Kindle Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Kindle below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Kindle so others can benefit from what you learned.

Kindle Return Policy

Books purchased from the Kindle Store may be returned within seven days of purchase. Books from the Kindle Store received as a gift may be exchanged for an Amazon Gift Card before the gift has been accepted. A Kindle subscription may be cancelled at any time. Apps, music, and video from the Amazon Appstore are non-refundable. A Kindle device may be returned within 30 days of the customer receiving the device and only if it was purchased directly from Amazon. Customer must follow proper return procedures including packaging, attaching a shipping label, and taking the package to a drop-off location. Each Kindle, no matter where it was purchased, comes with a one year limited warranty and may be brought to Amazon for service under this warranty.

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Posted by James Crouch

I want to cancel a book I mistakenly ordered. The account is under my husband and he can't remember is password and his email has long since been changed. The book is called "What comes Next and how to like it" by Abigail Thomas. We are in or 70's and not that computer smart. Thank you . Katherine Lahanas crouch

Posted by Traruh Synred

I just started reading 'Introduction to Quantum Field Theory' that I purchased on Kindle quite a while ago?

It is defective. Symbols in text show up as a 'box'. This makes it unreadable.

Does 7 day limit apply to books that are defective?

Posted by Anonymous

I am unable contact kindle customer services to return a defective book " Physician Compensation".

Posted by raybon

Accidently ordered a book I've already read. Trying to return it same day within the same hour (I'm not a speed reader) and I did go to manage my acc't. This book is $11 and some change probably 99 cents. I the went to my library of ontens { } and return this book was not available probably because once I realized my mistake I had hit delete before I went to manage my account. Anyhow at this moment I now own a book I've already read thru my local state library and I never purchased said book b/c it was borrowed from my hometown library thru the state. HELP me get a credit please

Posted by julianacsalves

My kindle paperwhite started showing a line on the screen and i contacted amazon. Even though my warrant had just expired, the customer service man was fantastic and walked me through the steps to get a replacement in less than ten minutes. 4th Kindle on the way and I'm never leaving Amazon.

Posted by Gail

I have a defective Fire 8.9 HD and have done everything the help desk said but it still doesn't work half the time. I haven't had any luck speaking with any about an exchange. We accidentally keep getting cut off. I bought it in March 2015 and have been complaining since June. I guess Amazon doesn't care about their customers, they just want to get the sale. This is the last Kindle for me. $400.00 is a lot of money for a piece of crap. Very dissatisfied customer!!!

Posted by jolt

Have to love Amazon's return policy - they even pay for shipping!

Posted by Michael

The paper white kindle I ordered did not work. Amazon replaced it within 2 days. Pretty good good service.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to return an ebook I bought from Kindle in early April. I just got around to reading it, and the navigation does not work. Keeps jumping all over the place. There is absolutely no help on website. No phone number no instructions (that work) It must mean that the seller does not allow returns. If I went to a brick and mortar store, I would be able to return a defective book. Please help me

Posted by

I'm trying to return the defective Kindle. I've been waiting for the email to do so. I did receive the new one.

Posted by Usmc/0341

Here is a way to get a refund for FREE by following these steps.////I THINK////I recently bought a kindle online through craigslist.(BRAND NEW) I registered it under my amazon prim account,note im not sure but I believe when you register your kindle online that starts the manufacture warranty .4 months later the screen went blank. I did not call amazon I contacted them through the amazon instant messenger, I told them what happened, they ran me through the hold the power buttonon the kindle for 30 secs spill but remember, I have no screen so I couldn't even do the famous MAYDAY call .Anyways I talked with three people.#1 amazon general rep,then he sent me to kindle tech....then to kindle specialist. He tried to do a reset from his end and I guess he couldn't get so... He finally comes back after 3 minutes and says."I'm going to send you a new kindle...that simple yall .Again I'm not sure if its because I have amazon prim on my account, or the manufacture warranty was still good. note I did not buy a warranty at all.So good luck everyone . Hope this helped.

Posted by revsara6

I need to return a defective Kindle, but cannot figure out how to get the return labels.

Posted by cockettfamily

I returned my kindle under warranted and was told I would be refunded for shipping costs and now am being told I will not get refunded because I have not purchased enough items on amazon! I am extremely upset!

Posted by CLARE

My kindle fire hd was working perfectly then it just stopped working,I've had too reboot it, still won't work,so went back to amazon and updated like it said.
Surprise surprise it still don't work.
Yet I'm still waiting for my reply,if it's not working

Posted by Anonymous

... minutes of alerting them to a problem. My kindle was still under warranty, and after attempting a manual reset which didn't work the ... send me a replacement Kindle Fire immediately and all I would have to do is return the broken one in the shipping box that the new one came in, they even sent me an... got my new kindle in about 5 days, it seemed to be unused with no scratches or damage, I am not sure... them within the first 30 day return period. Anyway, the process couldn't have been ... easier, and I was really relieved that they honored the warranty without any hassle or loopholes. Wonderful ...

Posted by Anonymous

... means it is is still within its one year warranty. I start to have charging problems last month and finally I am told that Amazon will replace my... Silly me -- I believe I will be getting a brand-new Kindle to replace the formerly brand-new defective one... faith. Instead, I open the package at the Best Buy store where I drove tonight so that they can ...year warranty timeframe is Amazon's policy, then it should be printed on an orange notice and shipped ...round?? Because we are all being shipped the MILLIONS of defective Kindles that are constantly being returned!!!!!! SHAME ON AMAZON!!!!!!!!!!!...

Posted by lesley

... solution after spending over 2 hours on the phone is they would exchange this one for a refurbished model for $65. That is wrong it should be replaced at no cost. Are kindles set up to break right after the warranty expires? THe...

Posted by melly666

I have had 2 kindles in the past and both have broke down after the 3rd book read. I also may add I take good care of them. I had to argue to get 100% refund off the 2nd one. Both times I've had to return them from Asia myself 'registered delivery'. I am now stuck with about £150 worth of books in AZW format ...within 3 weeks of using. This is infuriating. I am now traveling and have no reading material.When this happens they should a)refund you for all the books you haven't read (although I like going back on them at times,the ones I have ...

Posted by uana

... march 2012 i saw the screen is broken and contacted kindle support. They sent me a new one and asked me to return the broken one via UPS without charge. But there is no UPS where I live so return the broken kindle. They gave me a new address and told me to ship it and that I will be refunded for the shipping fees. I then tried to return it by DHL and return the broken kindle and that no charges would be made to my account. This is what I call amazing customer ...

Posted by Cindy

... extremely difficult. I expected better from Amazon! I love my Kindle but I think I got the one lemon in ... just want to finish my book and can't when the kindle is dead! Amazon need some improvement in ... my issue they wanted $. I've only owned the Kindle for a few months and would assume there was some kind of support/exchange policy. What's up Amazon?