Home Goods Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Home Goods below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Home Goods so others can benefit from what you learned.

Home Goods Return Policy

As always, customers come first at HomeGoods. If a customer is dissatisfied with a purchase, it may be returned to HomeGoods within 30 days, along with the register receipt. Customers may ask for an exchange or a full refund. If 30 days have elapsed, or merchandise is eligible for return but is returned without a receipt, the customer may still receive store credit. HomeGoods urges customers to keep their receipts in the event that merchandise needs to be returned.

Gift receipts cannot be refunded but may be exchanged or returned for store credit. Other restrictions may apply.

Merchandise returned without a valid receipt or gift receipt must be accompanied by a valid ID such as a driver's license, state-issued photo ID card or military ID. Customer signatures may be required on all returns, with or without a receipt. Our Privacy Notice provides full details on how HomeGoods stores and uses customer information.

Return fraud and return abuse are commonplace and sometimes difficult to detect. To prevent fraudulent returns, HomeGoods has implemented a series of refund verification systems. Returns are processed and tracked to help administer HomeGoods' loss prevention program. Based on the outcome of this processing, customer returns may be limited or declined.

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Posted by Dbdesigns

I'm a decorator who uses Home Goods daily. Until recently I have been very happy with all of my purchases and if I had any return I always had my receipt my tickets and never had a problem until today when I returned for chairs for a client that had white chalk numbers up and down the legs that were hidden by tape when I purchase the chairs I was 10 days late from the 30-day return policy and had to eat $550 myself they would not put it back on my client's credit card, even though they currently have an extended money back return policy at the moment be store manager off of Brodie in South Austin was rude and polite and so were two other cashiers at that store I have never been treated so horribly for returning items that obviously were defective

Posted by SHERRY

I Do A Lot Of Business With Home Goods Stores Through Out,today I Had A Return Of A Pillow, Upon Waiting For The Cashier To End Her Personal Phone Call, She Told Me That The Pillow Was Dirty And Called The Store Manager To The Front During Her Call She Told Her The Pillow Was Filty! And When She Got Off The Phone She Mumbled I Ask Her What Did She Say? She Told Me She Didnt Know If They Would Refund My Money. This Item Was Purchased On August The 8th. The Manager Then Said The Pillow Is Dirty Just File It!
My Money Was Returned But I Ask Her Are You This Rude To All Your Customers??????
I Had My Receipt And The Pillow Had Lint On It From Trying It On My Bed. The Cashier Went On To Say Is Your Bed This Filty?
I Have Never Be So Insulted In My Life.
This Happened At Home Goods Knoxville Tn

Posted by juanita

I was very disappointed with the no receipt return policy. My college daughter and I were shopping for new apartment. We bought lots of items. 2 weeks later I had to return the rug. My daughter did not keep that receipt. The value of the rug wash $24.99 and they wanted to give me $2.99. I ended keeping the receipt.

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought curtians from home goods from a home gods store in fair fax Virginia about 2 weeks ago and i didn,t have the right curtian rod for them and i didn,t like the way they look.and my question is can i return them to any home goods store in NJ? Since i live in Nj.

Posted by Not satisfy with clovis, ca home

I just purchase a TV stand at homes good today at the Clovis, California store. The manager told me that she'll get someone to help load. She called one of the older lady to help load. As she was trying to load up the TV stand into the car, I notice she couldn't and I knew she was gonna ask for help. So she did, she asked my boyfriend to help her, so he did. As they load, she thanked him for helping her and told us that no customers would help them left and load. As she was speaking, of course, I heard a drop in the back of the car. I went and checked and I asked if they were OK and if the TV stand was good. The lady Jennifer said it was fine, but as I check, the stand was broken. I then told her that I no longer wanted the TV stand now that it's cracked and broken. Jennifer the said to me that there's nothing she can do about it since they don't have a loading service and that it was my boyfriend who broke the TV stand because it was on his end. It click to me why she said no customers would help them load. So I asked for a full refund since I bought it for $541.11 to be exact. Jennifer told me that she can't do that and that she'll go tell her manager. Of course, 15 minutes later the manager came out and asked us if we had any questions. I explained to her what happened and she said there is nothing she can do since the item had already been purchase and that it wasn't damaged in the store but we damaged it because that's what Jennifer had told her. I told her it's not right and that there is a 30 day policy and it hasn't even been 30 min since the purchase and the item is ruined. The manager told me I can't get a refund and that I would need to talk to the store manager name Stacie, and that she won't be there until Saturday. So I told her to unload the item and leave it in the store until Saturday. She wrote on a pink slip that "customer damage the item in the parking lot." So I argue with her about that and she said, "will, you did broke it, it was on your husband end." Oh yeah, I was furious and believe me, I have a temper with people like that, who is rude. I just told her that I'll be back Saturday, and with her attitude, she just said "bye" in a rude way. I've never had this bad of a service before, I've always loved homes good, this is by far the worst customer service with them. I guess I'll have to wait for Saturday to come and see what Stacie has to say about it.

Posted by Faith S

I just had a bad experience with the Huntington Beach, CA, store on Edinger. They refused to accept an unused item for return (store credit) because I did not have the receipt. However the price tag was still affixed and marked 12/15. It is now 01/16. That's less than a month. Home Goods return policy is getting increasingly strict while other retailers are loosening guidelines and have more trust in their customers. I'm losing interest in shopping at Home Goods at this point. Many of the Home Goods stores are typically in disheveled condition as well. The return policy is really all over the map and just depends on the cashier's mood. No thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at Homegoods at least twice a week in Secaucus, NJ. I have never come across a manager or cashier who was disrespectful. I was a victim of Super Storm Sandy and i was purchasing items for my home for once it was completed. When it actually was completed and I was moving items in I had decided I did not want some items anymore. Secaucus took them back with receipts that were much older then 30 days. I think this is the best Homegoods around.

Posted by alisa23

I will never shop at the homegoods in el cajon city ca.There customer service is horrible and the people that work there are mean,lazy and very disrespectful..They dont like to help u with anything and get mad when u ask them for help..The Manager is even mean and very unprofessional..Her name is yesie, shes a mexican short lady.Never spend your money their not worth it

Posted by Humphrey

Homegoods return policy is not clear and very misleading and they don't seem to care so I don't care to shop there any longer.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm very disappointed with the comforter my husband gave me as a gift from home good he purchased in December for Christmas 2014 and while in use it ripped from the back the pillow cases look gray and where white after washing it it ripped even more even thou i used delicate and followed the instructions very disappointed with the quality he paid $40 and didn't even last a week worst $40 ever spent!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been shopping at Home Goods for many years and never knew they have a 30 day return policy. It is not stated on the receipt or anywhere in the store where customers can see it. I even asked my family and friends who all shop there as well and no one had any clue about it. I found out the hard way when I went to return a few things recently and don't think it's fair at all. I had my receipt and it was only 41 days since the purchase and the items weren't damaged or used. I don't make a habit of returning things but am redecorating my house and wasn't sure what was going to look right until I had it all put together so I purchased two different lamp sets but decided that neither of them were going to work with the rest of the decor. When I said something to the people working there they even agreed with me that they should be much more clear about the policy BEFORE the purchase is made. I spent so much money there and am now stuck with hundreds of dollars in a store credit. A store credit that I don't plan on using now that I will no longer be shopping there. I think they intentionally keep the information from people so they are forced to spend the store credit and dish out even more of their hard earned cash all because they were never informed of the 30 day limit from the start.

Posted by Marline

I have been shopping at Home Goods for many years. I noticed that after the 30 days, the price of their products are discounted. I purchased a set of flatware at one location for a discounted price of $40.00. I went to another location and they had the very same item, on the floor dated 0314... and purchased 0504 and the store manager would not allow me the discount. With the receipt, am I able to get the discounted price?