Ikea Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Ikea below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Ikea so others can benefit from what you learned.

Ikea Return Policy

Ikea requires a receipt for all exchanges and returns. Refunds are given in the same manner that items were paid for. For instance, a customer who has paid cash will be given a cash refunded, and those who have paid with a credit card will have the refund amount credited back to their card. Mattresses, however, are only eligible for exchange. Photo ID will be required for all exchanges and refunds. Merchandise accepted for exchange and return should be unused, and in the original packaging. Consumers requesting refunds or exchanges should do so within 90 days of purchase.

Merchandise purchased online or over the phone can be returned under the same conditions as described above. However, shipping and and handling charges may apply.

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Posted by Anonymous

I will NEVER order from IKEA again. Ordered a table and 4 chairs in mid-November, received an incomplete order a week later than expected on December 12. After 7 calls to customer service (one to a supervisor), and multiple assurances that it would be handled in 3 to 4 days, I'm still waiting for the return credit on my card. I confirmed with Fed Ex that the merchandise was received back at IKEA on December 29. STILL no refund as of today, January 20. Every phone call took 45 minutes to get a human, then the human reviews notes and makes promises. So, at least an hour for every call, times 7 calls. NEVER AGAIN. How do I get my refund??

Posted by spyderhead

Stay away from IKEA. I canceled an order the day after I placed it; now, three weeks later, the charge for $2260.91 is still on my credit card. Forget trying to call IKEA. I have tried three times and hung up after being on hold for thirty minutes each time. There simply is no customer service with IKEA.
I have a cancellation number which I will give to my credit card company after thirty days have passed. Perhaps Bank of America can get something done.
Like I said before, STAY AWAY FROM IKEA.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned an item in August 2017 that I received in July 2917. After 4 phone calls and promises to be reimbursed I have still not received payment on my credit card for $ 348.00, after almost 6 months. I was given a Claim # 3649072. At this time I do not know how to resolve this situation and am running out of patience. I have never had so much difficulty and been given the run around as I have with IKEA.

Posted by Unhappy customer

Returned a bed frame for four weeks now and still did not get the reimbursement on my credit card. How long do I have to wait? Customer service did not help. He said "soon." How long is soon?

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service!!! It has been two weeks since I returned my mattress but I have not been reimbursed. Of course, it is impossible to reach anyone at the customer service number- waited 3 hours to speak to someone for no avail.

Posted by Shazza

My daughter 9 months pregnant bought a mattress for the babies bed not knowing Ikea's sizing are different. Currently in the middle of moving into her own house and lost the receipt. She drove back to IKEA half hour drive to be told no receipt no refund or credit note...she messaged me upset I told her to ask for the manager...just messaged back got the cash back!!!!!

Posted by Kaykaed

Purchased a sofa and assembled it. The cushions are horrific it's like sitting on concrete ... return policy says for assembled items you can only get credit..... why? When we tested sofa in store it was cushiony not this hard cardboard.

Posted by Not happy in Oceanside

02.04.2017 Purchased Myrbacka latex mattress from Ikea SanDiego. Was told it was going on sale for Ikea Family on 02.08.2017 to 02.28.2017 and if I swiped my Ikea Family card, I would receive a 15% discount. I returned to the store on 02.09.2017 and swiped my card, but never received the discount. I called customer service, only to now hear I need to go to the refund/returns desk for my credit. 3 hours of heavy traffic again. Not happy.

Posted by Mama Sue

Will never buy from Ikea again. I order a table on-line and paid $40.00 for shipping. I received the wrong item. I called 3 times, only to be put on hold for about 45 minutes to an hour, before anyone answered. Then they told me I had to return the item to the store. The nearest store is 3 hours away and I won't get my shipping cost refunded, for their error. Very poor customer service.

Posted by Forewarned

IKEA is great if you require no help with an order, and need no help after the fact with delivery issues, damaged product, etc. Customer Service is non existent, after numerous phone calls, on hold for hours, etc., I've come to picture a room with one person in front of a computer playing games. I believe THAT is "Customer Service" for the entire IKEA world wide company.

Posted by Rising blood pressure

Tried to return items delivered in error to my address. Even took them to Southampton store, non of the staff would take them back even though I explained that they weren't mine, didn't want a refund, just wanted to return their property. Was eventually sent to the customer service desk, via the checkout! Where I had to explain to two other staff members that I wasn't trying to buy them and just wanted to hand them back. I was treated like a thief and escorted to the customer service desks, where only one member of staff was dealing with a large queue of returns. Only to be told that I now needed to take a ticket and wait my turn. This is the point where I stuffed as much of the stuff into a bin, rested the remainder against it and left.

Posted by sandrasomerset

I have had an absolute nightmare trying to get a refund of items I returned. I have a signed for copy of the recorded delivery package and have provided Ikea with this (please note that they can also find this information out by... e-mail telling I would have to wait to hear again for them 3 days later I got a message asking me to return them myself which I have done,...

Posted by nokitchen

Ordered a kitchen in August that IKEA sub contractor was to install. Cabinets delivered 9/7, with two damaged and one missing piece. Two phone calls ... 3 times, left 2 unreturned messages) and one visit to the store and still no idea when I will get repacements. Probably ...

Posted by Chris (Seattle)

... the were not permitted to remove. Anyways, I had them take it away with them - I think they classified it as "refused delivery". Anyways, I have been on hold for 3hrs now (and counting). Chat was too busy also. I have emailed in the meantime. After ewading these comments I am not very optimistic anymore about getting my refund.

Posted by Sprocket

... I had read the comments on CustomerService Scoreboard before buying from IKEA. I bought about $3200 of stuff on line. I found the quality good, no problems with assembly, and a great value for the money, but heaven help you if anything goes wrong!... told to leave a message. No one has ever returned my call. Their computer chat system explained that ... ago has not even elicited an automated acknowledgement. Overall, IKEA demonstrates the poorest, most frustrating, and least responsive ... "service" that I have ever encountered anywhere. I can't imagine ever buying from Ikea again.

Posted by Anonymous

...to threaten legal action just to get them to pick up the boxes that they delivered, because they sent two of the same box rather than box 1 of ... my fault! This goes beyond terrible customer service, it's torture. Still no refund. It is impossible to get ahold of them. NEVER USE IKEA. I ended up buying a much nicer dresser, same price, came fully...

Posted by Badtux

...arrive in morning. It didn't arrive. Tried to contact store. Can't get there from here -- just voice mail Back East (I live in California). Shipping company finally called, said they'd... paperwork but no goods and that the store would call me to fix the situation..... But they were happy to refund my money, so that makes them better...

Posted by Anonymous

... full size and have had nothing but a hassle with it. First they delivered only part of the bed (it was NOT on back order). After 30 minutes.... We spent 2 weeks on that before Ikea finally resent the missing items to the shipping company, which then delivered them. After actually ... is a high volume of calls and to leave a message which will be returned in the order they were received and within 1 business day. I also emailed the address listed in the voice mail. No replies. ...is the first and last time we ever make a purchase from Ikea. When I told the lady that, she said "OK". Obviously ...

Posted by charles

I payed $59 for local delivery at the IKEA shop in East Palo Alto. One table had a defect with painting and called them for exchange. That was the only time I was able to talk to a human CS representative. She said I ... selection, ring back tone. If you have any problem with products from IKEA it would be almost impossible to contact them over the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently bought a Hemnes TV stand from IKEA. I was super excited since it was the last piece of furniture I needed ... frustrating experience I've had putting together IKEA furniture. I looked at the return policy and it doesn't account for unclear instructions that lead to... could do and they told me they don't give refunds for incorrect assembly, even if a customer is unsatisfied with the product. I will not be purchasing IKEA furniture again. Ever....

Posted by Lordpleaseforgive

... in my house. They then told me that I have to pay for another delivery cost which is additional $99. They ... truck broke down. They then canceled the appointment the next day because the driver is sick (I was waiting for 4 hours). Then, they ... delivery is canceled. I told them I must get full refund for my furnitures and delivery and assembly, because ... and they wasted tremendous amount of my time and money by making me wait for the entire week and weekend. They refuse to give me refund and told me that if I don't get my furniture, I will have to pay for my delivery cost again. I wish to file sue...