bench.Not very noticeable but still further p'd me off.Once again I state,not worth the hassles of return shipping.Finally get to table and pull out the pieces.The bottom leg is cracked from top to bottom.Oh heck no.So yes,I've had enough of accepting the heavily damaged merchandise.So done with the table and on to customer returns process.If I wasn't po'd enough,the next nightmarish process begins.I contact customer service,they calm me down by reassuring me they will send a label,and ups to pick up merchandise within 3 business days.My husband disassembles the table and returns it to the box,and we begin the waiting process.3 weeks later after numerous calls back and forth,they apologize once again,finally my table was picked up November 22nd.I had to spend Thanksgiving with no kitchen table.Now a month later,they still have yet to receive my table,it was lost by ups and now I have to wait another 8 days for them to try and track the missing item.Kmart will not return my money without confirming they lost or misplaced it.We're now coming up on Christmas,another holiday with no table and no money to purchase a new one.Talk about b.s.I will never do business with Kmart ever again.Merry Freaking Christmas!!

Posted by Anonymous

Today I visited the Atascadero Kmart to return/exchange boots for my daughter as a Christmas present. The size I bought in October was too small and I wanted her to be able to open them on Christmas and wear them right away. The customer service clerk told me to go find the exchange. I returned after an hour of pouring through this large and somewhat unorganized shoe department only to find that they would not honor my return. It had been over 30 days. I said - "wow, what about Christmas gifts and all the exchanges people need to make?" They said, "um, yeah I know...we have an extended policy for Christmas." I replied, "Great - let's get this going then." they said, "sorry, it wasn't activated until November...after your purchase date. It won't work for your purchase." Me, "but you told me to go find the exchange." Them, "yeah, um, sorry." So I left my additional $100 in potential purchases on the counter and left. What can you do with a small minded group like that? I am so amazed.

Posted by 702-235-1720

I have been waiting for notification from your return facility in Texas on a Leap Frog toy that for the second time is not working. It could have easily been exchanged at the store. I have a service agreement. I know that the facility received it last Thursday.

Posted by Anonymous

Kmart stores across the whole US should close for good, they now have the worst return policy imaginable & NO RETURNS AT ALL AFTER 30 days, unopened Christmas presents included, try getting thru to their customer service phone #, they really just want to piss off anyone they can, will never shop there again

Posted by RAPPAT

I am amazed at the comments here. Not one good thing to say about kmart. I am no exception, I received the worst customer service in my life. Uncaring robot clerk and manager. KMART RETURN POLICY SUCKS!!!! Bigtime! I like so many others was returning something never been out of box and was told no because of the 30 day return POLICY. I have no use for kmart any longer and will watch as this POLICY causes their doors to close! Only a matter of time.

Posted by Linda

With receipt in hand I tried to return some items purchased in Sept.2016 at a k-Mart store in Crofton, Md.21114. These items have not been opened and are in perfect shape. Imagine my
surprise when I was informed that I was pass the 30 day return date allowed. When I placed the items in lay-away I was not informed of the 30 day policy. I think this is very wrong and would like to hear back from someone.FPVY

Posted by Ex KMART Shopper

Considering their return policy, it looks like K-Mart WANTS to go out of business. I liked K-Mart but with their return policy and crappy customer service I will no longer shop there! Good bye to K-Mart! Another dissatisfied customer!!

Posted by Lmg999

Horrible return policy. I Tried to return 4 sets of pajamas bought for Xmas gifts. I found others that I liked better. They would not take them back after 30 days even with all tags and a receipt. Did not even offer a store credit. I will never shop there again. Doesn't seem like they will be in business much longer anyway.

Posted by Grama D

I wanted to exchange my grand daughter's dress for 1 size up - even exchange. They refused! Tags still attached. Receipt in hand. It had been a little over 30 days and they wouldn't do an even exchange! So my grand daughter is out her birthday dress for Christmas. I can't afford a second dress

Posted by Coxxie

went to exchange PJ for a smaller size, no receipt, but the tags are still on their clothing, wanted to changed for smaller size only, was told can not exhchange due no receipt. Are you serious, it has the tags still attached.
Rainman was right, KMART SUCKS


Posted by Carrie Fleshman

Kmart should take returns without a receipt if it a gift. People don't give you a receipt when they give your a gift.

Posted by Shell

I bought an item and was supposed to pick up at store when they contacted me. Instead I got an email stating that my order was cancelled but at this point in time, 2 days late, I'm still waiting for it to cancel in my bank account. You take the money right away but can't return it right away. And it wasn't even me. It's getting close to Christmas and I need every dollar I can get. Not a happy camper here.

Posted by Anonymous

I had my original receipt, pass 30 days, I was told no refund. I will never shop at Kmart again and I will post Kmart policy on Facebook. Consumer should be aware!!!!

Posted by belinda

I'm stuck with something I can't wear because of the 30 day return policy. No more Kmart for me. This is definitely bad business!

Posted by Terrible Customer Service

Joining in the frustration of exchanging a pair of jeans purchased at Kmart! 32 days past the new 30-day return policy and they will not do an exchange even tho I have a receipt and the tags are still on!! I purchased the jeans for my husband while in TN on vacation...of course I got the wrong size! I thought I would just exchange them when we got home but the store in our area closed! Brought them with us in our next trip a month later hoping there would still be a Kmart store around somewhere on our trip. Found one on the way home in Macon,GA. Stood in line to do the exchange and handed them the receipt and jeans and she said to go ahead an get the right size so after walking to the back and searching for the right size finally found the last one and went back to customer service and she tried entering the info on the computer and it would not let her go any further because it is programmed that way! No offer to give a credit or make an exception since it was only 2 days past the 30 day disappointing and frustrating with their terrible customer service ... GOING OUT OF BUSINESS FOR A REASON

Posted by Anonymous

Pretty hard to exchange the purchase, just need to exchange size and yet it is difficult to find the exchange!!!!

Posted by Mary

Same thing here. A.clock radio that didn't work at all with areceipt . $15 must have been to much for them. Their loss because I am moving my prescriptions. That is a loss to them. Walmart here I come. They do have a decent return policy. No wonder they are losing market share!

Posted by Anonymous

Same thing just happened to us. Tried to return a baby camera that was purchased 39 days ago and we were told no since we are past their 30 day policy. REALLY!! This is Kmart!!! Most places will give you store credit when you are past the 30 days. Receipt, product in original box, and nothing. They must be losing sales and are cracking down on returns to "make" money.

Posted by Ann

Kmart deserves to close!! Tried to return shoes today. It was 34 days since purchase. I thought they would at least give me store credit! Not! I asked when did thar policy go into effect? They replied last year. I will not be shopping at Kmart in the future!!

Posted by Anonymous

My grandson was recently given items as a gift and they are baby toys and he is no longer a baby! All I want is a store credit!

Posted by Anonymous

Kmarts return policy is horrible. They have a very out dated policy. Also bc it is so outdated their associates should make costumers aware of it. This may contribute to why people aren't shopping there and so many stores are closing.

Posted by Anonymous

I just tried to return some articles of clothing I bought last month, but didn't fit. I was told I past the 30 days to get a refund or store credit. SMH, I didnt know that was their policy. Stupid!!!!! I guess someone in need will get some brand new clothes and I will stop shopping at Kmart.

Posted by ticked off

Just had the same experience at Kmart this morning. I am 2 days over the 30 day refund policy. NO refund, NO exchange, NO store credit!!! Unbelievable!! I will also NEVER shop at Kmart again, nor will my Mom (who loves to shop there but I drive so NO she won't be going there again!) This is why they are going out of business. What harm does it do to let customers exchange or have store credit. Worse customer service! I called the 800 number and a rude gentleman told me 30 days only and I guess you made a monetary contribution to Kmart and hung up on me! I will have a smile on my face when I hear they've gone out of business!!!!

Posted by Holly

Today is the day Kmart finally loses my business. I tried to return a clothing item that was never worn, still had tags attached, and was in the shopping bag with the receipt. I was informed about the new return policy. It was 4 days past the 30 day return period so no returns. No exceptions. What about store credit? Nope. I asked what the policy would be for Christmas, but the staff was unaware. Don't think I'll take the chance. The checkout line was always painfully this just pushes me to shop somewhere else.

Posted by Cindy

I returned a space heater with in a week and got my refund but they would not reimburse me the 10.99 I paid for a 3 year warrenty. They said I would have to buy something else and could use the warrenty on that item. Unbelieveable!!!

Posted by Denise

SHOP AT WALMART do not shop at K MART!!!!
I Have Safetrax shoes that need an EVEN EXCHANGE. I am not asking for money back just need a different size. I am told due to the fact that I do not have the receipt I can not do this. I will NEVER shop at Kmart again... Walmart will let you return after 90 days and.... will give you a credit.

Posted by Angry Lady

Tried to return a pair of shoes, unused, tags still attached, with my receipt. TOLD SORRY 6 DAYS OVER THE 30 DAY LIMIT. What are you talking about? I never was aware of this policy. Spoke to the manager, no help. Called Customer Resolution Line Ha! That's a joke! No help. So I'm stuck with a pair of shoes I can't use. Why not a store credit??? They lost a customer. No wonder they are closing stores. This is customer service???

Posted by Ex Kmart shopper

Absolutely disgusted with the so called manager at our local KMART store,the new return policy of 30 days with a receipt is just ridiculous. What happened to customer service? I have made the decision to shop elsewhere( WalMart,Target,Meijer) from now on even if it does consist of a 15 mile drive each way... good way to keep the doors open in a small community!!

Posted by Sharin

I bought a store brand pedicure set but I waited after a month, when the receipt expired to try it. It didn't work and the manager said that they can't accept it because the receipt expired. I called the 1800 # money back guaranteed, you have to leave a message and someone is supposed to call you back. never got a call back, guess 100s of people are calling them. I will definitely not be buying nothing from them as such, no wonder they are losing customers and shutting their doors in most states. smh

Posted by SandiRenee67

Well after reading all of these comments I guess I am stuck with this ugly rug that I received for my birthday. I don't have the receipt because it was a gift!
I can not believe that I can't even exchange it or get store credit... KMart will not get anymore of my business.
For sale: Brand new still in original package with tags - ugly rug purchased at the worst retailer around. Looks to be about a $40 item that they probably charged $60 for, I'll sale it for $30 OBO...

Posted by Anonymous

this new return policy is absolutely ridiculous!! clearly all the feedback within the last month agrees!!!! they will loose alot of business if they dnt resolve people's concerns and issues

Posted by Anonymous

The absolute worst customer service ever! I bought the replacement plan for a reason, if my item was damaged it would be fixed or replaced! NOT TRUE, WASTE of MONEY!!! I called them, they were rude and didn't help me one bit. Wouldn't even send me replacement parts. Really KMART, what is the point in buying the replacement plan??? Can you tell me what the purpose is? I will never shop there again! AND THIS IS WHY YOU ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

Posted by Poonam

I don't like the item which I ordered online, I want to return it back but I don't have return label, the customer service didn't slice my issues, it s wrist customer service, wrost quality item they are saleing.

Posted by Annonomous

What a way to ensure a store closer with your return policy. It's crazy that you won't even give a store credit with the receipt after 30days. A store credit means that you will still be buying something at the store, so no loss of $$ for you. Instead you lose a whole lot of customers, because with this return policy you set, you are going to go out of business!! I will never shop there again and I work right in the same plaza with a K-mart right next door.

Posted by KALA, Montana

I bought 2 soaker garden hoses, I used one which split in several places. Seeing that this product was inferior I tried to return the unopened one to K Mart with a receipt. I was told absolutely no refund after 30 days. So my decision is to suck it up and NOT purchase anything from k mart until they have a final going out of business sale. This should not be too long, people are not stupid they can get better products at Walmart with a better return policy, but I will tell all my friends about policy.

Posted by Anonymous

Kmart and Sears has lost my business and will lose many of my friends family and coworkers business also as I spread the word! No exchanges as a bottom line is completely ridiculous !

Posted by Anonymous

Kmart's 30 day policy is very irritating. I have 6 kids and just got back to Kmart 90 days after purchase and they wouldn't refund my money. They pretty much stole my money. I will not be shopping there again. Very disappointed in this store.

Posted by Anonymous

apparently KMart is not interested in retaining shoppers because there are posts since last September that they won't be shopping there again due to the no return without receipt policy. yet, the policy remains in effect with no change. KMart is a little out of the way for me, but won't even make the trip based on this policy which doesn't seem to have been conveyed to anyone until they attempt a return.

Posted by Anonymous

wish I had had a magnifying glass with me because the no refund/return without a receipt policy is that small and you need to go to the customer service area to see it. I buy a certain brand of sneakers there because KM is the only retailer who carries them. usually pick up 3 or 4 pairs at a time and inadvertently one of them was the wrong size. when I attempted to return in the original box with the tags still on they wouldn't even look at me without a receipt. asked to see the manager and was told he wouldn't help either. just add me to the list of shoppers who will never return to KM. Target is a little pricier, but much more consumer friendlier.

Posted by Joy

I shop at kmart all the time. I'm one of those people that runs in to grab one or two things and ends up spending a couple hundred dollars. At the end of May, I ran in to grab a few tops to match a skirt I had bought to take on vacation. They didn't fit, but I figured I'd handle it when I got back. I had a medical issue, then some problems at here I am, first time out shopping since then, and they won't let me return them. Didn't even look in the bag. Handed me the receipt right back and said no. As I sit in the parking lot now, I'm counting 10 cars, three days before school starts. I'm sure Meijer and Walmart are packed. I'll never spend another dime here. So disappointed. I always try to help the underdog, but they obviously don't need my help.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow. I had not been in Kmart for a long time, but grew shopping at Kmart, for decades. I bought some clothes as a gift, and they didn't fit, so tried to take them back today. The 30 day no exceptions return policy will be the demise of the box store, such as Kmart and Sears, when similar retailers offer a much more generous return policy. I'm a bit sad to know that after 5+ decades of shopping at Kmart, that today's visit was my last. Very sad indeed.

Posted by AlineH

Just tried to take back a toaster oven that turned out to be too small and was totally blindsided by the new 30 day return policy. I was told that it was implemented in April here in Hawaii and that there were signs about it, but I certainly did not see them. If you are going to make such a radical change you should shout it from the rooftops! i.e. big signs that are impossible to miss!. I'm REALLY annoyed and frustrated, especially as I was only 2 days over the cut off date. I don't get to town very often and in this case I was away during August. I have shopped at Kmart for over 20 years and felt bad that it has become a bit of a ghost town, but after this ridiculous policy change I am done with shopping at Kmart and will be spending my money at Walmart, Costco and Target, which have better prices as well as generous return policy. Oh yes, and I'm avoiding Sears too after being stuck with headphones that don't work properly...

Posted by Skeeter

Bought item it didn't work. Tried to return it Passed the 30 days. Now I'm stuck with it. I just stood there in disbelief. I doesn't work!!! This is when another employee chimed in that it's always been that way. That's always been the policy. Fine. I will never step foot in another Kmart again. Bye bye

Posted by Anonymous

So upset. Just went to Kmart to return some items I had purchased for my son. Receipt was dated 7/29 and because I was 4 days past the 30 day mark Kmart would not give me a refund or even store credit. I will never shop in this store again.

Posted by Natalie

II'm not a shopper of Kmart but had stopped into the store one day early summer on a whim in preparation for my college daughter to move into her first apartment I saw a baker's rack and purchased it. With college kids just going back to school we moved my daughter into her apartment, as we assembled the rack we discovered it was damaged. I attempted to return the item back to Kmart with receipt in hand and was informed I'm stuck with the item because it had been over 30 days since I purchased it. The nonchalant attitude of the employees and lack of accommodation is what irritated me the most... What am I supposed to do with damaged merchandise... I wasn't even looking for a refund I would have taken a store credit but Kmart will never get another penny from me

Posted by Kmartisajoke

Kmart return policy is total crap I have 4 kids and my kids dad went school clothes shopping and got all the kids the wrong size clothes being a man he lost the recepit went to only exchamge them amd kmart wouldnt exchange them so now I have no new clothes for my kids on the 1rst day of school kmart should close their doors now save them the trouble later they are not gonna have much business with the return policy they have now I will also be putting it on facebook twitter ect anywhere I can find to let everyone know not to shop at kmart

Posted by Wasteofmoney

Tried to return a gift I received for my birthday and Kmart would not do it without a receipt. What kind of bullsh1t is that? Not even for store credit. Like everyone else, I won't be shopping here again, and hope they replace the store with something useful to any customer.

Posted by Phillips1966

I bought 2 pair of pants and 2 days later had to fly home for an emergency with my 80 year old mother. I was there for a month and a half. I got back and the pants were still in the bag with tags and receipt in the bag from the day I bought them. They were too big
Kmart wouldn't give me refund. I Even showed them my airline ticket. I asked for a store credit and they said no. This is bad business. They wonder why stores are closing and customers go elsewhere, this is why. I have always shopped KMART but after this, I will not be returning. I'm very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

I agree with others tried to return shorts that didn't fit 5 days of the 30 days. Most stores I know have 60 days. Won't be shopping there anytime soon.

Posted by zelma

I tried to cancel my order 3 hours after I ordered because the pick-up day was a week in half away when I ordered it it didn't have a pick-up day so I thought it will be the next day and they refused to let me cancel my order stated I have to wait to get it and then return it because it is been processed .you mean I can not stop a order that have not left the factory I will not order from Kmart no more.

Posted by Anonymous

Receipt in hand, tags still on. Past 30 and no refund? Ridiculous. This is not good practice. I will not shop at KMart or Sears again.

Posted by Shopper

Won't shop at Kmart anymore. Return policy is ridiculous. 30 days to return the merchandise. Not one day over. Tags still on merchandise with the original receipt not even a store credit. Advice shop elsewhere.

Posted by shelly40601

Was 3 days past the 30 day return policy and store would not make an exception. One of the unused items is falling apart right out of the package. The next time I shop there will be their going out of business sale. I'm contacting my credit card company to use my 90 day return benefit. Kmart return policy sucks.

Posted by Bcarpenter

We attempted to return a birthday present my son recieved, and we're told that because we did not have a reciept, they wouldn't help us. They were brand new with tags attached. I have never heard of such a ridiculous policy. Under no circumstacne would I ever shop at kmart or sears again. It's terrible to think someone WASTED their money on a birthday present that will end up sitting in a corner not being used.

Posted by Mm

I have walked through K Mart doors for the last time EVER!!! I tried to return some clothing that did not fit. I was told that since it was over 30 days since the purchase no return was possible. Was told I could do nothing !! Not even in-store credit !! This return policy is unheard of !! I am still in shock and will be making my experience known to everyone !!

Posted by Ihatekmart

You 30 day policy stinks. I hope all your Kmart stores and Sears go under.

Posted by Barb

I Went To Return A $25 Cleveland Indians Shirt That I Had A Receipt For It Was 37 Days And I Would Have Been More Than Happy With A Store Credit And They Won't Even Give You That, What The Heck It's Not Like They Would Be Out Any Money..i Have Always Tried To Support Kmart But Not Any Longer. I Am Stuck With A Shirt No One Wants And Was Not Unaware Of This Return Policy! So Mad!

Posted by Janis

merchandise was not the color, size or item that I ordered

Posted by Mad

Kmart's return policy stinks. They must really be desperate that they have to make up policies where there customer's lose money but they make money. That store is going downhill anyway and their cashiers are super slow.

Posted by Former Kmart Policies

I purchased a pool from Kmart in Stevens Point Wisconsin. I was not aware of the 30 day return policy when I purchased it. I tried to return the pool, the box was never opened and I had the receipt. The lady at the service desk was very rude. She yelled out the fact that it was 32 days and the return policy is 30 days and I could not return the pool. It's not like I was being rude about their new policy so she had no right to act the way she did. I will not shop at Kmart again because of the way I was treated and their new return policy. They should have made their customers more aware of the change because it
is a big deal.

Posted by Mad

Absolutely furious and I won't be back. I have the receipt and wanted to exchange items for the correct size but was advised they absolutely would not since it was 40 days since purchase. . I wonder why you can't leave feedback at the Kmart site after 15 days either.
The receipt doesn't give you this information. I found it over at the return desk, and finally found it at the registers 2 feet above your head which you have to look straight up at in a size 8 font! I wouldn't even care if it had gone on clearance and now I only got the clearance price as credit, but to do nothing is absurd! Kmart and Sears won't see me again.

Posted by Anonymous

Your 30-day return policy is ridiculous. Bought a birthday present (blouse) May 17 for a July 24th birthday. Doesn't fit and K-Mart says there is not a thing they can do about it because it is over 30 days. No wonder you are going bankrupt - with that kind of customer service, you deserve it. Will never shop at K-Mart or Sears again.

Posted by Anonymous

Kmart's return policy is unbelievable it's the WORST return policy ever.accidents do happen people looses there receipt, I believe that once the item is a Kmart's brand there's no reason no excuse why you shouldn't even be able to exchange without the receipt. I will never shop inside another Kmart Ever again and I will tell friends, family and others about my experience, it's a nightmare now I'm stuck with some rotten furnitureso that I'm going to have to throw out. My $100.00 went down the drain and because I lost $100.00 Kmart will loose $1,000,000.00.

Posted by CBM

I would like someone to explain to me there is a 90 day guarantee on merchandise but only has a 30 day return policies. Too many discount stores to shop in without shopping in a store with unreasonable return policies. Should have closed years ago!

Posted by nacy 11

how do I renturn item do I need a rmi number

Posted by Anonymous

I have been shopping at the 50th and L street K mart in Omaha since it opened. I tried to return some clothing i purchased and it was a week past their new 30 day return policy which I was not even aware of. Had my receipt and all tickets still attached to clothing. No refund or even a store credit You just lost a lifetime customer Kmart. I will shop at Walmart from now on.

Posted by Tanya

They over price their merchandise and the quality SUCKS. No wonder they dont want to take their merchandise back, its been sitting in the store for years and once they sell it they dont want to take it back. Thats why theyre are alot of Kmarts closing because no one wants to shop there and theyre losing alot of customers

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a top with embellishment on it and when I washed it the some of embellishment came off and they would not return their defective merchandise. I have plenty of shirts with this type of design and this is the first time this has ever happened, Can't believe Kmart won't stand behind the merchandise they sell.

Posted by Andfad

Wow after reading all these comments, I guess I'm not going to be able to return a standing fan I bought 45 days ago. It was working then it stopped. Guess I'll just have to lose the 25.00$ whst a terrible return policy

Posted by Never again

Kmart is the worst store to return merchandise. I purchased a conair hair dryer/brush and a cover girl lipstick that smelled awful. I didn't open the items until 30 days past the purchase day because I bought them on sale for later use. The customer service rep refused to exchange it give me store credit because the receipt says 30 days. I USED TO SHOP AT KMART A LOT BUT THEY JUST LOST ME AS A CUSTOMER! I will never shop at Kmart again. Their policies are garbage. So much for the false "no hassle returns" policy.


Online It States 90 Days For Return? Kmart Are Liars And Costing Customers Money.


I spend thousands of dollars a month in Kmart forever, but they just lost me forever and they dont care. I had items total of about $100. to return with proof of purchase. It was 4 days past the NEW 30 days policy which online states 90 days.
I call to get a refund even a store credit. Nope sorry its after 30 days. Obviosly I know this and this is why I called. KMART I WILL NEVER SPEND A DIME IN YOUR STORE OR STORES AFFILATED WITH YOU. You will all close soon anyway because you can't cost your customers money and want them to stay loyal. I have been shopping kmart forever. BYE BYE KMART, YOUR A LOSER FOR CRAPPING ON YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Posted by Sadie Beth

I just tried to return a man's shirt to the Alton, Il store. I bought the wrong size, and that was my mistake, but because it was 38 days since I had purchased, I was unable to return. I had no trouble with the employees, they are just following rules provided to them, my question is why I can't at least exchange the product. I, in good faith, purchased from your store, and now I am money out because I did not understand the return policy.
Unfortunately I will not be shopping at Kmart any longer due to the return policy.

Posted by Anonymous

Kmart has the most horrible return policy!!! I purchased 2 patio umbrellas for $150 on the same day I left for my 32 days vacation. We opened the same day when we purchased but the umbrellas was missing the poles. I didn't have time to take it back on the same day because our flight was leaving so when I came back tried to returned it with the receipt and they refused it bc it was over 30 days. Even the umbrella was unused and defected. They were rude and they didn't care they about it I can't use the umbrella.
Never ever go there and shop. Hope they will go out of business bc they are selling defected product and they have horrible 30 days return. With this customer service people will bring their money somewhere else.

Posted by Mrs

Went to do and even exchange on flip floops for my nephew which we got the same day. Still tags on and in bag. Just at the moment could not find the receipt. And the customer service girl was rude and had an attitude. In fitchburg, Ma. Think name was Wendy. Cant really remember. She said she could look it up with the rewards info and gave it and still did not show up. Then she said she tried with the credit card that was use and still did not show up. It was ridiculous, $4.99 for floops and couldnt even do an exchange for a bigger size cause of no receipt. Its not like there are any other Kmarts around and its still in the bag with tags on. Another good reason not to shop there for me and my family. I can understand a no return but not to be able to do a exchane or even a store credit. Thats just dumb. All i can say is thank god i managed to find the receipt in my cousins car and when i went back, same girl with a smug/attitude on her face. Im so done with Kmart.

Posted by J

My neighbor got my daughter a dress as a gift for pre-k graduation and it was too small. I went to exchange it for a different size (tag that had price and kmart was still attatched) and was told I had to have receipt and couldn't even get credit for lowest selling price or exchange for different size. Associate was also very rude (even my 5year old realized it) and just pointed to sign and said oh well you are stuck with it when I told her it was a gift. I will make sure to tell everyone I know not to shop there and our family definitely won't be. No wonder so many have gone out of business!

Posted by kbstarfish

We bought an american flag with a pole kit on our Sears Credit Card. It came in a clear plastic bag with a small piece of paper in the bag. Within 3 days the top of the flag was broken. Stupid me, I threw away the plastic bag! I took the flag and the mount and all of the screws back to the kmart we bought it from. I went and retrieved the exact item off of the shelf to show them. They were rude and would not even talk to me about it. They said since I didn't have the bag and little piece of paper, they couldn't do anything. The bag is not important! I have worked in retail before and I happen to know the only reason they wanted the bag is to re-sell the item! It cannot be re-sold, IT IS BROKEN! Anyone with two eyes can see that! I didn't want cash back, I wanted my card refunded! BEWARE...........KMART IS JUNK!

Posted by none

Don't buy a pool from K Mart unless you are absolutely sure it will work in your yard because you cannot return it. I feel the cashiers should be informing customers of this at check out. I had no idea it could not be returned. Somewhere in the small writing information on line only does it say it cannot be returned. Who would go to the internet and check that before purchasing. Needless to say we are extremely disappointed and the pool WILL NOT work in our yard so we are stuck with a pool we cannot use. I will no longer shop at K Mart guess the competitor next door just got all our business. I was a very big at least once a week Kmart shopper~~~~no more.

Posted by Lost Customer

Tried to take back and EXCHANGE a $24 pack of underwear that my husband received as a gift from his grandmother. We politely asked if we could just run and get his correct size and switch them out. NO. A flat out, rude no from the customer service desk. She said, "Go ask Grandma for the receipt." We replied that we really didn't want to hurt her feelings and ask for the receipt. They were blatantly rude to us. NEVER shopping here again. I used to work for Kmart while I was in college. I cannot believe how self righteous the employs all seem now.
Just before we were "serviced" the woman in front of us was very rudely talked to as well. Apparently she had JUST purchased a DVD for her kids, went to the car to put it in and there was Jo disk inside. They were rude to her and made her out to be a liar/thief. Just terrible customer service.
Hixon, TN

Posted by Unhappy in Ohio

trying to return five pair of men shorts for over 1 week. No help any wear. I was shopping on Sears web site. But, I ended up on Kmart when the order went through. The product quality not acceptable. Sears refuses to help, saying I need to go to just try to find that site. I used my Sears card. I want my money Back. Only 3 Kmart stores in Ohio all more than fifty miles away. I have already lost a week trying to return product. I File a report with BBB about Kmart and Sears now. I will no longer Shop either store.

Posted by Baseballmom

Tried returning a dress with tags still on the dress with the receipt and was told no returns after 30 days. Kmart would not even give store credit. Talked with assistant manager said to talk to corporate was given a phone number for .com merchandise. They told me to email corporate but had no one in particular to address to.When I asked then who would read it and response I was told there is no one who handles those problems. Such a shame that Kmart handles things that way. I won't shop there again.

Posted by longtime

I always enjoyed shopping at KMart & hate WallyWorld but after today I can see why this corporation will not be around very long. Bought 4 pairs of curtains & shoes yesterday. Gave the receipt to childs mother for the shoes. Tried to exchange my "too short" curtains for longer ones today. Would gladly have paid the extra $$'s but was told NO. I paid cash & do not have one of their so-called cards, so I was told No again rudely. These corporate guys that make policy have no idea what they are doing....ruining two great companies. I have bought all my appliances for 40 yrs from Sears but today is the LAST Time I will ever enter their doors again. Looks like I'll just learn to love WallyWorld. It would be nice to hear a reply to all these negative comments from someone in corporate.

Posted by Ruth Kain

I tried to take back a purchase today at kmart not knowing it is in store 30 days, clerk said I was 3 days past J& could not do it. On this site it still mentions the 90 days so now I am really confused. I live 52 miles away from kmart & rarely go shopping there now will be even less.

Posted by Doris Marie Morgan

my frog was broken in several different places, i really would like another one, it so cute.

Posted by Anonymous

Wrong item received.

Ordered short sleeve pajamas. Long sleeve were in package.

Posted by Dick Van Steenbergh

Wrong item received. Long sleeve long leg received. Short sleeve short leg ordered. What was ordered matched shipping statement.

Posted by Bugged

It's funny when associate from Kmart says "no we can't return it or exchange it." they are so rude, I'm going to shop at Walmart especially when I hate walmart, and even when associate from Walmart says the same thing for a return, customer's say the same thing. If they can't return, then they can't stop acting like childish kids, it's not the end of the world. For gift receipt, that's why it says gift at the beginning of receipt, because it a "gift" you get on a gift card, your lucky you get anything back

Posted by Anonymous

I received a blouse today and it is soiled in multiple places. It looks like it was worn and sent back and then sent to me (not in a plastic bag) without looking at the blouse. This is unsatisfactory.

Posted by janice

I went to return an item at kmart in holmes,pa with a receipt item never worn tags still in tack and because it was over 30 days could not get a refund. as i asked for store credit was told NO it was kmart/sears policy. no signage regarding their return policy in the store. on the receipt it says RECEIPT DATED WITHIN 30 DAYS REQUIRED FOR MOST RETURNS AND EXCHANGES SEE SERVICE DESK OR KMART.COM FOR COMPLETE POLICY & EXCEPTIONS..why does it not say ALL instead of MOST returns..I am in the process of contacting our local news who handles things like this on TV i am so annoyed and upset the way this was not letting this go it is the principal of the matter..i do not see how sears/kmart can get away with this...

Posted by Anonymous

I bought an item and it was just 30 old. Had my original receipt and I was refused a refund or an exchange. I told the customer service person I would exchange or get store credit . I was refused. I hate Walmart but guess I will be shopping their.

Posted by Domenica Schimenti

I want to return my order they are to big and to long all so not happy with the quality. I am home bound not able to go to the store .I would like lable for free

Posted by bootz79

I shop there all the time and never came across a rude employee much less a refund denied I have been treated very rude from Walmart's service counter employees.

Posted by Heather

Went to return a gift my son received for his birthday. Nothing wrong with it. Still in the box. He just already had it. We didn't need two. I had a gift receipt. Customer service told me they didn't give cash refunds. I had to get in store credit. Isn't part of the purpose for a gift receipt is so the receiver can get a refund or return it at the purchase price? We don't shop at K-Mart because they have always been rude. Good to see things haven't changed.

Posted by angieross579

I tried to exchange a box of UNOPENED diapers that my daughter got at her baby shower. Since I didn't have a receipt for it they refused to even let me get the correct size we needed.
The service desk clerk was rude. We used to shop there, but never again!
I agree with others, with no real return or even exchange policy, it's no wonder they are closing the store.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried retuning two pair of shoes, on 29th of April, without a receipt ( they had never been worn. I was told by the Custmer service person that even through the shoes were still new, Kmart does do refunds. I asked for a store credit and also was told she could not offer a credit. What happen to satisfying the customer to keep them coming back. Whoever heard of NO Return policy at All!!!!!! With so much compotition in retail customer service is the only thing going to keep your customers coming back. I will not be shopping at Kmart anymore. I can see why they are running out of business!!!!e

Posted by Nanbai

Went to return an item bought on March 25 with a receipt. Told it's past 30 days. Really. It's April 27. I don't get there much because they closed our store and this is further away. The killer is that I went to return the item a Couple of days after buying it but had to wait for check to clear.

Posted by mgrogan977

I just got back from Kmart in Binghamton NY and I am furious!! I bought a women's top 50 days ago. I have never wore, just did not care for it. I gave the customer service woman the receipt, all tags attached. She said "I cannot take this since it is over 30 days" I asked for store credit, she said no! I was furious, never will I shop there again!!! Clerks are rude!!!
Mary Grogan

Posted by Kmartsuks

Came into Kmart fountain gate tonight to exchange some work boots, I had the receipt and explained that the boots are faulty as the sole has split on the edges allowing water into them. This has been a common occurrence with Kmart boots and normally with or without receipt I'm granted an exchange. She told me 'Kmart doesnt refund, you have to buy another pair and that Kmart have never refunded shoes as part of refund policies' pffffft complete bull! After she(the manager) taunted because I said I'd come back when anyone else is on and exchange them by saying 'it won't happen, you'll see. *laughed and walked away*) complete disrespect.

Posted by This is why you shouldn't shop a

Kmart return policy is ridiculous. I bought something online and went to return it to the store. Nowhere on the receipt does it say 30 day return policy or in my online email confirmation. I will never shop at kmart. Poor customer service! Not even in store credit. The cashier told me to donate it!

Posted by Ridiculous customer service

I took back a shirt that I had purchased online on March 15 and received on March 21. I was told I could not return it even though I had the receipt and the tags were still attached to the item. I said that surprised me, but today is April 15 and the receipt was dated March 15 (even though I did not receive it to try it on until March 21). She said, well, there were 31 days in March so you are one day late....Bye, bye Kmart from a good customer....NEVER AGAIN!

Posted by Joanr1331

I went to a K-Mart in Thorndale, Pennsylvania on April 11 to return an item I bought on March 11. It was an Everlast Wireless Activity Tracker. I had the receipt and was told I could not return it because it was one day over the allowed amount of days (30) for returns. I thought I would at least get a store credit. They tried to give me back the item but I told them to trash it because it had never worked. There are so many other stores who want my business and take returns as long as you have a receipt.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a top approx 4 wks ago and have never received a credit in my bank account. The package was sent back with the receipt of how much it costs,I sent in put with the shipping info there too. regarding this matter. Thank you.

Glenda Harmon

Posted by Leroux3s

I tried to return a swimuit today at the Beneva Rd. Florida store. I had no reciept. I'm ok with that policy. So i asked if I could just exchange it for one that was a different size.. I was told not without a receipt. Asked for a manager. He was soo rude. After he told me AGAIN that I could do nothing with my previous purchase.I told him I'd never shop there again because they basically have a NO RETURN OR EXCHAGE POLICY.I tossed my bag on counter and told him to keep my 49 dollar suit cause he needed it more than me. Then he said I tried to batter his associate! WHAT??? Cashier was two feet away. Then he was following me. I asked if I could help him. He stated that he was just making sure I left the store. REALLY?? Power trip much? PLEASE DON'T SHOP AT THIS KMART! AGAIN BENEVA RD IN SARASOTA FLORIDA!!!

Posted by Finally seen the light

Kmart and Sears have obviously adopted a new sales approach to rise up from the ashes.
1 higher prices my local Ace hardware sales Craftsman tools cheaper
2 poor selection, with poor sales you don't have shelf 66space for new or relevant products
3 A virtual No Return policy they assume you must have shoplifted because no one in they're right mind would purchase anything from there
4 Customer satisfaction Well if that's the gift you were given the giver was satisfied and they were the customer not you just get over it so what if the clothes don't fit maybe they were trying to tell you could lose a pound or two
In closing the Phoenix was mythical and there will be no fairytale ending to this story so someone pour some water on the ashes and let the fire die.for?@

Posted by Finally seen the light

Tried to exchange a gift I received not even sure which guests it was from. The lady said yes it came from that store did I have the receipt or givers rewards card number. Like I'm supposed to call all my guests ask what did you give oh that's it what's your rewards card number so I can exchange this. I asked the lady for a pair of scissors to cut my rewards card into pieces. I live in Enid Ok I don't shop there much because the store is filthy staff rude and seldom have more than one cashier on duty. This policy is corporate suicide but please just do the humane thing close the few stores you have left so something useful can be built there. Our Sears closed 2 years ago and haven't missed won't miss this either.

Posted by t.d.

So my kids got tablets maybe two weeks ago. We were told everything was covered under the 30 day in store warranty and even bought the other warranty to be sure. My son sat on his and it shattered. My mom went to get a replacement and was told that they only over broken from the box. Nothing else and even the extended warranty she bought didn't cover it. We asked specifically about screens and water damage and was told yes to both by the cashier. The gal my mom talked to said they recently started doing warranty at the register and they weren't right when telling us what she did. So now even with the added warranty, it can't and won't be fixed. I am incredibly angry because it was the cashier's wrong and now it is just...broken. This is in Salina, ks.

Posted by Td

I think it's ridiculous that you can't return the item that you receive as a gift. I could see this if the tags were not attached still to the item. Something needs to change with their return policy

Posted by hate kmart now

K-mart HAS to be a cover operation for something illegal! It makes no sense whatsoever for them to be in business otherwise. I can't take something back because I was opened??? I have packaging its just been torn because obviously I wasn't expecting to have to take it back! Its sad I have to drive 20 mins out of the way to WalMart when there is a Kmart 2 mins from my house, which is the only reason I even shop there once every 6 months when something like today happens and I needed something I didnt have time to drive for....

Posted by Lane

MOHEGAN LAKE, NY Store, Feb. 20,2016. I went to exchange a pair of work boots for a smaller size & different color, let alone that they were purchased a year ago, still in box. I was willing to pay the difference in price for the more expensive ones, the customer service girl was very nasty, short, and just said "next on line"...WTF? The boots were still in stock, I just got really mad and didn't continue my shopping there, ended up going to another store.

Posted by artisttb

I went to Kmart yesterday to return a pair of jeans and shoes my mom bought for me. I had the receipt for one. I couldn't get store credit, even for the one with the receipt (it had to go back on her card). And the jeans...well I guess I can't return at all because my mom doesn't have the receipt anymore. Really poor return policy and not at all customer friendly. You would think they'd want you to spend that store credit back into their store...oh well.

Posted by Willow

I went to a K-Mart in Pennsylvania to return an item I bought for my daughter for her birthday. It was a sheet set and comforter. I had the receipt and was told I could not return it because it was over the allowed amount of days for returns. I thought I would at least get a store credit. I was told they could not return it and I could not even get a store credit for an item I HAD the receipt for. This is the last day I ever step into a K-Mart again. Why go through this hassle at K-Mart when you can go to other stores who will return items as long as you have a receipt. You just lost multiple customers from my family! I don't understand how this store is still in business.

Posted by Disappointed

My 1-year old daughter got a gift from Kmart for her birthday. No gift receipt. I just tried to exchange this new piece of clothing with tags and all for a bigger size - from 12mo to 18mo. They said NO! They offered to accept a return at the "lowest price" and I would have to pay the difference for the same item but in different size. Way to make things complicated...I don't get Kmart.

Posted by RoryAndSatisfiedArePartOfKmartOf

Dear "Rony" & "Satisfied" -- You are quite obviously involved with the failing company in one way or another, directly or otherwise.

Firstly, legal precedent demonstrates, over and over, that simply slapping fine print on consumer-facing documents, delivered at point-of-sale or other touchpoints does not hold water, under scrutiny. This is especially true if it is widely known/accepted that the majority of day-to-day consumers do not regularly read such buried communication. And, of course, the same goes, even if it were posted in other ways that does not disrupt and strongly call attention to itself.

The above can be, admittedly, surrounded by grey area, BUT IN A CASE LIKE THIS, IT HOLDS TRUE, FAR MORESO, due to a major
policy change that can affect consumers adversely.

The longer the preceding policy has been in place, and established, the tougher the legal fight to put the burden (unfairly) onto loyal customers. And that is the issue here.

Exponentially so, if the policy change is so wildly unexpected and historically not even in the consideration set of customers.

Had shoppers historically been trained to read all on every receipt And, with that, if the policy shift were at all in the realm of expected or "normal" as defined by historicals and/or the industry norm, that's one thing, but show me even ⅓ -- heck, show me ¼ of the big box retailers that try that "before December 24th or 25th but not after December 26th garbage.

I lost nothing and I, myself, find it Outrageous and almost infuriating. Imagine the victims here...

Kmart will certainly hold this fight up, by tossing the dollars stolen from unsuspecting folks to their lawyers, who are not necessarily even, but will, in turn, file motions, push for appeals and use other tactics -- all quite legal, one must admit -- to bury the issue over and over, perhaps successfully, perhaps not.


But hey, that's why we're all shopping at Target and WalMart, these days.

While "Rony" and "Satisfied" wave their pom-poms for the devil, yelling through fake smiles cheers such as "But we LIKE it Hot in Hades! Really, we DO!" and "St. Peter's gates are SO over-rated! We'd choose to stay here. We WOULD! No, really..."

And then, of course, they end it with either an LOL, because that's what junior-high children with no real arguments usually do.

Or they claim false superiority -- which is silly, as everyone else sees them for what they are -- and like the frigid, angry-at-life school marm, they look down their pointy noses at us as they delve into tiny rules and regulations, as if the rest of us have nothing to do, like them, and thus should be sitting with our 19 cats reading 8 point type At The Bottom Of A Receipt?!

As Kmart continues to sink...

Posted by Mrs Smith

So to all you stupid folks saying people should read the return policy before buying are you illiterate these people are saying they received a gift from someone else and they simply received wrong size or etc they should definitely change their return policy to simply do exchanges at whatever the lowest cost was its really ridiculous that's why I don't shop there at all go to Wal-Mart or target waYYYY yy cheaper anyway

Posted by Deb

Kmart's website says returns/exchanges have to be within 28 days not 90!

Posted by Anonymous

I've bought a fujifilm finepix Ax550 about 2years ago never been out the box or used lost the receipt is there any possible way to still get a refund

Posted by Anonymous

This is unbelievable, I just eent to return a goft a bought for my son that he had twice. When I got there they told me that they could not find the item showing in my receipt therefore NO RETURN. Bs, I bought it there and even talking to the crap store director; he couldn't resolve my problem. I pay 41.00 dollars and the item now scanned as 29.99. I will never buy anything there.BTW it is located off

I am contacting BBB

Posted by Mandy C

This is unreal! My mom received a pair of shoes as a gift and cannot get another size without a receipt. Why would she have the receipt? It was a gift!! An exchange should not require this and I've never heard of it anywhere else! I won't buy presents here now bc they may not work out for the individuals.

Posted by Sad K Mart X-Shopper

I think it is sad that K Mart has sunk to this level. I had an awful experience today with K Mart customer service in Chippewa, PA. I tried to return some Christmas gifts we had received for which I did not have a receipt. I always save my receipts, but I couldn't save my receipt because they were gifts. K Mart should have an allowance for people who do not have receipts, even if it is to just satisfy the customer's sense of fairness. What ever happened to "The customer is always right."? Not with K Mart! I approached the service desk and was greeted rudely and asked if I had my receipt. When I said no, I was told that I couldn't return or exchange the items. I said that my daughter just needed a larger size. I was told that I couldn't exchange them without a receipt. What??!!! I seriously have never heard of such a thing. I really was caught off guard. I asked to speak to the manager, but to no avail, he would not be moved. Incredible! This kind of policy has obviously come down from the top. It is obvious that K Mart does not care about pleasing their customers, very sad. I remember K Mart when it was in its hay day. K Mart has been going downhill for some time. There seems to be no one in the store when I am in there. To think I actually have been feeling sorry for K Mart and was trying to patronize them when I could out of some form of loyalty. Very sad to see greed and deceit take the place of customer service. K Mart has seen the last of my money.

Posted by beyond pissed

I placed 2 online orders through Kmart on Nov 30. Orders were to arrive at a Sears store on Dec 31. Jan 2 store stated they had not received a shipment and was confused as to why it would even be shipped to their store. Called customer service and they stated the order was still being processed and it would take 24 to 48 hours for an update. Jan 4 called cust service no update had been made asked to cancel the order. Explained that my debt card and bank account had been closed due to fraud activity and the refund could not be issue to that account. Rep told me that it could be issue I would just have to contact my bank to receive the funds. Explained that was not possible as the account was CLOSED asked for supervisor. Was passed to a sup who stated the same thing that the money would be issued to a closed account. I explained this was impossible that the money would only be bounced back as no one can put money in a closed account sup got mad and hung up on me. Called back spoke with different rep explained everything again and was told I would be contacted within 24-48 hours back their back room department. Jan 6th no calls received, called cust service explained everything to a rep and was hung up on called back asked for supervisor explained everything that was going on was promised to receive a call back within 48 hours. No call as of Jan 8 called back immediately asked for a supervisor was give the run around until I got rude. Supervisor again promised to send this to the back room department and I would have a resolution within 24-48 hours. Email received on Jan 10 one order a paper check had been mailed, no news on second order. Called back on Jan 11 spoke to 4 different people they all stated that the issue would be resolved and that there were notes in the system showing my account was closed and please send a paper check. Jan 12 received email stating credit had been issued to my bank account. Jan 13 called and explained everything that happened and asked why credit was sent to a closed bank account, more promises of an issue to be resolved. Jan 13 received email stating a paper check could not be issued because refund was issued to credit card. Called Jan 14 asked for sup rep hung up on me, called back asked for sup after being on hold for a while sup got on the phone explained everything to sup and was told I needed to contact my bank as I could retrieve the funds from them. Again explained money cannot go into a closed account and that I was beginning to lose my temper as this was beyond ridiculous. Sup continued promising i would receive a call within 1-2 hours....2 hours later and still no call!!!!! Is Kmart so damn broke that they cannot refund your damn money???? None of the representatives speak English, none listen to the issue without interrupting you. I am beyond pissed and will post this story on every social media site and news site I can find. I have wasted countless hours talking to incompetent reps and still do not have any of my money back

Posted by Satisfied

I LOVE KMART & SEARS. If people would READ receipts, SAVE Receipts and READ The Kmart Smart Plan booklets as well as The Sears Purchase Protect Booklets there would NOT be so many complaints here lol

Posted by Done with Kmart and Sears.

Bought some Christmas lights after Christmas. Thought they were like some I already had. Didn't open them and had my receipt. Tried to return 1 week later and told flat out, NO. Called corporate and the person working the phone was a complete ass. One of the rudest and condescending people I have ever dealt with in a "customer service" scenario. There are no signs anywhere stating all sales final. This is a deliberate attempt at deception. There is also NO information on my receipt that states Christmas lights are unreturnable. There is a very vague statement about clearance not being covered by the 90 day return policy. At best, this might fall under that, but still doesn't say "as is, no returns". Even if this did say so on the receipt, by that time, you have already bought, thus proving pointless because you can't return. Tried to support Kmart when I could, but assure you I'll never be back. There is absolutely nothing this outdated version of a shopping experience has to offer that can't be bought elsewhere for less.

Posted by Grandma

I had a kids singer sewing machine and other things on layaway at Kmart, for Christmas, got it out October 23, started another lay away, my 8 year old grandaughter got her gift for Christmas December 25, it was a bit to much for her to do alone, so she brought it to my house January 3rd, she never took it out of the package. We set it all up and its a piece of garbage, I call Kmart to ask about their return policy and I'm told I can't return the item, they have a 30 day policy, which would have been November 23, a month before Christmas. Something wrong with this picture, their Christmas layaway is a sham, I will never spend another dime at Kmart.

Posted by Anonymous

The "customer service" representative actually said that she had so many bruises. I said, "What?" She said that everyone was mad about the return policy, so (apparently) she was the victim. Poor thing!

Posted by Anti KMart

It's no wonder KMart is in serious financial difficulty! Customer service is obviously not a priority. Treat your customers with dignity and fairness and they will return! I most certainly will never spend another dime at a KMart store, and I will encourage my friends, colleagues and family members to do the same. (I work in PR, so I have quite the large circle of business professionals and truly intend to pass my experience to them) I went in to an Indiana KMart location to return an item, valued at a mere $21.99. The item was purchased with many other items at a KMart in Northern MI, and the gift giver did not bring the receipt to Indiana with her for our Christmas gathering. Since I didn't have the receipt, I was not offered anything-not even an exchange. Off to EBay I go to list and sell the item to get the money back for my son's Christmas gift so that he may purchase something he does not already have. Thank goodness for EBay! KMart, wise up before you lose the remaining small pool of shoppers you are lucky enough to still have!

Posted by Rony

To all of those complaining about returns on seasonal/Christmas products, the return/exchange policy is stated repeatedly on all receipts and throughout the entire store. If you purchase a seasonal item on or before December 24th, you may return or exchange at any time by December 24th. No returns after that date. If you purchase on or after December 26th, they are considered final sale. No returns or exchanges may be considered whatsoever.

Posted by Belle

I tried to return 4 Christmas cards that I didn't use. I have the receipt, and they said they don't refund on cards after the holiday. These were individual cards and not bulk boxed cards.

Posted by No return,refund,in-store credit

This place will never get anymore of my business!! I recieved a Christmas gift from a family member and tried to return for in store credit or exchanged for something I actually needed. It was still in package,tags,that clearly said kmart and Joe boxer and had not been discounted yet, the lady scanned the item and it came up orginal price and it was within the 30 day return but of course I do not have the receipt she slams it back toward me and says " I can't do anything with it your just stuck with the item if you do not have the receipt!" Are you kidding me?!! I asked I cannot even exchange this item for something else in store credit anything,different size nothing? She finally asked did they use an reward card I proceeded to give her the phone number of my family member well I guess they didn't use one. This is Christmas,they should expect returns exchanges this time of year Kmart has already got their money for the item no one's asking for cash back what is the big deal about exchanging or getting an in store credit?!! I've read on comments it's hard to even get a different size in same item this is honestly just ridiculous and they need to change these policies people pay good money for these items we should at least be able to use them or be satisfied with them. Also I understand employees are stressed out this time of year but,it does not give them the right to shove items back at you and be so rude,hateful,and inconsiderate. I felt and wanted to shove it right back at her and say keep it but all Kmart would do is resale it and make even more money so I ended up donating it and hopefully someone can get some use out if it but,I absolutely refuse to shop there ever again!!

Posted by wishing for better customer serv

Went to kmart to return a Christmas I said a gift.... I encountered a rude manager telling me ...can't do anything for you ..never shopping there again....worst experience

Posted by Rony

For all of you guys who are returning/exchanging Christmas gifts, what locations are you guys visiting? Here, at the Elmwood Park Kmart in NJ, customers are getting back lowest price merchandise/store credit with a valid driver's license. Merchandise has to be with original tags and must be sold by Kmart. All Kmart locations should be the same.

Posted by Sorry not sorry

Another frustrated customer here can't return something for even an instore credit because I didn't have the receipt from a Christmas gift. This is going to be a big down fall for kmart.

Posted by Coco

I'm having the same experience as everyone else who is trying to return a Christmas gift. I receive a gift pack of a variety of green teas. I am not a hot tea drinker so I took it to Kmart without a receipt and I was told I cannot return it even for store credit. I asked my niece to mail me the receipt, took the item with receipt to Kmart and I was then told I still couldn't return it because it had been 32 days. Their policy is 30 days on returns. Not happy with Kmart right now. I will drive the extra 3 miles to shop at Target!

Posted by ScbnMO

I too tried to exchange/in store credit towels and washclothes that i recieved as gifts. Nothing wrong with them other than my family doesn't do well with light colors. I need dark colors. I was told i would have to get the receipt,receipt number or card number from the card used to make the purchase.All items had kmart tags on them. My mother lives 2 hours away and she shopped for 15 plus people ths year. Im not going to ask her to go to the trouble of finding the receipt with my specific items on them. Ill donate the items to a womens shelter so some good will come from the gift but I wont do business with kmart and will make sure my family and all the women at my place of business knows about this policy and that they should shop elsewhere.

Posted by cece

Can take something back if got out of layaway on the twentth on dec

Posted by Kmart sux!

I received a pair of Kmart jeans (in an anonymous gift exchange) this Christmas. Went today to exchange, obviously their brand. All tags on them, just need a different size. Am asked for telephone numbers to look up purchase and card used? After explaining the circumstances. Basicslly Im stuck with a pair of jeans that are 10 sizes too big. Lol! Bunch of "special folks" making the policies there. Never, ever shopping at Kmart again. The dumbest policies I've ever encountered (next to Best Buy). Haven't shopped back with them in over 10 years. Our country's CS is going to hell in a hand bag. Funny how we can open our gates to anyone who wants to enter, no matter their intent, but..... Kmart has the lock down or their returns and exchanges. There's one place that policy would work. At our BORDERS! LLS!! What a joke!

Posted by Anonymous

So I went to Kmart to return a Xmas gift I received with no receipt or gift receipt
As far as I know joe boxer is only sold at Kmart
And I could not return the item which were slippers even for a merchandise credit
Thus I will never shop at a Kmart store again
Very poor policy

Posted by Pooh

I came on this site to read about the return policy. I received a gift from a out of state family member. And the nearest Kmart for me is 1 1\2 to 2 hours away knowing that it will be at least a week before I can get there and it will be after 30 days after date on reciept! Now I know why Kmart is closing alot of stores! I had two stores 1\2 hour from where I leave close in the past 3 years!!!

Posted by Lamp561

I order a product for Christmas and they sent me a different product. I decided I would donate the wrong item to toys for tots and reorder since I still had time for Christmas. They sent me the same wrong product. I will let you know how it goes with customer service as this is totally unacceptable

Posted by HolidayGiver

The return policy wouldnt be so bad IF.... in real life, people buy for other people.
Its the holiday season. I am in Las Vegas and sponsored a family in Birmingham, Al
I didnt give them my receipt? Why would I? I need it for accounting purposes and they could return everything for the money.
She had a set of twins, one boy and one girl but the clothes were bought for 2 girls so she needs to exchange a few outfits for boy outfits. Should she be denied because she doesnt have a receipt? Well, she was.
After it was all said and done, I did call their General Manager who finally agreed to allow her to exchange. But the fight it took to do that is ridiculous.
There are to many stores to shop at without the hassle. I truly think Kmart/Sears should rethink this policy

Posted by KissingKmartgoodbye

Can anyone show me a worse return policy in modern times??? No wonder they are just barely in business! No more of my business and I hope to see them out of business for good very soon!
I had two pairs of men's pants bought before the latest 'return policy change', all tags still on, but I didn't have the receipt as I hadn't bought them. I explained that my father had just passed away and we found these two pairs of pants and didn't have any use for the them anymore.'Sorry, there is nothing we can do for you. Our policy says...' Stopped by Target on the way home and gave them another $100 of my business, something Kmart will never see again!

Posted by Anonymous

Bought 2.5oz 007 cologne through as none of the Kmarts within a 2 hour drive had any. I received a 1oz instead. Called customer service and explained their mistake. I was told I could return to store or mail back. I explained that the nearest sore is 45 min away and mailing back would leave me without a gift. This was a Christmas gift and through their mistake, I would not be able to get the correct item by Christmas. They told me they would refund my money and would have an email sent as confirmation. Day 5 and still waiting for confirmation. Tried calling back and was on the phone over 35 minutes waiting due to large volume of calls. Won't be dealing with this company again. Not reliable.

Posted by RRR

I see everybody whining about not having your receipt. That is your ticket when the transaction is complete. You go home with that thing and stick it in a shoebox. Why is it sooooo hard for ppl to understand how a store and commerce works.

Posted by Dayo61

kmarts return policy was revised in august 2015 to 30 days with a receipt if you do not have a receipt you must have the card you used to purchase or of used your shop your way then you will get money back on card or a kmart gift card or exchange for merchandise other wise you are stuck with what you have,also make sure you have all packaging material and paper work.

Posted by Nomorekmart

I purchased an area rug and some bath stuff on 10/30. Well long story short got the stuff home and rug was too big and shower curtain didn't match. My aunt and grandma come for a visit and my grandma got real sick and ended up in hospital on a vent. Then my daughter and I got the flu. So on Dec.4, I head to our local Kmart which I loved until now. I've never had any problems returning anything and their employees are always so nice. Not this time. Got a new lady that was very snide and curt with me. I asked if I could just get a store credit so I could get right size and color and no! We have a 7 day return policy, I was like wtf are you kidding me. The girl working with her said that's right it changed in June. I've never heard of such! I still had tags and receipt, but they didn't care. I left and called store mgr later and she said no it's now a 30 day return policy, the girl was new and didn't know what she was talking about. Now I've got to fork over at least another $100 to get what I need instead of exchanging them for something that worked. I have raved about this Kmart, but I'm done shopping Kmart period. I don't care how good the sale is, they will never see a penny of our money again and we spent a lot there!

Posted by don'tshop@kmart

I bought a 2in1 eliptical, had it for 35 days. Decided to return it with my original receipt in Florence,Al. They would only give me a return merchandise card. What happened to 90 days with receipt? Kmart I won't be back, your people @ Florence, Al. Store don't know how to read there on policy

Posted by Billychesnuts

I had a death in my family recently i purchased a pair of dress pants the day of the viewing took them home tryed them on didn't fit right took them back same day to return them they asked me how i payed for them i said cash .didn't have the receipt..can't return them not even for a different pair .after 15 minutes of .. i went to Wal-Mart and bought a good pair kmart is ///////alot of people off including me and my family. Won't shop there anymore unless things change .losing a lot of people in my area.all going to target and Wal-Mart. Still mad

Posted by Anonymous

Some of these comments are ridiculous. How hard is it to understand a 30 day refund policy with receipt? Giftcards are non-refundable no matter where you shop, the giftcard itself says nonrefundable on the back of the card. Learn to read and maybe you won't have issues with return policies. My local Kmart is amazing!

Posted by photonhero

Do What I did Call their cust service and raise up a storm about being treated badly at return desk File an official complaint about that particular store with cust service and want the mgr to call you back They will offr you a #20 gift card to say they are sorry, not a solution but at least you got something out of it and if the see they're giving out so many gift cards, maybe they'll change the policy

Posted by olddeerhunter

I purchased a MasterCard gift card at Kmart and did notice the fine print on the packet containing the card there was $3.95 activation fee to be added to the card price.

I tried to return the card not more than 10 minutes after the purchase in the store. I was told at customer service that their return policy did not allow returns of gift cards. The return policy was posted on the wall behind the customer service counter. It did not contain anything about being unable to return a gift card.

I asked to speak with a manager, the manager said it was the cash register system that would not allow the return. She even tried to make the return and their system would not accept the return. It is not my fault their system would not accept the return, there should be away around this problem.

I just wonder how many more items that their system will not allow to be returned.

For what is worth, I have filed BBB, a complaint my state's consumer protection agency in the attorney general office, and consumer complaint with The Federal Trade Commission.

Posted by it's business and no returns

I called and ask a manager about the return policy. she was rude and repaid that I was to eat my returns.....i don't care much to shop at K Mart every again....oh by the way I had my receipt. ...

Posted by 5th year law student LOL

I bought a oven for $299.00 because it was the cheapest in town. The new house I bought I didnt look the oven situation over good, but its gas not electric. 2 days after I bought it I called the store manager and she said I needed authorization from their main office. 11 time I called and never got a return call. The oven is still in my garage, still wrapped like it was in the store I never got it out. I screwed up and got busy moving and all thats involved. Never got a call. So I called the store manager again and she said its been longer than 30, she was sorry and freaking hung up on me.10 days past the 30 days and when I first noticed it wouldnt work, I looked on line and it said 90 days, but yes, the receipt says 30. Rainman was right, Kmart sucks. I go to one of the biggest colleges in missouri and I have a big mouth. I am trying to sell my other home, so as a nice gester I was going to fill it with the cheapest quality of furniture on the market, so I was going to give kmart some more business but I would rather put my oven out front, take the woodent patio set I bought from them this last summer, cut it all up and build me a fire on the oven and go to walmart and buy me some hotdogs amd marshallows and just have my self a good ole time. Oh yeah, I could also use some of that outdated warm beer i bought from the BIG K too. Hell,, I know about 200 people at the lake, I might put this oven in my little bass boat to cook with as a joke, and when people laugh at me I will tell them, well, i was going to take it back to KMART and get me a small Coleman but they wouldn't take it back, so buy gosh I will just hang around you guys and if you catch something, bring it to me, I will cook it right here, but bring it to the back of the boat where I have my paddles, because I cant get around the oven to get to my seat to start the motor...hey yeah guys, go around this way. I had to go to Walmart and get a 1000 ft 220 extension cord that I have strung all the way back to the dock.

Posted by duwain seldon

Manufacturers warranty expires in December on tv I bought last year.can't find reciept.having all kind of problems getting any help or answers. Will never shop at Kmart again and will also tell family members of the non help I've received

Posted by 4leafclover

Terrible rerun policy! I could not exchange my baby's outfit for a larger size because it was a gift and I didn't have a receipt even though it clearly said KMart on the label.

Posted by ekeough

This store has the WORST return policy EVER! I agree with someone who wrote that we get so much email from KMART, but never were informed about the horrible new return policy. BEWARE if you buy someone a gift from here. They can't even exchange it for a different size without a receipt and if the receipt is over 28-30 days old forget about an exchange, you're stuck with it. Even if ypur child really needed a bigger size and they physically have the same EXACT one in the store; you are still stuck with the useless smaller size. Even if your tag says KMART on it; they cannot verify that it was purchased there is what they say! Do they think we spend time replicating tags just so that we can exchange a pair of pajamas for a different size that is currently being sold in the store?Thanks for making my child cry KMART! I usually buy a lot of my Christmas gifts from here, but not this year! I'm taking my business elsewhere! I guess that's why all the KMarts are going out of business.

Posted by Anonymous

whats the return policy on tv. i think its crazy if you have receipt and have it back in box why you cant get money back and only exchange it.who buys a tv and does not open have to open it to get tv out

Posted by Tanya

I ordered some clothing on Kmart website for online pickup. I cant fit some of their clothes but I didn't worry about it because I planned to return them. Kmart has always had a 90 day policy but when I looked online it says 30 day return policy. I'm not sure when that changed. I see they kept it hush and quiet. Had I known this, I wouldn't have ordered from them. I'm going to cancel out my Sears/Kmart credit card. This is ridiculous. That's why their stores are closing down. They can't compare to Walmart with sales and quantity of items. I will stick to Target and Walmart from here on out.

Posted by Kmart you suck!!

I bought a pack of metal shower curtain clips. I tried returning them cause they would not stay put on my shower pole. After waiting 20 min at the service desk, They said, no receipt no exchange or money back. Kmart you suck! i spend so much money..Walmart here i come!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I willl NEVER shop at Kmart again! They refused an exchange or return WITH my receipt in hand.Because it is past the "new" 30 day policy! NEVER HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE! THEY JUST LOST A LOYAL CUSTOMER!

Posted by Anonymous

I have got three phone chargers from there and they all broke I have not tried to exchange them but reading this comment makes me not want too

Posted by Pissed in SC

I have spent my last dollar with Kmart! I purchased two shirts and decided I did not like one but did not have the receipt. They would only let me exchange it for a shirt identical to the one I had, nothing different. I did not want a refund just an exchange and maybe would have purchased more. There return policy is very contradicting because part says it must have the original tags to exchange and then the last line says no exchanges or refunds without a receipt. Well no wonder KMarts are closing, terrible terrible customer care! I have never dealt with a company so rude and inconsiderate. Was told because people could be stealing the merchandise and then returning it. I felt like this was discrimination to me. I could see if I had wanted money but I only wanted a different shirt, not the same one!!
They can keep their damn reward points and whatever and stick them!!

Posted by Dis Satisfied with Kmart

HEY, YOU SEND US ALL KIND OF JUNK EMAIL. When you change your returns and refund policy you should send us all an email with those changes!!! You guys have really angered me over this matter. You have a lot of nerve changing your refund policy without sending everyone a special email telling them of the change!!!!!

Posted by bleh

it looks like they changed their 90 day policy to 30 days as of 8/5/2015

Posted by Nick

Why would you encourage anyone to leave a comment when you have the worst return policy in the universe my mother is now stuck with $250 worth of clothes that she bought for me that were one size to small in the waist and one size to small for shirts. My mother its legally blind and didn't save the receipt because she doesn't even know if they gave her one in the bag with her purchase. She spent the at if her money on me because she asked what I needed and I told her clothes. So now she ha as no money and can't even enjoy mgs telling her how nice they fit or look and I'm still sick with 2pants 2shirts boxers and shoes oh and socks thanks kmart for taking my 250 and not giving her a reciept and not letting me even exchange

Posted by madashell

Kmart is the worse store especially trying to return stuff even through a receipt wth!! You guys should be shut down I was a great customer for yrs.. and u sell me a defective item and don't exchange it bc I don't have the package huh..!!

Posted by FrederickMD.EX-CUSTOMER

I, too, will NEVER shop at K-Mart again! I'm a first-time grandmother and bought several "onesie" sets for my grand-daughter....As it turned out, she was a big, healthy little girl! Needless to say the 0-3 months were too small. K-Mart refused help of any kind. I asked just to exchange for a larger size--NO. How about store credit for the CHEAPEST price of the items (even though I didn't buy any of them at sale prices)...NO. The lady wouldn't even have a conversation with me. She just rudely pointed to a sign and said "It's posted." So now I have several infant outfits in my closet corner and I'm out at least $50. EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICIES. I'm actually sad to say I won't be shopping there ever again.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never order nothing online again there ups people damaged my item they cancelled my order instead of giving me credit so I can get something else they offered a refund which is fine but I haven't gotten it and it's been 2 weeks

Posted by Pebbles

Thanks You Too. That is a good idea (posting on Twitter and writing to the BBB). It's crazy the way Kmart handles customers and they actually have some nice stuff there.

Posted by You too?

To the lady who just posted about the Layaway (and everyone else who has problems with Kmart): you should file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You should also post to Twitter and call attention to Kmart as follows: @kmart and #kmart. Research has shown that good businesses, in fact, try to respond to complaints posted on Twitter within a very short time-frame. I don't like the fact that Kmart and Sears have such poor customer service and fail to do anything about it in many cases.

Posted by Anonymous

I am highly frustrated with kmart. My girls and o went shopping in Lacrosse Wi and put all their back to school items in layaway August 7th 2015, the lady put everything into the system wrong but failed to notice that until after my card was debited the funds. Needless to say they could not just transfer the funds to the items rerung into the register because they have to refund the money back to my card which they said would take 3-5 business day......YEAH RIGHT WHAT A SCAM THAT's now August 25th that's 15business days and still a BS run around....I will not be paying for my layaway which was $300 and I will no longer be doing any business with them in the future this is very unsatisfying and leaves a sour taste with all the run around....

Posted by Not-a-happy-camper

Yes - this FAT Redheaded TART @Kmart told me that the return policy for women's clothing with tags affixed and original receipts was within a 30 day period. Huh?! I immediately checked my phone and told her that it appeared the return policy was 90 days and that I'd be coming back when the manager is there. I spend lots of money at Kmart - and I like the merchandise I buy; but not honoring returns that are legit (with tags on the items & original receipts in hand - after 1.5 months) is ludicrous!

Posted by k

Kmarts return without receipt policy is a joke! I've worked in retail for over 15 years. If someone needs to return/exchange without a receipt you can 1). Exchange for the same item (different size/color etc) or 2). Receive the lowest marked price for that item in the last 30 days. I have NEVER been to a company who just flat out refuses a return.
I had a bunch of shirts gifted to me (with tags still on!) And I couldn't return/exchange without a receipt. So now I am stuck with stuff I can't use....and my friend wasted their money. I am glad I am not an avid shopper of Kmart. And now....I will NEVER be!

Posted by Anonymous

Kmart wont take a return without a reciept and that is the worst customer service I have heard of. Nobody should shop there with this policy. As a mom things get miss placed and I would hope kmart would take care of the customer but they dont care!!!!!!!

Posted by Upset customer

This evening I went to Kmart in Virginia Beach in Kemps River Shopping Center . I went to return a baby shower gift I received . I had no gift receipt but I returned a few other things to Target with no problem at all so I figured Kmart wouldn't require one since it was a gift . I was completely wrong !!! When I approached the register the associate who was actually the front end manager said she would be right with me . The manager was by the customer service desk as well . They were looking for an associate as soon as she called him the associate came to the register within seconds . Both managers were Discipling him about what time he went on break, meanwhile I was still standing there and another associate was asking for change . The store manager walked away . When I was finally helped I was told that I couldn't return the diaper genie without a receipt . I stressed 6 cars worth of gifts and did not receive a gift receipt . The front end manager said without a receipt or knowing the person who bought it rewards number I couldn't return it . I asked for the manager and realized the store manager was the other unprofessional lady who addressed the associate in front of me . So while she's telling me the policy and how it recently changed the front end manager finally decides to scan my item, but at this point she was trying to be funny to make sure it was a Kmart product even though the sticker was on the box with a big K . The store manger told me to come up to the store in the morning to speak with general manager because he can do the return . Kmart is going to lose a lot of loyal customers and potential customers . In customer service the customer is always right you never let a customer leave upset . I will NEVEEEEER spend another dollar at Kmart !!! Worst customer service experience ever ! What company do you know that a front end or a store manager can't assist a customer properly ! They need to be demoted !!!

Posted by Anonymous

We Had A Lay Away Of Our Three Girls School Clothes At Kmart In Albuquerque Nm On Carlisle. They Lost Our Lay Away And What Was Disturbing Was When The Individual At The Service Desk Commented The Following Of Our Lost Lay Away: "it Seems To Be Happening Quite Frequently" ... No Concern To Provide An Alternative For Us But Simply Provided Us With A Refund, Unfortunately It Was To Be Back To Our Bank Card (debit), Its Been Three Days And No Refund!! Called The Bank And Was Told It Is Kmart Who Has To Trigger The Refund And Bank Has Not Gotten Any Notice!!! Having Been Employed In A Retail Business, Such Loss Is Totally Unacceptable Where Is Store Management To Do A General Investigation Of The Comment Made By An Employee? No More Kmart Shopping For Us...

Posted by Anonymous

K-Mart refused to give me a refund or exchange on an item I took in without a receipt the item had the tags still on it. It was a baby dress given to my grand daughter at a baby shower she was born a premie and won't be able to use the dress. I was willing to get a gift card but that was never offered to me I was just told flat out no, unless I had the receipt or the rewards #.

Posted by Katrina

I paid using my debit card. The money is out of my acct immediately. I return item and I don't receive refund for 3 days. That is not kool. Debt transactions should always be the same as cash.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to exchange merchandise my kids gma brought them to wear to they great gma bday celebration in Millen Ga .she had s already left,so i went to Gordon hwy kmart and the lady at customer service talked rude and treated my like i was a theif.tomorrow. when i get the receipt from they gma i will be going back and im going to cancer the layaway i have there for $395.kmart just lost a loyal a customer

Posted by Hope storm

K mart on Gordon Hyway is terrible . I got a birthday present for my daughter that was pants . They were to small so I went to k mart to EXCHANGE them and was told that even though the tags were still on them I could not even exchange them for the same exact item without a receipt . These were a birthday present from her aunt !! Wtf. I think they are very ridiculous !!! It was the same thing different size but they told me without a receipt they had no way of knowing if they were purchased or stolen ... So now I'm being called a thief ??? K Mart will no longer get any of my business and I'm going on FB to urge all my friends not to shop there either . Because they would not exchange a ten dollar item, they will lose lots more than that !!!

Posted by Anonymous

I went to exchange something today. The lady at the counter returned it. When I mentioned I wanted to exchange it because it was a sale item she told me that we do not do exchanges. I just needed a different size. So now that the item was on a different promotion I had to spend twice as much for two items when I only needed one.

Posted by Mike047

I hope Kmart will let me return my stuff

Posted by LadyJane

Not a complaint but an observation. Do customers actually read the policies printed on their receipts when they make a purchase? IN order to get a refund of the original price paid, you must have the original receipt. Without a receipt, you get the last sale price of the item. This is policy that has been in place for a very long time.


Posted by Anonymous

No more ordering from Kmart for me. First order they mailed me two left shoes and was told I could exchange them at a store or mail them back at my expense. Nearest store was over 100 miles so no return to the store and the cost to ship them back was more than I paid for the item. Second order was shoes for my daughter which were too small. Asked could I just make an exchange and was told no exchanges but could order the correct size and mail the order pair for a refund. Well once again mail back at my expense at a price more than the item. Thanks Kmart no more orders for me. Glad I found order before I ordered more items the following day.

Posted by Anonymous

They are certain employees at the kmart on 25th st in Easton, PA who will not refund your money without a receipt for the original price even though the tag is still on. $30 item she offered me $15, since I didn't have the receipt. I didn't accept it,I did locate my receipt and went back. Different person now, says,"the tags on it has the amount of the item, why would I only tell you $15. Kmart should be CLOSED! These people are crooks, working in customer svc. Have been for years. I usually don't shop there and I will not ever go again.

Posted by Cheaper2KeepHER1

2 YRS in a row kmart screwed me! I am now @this point getting a lawyer! 'THEY DONT COLLECT PAYMENT UNTIL ITEM HAS ACTUALLY SHIPPED" ..B.S." my card charged multiple times and collected from my bank ! (yet I cancelled order before it was shipped)now im overdraft.Its been 10 days now,I have no merchandise at all.I was charged twice and after 16 phone calls, 11 emails, and 4 different supervisers with 2 different stories and still no resolution! I ACTUALLY feel like, They believe im trying to scam them and THEY CLAIM item was cancelled yet never shipped or colected from my bank... MY bank statement shows in detail it def was collected and coincidently that same day i get a email saying my order has shipped .. NOW REMEMBER THERE POLICY "" DONT COLLECT PAYMENT TILL .WHAT?? EXACTLY! no more phone calls no more STRTESSING no more kmart 4 kristina for christmas ..IM SEEKING LEGAL HELP TODAY and yes folks / obviously it was a large ammount of cash ! KMART -KRISTINA-KUSTOMER SERVICE AND KMART ARE NO MORE! LATER ! ;)

Posted by Kmart return scam

Kmart does not refund the total amount of the purchase if you do not have a receipt. Even though they give you an in store credit they will not refund the total amount.
Beware of this scam that yields Kmart winfall profits.

Posted by Anonymous

K-Mart said they owed us 44.00 from our layaway, how do we get it, Do they send it to us ?

Posted by msspeaking

After returning items in the store was told to call number on order form to get reimbursed on shipping. Placed the order with at least minimum amount to get free shipping on the order. Called number when I got home and said I would receive credit. Called again a week later and was again told I would get reimbursed shipping. Two weeks later still nothing so called again today. After more than an hour on the phone waiting to resolve problem and speak with supervisor, was told I would not get reimbursed for shipping because nothing was wrong with the items I returned. Was told over and over again I would be reimbursed. Wasted hours trying to get resolved. Kmart lost another customer.

Posted by girldancer64

my mother once ordered me some things from kmart when I was broke and living on my own. she purchased the items for me while I lived in a different state. we did not receive a confirmation email so I called up kmart and asked to confirm if the order went through. they said they needed to speak to my mother because she purchased the items. I was 25 years old and told them my mother consented to purchase these things for me, im an adult, please just tell me if the order went through. they treated me like a criminal. as if I was using somebodys credit card. kmart/sears is the worst customer service. I truly despise them. they are disrespectful.

Posted by Curt

Kmart sent us the wrong maetrial and they will not give us our refund. They took the money instantly but now after weeks, we are still without the cash and they are not helping in any way. We sent the material back and they say they got it in good shape.

They say they will"escalate" the issue but they do nothing.

Do not shop at KMART!!!

Posted by EHKZ

I had a layaway at one of Kmart local stores. So instead of going to the store to make a payment I decided to make the payment online. Well this particular day there was problem with the website that I was not a where of. It took the payment out of my account 5 times. I got all but 1 payment back and ... services and they ensured me since it did not get applied to my layaway that they will refund me my money. This happen every since September 13, 2012 and I... emails and phone numbers, transfering me to department that does not handle refund claims, and I just been giving all types of run ...

Posted by sunnybunny

... discounts I received with the original order. In addition, the refund process won't start until the investigation at warehouse is done. Furthermore, Kmart is pressing the responsibility on me to return the duplicate items. If customer simply wants the missing items shipped out to them, Kmart should ship ...the status on the investigation, but only to find out that I must return the items in order to receive refund. It doesn't make any sense. I'm not receiving refund on returned items. The missing items have higher value than the items they sent...

Posted by Disgusted

... no explanation why. We reordered the item. I received a package about 4 days later well now a new problem the box was... and another persons name on the packing slip, a receipt was included from a store and someone was expecting to get a snowsuit that is at my address. I called Kmart at once ... I was told ups would pick- up the package 4 days later it is still here. Next big problem I tracked my package and it showed my package delivered guess what my package went to the other person, my ...Finally I asked for my order to cancelled and my card refunded, I hope this will happen soon this has been the ...

Posted by unhappy kmart shopper card and was going to use it to help pay for the purchase but was informed that it had expired and couldn't...just laughed and said that we just lost the money because we didn't use it in the 2 week period that it was valid for. this was a $5.oo refund that ... back to us on a gift card instead of just giving us the cash refund for the exchange that she had... previously a couple of months ago. Well, my KMART friends, I might of lost the $5.00, but you... me ever coming back to one of your stores!!! Maybe when you are out of business and waiting...

Posted by Susan29NJ

..., I placed an order on October 18, with One of the four figures was missing from the box. I called within ten minutes of it being delivered. Instead of taking my word that I ... item in the box. I told the representative, I needed this item. I did not want the money back, I want the item. I was told that I would receive an email within three days. After five days, I called them. ... this item and would be very upset if I didn't receive it. I called again the following day, only to find that they issued me a refund. I asked to speak to a manager. She told me that they would reorder it for ...

Posted by Anonymous

I don't know if this is where I voice my complaint about the K-Mart store in Nampa, Idaho or if I need to do that elsewhere but I have had some terrible customer service there in the past week. ... then totaled the purchase without taking the info and she gave me a 1-800# to call them in. When I tried the number was not a good number. A few days later I was back in the store and asked about a corrected number and was told that the "only" way I could have gotten the points was to have returned the items and re-bought them. Then just yesterday I was trying to put some toys on layaway (my ...

Posted by Heather

I have always shopped at Kmart normally good deals and the people are friendly. The week my uncle passed away I went... to Ga I lost my reciept. When I went to return them I was told I would only be able to get half of my money back on a gift card. The gift card I understood had no problem with that but I paid 24.99 for the pants and...

Posted by Anonymous

...well in all areas. Specifically asked if it could be returned if it did not work well in my ... told me yes. Well, she lied. Tried to return today, as it has barely any reception in my ... it had been opened too bad, no refturn or exchange. Kmart now has my money, and I have a useless ...

Posted by Anonymous

... customer for many, many years, today I attempted to exchange a Basic Editions ladies top with the price tag...$6.98) I was told I had to have a receipt for an even exchange and was refused. How embarrassing it was in front of a friend I...there. I was treated like a criminal. Shame on K-Mart for this policy. I was advised to get gift receipts for gifts ...any more. Never, at any other department store, have I been treated this way. My ...

Posted by Christina

... product was 9/7, which was perfect because I was off work that day to be at home to receive my product. I was advised I... and was advised that my order was in fact out of stock, at the warehouse, which by the way I received no update... my account on 8/28, yet I had confirmed that my order had not even shipped. call. So I was willing to give it a few more days. When 9/13 rolled around and I had ...which was already charged for, I wanted my money back. I was advised that money was already returned to me ...never and I repeat never buy anything from Kmart, the store, online or any other afflication ...