JCPenney Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for JCPenney below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from JCPenney so others can benefit from what you learned.

JCPenney Return Policy

JCPenney makes returning or exchanging purchases simple, easy and convenient. If you need to return or exchange an item, the process is as simple as driving to the nearest JCPenney store or mailing the items to one of three JCPenney facilities; if you need to return a large purchase, call customer service to schedule a pick-up.

Items are eligible for return with or without a receipt. If you return an item with a purchase receipt, you may exchange the item or get a full refund for the purchase price. The refund will be issued to the original form of payment. When returning items with a gift receipt, they may be exchanged or refunded in the amount of the purchase price on the gift receipt. The refund will be credited to a gift card. Gift cards will be issued or exchanges will be given at the existing price for all items returned without a receipt. In addition, JCPenney requires a valid photo identification for all items returned or exchanged without a receipt.

Gift cards are the only items that are ineligible for refund, exchange or cash redemption. With JCPenney's hassle-free returns, you never have to keep unwanted merchandise.

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Posted by Jacqueline Lowery

I placed an order and all ordering information was correct. The problem was that the picker pulled a 10 instead of 12. I called 800 number and asked for a return label as this was a picking problem and I should not have to pay for the return postage since it was wrong and the individual hung up on me. This was most appalling since JCPenney is one of my favorite shopping sites and I am a Platinum card holder. I insist on not paying the return postage. Can you assist?

Posted by JCPenny Sucks!!

I received a JCPenney gift card for Christmas so unfortunately I had to purchase something from them. I decided to order a comforter set online, 7 days later the comforter finally arrived. Right away I notice a flaw with the stitching on one side so I call customer service and ask what my options are. I was given two choices, return the item to the nearest store, receive a refund and then repurchase the comforter set and wait another 7 days for delivery or ship the comforter back, wait anywhere from 7 - 21 days for the refund to be processed and then wait another 7 - 21 days for a check to be sent to my house because I made partial payment with a gift card. I literally laughed at the customer care agent, I'm expected to wait a minimum of 14 days and potentially a maximum of 42 days to receive a refund? Definitely not acceptable... I can of course receive a refund and gift card instantly if I return the comforter to a store but I won't be able to make it to the store for at least a week. This is why I never shop at a place like JCPenney unless I'm forced to, I will be making a point of telling everyone to never give me a JCPenney gift card in the future. I can order the same item from Amazon, have it at my front door in 2 days, start a return/exchange the same day and Amazon will ship the same item that day and have it at my house in 2 days. I just have to ship the original item back before a certain date or Amazon will charge my credit card for the replacement item. 2 comforters in 4 days from Amazon or 2 comforters from JCPenney in a minimum of 14 days and that's only if I go out of my way to return the item at the store. What a joke JCPenney is, they want my business but expect me to either wait an unreasonable amount of time or go out of my way to return a defective item they sent me to receive a replacement. I'm glad Amazon is putting companies like this out of business and they're doing it with nothing more than customer friendly service and fast shipping. JCPenney will NEVER receive another penny from me again.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a sweater on black Friday for Christmas. I wore it once washed on hand wash and it came unsewed on the collar seam. I took back to store with receipt and was told could not return or refund. I was told JCP return policy was 30 days with tag and receipt,and because I had wore and washed. I told the manager there was nothing on receipt about a 30 day return policy.

I have never had a issue returning or exchanging anything at JCP. I am very upset and don't plan to do business with JCP any longer. Lost a customer over 9.99 sweater.

Thank you for your time.

Posted by Anonymous

Today (Jan 28) I returned a fleece vest that my son had bought me for Christmas. I didn't have the receipt. The Clerk told me their "policy" was the purchase price of $24.xx (she looked it up) only received store credit of $7.22 .. a discount of about 70%. I would have expected a re-stocking fee of may 15% or even 20%, but 70%? Having no choice I took the "gift card" with some grumbles.
Maybe Penny is in the same boat as Sears. At least for me, I'll never shop there again. ----- Rob Schlegel, Indianapolis

Posted by Laura

I returned two dresses at the Odessa,Tx JCPenney recently. The cashier was friendly and helpful, she found my receipt through records and I was returned the difference to my debit (I decided to exchange for two other dresses). I asked when it would show up on my debit and she said it usually shows up after 24 hours.

Posted by Lucky #5

I placed an order using a gift card and paid the balance with a MasterCard. A few days later I received an email from that the item I want it is no longer in stock and that I was not charged for this order. A bit too late because I had already discarded the gift card at after using it. So today was my fourth time calling regarding the refund for the item that's no longer in stock Cust. Svc stated a partial refund was issued and that another partial refund will be issued in 7 days. But it does not equal what I paid for the boots. I was told to call the corporate office and file a complaint with them.

Posted by MAD

so i checked their policies and apparently if you have a receipt there can be a return or exchange never says anything about a time frame or anything no such time frame at all so it has been over a year and i got a shirt i did wear still has tags on it and i found the receipt i thought great ill return it . well a manager said since their register cannot find the receipt in the system they wont refund me but they will do a no receipt return for the last price in 45 days i said no thank you and left... not to mention the cashier was rude and on Facebook on her cell phone stopped to talk to a man who had her coat texted someone told me to hold on several times and didnt know what the f#@k she was doing . I will not be going back there ever for anything i dont care if they give it away with those 10 off 10 coupons .. they will not see me again in there.

Posted by Anonymous

I just brought a Christmas present for someone. In today told the zipper broke of there coat. What can I do.

Posted by Fed up

Bought 2 items for Christmas and wanted to exchange for different sizes. They wanted to give around $5 for the pj bottoms and $25 shirt, I said I wanted to just even exchange. Such a pain. The associate pushed it through I think she's just frustrated with the nonsense way jcp handles the returns. Also dealing with a order from November and apparently the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Losing my business fast

Posted by Crylovboks

I put my comment in and my verification code told me it was wrong and every bit of it was deleted. JCPenney is not doing what they need to do for their customers, that's the bottom line. The CEOs can sit in their office and take those lovely pictures, but them not doing what they need to do for their customers that keeping them in that corporate office. I had four things to go wrong with me over the holiday season with JCPenney's .I called corporate on my dime and it was like talking to a wall. Not once did that lady ask me my name, not once did that young lady ask me what was wrong, not once did the lady asked me for my telephone number .I was talking and she was listening to her partner beside her and not listening to me . Then I went into the store and spoke with the manager and I told him right is right and wrong is wrong he told me that was my opinion. I would like for someone to take the time to call me or email me. Don't put yourself on all these sites judt to write and no one get in touch with you need to do what you said you going to do or you need to just get off the net.

Posted by Cak

I am physically disabled.
I ordered some furniture from penneys.
One of the pieces the ups man put inside my door.
I noticed the box was smashed all over.
My neighbor who is 72 said he could stop by in a couple days to put them together and just leave the boxes right where the are
I did that.
He came over and noted he hopes the table is ok inside because the boxes look in rough shape.
He opened the box and said they are damaged and smashed on the inside as well.
He put the pieces back in the box and taped it up.
He said he would be back to do the other box in a couple days.
I did contact penneys and being on hold over an over an hr I shared with them about the cocktail table. She said she could arrange ups to pick it up, just put it outside.
What you want me to put it outside, she said yes. I asked for a return postage and I could take it to ups. She did and I returned it.
Now the next package, the neighbor returned and opened that box. Again, broken and I contacted penneys another hr waiting on hold.
Ups came to pick up package it was to heavy for me to return. Ups noted their slip said 20 lbs. But it took 2 ups workers to take it. It was over 75 lb tv stand. I contacted penneys again, another 90 mins on hold.
I wanted to make sure they had the correct items returned because an end table was 20 lbs. But i was still uncertain talking to this agent, she seemed confused. I called again with another 75 min on hold.
Shared the entire story and she reassured me the 2 items were correctly returned and to call back in 2 days to make sure my refund would be correctly refunded.
Oh no, the nightmare is far from over.
Several more calls to penneys, waiting on hold no less than an hr on hold with numerous calls.
Yes they received over 524.00 in merchandise back but no refund of my money.
Yes 2 months now and no refund.
They have their damaged tables back and I have nothing.

Posted by Dmt6693

I ordered 2 pairs of pants online they were too short. I had my invoice to get a refund the lady at the register hates her job. She did not acknowledge me with a greeting just what do you want. I told her good morning and I would like a refund no response from her. She placed the refund on my debit card when I asked when it would show up ? Call your bank. Really JcPenny has no trouble taking your money. Worst customer service ever. Never shopping there again. Cross Creek Mall Fayetteville Location Stay Away

Posted by Imclueless1

You see my tweet. I got a purse that had a $65 tag on it and my husband got two shirts $12 tags each on them. We didn't have receipt and they offered me $3.10 total refund. The items are still on your shelves full price. I told them I could get more in a yard sale. I could ask the giver for receipt but didn't want to let them know I was taking back. You know they'll stick them back on the shelves and resell. Every store I ever shopped would least give u a gift card for the current or lowest selling price. I'll never give gifts from Penney's and hope to never receive anything in the future. When I contacted them they said Good morning,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We sincerely apologize for any frustration or disappointment you may have experienced. It is never our intention to make our customers feel this way. Merchandise that is returned without a receipt is only eligible for a refund of the items lowest selling price within the last 45 days. I said show me where in the last 45 days it sold for this price.


two times this return has cone back to my house and not returned to your labeled return fullfillment center labeled addrress.. this is lasT strAW > SEND ME A NEW LABEL WITH A S TREET ADDRESS SO THIS CAN GET RETURNED TO JC PENNEY PLA CE WHERE IT BNEEDS TO BE RETURNED PLEASE
VALERIE DOBEK contains 2 swim suits

Posted by YouRuinedXmas

I placed an big online order on 12/18/17, there was an announcement on their website saying if you place your order by 12/20/17 you are guaranteed delivery before Christmas. I went ahead and placed my order. It's almost the end of the day on 12/27/17 and I have yet to receive my complete order. I noticed my order tracker stated my order would be delivered on different date ranging from 12/26-12/28, I called JCPenny support on two different dates, one 12/21 and the other 12/23 asking if the order will not arrive before Christmas than to go ahead and cancel it because the entire order are gifts. I was promised by 2 customer reps and 1 manager that my entire order would arrive by 12/24. Part of it arrived 12/26 and I'm waiting on the rest. I hope I don't have any problems returning all of it since I had to run out and buy replacement gifts for my family on 12/24 evening, I no longer need anything I ordered. If they give me trouble I will dispute it with my credit card. First and last time I shop at JCPenney. BTW they kept blaming everything on UPS, but orders I placed at other stores at an even later date than this order, all arrived just fine and on time as they promised. I'm glad this store is seeing the end of days, horrible service, and no customer satisfaction is guaranteed at JCPenney.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to JCP in Cottonwood AZ to return after Christmas items, I did not have a receipt, the cashier tried looking up the receipt the time frame I told her and she could not find it. Instead she stated she could give me lowest everyday cost. I paid $29.99 per each pair of pants, I had a total of $90.00 invested in 3 pair of pants,They offered me 8.95 per each pair of pants. I was outraged. I was treated as a thief, I have spent a lot of money in JCP stores and online, and I rarely return items, What has happened to Customer Service, Taking care of the customer should be #1. but apparently JCP is so hungry for that dollar they refuse to deal with the customers that keep there stores open. I am no longer a JCP customer !!! Very Unhappy Customer

Posted by formershopper

Cant wait to see what happens after this holiday season with people exchanging gifts their ridiculous return policy I believe will finish them.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm very agitated. I orders 4 pairs of pants all the same size. Two pairs won't even fit over my thigh. I called to get a return label and was told that if I don't like them then that's my issue and since there is nothing wrong with the pants I have to pay to ship them back... WHAT HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
I will return the when I travel to NC where a JCPenny store is. No store here within 300 miles of where I live. I'm very disappointed!!! And I ordered an XL shirt that fits like a suran wrap meat loaf cover. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Posted by Babygirl80

Attn Loyal JC Penney shoppers:
Sorry to hear all of the disappointments of not receiving refunds! But always keep in mind that its better to pay with debit/credit card for these reasons listed on this site. You can dispute charges if the merchant is not willing to satisfy!! Give a full explanation to your banker and they will ask if you contacted them. Just have the name of whom yiu spoke with, date and dollar should be good to go!

Posted by Anonymous

Angry customer!
I tried to take 2 shirts back. They were a gift for Christmas. The tags were still on the shirts. They
Told me that they would give me .60 cents
For one shirt and .80 cents for another. I was
Going to purchase more than what the 2 shirts were
Worth. I knew the cost of the 2 shirts $18.50 each shirt. They did not want to work with me at all.
I will be closing my credit card account with
Them and will never shop there again.

Posted by Kimmie

I am frustrated after reading the way that people have been banned from making returns because they have supposedly returned too many times....even with a receipt. It is also appalling to see the insanely miniscule amounts people have been offered for items returned without a receipt. My mother is suffering extreme weight loss from cancer. I can no longer judge what size she will take so I just sent her pajamas in both small and medium so that she can decide and send back the ill fitting ones. If they ban you for too many returns even with receipts - this system of trying to send her things in another state to try will not work. I guess I will stick to Kohls and Macys. No wonder JCP is about to be done.

Posted by T_riz

I tried to return 2 pairs of pants (same pants,different sizes) to Jcpenny today. I did but them in early September for my girls gor school. They are regularly priced $54.00. I know I didn't pay that price because it's too much, but they may have been buy 1 get 1 free. My girls have never worn them, all tags are still on. I couldn't find my receipt but I thought I'd at least get store credit. They told me I could have $1.67 per pair... Are you kidding me?! They are selling the exact same pants still in the store, right now, for 50% off $54.00.

Posted by T_riz

I tried to return 2 pairs of pants (same pants,different sizes) to Jcpenny today. I did but them in early September for my girls gor school. They are regularly priced $54.00. I know I didn't pay that price because it's too much, but they may have been buy 1 get 1 free. My girls have never worn them, all tags are still on. I couldn't find my receipt but I thought I'd at least get store credit. They told me I could have $1.67 per pair... Are you kidding me?! They are selling the exact same pants still in the store, right now, for 50% off $54.00.

Posted by Mrsraybird

My online order arrived with no I cannot get my money back, just a merchandise voucher.

Posted by Dumb people kill me

Theft these days are the reason for the return policy being so low priced. Anyone smart would know keep receipt in hand for any Situation. There's also this thing called a gift to receive people should use it when my gifts for others

You all are idiots for complaining about these things

Posted by Patrick

I had a Great Experience on returning a shirt that I bought recently at JCPennys. Even though I didn't have a receipt for the shirt, I was able to exchange it for the same shirt but, in a different size which I was exactly what I wanted to do since I had gotten the wrong size of the shirt. The employee didn't give any problems what so ever, or any attitude about it. At least with me, no problem in being able to return an item at JCPennys. I guess it just matters who the employee is that you get at the time of returning an item at JCPennys.

Posted by Sherbia

JCpenny is ripping people off with this return policy....people getting gift that are too small or trying to exchange for either a gift that will be satisfying....lowest price ringing up as .85-1.50....whereas it was bought for25.00 or better...receipt or not this is not good business

Posted by Brick and morter no more

Penny's you will be on the losing end of your return policy. Punishing people for not having a receipt by giving them small change for each item they return is going to just push people away and to other retailers who are willing to work with them. So sad because your just hurting the employees who work for a company that would just as soon close the store they work for then to compromise with the customers.

Posted by Bianca

I never received my order I tried to get in contact but nothing happened so disappointed.

Posted by Curls429

Just tried to return two pairs of dress pants with the tags still on. I didn't have the receipt and was told I'd get a dollar for each pair. On top of that the cashier was completely rude about the whole situation. Needless to say I'll stick with Kohl's.

Posted by Susan

Tried to return jeans that did not fit my teenage son today. I misplaced the receipt and was offered .97 each for two pairs and .47 for one pair. Really? Where can I it these less than a dollar pairs of jeans? JCP used to be reasonable about returns, but not anymore. Buyer beware. Keep your receipt! But also know if your receipt is from a different store or is not real recent, they will say that they cannot use that receipt and try to return it as if you do not have a receipt. It is not ok to give me .97 for the jeans and turnaround and sell them for more. JCP you are having financial difficulties for a reason!

Posted by Ang

I received 8 items of clothes 2 days ago for my son bday. Wrong size but since I didn't have a reciept they were worth 86 cents. ARE U KIDDING ME! I took the clothes back. Complete waste of time! Completely ridiculous

Posted by parmjeet

hi we want to return our order also the order number is label me PO#2193263322 022

Posted by parmjeet

hi we want to return our order also the order number

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my grandson a motorized ride on motorcycle for his birthday across the country. He loved it, after one month the buttons don't work and it won't go forward only backwards :(. What recourse do we have?

Posted by JCP NO MORE

Only went to use $10 coupon heard cashier tell customers "JCP reports their chronic returners to everyone in retail you will be on everyone's list." The store was cluttered, and there were hardly any customers. And to the previous poster happy with her return......You never should have been shipped dirty goods and I have news for you are on the return list now, no matter what the reason was.

Posted by Happy jcp customer

I bought baby clothes on and 1 item was dirty and the other one was polyester instead of cotton like it's says online. I called the number that's on the return page and a very nice lady refunded me the WHOLE order and her supervisor ordered me the stuff that I wanted originally and charged me the same price I paid before. I was very pleased with their service and how they dealed with my situation. Planning to shop more since my baby boy is growing fast ; Thank you!

Posted by Angry customer

I went into a Penneys store in Galesburg, IL to exchange 2 shirts that had been purchased for my granddaughter. She already had the shirts so all I wanted to do was exchange them and it happened to be for more expensive shirts. I was willing to pay the difference. The shirts still had the tags on them but I did not have the receipt. They were new fall shirts,not clearance sale shirts. The tags were marked 18.99 but the sign on the rack said 7.99. That was fine with me. I was purchasing shirts that were 24.99 and priced at 9.99 on the rack. The clerk would only give me .34 cents for one shirt and .29 cents for the other one. I was in total shock! I did not agree to the return and left the store quite angry I was told that this was the policy. I am a very good Penneys customer but I will not be returning to shoo at this store for a very long time. If this is your return policy I will make sure that I tell everyone how I was treated.

Posted by Mad at JCP

Disgusting return policy!! I went to exchange a jean bought by mistake without a receipt. Instead of buttons I wanted with zipper in the front. I couldn't find the receipt but the tag is still attached. They told me at first that I can't return without a receipt while their store policy states customers can. After I told them I just wanted to exchange it for another jean, then they say my jean only have a value of $0.73. I got so frustrated after I heard that!! How come my $59.99 jean now only have a value of $0.73? I ask them, would you sell this jean at $0.73? They said no!
Another customer lost.

Posted by Amazed

The Better Business Bureau does not get involved in a stores return policy. The only recourse is simply BOYCOTT their store. This no return for 180 days carries over into the critical holiday season. They started this crap in June so there you go, say goodbye.

Posted by Anonymous

I also have been shopping at JCPenney for years. I will never shop there again. Hi hardly had returns in the last few months and told me I couldn't return anything either. But they had no problem sending me a JCPenney mastercard in the mail. Went right in the garbage. I don't know how they get away with it. The return policy on the receipt says you can return with the receipt. This is fraud. They are lying and stealing from their customers. something needs to be done. Maybe Better Business Bureau?

Posted by anonymous

Way to go JCPenney. You are already in financial help, now you do this to your valued customers, no return for 180 days. I am so done with your company. I have been a valued customer for at more than 50 years, have bought my son his first corduroy padded knee crawlers when he was a baby.

I don't believe that you will ever be able to pull yourself out of this hole that you have dug for yourself.

Posted by lw

Same problem with me. I've been a customer for years and spent a lot of money. No more. I closed my account and will be glad to spend my money elsewhere!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am also outraged by the denial of returns to JCP w a receipt. I have been a credit card holder there for over 20 years. I have a family of 5 and can not bring everyone with me to try their clothes on in store!! That is even Ridiculously to consider that as an option!! I do have several returns for wrong size or my husband or child doesn't like the item. I also buy my home furnishings @ JCP. I am NO longer a customer of JCP due to this Change in denying returns w a receipt! So way to go JCP u just lost a loyal Platinum Card Member to your ridiculous policy!!

Posted by Disappointed

Super Disappointed! I order online as well as go into JCPenny stores. I am the Youth Director at my church and Im always shopping at their stores. We have approximately 100 kids. Im always shopping because we do alot of fundraisers for the less fortunate in our church. I purchase uniforms for back to school, business attire for high schoolers, and other things as it pertinent to our youth. However, when you shop, normally you have to return because of an inaccurate sizes, but I always keep my receipts. However, this fall I purchased uniforms and went to exchange them for bigger sizes and receive a notification that I could not return. Call the number and they said I returned too many times, but when you are buying for others, you dont know their sizes. Normally, I will spend a vast amount monthly at Jcpenny because new kids and families arrives but I will not be going their anymore. I am so disappointed because I always have my receipts. The policy says one thing but they are doing something else. This is misleading. Clearly!!!

Posted by Patricia

Another unhappy customer!!!! I wear petite and do a lot of online shopping since there is a bigger selection . In the era of online shopping you should expect more returns specially on clothes.. All my returns have receipts and tags attached to items.. So surprised when the cashier told me my return was declined due to too many returns even though I had my receipt. She handed me a denial slip with a phone number, when I called someone with a very thick accent told me that they couldn't do anything about it..I was shocked JCP should had notify me before my purchase that I would not be able to return the items... Your return policy states that with receipt items are illegible for exchange or refund of the purchase price on the original method of payments. JCP what are you thinking about?

Posted by DonnaSD

I am so glad to see all these comments on JC Penney's ridiculous return policy. I am also banned from being able to return items purchased from JC Penney due to too many returns that included receipts. I just had new windows installed throughout my entire home and after exchanging and returning various curtains and curtain rods in effort to find the right look for each room was denied being able to return two curtain rods. I was going to browse the curtains and rods to see if there was anything else that might work and now am NEVER going to shop at JC Penney again! I called the TRE's number shown on the denial slip and after repeatedly asking them what I can do at this point, the rep said she could email me a dispute form. The email came with a link to get the Activity Report, but nothing was noted about a dispute form.

Posted by bob

I could not return my children's cloths, with a receipt, less than 30 days since purchase. The store said we had to many returns and we were blocked. This is unacceptable.

Posted by PD

I am very upset with this new policy on returns. I see on here that I am not the only one being flagged for returns. I, too, made most of my purchases online. I bought clothes for my whole family. There are items they do not care for or that do not fit correctly. These items get returned. I always have a receipt for my returns. I also always use my JCP credit card for purchases and it is paid in full every month.
Last week I was returning some clothes from an order to the customer service desk. I was told by the cashier the system was declining my return and I was given a tape register slip stating future receipted or non-receipted returns will not be accepted. The cashier was confused, I was confused. I was told I needed to call the number on the receipt to find out why my return was declined. So I did. When I got someone on the line he told me I had too many returns. He could not tell me when or if I could return my item just keep repeating "I told you, you cannot return items." I also called several numbers listed on the online orders but no one could tell me anything about my situation except to call the number on the receipt which I had already done to no avail.
Nowhere in the return policy does it say that there is a limit on returns. I looked online for JCP's return policy to double check about a return policy limit. The only thing their return policy states is that JCP has the right to limit returns/exchanges on returns WITHOUT a receipt.
When you go into a store looking for something, they tell you that they don't carry that item in the store and you have to get it online. Online shopping is the way things are going, and online purchasing of clothes is naturally going to result in returns.
Like others I no longer want to shop at JCPenney which is sad because I did like their merchandise.

Posted by Ck

I, too, made most of my purchases online. I bought clothes for my whole family (six children, two adults) clothes, work clothes summer, winter....and I always used my Jcpenney card so that I wouldn't have to worry about it if I lost a receipt, because I know that they can look up my purchase using my card. Last week I was returning some clothes from an online order to the customer service desk, and it went fine. Then I had to go to a normal register to return some clothes I had purchased in-store, and when I returned them, WITH THE RECEIPT,I was given the warning paper saying future returns may be declined. The cashier was confused, I was confused. My cashier called over a manager who was confused and said it was because I didn't have a receipt. My cashier showed the manager the receipt and said "No, she's got the receipt" then the manager said maybe I returned too many things in the past with no receipts, and I said "I always use my Penny's card, if I don't have the receipt, you guys always look it up." Once again both employees were puzzled. So I offered up,"I just returned some clothes from an online order to the customer service desk." And we all kind of nodded our heads and decided that must be it, but that it was still weird because I had the receipts for both orders.

MY question is for Jcpenney is, "what are you thinking?!?!?" Online shopping is the way things are going, and online purchasing of clothes is naturally going to result in RETURNS. I had just started my back to school shopping; I still had hundreds of dollars of school clothes shopping to do, hasn't even started on my husband's new work clothes...and now they have just lost a customer who spent thousands of dollars a year.

Posted by Op15

I will never shop at this store again. I took back a pair of khaki capris for 22.00. I did not have my receipt. I wanted my money back. I was informed my pants were now worth a dime! Never shop there again

Posted by tinal

I have always been a faithful JCPenney shopper. My daughter worked there is highschool and I felt it was important to support them as they were employing my daughter. She has since moved on but I remained loyal to JCP. No More! I purchase practically everything for myself, my husband, my children and my 6 grandchildren from JCP. Naturally there are items they do not care for or that do not fit correctly. These items get returned. I ALWAYS have a receipt for my returns. I returned an item yesterday that did not fit quite right and I was informed that I may not be able to return any additional items in the future because apparently I had reached my limit allowable for returns. What sense does this make when I have the receipt? I will be taking my business to Macys and Kohls from now on.

Posted by EX JC Penney Customer!

I have contacted Channel 2 news, Matt Gephardt about being banned from returns at JC Penney's with my receipt. Matt is a KUTV Channel 2 investigator that helps people (for FREE) that have been wronged, scammed, etc. from businesses. He investigates it all while on camera and puts them on the news and gets people their due money. I am located in Utah and I don't know if you need to be or not. Anyone that would like to join me to get your money back, please contact him. Here is his information: Matt Gephardt: 801-839-1250. Here is a link to his web page:

I think this is a great place to start to get my due refund! I had my sister try to return my two pairs of shoes today without a receipt ($100 worth of shoes I bought 3 weeks ago). They said they could give her $1.25. Yes!!! One dollar and 25 cents for two pairs. I am SO done with JC Penney's.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a faithful JCPenney shopper today I tried to return to uniform tops I purchased for my granddaughter I perched it purchase them on July 17th when I went to return them they said without a receipt I would get $0.25 I did not pay $0.25 for these shirts yes I got them on sale the only time I don't have my receipt this is what they want to give me I have never heard of this I've heard of a sale price return policy but not $0.25 I work hard for my money. I have a credit card from JCPenney's rewards card from JCPenney's this purchase I did pay cash for and I understand would be store credit but $0.25 I will never shop at JCPenney's again

Posted by Roy

I place an order online today and I have been trying to cancel it all day. I tried the phone a number of times to no avail. I got no email to confirm the order and the person I chated with online was of no help. This is worst experience I have ever had with an online company.

Posted by Bcuzicn

Is this even legal? No where on the above policy states there will be a limit to returns. When speaking to the store manager, they were blindsided too and said "they would get back to me" which they haven't. I'm disputing the charges and not paying the portion of my bill that has the items I want to return. They can take me to court and let a judge decide.

Posted by Done Shopping JCPenney

I was told 2 months ago when I bought a pair of shoes at Jcpenney by the sales lady to call the number on the return slip or future returns may be denied . She said that she had never seen this before I had my receipt and tags on . I thought nothing of it so 2 months later when I took a shirt back with receipt and tags on I was told by the cashier the system was declining my return ! She called the manager down neither one of them had ever heard of this ! They said this has never happened, but that I needed to call the number on the receipt to find out why ! So I did this on Monday seeing how they are not there on the weekend !! When I got someone on the line I could hardly understand him ! But he told me I had to many returns within the a period of time ... he could not tell me when or if I could return my item !! It goes without saying I am outraged !! This was and insulting and humiliating experience !!! My purchases at jcpenney by far outweighed my returns !!! You just lost a good customer jcpenney ! I will Never Ever Shop Jcpenney Again !!!

Posted by Mimi

The "Reject / Decline return policy " of JCP has already badly hurted its daily businesses, & it has made negative impacts of its ability to stay competitive regarding to its market shares among its competitors. By law, the JCP corporate should NOTIFY public in WRITING of its reject / Decline return policy BEFORE it started declining customers' returns even With receipts. The Corporate officers do not respect customets by implementing the policy of declining returns. By the STANDARDS of PRACRICING BUSINESS ETHICS, JCP has failed itself because its deceiving & untruthful tactics / unethical business practice in regard to its senseless and illegal policy of declining customers' return. By the standard of HIGH qualities of customer services, JCP is A total failure of NOT providing Return services for its customers. As consumers, we Consumers DO Have every right to return merchandises that We bought from JCP as long as we have receipts. Solutions to JCP's DECEIVING & UNETHICAL NO Return policy are Taking actions to contact our states' business agencies and TO STOP Buying merchandises from JCP.

Posted by Done with JCP Forever

I am on the do not return list, I too had a web order that crossed with the warning.It was a small order that had super low prices. First I got emails saying they were checking inventory......then no communication. When I called to see if it was ready I was told there was NO ORDER. However my charge was charged for an order, I called again told NO ORDER. I called customer service they told me I picked it up....maybe I forgot.....I called the store again and was told the same thing I picked it up.....guess what...on a day I was not in town. I asked for an investigation and was told' " We will call the police." I responded YES PLEASE DO. I insisted it be investigated. Guess what? It was there a clerk put in the wrong place and marked it picked up. I REQUESTED IT BE CREDITED THIS IS RIDICULOUS.....needless to say this return will be help against me also. How can it be marked "Picked up" and still be there....does this happen often? WATCH OUT. I could not be more done, I do not care if they are selling leather sofas for $2.50 I will never buy from them again. Check you charge statements very carefully.

Posted by mstrouth

I too have been flagged for returns. The report says I have returned 81 items costing $1,357 since 2010. That's an average of 10 items per year at $170 per year. All of those items were accompanied by a receipt. I have purchase and kept many times that amount. I shop for my husband and son, who like many men refuse to go to the store, and my elderly mother. I have shopped at JCPenny for over 30 years. The statement that Jcpenney has the right to limit returns with a receipt is now up on their website, hidden under the section titled "returns without receipts." I still have not found it posted in the store or on store receipts. Apparently, JCPenny does not want shoppers aware of their policy until they have been flagged. JCpenny was my go to store. I will do my shopping at Belks, Dressbarn, and Kohl's. I'm sure they will appreciate my busness. I will also warn everyone I know of their return policy.

Posted by Anonymous

Just as an FYI: I contacted the corporate offices at JC Penney about an order I had "in-transit" which was placed before I knew I was banned from returns and exchanges, they stated that I could return it back to the JCP warehouse for a refund but not to the store. I mailed the merchandise back to JCP in Ohio with all tags attached and all paperwork intact I mailed it via US Postal service with a return receipt and insured. Per the USPS tracking, they received my items back on 7/29/17 but I have not received an acknowledgement or refund for the items I returned - Approximately $200.00 worth. JC Penney's should be called out nationwide about this deceptive return policy/practice.

Posted by Not A Happy Customer Anymore

I just talked to the store manager at my local JCP. Even he admits that this new return policy is frustrating and he doesn't know any more info about it than we customers do. He said that JCP will not overturn this new return policy unless they get enough complaints about it. He took my name and info on what happened to me and he said there is a form he will fill out and then forward everything to corporate. He said he's getting numerous calls every week about this new return policy. He couldn't answer why the new policy is nowhere to be found, such as on the JCP website or on their paper receipts. All anyone knows is that it was implemented in June. Since it appears that JCP will not overturn their new policy unless they get enough complaints, I'm urging everyone who has had this happen to them to call their local JCP's store manager and complain. Have him or her fill out a complaint form and then have them mail it to corporate. If enough complaints come into the JCP corporate office about this new and stupid return policy, hopefully we can get it reversed. I am also letting the Better Business Bureau know about this deceptive new return policy since the old policy is still on JCP's website and receipts. I don't know how they can legally get away with it.

Posted by Not A Happy Customer Anymore

I see on here that I am not the only one being flagged for returns. I always have my receipt and have never had a problem until back in June. The next time I returned after that, it went through without a problem. This past Friday evening, I was flagged again. Both times stated that I cannot return for 180 days. I was able to get the store manager to override it both times and I got the credits on my JCP card. However, when I called the JCP corporate offices in Dallas, Texas today, I was told that this is in their return policy on the JCP website concerning excessive returns. I looked at numerous different sites online for JCP's return policy and this is in none of them. The only thing their return policy states is that JCP has the right to limit returns/exchanges on returns WITHOUT a receipt. It says nothing about limits on returns with a receipt. There is nothing about any of this on their paper store receipts either. I do make a lot of returns, but this is because half of the clothes my daughter and I buy end up only being available online. Then, when those clothes come in, a lot of times they don't fit correctly, or we don't like the way they look because they look different from the online pictures. This doesn't change the fact that I spend way more at JCP than I ever return. I have gone as far as to threaten to not make any further payments on my JCP credit card or my husband's card, but no one seems to have an answer or seems to care. I'm pretty sure that a company is required to have an up to date return policy listed at all times and JCP does not. I can foresee that there will be not only a huge loss of customers and money for JCP in the future, but possibly a class action lawsuit as well. I am completely fed up with this store right now and that's a shame because JCP has always been my favorite store.

Posted by EX JC Penney Customer!

Well, I have now joined the group of being treated like a criminal at JCP because they determined that I return "too much". I have a large family and do 95% of our clothing shopping online. I also order for my elderly mother that is in a care center and can't physically go to the store to try things on. Its really sad that JCP doesn't care about their long term loyal customers. I have NEVER returned an item without the tag on AND with the receipt... ever. I was just returning two pairs of school shoes I had bought last week for my daughters that were too wide.

I guess beings I had to order several homecoming and prom dresses this last year for my daughter (in order to find two that fit), I'm now a criminal shopper. Never mind the fact that the two dresses I ended up keeping were a size 4 and a size 12... BOTH for the same daughter!! How in the world am I supposed to be able to know what size to order when there is this kind of size fluctuation????? She couldn't even have tried them on in the store, because they weren't available in the store! And, this is somehow my fault and makes me a crook? This is disgusting! The manager at my JCP totally treated me like I was a crook and I was SO embarrassed and humiliated in front of many shoppers.

I have never been treated this way!! All they would say is to call TRE, that it was all TRE. I told her that when I received my warning, TRE told me (in very non-understandable semi-English) it was all JCP. Neither side will give and I'm stuck in a spiraling circle and can't return over $100 of unusable merchandise that my receipt says I can return!

It would be different had JCP notified their customers that they will only accept X percentage of returns... but that information is not available ANYWHERE. In fact, no one seems to even know what that number is!! I've never seen such a dishonest, disgusting company as this. Next time I talk to the store manager I'm going to make sure I tell him that he better be looking for a new job... because his is short lived, just like JCP's future by treating the few loyal customers they have left like this. I'm going to flood social media with this and let everyone know how JCP treats 40+ year honest customers and their families. I'm just waiting for the class-action lawsuit so I can join in.

Posted by Dorothy

Today I wanted to exchange a$17 package of Gold toe sox for a $16 package of Xersion sox. I did not have a receipt. They would only allow me 76 cents for the $17 Gold toes. The clerk said that was the last price they were sold for. I can't imagine Penney's selling their 5 pack of Gold Toe sox for 76 cents. The last time I will buy anything from Penney's. Unfair exchange.

Posted by Smash lee

I tried to do a return yesterday for two different girls Disney play dresses that were fraying. I had both of the tags but no receipt. The dresses are still being sold there for $40 and they are currently on sale for 20 percent off. Coupons and other discounts do not apply towards Disney. They asked for my ID to start the return and they said I would only get $16 total back for them both. The lady's reasoning being because they subtract like 60 or 80 percent of the current selling price. I have returned a lot of items here and have never had this problem especially when the item has not been clearanced down or reduced in price. Is this a new policy? Is this the case on all non receipted returns or does this mean I have been flagged for too many returns? Or could it be because the tags were not attached? I ended up just talking them into doing an exchange for the same items. I'm so confused.

Posted by Disappointed and Insulted

Went thru my house and closet and calculated several thousand of goods all purchased within in the last 2 year all from JCP. Got my return report and it averaged $300 for last year while last years purchase were $4,500. Well the insult stops here. Most offensive is their "go to hell" attitude now. I cut thru the store today to get to a specific store on the mall, well guess what????? It was not long will it take them to get the idea?????

Posted by Jennifer

I'm joining the growing chorus of angry customers who spend $1,000s at JCP but are being punished for that, we can "never" return again. I called the call center (off shore) and the man just read the same vague paragraph over and over stating that I simply couldn't return. He told me he had no idea as to why I was being penalized nor for how long this punishment would be in effect.

I will forward this website link to the California State Attorney General Becarra and my Congressman, Ted Lieu. I am doing so as it is clear from all of the complaints below the sending a letter to JCP doesn't work. They are deaf to this issue. They will continue to lose customers and blame Amazon when in fact, they are assisting in their own demise. It feels like an illegal practice for them to accept our money, but not hold to the terms on the back of their receipts.

However, I think that credit card issuers state that they can change their terms of service at any time, so I'm pretty clear that we are the losers...but then again, Target, Kohl's, Marshall's, Macy's and Nordstrom's will be the winners with our business. Sad. I'll miss JCP but it's the end of an era.

Posted by Bcuzicn

I'm with everyone else. I, too, buy a lot on line and can no longer return items. This is crazy.

Posted by No more JCP shopping

I will never shop at JCP again!! I spent close to $4000 on a mattress at JCP last months and received 14 of $10 reward certificates. I used the certificates on a dress ordered at JCP.COM but i had to return it because size is too big. I returned at the store and got the money back and they said i have to call JCP reward team to get the reward certificates back to my account. So I called them today. After 35 minutes waiting on line, the agent said they cannot give the reward certificates back to me. It's total BS!!! I will never shop at JCP again.

Posted by MsLyn

I was given a "citation" on my last return, warning me that future receipted or non-receipted returns may not be accepted. Wait a minute - nowhere in the return policy does it say that there is a limit on returns. WTF? So, I appealed it to The Retail Equation (following the directions on my citation) and they emailed that JCP stands by their decision to deny me future returns. After 4 requests, The Retail Equation sent me a copy of all the returns I've made in the last 6 years (coincidentally tied to the same time I became a JCP rewards member) but they did not send me a report of all the purchases I've made. I shop online, and I admit I return a lot. I had no idea I was putting myself on the deceitful shoppers list by this practice. And, clearly my spending doesn't factor in to The Retail Equation because I return little compared to what I keep.

So I decided to write a very thoughtful letter to JCP's corporate office. It took me a good amount of time to draft and re-word so I would come off as intelligent and not just pissed off. I sent the letter off to the corporate office, thinking someone would take notice of what is going on. Silly me! I received a form letter back telling me to contact The Retail Equation. The letter is so generic that it didn't even have my name on it. If anyone had read the letter, they would have known that I already contacted The Retail Equation. I gave JCP a chance and they don't give a rat's ass about my business, so I gotta say goodbye to JCP.

I was always so sad to hear that JCP was closing stores and struggling financially after over 100 years in business. But now I don't more than they care about me. When they close their doors for good - those of us who have been offended by their unlawful practice of targeting honest shoppers won't even notice because we'll be at Marshalls or Macy's or Kohls.

Posted by Dorothy in Kansas

JCPenney just lost my business. No family or friends will ever be shopping there again. I have a big and tall son and have been shopping there for him for years. When you go into a store anymore looking for something, they tell you that they don't carry that item in the store and you have to get it online. So now I have to order most items online. I went to return five shirts today that he didn't like and they wouldn't take them back. I had my receipt and all items still have their tags. Said I had reached my return limit. I have reached my shopping limit also and won't be going back. What is it to them if I spend $3000 a year, but return $500 of it in the process of finding something my son can fit? Card gets cancelled as soon as my next statement comes.

Posted by Wheaton Mom

Okay, it was my turn today. Same experience as others reported here. I came home and put my JCP card through the shredder. I'm so done with them. Highly insulted by their actions. I predict this is the beginning of the end for the retailer. I don't understand how they can legally get away with this. One question that came to mind was the purchase I was trying to return within 30 days and unused was put on my VISA card. I wonder if that makes a difference? I am going to contact VISA to see if they will do anything on my behalf. I will miss JCP because they carry Liz Claiborne line which I love. I will learn to live without, because it's the principle and I won't risk getting stuck with merchandise again.

Posted by Rajh

Can't discriminate against people with disabilities in case you didn't know. Denying people with disabilities the right to return items to a store after purchasing online is an obvious no-no. Let's all see how they do financially after losing half their customers now. Probably didn't think about the disabled group of customers before launching this policy, oops!

Posted by Mirger87

So finished with you JC Penney! I too have been banned from returning and exchanging items at JCP.
I purchased a swimsuit and after returning home I found it was missing the neck strap (which I need).I tried to exchange it two days later and could not because I am not allowed to return anymore because I have made too many returns.
No WHERE on their receipt or website does it say I am only allowed to make XXXX number of returns in a certain time frame. The receipt says, With a receipt: "items purchased at jcp are eligible for exchange or return of the purchase price on the original method of payment or a jcp gift card." I always have my receipt and I always use a JCP card so they can verify my purchases and the purchase price. But now without disclosing this new deceptive policy you are not allowed to return items if they feel you have returned too much. So, do you think they are going to restrict me because I buy too much???
I hate to try on in store so I do purchase several garments in several sizes with the full intent to return at least half of the purchase. The same with, I prefer to try on in my own home, with my accessories, my shoes and the valued opinion of my husband who hates to sit outside of dressing rooms!

Basically what they are telling most of us that this third party "re-viewer" of our returns feel we are stealing or deceiving JCPenney. They need to look at how much I buy and how much I keep. I have a pretty nice size balance on my JCP card (which I am not proud of) but guess what, that balance is going to go down very fast as JCP is no longer going to be my go-to store.

Also as stated in previous reviews, customer service and store managers do not give a rats behind about customers who have been barred from returns. I was treated like I was a low life scammer. I am a christian woman, I work full time as an accountant, I am on a board of directors for a bank, I am a top fundraiser in our area for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, a grandmother of seven. I am not a scammer or scum. I even hate that fact that I am miffed enough to be writing this review. I was a 40 year loyal customer of JCP but HELLO Kohls and Macys.

Posted by Disgusted

No one can give JCP customers the effective date of the change in return policy or exactly what the percentage of purchases versus percentage of returns triggers this sudden refusal to return. I appears that JCP has been keeping track of all credit card transactions since 2010....7 years.....this is crazy. Points fall off of your Drivers License after a period of time but your return history is yours for life with this company. For any card I used at JCP I am going to ask for a new charge number I am not comfortable with this company in California having SOOO MUCH information. I believe this may have some legal ramifications since they did not publish this policy. Well.....guess it is good bye.....a shame I shopped for 6 family members there and while I have XX in returns I had XXXX in purchases that were kept as MANY others here. Lets not be surprised when they suddenly close their doors,

Posted by vdrsolo

Wow...JCPenney has lost my business....not due to local employees and store, but due to corporate policy. I order most of our stuff online because our store is a small strip mall store. Styles, colors, and sizes are limited. I normally order a couple of different sizes in a style in different colors and return the sizes that don't fit. ALWAYS WITH A RECEIPT AND TAGS ATTACHED! So today, I went to return something to the store (with a receipt, brand new with tags) and I was denied! Apparently, I am abusing the return policy by making too many returns (they need to look at how much I spend and keeping and the returns are MINIMAL compared to that)! I can only think of one time in the past year where I did not have my receipt and actually just did an exchange for a different size. So now I have been banned for 180 days by a third party company called The Return Equation! I called them first...talked to someone with very broken English and they said I could file a dispute for each receipt which can take up to 60 days. I called the JCP credit card company, they only manage it, so I called JCP Corporate who was VERY RUDE to me and made me feel like a criminal and who said I needed to call TRE (The Return Equation company who was hired by JCP). I can understand if I was abusing the system by repeatedly making returns without a receipt but every return I make is with a receipt and with all tags on them, unworn! UGHH...I have been a very loyal customer for over 15 years and buy the majority of our clothes and household items from them. I would love to know if there has been a formal Facebook page created or class action lawsuit.


Called corporate office they said they did NOT set the benchmarks for the return policy TRE did, I paraphrased my question three different ways....JCP hired TRE JCP gives TRE the information to process according to their corporate policies.....JCP constantly denied having any control over it. Absolutely one can give the limits of the new policy NOR the effective date....they just keep saying review your report to see if it is question again.....what is the benchmark. This is most difficult to believe in this age of full disclosure and public records being open to can a company not be responsible for their decisions and able to EXPLAIN THEIR POLICY. Think a boycott is in order.

Posted by Disturbed in the midwest.

AFter reading all of the above mentioned comments regarding JC Penney, I join the forces of reporting them to the BBB. This is ridiculous! My mother, 87 years of age, with physical disabilities was denied a return. She has been a loyal customer for over 60 years. This is the only store that she is able to get to that has nicer clothing for her. She has never spent more than $150.00 any one month. She keeps every blasted receipt, and always has the receipt when she goes in to exchange or return an item. She was denied a return, refused a "due bill"; thus, closed out her account. Now, she received a letter from JC Penney telling her that she still owes the amount of $90.00, but they deny her the right to return /exchange the items! They also offered her the chance to reapply for a credit card in the future! Not ever going to happen! This is ultimate fraud on the company's part! (Also, when I called the Retail Equation, tried to ask for supervisors, and was spoke to / treated very rudely.)

Posted by Anonymous

Can I return a online order to the store.

Posted by LFP


Just like everyone below. I have been a loyal customer for more than 25 years and recently I have been denied a return with my receipt; and have been told to call The Retail Equation that only has a Pacific Standard time telephone number to rectify the situation. Unfortunately the personnel at The Retail Equation facility were very rude and told me that all they could do is provide me with a Return Activity Report that includes return information from 2011 to current. They cannot tell me what if anything in the report is causing the denial of a return with a receipt. The only option they tell you is you can dispute the information in the Return Report. Every return listed states that a receipt was available. How does JC Penney expect that a consumer has the ability to verify activity back to 2011? And even if the consumer could, what does it matter if you do not know the criteria that has been set by JC Penney to classify a customer in a category such that the customer is denied a return with a receipt? I also tried to dispute the charge with the Bank for my JC Penney credit card but was told I cannot dispute the charge until I return the merchandise which I attempted to do several times. I plan to notify the Better Business Bureau and seek legal advice to determine my recourse and rights as a consumer so that I can receive the refunds that I am entitled to given that JC Penney's return policy clearly states that a customer can return an item with a receipt.

Like many of the other people who previously wrote, it is very disturbing to get treated as though you are doing something wrong when you are denied a return accompanied by a receipt at the store by an Associate and Manager. In fact I spoke to someone by the name of Camisha in the corporate department at JC Penney that agreed that this denial of a return is not commensurate with the Company's policy; is wrong; but she could not do anything for me unless JC Penney rectifies what is causing this to happen in its computer system.


Posted by Jen

I am also a long time JCP customer who was not able to make a return and given a return denied receipt. I did receive a return warning a few weeks ago which was very embarrassing and made me feel like I was being dishonest. I have never returned anything at JCP past the return window and I always have a receipt. How can a store not let you return merchandise when you have the receipt and all tags are attached? and the back of the receipts states you can make returns with a receipt?? the sales associates nor the supervisor were able to explain this and when I called the phone number on the receipt they were unable to help and explain anything. I will be closing my JCP account and not purchasing from them as long as this procedure is in effect. I really like shopping at JCP but if they feel it is ok to treat customers with receipts this way, I will choose to shop at Target and Kohls from now on. I will also be putting in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Posted by teatimecarol

I am a long time shopper at JCP and I am very upset with this new policy on returns. I purchased several items and when I returned one I was given a "warning notice" regarding future returns. When I had to return another item from the original purchase it was denied. I tried to explain that I purchased this item before getting the "warning" but the manager said she could not do anything about it. I tried calling the corporate office and was told I needed to contact the Retail Equation company which I did call but was told to put the dispute in writing. I wrote explaining everything and got a response today saying there "was not an error in my return", it was "due to overall return activity". Needless to say, I will not be shopping at JCP again!

Posted by Kim

I was only denied my return this week, with my accompanying receipt. I have a son who is battling leukemia, so I too, have been doing my limited shopping online and then returning what didn't work. I'm extremely disappointed in their new policy, so I too will not be able to shop there. I understand that some people may possibly abuse the return policy, but their should be some allowance for those of us in extenuating circumstances....not just a blanket policy with no opportunity to discuss why the frequent return. They'll no longer have my business.

Posted by Lolo

I had a very difficult experience at one of the Seattle JCP stores. I am a long time customer and use my JCP account regularly. I purchased a pair of shoes for my husband and they did not fit. I attempted to return them the next day and was denied the return by the sales associate. I called for a manager to explain the "abuse of returns". She could not, and only explained it was a new company policy. I left the store immediately with my family and we went to the Macys next door. I have never been so disgusted with a department store and the CEO of Penneys should be fired immediately. To treat long time customers with disregard is reprehensible. I expect an apology from JCP.

Posted by Kiki

I have been a loyal and faithful customer with JC Penney for 27 years.I am so upset with this new policy for limit returning items.I have a 5 year old autistic daughter that don't like alot of lighting n noise so I order alot online with JCP. I noticed some people are disabled on here also who order online. It saddened me to hear this. I spend so much money with jcp, and love there sales. When I order online I purchase 3 different styles, colors, sizes, etc. due to not seeing how they fit until I get them in mail. I don't wish to shop JCP anymore. They are losing many good, and honest customers. Also I must add everything I return has never been worn, tags still attached in the delivery package wrapping they came delivered in. Now I know one reason your closing, and losing customers.


Shop for several family members and a friend that cannot go to store because of disability generally select goods together on line ALWAYS have a receipt for denied returns ........ridiculous and not fair for people that are disabled there needs to be an immediate change in their policy.....or at time of purchase provide a warning.....RETURNS may not be accepted and wonder why they are closing their stores?

Posted by Rhia

I love shopping at the JCP at North Hills, Raleigh, NC, but am confused by corporate's decision to use THE RETAIL EQUATION for tracking returns. Seriously? Refusing returns WITH a receipt? That is ridiculous and a good way to lose loyal HONEST customers like me - I've had a JCP account for 40+ years and literally spend thousands a year shopping at JCP. Corporate should develop an IN HOUSE tracking software program like the one Walmart uses and reasonably limit returns WITHOUT receipts.

Posted by Deeh

What are families with special needs family members suppose to do JC Penney??? This is discrimination!!! I can already see a MAJOR lawsuit coming on this one. I can't get a wheelchair into your fitting rooms and so I order online, which means many returns to the store but always with tags attached & receipt in hand. My family will no longer shop at J C Penney after being a loyal customer for 30+ years. I hope the store reconsiders this absurd policy.

Posted by Kristen

Wow! I am glad to see others in the same boat - JCP will lose many customers due to this game they are playing. I don't think they can legally implement an arbitrary change their return policies without informing customers at time of purchase. I am like the others - purchasing many things online and returning the items that don't fit. I always have receipts and return the merchandise in NEW condition. Today my returns were denied. Embarrassing and absurd! Unfortunately, I used my JCP credit card instead of my Amex for my recent purchases. I know Amex would be able to help but who knows what will happen now. I am not paying for items I can't use and should be able to return as I have in the past. Now I must waste time filing formal complaints and dealing with this crap - I am just stunned by their treatment of so many long term customers. It's as if they are TRYING to run the business into the ground.

Posted by Deb

I too received a printout from JCP that i could make no returns with or without a receipt, even if the tags are on the merchandise. What kind of a ridiculous thing is this? I do a lot of online shopping at JCP...i have issues with my knees and cant spend a lot of time walking around the mall/stores. When i order on line, i usually will order a few sizes of the same thing to make sure of fit and sometimes return it all if I don't like it. Also JCP will have different promos online than what is in the store. So you look at both to get the best price. Isn't that what we are supposed to do. I have been shopping with JCP for years!!!! I am terribly discouraged and angry that i can not make a return with tags on the merchandise and with a receipt. I should have this right!

Posted by Sandra Dee

I also shop for family members and was denied returns this weekend. I was very shocked to receive this "print-out" from some third-party company I have never heard of and whom seems to have been tracking my returns. Tried to get a store manager on the phone and was put on hold. Store manager, of course, never came on the line. I have spent lots of MONEY at JCP over the years. Thank goodness I charged the bulk of my latest purchase on my Amex card. JCP has definitely lost a customer. Never again. I'm done with JCP. Very insulted!

Posted by MadinIL

I too will be taking my business elsewhere. I could get behind limiting returns without a valid receipt, but I was just told that I cannot make anymore returns for 180 days b/c I have made too many returns recently, even though every one was accompanied with a valid receipt, on my JCPenney card, and still had the tags attached. As with many of the others below, I frequently purchase multiple sizes online or even in the store and try on at home. If that is too inconvenient for a retailer, then I will take my business elsewhere. I am also bothered by the claims on The Retail Equation website, making it seem as though someone with my buying habits has a shopping addiction. I would prefer JCPenney update their policy to limit the timeframe for returns and require tags to be attached, etc then punish me for preferring to make final decisions at home. JCPenney had recently become a "go to" store for me, however I will not be making any purchases there unless this new policy is changed.

Posted by Sharon

I AM SOOOO angry with JCPenny!!! I think a class action lawsuit is what we need to do! I am a VERY loyal JCP customer since I was 17. How dare they tell me I can't return with a receipt. NO WHERE does it state on my receipt or on their website that I can't return. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I suggest you all do the same! I also will be writing a letter to the CEO, of course you can't call him or email him. The address is 6501 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024 - Attn: Marvin Ellison - CEO.
I will NEVER shop there again. I too like others buy a lot online, how can you not. They entice you with 30 % off coupons every other day and like others sometimes I am not sure what size I am. I can not believe with the climate of big stores the way it is they would jeopardize their client base by pulling this crap with their loyal customers.
I am also calling the local news papers. I will tell anyone who will listen to me that this is not right. YOU can not change a policy and NOT notify your customers. I am beyond angry!

Posted by Matt

BEWARE -- For those of you have been blocked from returning items to JCP, in spite of what your receipt says:

I checked JCP's website and the return policy posted on their website does not match their actions. The website is not accurate. It mentions nothing about a right to block someone from returning items who has already returned a lot of items. JCP should be held accountable for this discrepancy. This is misrepresentation.

I have spoken to a representative as well as a supervisor with The Retail Equation and they are unable to give customers the CRITERIA they say JCP has set up for blocking "abusive" returns. The Retail Equation staff said they do not know what the criteria is. By the way, the term for returning a lot of items should more accurately be called a "high return rate." There is no reason to attach the term "ABUSIVE" to simply returning a lot of items with tags that have never been used. Frankly, I doubt a female manager would have used this term.

I hope someone in JCP management will read this and weigh the consequences from this decision. It's hard to get back customers once you've lost them. I think JCP management owes some of their customers an apology for not doing a better job of educating their customer up front at the time of purchase, or better yet in a letter to all JCP card holders that their return policy has changed. Come on guys and gals in JCP management, step up.

Posted by Matt

I'm wondering if JC Penney's is struggling.

Today (June 29, 2017), I was told by a JC Penney employee that I could not return any items, even though I had my receipts, and all the items had tags on them. All 3 of the receipts specifically stated that I was able to return the items. Like many of you, I prefer to try on clothes at home, where the lighting and mirror are better, so that means I have returns. Apparently Penney's (or the 3rd party they hired, The Retail Equation) thinks my return rate is excessive.

Since Penney's new return policy was not posted anywhere I asked to speak with the store manager. The store manager actually let me return my items today only (Thank you very much), however he suggested I contact The Retail Equation in Irvine, CA for more detail about why my returns were denied.

A company with EXCELLENT customer service would have ideally notified all customers well in advance with a letter that their store return policy was changing, rather than wait for the MOMENT in the store when a return is denied. I was frankly embarrassed in the store.

It's interesting to me -- JC Penney had no problem accepting my Penney credit card charge a couple of days ago, even though I was on the verge of returning too much, in their opinion. The optimum time to educate consumers is BEFORE a purchase is made.

I buy a lot from Penneys, although now I am hesitant to buy anything here at least for the time being. Yesterday I selected some items to order on line, and was all ready to check out. I'm thinking maybe Penney's does not want our business.

I'm hoping JC Penneys management will reconsider this policy.

Posted by No longer a jcp customer

I am contacting a lawyer or at least disputing charges on my bill. I ordered two shorts online and not sure they are going to fit and have a pair of jeans to return. Tags and receipts. Found out they are limiting returns With receipts. That's with receipts. I don't see it posted anywhere in the store or on the receipts this policy. I get it if it's without the receipt. If I had known this I wouldn't have bought anything online. The people in the curtain department encourage to buy a panel of a few curtains you like and figure out what you want and then return the others. Sephora stands behind the makeup and return if you don't like. Do not shop here anymore all items are final sale even with a receipt. I have shopped there for years and recently embarrassed online for returning something with a receipt. I am now doing my shopping elsewhere. I shop at the bel air store but have been to white marsh also and the workers not all but most are rude. The store is a junk hole and the bathrooms are disgusting. If they put as much effort into the store as they do embarrassing their customers they'd be ok. Most of the registers are closed and you have to find someone to wait on you. I true that d something with a receipt because it didn't fit and not only was I told I couldn't do that she asked how did it not fit too big or too small. What does that matter. I'm done with that store.

Posted by Steffie

I advise everyone to call the corporate office and let them know. Had I known I couldn't return items with a receipt I would t have been shoppingg there. I prefer to try on clothes at home and return whatever doesn't fit with a receipt and the tags. I get if they want to figure out the people who don't have receipts but what other store is everything final sale even if you have a receipt. No more either. They expect you to buy online and not be able to return. I have a lot of returns if something doesn't fit but that's because I shop a lot and spend a lot there. I am a platinum card holder and was told by the cashier when I retained a shirt that didn't fit with the receipt and tags uh oh no returns for you and embarrassed me online like I was some criminal. Bi said even with a receipt. Had they posted that you can no longer return with a receipt I would shop somewhere else or at least make sure I tried it on there. This was a t white marsh mall where they like to close off dressing rooms with junk so you can't get in there and they don't have to clean them. I said ok noore shopping here treating me like that. The people who are stealing and returning with no receipt are they being humiliated or is it the platinum card holders who've shopped there for years. I am boycotting this store since everything is considered final sale even with a receipt and I was told today even if you buy something and even exchange it for another size it counts as a return. Let's show them that treating the honest loyal customers like that isn't ok. They almost went out of business a few years ago treating the customer like idiots when they had that CEO who was insulting. They not only need to change the policy of retuning with receipts and work on the real criminals but they owe an apology for putting people in these situations and having teenagers working there saying uh oh like you're some criminal. I shopped there several times a week so because a shirt doesn't fit they don't want my Business anymore. Whoever thought this was a good idea is going to see it wasn't.

Posted by mary206

I am glad to learn that others have had a miserable return experience at JCP. I just had it today and and still waiting to hear back from a store manager (in Seattle, Washington). I order online because store selection of petite sizes is so poor; I also don't like to try clothes on in a store because I value my privacy, so I need to make returns. Suffice to say that I won't shop there if I cannot make receipted returns for 180 days because some outfit called The Retail Equation has a fancy algorithm to track my purchases and returns. There is plenty of news these days about retail brick-and-mortar stores closing, and return policies such as the one JCP now has will drive customers right to Amazon and Macys and Ann Taylor and Nordstrom and other retailers who understand that sometimes we need to return things. As a contrast experience, just last week I returned a dress to Nordstrom that I purchased over a year ago, no one batted an eye

Posted by Bobb

There are many law firms I suspect would be interested in a class action. I know of only one which would consider it if enough people contacted them on their website. Although they are based in NY, they accept class actions representing anyone disenfranchised by corporations in the US. They are Wittels Law and can be found online. Recently they represented a class action against Time Warner Cable. Tell everyone you know who has been adversely affected by JCPenney and The Retail Equation.

Posted by Susiemc

The same thing happened to me yesterday. I returned a top which I bought in the store, had my receipt and the next thing I knew I was reading this printout saying they would accept this return but that I could not return ANYTHING for 180 days. I could not believe it. I buy for several people in my family, usually online, and sometimes I do return items for various reasons. Sure glad I haven't bought anything was very expensive. But that's not the point. I talked to the store manager and I did call the number on the receipt. Both said there was nothing they could do about my issue, that it is now store policy. Would have been nice if there would have been some type of warning before they just stop letting you return things. I have always had my receipt and return within a couple weeks. You wouldn't think this was even legal, I don't know, but I won't be shopping at JCP again. I hope they read these comments. JCP has been suffering for quite some time, I think this policy will bring them down.

Posted by cindee

I had the same problem with jcp recently... how do they know we returned multiple items? Do they also know i bought something else? Are they dishonestly tracking our credit cards? Anyone an attorney who can answer me, A now former regular customer at jcp? I buy all my clothes there. I am now not permitted to return until 180 days? Sandusky, ohio store had about 6 people in the whole store this day i went in... do they really want to aleinate a regular? Oh, its their loss..goodbye jcp!

Posted by Anonymous

I shop quiet a bit at JCP for my family. As my husband and kids are busy, I end up buying clothes for them. At times, I have had to return/exchange merchandise due to fit or color or material. I have always returned the merchandise within a week or 2 of purchase in its original condition with the tags on and with the receipt. Couple of days ago while I was, my receipt return came up with a warning saying "Future receipted and Non-Receipted Returns May Be Declined" To my surprise, I was told that I can't make any returns for 180 days. The sales person did not have any idea as to why I received the warning. I came home and downloaded the Return Activity Report from the web site mentioned in the warning slip. The report lists all of my returns since 2012. My total number of return transaction to date is 44 times which averages to 7/8 returns per year. The latest return listed in the report was an "even exchange". When questioned of its appearance on the return list, I was told by the Manager that even exchange shows up on their return list as they first return the item and then sell it. So, of the 44 return transactions since 2012, some of them are even exchanges as well. I called TRE customer service mentioned on the return warning to find out the reason behind this. Unfortunately, they said that they provide the report to JCPenny and it is the store that makes the decision on denying returns. I called the store and spoke to a Manager and she said probably I had many returns without receipt. Luckily the report shows that there was a receipt for every transaction. I took the report in person to the store hoping that they could resolve the issue. After looking at the report, the Manager pointed her finger to the TRE and said that JCP had nothing to do with it. She even made a call to TRE and the representative told her they could not override the decision. So basically neither TRE or JCP knows who controls this and how to override this. I am frustrated and will not be buying at JCP anymore.

Posted by Questionable Practices

I just read the above JCP return policy. It says, " with JCP hassle free return policy, you never have to keep unwanted merchandise". JCP's agreement on all receipts also says "this purchase is eligible for refund or exchange". Both of these statements are false. They refused my return for 180 days. Punishment? There are NO notices posted stating that their agreements, and above posted policy, are false. Is there a limit on purchases, also? I can guarantee you there isn't. I believe that JCP is the party who is committing fraud.

Posted by wadelle2

I love JCP and do most of my family's clothes shopping there. I always use my JCP card and always have a receipt when I do my return. We have a busy family life, so I often buy clothes, try them on at home/have kids try on at home and return what doesn't fit. I return items quickly, clothes are unworn with tags in tact, always with a receipt, and payment always goes back on my card. We still spend a lot of money at JCP, and I pay my card on time. Today, my first receipt return came up with a warning and the second receipt return was denied. I was shocked. The clerk said she couldn't provide any information and I had to call the number on the denied report. When I called, they said I could not do another return EVEN WITH A RECEIPT for 180 days. I asked what the return limits were but they did not have that information. So here I am a loyal and regular JCP cardholder and customer being penalized for doing frequent business with JCP that includes a percentage of my purchases being returned. I went back to a register and spoke with a manager who was apologetic but unable to help. Bottom line is that I am banned from any returns for 180 days. I am outraged and will NOT be shopping JCP any longer. No wonder bankruptcy rumors circulate around them if this is how they treat their best customers! RIDICULOUS!

Posted by Anonymous

I buy most of my clothes on as I wear petites and the selections are horrible in the stores. I probably return half of what I buy because I usually order 2 sizes in an item hoping one will fit. Today I went to the store to make returns of online purchases with tags and receipts and when I got home and organized my receipts, I found a receipt stating I was being "warned" and will be declined from further returns at JCP. I called the number they provided to the TRE and they said I was banned from making returns at JCP for 180 days. I feel pretty humiliated by this as I am a good customer at JCP. And to add insult to injury, early this morning unbeknownst to me that I was on some warning list, I ordered 4 dresses online and now I can't return them since I received the warning later in the day. I am positive this will be my last shopping experience at Penneys and will be buying petite clothes elsewhere regardless of the fact that they will cost more money.

Posted by Shygranmother

Today I had to go through 3 people to receive money for return items I had purchased on JCP. Credit card. They said it is policy to get a credit on your card or a gift card. I told them I didn't want either. The purchase was made 3 months earlier, the receipt was in tact and the credit card balance was zero. I don't want to be forced to spend my money at JCP. The manager said corporate would send a check- I shared I'd rather receive a checks in 10 weeks than to let JCP hold my money until I decided to shop there again. Absolutely not! He finally decided to give me the cash (under derest ) "I'm not supposed to do this" he said. Because of this policy, my visits will be fewer and I won't use their credit card.

Posted by Lost Customer

I spend tons of money at JC Penny's annually. Last week I asked to even exchange an $8.00 womens t shirt for the exact same one because the original purchase had a seam unraveling after the lst wash. The customer service lady said because I did not have the receipt I had to pay an addition $2.00 because the price may have been cheaper the 1st time I bought the t-shirt. Have I gone mad? Its an even exchange for the very exact same t shirt I bought two weeks earlier. So I am penalized $2.00 for their poor clothing quality and it was so little at the time I just paid it and left but what an idiotic and random policy. Or it may have just been made up by this particular women. Any wonder I dumped the $100 of other clothes in my basket and just left the store ticked.

Posted by SHOREQ70O

I return about half of what I buy online. Now they are staying I can't return anything for 180 days, because of 2 many returns ....all with receipts..BIZZARE

Posted by wes13y

I will never be shopping at JcPenny again in my life and will advise others to do the same. The first time I ordered the money was left in my account for over two months. The second time I ordered online and made a return. When I returned the item they charged me for it again. This charged another $497 to my account. Now my account has been overdrawn and I've been told I'll be without the money until someone calls me back, within two days at the latest. Now on to figure out what fees I owe the bank for a $500 overdraft thanks to JCPenney

Posted by Jennifer

Ok we bought a dress that was a size 7 the bottoms fit but the top needs to be a 9 can I exchange it if I have the receipt?

Posted by Gigi

Don't lose your receipts people! I have never had any problems returning things at JCP. If you lose your receipt what do you expect them to do? JCP has lots of great sales so even though you MAY have paid $50, the item could have gone on sale for $29.99 with an extra percentage off. So why should they throw $50 at you without proof? It is a business after all! They can't babysit you so you don't lose your receipts.

Posted by Draven

I had the worst experience I lost my receipt so not good I my part but the way I was treated after was horrible. The cashier acted like I robbed a bank or stole his mothers silver. I ended up having to leave without an exchange or anything done. I was embaressed because it started a chain reaction of dirty looks from customers because of the way I was treated.

Posted by Jlo

I was returning a jacket today at jcp with the receipt and the receipt that paid off the jcp credit card. The sales associates wouldn't allow me to return it without the actual jcp credit card which my mom owns. I wasn't asking for cash back or crediting back to a different form of payment, just back to the same jcp card. Soooo annoying. Now i have to cross the border again next week with mom just to return this item....Ugh!

Posted by sexynanna

I bought a couple shirts on my credit card on feb.5 and i need to return them i have the recipt but i dont want them to put the money back on my card i want cash back does anyone no if they will give me cash back.

Posted by luv2shop

I tried to return a sterling silver ring under $60 to a closer JCP in my area. The sales lady in the jewelry dept. asked if I could return it to the store I originally bought it from. She said it would hurt their sales because they were a smaller store compared to the JCP in the mall. Then she asked if I could possibly come back the next day to return it. This was extremely inconvenient for me, so the following week I went to the original store to return this ring. The sales lady at that store told me the other store should not have told me that. I am so disappointed because I really like shopping with JCP, but not worth this kind of hassle. I buy and return things all the time with many retailers and it's always hassle free. I probably will stay away from JCP after this.

Posted by Anonymous

Some people try rippi g the stores off by buying merchandise when the price is low and then wanting to return it when the price comes back up so they can make a few bucks off the store. Its sad that stores have to have strick policies on returns but if you just save you receict you wouldnt have any problems. Now how hard is that. I love shopping at jcpenney and I will continue to do so.

Posted by Shirley

I had to return 3 items only, the other many items fit perfectly. Thank you.

Posted by Shirley

I had to return a few items, but the many other items fit perfect. Thank you.


Big retail nightmare! Their policy states that no receipted returns are hassle free & based on the last lowest sale price in the past 45 days. What they will not tell you is that the machine calculates the lowest sale price in the past 45 days for them. They then manually subtract additional 80% on top of that leaving you with an extremely low amount on the return so that you do not want to return it! Is a very deceptive practice the return process is hasslefree because you were so shocked that you don't even know where to begin with the rebuttal. The policy which they have a ties online is not congruent with their practice in the store it's very deceptive I'm not certain if it's legal but I am 10 to report it The item I was returning last
Sale price was $199 for based on their policy I would not have received full price but I would have received $199 sale price after they applied percents extraction I would have received $40 as a refund without a receipt this is clearly robbery I am not certain how to proceed with this I'm sure it happens to people all the time and when I have any ideas to help boycott this process! It seems if you use cash or loose a reciept your treated like a criminal!

Posted by Anonymous

OK I paid 60 plus tax on two pair of pants at jcpennys. Lost my receipt. And was giving 15$ and 7$ for them.Really crazy

Posted by SG

I received a gift card as a birthday present. With the gift card I purchased an Armitron watch in fine jewelry. I didn't keep the receipt, When I got home the watch didn't work. So I took it back to see if they would check and see if it was the battery. The clerk said she couldn't. And they do not give refunds or exchanges on fine jewelry without a receipt. It's understandable that you need a receipt, I get that. But it's really bad customer service when they could care less that you just spent $50.00 for merchandise at their store and you can't even use it until you pay someone else to fix it!!!!! No wonder J.C. Penney isn't doing well financially even after the revamp and upgrade they recently completed. Maybe they need to upgrade their customer service. Gone are the days when it was important that every customer left happy!

Posted by Anonymous

Ok so 2 weeks ago I bought a dress from Fashion Mix Alteration Services and 1 week ago was Junior Girls dance. I took advice from the lady that was helping me out on the dress. She told me the dress should be nice and tight so when I bought it a week later the hook from the back of the dress broke when my friend was helping me getting ready. I never got to wear the dress any where and at Fashion Mix Alteration Services were telling me I can't have a refund!

Posted by LoriVincent

I purchased a formal dress. I removed the tags and put it on. I zipped it. I had to have a friend hook the hook piece though, and she noticed that the neckline piece was unsewnbor unglued. Am I able to return a defective dress?

Posted by db

January 6, 2016
Purchased a pair of Dockers slippers for my Husband for Christmas at JC Penney�s on
December 6, 2016 in Uniontown, PA.
On January 5, 2017, my Husband brought to my attention that the slippers had come apart in the seam.
The next day, January 6, I went to JC Penney�s in Morgantown, WV where I live to exchange the slippers for a new pair.
When I presented the cashier with the defective shoes and the receipt, I was told they could not exchange them. The one cashier said I had bought too small of a size and that there was no box. She said they had been worn and they could take them back. The other cashier suggested I buy a better quality like uggs. I asked to speak to a manager. Amanda (a manager) appeared after I had waited quite a while and said the shoes had been worn and also, that they were purchased on December 6 which was past the 30 day return policy. They would not be able to exchange them. She suggested I contact Dockers, the company that made the shoes. I kept trying to explain that these were a Christmas gift and had only been worn a few days since Christmas. They were clearly defective. They should not have come apart after being worn such a short time.
I called a customer service number and gave the lady my email and phone number. She agreed that I should have received another pair as they were defective. However, she could only have someone contact me. She said different JC Penney stores had different return policies. That seemed odd so I called the corporate office. The lady took the information from my store receipt and said she would submit it and the General Manager would contact me in 24 � 28 hours. So I will wait for the call.
Please note that I contacted the manager at JC Penney�s in Uniontown, PA where I purchased the shoes and she said it was ridiculous that Morgantown JC Penney�s would not exchange the defective shoes.
She said she would be happy to help me if I brought them there. This is what I most likely will do. It just seems outrageous that a JC Penney�s would not stand behind a product they sell. I pointed out to them that spend quite a bit of money in Penney�s on a weekly basis. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! I just want a decent pair of slippers for my Husband. Thank you

Posted by Therese Kyker

Jcp states you can purchase online and return to store. Be aware you cannot do this if you used PayPal as a payment method. The site should state this. I had corporate involved and still couldn't. Called PayPal and they said they are just stupid because all other retailers can credit back to PayPal. This was for a 500$ purchase. No, jcp I do not want a store credit for 500.00


Do Not Order Appliances From Jc Penny... You Will Have A Hard Time With The 1-800 Number Trying To Get A Hold Of Anyone To Talk With About Your Concern. I Have Called Numerous Of Time Only To Be Hung Up On And Waiting On Hold Over 30 Plus Min To Not Speak With Anyone. I Ordered My Appliance In December At The Store To Only Be Told I Will Have To Wait Another Month For It To Be Delievered The Day Before Delivery. Robert And Jed (so Called Store Managers) In The Appliance Department Are No Help At All And Instead Of Them Trying To Help And Be Customer Friendly They Made The Situation Worse. How Do I Talk To Someone To Return My Order Before It Is Delievered Were I Do Not Have To Wait An Hour On Hold????

Posted by rebecca

I bought a coat for my daughter on black friday. When she opened on christmas we found out it didnt fit. Took it and my reciept back to jcp and they were gonna allow me to exchange it. When they didnt have a different size they refunded my all my money. They were very nice and very customer friendly! Some people are complaining about a gift saying this price on a tag and not getting but a portion back when they didnt have a reciept. Jcp runs alot of sales with the original tag price that coats tag said $150 i paid $15 and $15 is what i got back.

Posted by discouraged patron

I was given a pair of ladies pajamas, wrong size with 50$ price tag still on the set. Mother in law purchased this gift in Colorado prior to Xmas so mail would reach us in GA. At the store here in ALpharetta the clerk told me all I would get is S10.70 for a S50.00 gift I could not possibly wear or exchange into my size. I had just had surgery that week and it was very difficult to get down to the store in returnable time. There was not even enough on the refund card to purchase even clearance items in the store.Yet I returned a new pair of 50$ pajamas. Cruel policy

Posted by Anonymous

The left shoe fit great, but the right shoe was very loose especially around the heel. I could barely walk without it trying to fall off.

Posted by JJ

My husband buys jeans at JCP and sometimes gets the wrong size. Because I'm at the mall more often than he is I exchange them for him. I didn't think it was necessary to have the receipt for an even exchange so sometimes wouldn't look for it. In November I tried to return a gift for merchandise credit and was handed a piece of paper that said my return was denied because I'd exceeded my # of returns without a receipt. This was my first return without a receipt in years, but it turns out each exchange counted against me. I can't find anyone at JCP who can tell me how many returns a person is allowed without a receipt. I don't know if they drop off after awhile or if I'm banned forever. But it would be nice if they would disclose that somewhere, including the fact that an exchange = a return. If I'd known that I would've used the receipt for the exchange.

Posted by Missangelvoice

Bought a refrigerator with assurance from the salesperson that if if it didnt fit, just dont have them install it and there would be a full refund. 3 days before delivery,I did re measure the space and it wouldn't fit for sure so I cancelled that item with major appliances dept over the phone, no problem they told me, they would cancel it and do the refund. However the fridge was on the truck along with the other items to be delivered. I told them not to even take it off the truck, they didnt and said they would scan it back and do a refund. 4 separate calls since then and that item is still on my account and every time I talk to someone after being transferred every time back and forth that item is still on my account. To say the least frustration is rampant for me and I dont know how or who to get this resolved. I will never use my Pennys account again.

Posted by MReis

My husband received a watch from JC Penney as a gift. He doesnt wear watches due to his job. So, he went to return it (having the gift receipt) and he can only get a gift card? Not acceptable. We don't shop at JCP. And so now we can either keep the useless watch (that's too big anyways) or get a gift card to a place where we don't even shop! There isn't even one in our town!

Posted by LW

Can I return online ordered items at my local JCP store that were sent directly from the manufacture or seller?

Posted by Aida

I ordered a polo shirt on line. It was too big. In my says I can return it for exchanges or refund in any jcpenny store or mail it. When I went this morning at Winfield Jcpenny the representative told me they could not do any on line purchases for in store exchanges. I told them it is even written in my receipt that it can be done. Why are they making this hard for customers? Jcpenny just lost my business forever.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't see how much time I have to return an item for a refund.

Posted by Delilah Moon

I have zero issues w/ their return policies. First - don't wait more than 90 days. This is their policy. Why? Well as you can imagine, it's pretty hard to move swimsuits when they're returned in November.... Secondly, if you do not have your receipt; and you purchased via JC credit card or your own credit card, ask the associate to do a "charge look up". They can look up your receipt for you.

Finally - the refund is issued in the same format for which you paid. So if you used your credit card, it goes back to the same one. Depending on your bank; the refund may take anywhere from 2-5 days to appear. If it goes more than 5 days - contact your BANK FIRST. Usually the hold up is on their end.

Posted by Maelene

I bought 2,pairs of jeans with a gift card my daughter gave me for Mother's Day in May. I purchase one pair in May and the other in Jul. They both are too long for me. I finally got around to returning them today in Enterprise Al. I was told that they could not refund them to my gift card cause they don't do refunds after 90 days. I had my receipts and tags and it did no good. So now I am stuck with 2 pairs of jeans I can't wear. I asked to speak to a manager and was told she would tell me the same thing. Shopping at JC Penny's is over for me

Posted by Kc

I have a return from July with receipt and tags on item can I return it still?I didn't know if there is a cut off date with returns.

Posted by JCP Nate

All you customers with these false tales of how you were wronged need to stop. You all have left out key details that would explain why you weren't able to receive a refund. Follow the rules and have no problems.

Posted by Chiquita9296

I bought 3 blouses for my daughter, and of course been a teeneger she's too cool to wear them. I have a receipt, bought them 3 days ago and because I didn't bring my credit card they ask me for my ID and social security number, even with my receipt, oh and only two cashiers in all the floor. Why all the questions? For godness sake, I have the receipt... NOT EASY RETURNS AT ALL!!!

Posted by Saveeverything????

I returned an item on 9/12/16. The girl at the register was having a problem sliding my credit card to put the refund back on so she called a manager. The manager seem to get it to work and gave me a receipt. Well I just figured everything was good. I got my credit card statement 23 days after the return and it didn't show the refund. It had been 23 days so I didn't know where the receipt was. There was nothing I could do the refund will never be given. Long story short save ur receipt!

Posted by sissy

can I return a online purchase to a store for credit
the boots I ordered are 1/2 too big

Posted by Art

I purchased a mattress and boxspring. When placed on the frame of the bed it is too high. I called and was told there is a low profile 5" boxspring to replace the 9" but there is a $125 restocking fee. I sure wish the salesman would have told me this option. That's a lot of money I don't have for this exchange.

Posted by Gracie131

I'm very miserable. My husband bought me two pairs of workout pants and they were the wrong size and color so I took them back and was told that I couldn't have merchandise credit or exchange the pants on the spot or anything. She said she couldn't even give me store credit without a receipt. The manager standing right there echoed this. Are there two JCPenneys?!?! What's going on here? How could reality be SO FAR from what is printed and reprinted online? I have $70 worth of pants that I can't wear or use and it's just "too bad"?!?

Posted by Debmonte

I purchased Bassett furniture from JCPenney.The set is not even 3 months old and the pilloes are sagging and there is a run in the material.We paid over $3000.00 for this set and we are very very upset that we can not return it.They sent out a "Specialist " who said it was normal wear.We are senior citizens,no kids or pets,the set is 3 months old what is it going to look like at 3 years old? HELP!

Posted by Itsiko

How many days do you have to return an item with the receipt? Could not find it anywhere on site and the call center is closed.

Posted by Anonymous

If you purchased with a JC Penny Card, a credit card, or a debit card, they can take that card and retrieve the receipt for you if you don't have it. Hope this helps.

Posted by Cissie99

My husband tried to exchange his Father's Day gift for a larger size ....the clerk told him without a receipt they would not do it....

Posted by Dorism

My husband purchased a jewelry box ( the floor model) for me Christmas and one of the leg or bracelet supporting the leg crumble, like dry rot. I went to the store and wanted another one and they said I have to contact the manufacturer for part replacement. My husband spent $300+ and I feel I should get a replacement. The manager said there is no refund. Everyone has refund policy. I read their policy and it states a return policy for clothing, shoes, jewelry and other merchandise. So why can't I return a defective jewelry box?

Posted by MCB

Went to return shoes I had purchased but never used, I had the receipt but it got wet and it wasn't very read able but they could make out the product number. Needless to say, they ended up giving me store credit that was half of the prices minus $5. $60 for shoes ended up coming back to me for $34.99 because the receipt was damaged

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a pair of dress pants for my grandson on a Friday. I took them back the following Tuesday and had lost the receipt. It says you will get last lowest price paid. I paid $27.99 and I was told I would only get $10 back in a store certificate. Needless to say I took the pants and left, what a horrible return policy.

Posted by Jo

Purchased a clearance diamond/silver tennis bracelet in Feb for my son's April wedding. Tried it on when it arrived, loved it and put it away for the special day. Day of wedding was FIRST time worn and the clasp broke and it literally fell off in a crowd of people. Clasp was clearly defective. Went to local store to see if I could replace it, it is no longer in stock. Clerk said she would exchange it if they had it. She referred me to customer care number on my receipt. They state there is nothing they can do and this bracelet has no warranty since I am over 60 days. Whaat? The 60 day policy shows nowhere except and only then when you search for it. Customer service rep took 10 minutes finding it. I'm not looking for money back, only decent merchandise exchanage. JCP, what has happened to your quality? I'm a long time shopper and drive an hour just to get to your local store!

Posted by Anonymous

Obviously most people returning clothes have worn them and are done with them and now want their money back. How is the store going to resell used items? You actually aren't entitled to free

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered a necklace and ring shortly after Christmas. Received necklace but not ring. Waited for at least a month(no word from Penneys)Called Customer Service and was told retailer cancelled order, but card not charged. I have been thinking about this for some time(of course it was charged online) so called back last week and finding someone who actually helped, she did find out that ring was cancelled but the $106+ dollars was indeed charged to my card and had I not called back, I would have paid Penneys $106 for nothing! I was very upset by this as I was lied to the first time I called. I have shopped Penneys for many years,and find this to be a major reason for taking my business elsewhere. I will have to think on this matter, but will definitely not shop online anymore. Will make sure everything I purchase checks out with statement!!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know why I never receive a catalog with the 10 off 10 coupon (or any mailouts). I do a fair amount of spending at penny's, more than my sisters but they always receive the mailouts with the coupons. This is discouraging. Do I need to spend less, just asking.

Posted by ANNA

On January 4th 2016 i made a payment of $25 to my J,C, Penny credit card. I was then informed the payment had been received, in full. On January 27th 2016 J.C. PENNY took it upon themselves to withdraw another $25 from my bank account without my knowledge or consent. I WAS PAID IN FULL FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY WHEN J.C. PENNY TOOK MORE OF MY MONEY!!! I was left with an over draft charge of $57 as a result of J.C. PENNY HELPING THEMSELVES TO MY CHASE BANK ACCOUNT AS IF IT WERE THEIR PERSONAL ACCOUNT!!!

Posted by ex customer

I've been a loyal customers for years -until today !I receivd a pair of jeans as a gift and just wanted to exchange the style -same price -I was informed that you can only exchange sizes ? New to me as I have done this before - I'm guessing they have chafed policies -nay be thats why there was 1 other customer in store !

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a gift for my son for Xmas on my jcpenney credit card. It didn't fit. He lives in Staten Island & I'm in new jersey. I gave them the receipt for the item & told him to return it in Staten Island jc penney & I would give him the money thinking jcpenney would credit my account. When he went to the store they said they could not credit it back to my card since he didn't have my card. They could give him a jcpenney gift card which was unacceptable since he does not shop jcpenney. Since he had t b e receipt, I think this is rediculus & certainly not customer friendly.

Posted by Lesson learned

There are some glitches with the return policy. If you buy a clearance item it can't be returned. I purchased a night stand and decided to return it. I was told clearance items are not returnable. The sad part is this wasn't told to me at the time of purchase or noted on the price tag or in the return policy. I was going to buy something else in the store but I will go somewhere else.

Posted by Anonymous

my boy friend bought me a necklace, I took it off for volleyball practice in the locker room. later that night we had a wrestling match. one of the wrestlers stole the necklace from the other team. that necklace meant so much to me. could I take the receipt to the store he got it from and get another one?

Posted by Very Unsatisfied Customer

I bought two items and had a $40 discount coupon. I needed to exchange the items two days later to get a different size. But they didn't deduct the $40.00 off on the exchanges. They said I had already used the coupon. Now really this is not acceptable. I shop there all the time and now I will be closing my account and Ill also be contacting the Better Business Bureau as soon as I press the send button. Your Loss and terrible customer service !!!!!!!

Posted by Clueless

I bought a kitchen aid mixer with a gift card and part cash and I need to return it because my mother in law got one the day prior to us having Christmas at her house.. Will they issue me the refund on a gift card or will I get cash back???

Posted by rockswife85

I bought 2 pairs of jeans and a couple of tops online. When the package arrived much sooner that I expected I thought it was strange. Inside were men's shorts, a mans shirt and a woman's shirt, none of which I ordered. Nothing of mine was inside except the packing slip. It was for the items I ordered. Called JC Penney customer service. She said to wait a few more days to see if my stuff turned up and if I didn't want what I had already gotten I could bring it to a store. Of course my things didn't arrive, I called back and was told they couldn't refund my money because their computer showed the items had been delivered to my home. They said that maybe I was lying and just didn't want to pay. Hung up, called back and the next person said that I could cancel my order and they would refund my money.

Posted by pri

I bought two dresses from JCPenny on 29th Nov 2015. I went to return one of them on Dec 12,2015. I did not have receipt. I agreed for store credit as well. I had made purchase using JCPenny Credit card and my credit card statement shows the purchase. The lady at the counter tell me she is unable to locate the purchase. I give her date and my credit card along with photo id. Her database fails to retrieve any information. At last she tells me she will give me store credit of 32$ for a 49$ dress. I call customer care and credit card care about the issue asking to send me duplicate receipt. They inform they can't do it for store purchase. I had done the purchase using credit card and lady at counter refuses to acknowledge the credit card statement. I also own two other leading store credit card and they have always been very co-operative. I am done with JCPenny credit card after I settle the dress issue.

Posted by Zechary

I ordered men's black dress boots and received women's bright pink floral high heels. There was no invoice or receipt in the box. Nothing.

So I called JCP Customer Service and was told to return them to any JCPenny or to call back another day to have a return shipping label sent to me because their computers systems are down...

This is not going well.

Posted by B

If you read the above policy it clearly states that you may return an item with out a receipt however you will be given the lowest most recent price. I am sure it probably states the same on the receipt you lost. Not every customer service rep is nice I relize this but if you do not come prepared then the fault lies with you. Try a credit card it will keep a clear record of what you bought, when you bought it, and how much you paid. Be proactive ask if you can have one emailed to you if you have an issue being responsible for your purchase records. Or say "thank you for all you have done" to the probably very nice person who is trying to help you and has no control over what you get in regards to a return, they are working there to pay their bills not to put up with ungrateful consumers who can't keep their spending and record straight!

Posted by Never to buy anything from JCP a

My wife bought over $200 worth of clothes a week ago and during her transaction the system froze. She showed the clerk that the charge already posted to our account, but they made her pay for her purchase a 2nd time. All the while insisting that the other charge would be put back into our account automatically. It did in fact charge her twice! So now over $400 has been taken out of our account! We have not blamed anyone for the system freezing during the transaction. We will, however, blame the "associates" that handled this. It was handled poorly by anyone we've spoken too. The manager was rude to her employee before she ever spoke to me, "the customer". She then proceeded to tell me that I needed the card that was used to make the purchase, which has been DEBITED into JCP's account. The previous call my wife received had zero indication of this. They called and told her that the "money" was ready to be picked up. I told the manager that my wife did not tell me that, so rudely she told me she should have, among other rude comments. Not satisfied at all with the overall so-called customer service or the lack of urgency to return money to us that never should have been taken out of our account. Talking to us like we've done something wrong, implying that we have stolen something. Our experiences over the last week at JCP has absolutely disgusted us!

Posted by Charles

JC Penny's just charged 50% of price for item because my return was a gift and I didn't have the receipt. So if you purchase from JC Penny's don't lose the receipt.

Posted by Chrissybucci

Pathetic dishonest people working for you my sick mother returned over 500$ and couldn't find her receipt they gave her a store credit but only refunded her 33$ that's far from even half ripping off old ladies is ur thing go for it. You made her feel like a second class citizen I cannot believe that the workers you have at the JC pennys located at the high points Commons shopping center would treat an older woman in that way and then what did you actually do with the rest of the money it sounds like you have a bunch of thieves working for you shame on you I don't know what 7 on your side would think about this

Posted by heather

Every other store can process a return with the receipt AND NOT THE ORIGINAL CREDIT CARD!!!!! It was such a pain that I drove all the way to jc penneys for my elderly mother to return aher item and was told I can't return it because I don't have her credit card. Step up to the technology age!!!

Posted by IB Mom

I bought a set of white twin sheets for a bed I no longer have. I tried to exchange them for a queen size, which I now have, and they wouldn't take them b/c " the numbers on them wereno longer in the system"
I thought that Penny's was one store that wanted to make their customers happy but I guess I was wrong!

Posted by Anonymous

9/24/15- just now at the Jc penny store at Hawthorne Mall, Vernon hills, IL. Asked about the return policy as I want to return shoes I bought a year ago that are discoloring improperly. The shoe clerk and the line manager both said, returns are left up to their discretion and done on a case by case basis. Thus, returns are not "hassle free" as stated on the official Jc Penny web site. Ridiculous that a site will not follow their own corporate policy and that they can just make up stuff as they go along.

Posted by hgibson91

I bought a back pack on my jcp credit card, had it a month and the plastic part in the strap that tightens or loosens the straps broke...can I return for the full price?

Posted by Anonymous

All you people with rude comments must have never worked retail a day if your life. The reason your getting such a low price without a receipt is because things go on sale all the time. Withouta receipt a store has no proof as to how much you actually paid, therefore giving you the lowest price it's been in however many days they go by. Now, a lot of you may say that's not fair. Well it's not, but it's not the stores fault. Why is it their fault YOU lost your receipt? If money was really that important to you, you woulda kept it. Yes sometimes you happen to lose the receipt but you can't be mad at the associate for following cooperate policy.

Posted by Annoyed JCP customer

Bought a mattress with a 10 year warranty at JCP using my JCP card. The mattress failed, so I had to buy another mattress and get a credit issued to my JCP card. This is over 4 weeks ago. Seems the credit was issued, but cannot post back to my card account. Audit team is working on it, IT is working on it. I don't think anyone is working on it. Part of a nation wide scam to bilk JCP customers out of their money. WHERES MY MONEY????? Credit card is now is dispute.

Posted by Anonymous

I just went in to jcpenny today and i didn't have my receipt so i paid full price for the items and gave me back a whole lot less like ine item was $36 gave me $10.00. There should be a law against this. They keep our money to make a profit.

Posted by Wizard

My wife bought some jeweleries at the coral spring store the next day we went back to the pompano beach store and the manager was refusing to exchanged it because of the pre sales from the other store finally after I read him the policy did he made the return. And accused his coworkers at the coral spring store for sending customers to return items to others stores.

Posted by LS250

I have a JCPenny Credit Card. I lost the receipt for a shirt that I needed to return, and the store refused to look it up on my credit card and refund my money to the card, even though IT IS A STORE CREDIT CARD!!! I bought the shirt three weeks ago, and it is still in stock at the store! Kohls will allow you to return anything purchased on a Kohls card for up to 6 months for a full refund without a receipt. It's super easy for them to look up the transaction. Obviously, since it is their own card, they would know exactly how much I paid for it. In fact, I would think it would be easier to calculate a refund using credit card than it would be using a receipt even! It would be very difficult to commit any kind of return fraud this way, so WHY WON"T THEY LOOK UP PURCHASES MADE ON A JCP CARD!?!?

Posted by Anonymous

I have ordered wrong size in men's clothing in the past because my husband lost weight. When I was told about the fit by hubby, I immediately reordered the correct size by phone or online explaining to CSR that I had one or two wrong size items to return. They said to take to JCP Store for return. When I carried in the store for return, I explained to CSR that it was wrong size and I had reordered correct size. However, I was charged a restocking fee each time which makes it undesirable to order from JCP in case it is wrong size. Amazon doesn't do that and they are huge. I have been a JCP customer for 50+ years and a JCP credit card customer for 30+YEARS. I feel like I am penalized for every return from JC Penney. THAT IS A PENALTY I'm paying for.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a bathing suit and a cover up on June 1 2015 they issued me credit back on my bank card as of June 10 still no money back on my bank card. I called the store she claims audit team looking into problem and there is a nation wide issue with returns. Where is my money Jcpenny?????? I will never shop there again!!!!

Posted by Jcpissed

I returned an item with my receipt a week after purchasing it . When I made the return I did not have my jc penny card with me . The sales associate issued me store credit . She insisted that I needed my card . I am very upset because now I am reading your store policy and NOWHERE does it state any such thing . It clearly says that it will be refunded back to original purchase method .

Posted by anonymous

Ordered comforter, waited over two weeks for lost order to be found. Three weeks later was told to reorder or list as return to be refunded. I chose to never order from them again. Now four weeks-still waiting on transaction\refund to take place!

Posted by anonymous

Went to return some pants that were a gift a month ago. It was a gift so no I didn't have a receipt got 8 bucks back on a gift card that sucks! Jcpenny sucks! Never have I had something so cruddy happen just like whatever that's the policy some 45% thing I have no idea what company jargon they were using on me felt like a joke. Never will I shop at Penny's again. I'll take my business else where!

Posted by Seasock1

Bought a dress for my mothers wedding. Paid about $70. Loved the dress, but I was broke so I returned it a week later without tags or anything and got a full refund!! Only wore it a couple of hours, but still they took it back. Thanks JCP!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a pair of boots for my daughter and when I was checking out the sales person got me to sign up for jcpenny rewards telling that is such a great program that one of the perks is that if you lose your receipt they can look up your purchase well I lost my receipt and tried taking the boots back and I was told they could not do that and that they could give me store Credit but it would be20.00 less than what I paid. I hate being lied took so now I'm stuck with a pair of boots Thanks jcpenny

Posted by Anonymous

A friend of mine received a coat for Christmas, purchased at our local JCPenneys. It did not fit, so she returned it with the receipt for $125.00. They would only refund her

My friend returned a coat she received for Christmas with the receipt for $125. They would only give her $89,which they said was the return value. I've never heard of anything like this. I will not be shopping at Penneys anymore.

Posted by hatejcpenny

I had a gift for christmas and didnt fit, since it wad a gift, it cost 30 bucks when i returned it they only gave me a gift cardfor 8 bucks WTF I will never shop at jc penny again! They steal from there cust!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

CAN'T get a gift receipt for something purchased on

The online customer service told me that I could get one at the store. The store told me they can only access computer system for returns. They don't even use the same computer system!

So with my receipt and products, I can't get a gift receipt. There is no way for the gift to be returned except by me. So weird...

And...why would I want to buy gifts from them now????

Posted by Mandarin McPhee

I had a mail order arrive that was the wrong item and called and the customer service rep said take it to the nearest store for a return. They processed it and the refund has not posted even though I was told it would be immediate. From reading the reviews, I am thinking this company is a scam and plays with your money for as long as it can. That is what all large corporations seem to do I guess when they are in bankruptcy--they cannot manage their business and when they fail, they expect their customers or the government to float them. Seems like all banks and businesses that are fat and bloated with their exorbitant executive salaries, they expect the government or some one else to bail them out. This country and it's government and business practices are going down the tubes.

Posted by Allie

Purchased bed sheets several months ago. Now the fitted sheets has fallen apart. No I do not have the receipt anymore. I purchased two sets. Now I am worried the other set might do the same. Will JCP at least exchange them for new?

Posted by Pie

Yesterday I went to the one in Santa Anita and return some stuff and they never put back my money in my card which I was really upset about.

Posted by mr..delgado

I had about 250$ WORTH of merchandise from jcpenneys clothes like a woman's dress a couple men's ties men's dress longsleeve button up etc,,and I lost receipt so I went the store in lodi ca, to return the items when I got their the manager said that he can give me store credit but the items will be half the price or some of them up to 80% off than the priceI paid for them I told him to kiss my ass and I wasn't too talk to the boss that's not right

Posted by Anonymous

I went to jcpenney in Glendale Calif this month and in my receipt they charged me for something that I did not buy. What can I do?

Posted by Gina M

I tried to return something to the ladies' undergarment area that had a tag and had never been worn. I was told that the return policy had been changed to 90 days ONLY. That conflicts with your internet policy. Please advise.

Posted by Debbie R.

...of the purchase ($36.70) had been charged to my debit card and the rest ($74.30) was...As we proceeded to exit the store, it dawned on her that, had she used her JCPenney credit card, she banking and found out about those partial charges a few days later. We spent way over an ... even he saw the two partial charges had not been refunded, and of course we had no receipts for those. Just our bank statements that showed them coming out of our accounts. Everything done for the full amount had been done ... him. We have since given up on any refund from JCPenney and both filed disputes with our ...

Posted by foxje79

... set for my fiance (quite a big deal) and used my sister's credit account because I could not afford it on my own. Now, because my address (the shipping address) was also entered in the billing address field, the order had been flagged for... out of someone to begin with! So, I had my sister call the bank card dep. and verify her identity and three days later it still could not be shipped! Out of sheer frustration, I even called the corporate-level boss of customer service and left a message; she never returned my phone call (her name is Carry Cater). Again, out of ...

Posted by Anonymous

... to store option, which states that my order would be at the store for pick up in 4-7 business days. I placed my order on June 24 and ... they gave me the runaround. I do not appreciate this and I believe that the shipping time limit is false advertisement. At this point the only thing that I desire is a full refund!